Sensual adult fiction from Singapore

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Coming soon old titles

My stepmother is same age as me                                                       July 2023

Stealing from my cousin                                                                          June 2023

Quarantine orders 6 – Prata shop                                                         May 2023

Quarantine Orders 5 – Housemate girlfriend                                        May 2023

Quarantine Orders 4 – Grooming my wife to be a sex worker May 2023

Quarantine Orders 3 – Reskilled aircrew                                    May 2023

Quarantine Orders 2 – Work from home                                    April 2023

Quarantines Orders 1 – Hostel                                                   April 2023

Avid trekker                                                                                     March 2023

My drunk Tuition teacher                                                            February 2023

Social sex worker                                                                           February 2023

My wedding guest                                                                         January 2023

My evil stepsisters                                                                         December 2022

Seduction                                                                                         December 2022

The lottery effect                                                                           November 2022

Cock teasing gone wrong                                                             October 2022

My boss is an influencer                                                               September 2022

National service                                                                              August 2022

Good citizen centre                                                                       July 2022

My wife’s vacation with her ex-boyfriend                                    June 2022

Optional works for The prison warden                                     May 2022

Training grounds                                                                            April 2022

Drinking with my stepsister                                                         March 2022

Why they call me butcher                                                            February 2022

Drunk friends                                                                                  January 2022

The panty heist                                                                                December 2021

The shortcut                                                                                    November 2021

My wife is my job security                                                           October 2021

Revenge on my friend sister Volume 1                                     September 2021

Revenge on my friend sister Volume 2                                     August 2021

A difficult conversation                                                                July 2021

Optional read 3-5 for Internship in horrible office             June 2021

Optional read 1-2 for Internship in horrible office             May 2021

Destroying my sister in law’s reputation                                     May 2021

My wife first overseas trip                                                           April 2021

My wife’s dirty fuck                                                                       March 2021

My wife secretly became a social escort                                    February 2021

Playing my friend’s bride to be                                                   January 2021

Manipulating my wife to sleep with other men                December 2020

My devious plan to impregnate my sister in law             November 2020

Optional reads 1-4 for My adventure in the office                  October 2020

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