Sensual adult fiction from Singapore

Original Singapore Sensual, Erotic & Thriller fiction titles

Premium Sub titles

These are the titles that will be included within the premium subscription. New published works will be added on a weekly basis. ( Every Friday ). Subscribers will be able to access all new titles published within the stated date range. Please go through the titles to see if the ones you are interested in are available before subscribing.

Premium Sub includes archived titles and new works published from 1/6/2021 – 31/1/2022. Upon login, you will be able to read the full work from the page itself.

Subscription titles released from 1/6/2021 – 31/1/22

November 2021 titles including old works released into premium sub

June 2021 titles including old works released into Premium Sub

Archived Works > 3 years old

Free to read works including all Optional reads

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