After her divorce, Juliette cannot seem to find satisfaction with her sex life. Until one day, she chance upon this strange site while surfing adult videos.

Ever since my divorce with my husband, I have this void in my life that cannot seemed to be filled.  I’m not desperate or anything, but a part of me just feels empty and unsatisfied.

I’m only 30 years old, I have my needs too. I have a collection of sex toys and dildos, massagers, you name it, I’ve tried it. Yet I am still unable to fill that void in my head.

Yes, the void is in my head, not my cunt. I can stick something in my reproductive organ if I want to , picking someone up from a bar for a night of passionate love making is up my alley too but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Something is missing.

I’m not looking to get back into another relationship so soon either. I just want to be satisfied sexually without the emotional commitments, is that too much to ask for ?

Ever since my divorce, I’ve stopped working as well. The divorce settlement consists of close to a million in cash and the matrimonial home which is currently being rented out.

With almost $4000 in rent coming into my pocket every month, a bank full of savings and my own personal investments, I can afford to take a break from the daily grind.

I spent my day sleeping till the sun is high above my head before I get up and change for the gym. After two hours in the gym, I will grab something to eat, do a bit of shopping, maybe sneak in a massage before heading home to my parent’s place. I will then lock myself in the room and start surfing pornography and adult videos.

Sounds weird coming from a girl but yes, women needs visual stimulation too!

I love watching adult videos of different genre. When the mood hits me at the right note, my sex toys will come out of their drawers, my fingers get moist and wet and the next thing I knew, I’m writhing on my bed as I gave myself the orgasm that I have been craving for the whole day.

After the high of the orgasm wears off, I lie down in bed and drift off to sleep, capping yet another unproductive day of my sad, divorced life.

Then something happened one evening. While surfing an adult site that I’ve never been to, I saw an advertisement.

An ad for special services dedicated to women only. I clicked on the link to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised to read about the services they provide.

‘customised & impeccable service designed to get you to your fantasy orgasm’

It sounds dodgy as hell, the reviews on the site too sound made up. The colours of the site, the way it’s designed from the font to the layout however is very classy.

The text are small, the colours are earthly and pleasant to look at. There are no colourful popup adds of women flashing their tits or funny links. It looked professional and rather convincing.

A box for a web chat popped up after the site realized I have been surfing around for close to 3 minutes after registering for an account to read more details and reviews.

It asked if I have any questions and I did.

I wanted to know more.

What services do they provide exactly ? and how do I engage them ?

I received a reply almost immediately, asking for a $500 downpayment.

I snorted and laughed behind the screen. If this is not a scam, I don’t know what is. Just a landing page for a site, a few line of text, and you are asking me for advance payment of $500?

This is madness.

I declined to pay and received a reply that I can only say is professional.

‘Of course Madam. Do get in touch with us if you change your mind.’

That was it. I did not want to pay the $500 deposit, they did not press me for it, they did not try to convince me for it, they did not try to coerce me for it.

This only deepens my curiosity.

After sitting on it for a full day, I navigated back to the site again the next evening.

I told the person via the webchat that I was the one who chatted with them the day before.

‘Yes we know it’s you Madam… your IP address is the same.’

Juliette : What can you all do for me ?

‘We can give you the orgasm you are  looking for’

I laughed and asked them what makes them so sure.

Juliette : How do you plan on doing that?

‘Pay the deposit, and come on the joy ride. Let us show you Juliette.’

I stood up from my seat, horrified that they knew my name.

It was then I realized I was logged into the adult site earlier, thankfully I only gave the site my name and nothing else.

‘We know everything about you base on your search and surfing history. Trust us, we will create and customize an orgasm you will never forget.’

I bit my lips and looked at the text on the screen.

$500 is a lot of money, I’m going to look really stupid if I get scammed. I wonder what the police officer would say if I told him I got scammed because someone online told me they can guarantee me an orgasm I’ll never forget.

I struggled with my decisions and decided to take the plunge. What the worse that can happen ? It’s just losing $500.

Asking for the payment method, I transferred $500 to the account and within a minute, realized that my account has been upgraded. The site that I’m on has a lot more options being opened up now. More reviews, more testimony, and a detailed price list.

The more I read, the more intrigue I was about the service they provided only to women.

In the end, I decided to take the Luxe package, the middle of the three tiers at $2388. There is no need to pay anything more, the $500 I paid will be offset from the final bill.

The site is so confident that they can deliver that they promised if the customer is not satisfied, she can refuse payment.

A series of dates popped up for me to select the day of the service and I choose the next day.

A non-disclosure form appeared on the screen next.

I was not to disclose the services provided to anyone and not to share the details either. Privacy is something the company takes seriously and failure to comply will result in a lawsuit.

I chuckled and ticked my agreement into all the boxes.

If this is a scam, it sure is convincing.

I input my mobile number and hit sent.

I received an acknowledgement within a minute, confirming my order for the Luxe package the next day.

Climbing into bed, I stared at the ceiling and wondered what awaits me at the mysterious company.

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