Sensual adult fiction from Singapore

Original Singapore Sensual, Erotic & Thriller fiction titles

Coming soon

Coming soon titles are completed works schedule for future release. They may be completed but i will keep working on them on and off right up to the point of publication. I’m working towards getting enough completed works for 12 weeks ahead. With that, i plan to publish the list of works due for release 4 weeks ahead. This allows subscribers to decide if they want to continue their subscription when it comes up for renewal.

I also plan to have coming soon works that will allow subscribers to see premium content lined up for the next 10-12 weeks in advance. If there is a particular piece you are keen in that is publishing soon within the next 4 weeks, hit the like button or leave a comment. I’ll pull up and publish those faster. Moving forward, i want to have different genre of works hitting the site every month.

Coming soon new titles by Juliette

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