As prices go up for legal sexual services, the government has to step in with cooling measures.

In a bid to cool the prices legal sex workers and freelancers are charging, the government has come up with come cooling measures to prevent runaway prices.

1000 a pop for visiting a legal whore house in the red list district is not normal, yet due to pent up demand from upgraders. Men are paying more and more for the services. It’s natural for men to seek a better orgasm in a better neighbourhood, preferably one located centrally with more amenities.

However, some of these services are getting shorter and shorter in timeframe.

What started at 99 minutes of personal services, has stared to decay over the years. Older sex workers with more experience are demanding for more money and upgraders are willing to pay for them.

Some sexual services last less than 60 minutes now and yet they are reaching 1000 per pop.

Prices are not sustainable.

Legal houses in the many red light districts are for the common folks. Prices should be kept subsidized and affordable to the masses.

Juliette and her group of girl-friends who are in the sex trade arrived at the townhall meeting conducted by the Ministry of Private Engagement N Genitals, also known as MO-PENG.

The ministry has been set up to manage genital health and to engage the public on managing challenges concerning their private body parts.

It was partly due to the rising cases of undergraduates developing an infatuation with peeping at girls in the showers and trying to take upskirt pictures to find out underwear colours.

The underwear infatuation spread like a plague, affecting everyone from students to working professionals. And when it became clear that even men themselves are not safe from prying eyes in the shower and bathroom, the ministry expanded it’s scope to assist men as well.

It is MO-PENG’s responsibility to come up with drastic and creative solutions to tackle the problems the society is facing.

Juliette looked around the hall as she adjusted her bra, her nipples are still sore from servicing the previous customer barely two hours ago. The hall is getting more crowded by the minute as freelancers, pimps, and budget hotel operators filed into the auditorium.

Many of them are grumbling about another round of cooling measures and how it will affect their business.

James looked at his prepared speech and adjusted his tie before walking towards the rostrum in the middle of the stage. Several bodyguards positioned themselves between the stage and the attending crowd in case things get nasty.

Juliette looked at the awful looking man on stage. His face has plenty of acne scars, he’s overweight and if he were a customer, he will be the last she want to serve.

James : mic test…

“want to test mic ? My girl can do for you!”

Someone shouted from the audience and a roar of laughter erupted.

James cleared his throat and took a deep breath before speaking.

James : Good afternoon everyone, thank you for coming.

“You sure you want us to cum?”

Came the shout from a pretty sex worker who flashed her upskirt at James on stage and the hall got rowdier by the second.

James : I could cancel everyone of your operating license with a click of my mouse…

The auditorium went quiet immediately as threatening looks shot towards James on stage.

James : Thank you for the cooperation…my name is James, I am the assistant of the Minister of MO-PENG who himself is an assistant of the Minster outside the Prime minister’s Office.

A thousand question marks would have appeared on everyone’s head if the scene was depicted in a Japanese anime.

James : in short, I’m the guy who will be briefing everyone regarding the cooling measures and what it means for you…There will be a short Q&A after the presentation to answer any doubts and queries. So please allow me to finish going through the latest set of cooling measures first.

The first slide was projected onto the screen and it was met with groans from the auditorium. Juliette cursed at the new updates and so did several of her friends.

The picture showed a lady with her legs spread and a small fan being directed at her genitals.

James : The cooling off period for genitals between each customer has been reduced from 45 minutes, to 30 minutes. This is to increase the supply of sex workers. I know cutting down the rest time in between each client is tiring but until the prices stabilized, this is what we have to do.

James waited for the commotion to quiet down before announcing the next measure.

James : We will increase the OTP (Option to penetrate ) amount from the current 50%, to 75%.

Murmurs from the crowd and several nods told James that most sex workers and operators have mixed sentiments to such a measure.

The OTP is exercised when the client meets the sex worker in her room. By exercising his OTP, it meant he will go ahead with the transaction.

Currently, a 50% deposit is payable before penetration, it will be increased to 75% to make sure clients do not pay beyond their means for a sex worker they cannot afford.

This also meant that the balance amount, which used to be able to be serviced via a loan, will be reduced to 25% from 50%.

James : We will evaluate the OTP percentage regularly and review it when necessary.

James’ finger hesitated for a second before flashing the next slide for he knows that particular measure will cause an uproar and he was right.

The moment that slide came on, everyone in the auditorium stood up, cursing and swearing at the MO-PENG representative.

James : The MOP period ( Minimum Orgasm-free Period ) will be increased from 5 days, to 8 days. That means, all legal sexual services providers who provide subsidized services, are subjected to make sure all clients, satisfy the MOP period of 8 days. In short, they cannot engage subsidized sexual services for a period of 8 days after their last ones.

Currently, the government subsidized a large percentage of the cost of visiting a sex worker.

First timers get the most subsidy depending on their income level. Low income workers who need subsidized services need only pay less than 10% of the advertised rates with the government footing the rest of the bill.

James paused and let the townhall continue their uproar.

He’s barely done with the list of cooling measures and it looked like everything is about to erupt into a riot.

Juliette, pissed off with the cooling measures walked over to the standing mic by the aisle and grabbed it. By reducing the loan amount, it will be harder to charge more for her services.

Juliette : Who do you think you are to dictate such policies ? Are you a sex worker ? Are you a pimp? How long have you been in the sex industry ? Do you even have any experience in the sex industry! You’ve never been a sex worker your entire life, how can you make decisions like that!

James put up a hand and waited for the din to quiet down so he can answer Juliette’s question.

James : How many of the people sitting in their offices in suits and tie making policies about the hawker centers you go to for food are hawkers before?

The hall went quiet.

James : How many of those executives we outsourced entire hawker centers for them to manage are hawkers before? This is why we engage all of you on a regular basis, we need to find out more, understand more…in order to…

“which one of us have you engaged before?”

Came the question from a sex worker and everyone laughed.

James spread his hands apart and shrugged his shoulders.

James : can I continue ? We have a long list to go through…

Everyone went back to their seats and James thumbed the thick stack of cooling measures in front of him.

Just 3 measures in and he was on the verge of inciting a riot. There’s a real chance he might not make it out of the auditorium that day by the time he is done.

Coming soon.