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Site FAQ

Here are some FAQ regarding the site

Before you buy anything or subscribe, please know that there are a lot of free to read works available on this site. They are no less enjoyable than the paid works.

So please don’t feel obliged to get anything. There are better ways to spend your hard earn money.

If you enjoyed my work and wish to show your support, get the paid works and come into my world.

Visual & video references used in the stories if any, do not contain any nudes and no private parts are exposed in all stories. If you spot any in the old works, please let me know.

What type of works are available on this site ? 

I have a mix of Erotic and Non-erotic fiction titles on this site. For Non-erotic works, there are some comedies, romance and even action thriller titles.

The stories are all fictional and some are of erotic nature. They might contain violence and acts that are non-consensual. It’s not real. Just like Iron man , the Hulk, Thor , Japanese AV actresses, adult videos, all these are not real.

These are characters portrayed by actors/actress who are paid to do so.

So please don’t ask me if any of these stories are real. Assume everything you read on this site is fiction.

If you know how to enjoy the work like how a rational, level-headed adult would, you will definitely enjoy coming into the world i built.

Regardless of the genre of work, this site is meant for audience above the age of 18 only .

Please leave this site immediately if you are below 18

As an alternative, you can head to , over at Lucasandk, i write under another pen name and published titles are without erotic content. All non-erotic work published on this site are also available in

What are the payment modes available if i want to read the paid works ?

Depending on your choice; the site takes;

Credit/Debit cards.



What currency will i be billed in ? 

Webstore charges in SGD

WordPress subscription charges in SGD

If you ;

(transact in SGD via webstore ) Merchant name to appear in your statement will be ‘SSEbook’

Please refer to Premium Sub FAQ regarding the subscription option

What about my privacy ? 

Transaction goes through Stripe merchant. Not me. The only information i have of you is the email you used to receive the files. I can see the last 4 digits of your card in Stripe and your email. That is all.

I don’t have credit or debit card or any of the above payment method. How do i get your ebooks or access the premium works ?

I’m sorry. There are no other ways.

You can check out the free to read works that are no less enjoyable as long as you are above 18.

Are there any discount codes ? 

There may be some available from time to time. So check out the blog often or subscribe to the mailing list.

Why did you not reply my mail ? 

I usually reply all mails within a couple of days whenever i log in. I don’t login on weekends and public holidays.

I will not reply your mail if you are under 18. I know. It’s magic, don’t ask me how i know. I won’t tell you.

You can try to bluff your way through the email correspondence, but once i get a whiff you are not supposed to be here, i will just send all your stuff to the spam folder.

I’m interested in getting the ebooks or subscribing, but is this legal ? Should i be concern with the transaction in any way ?

Honestly, i don’t know. If you are uncomfortable with getting anything, please don’t do it. There are a lot of free to read stuff in the site.

As for the transaction itself, so far i have yet to encounter any major problems with the platforms.
Just know that fifty shades of grey was once available in national libraries before it got pulled because people complained.

The entire Games of thrones series by George RR Martin which contains acts of violence, incest, non-consensual scenes are available in both hard and soft copy in the national library & various brick and mortar bookstores.

National library also stock erotic titles, Eg Erotic stories for punjabi widows, etc

Fiction guys, i just want to stress this, it’s fiction.

If any titles should be pulled from the shelves, it should be sleeping beauty, because it involves a stranger chancing upon a sleeping girl in the middle of the woods lying in a coffin and decides to kiss her without her consent.

Why do you take so long to update ? Can update intervals be shorter ? 

I used to be employed full time, now i’m trying to get a startup off the ground with a partner. No, he doesn’t know about this site.

I want to write for a living and believe me when i say i’m taking small steps towards that direction. Even if i need to crawl, i will get there.

Eventually i want to move away from pure erotic genre and work on novels that can be published and stocked in the libraries. carries all the non-erotic novels i have written, from action thriller to romance, the selection will continue to grow.

I did not get the files after payment.

Please check your spam folders and that you have entered the right email address for delivery. 90% of no file receive after payment is because it went to your junk mail or spam folder. 10% is because the bank blocked your card transaction. i can’t help you out on this. 
Do drop me a mail at if you are unable to retrieve your files after payment.

I will fix it asap.

How do i contact you ?

Use the webchat, or drop me a mail at

I will try to reply asap.

I write too. Can my work be featured on your site ?

Of course ! As long as it satisfy a few small criteria.

  1. No underage materials
  2. Nothing sexual with dead bodies or animals.
  3. Between 500 – 7000 words, has a start and an ending.
  4. A pen name for your fans to identify you by

Drop me a mail with your work at

All credits for the work will be clearly indicated & they will be posted under the free to read section.

Can i sell my work on your site ? How much will i make?

Drop me a mail and we can work something out.

Please manage your expectations in terms of returns, If you are looking to cover your phone and internet bill with a few extra bucks, i think it’s doable. If you are looking for a jackpot, i’ve afraid you will be disappointed.

If you enjoy writing and creating worlds like i do, get in touch!

I’ll love to get to know the world you create too!

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