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Premium Sub FAQ

Come 1st July 2020, i’m going to slowly transition to a subscription base format in terms of paid works.

New works from 1 July 2020 will automatically be added to Premium subscription content. I will continue to list the individual work up on webstore. I’m afraid my journey with Gumroad has come to an end for now. All existing works and past purchase will remain for your access anytime. I will stop listing new work up on gumroad EFF 7/8/2020

Instead of getting paid works individually, a premium sub would unlock all new works published within this date range. You can also gain access to some old works that will slowly be updated into the reading list. It’s your choice

**Note : The premium subscription includes all paid works released within this period **

Old paid works more than 3 years old will progressively be updated into the Premium sub category as a permanent addition to the library.

You are free to cancel anytime. Please go through the Premium content FAQ before making a decision.

Visual & video references used if any, do not contain any nudes. No private parts are exposed in any of the images used in the stories. If you spot any in my old archival works, please drop me a note. I have to clean it up if i want to do this properly.

Premium Subscription FAQ

When do premium titles & old works get updated ?

New work will be listed every Friday.

Old works more than 3 years old scheduled for release that month will also be released on a Friday.

Why some titles have ‘coming soon’ at the bottom of the post and how do i see future line up of works ?

Titles that are published with ‘coming soon’ at the end are part of the future line up of works that will be published. I did not put an exact date for release because although these works are completed, i keep updating them until the week before publication.

Head to the coming soon page to see future line up of works

Currently you can see the line up for the following 4 weeks. I think this would help in your decision whether to continue the subscription, or to cancel after reading what you are interested in after 1 month.

I am working towards getting works lined up for 12 weeks, 16, 20, and more. This is to buffer against dry months when i can’t write or when i’m working on a big piece of new work.

I get a ‘unable to connect error’ when trying to subscribe or login

Try clearing your browser history and cookies, open a new page, and go to the above site. Log in again. This usually work.

I am an existing subscriber and i cannot login, or, when i login, the premium works are not showing .

After consolidating the errors over the past few months, there are a few possibilities.

Scenario 1 – After login, the premium sub works are not showing ( Happens most often )

Something is wrong with your browser, be it phone, tablet or PC. Clear all history and cookies, close the browser, and restart. Check you are on the correct site, and login. There are two ways to login, either by password, or an email link. Try the other option if the 1st don’t work.

Scenario 2 ( Login button keeps appearing without login field )

Something is wrong with your browser, be it phone, tablet or PC. Clear all history and cookies, close the browser, and restart. Check you are on the correct site, and login. There are two ways to login, either by password, or an email link. Try the other option if the 1st don’t work. ( Yes, same as above )

Scenario 3 (unsuccessful subscription renewal)

This is most likely because the monthly renewal did not go through. Please stay calm. Log in to your wordpress account, go to managed purchases, check the billing history of the subscription.

The bank or your card mostly like rejected the transaction for reasons only they know, I can however provide the error code why the transaction did not go through. Usually it falls under, insufficient balances or the bank rejected the transaction and you need to ask your card provider why they reject it. WordPress sometimes will stop your subscription if you are inactive to prevent autocharging for a site you are not logging into.

If your card is fine and active, just drop wordpress an email for them to reactivate the subscription.

If all else fails, just cancel the sub and drop me a message. I will help you sort it out.

Send me a message on the webchat if you encounter any difficulties.

Do i get individual works or should i get the premium subscription ?

It’s all down to math and you would have to decide for yourself. There will a new work release every Friday priced between 5.99 – 9.99. A monthly sub depending on the number of Fridays in that month will bring the average cost per work down to around $4.50. You can also access all titles listed under the premium sub list.

If you are more comfortable getting individual work when they are published, please continue to do so.

If you feel you are going to spend more than the subscription cost a month getting individual works, then subscription is a better deal.

If you are totally new to this and have yet to purchase any of my individual work, please check out the list of works currently available under premium content list. It’s definitely more worth it to go for the subscription. Remember to finish all my free to read works before you start on the paid works !

How much do you make from my subscription and what are your running cost ?

At $17.xx, after taking away fees from payment processing by merchant, it’s slightly less than $14.xx per subscriber per month. I’m looking to build up a subscriber base of around 300 hopefully over 3 years. That would give me a base to start writing full time.

Base on the selected plan tier i’m on ; (CAA May2021)

Site & ecommerce plan for cost about 75 USD per month

Webchat plugin is 18 USD per month

WordPress site is about 72 SGD per month

Maintaining Gumroad file archives is 10 USD per month

Stripe takes a commission of every transaction, including monthly sub renewal, and duplicate transactions. So if you accidentally subscribe twice or 3 times, i will be bearing the transaction cost while submitting a full refund to your card.

Subscription started at $9 in Jul 2020, and i will be freezing it at $17.99 till June 2022. Most subscribers are currently locked at the $10-$11 tier. Aside from a handful which rolls over their sub monthly, majority of subscribers stop after 1-2 months, subsequently they resub again and the process repeats.

Taking away cost and misc. expenses, i am still running a small profit of a couple of hundreds every month.

Why are not all of your past works included in the premium subscription now ?

Releasing the whole motherload at one shot for new subscribers at a single price a month would be unfair to the others who bought individual works over the years.

This is why the premium subscription is for paid titles released from this period, and old paid works more than 3 years old. Premium titles will also be cycled out gradually. Please refer to the premium title list before subscribing, or click here

One thing you can be sure of , the premium content section will continue to grow.

What is the exact list of work that will be available under this subscription ?

A Detailed list is up on the main page menu, or click here

What guarantees do i have that you will publish new paid works after i subscribe ?

I want to write for a living, and i’m taking small steps towards my end goal.

I started writing in 2012 and i have not stopped since.

If you are uncomfortable subscribing, please don’t. You can choose to get individual work upon their release.

On the other hand, if you would like to show your support for my work, moving forward, generating enough new content and getting new subscribers would be key to my eventual transition into writing full time.

You could also get access to a whole lot of past works too !

A sub now gets you access to more than 80 titles including optional works for full length stories.

Why do you only offer monthly subscription ?

I want to get a feel of the subscriber base, gather feed back, before i roll out more options. Monthly Subscription allows users more control and flexibility.

When i have enough completed works lined up for 52 weeks back to back, i will consider offering annual subscription.

The subscription starts at $9 during launch. Why start at $9 ?

It’s the cost of 2 cups of bubble tea, or 2 coffee from a cafe.

$9 will not make me rich, neither will it make you poor. If this subscription is going to put you in financial hardship, please don’t do it. There are a lot of free to read works on the site that are just as good !

Free to read content will also continue to increase in tandem with paid works.

*Subscription cost will increase by a few cents every now and then until it hits the yearly cap indicated*

Will the monthly subscription cost increase ?

Yes. As more content gets added to the site, the price will go up, BUT, your subscription rate remains unchanged base on the one you signed up for.

For example, you sign up at $9 in 2020. In 2021, it goes up to $14. You will still be bill at $9 until the end of time or when you decide to cancel it. Upon cancellation, you will not be able to renew at the old rate.

I’m looking to increase the monthly Subscription rate as more paid works get added to the site. Amount & frequency of increase depends on the moon alignment, the monsoon wind, & sometimes the eclipse

Premium Sub monthly price will hit a cap of ;

12.99 by 31/12/2020

17.99 by 30/06/2021

I’m bad at math, can you give me an example how to best make use of this premium subscription ?

Assuming you already have all the stories you are interested in, please adopt a wait and see strategy. Not everyone is interested in all the genre of works on the site. You might not like wife sharing works, or non-consensual stories, or you are only keen on the non-erotic work. Everyone has their own preference.

Say come November 2020, 4 months after the launch of premium subscription. The amount of paid works released from 1/7/20 to 30/11/20 is $60. Out of these, the genre of work you are interested in cost $25 to purchase individually.

Which is more worth it ?

Get it individually, or subscribe and read it all for a fixed price ?

Your choice.

So i can cancel my subscription after i finish reading it all ?

Yes, it’s your choice, you can choose to cancel, or you can continue the subscription and access all new published paid works, but please note that once the subscription rate increases, you will not be able to go back to the original amount you lock in earlier.

My credit card expired and the subscription is no longer renewing at the old rate.

No worries, drop me mail at

I’ll help you sort it out

I accidentally subbed twice and my card has been charged twice! Help!

Stay calm, it’s 20 bucks, not 20k. Drop me a message on webchat or email me at

This happens more often than not, all double charges are usually submitted for refund within 24 hours.

Why are you offering premium content subscription now ?

I want to move away from my dependence on other platforms for billing & payment. I’m also hoping to build up a stable subscriber base so i can transition to writing full time for a living.

With a stable base of subscribers, i am also looking to get full time help to help with the editing & content of the site.

I have been using Gumroad for a while and all my purchases are on that platform. What should i do ?

All your past purchases will still be on Gumroad if you never download them. Don’t worry. I will still keep Gumroad as a backup. If you need the links to download your past purchases, just drop me a message.

How do i subscribe ?

Premium content work will have a paywall prompting you to login with your wordpress account or subscribe. Upon login, you will be able to access the full work on the page itself. No need to download any files.

Make sure you are accessing it from domain

How do i login ?

Using the email you input upon subscribing. No need for password, a login link will be sent to your email to login to wordpress. Alternatively, if you are using your mobile devices, consider getting the wordpress app.

How do i cancel the subscription ?

Login to your wordpress account.

Go to your profile and under manage purchases.

Click the ‘other sites’ tab

Click the arrow beside your order and you will be able to cancel the subscription.

Alternatively, drop me a message on the webchat. I can cancel the subscription on my end.

What happens if you die ? Or run road ? Or get kidnapped by Edward Fernando Chan ?

I have scheduled 3 legacy post at the below interval.

1 month

3 month

1 year

I login almost everyday and i would change the dates of these post before i write. (sometimes i forget :p)

They contain detailed instructions of what you should do if the site no longer gets updated.

The post at the 1 month mark will inform all to cancel your subscription until further notice.

Don’t worry, even if i’m dead, the site auto renews till 2025. You can still access all published titles as a subscriber.

Great, sign me up now ! how do i do it ?

Go to any of the premium titles in the site. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the login / subscribe button.

Sign up & you are good to go.

These are the only details you need to enter.

I am concerned about my privacy. What details of mine will you see if i subscribe to the site? How will this subscription be reflected on my credit card statement ?

This is what will appear on your credit card statement. WPMEM ( WordPress membership ) followed by a series of numbers.

There are many sites that offers WPMEM, from cooking recipes to fishing, to cars, and even finance blogs.

On my site, i will see ;

The name you entered, the email address you used to subscribe.

Get a separate email for this and you are good to go.

From the billing merchant itself, there is also limited information i can pull from the transaction. It’s restricted to the name you entered, and the last 4 digit of your credit card.

Hint : You can customize the name on your Credit and Debit card these days. Instead of putting your real name, say Tan Ah Lim, you can put Tanny Lim, or Gang Tie ren ( Iron man ) or Heng Da Tiao ( Big tool )

If you have any ideas how to up the privacy game, please do share with me as well. đŸ™‚

Certain banks offer the option of getting an instant debit card from their machines too.

How do i change my credit card details after subscription?

If you want to change the card used for billing ;

  1. Log into your wordpress account.
  2. Look for the profile logo on the top right
  3. Go to Purchases – Payment method . You can manage all your subscription from there

Why are you not using Gumroad anymore ?

I like Gumroad a lot. I love it in fact but they only payout via paypal.

And since i’m having issues with Paypal, i decided to stop using Gumroad.

All past purchases will remain, you can access it anytime. Gumroad is in the midst of adding more payment options to their system including Apple pay & Stripe. Moving forward, if they take stripe, i will go back to listing with them as a backup.

What other payment modes do the site accept ?

WordPress subscription takes Credit/Debit cards

Individual works has Credit/Debit card, Alipay, Grabpay

“SS Ebook” will be the transaction statement appearing on your statement

Can you update more frequently ?

I no longer hold a full time job and i split my time between writing and trying to get a business i started with a partner off the ground. When i’m not hammering away at the keyboard, i meet clients, give quotations, go to site, and i chase for payment after work is done.

Chasing for money makes me wish i could send Hong, or Kamal, or maybe even Butcher to do it for me. haha.

Currently, I’m spending about 30% of my time writing, editing, planning for future releases that includes both full length and short works, the other 70% of my time i need to work on the business with my partner.

Every decision i’m making is pointed at the same direction. To be able to update more, to be able to write more.

I want to write full time.

I will find a way, and I will get there.

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