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James sister in law keeps sponging off him. He plans to even the score. Follow James as he helps his sister in law spiral down a path of no return. From nudging her towards starting an onlyfan site, he progressed to helping Jane with her contents. From taking a video of his sister in law shaving her pubes, to a photoshoot in a hotel, James extracted more than his pound of flesh from Jane.

He’s fine with his sister in law being a freeloader, as long as she pays up in her own way.

‘Have fun staying poor James’

Those were the exact words my sister in law Jane said to me when she tried to get the whole family onto the crypto bandwagon.

Hardly a day goes by where Jane did not rub how much her crypto investment has gone up to.

Jane : J coin went up 12% today ok? 12% in one day, what other investments can give you that 12%?

James : What exactly is J coin?

Jane : I explained it so many times already. J coin is a coin issued by J holdings backed by the erotic novels written by a writer call J. All the novels are turned into NFTs which are in turn traded by the J coin. You have no idea how many people are holding onto those NFTs and their value is going up every day!

James : It’s very confusing.

Jane : That’s because you’re stupid.

Juliette : Sis stop it! James is not exactly into all these financial stuff.

Jane : Have fun staying poor then!

My sister in law threw everything she hard into J coin. All $60000 of her savings, her fixed deposits, basically every damm thing she had. She even managed to convince my wife to put in $10000 and my in laws to put in another $30000.

When everything is going up, everyone is all smiles. No one is frowning when they see their investments going up 200-300%. Jane quit her job to dabble in crypto full time.

Yes, Jane turned her 60000 into 180000 within a span of 3 months. She started making videos online, showing off her investments and sharing her analysis on how J coin will peak with every release of a new erotic novel NFT.

As she gained more followers, she got more confident, and she convinced my in laws to give her a loan of another 20000.

When her investments reached a total of 390000 in a matter of months, Jane is practically invincible.

Jane : How long are you going to take to make 390000 with your 3500 salary James? Hahahah… you should have listened to me…hahahah

I can only smile bitterly at her remarks. I envy her of course but I simply don’t understand any of these crypto stuff. The value of the NFTs and coins are determined purely by how much another person is willing to pay for it. Where are all these people willing to pay so much for J coins?

As the saying goes, only when the tide goes down, can you see who the ones swimming without bottom are.

I saw it on the news early that morning to see J coin founder execute a rug pull. The value of J coin dropped from $60 to 0 within a matter of minutes. It was gone in the blink of an eye.

All the money my sister in law had, it disappeared into a puff of smoke.

The next few days were spent with her in a daze, not knowing what to do.

Everyone was in a state of shock.

Then the bills started coming. Jane has chalked up close to 18000 in credit card bills in large purchases with no means to pay them back. My wife told me she has only $200 left in her bank account.

Jane’s youtube channel was shut down and her world came crashing down that month.

Everyone thought Jane will pick herself up on her feet after a while but we were all wrong.

She didn’t.

My sister in law Jane, decides to just sponge off the rest of us. My in laws are fruit sellers, with their meager hawker pay, they could take care of themselves and put fruits on the table, but to pay for Jane’s snowballing debt and expenses, those were another matter.

Just when things could not get any worse, 4 months after everything came crashing down, Jane quarreled with her parents and decides to move into my place for a few days.

That few days turned into a few weeks.

A few weeks turned into a few months.

She used my water, my electricity. She eats the food I cook, the ones I buy. Basically, there is an additional mouth to feed, and she does nothing at home.

Absolutely fucking nothing except binge watch movies and serials on my Netflix account and sleep.

Yes. Eat, watch shows and sleep.

She is just leeching off my wife and me, sucking our blood dry.

And you know what else she does? Jane has the gall to dress up, in my wife’s clothes, and update her social media profile that she’s starting her own business soon.

That she’s bounced back from her past failures and determined to take on the world again!

Holy fuck, how can someone lie blatantly in that manner.

Seeing how she puts on makeup, dress up in nice work clothes and taking pictures in Instagram-able corners in my house before typing some rubbish quotes about hustling for what you want in life disgust me.

And right after posting those nonsense, she changes out into her pyjamas and crawl back into bed.

Now you see, everyone has limits to their tolerance.

You are a guest in my place, the least you could do is respect your host, but respect is something impossible to expect from Jane.

One day, after Jane finished another one of her fake poser shoot, she started grumbling about not enough snacks and junk food in the cupboard.

Jane : Can you at least make sure the cupboards are stocked properly or not? Why did my sister even marry such a sloppy man like you?

She said while kicking off the pair of grey heels she borrowed from my wife’s cabinet and leaving it in the living room.

 I decided enough is enough.

I’m not letting her sponge off me anymore.

At least not without me getting my pound of flesh from her.

She is getting a shit load of things from me, and looking at Jane’s body, I know I have to take the only valuable thing I can take from her.

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