There are the games normal people play, and then, there are the games James and his best men play. There’s a lot to go through if one wants to get to his bride. Join James and his friend as they clear each stage of the games, right up to the point where a series of wrong choices meant James has to watch his wife to be have sex not just with her former flames, but also the brothers in the gatecrash.

James and his best men arrived in a convoy of vehicles at the block of flat where his wife to be, Sijia is staying.

Dressed in a white suit, James carried a bouquet of roses in his hand as he stepped out of the wedding car. Turning to his brothers, Aaron, Bert & Charlie, he thanked them again for taking on that gargantuan task of completing the gate crash task on his wedding day.

James : This is a huge sacrifice, and I will never forget what you all do for me. When the time comes, I will do my part too.

Bert : Don’t worry bro, no matter what they throw at us, we can take it.

Aaron : Bro, we’re scouts man! We can wack 72Km through the jungle, this is nothing!

Charlie : Don’t worry James, I’ve been through a few of these, whatever they can think of, I have gone through them before. Eating sweet, sour, spicy or bitter stuff, those are nothing. We can take them.

James looked at his buddies who all seemed very confident and up to the task.

James : Guys, I have to warn you, the bridesmaid, they are not your usual group of girls out to have fun.

Bert:  Aiyah…relax bro. We can do this one. I’m very thick skin ok, I won’t feel embarrassed, I can do anything!

Charlie : Don’t worry James, it’s your big day…just relax and let us handle the rest.

James:  Guys, you don’t understand. The girls, my wife’s sisters, the bridesmaid, they, they are really not out for fun. They mean business.

Aaron : Hello Brother, I am Thai KTV hang flower king ok! Nothing fazes me. All the pattern, all the butterflies all the KC stunt, I know everything.

James : Guys, don’t take this lightly…i…

Just then, the photographer arrived along with the videographer.

James could feel his heart thumping as the lift opened, revealing the four bridesmaids.

The banter stopped immediately as all eyes around the neighbourhood went to the four gorgeous girls that stepped out of the lift. All four of them are dressed in satin bathrobes that stops just shy of their knees. Their long hairless legs disappears into pairs of heels that men will die to drink out of.

Each step they take, revealed more of their creamy white legs that is so blemish free, they might as well be taken right out from a magazine.

The air around the lobby was immediately flooded with their amazing body scent and perfume while the atmosphere is flushed with their intoxicating pheromones.

James brothers swallowed a gulp of saliva as they appraised the sisters who have come to welcome them with the gatecrash games. All of them have done up their hair, the make up they put on, while not thick enough for a formal dinner, is ample enough to bring out the best of their features.

And the open jaws of the brothers staring at them trying hard not to salivate at the beauties is testament enough to the mountain they need to climb in order to clear the gate crash games.

The girls smiled elegantly as they positioned themselves for a photographs, each of them sticking out one leg in the manner a beauty pageant contestant will line up for the camera.

Aaron’s nose started bleeding and Bert quickly handed him a handkerchief. Charlie took out the cross around his neck and said a prayer while looking up into the ceiling of the lift lobby.

James wiped the perspiration from his palms on the side of his pants, seeing his brothers fumbling even before the games begin is a bad sign.

Before he could marry the woman of his dreams, he needs to first complete the gatecrash ceremony. A series of games will be played before he gets to unveil his wife in her room.

Lucy stepped forward gracefully and folded her arms, making eye contact with all of the men present before her.

Lucy : First game…

Lucy said without a hint of hostility in her voice at the brothers who formed a wall in front of James.

Bert : Leave it to us James!

Aaron : We can do this!

Aaron said as he wiped his nosebleed.

Charlie : Bring it on!

Lucy smirked.

Lucy : Get down on your knees… and kiss my feet.

James watched at all three of his brothers sank to their knees and started showering Lucy’s feet with kisses. The groveled and licked her heels, her ankles, giving her feet a cat bath while sniffing her calves.

The sisters laughed in a satisfactory manner.

Lucy : good. we will do the rest upstairs…

Lucy gestured to the girls and they went on up to the level where the rest of the challenges await.

James brother’s got onto their feet, looking more determined than ever.

Aaron : You are right when you say they mean business James!

The men went inside the lift and when it opened at the 8th floor landing, everyone of them held onto the handrail for support.

Olivia, Valarie & Ella stood at the entrance of the lift.

The video camera rolled and camera flashes assaulted them men as the three girls tug at the string holding their bathrobes together.

Bert : Steady….! Hold…!

Charlie : Oh my god…

Aaron : We can do this…we can do this…!

James : Guys… please be careful…

As the three girls reveal the lingerie they were wearing underneath their robes, Olivia said in the sweetest voice befitting a minx.

Olivia : Take off our underwear, using only your mouth…hee hee…

All three of James’ brothers got down on their knees immediately.

James held onto the wedding bouquets, fighting back tears of emotions.

James : I’ll never forget what you did for me brothers…

Aaron’s tongue wagged like a dog as he brought his mouth close to Olivia.

Bert already plastered his face against Valarie’s pink satin underwear while Charlie, the hang flower king is nibbling at the flowerly lack underwear Ella is wearing.

They haven even got to the gate, and all his brothers are on their knees not once, but twice.

Whatever the girls have planned, they are not out for fun, they are out for blood.

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