Disclaimer, I don’t know him personally, opinions expressed are my own.

I’m sure many of you would have read the news by now that Singapore’s onlyfan creator was fined and jailed.

He was fined $3000 for the obscene content.

The jail term was for defying the police orders.

If he did not defy the orders not to access his account, he would have just been fined.

3000 out of the 300000 he made, it’s literally a slap on the wrist.

I’ve been following his news for a while now and I’m secretly a big fan of Titus. Not of his artistic work, but of his ventures and what he dares to do.

Say what you want about him, but he dares to bare it all.

Do you ?

I don’t.

Anyway, I just have some suggestions for Titus if he happens to chance upon this post.

If a teacher can teach math on Pornhub, Titus can consider teaching science on Onlyfans.

His new onlyfans account should be focused on pure educational content. This is how I will do it if I’m his artistic and educational consultant.

Video rolling~

Scene 1 – Parts of the male reproductive organ.

The setting will against a sunset backdrop in a private property. Titus naked on a deck chair.

He smiles at the camera as the picture focuses on his penis.

Narration will be done in the background by Titus himself.

Titus : Dear fans, welcome to an episode of E-learning with me. I have switched to producing purely educational content. If you are not here for the educational content, please unsubscribe and log out now.

Holding onto his jewels, he goes on to describe the difference in length, girth and size before arousal. He will describe each part of his reproductive organ with scientific terms. Terms that are used on articles in the newspapers and scientific journals.

The shaft, the base, the foreskin, the scrotum.

He will demonstrate the versatility of the male reproductive organ. We will have freeze screen and parts will be clearly labelled in 4 major languages. If we have the budget, I might even suggest including a sign language interpreter.

Titus will narrate it Nat Geo style. Or if he has budget for David Attenborough, even better.

No need for smiles, no need for cheeky grins, just continue the E-learning video with a neutral expression narrated with a low deep voice.

He’s already baring it all, what he lacks is the framework to deliver educational content.

If MediaCorp can screen drama scenes of actresses having non-consensual sex on national TV (No private parts shown ), Titus should be able to produce educational content accessible only by paying students. If subscribers chose to pirate those educational content, there is nothing much he can do can he?

Not only will he be doing it on onlyfans, as the education consultant, I will recommend Titus link up with the ministry of education for live lessons and lectures.

In the name of conservation and education, our aquariums allow public to touch sea cucumbers and starfish.

Ok. Sorry, no touching of sea cucumbers.

Wait wait, I know you think I’m joking but just listen to me.

Who do you think can connect better with the young adults in school while advocating for safe and responsible sex? Someone like Titus, or a 40 year old jaded man who may not even be getting enough from his wife at home?

Singapore is turning 60 in a few years. We’re a developed country.

It’s time we take sex education by the balls and explore a new frontier.

It’s time we take a more open approach to educating our youths about their bodies and boundaries.

The sex education I received in secondary school is a joke.

Which one of you can raise your hand and say you don’t watch porn?

Tell me you didn’t learn a trick or two from those videos featuring Japanese actresses? I learned more about sex online than from the textbooks. In fact, i literally learned how to reproduce as a human being online.

Books tell of sperm meeting egg, it doesn’t exactly dwell too deep into the delivery process. Put in once and take out? Put in many many times? How many times exactly?

The online videos i watched during my growing up years helped to increase Singapore’s population by 2.

There is nothing wrong with the content Titus produce, he just needs to deliver them in a different format. I’m sure he can find a doctor to partner with.

He can still be creative and artistic, there’s no rule that say producing educational content cannot come with an artistic flair.

Here’s another example.

Scene 2 – Masturbating.

Masturbation is good for health. We’re selling sex toys in pharmacy and Don Don Don Ki. We advocate body wellness and taking care of our needs.

Why can’t Titus demonstrate and share the different techniques he uses to take care of his body?

You think everyone suddenly reaches puberty and knows how to masturbate? Not everyone knows how to deal with their needs.

This is why you get university students stealing lingerie, sniffing them thinking it will get them to orgasmic heaven.

Teach our students how to deal with their needs for fuck sake.

This scene will start with Titus in the bathroom. He gets into the bathtub and explains the health benefits of masturbation. He starts off slow and explains the difference in varied strokes.

Again, this will be delivered in 4 different languages. I don’t care if he drinks from a teacup while switching language, but describing masturbation in 4 languages should not be hard and definitely entertaining especially when holding his penis.

There is nothing erotic about this, this is educational.

When he ejaculates, he will share about health and diet. What is the colour of healthy semen and how often should one take care of their body?

Should we use toys, or should we just do it with our hands?

It’s not funny. I’m serious.

Say a young teen growing up now has a series of all these questions, where can he go?

Who can he approach?

Tell his female teacher ? He’s going to get hauled up for counselling for sexual harassment.

Tell his male teacher ? He’s going to get dismissed for being a prankster.

Or should he ask friends who are as equally clueless as him?

Contents like these should be on Udemy too. It will benefit more people.

Of course, contents like these need to have safeguards. Minors should not be accessing them. That’s why it’s important for the authorities to think about how to protect the minors, instead of prosecuting the creators. For movies and films, you have PG, PG13, M18, R21, why can’t you have similar classification for educational and adult content?

Which do you think is worse? Showing Kill Bill or Hostel by Quentin Tarantino to a 12 year old or Titus’ video?

You could argue both corrupts the young innocent mind but I will choose a kid waving his dick around in school than one waving a samurai sword.

Cigarettes give you cancer, and they are on sale.

Watching Titus’s video don’t give you cancer.

We pass a law to protect kids from cigarettes. Good.

Why can’t we have a law to protect kids from adult educational & entertainment videos?

If you are underage, and are caught with cigarettes, you get punished. The tobacco company doesn’t.

Titus video ends up in the hands of a minor, he gets punished.

Where is the rationale in that?

Yes, yes, I know. The judge and prosecutors are merely enforcing the law. It’s what the judiciary do. They interpret the law and enforce it.

If today a law is passed that says farting in public is illegal, you can be sure if you are in court, the law will be applied accordingly.

So to fix this, maybe a new law needs to be passed in parliament. One that clearly sets the boundaries, the dos and the don’ts.

I could go on forever but this gist is this.

Our Jails should be reserved for the scammers that cheat retirees of their life savings, it should be reserved for murderers, the drug traffickers or people who would cause us harm.

Not for someone who voluntarily shows off his body, on a platform reserved for matured, paying subscribers.

Yes, i know he was jailed for defying the police’s orders, not for the content, but as a taxpayer, i think he should not be taking up space in a prison.

It looks bad on the civil servants putting Titus in Jail too. Imagine how it will look on their portfolio?

Their colleagues’ one will go something like;

‘i put drug traffickers in jail!’

‘i put scammers away!’

‘I caught a murderer!’

And then you have;

‘I put someone who logged into his onlyfan account when told not to in jail’

I can almost hear the awkward silence that follows.

I could probably draw up a dozen examples of how to repackage his onlyfans and produce educational content, but I won’t go on.

If an individual wants to sexualise and interpret a video in an erotic manner, there’s nothing you can do to stop him or her. There are plenty of videos on mainstream platforms which are practically porn, just that the critical bits are covered.

3 weeks is not a long term for Titus, he will be out soon.

With his popularity now, there’s probably no need for him to go back to OF to make a living.

Hopefully he will emerge from this unscathed, stronger and with more ideas on what content to create for his fans. Top of the list I suspect, will be an interview about his days in the lock up. Viewers will be interested in that.

I will.

He’s about to be a father soon too, and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

PS : If you read this Titus, I’m available for a role as an educational consultant if you are hiring.


As much as i hate to admit, my wife likes your videos. Your ice cream too.

James S