James’ could not forget the Christmas party his wife attended last year. Not even if he wanted to.

Especially not when his wife does more than posing for photos in her short santarina costume in a office filled with foreign colleagues.

This happened during Christmas in 2021. I’ve kept this incident in my heart for almost a year and I finally found the courage to share it.

My wife works for an MNC with a small presence in Singapore. It’s a male dominated industry and she’s the only female in the team of 8. Most of the administrative matters are done back in HQ, my wife Jiawen is in charge of marketing for the Asia Pacific region.

She gets quite a bit of attention from her male colleagues for obvious reasons  but everyone knows she is married. So other than some casual flirting, no one tried anything funny. Singapore has strict laws after all.

Besides, I know my wife. She’s not the kind to cheat and I trust her 100%

As for me, I work for a catering company. We do food, buffet spreads and the usual parties, house warming stuff. And on days when the office is short handed I have to double up as driver, buffet setup staff, basically everything even though I’m just handling client accounts.

I’m a December baby, and my birthday, happen to be on Boxing day, one day after Christmas.

So boxing day is a day I always look forward waking up to because not only do I get to unwrap Christmas gifts, I also get birthday gifts.

However, the usually joyous holiday season in 2021 left mixed feelings and a bitter taste in my mouth.

It started all because of a Christmas party in my wife’s office.

Due to the pandemic, and plenty of travel restrictions, many of her colleagues decided not to return home for fear of being quarantined in their respective cities, and having to do it again upon their return.

So they chose to stay in Singapore.

And with most of the office in town, my wife’s boss decides to host a gathering of sort in the office on Christmas eve itself.

Everyone is to dress up and the role of playing santarina, fell onto my wife’s lap. They have someone playing Santa Claus, some got the elves role, basically everyone will be getting a costume and dressing up. Being the only women, it’s only natural that the role goes to her.

The office will be paying for the costume rental. The first thing I said when I saw the costume was whether she needs to wear something like that for the party.

James : Are you sure ? This looks so…so…skimpy…Are you sure you are going to wear this?

Jiawen : This is the least skimpy one I can find from the catalogue. There are others with weird fishnet stockings and ribbons.

James : I…I don’t know…

Jiawen : I don’t have a choice do i…everyone is all so sporting about it.

James : The …the skirt is too short…

Jiawen : I think it’s ok, I’ll put on a safety shorts…

When she stepped out of the bedroom in that costume, I had a immediate hard on. I mean seriously, seeing your young, beautiful wife of 29 in her prime wearing such a teasing costume? Who wouldn’t be aroused?

Jiawen would fall right into the ‘leggy’ department. She’s 1.6m and has a nice pair of legs. Her breast is a comfortable B cup and while she felt she is a little lacking on that front, to me, she is just perfect.

Nice long legs, a handful rack, sweet beautiful smile and disposition, what more can a man ask for?

I may not be comfortable with her costume, but I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable about wearing it either. Seeing Jiawen trying to pair her party costume with different pair of heels, I felt a sudden surge of jealousy when picturing the day when she will be surrounded by so many men.

She’s bound to be the centre of attention.

A week before the Christmas party, my office received an order for a Christmas buffet feast for 15. When I did a double take at the address and company, I chuckled at the coincidence.

My company will be catering the food for the party.

James : Your office is really generous, they chose one of the most expensive package, comes with a whole turkey too.

Jiawen : really? Haha, we had quite a good year. Really looking forward to the bonus this year. I heard there are rumors it will be at least 6 months.

James : 6 months! What the actual fuck!

Jiawen : Don’t curse dear!…

James : That is a lot, I never got anything beyond my 13th month in my company.

Jiawen : Well, if I really get it, we can seriously look at upgrading to a private condo.

My wife gave me a hug and I felt a little guilty that I’m not doing as much for the family as she is. Jiawen is very sensitive to my feelings and she immediately shot down any talks of inadequacies in my capability.

Jiawen : don’t you start your silly talk about not earning enough and all ok? You know I don’t care for any of those…

James:  But it…

Jiawen : shhhh..shhh! no..! don’t start…

I returned her hug and I felt truly blessed to marry her.

On the day of the party, one of the driver fell sick just after lunch. His stomach wasn’t feeling too good I had to take over the duties of delivering the rest of the food orders that day.

It just so happened that one of the places I will be heading to, is my wife’s office. It’s coming to 3pm and I was looking forward to knock off on time at 6pm. With this sudden change of plans, it looks like I won’t be able to get off until well after 11pm.

Why 11pm you ask?

Because setting up the buffet is just half the job, I still need to pack up the setup after it’s done at 10pm. By the time I get back to the company, it’s going to be 11pm at least. That’s assuming if the customers finishes on time.

Still, I’m glad I could head over to Jiawen’s office for the set up.

Before I could tell her about it, I received a notification on my phone.

My wife has posted a picture of her in her costume at the office, taken in front of the Christmas decorations.

My wife told me that the office was on half day that Christmas eve and everyone was practically celebrating before lunch. By 3pm, everyone started changing into their cosplay costumes and wine are flowing freely while movies are being screened in the conference room.

No one is in the mood for work.

Seeing the clothes she is in, I too, would not be in the mood for work if I’m her colleagues.

I arrived at Jiawen’s office at 5pm for the buffet setup. I forgot to tell her I’m coming and I tried keeping a looking for her when I’m there but she’s nowhere to be seen.

A Caucasian dressed as an elf attended to me and a helper, telling us to set up the buffet by the lift lobby. I could see shadows from the conference room and plenty of laughters. Beyond that, I could not see anything.

After I was done with the set up, I considered calling my wife out but the helper hurried me along. We need to setup another two buffets in a condo 20 minutes away and we are already late.

I carried on working and forgot all about texting my wife.

By the time we’re done with the last set up, I was exhausted but I need to head back to the 1st location and start packing up.

Thankfully another vehicle is done with it’s packing for other groups and is coming over to help us with ours.

Yong, the Malaysian chap helping me in my vehicle, asked if he could hop over to the other vehicle because his cousin is the driver. They will go ahead and pick up the stores from other jobs and leave the one in town for me.

I agreed of course because the one in town, is my wife’s office. I can handle throwing away left over food and picking up buffet trays on my own so I asked Yong to go on ahead after we wrapped up the 1st location with the other vehicle.

By the time I got to Jiawen’s office, it was 9.30pm.

I took the lift up to the top level and I could see more than half the food still left untouched on the buffet spread. There’s 30 more minutes to go before I can pack up unless someone tells me to go ahead.

Looking into the dark office, I could not see anyone.

Suddenly I saw something that made my heart skip a beat.

I saw my wife’s heel.

One single red heel by the door. The heel caught itself in between the glass door and stopped it from shutting against the magnetic catch.

I let myself into the dark office and before I could pick up the heel, I saw the other a few meters away.

My heart raced as I looked deeper into the office towards the only lit room at the end.

With a heavy foot, I moved closer and there’s no mistaking what I was hearing.

Moans. I was hearing sensual moans of love making.

My lips went dry as I continued going closer to the end of the office.

In an office of 8, with my wife being the only female.

I wonder what are the odds, of there being another female with the same red heels as my wife being in that office that Christmas eve.

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