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I’ve been wanting to partner up with a toy company for a while now. And i’m very happy to announce the very first tie up with The Love Chip Team.

There are plenty of companies and sites selling toys online but The Love Chip focuses more on couples and ladies. It is started by young parents, Gary & Candice. After their kids come along, they found the quality of the time they spend together going downhill due to the stress and responsibilities of caring for their kids.

Looking to spice things up with some toys, they began exploring with the available toys in the market. There are some really premium ones costing hundreds of dollars, then there are also those direct from factories type which cost so little, Candice is worried about it exploding in her body when she uses it for an extended period of time.

Unable to find a middle ground between quality and price, they decided to do a bit of research and launch their own line of personal wellness toys for couples and ladies.

They are not looking to become the Hermes or Chanel of the sex toys market, and definitely not going to flood the market with Mama shop style cheap toys. The Love Chip team hopes to fill the gap between extreme high end toys, and dubious mass produced ones.

Every couple and all ladies should have access to safe, reliable toys that they can spend their most intimate moments with.

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