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James decides to lead his innocent wife towards the dark path. From getting her to read erotic stories on sex forums, to baring it all on adult cam site, he slowly work towards getting her to open up and embrace the inner slut inside her. Allowing a former crush to touch her during dinner is something Cherie would never dream of doing, but still, it happened.In the end, James finally achieves what he hoped for in a themed erotic photoshoot. What was supposed to be just a staged shoot turned out to be more exciting than expected for James and Cherie. He always wanted to see his sweet innocent wife have sexual intercourse with another man, he just never expected to see her do it with multiple men at once.

This is a 2 part series

My wife Cherie and I got to know each other when we were in Junior college. She was not the prettiest of the lot and she didn’t have the biggest breasts or the nicest legs, but her overall disposition was what really attracted me. Cherie was the sweet, quiet girl who smiled at anything I said. She thought everything that came out from my mouth was funny. At 1.6 metres in height and about 45 kilograms in weight, her slender frame and ‘B’ cupped breasts would not stand out amongst a crowd of girls, but one could not deny that she was a beauty. While most boys hankered after the hot and outgoing ones, I chose to focus my attention on Cherie. She had her fair share of attention too, but it was usually after those boys realised that they didn’t stand a chance with the Belle of the school and decided to settle for the second best. It was too late for them though, because Cherie had already set her sights on me. However, we did not date until we graduated from Junior College.

There was a shyness to Cherie that I found simply attractive. It was not to the point that she was socially awkward, but Cherie had a natural aversion to anything out of the norm. It would cause her to blush and smile in a silly embarrassed manner, which I found really cute. Her doll-like expression was simply priceless, especially when she blushed or when she pouted. It just melted my heart. When Cherie pleaded, it was not with those irritating whiny squirms that came out of irritating bitches trying to act cute. There was a genuine innocence to her pleas that was simply music to my ears. Then there was her girl-next-door look, a unique charm of hers that she simply oozed with. One look at her and I could assure you that she was someone whom every parent wanted their sons to bring home for dinner.

When she entered university, Cherie started to attract attention from the hungry wolves that prowled the grounds of the tertiary institution. And because I needed to serve in the army for two years, I was worried that Cherie might be taken by someone else. There was no lack of guys who eyed attached girls in university, especially when they knew that their boyfriends were in the army. Thankfully, Cherie stayed faithful and our relationship blossomed even though we only saw each other on weekends. Without me by her side, my poor Cherie was often targeted by the wolves and perverts on the university grounds. Cherie stayed at the on-campus hostel and she had a problem with her lingerie repeatedly getting stolen. One of her coursemates even broke into her room to steal her underwear and bra. It resulted in an incident that ended up on the national news.

She became more attractive as she grew older, and that in turn attracted more unwanted attention. Cherie lost count of the number of times she was taken advantage of on buses and trains. Men would try to touch her with their elbows or simply brush past her with their arms. On sex forums, there were upskirt pictures of Cherie taken when she was on her way to school. Cherie was worried that all those incidents would affect my feelings towards her.

Cherie: I’m so sorry James… I didn’t know my upskirt photos are on a sex forum. That jerk even posted a picture of my face along with it. It’s so embarrassing…

I held Cherie in my arms while she blushed a sweet shade of pink and fought back tears of embarrassment. If it were any other girl, they might be throwing vulgarities about and cursing at the bastard that did it to them, but not Cherie. Of course she was upset, but she reacted like a weak little girl in need of protection. That only made me love her more.

After graduation, we landed ourselves in a cushy, comfortable and stable job when we joined the civil service. We soon got married and bought a resale flat. Some simple renovations later, we moved into our love nest. And with marriage, of course, came the sex. Cherie was very conservative when it came to matters of the flesh. Although we had sex within a week of officially getting together, Cherie frowned upon many of my weird requests. She thought that it was not right when I wanted her to wear her old JC uniforms when we had sex.

Cherie: It feels weird James… Is it your fetish?

She thought the sexy lingerie I bought for her made her look like a slut. The one piece bodysuit with fishnet stockings and an open crotch access to her privates made her blush even before she put it on.

Cherie: This is so weird dear…

From outdoor sex to deliberately exposing ourselves in public spaces, Cherie thought that all of my kinks were crazy. However, she had never rejected any of them before. She might frown, pout or plead with me not to do it, but in the end, she always indulged me in my kinks and fetishes. As it was with all married couples, we soon ran out of ideas of what to do to spice up our sex life.

James: We need something new, something more exciting… At this rate, you will lose interest in sex and you will lose interest in me. Our marriage will be over!

Cherie: Hahaha… don’t be silly dear. Everything is fine… I love you… There is no need to keep finding new things to do…

James: No, you don’t understand. This is a necessity. Keeping the flames of passion alive requires continuous work. The moment we stop, it will be extinguished!

Cherie hugged onto me from behind and kissed me on my cheek.

Cherie: No, it won’t… Because I love you…

James: Really? I thought you said I was corrupting your mind?

My wife chuckled and then she said that I had corrupted her plenty over the years. We had tried many things, from bondage to sex toys and roleplaying. Things were starting to get stale. Until one day, I read something on a sex forum. It was about exchanging wives and husbands. I was immediately glued to the thread when I read about the exploits others got up to behind closed doors. I pictured my sweet Cherie being violated and bred by other men, I pictured another man kneading her breasts the way you kneaded bread dough, and I realised that I was getting extremely excited.

A few nights later, I broached the subject to my wife while we were having sex.

Cherie: Are you crazy James?

James: It’s exciting don’t you think?

Cherie: Those are not real! They are fabricated stories. They are just from the depraved imaginations of people online!

After seeing such a strong reaction from my wife, I could not hide the disappointment from my expression. My penis went soft halfway during sex and Cherie apologised for reacting so strongly to my suggestion.

James: It’s okay… I… I was asking for too much… To ask for something like this…

My wife cuddled up in my arms and then she said something that triggered an immediate response in my penis.

Cherie: Is that what you really wish to happen?

I nodded.

James: I just feel so excited and alive thinking about it. The thought of another man touching you… the thought of him penetrating you…

I stopped talking in case I made Cherie more uncomfortable. My wife kissed me on my lips and whispered while she put on her signature cute pout.

Cherie: I… I don’t know James… Maybe… maybe one day in the future… I can grant you that wish? If the mood is right, I will seriously consider it… But if you want me to do it out of the blue, it just feels so weird…

I smiled and held Cherie tighter in my embrace.

James: Really?

Cherie: You are going to corrupt my mind with all your funny requests and kinks…!

James: But it’s exciting, no?

Cherie: Is it exciting for you to imagine me having sex with another man? Or is this an excuse for you to have sex with another woman?!

My wife gave me a playful pinch and I reassured her that was not the case with the latter.

James: I’m excited to see you fulfilled. It’s not about me. It’s about you… I want to see you happy and satisfied.

Cherie: But I am happy…

James: But are you satisfied? I know my dick is small… and…

Cherie put her finger to my lips and asked me not to speak in that manner.

Cherie: Don’t say things like that James…

My wife climbed onto me and brought her privates closer to my face. She had a shy smile on her face because she wanted me to lick her down there. Cherie spread her vagina lips and revealed her tender abalone as she directed herself towards my mouth.I was embarrassed to admit that Cherie actually preferred my tongue and lips rather than my penis. I pleasured her more with my mouth than with my tool.My dick was rather small and thin. At only 10 centimetres long and two centimetres at my thickest, I always felt rather inadequate. Cherie gave me her virginity and she never had anyone else before. Sometimes I wondered if I had short-changed her in life. Due to the size of my penis, I had never been able to bring Cherie to orgasm from the use of my tool alone. I had to either finger her or use my tongue. Cherie’s preference was of course my tongue. Honestly, if not for my eagerness to please with my mouth, I guessed that she might have left me long ago.

The sweet scent of my wife’s vagina was a reminder of how lucky I was to have her. Her vagina lips were tender and thin, like slices of premium beef folded together. She was cleanly shaved most of the time, but there would still be spots that she missed out. Just looking at those spots where her thin hair still sprouted excited me, and I always made it a point to use my tongue to wet them. Cherie’s small vagina opening and her clitoris was almost too cute to describe. One might suspect them to be an illustration in an anime artist’s sketchbook. Her clitoris might be small but she was really sensitive. All it took was a little stimulation for Cherie’s privates to get wet to the point that even the comfortable nesting site of her clitoris would be moistened and glistening in her own juices like a miniature fountain. I would lap up her lewd juices with my tongue and no matter how I cleaned up her wet slit, Cherie would only get wetter until she reached her orgasm.

James: Kneel dear… Let me crawl under…

My favourite position to pleasure my innocent wife was to lie flat on the bed and slide my head under her privates. With her hovering over me, I could see the accumulation of juices collecting and dripping down her folded meat and onto my face.

Cherie: Ernghhhh… ernghhhh!

I would stick my tongue out and fuck it into her tight cunt. I would lick, slurp and drink from her fountain while she filled the room with her moans. When I sensed her getting close to her orgasm, I would ask her to lower her hips and sit on my face. Cherie would then rub herself to her big ‘O’ on my face while my tongue, lips and nose did what her clitoris demanded.

Cherie: Ernghhhh… ernhhhh… I’m going to cum soon dear… Ernghhh… I’m going to cum soon… ernghhhh!

James: Slurppsss… yeah? Hmmm? Slurpzzz! Really? Slurpzzz!

Cherie: Ernghhh… yes… Ernghhh… YES! Ernghhhh!

Cherie would get vocal when she neared her orgasm or when she got really in the mood. I could tell from her moans and pants that I was doing something right. But somehow, my wife always felt that she needed to verbalise her acknowledgement or I would never understand her. As I licked my wife to her orgasm, my mind was starting to stray. My thoughts started to gather and form.

Cherie: Ernhhhh! Ernghhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming… I’m cumming… ernghhhhh!

As my wife rubbed her clitoris against my lips and prodding tongue, she filled the room with her explosive screams while I filled my mind with a devious plan on how to further corrupt my innocent wife.

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