This is a fast pace action thriller.

What happens when the best bodyguard, meets the best assassins’ ?

This is a 2 part series

The group of young teens gestured to James from a few tables away.

“Uncle! Come and clean the table!”

James wheeled the trolley holding his cleaning equipment over to the table of young kids who looked like they are out for a night of fun.

“Wah look. Got tattoo one leh.”

One of them exclaimed as James’ tattooed arm swept the bones and food remnants from the table into a dirty dish.

The six of them sniggered at the man cleaning their table, judging him from the clothes he wear, to the job he do.

James collected the used dishes from the table quietly, ignoring the jibes by the teenagers.

“People when young that time is gangster leh.”

“You see his whole body, all ang kong!”

James rinsed a clean cloth with water and wringed it dry before wiping the table clean. One of the girls decided to spit a chip of ice onto the table and another guy laughed, spilling some half-eaten food onto James’ hand and cloth.

Instead of feeling apologetic, the table laughed at James’ misery as he has to redo the cleaning.

James remained expressionless as he went about his work.

“what the use if you have all the glory and hero moments when you are young? Now old already also clean table what…hahaha”

The table laughed and the young man that said it looked eagerly at James’ expression, hoping it will trigger a reaction, but it didn’t.

Unhappy that his attempt to impress the girls by insulting the cleaner failed, he tried to stir up more troubled by cursing at James for being so slow in his work.

“Do things so slow. No wonder Singapore needs foreign talents. See you work also feel like falling asleep…”

He deliberately spilled the drink he was holding onto the table just to see James’ reaction.

The girls, sensing that their friend has crossed the line immediately apologized but that only spur the troublemaker on.

“What? Spill drink only what ? What’s the problem? Just clean and do your job” He stood up, rising to his full height, his 1.8m frame towered over James’ 1.7m stature.

James used another piece of dirty cloth to clean up the mess and continued wiping down the table. He did not acknowledge the man, he did not even make eye contact with him.

Suddenly the serenity of the peaceful neighbourhood coffee shop was shattered by the arrival of not one, but five super cars parked by the side of the road. This was followed by three black SUVs and a Rolls Royce phantom.

The men alighting from the convoy attracted stares from the residents who are not used to such a scene that only exists in the movies. May curious onlookers stopped what they are doing as the group of men all dressed in white fanned out and literally surrounded the coffee shop.

Several diners got up from their table, leaving their half-eaten dinner behind. Unlike the young punks teasing James, some of the diners have lived long enough to smell trouble. Trouble that they rather not be a part of.

The arriving men flooded into the coffee shop like a rush of zergs.

The table of teens, too shocked to move were immediately surrounded by the arriving men who while dressed in white, looked nothing like the innocence and purity the colour usually conveys.

The same man who was trying to belittle James, saw his opportunity to impress the girls again.

“Wah, wah, wah, all the gangsters come out ar…making movie is it… all so…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was grabbed by the hair and his face was forced to befriend the table three times as his friends screamed in horror.

Blood flowed from his nose and cut lips while strong tattooed hands forced the others back into their seat while the hero wannabe, disorientated and bleeding, slid from the plastic chair onto the floor.

The stall owners were told to go back to their stalls as a human barrier was set up to separate the general public from James.

Sam walked out from the Rolls Royce and buttoned up his coat. He could see James rinsing a dirty cloth by his trolley. None of his men spoke to him even though their eyes are all on his every move.

Sam : James. Can we talk?

James ignored Sam and tried to push his trolley towards the dish washing area but Sam positioned himself in front of his way. He could have cursed, he could have threatened James, but Sam held back. He knew who James is and more importantly, what he is capable of.

Sam took out a dagger, a small one that looked more like a toy than an actual dagger. It’s the size of a thumb drive.

Sam : The last, of the oath dagger forged by the ghost.

James stopped what he was doing and looked at the familiar piece of ornamental dagger. Only three were ever made. He gave one each to the three person who he was indebted to.

One to the man who raised him who is now dead. The dagger was buried with him in the earth, never to be found.

Another to a woman, who I wore it around her neck without knowing the significance of what that dagger meant. She is halfway around the world in Africa, working as a volunteer in a game reserve.

The last one, was given to Sam’s father, Sabastian.

James looked at Sam who is known for not beating about the bush for what he wants.

Sam : Last favor for Sebastian…

Sam said and handed James a photograph.

Sam : Sarah…my sister.

James took the dagger and the photograph, finally making eye contact with Sam.

James : What do you want?

Sam : I want the ghost to protect Sarah…whatever it takes… for the next 24 hours..

James looked at the photograph of the young girl who don’t look like she is a day over 20.

James : Someone put a contract on her?

Sam : No yet, but any moment now.

Sam said as he looked towards the car where his sister is at.

James kept the photograph and dropped the dirty dish cloth into the pail of greasy water. Without even acknowledging the table of teens that belittled him, he walked over to the Rolls Royce and stepped into the vehicle.

Halfway across the island in an upmarket pub, another deal was being struck between Ryan and a group of men who would do anything for the right price.

A photo of Sarah was pushed across the bar counter and into the hands of Dave.

Ryan : I want her dead in 24 hours.

Dave looked at the photo and quoted his price.

Dave : 4 million.

Ryan : What! That’s like twice the usual..

Dave : 5 million…

Ryan knew better than to bargain with the men who kill for a living. He took out his phone and told his men to prepare the money for Dave.

Several suitcases of money were brought up to the classy bar and the deal was concluded in the private suite.

Dave took a photo of Sarah’s photograph and when he hit sent, the image was immediately transmitted across the internet and into the phones of the men and women working for him all over Singapore.

Ryan got into his car and his right hand man asked him a question.

Larry : Is it really that easy to kill someone in Singapore?

Ryan started the engine and drove out of the alleyway; he wants to put as much distance between him and the pub as possible.

Ryan : The assassins are good, they thrive in this country because no one knows who they are, and what they are capable off. No one will believe there are assassins for hire in Singapore, which makes them all the more efficient.

Larry  : You got to be shitting me.

Ryan : Unknow to most, Singapore is the best place for a hit job in the world.

Larry : Why is that?

Ryan : Because there is no better place to hide an entire army of assassin, than in a country with the lowest crime rate in the world.

Larry : How many are there?

Ryan : We’ll never know… because by the time we see them, we’re dead…hahha

Larry : hahaha…alright, let’s go back to boss and tell him the contract is opened.

Part 1 – 9900 words

Part 2 – 13700 words

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