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Let’s be honest, this is the version men really want to see in the theatres.

Join Juliette as she goes through her basic military training with major adaption to the milestones many of us are familiar with. From twisted version of 5BX, to a fresh take on ‘stand by bed’ and a visit to the live firing range, this piece will surely bring back fond memories for many.

Juliette doubled checked the packing list issued to her by the military and put it away. She looked at the three suitcase, makeup pouch along with the backpack she will be bringing into enlistment.

Opening her social media app, she groaned when she realized her followers and number of likes jut increased by another 2000.

Juliette : Nooooo!

A few years ago, girls like Juliette would probably squeal in delight when the number of followers on their account increases. It meant endorsement deals, media events, free gifts and all the attention an eighteen year old would want.

However, things have changed. The more popular a girl is online, the more number of followers and views on her videos and short stories translates to only one thing. It’s not because she is good with her dress sense, or she can compose a nice picture, shoot a nice video.

Distill it down to the very essence of the likes and follows and you can see the naked truth.

More likes, more followers, it equates to an online vote of more men wanting to sleep with her. Every time they get a view, a like, a follow, it’s a subconscious acknowledgement that healthy young men wants to breed with her.

It meant they want to put a baby inside her.

The government finally wised up enough to put a team of analyst to sieve out the girls that young Singaporean men wants to breed with.

And Juliette happens to be one of them.

Filtering out the female accounts, and the men from outside Singapore and focusing on local males in the healthy breeding age, the government successfully identified all 18 year old females that are deemed desirable by the men about to enter service.

Juliette looked at the number of private lewd messages she receives in her inbox everyday. From men asking her to sell them her worn socks to soiled underwear, it’s an indication of how popular she is.

Jay, her younger brother who just turned 13, mocked his sister as he walked into the room while playing on his phone.

Jay : you deserve it…

Juliette : Shut up… get out of my room…!

Jay : Uploading videos of you dancing in FBT shorts and sports bra… what were you thinking?

Juliette : It’s my body! I can do anything I want!

Jay : And that stupid video of you in yoga tights while you stretch and dance in beside the lift lobby…who the fuck does something like that..?

Juliette : Every fucking women with a cunt that needs a dick does something like that…! Just fuck off from my room.

Jay : well you wanted attention… you got it…

Jay said as he shrugged his shoulder and walked away.

Juliette immediately text her bestie who replied with an image of her packed suitcase.

One of their top viewed video was once of them dancing in their JC uniform in the girl’s toilet. She could not understand why that attracted so much attention.

Is it because she comes from a top Junior college ? That meant she had good genes ? The men looking at the videos put her looks, her body, her academic achievements together, thereby determined she is a good mate?

Juliette : Oh my god… I’m going to die inside there…

Juliette groaned as she looked at the enlistment letter sent to her.

She wouldn’t have mined one bit if she is sent to Tekong to train as a soldier. She wouldn’t have mined learning to use a gun, throw a grenade or survive in the jungle.

However, base on past accounts by other girls who survived, they are there for a different purpose.

It wasn’t explicitly spelled out but every girl forced into army came out pregnant, carrying the seeds and bearing the child of the fittest and strongest recruit in the army.

The letter also bore the name of the company she will be assigned to.

‘J company’ is known for having the strictest and most sadistic of all instructors. Sergeant James.

And Sergeant James, happened to be a senior Juliette rejected when she was in secondary school.

Juliette dialed her bestie’s number and the first thing she heard when Evelyn answered was something she would have said if she was the one picking up the incoming call.

Evelyn : We’re fucked aren’t we…?

Juliette : Not yet babe…not yet… but soon…

This is a 2 episode series

Episode 1 – 10400 words

Episode 2 – 11100 words

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