Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-4 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

This title contains erotic scenes of humiliation, cuckold, crossdressing, interracial sex and it’s essentially a journey of a sweet innocent wife down the path of debauchery while being used as an Arab cum dump in front of her husband. If the above makes you uncomfortable, please give it a miss.

If not, Join James as he witness his wife slipping slowly into the abyss of money, gold and sheer opulence provided by her employer in return for her body and soul.

If you enjoyed old classics like My adventure in the office or My good friend’s marriage with a well paced build up, this is a piece you would want to check out. Spread over 4 updates, it’s has a less ‘hurried’ plot development with interesting characters. Besides the usual perverted James, there is also a sadistic Sheik, a Japanese colleague Maiko, the sweet beautiful wife Lydia and a myriad of characters that will come into the picture.

To mark the launch of (LL) series of titles, Episode 1 will be free to read.

Episode 1 – 9800 words

Not so innocent – Secrets slowly reveals.

Episode 2 – 10350 words

Blackmail – Everyone wants something

Episode 3 – 10000 words

The trap – Sinking in too deep

Episode 4 – 11400 words

Episode 5 – 10200 words

The actionNon-stop action

My wife Lydia and I worked in a private family office after graduating from university. It was a small office of eight that consisted of mostly foreigners from the UAE. Lydia was the only Singaporean female in the office while I was the only Singaporean male. Everyone got along fine and I must say, I really enjoyed working in the company, especially so when it was the place where I first got together with Lydia. Perhaps being the only two locals in the company made it easier for us to gravitate towards each other. We started dating within five months of knowing each other and soon enough, with the blessings of our boss, Sheik Rasid, we got married. We knew how sensitive these issues were when it came to working in a small office, but thankfully, Sheik Rasid was very cool about it. As long as our work was not affected, he was fine with staff dating each other.

At first glance, Lydia was someone who looked near impossible to approach. Allow me to give you a glimpse of what kind of woman she was. Hailing from an all girls’ school from Primary to Secondary, she was properly brought up by a strict family. In university, not only was she active in gymnastics, she was also a cheerleader. In fact, if you went on Tik Tok or searched for some keywords on YouTube, you would surely see some of Lydia’s training videos. Videos of her balancing on her teammates while her spotters and base looked up at her smooth hairless legs disappearing up into her short FBT shorts were a dime a dozen.

While everyone looked as if they really were looking out for her safety, I could tell that their minds were drifting towards somewhere else. Her legs, her toned thighs, the ways her shorts flared up and revealed her safety shorts within, her colourful sports bra and those specks of perspiration on her healthy skin. Those were the things that her friends and teammates were really looking at. Her perspiration-soaked sports bra, her underarms glistening with sweat, the matted fringe on her forehead and that tight core of hers, those were the reasons why everyone was clamouring to help her when she fell. All of them wanted to cop a feel of her body. It didn’t matter if it was a graze of her thigh or a quick rub of her arm. Their attention was always on Lydia.

She was blessed with naturally long eyelashes, big round eyes and the chic oriental features that one would expect from a modern Singaporean woman. Lydia’s only short coming would be her breasts. They were a modest ‘B’ cup and I would love it if they were a bit bigger. Other than that, she was practically perfect in every way. All of these factors made her so desirable that hardly a week went by without her getting hit on by strangers along the street. Lydia had a long line of suitors, from classmates as far back as Junior college, to seniors within the same school at university. Everyone wanted Lydia and she was always the centre of attention.

Lydia was the prim and proper girl every guy wanted to bring home to their parents, and I considered myself really lucky to be the man that succeeded. I was Lydia’s first boyfriend and we gave each other our virginities on our wedding night. We followed the standard ‘rules’, a proposal, followed by balloting for a flat, then the wedding banquet and the honeymoon. We checked off all the boxes and I had never been happier in my life. But just when I thought everything was set for a happy ending for Lydia and me, something happened. Our lives fell into a downward spiral and like sinking into quicksand, it was a spiral that we could not get out of. What made things worse was that I was there every step of the way. I was there beside my wife when she was slowly forced into situations she didn’t want to be in. I was there to witness her transformation from a petite and sweet girl next door, into a sexy vixen that craved sex and accepted her role as an Arabian cumdump.

This is not your typical wife sharing story. Given a choice, which man would want to share his wife? Which man would want to see his wife in the arms of another man? However, if there was one thing I learnt while working for Sheik Rasid, was that whatever the Sheik wanted, the Sheik got. So it was unfortunate for Lydia and me when he woke up one day and decided that he wanted my wife.


My working relationship with Sheik Rasid had always been cordial. He flew around the region and only popped into the office like twice a month. And on the days where he was in, the team would usually gather for meetings and meals. Rasid was a friendly and warm man who was always smiling. Word in the office was that he was someone related to the royal family. As for his exact position and relationship, that remained a mystery. One thing that was not a mystery though, was the fact that he was rich, filthy rich to be exact.

And I am not talking about being rich in the Singaporean context. If you owned a condo in town and had a continental car, that would mean you were really comfortable in this city. Owning a bungalow and a business would probably set you apart from most of your peers. But on a global stage, those were nothing. A house and a car meant nothing after you realised how big the world was. For people such as Rasid, the world was his playground.

I once overheard Rasid lamenting that he had to sell his private jet. Not because he needed the money or anything, it was simply because his favourite pilot was retiring. He had interviewed a dozen others but found no one to his liking. So what was a man with a private plane to do? He could not fly it himself could he?

Rasid: Know of anyone who wants to buy a plane James?

James: What?

Rasid: A second hand plane.

James: I’m afraid not sir. We do have a second hand car website that is quite active.

Rasid: Hahaha. It’s okay. Just kidding.

James: Why are you selling it? Maybe in the future you can find another pilot you like.

Rasid: Then I’ll buy a newer plane when I find one.

 Come with me to the hanger James, I need your help with something.

So in middle of that workday, I drove Rasid to his hanger at the Seletar Airport. While he headed to the lounge to enjoy his coffee, I was to empty the plane of all the alcohol, cigars and whatever fancy knickknacks he kept in there. It took me a full hour just to pack everything into the car.

Rasid: All done James? All good?

James: Yes, sir. Where do you want me to send this?

Rasid: Bring it back to office and put it in the pantry. Everyone can take whatever they want. I’ll be here at the lounge. Barkar will come for me later.

James: Yes, sir.

Barkar was Rasid’s personal bodyguard. Unlike in the movies where the bodyguard would always by the VIP’s side, Barkar was only present when Rasid wanted him to be. At least that was what I knew since I only saw him in Singapore.Besides, this is Singapore. Why would you need a bodyguard?Personal protection was not the only job Barkar had. I saw him carrying documents and appearing in the office every now and then. He carried at least five phones with him in a docket. He never spoke to anyone in the office. I said ‘hi’ everything I saw Barkar but the 1.85 metre tall giant barely gave me a glance or a nod. He just looked at me and went about his day. It had nothing to do with me being an Asian or anything; he did that to everyone including Lydia.

When Lydia and I got married, we of course invited Rasid. Did you think he would give a red packet? Well, no, he didn’t. He just appeared, happy to share in the joyous occasion. It was the first local wedding he had attended and he was quite amused by the showing of childhood growing up photos, the gate crashing and all the silly traditions we did to celebrate the union of a couple in Singapore. He ate, he drank and he enjoyed the party.  

Rasid: You are so beautiful Lydia. So beautiful! Haha…

He wanted photos with Lydia in her gown, her evening dress, and he was close to booking a suite in the hotel to continue the party if Barkar had not reminded him that he needed to be in Abu Dhabi the next day to meet a cousin.

Rasid: Oh fuck. Cousin Amir, I totally forgot about him. Sigh. I’m sorry Lydia, James, I have to fly back but do enjoy the party. I’ll see you guys back in the office when I come back.

His parting hug with Lydia lasted a little too long to be appropriate, especially when I saw his hands rubbing up and down my wife’s bare back, venturing dangerously close to her butt. I couldn’t say anything. He was my boss and he was also Lydia’s boss. I thought seeing my wife being touched in that manner would be my main shock for the evening but that shock was yet to come. When Lydia and I went to settle the bill for the banquet, the staff told us that it had already been taken care of.

Lydia: What?

Staff: Your boss asked what the bill for the evening was, and after taking away the deposit of 5000, the balance was 42345 dollars. He cleared it with his card.

James: What!

Lydia and I shared a look with each other before turning to the staff in shock. We were unable to believe our ears.

Lydia: You cannot be serious.

En route back to our room, Lydia started texting a long appreciative message to Rasid, thanking him for his generosity. We knew there was no use in trying to tell him no. Whatever Rasid wanted to do, he did. He gave us a 42000 dollar red packet just like that, and all we got in reply from him was a single line.

Rasid (message): No problem. It’s less than what I pay to upkeep my plane. And I have no more plane. Haha.

Before I could get over the shock of Rasid paying for our wedding like it was nothing, my wife Lydia told me something else.

Lydia: Earlier, Rasid said something weird. I think he’s drunk.

James: What did he say?

Lydia: He said something like my body is very nice and slender. Then he ran his hand from my back to my buttocks.

James: What?

Lydia: It was only for a second and then it was over. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do.

James: What happened after that?

Lydia: Then he said something about me looking nice with a tail.

James: Huh? He must be drunk. What tail? What happened after that?

Lydia: Nothing! We just continued taking pictures as if nothing had happened. It was too awkward for me to say anything.

As uncomfortable as that made me, I brushed it off and blamed it on the alcohol and Rasid’s excitement in attending a Singaporean wedding for the first time.


Working for Rasid was just mind blowing. Lydia and I enjoyed a four percent raise every year on top of bonuses ranging between three to four months. This was in addition to all the little perks, like the thousand dollar bottles of alcohol and cigars from his plane, that Rasid dropped on us whenever he was in town. Because of Rasid’s generosity, Lydia and I enjoyed a comfortable life. By 30, we had moved into a condominium and we had a fully paid car. To top it off, we also were able to travel twice every year. Since we had no plans for kids, you could say we were living the Singaporean dream that all young married couples were gunning for.

After the wedding, Rasid never laid a hand on Lydia again, nor did he say anything weird or made any advances on her. This made me all the more convinced that he was just affected by the alcohol that day. Then one day, things started to change. About two years after the wedding, Rasid started appearing in the Singapore office more often. He stayed for up to a week each time and each time he would spend a lot more time with my wife. It was always about work. I knew that because their interactions always took place at the office. No lunch dates, no after work dinners, just at the office. And since it was always at the office, I did not think too much of the interactions between them. There were days where I would leave work early if Lydia needed to stay back a bit with Rasid. Then something weird started happening. My wife told me that sometimes she found Rasid staring at her and it made her feel uncomfortable.

James: What do you mean by staring at you?

Lydia: He just stares at me with a smile while I’m working. It’s a bit weird.

James: Really? What else did he do?

Lydia: Nothing. He was really just staring and lost in his thoughts.

James: Did you ask him?

Lydia: I did!

James: And?

Lydia: Rasid just brushed me off, saying that he’s just thinking about something. Anyway, I was working on the proposal for an acquisition of the shophouse down by Bugis and I had no time to engage with him. It was just distracting.

James: Maybe you could tell him not to stare? What were you wearing?

My wife rolled her eyes at me and then gave me the death stare.

Lydia: What are you suggesting about my work attire?

She gestured to the single piece, body hugging contoured dress she had worn to work countless time.

James: I’m not suggesting anything, I’m just asking.

Lydia: It’s just a normal work dress! Besides, he will never be interested in someone like me.

My wife then crossed her legs by the dresser table and angled her head to the side to remove her earrings.

James: You’re so hot and beautiful. Any man will be interested in you.

Lydia chuckled and looked at me from the corner of her eye. She knew what I wanted when I complimented her in that manner.

Lydia: Well. Thank you. I accept that compliment but I’m having my menses.

She stuck out her tongue at me before getting up to head to the shower.

James: What? It was supposed to come later!

Lydia: Well, guess what? It came early. So too bad.

I collapsed onto the bed, disappointed and grumpy. As I stared at the ceiling, I thought about what my wife just told me, about Rasid staring at her. That led me to recall the incident at our wedding, the one where he put his hands on her back and slid them down to her bottom. I found myself getting an erection just from thinking about that scenario. It got my heart pumping and all excited when I thought about Rasid touching Lydia. I shook my head and blew air out from my mouth. I had to be thinking so much about sex that somehow water had gotten into my head for me to entertain such a sick thought. As much as I tried to dispel the thought, it continued to occupy most parts of my brain. I felt angry, then I felt a tickle of arousal. When I saw Lydia stepping out from the shower with her wet hair, I could not resist going over to her. Cupping her breasts from behind, I shrugged off her resistance.

Lydia: Dear…! No… I can’t! Ernghhh…

I kneaded her breasts and somehow I pictured Rasid doing it in my head. It was a surreal and creepy moment when it turned me on another notch. Lydia tried to worm her way out from my arms but I kissed her on her cheek, smelling her neck as I nudged my face into her hair.

Lydia: Dear… ernghhh… no…

I was so aroused by then that I could not take no for an answer. I needed a release.

Lydia: Can you just wank it off? I’m really quite tired tonight.

She held onto my wrists and gave me a tired pout.

James: Okay… fine. Fine.

My wife gave me a kiss and started the hairdryer. Heading out to the living room, I was about to go grab a beer when I saw a notification of an email sent from my boss. Rasid wanted some documents from the office server to be sent to his mail. I opened up my laptop and attached all the files he needed. After I sent it out, I dropped Rasid a message.

James (message): Hi boss, it’s done.

Rasid (message): There are two folders for the property pictures.

I double checked the server and sent Rasid a screenshot.

James (message): There is only one.

My phone rang a minute later.

Rasid: James.

James: Yes, boss.

Rasid: I think I must have shut down my computer before the upload into the cloud was complete. I need these urgently and I’m already on the plane. I need you to go into my office and grab the files from my laptop.

I could hear the air stewardess in the background telling Rasid to turn off his phone for the take-off. Knowing his working style, I told Rasid I would head into office right away to finish the upload. Waiting till the next day was not an option.

Rasid: Thanks. Password is the office unit number with a ‘#’ at the back. Send it to me ASAP.

James: I’ll head back to office now. Be there in 30 minutes.

I told my wife what happened and before long, I pulled up in the office carpark in my berms and t-shirt. I waved ‘hi’ to the security guard as he sipped his coffee.

Guard: Eh James. So late?

James: Boss forgot something. I need to get it done.

He gave me a thumb’s up and I headed into the lift. The office was empty at 11 p.m. All the lights and air conditioning were off. It was a bit stuffy since the office ran on central cooling but I was only going to be there for a few minutes. I headed straight into Rasid’s office and switched on his laptop. After keying in the password, I waited for Windows to load and there it was, the cloud sync symbol popped up in the corner. It was a 10 minutes wait for the files to finish uploading so I went to the pantry to make myself a cup of tea. As I sipped my drink, I looked at my wife’s seat in the office. If we were not together, coming into the office late at night would be a good chance to rummage through the belongings of hot colleagues, but Lydia was my wife. There was no fun in going through my wife’s stuff.

Still, I went over to her deck and looked at the things she chucked under there. Her spare heels, slippers, workout shoes, yoga mat and there was even a set of spare gym clothes in the drawer. Looking at the bottles of moisturisers, I was reminded of the time before we got together, the time where I would secretly stay back in the office to sniff her cardigans and lick her heels. It was sick but I could not resist doing it. The mental high from seeing Lydia applying her moisturiser, stained with my semen, on her hands and neck did something to a man’s brain. It soothed out any stresses one might have, comforting pain both externally and internally. Knowing the girl you had a crush on was walking around after being marked by your seed was perhaps one of the subtlest ways to tell other males that the girl was yours before she was even yours if you get my drift.

I went back to Rasid’s office and shared the link to the cloud in an email. At the same time, I also downloaded the files and uploaded them onto a file transfer site. That way, Rasid would be able to get the files no matter where he was. Hell, if he liked to, he could even access it on the plane right then, given how connected the world was these days. I was about to shut down the laptop when I realised that aside from the pictures in the property folder, there were a handful of other pictures being uploaded as well. The icon by the cloud drive which indicated that stuff was still being uploaded was still running. I stared at the icon and my phone suddenly vibrated.

Rasid (message): All good James. Thanks!

James (Message): Okay. I’m leaving the office.

Putting my phone aside, I hovered the mouse over the icon and I realised it was uploading a series of photos and videos. Following the path, I found that it was being uploaded into a folder on the company server that only Rasid had access to. I looked around the office and I felt my heart thumping. I knew I was not supposed to be snooping around things, and besides, I told my boss I was already leaving the office. The files currently uploading would have a time stamp as to when they were uploaded. Noting the path of the folder, I activated the airplane mode for the laptop and cut the upload off. That way, it would appear as if I had shut down the laptop and the time of the last uploaded file would roughly match the time I told my boss I was heading out. I clicked on the folder in the server and was prompted for the password. Trying my luck with the same one that Rasid gave me to unlock his laptop, I felt my heart stop beating when I saw the rows and rows of photos and videos. They were photos and videos of my wife Lydia.

James: What the fuck…

I mumbled to myself as I opened a few of those photos and videos. They were taken recently. One could tell they were taken using a phone and when Lydia was not aware of it. It was like while Lydia worked, Rasid had just pointed his phone at her for extended periods of time. He deliberately zoomed in on her face, then to her body. There were even photos of her legs taken from under the table. Based on the angle, I could pretty much guess how he did it. Rasid simply activated the camera and placed it on his lap while he faced my wife. Lydia would never guess there was a camera pointed in between her legs, much less one placed there by our boss. I gasped when I saw a scene were Lydia crossed her legs in a familiar white dress and exposed her pink lacy panty underneath. There were dozens of videos and photos, each documenting her daily outfit. And there were more that had not been uploaded yet.

I closed the folder and exited the airplane mode. From there, I shut down the laptop and stood up at Rasid’s desk. The shock numbed the skin on my skull. My heart was beating really fast as I digested what I just saw. What was he trying to do? The first thing that came to my mind was to tell my wife about it. Maybe we should go to the police or something. After all, Rasid did take upskirt videos of my wife without her consent. Surely that was breaking the law. The more I thought about it, the more unsettled I became. Leaving the office, I felt my palms sweating when I got into the car. This was a grave matter and there was so much at stake. Lydia and I could lose our jobs if Rasid realised I was snooping around his laptop.

Griping onto the steering wheel, I felt this tight squeezing in my groin as the revelation of my boss taking upskirt pictures of my wife sank into my stomach. I felt an erection stirring. I knew Lydia was attractive, I know she was hot and beautiful, and yet somehow, knowing that there are others who shared the same sentiments was arousing to me. To know that my wife was desired by others turned me on in a way I could not explain. After sitting in my car for a good 15 minutes, I decided to keep quiet about the matter. Nothing good would come out of me sharing it with Lydia. Unlike me, my wife was not so flexible when it came to matters like this. I guessed she would not know what to do except to breakdown and cry. If we blew the whole matter open, it would mean burning bridge with a generous employer, one that gave us good bonuses and our monthly pay cheques. It would be really hard to find another job that paid as well.

It was close to 12:30 a.m. by the time I got back home and Lydia was sound asleep. Instead of joining her in bed, I went to the yard and searched through the laundry basket. I found the white dress lying at the bottom of the pile. The same white dress that my wife wore when Rasid took an upskirt picture of her. I could picture my wife in that dress and as I held the same laced panty she was wearing in my hands, I felt a painful throbbing in my groin. The idea that someone else had seen her panty and his eyes were just one layer of soft cotton away from her most private region excited me. Somehow it reminded me of the first time I saw Lydia’s panty. It was an accidental flash when she crossed her legs on one of our first few dates.

I didn’t need anyone to tell me that sniffing my wife’s worn lingerie was sick or silly. I knew it was silly when she was lying right there in my bed but it was something I had to do, especially with the knowledge of the contents in Rasid’s laptop running though my head. Lydia’s underwear felt a little damp and it was soft and cool to the touch. Pressing it against my face, I felt a hint of anger and jealousy that someone else other than myself knew what she was wearing under her dress. The emotion I was experiencing could not be purely described as anger; it was as if it had a life of its own. The more I dwelt on it, the more it evolved. It evolved into jealousy and the anger that was once directed at Rasid was now directed towards Lydia. I found myself blaming her even though it was no fault of hers. I found myself taking offence at my wife’s choice of clothing and her choice of underwear.

Before I knew it, I was in the bathroom with my pants down and my penis wrapped in my wife’s worn underwear. I started to jerk myself off with a frown on my face. I filled my head with the scenario of my wife deliberately flashing her upskirt to Rasid and I came within minutes of self-pleasuring. When I came, I wrapped the tip of my penis with her underwear and used the soft fabric to contain the spurts of my semen.

James: Arnghhhhhh!

I grunted softly in the bathroom as I leaned against the cold tiles for support. Panting for air, I waited for the calm to return before I washed up and went into the bedroom. Crawling into bed, I held onto Lydia and kissed her on her forehead.

Lydia: Mmmmmhhh…

She mumbled and snuggled into my arms. Usually after I came, I would be able to have a good sleep but not that night. That night, I struggled to rest; my mind contained only one thought. Rasid’s laptop.


When I went back to the office the next day, besides getting my work done, my eyes kept drifting to Rasid’s room. It was an open concept office and the only room in the office belonged to the big boss. The walls that made up his office were of full height glass panels. If he wanted some privacy, Rasid would draw the blinds. On days when he was not around, the blinds would be opened up and everything in the room would be in full view of everyone in the office. No one entered it without Rasid’s permission and if one did, many eyes would see. There was a drop tray right by the secretary’s desk outside Rasid’s room. If you needed to drop something off, you would just leave it there and Rasid would get to it when he came back. I knew that there were no cameras in the office and the only ones were at the reception, pointed towards the lift lobby. I knew that because I was the one who set it up with the vendors. With the laptop sitting on Rasid’s table within my line of sight, it made it impossible for me to concentrate on my work. Every few seconds, I glance at the device and wondered what other devious videos or photos he had in that laptop.

Lydia: Dear. Dear!

James: Ya… ya? Sorry, I was lost in thought.

Lydia: What are you thinking about?

James: Nothing. Nothing.

Lydia: I’m heading out for a meeting with the valuer for the property at Alexandra. You have your own lunch ya.

James: Okay. Sure.

I looked at my wife’s shapely figure as she walked out of the office with her bag and files in hand. Dressed in a black tight skirt and a long beige blouse, it was going to be hard not to make heads turn, especially when she paired it with a pair of her favourite heels. Not forgetting the fact that she had tied up her hair that day into a high bun and it was one of those days she decided she was too lazy to put on her contacts, so she wore a pair of round gold rim glasses. Her overall outlook resembled some Japanese AV star about to be taken advantage off in the office. I felt the rise in my pants as I looked at my sexy wife stepping into the lift.

Lunch time came and I rejected my colleagues’ offer to join them for lunch.

James: You guys go ahead. I need to get some things sorted out today.

My heart was racing so fast that my palms started sweating. The moment I heard the thud of the magnetic catch on the door, I got up and casually made my way to the pantry. Pouring myself a drink, I positioned myself at an angle that would allow me a decent view of the lift lobby through the clear glass door. My colleagues entered the lift and I knew I had a short window of time to do what I wanted to do.

I headed straight to the office router and switched it off. That way, the upload would not resume the moment I turned on Rasid’s laptop. And then I stepped into my boss’s office. It was a lavishly furnished room. A side table was lined with expensive whisky and cigars while another displayed antiques and his collection of perfume. There was even a case of books that he wrote and published. There were hardly any sales but Rasid still had 500 copies printed. That way, he could boast that he was a writer.

I opened up the laptop and fired it up. The login screen appeared and I keyed in the same password. My heart rate increased when I moved the mouse over to the local drive. The photos and videos would need to be in the local drive designated for the server in order for the upload to continue. This meant that whatever he was trying to put into his private folder, there would be a copy of it on his terminal. I did a search for images and videos. When I hit the ‘enter’ button, I almost fell off the chair when hundreds and hundreds of photos and videos of my wife appeared. I sorted the photos and videos by date. Rasid’s obsession with my wife started a couple of months ago without us even realising it. Whenever he was in town, he had been documenting everything that Lydia wore to the office. There were photos, videos, everything. From something as simple as Lydia pouring herself a cup of coffee to picking up prints at the copier, Rasid had it.

My finger slipped a couple of time as I scrolled down the large folder. There were literally gigabytes of videos and photos of my wife. I pulled out a thumb drive and plugged it in. A quick control ‘C’ and a control ‘V’ later, I saw the progress bar appearing on the screen. I alternated my eyes between the door and the laptop. This was crazy; I had never done something so stupid before. To be honest, I didn’t even know what I was thinking. As the green progress bar filled up, I stood up on my feet and paced about the room. I mentally willed the files to copy faster, cursing when it slowed down just a wee bit. When it finally was done, I closed the window and pulled out the thumb drive. I shut down the laptop and walked out of Rasid’s office. I immediately switched on the router and settled back down at my table.

By then, I was perspiring so badly that one would have thought I climbed up the stairs to the office on the sixteenth floor. The unmistakable thud of the magnetic catch disengaging made me jump in my seat. Turning around, I saw Barkar walking into the office in his usual all business attitude.

James: Hey Barkar…

He ignored me as usual, just giving me a look to acknowledge my presence. My heart was literally slamming against my ribcage when I saw him walking into Rasid’s office. He went for the laptop, disconnected it from the charger and took it away. I pretended not to look but I felt a drop of perspiration rolling down the side of my forehead.

James: Everything okay?

Again, he ignored me and walking slowly towards the exit. Only when I heard the thud of the magnetic catch, followed by the chime of the lift announcing its closing did I dare breathe. Looking at the empty table in Rasid’s office, I felt my legs going soft. Rasid must have remembered the contents inside and sent Barkar to get it. The only reason why he did that must be because he had a guilty conscience wasn’t it?

With the evidence of Rasid spying on my wife like a stalker, I suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment and power. Surely the information in my hands was worth something. I was already thinking along the line of blackmail and extortion when I realised there was no easy way of doing it. Still, I was glad I got hold of something that I could perhaps use as a bargaining chip in the future.


Rasid came back a week later and he again asked for Lydia to go into his office with her laptop. I looked at the short maroon dress my wife was wearing that day and I cursed softly under my breath. The hem of her dress was at least three inches about her knee. If she sat down and crossed her legs, she would surely expose her underwear to Rasid. Suddenly my heart felt a strange spike of pain when I remembered what we were up to that morning. Her menses was over and I was eager to have sex. We were fondling and fooling around in the walk-in wardrobe when I insisted that she go to work without her underwear.

Lydia: Are you crazy!

James: Why not? It’s not as if you have not done it before.

Lydia: But…

James: It will be dangerous if we are taking public transport but we are driving. Besides, with this tight dress that you are wearing, you don’t want your pantyline to show do you?

I gave her butt a quick smack.

Lydia: Pervert…!

I kissed her on her neck and lifted up the hem of her dress and then I slipped down the light purple panty she was wearing. I brought it up to my face for a sniff as my wife giggled and snatched it away from me.

Lydia: You’re sick you know that! Haha.

James: I’m sick for you, that’s why.

Lydia: Looks like I won’t have a good rest tonight haha.

James: Well, the foreplay starts now dear.

Fast forward to the situation at my desk, I was literally squeezing my fists together as I watched my wife bringing her documents and laptop into Rasid’s office. She took her time in setting up her laptop and plugging in the power adaptor while Rasid fiddled with his phone. Now that I knew what he was up to, I could tell he was pointing the phone directly at my wife. Then I saw the act that really spiked my blood pressure. Rasid brought his phone down to his lap and pretended to look at his laptop the same time my wife took a seat opposite him. I held my breath when I saw my wife crossing her legs. I could almost hear Rasid smiling when he reviewed the footage later and realised that my wife was not wearing any underwear.

My boss suddenly turned towards my direction and I quickly looked away. I pretended to fiddle with my work and files, trying to look busy and hoping that he did not catch me staring. I felt angry and upset. Why was I the one being sneaky and cautious? I did nothing wrong.

A couple of hours later when Lydia stepped out from Rasid’s office, I saw Rasid getting up and heading to the bathroom. He must be going to check on the videos he took. I got up and followed him to the bathroom. When I entered, I saw that two of the five cubicles were occupied. Bending down, I could immediately tell which cubicle my boss was in. His thousand dollar leather shoes were unmistakable. I washed my hands at the sink but before I could do anything else, Barkar appeared in the toilet like magic. He walked to the urinal and relieved himself while I stepped out. There was no way I could try anything with him inside there. When I got back to the office, I walked over to my wife, thinking of what I should tell her.

Lydia: What is it? I’m busy.

James: Dear, you… ermm…

Lydia: Ya?

Rasid: James.

I wheeled around to see my boss stepping into the office with Barkar.

James: Yes, boss?

Rasid: Join me for lunch.

I felt my heart rate suddenly spiking as a flurry of thoughts crossed my mind.

Rasid: I need you to help translate some of the dialect from the owner of one of the shophouses I’m trying to get along Joo Chiat.

James: Oh. Okay, sure.

He gestured to Lydia and my pantyless wife immediately got up again and stepped into his office. I felt as if someone had punched me in my gut when my unknowing wife resumed flashing her pussy to Rasid. I expected myself to be angry and upset but instead I found myself becoming aroused. Looking at my wife’s sexy body and her slender, toned legs crossed and faced towards Rasid, I felt the throbbing in my pants. There was an excitement that I could not describe. I almost bit my knuckles when I saw my wife fiddling with a pen while she looked at Rasid when they went deep into a discussion about something. My penis almost spurted semen when I saw her relaxing one of her feet and allowing her heel to dangle off from her toes. Oh god, I wanted to wank off so badly just from taking that scene in. I looked away, took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. Upon turning around, I saw Barkar staring at me.

James: Woah!

I jumped in fright from seeing his scary face so close to me.

James: What is it?

Barkar handed me a name card for the café we were to have lunch. I knew what he wanted me to do; to make a reservation for a table seemed beneath the duties of a bodyguard. I made the reservation and cast another look at my wife who was showing her screen to Rasid. I saw the phone angled strategically by the side of the table, capturing a non-stop video of my wife’s posture and recording her every word. Looking at the clock, I secretly wished for time to pass faster, because there was no way I could save my wife from Rasid’s camera unless lunchtime came soon.


I sat beside Rasid at the back of his Volvo SUV with Barkar at the wheel. We made some small talk before Rasid asked me something so weird that it almost made me drop the documents I was holding.

Rasid: Do you surf sex forums James?

James: What?!

Rasid: Hahaha… Sex forums. You know. Where people talk about sex and all.

James: I… I have never done something like that in the office. There must be a mistake!

Rasid: Hahaha. I never said you did it in the office. I’m just asking if you do so.

When I asked him why he would ask such a question, Rasid shared with me that he recently discovered a very interesting sex forum. Inside, it contained all manner of weird and funny things that men did to their female colleagues, interns, employees and even bosses.

Rasid: Very imaginative. Very amazing. I never knew Singapore was so exciting. Hahaha.

James: What… what do you mean?

Rasid: I was reading that men sometimes stayed back in the office to sniff the jackets and clothing of other female colleagues. Some of them sniff their heels and lick their shoes. Haha. Very interesting. A bit sad, but interesting.

I just stared at my boss, unsure of what to say. This was definitely not a topic of conversation that I expected to hear coming from him.

Rasid: People just assume that nobody knows what they do in the office isn’t it? Especially after everyone has left.

By then, I was in full panic mode as I considered the possibilities of a hidden message beneath that statement.

Rasid laughed and slapped his thigh.

Rasid: Have you done something like this before James?

He looked at me straight in my eyes as I shook my head without a word.

Rasid: You’re lying James. I can always tell when someone is lying. Haha.

James: I…

Rasid: Relax James. We’re all men. It’s okay, you can tell me…

I somehow alternated my gaze between Rasid and Barkar, unsure of where this conversation was heading.

Rasid: Barkar will never say anything. Will you Barkar?

Barkar grunted a reply without taking his eyes off the road. He might be driving but I knew his ears were picking up every word.

James: Sheik Rasid… I…

Rasid: Alright James, let me save you the embarrassment.

I felt a lump forming in my throat when Rasid told me about the times I was snooping around Lydia’s desk during the early days of our employment.

James: What…!

Rasid: You assumed the cameras were only facing the reception area, didn’t you? Because you were the one who set them up.

I felt the blood draining from my face and I knew the game was up. Seeing the expression on my face, Rasid laughed heartily like he had landed a catch with the bait he set.

Rasid: What would Lydia think if I told her that you had been sniffing her heels, stealing her gym wear to the bathroom, and my god, masturbating into her hand moisturiser?

Rasid flashed me a questioning smile.

Rasid: What would she think of her husband?

James: Sheik Rasid, I’m very sorry about this. I swear it will not happen again! I’m… I’m…

Rasid: James… oh James. Calm down. I want you to calm down. That’s a small matter, and besides, if I wanted to expose you, I wouldn’t have waited till now right? Hahaha. Lydia and you are already married.

James: I… I…

Rasid: To be honest, there is another reason why I suddenly brought this matter up.

I looked at my employer and I knew the bomb was about to get dropped on my lap.

Rasid: A matter that I considered to be rather serious.

James: Sheik Rasid, I…

Rasid: But before we get there, there is something I was hoping to see you know, especially after reading through that wonderful forum haha.

James: What… what is it?

As Barkar turned into the carpark near the café where we were to have lunch, Rasid told me that he would like to see me playing with Lydia’s clothes and heels.

James: But… but… but why…?

Rasid: No particular reason. I just find it interesting.

James: I…

Rasid: Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to be there in the office of course. I just want you to be yourself. Haha. You know. Just really enjoy the clothing, the worn stuff, panty or whatever. It’s kind of like… ermmm…

Rasid searched his mind for the right words.

Rasid: Like looking at an animal in his natural habitat. Something like that. Hahaha.

By then, I was at a loss for words.

Rasid: Don’t need to worry about me. I can see you from the cameras that are so well hidden that I bet even Barkar could not find them.

Barkar: Hmmmm…

I never expected myself to be caught in a pickle like this. So much for the thumb drive, so much for my lofty plan to hatch something as a bargaining chip.

Rasid: James, I just want to make it clear that I’m not forcing you okay. I don’t want you to feel compelled to do something you don’t want to. Hahaha…

James: Sheik Rasid, I…

Rasid: And after you are done with this, if you do it that is, perhaps we can talk about accessing information and data you are not supposed to.

I almost melted into the seat as I stared at Rasid and his signature grin.

Rasid: I’m pretty sure the employee handbook clearly states the grounds for termination, and since Lydia and you are married, I cannot be expected to keep only one of you, if you get my drift James?

It took me a couple of seconds to digest the revelation and I slowly nodded my head.

James: Ye… yes…

Rasid: So you understand?

James: Ye… yes, I understand boss.

Rasid: Good!

He smacked his hands together and laughed, just as Barkar reversed the car into the lot.

James: What… what do you want me to do…?

Rasid: Like I said, I want to watch you playing with Lydia’s clothes. Do those weird stuff to her hand moisturiser and all, like what the forum said. I want to see the whole package. The sniffing, the licking, haha, and whatever sick fuck you guys typically get up to with the clothing. Haha.

James: I…

Rasid: The clothes must be worn, they must be damp, soaked with sweat and pheromones or whatever it is that arouses men. Damn, just thinking about it is getting me excited. I always thought Singapore was small and boring. I never knew there was so much excitement underneath its prim and proper exterior. Hahaha.

James: But, but, but I…

Rasid: Don’t tell me the problems James. I hired you to give me solutions, not problems. I believe you are capable of setting it up. You are not some fresh grad employee that needs hand holding. Besides, I have a good mind to factor this in as part of your annual appraisal too. Hahahaha.

James: Sheik Rasid… I…

Rasid: Unless you rather I include corporate espionage and snooping around the management’s property as part of the review?

I immediately went silent and the grin on my boss’s face became wider, accentuating his immaculately kept moustache.

Rasid: I see we have an understanding then. Hahaha.

Rasid stepped out of the car and I quickly followed.

Rasid: Actually, you know what, let me give you a list of things I think will be interesting to see. Then you go figure out what to do. How’s that? Eh? Hahaha. And one more thing James, for obvious reasons, I rather we keep this between us you know? It wouldn’t do us any good if Lydia knows about this.

As we walked towards the café for lunch and to meet a property owner, I found myself going into a daze, wondering what had I gotten myself into.


After the meeting ended, I went back to the office and did what was required for my main job. It was hard to concentrate because all I could think of was what Rasid expected to see me do.

  1. Sniff and lick Lydia’s heels and spare slippers.
  2. Rub my penis over her drinking mug.
  3. Play with her worn gym gear, then put it on and masturbate
  4. Jizz into her hand lotion

I looked at the list that was copied wholesale from the sex forum. It even bore the screen capture of the site address, a site which I frequented for influencer leaks and homemade porn. The hardest would probably be number three on the list. I mean those were items I could easily access at home especially since Lydia was my wife, but how would I get them into the office without my wife becoming suspicious? And I had 48 hours to get it done.

As if my concentration was not being disturbed enough, I saw on my phone a notification for a message with a picture attached. It was sent with the disappearing function. Upon opening it, I saw a picture of my wife’s bare pussy taken from Rasid’s POV when he was seated down. Blood shot into my penis and an erection raged in an instant. Before my eyes could linger a while longer on the image, it deleted itself, never to be shown again. Then I saw another message, and another. All of them had their timers set to expire seconds after I opened it. It was like a time lapse of Lydia without her panty on, crossing her legs in slow motion.

Rasid (message): She looks good. You are a lucky man James. Haha.

Then I saw a gif file that Rasid had created. One taken at the precise moment my wife’s bare and exposed pussy lips rubbed against each other while she crossed her legs. The high resolution camera somehow managed to take a clear HD video of her vagina being all moist and buttery despite the low light situation and awkward angle. I looked at the gif repeating itself, showing Lydia’s wet cunt lips rubbing each other in a sensual manner.

Rasid (message): She’s wet. Do you think it’s because of me? Hahaha… look at those oyster lips. So juicy and fresh isn’t it?

Rasid was grinning away in his office and happily surfing through the contents on his laptop. I felt a weight pulling me down like I was stuck in quicksand and sinking fast. Looking across to my wife, I asked her if she would like to hit the gym tomorrow.

Lydia: Huh? Why the sudden urge to go gym?

James: I don’t know. Maybe because I put on a bit of weight.

Lydia: Oh. Okay. I don’t mind.

James: We can bring our gym gear tomorrow and go during lunch.

Lydia: We have a gym in our condo dear.

James: But it’s not as big as the one here in the office building.

She gave me a questioning look and I tried to maintain a neutral expression.

James: Just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle babe. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll go on my own.

I spoke casually, trying not to appear suspicious.

Lydia: Okay, okay, fine. Remind me to pack my clothes and put them in the car tonight.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I leaned back on my chair and got back to work.


On our way back home, I felt the raging erection in my pants as I drove at twice the usual speed.

Lydia: If you crash, we’re both going to die without getting our orgasms dear.

I was overwhelmed by mixed feelings and emotions. Fear, anger, arousal and anticipation all jumbled up into a ball in my throat. Looking at my irresistible wife, I found myself getting insanely aroused by the fact that I was going to wank off to her worn gym clothes the next day. This was despite the fact that I was actually going to be having sex with her within the hour. I was looking forward to lifting up the dress that she had been wearing for the whole day and making her perk up her butt while she balanced on her heels for my entry from the rear. Getting into the lift, I could not keep my hands off her.

Lydia: I’m quite wet already dear. In fact, I think I’ve been getting moist throughout the day. Going pantyless really does help with the foreplay. Haha.

If only she knew I was aware that she was already wet that morning in Rasid’s office, and that I was not the only one who knew she was wet.

We kissed in the private lift and our hands started roaming all over each other’s bodies. The moment we stepped into our apartment, I turned her around and lifted her dress. I groaned as I squeezed my fingers into her firm buttcheeks, sinking my digits into her flesh and prying it apart like I was trying to extract the flesh from a premium durian.

Lydia: Ernghhhh…

She angled her butt towards me and her right hand went under her crotch from the front, trying to guide me in. I found the entrance and when I pushed myself into my wife, her moans filled the house along with the odd clicking of her heels that she was trying to balance in.

James: Arnghhhh!

Lydia: Ernghhhh! Gasp…!

We did it right in the living room. I should be concentrating on the intercourse, I should be fully immersed in the fuck session I had been looking forward to, but however, I found myself thinking about the events that were going to happen the next day. I must have suffered some form of brain damage after being blackmailed by Rasid. Thrusting my cock into my wife, I realised that all I could think of was her worn gym wear and ejaculating into her hand lotion. I didn’t know why I felt that way. I could ejaculate into my wife for fucks sake, and yet I felt the level of anticipation for performing my sick act the next day, excited me more than the intercourse I was currently having.

Stripping Lydia of her dress, I pressed my face into her breasts while she hugged my head. I licked her nipples as she rode me on her sofa. This was the best part about not having kids. We could fuck anywhere and at any time. Fifteen minutes later, both of us lay on the sofa, panting away as we considered ordering food in for dinner.

Lydia: You seem pretty enthusiastic today.

James: What do you mean? I am always enthusiastic.

Lydia: I don’t know. Just more eager I guess.

James: You’re over thinking things again.

Lydia shrugged her shoulders and got up. Walking naked to the bathroom, she reminded me to pick up the clothes all over the living room. I took my wife’s bra and pressed it to my face, taking in the scent of her breasts that nestled cupped in their embrace for a full day. Rubbing the padded bra, I felt the vigour returning to my freshly emptied meat.

That evening, when I saw what my wife was packing for the lunch gym session, I felt an erection building in my pants. It was a pair of white yoga tights and a sports bra with interlocking straps in white and grey. Her shoes and socks went into the shoe bag and she placed them all by the door alongside her shower bag.

Lydia: So many things to bring. I don’t know why you don’t want to go to the one in our condo.

James: It’s different. If we are back home, we just want to rest. Since we are at the office and moving about, I thought it will be easier to get off our asses and do something.

Lydia nodded as she folded some clothes from the laundry.

Lydia: Makes sense.

She turned and orientated her side profile to the mirror, and looked at her body.

Lydia: I think I can lose a couple of kilograms too.

James: You’re 1.62 metres and 49 kilograms dear. If you lose any more, you are going to look malnourished.

She chuckled and sucked in her non-existent tummy, commenting that some of her dresses felt a bit tight lately.

James: That’s because your breasts are pushing against the dress.

Lydia: Hahaha. You wish. I think it’s your secret desire for me to have bigger tits isn’t it?

I ignored her comment and engaged in some breathing exercise as I thought about what was going to happen the next day. I was going to do the list of sick things that Rasid wanted me to do on camera. And it was a camera which I didn’t even know the exact location of. I was not stupid; I knew what all this meant. In fact, I had a feeling where it was all going to lead to but I refused to acknowledge it for now. I just wanted to take things one step at a time.

*End of Episode 1*

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