My good friend’s marriage is a 2 part series consisting of

  1. My good friend’s marriage
  2. The Europe trip.

This is a work of fiction

Don was a close colleague of mine and we joined the same company within 3 days of each other.

Over the years, we got closer and eventually when his big day arrives, he asked me to be his best man for the wedding.

Perhaps it’s also because I know the bride too as she worked in the same company but in a different department.

I found out eventually that he was just trying to hook me up with someone seeing me remained single for the longest time.

Ella works in the finance department and Don was smitten by her the moment he laid eyes on her many years back.

She is one of the prettier ones in the office I must admit. Her petite frame and gentle demeanour just makes guys want to protect her. Ella’s sweet voice is another one of her plus point, there is definitely something in the tone which I can’t explain.

It’s not those whiny trying to act cute kind of voice, that’s disgusting, but Ella’s vocal cord just seem to churn out TV grade voiceover right in front of you.

At 1.6m , Ella looked good in heels, the ideal sweet young thing package everyone dreams off. Her breast looked supple and full, I meant with her clothes on, her legs hairless and toned.

She used to be a little chubbier when we joined the company, but after shedding off 7kg, she’s got meat at the right places. I chanced upon a few photos of Ella in her bikini during one of her holidays with Don when I tried to send some site pictures from his phone to mine some time back.

I just could not stop staring at Ella’s body. It’s too easy to find those overly edited selfies on social media these days that I don’t remembered seeing so natural.

Ella’s hair is puffy and messy, the sleep still evident on her eyes but her smile was anything but sleepy.

There is no sweet victory sign pose, no duck bill mouth, none of those top down make you look skinny selfie shot, it’s just a few candid shots of Ella trying to fold a towel and push open the sliding door to the resort’s private pool.

The fullness of her breast, that cute little firm tummy and her girl next door smile just sent blood naturally to my manhood.

Ok , I admit I kind of fancy her too but Don laid claims to her first so I naturally backed off. I thought she was cute back but since Don actually came to me and asked me if he should go for her, I gave him my blessings.

After all, he’s my brother in a way.

The 3 off us hang out occasionally, movies, dinner, light drinks, usually after office hours but I always made it a point to leave them be once I decide I have overstayed my welcome.

Couples need time alone.

Although there are times I would fantasized and make Ella my masturbation target, there are enough girls in the office to keep me occupied and I pretty much left her out of my list of targets.

Yes, a mid size office with a good ratio of female colleagues can be a good place to work and have fun.

I lost track of how many heels I sniffed, how many cups I came into and how many sweaters / cardigans I rubbed over my groin.

I lost track of the different kinds of moisturiser I tried on my dick, the number of lip gloss I applied on my foreskin, and the times I dug through colleagues gym bag.

I swore I even put on a KG or 2 when 4 of my colleagues were pumping breast milk 3 times a day.

I would discreetly pour a little into my coffee after I made sure I was alone.

Sipping my coffee while staring at my pretty colleague who had put on a good cup size at 4pm is the best coffee break one can ask for. The erection I had was nothing compared to the mind fuck I got as I sipped my coffee.

Work is fun, great colleagues, decent pay, what more can I ask for.

22 March 2010


It was less than a week to Don’s big day and he’s already having me cover most of his work.

Ella too was on leave by then to get ready for her wedding.

I received several mails and messages a day with regards to the wedding and on top of managing my work, I had to do my part for Don and Ella’s wedding too.

25th March 2010


The date drew closer and Don was getting a bit of a cold feet.

We spoke on the phone briefly and he confessed that he’s feeling a bit scared.

Don : Eh James , How ar ? ….. feel a bit weird leh…

James : Why leh ? ….. sign contract only ma…. You sign so many liao…

He laughed and suggested we go for drinks on the eve of his big day.

26th March 2010



I was already at the coffee shop near Don’s place in Hougang when Ella called.

She was not too happy when she realised that I was going to drink with Don hours before he’s due to pick her up

Ella : 1 Drink. No more than that. I’ll stab you with my heels if he’s late tomorrow.

James : Won’t la… Don was the one who asked me out…. I’ll keep an eye on him.

I tried to change the topic immediately and asked how her preparation is getting on.

Ella : Nervous man… donno la…. Did what I could….hope everything goes well.

James : Don’t worry la, tomorrow you just need to smile and look nice.

I ended the call when I saw Don approach me from a distance away.

James : Ok la. Your husband to be is here liao… any message to pass to him ?

Ella : Yes. Tell him “I love you”

Right at that moment Don sat down and I put the phone on speaker.

James : Bro…. sorry…. Ella says she loves me…

Don raised an eyebrow and gave me a thumbs up as Ella’s voice rang out in the speaker.

Ella : Yes la yes la …James….. I love you….. Don love you too..

I laughed and passed the phone over before going to grab the beer.

As I paid for the drinks, Don finished up the call with his wife to be.

I set the 3 bottles down and immediately Don started his objection.

Don : Brother…. Where got ppl bachelor night coffee shop lim beer one ?

James : You never said this is your bachelor night what… I asked you long time back you yourself say don’t want..

Don mumbled something about hard to find time before we started chatting and toasting each other.

It was only after we downed the 5th bottle that Don started mumbling something about not having enough fun before he settled down.

James : Eh… are you drunk… you turning 30 liao. Still want what kind of fun..

Don : Donno leh… just unsure.. .. so many things haven try..

I insisted he head back and rest at 11.45pm and we parted ways soon after.

At 12.30am in the morning, I received a call from Ella asking if Don was still with me.

I reassured her we parted ways long time ago and Don is probably sleeping.

27th March 2010



I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed. By 5.25am, I was at Don’s place since I was located just a few streets away.

I’ve been staying in a rented masterbed room for quite a few years near the institute of mental health, it’s a convenient spot with a direct bus to my workplace in the industrial park at Ang mo kio.

The other 2 brothers , Jerry and Guowei. arrived shortly after and we chatted over coffee.

The gate crash was a breeze. Ella made it clear that it was not her intention to humiliate the groom and his brothers during a meeting earlier on.

Ella : I see no point in embarrassing people on such a happy occasion.

If only all brides think like her.

We did play games, games that tested the wit and brains of the brothers.

As we solved the puzzles and did a funny charade to guess some of Don and Ella’s favourite dating spot, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that I did not need to eat brownie off a diaper or put on a bra with a banana hanging off my waist.

I thought I was a pretty sick individual mentally until I saw the games people come up with for gate crash.

Those people need help more than me.

The sisters of the bride were pretty cute too and I already have all their contacts. In fact I was eyeing one particular one call Celeste.

She is the bride’s best friend and definitely my cup of tea.

The rest of the day breeze through and the banquet proceeded like any other.

The march in, the speech, the toast and the photo taking.

Ella looked stunning in her gown that day and I visually stored a few images of her in my mind, images that I could recall when I need to release.

The first sign of trouble started when Don started downing drink after drink at the table where his army mates are sitting.

He accepted every toast and despite Jerry and Guowei at his side, he got wasted pretty fast.

Even Celeste had to step in for a few drinks for Ella.

I did what I could at the 4 tables I was assigned to, helping Don block most of the drinks from our own colleagues and the bosses.

By 10.45pm Don’s face was flushed and he could hardly greet the departing guest properly without help.

Ella was obviously not very happy that Don had to sit on a chair and shake guest’s hands as they leave.


When the time comes to settle the bill, there seem to be something wrong with Don’s credit card and the transaction would not go through.

After an embarrassing 20 mins, Ella had to retrieve her wallet from the wedding suite and use her card instead.

The couple’s parents had left by then, both had a grandparent on a wheelchair that needs to head back and rest.

28th March 2010



There was a bit of tension and awkwardness in the lift as Don mumbled and slumped his entire weight on me.


I shared a look with Celeste who eyeballed Ella before raising her eyebrow at me. I gently shook my head and tried to communicate ‘ leave them be ‘ with my eye. 

I did not know how my eyes looked like but Celeste pulled and adjusted her dress, pretending to check her cleavage before she burst out laughing. 

That laugh broke the silence and Ella gave me and Celeste a brief look each before smiling to herself and turning away. 

Ella : Ok la… ok la… you 2 go on ahead. I can handle Don. 

Celeste : Don’t be crazy la… we’re just fooling around. 


I had just dumped Don on the bed when Celeste said her parents are at the lobby to pick her up. She asked if Ella needed anything else before she leaves. 

Ella : No need. Thanks for everything dear.. 

They shared a brief hug right when I approached and I too opened my arms for one. 

Celeste : Haha.. you ah.. James.. haha 

I was pleasantly surprised she gave me one before pushing me away playfully. 


Jerry arrived together with guowei lugging the remaining bottles wine and miscellaneous bags before leaving. 


I was about to leave too when I noticed Ella reaching for the wine opener. 

James : Eh… still want to drink ah ? 

She did not reply me but instead poured herself a big serving and gulp it all down. 

Another followed. 

And another. 

James : Ella…. Are you ok ? 

I watch as she pulled up her evening gown a little, settled down on the sofa and she just stared at the lifeless body of Don. 

Her eyes looked like they were tearing up but she did not cry. 

In fact I thought she looked quite angry. 

She poured more drinks for herself and she brushed me away when I tried to stop her.

She did not speak at all, and only after another 2 servings did she open her mouth. 

Then I had the shock of my life. 

Ella started scolding Don for not helping out with the planning and happily getting drunk on their big day. 

I was caught off guard. 

In fact I was hoping for the Jap porn scenario when Ella started drinking. 

You know, the sad bride drink, get drunk, pass out kind of situation but no. 

Ella raised her voice slightly higher as she stormed towards Don who’s stirring on the bed. 

I tried to intervene but somehow it only made matter worst. 

For some weird reason , Don stumbled up and despite being in a daze, started arguing with Ella. 

James : Hoei…. Hoei…. Calm down calm down…. 

Don gestured angrily at Ella before pointing at me. 

Don : Don’t scream at James… you’re embarrassing yourself… ! 

Ella : I’m screaming at you… not him…! 

I did not need anyone to tell me it’s my que to leave the room. 

James : Ok.. ok… you all need to rest… I better go.. 

The shouting immediately intensified after i spoke.

I tried to leave but before I could do so, Ella pushed Don roughly onto the bed and stormed into the living area. 

Don fell backwards with a thud and just laid there, massaging his head. 

I turned and watch Ella grab her phone and the key card off the table and opened the door. 

James : Eh… bro… she’s leaving… 

Don : Let her be… 

I heard the door slam shut, Don turned onto his side and hit the master switch , plunging the whole room into darkness. 

I exhaled, headed for the exit and opened the door just in time to see Ella stomping barefoot down the hallway and opening the spare room that was meant for the sisters 5 doors down. 

The door slam shut shortly after, echoing down the quiet corridor of the hotel. 

I turned at looked at the darkened suite and fingered the spare key card to the sister’s room in my pocket at the same time.

I had only one thought on my mind. 

The red packet Don gave me that morning is not enough to deal with this.



It was barely 23 paces towards the room that Ella was in but somehow it took me a while to cover that short distance.

Honestly I felt a little sad for my good friends that their big day had to end like this.

Definitely not a pleasant memory nor experience to start your marriage life.

I tapped gently on the door and called out to Ella

James : Ella …. Ella .. you there ? ….. are you ok ?

I tried a few times but there was no reply so I just announced that I’m letting myself in.

I stepped into the room I had rested in earlier in the day, we spent a few good hours with the sisters in the room although we were mostly just chatting and catching a quick snooze.

Celeste bag was so near to mine, yet the distance could not be further. I could only stare at her bag of worn clothes and imagine myself having access to them.

James : Ella …. Oei… ok or not..

Ella was sitting by the study table and it was orientated towards the entrance.

Her feet dangled above the carpeted floor as she just swung her body on the chair round and round.

James : Don’t do that Ella….not in the evening gown at 1 in the morning…. Quite scary…

She laughed and threw the remote control at me but I ducked just in time.

She apologised for the outburst and said that she’s pretty stressed out by the entire wedding.

Upon further pressing, I realised that Don and her spent quite a bit on the banquet and the photoshoot. Plus the upcoming honeymoon to Europe, it pretty much wiped out their savings.

Ella : Don is in quite a bad shape… I think he’s rolling over his credit card balances too…

James : You too ?

Ella said she could probably clear hers in a couple of months.

James : Damm… wedding is really an expensive affair.

I spent about 15 minutes chatting with Ella and trying to calm her down and put in a few good words for Don.

The situation improved but she still refuse to be in the same room as Don.

Ella : Let him wake up his bloody head and apologise first.


Ella asked if I could help to bring her bag over and I nodded.

She gave specific instructions as to which bag to take and what to bring.

Ella : My overnight bag is the blue small trolley bag, but you need to take my makeup stuff from the bathroom. There is this specific pyjamas I need to wear, it’s in the wardrobe. The matching shoes for the pyjamas is under the bed. I think I have another smaller black bag in Don’s suitcase.

She looked towards the ceiling and asked me to bring over the red packet box too.

Ella : Safe password is 7765.

James : Ermm… I don’t know if I can remember everything or not….

Actually I wanted to tell her to grab the stuff herself but she had already turned towards the window, looking at her own reflection as she drew up her both feet.

I left the room and entered the suite. I tried waking Don up to help with the stuff but he was out cold.

I turned on the lights in the living area and tried to remember everything Ella said.

The first thing I got is Ella’s trolley bag. It’s partially opened and I could not contain my curiosity.

I looked nervously towards the door and back at Don who’s knocked out on the bed, my heartrate picked up as I pulled back the zip.

First was a smaller pouch. I opened it and saw neat rolls of underwear and a few bras. I placed that aside and looked further.

Neat rolls of clothes. There were a couple of tops, pants and shirts.

I gently parted away the jacket that was the biggest article and the rustling of plastic bag immediately perked me up.

I exhaled and undid the knot of the bag and was greeted with a set of red bra and underwear. That must have been the one Ella wore under her ‘Kua’ during the tea ceremony.

Snippets of past conversations about the need to wear red floated up to my mind.

I had an instant erection as I felt my fingers touch the cool fabric.

The thought of holding Ella’s worn underwear on her wedding day was giving me a bad mind fuck and a raging erection.

I checked to make sure Don was still out cold and the door to the suite is tightly shut.

The perverse act that I had fantasised so often was finally coming true. I brought the soft cups of Ella’s bra to my nose, taking in the scent of the bra and my brain tried to process the smell.

Am I smelling the soap ?

Perhaps it’s Ella’s perspiration ? It was a hot afternoon after all.

Maybe it’s the smell of her breast ?

I had to adjust my erection a few time as I fondled and played with Ella’s lingerie.

The soft satin like underwear is cool to the touch, the thought of stealing it actually crossed my mind but I did not have the balls to do it.

I hear the thud of the thermostat in the air-conditioning and it snapped me back to reality.

I dump everything back where it was and went to take out the pyjamas.

The pyjamas was red as well, with some phoenix embroidery on it, it’s red too, the material felt like silk.

Then I had a sudden naughty thought.

I deliberately removed the pouch containing her lingerie from the trolley bag including the plastic bag of worn ones.

I really thought nothing more than just a playful prank.

After all we knew each other so long, would be funny thinking of Ella being in that thin silky pyjamas without lingerie. Haha

I had another erection thinking of Ella’s nipples against the pyjamas.

I packed Ella’s makeup and toiletries pouch from the bathroom.

After that I unlocked the safe to retrieve the red packets.

I waited for my erection to go down before going back to Ella.

It was close to 1.35am , I was tired, pretty aroused and really need a good release.

I set the stuff down in the room as I watch Ella remove her earrings. It was a really weird scenario, me watching the bride removing her jewelleries.

At that room that morning, I realised for the first time how good gold looked against a velvet evening gown.

Ella : Help me with this…

Ella’s arm were up, her fingers having difficulty undoing the small latch for her necklace. Her manicured fingernails kept getting in the way.

I felt my erection coming back, as I looked at her white flawless armpits in the soft orange glow of the room light.

I went behind Ella and undid the latch.

With my both hands on the 2 ends of the chain, I could either lift the chain up and above Ella’s head or I could lower my hand and just place it on the table in front of her.

I did not know what came over me but I just froze in place, as if I was unsure of what to do.

Ella : ermm….Jam..

James : erm..… how to…

Ella saved me the trouble and took the chain from me.

That was an awkward moment.

As if that was not bad enough, Ella suddenly realised that she needed help with the zip as well.

Even before she asked, I was looking at the zip already.

Our eyes met briefly before we looked away.

Both unsure who should pop the question.

I decided to save Ella the embarrassment and offered to do it.

James : Ok… you take your things.. get ready… then at the bathroom there I help you unzip before I go off.


Ella nodded without a word and brought the entire trolley into the bathroom together with the pyjamas. I guess she did not want me to wait around too long. 

I loitered near the bathroom and Ella turned and offered her back towards me when she was ready. 

My fingers were trembling as I reached for the zip. I have never been in such a situation before. Unzipping the bride of another man on their wedding day, it would be a story to tell for a long time to come. 

I unhooked the small latch and held onto the cold metal piece, trying to pull it down but it was stuck. 

I used a bit more strength and it gave way almost immediately, sliding down a good 7-8 cm. 

The momentum caused the gown to dropped a couple of inches and Ella was instantly holding onto the gown from the front, but the drop and the unzipping exposed most if not all of Ella’s back all the way to her upper hip to me. 

My erection pushed painfully against my pants and the moment of awkwardness returned. 

James : Ermm.. ok i….i’ll get going ya… 

Ella : ermm ok… thanks James… 

Ella quickly shut the door of the bathroom and I heard the lock snapped into place. 

I was about to reach for the door when I felt the urge to adjust my erection again. 

It was a mistake. 

The moment I touched myself, I felt this primal urge to cum having gone through that amount of mental stimulation.

I did not know what was going through my mind but I just did something I did not expect myself to. 

I opened the room door, called out to Ella and told her I’m leaving. 

James : Ella….Ella ? 

Ella : Ya ? 

James : I make a move first…. 

Ella : Ok. 

I stood where I was and I let the room door close with a slam. 

I was too afraid to move. 

My ears trying to pick up any signs of life inside the bathroom. 

I could hardly hear anything. 

My heart was thumping. 

Then I heard the unmistakable spray of the shower after what seemed like 3-4 minutes. 

I had a sudden urge to pee as I looked around the room. If you asked me what was going through my mind then I can tell you it was a complete blank. 

I really didn’t know. 

What I did know, was that I purposely left my wallet together with the wedding favour gift and my red packet on the table beside Ella’s phone.

I saw the water Ella was drinking from earlier, the unmistakable lipstick mark coated the rim of the bottle. I took the bottle and sipped myself a drink, feeling the instant push of my dick against my pants. 

I checked that my lips had no stains on the mirror before turning back towards the door. 

I put both keycards that I have on the bar counter near the entrance.

1 for the suite and 1 for Ella’s room. 

The shower was still on, as quietly as I could, I opened the door, and closed it behind me. 

I went to the lobby and took a seat and began calling Ella. 

Hopefully i could get to see Ella’s pokies when she comes down with my wallet later.

I must have rang up like 6 missed calls before I stopped. 

Now it’s just to wait for Ella to call me back. 

2.20 am 

My phone finally rang right when I was about to fall asleep. 

I picked it up immediately. 

James : Hello…Ella i…. 

Ella : You idoit… your wallet everything still here…. Where are you… 

I told her I’m in a cab and was about to reach the hotel lobby.

James : Can you come down and pass me my wallet… sorry ah… 

There was a moment of hesitation as I waited for Ella’s reply. 

Ella : Ermm… eh you bring my clothes bring half only… I missing some bags. 

James : Ohh… I just grab and go liao, so dark inside the room and so many things on the floor.. 

James : I’m turning into the street liao, you can come down now.. .. eh really reaching liao, come down quick… I need to use the toilet… 

I was trying very hard not to chuckle. You might think it’s a mean thing to do but Ella, Don and I do prank each other pretty often in the office. 

Besides, i wasn’t really thinking with my big head that morning.

If I forget to log out from my facebook in my terminal at work, I would suddenly see a post that says I’m in love with a broom, or perhaps something that says my underwear is red and lacy, courtesy of Ella most of the time. 

Don would choose something in the tune of “ I’m buying everyone drinks or dinner if you pinch my backside “ 

Ella sounded unsure on the phone but she reluctantly agreed. 

There was only a cab waiting by the taxi stand that morning and I hopped on. 

James : Uncle…. Don’t start the meter…. I pay you $20, you just make a roundabout and wait at the back there. 5 mins will do. 

He did not even acknowledge me and did as he’s told. 

I scanned the lobby and moments later saw Ella walking towards the exit. I told the uncle to wait as I approached Ella. 

She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and had pulled over a brown colour singlet. I could not see her nipples poking through though. I was disappointed, really disappointed not being able to see her pokies.

Still the thought of her being without clean undies was giving me a mental orgasm. I don’t suppose she would want to wear the old one under the gown after showering. 

She had a frown on her face and was about to chide me right as I stretch out my hand. 

Then something unbelievable happened. 

I really have no fucking idea how it could have occurred but it fucking did. 

As Ella passed me my wallet and stuff, something fell from under her singlet. 

Wack ! 

Like a wet slap . 

We both looked down in horror as we realised what happened. 

1 side of Ella’s silicon nu bra just fell off. 

It was an unbelievable moment and both of us tried to reach for it at the same time but not before the 2nd one dropped as well but Ella managed to hold on to it before I left the protection of her singlet. 

Her eyes were wide open , I could see the bloodshot vessels. 

I did not know what to do and I immediately picked up the one on the floor. 

Ella : Oei.. !! 

James : Wait… wait.. I pay the cab first. 

I really did not know what I was doing but I ran towards the cab, threw $20 at the uncle and I ran back towards Ella. 

The moment I went close to her, she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me close. 

Ella : All your fault la ! arghhh James … walk in front of me. 

James : Okok… 

We waltz towards the lift lobby and headed up without a word. 

The cold silicon of the nu bra feels weird in my hand. 

At that very point in time when Ella was glaring at me……….I really needed to use the toilet.



The lift ride is a mere 30 second affair but it took longer than expected to pass with Ella glaring at me. 

Ella : All you fault la ! arghh. 

James : I err…. I need to use the toilet quite urgently… 

Aside from a sheepish smile, I could not think of anything else to say. 

I dare not look at Ella in her eyes, instead I chose to look behind her, mentally willing for the lift ride to end so I could go to the bathroom. 

The interior of the lift is fitted with tinted mirror finished panels. Even though I’m avoiding Ella’s glare, all I could see was the endless reflection of us inside the small cramp space. 

My nose suddenly caught a whiff of the shampoo fragrance that was coming from Ella’s wet hair. 

I could see clumps of hair still wet and matted together, the ends of it still dripping droplets of fresh bathwater. I also noticed several wet patches at the back of Ella’s top from the reflection in the lift. 

And yes, I could see the protruding nipples at the front of her damp top and my erection started wreaking havoc on my bursting bladder. 

The thought of her rushing down without drying herself properly to pass me my wallet made me feel a little guilty about what I have done but the urgency of needing to pee diluted my guilt almost instantly. 

When the lift chimed, Ella walked out in a huff and quickly ran towards the room, opening the door wide. 

I caught up in no time and went straight to the bathroom. 

Before I could close the door, Ella screamed at me to pass her my half of her nu bra, the mess of silicon I have in my hand. 

I saw her took the key card on the table and headed out, no doubt headed for the suite to retrieve her missing bags of clothes. 

My high tide was really coming fast and even till this day I wondered what was happening that morning. 

I barely had seconds to spare as I unzipped and lowered my pants and underwear just in time to see a stream of pee coming out straight into the toilet bowl. 

That instant relieve of tightness, coupled with the image of Ella’s erected nipples in the lift gave me this weird sensation as I relieved myself. There was this sourish warm feeling as the endless stream of pee exited my bladder. 

Then my eye caught sight of something that made me suddenly go weak in the knees, resulting in a uncontrolled spurts of my pee that messed up the entire toilet bowl. 

Right by the basin, is a coiled up piece of treasure that made it almost impossible for me to pee straight. 

That pink underwear just sitting innocently by the rim of the basin seemed to be calling out to me. 

I emptied my tank of urine and quickly swaddled over to the basin like a duck with my pants still down my legs. 

I knew I don’t have much time. 

It’s only a few steps to the suite and Ella would probably grab her bags and be back in to time. 

I did not have time to think. 

In fact I wasn’t even thinking as I lifted Ella’s underwear off the basin, the soft damp material of her underwear she wore for the evening resting in my very hands. 

My dick was throbbing hard as the realisation of me having ticked off something from my bucket list. The very piece of fabric that was closest to the pretty bride’s most private spot in my very hands. 

How many times have we attended weddings only to have our minds stray and wonder what was actually beneath that gown,that dress, that tight cheongsum. 

I unrolled the underwear gently, as if I was handing some old parchment from the dead sea scrolls. The humidity of the bathroom was high and the heat from Ella’s recent shower still has the mirror fogged up. 

My ears perked and listened for any signs of Ella entering the room again but there was not. 

That was it. 

That was the closest I will ever get to Ella’s privates. Yes, I may have thought of her in some dirty position, I may have wank off to her countless times, I may lust after her worn clothes but end of the day, she is my brother’s wife. 

Even a sick pervert like me knows where to draw a line. 

I immediately flipped and like a crazed madman, pressed Ella’s underwear to my face, taking in the fresh womanly scent of a bride for the first time in my life. There was a musty smell of perspiration, mixed with the unmistakable smell of new underwear. The humid warm bathroom added another layer of depth to the smell and I was so tempted to just cum and have an orgasm on the spot. 

The loud sound of the door closing snapped me out from my trance and I immediately replaced the underwear back where it was. 

I got dressed, clean up the toilet bowl and exited the bathroom. 

Ella had folded her arms, hip leaning against the study table and continued glaring at me. I slipped and my eyes went straight to her breast only to realise that the protrusion is no longer there, I recovered quickly but Ella noticed my gaze and she threw nu bra straight at my face. 

Ella : Arggh… James !…. you !… 

I could see the exasperation in her but she did not know how to express it. 

Her fist was clench and I could tell she badly wanted to scream at me as she stomp her left foot once and just turned away from me to pack her stuff. 

I don’t blame her. 

It’s your wedding night, and something this embarrassing had to happen in front of your husband’s good friend. 

James : I… erm… make a move ya…. Don’t worry…. I won’t say anything… haha… 

I could not help breaking into a snigger. 

Ella was too angry for words and she put both her palms together and lift it over her forehead in a mock praying position. 

Ella : Yes….. please…. Go back…. Sleep…. And pretend this never happened… 

She started to do a series of deep breathing in an attempt to calm herself down as I opened the door. 

Right before I closed the door, I added ; 

James : Your….. breast is pretty nice…

I closed the door immediately and ran to the lift lobby just in time to hear my name rang out along the corridor. 

Ella : James ! 

The rest of the morning was a blur.

I was exhausted, and I remember staggering back into my room and I fell asleep without taking a shower. 

By the time I woke up, it was coming to 1pm in the afternoon. 

28th March 2010



I washed up and was thinking of what to have to lunch when I was alerted to the beep my phone was making, telling me I have new messages. 

I have 4 miss calls from Don and 1 new message from Celeste. 

Don can wait. 

I immediately opened Celeste’s message, hoping in my mind it would be something in the tune of ; 

“ Hey… morning..any plans today ? ”

Maybe it could be 

“ James… what cha doing now ? “ 

Or … maybe it’s 

“ Morning… wake up already ? “ 

Ahh… sweet messages that reminded me of the honeymoon period when you first start dating. 

As the text appeared before me, it was nothing like that. 

It was not even close.

No morning, no hi, no James, no what are you doing.

It was a text message sent at 11.30 am that morning.

Celeste : Call me.

I decided to call Don first and see what he wants.

James : Morning brother. How’s life with only half your asset left feel….

Don : Argh… I have no asset to begin with… got a bad headache…

James : You apologise to Ella yet ? …. You remembered what happened ?

Don : Bits and pieces…. We quarrelled again this morning…

James : Why ?…

Don : Long story…. Come and eat lunch with me… got buffet voucher ….

James : Eat with your wife la….

Don went on to tell me that Ella refuse to talk to him after the tiff that morning and she’s locked herself inside the other room.

Don : That room due to check out already… front desk called a few times… I managed to get a late checkout till 3pm.

Don : Let her sulk la, come leh. We go eat, then we go swim and suntan by the pool. Still got the suite for 1 more day…. Don’t waste.

James : I’m not your gay buddy la… eh… seriously… go talk to your wife…. Your marriage just started officially, but this is not the way to start it off.

Don mumbled something but I could not make it out but he say he’ll go and try her room again.

I hung up and decided to call Celeste.

The image of her came floating into my head as I hit the dial button.

Celeste is about the same build as Ella, with the same hairstyle, it’s easy to get confused if you are just looking at them from the back.

I remembered clearly an embarrassing incident during a general meeting Don and Ella organised for all the brothers and sisters a few weeks before the big day.

As a show of their sister’s unity, they actually all wore the same T-shirt and same shorts for the meeting while the guys show up in a mish mash of colours.

Don whispered to me that day in a corner.

Don : Bro…. we already lose the ‘Seh’ already how…

James : Aiyah…. All this kay juar thing… no need…. Don’t worry…

Celeste has a pair of naturally big eyes and her sweet dimples appear when she smile. You know sometimes you get a smile and no matter what you are thinking or doing, you would just naturally stop and felt the need return that smile.

Yes, Celeste had that effect on people.

She’s a pretty gentle lady from what I observed during our first meeting. Quite soft spoken too compared to Ella.

Not that Ella is rough but she’s just more, how do you put it….. tigerish…. In a way.

Through our interaction, I actually got quite a good feeling towards Celeste. She’s cheerful and is always smiling. There is this naughty twinkle in her eyes when she laugh.

While some of the girls dropped a little crumbs here are there while having cookies at the table, Celeste is actually the one that help to pick them up during the meeting.

You could tell it was not something that was being done intentionally, it was something more sub conscious.

Celeste was very focused on the discussion about the timing and logistics at that point in time but her finger would be picking up crumbs, wrappers and empty drink packets before depositing them in the bin by her side.

There is just something sweet and mysterious about her that intrigued me.

So much so that when I saw Ella cutting some fruits at the kitchen when I exited the bathroom, I went over and asked her about Celeste.

James : Eh Ella….Is Celeste… attached ? She’s quite cute…

And I have never been so embarrassed in my life when the person turned and replied my questions nonchalantly.

Celeste : Thank you James… haha… I’m not attached…

My face must have flushed red instantly and I turned away in a sheepish manner as Celeste’s giggles echoed behind me.

The phone call connected and it was ringing for quite a while before Celeste answered.

Celeste : Hey….James ..

James : Morning…. Are you going to ask me out ?

She laughed and said no, and that we have a situation.

Celeste : We have a bit of situation here with Ella and Don…

James : What situation ?

Celeste : Domestic violence… ..

My heart instantly sank as the words got digested.

The image of Don going crazy and actually hitting Ella gave me the chills and I immediately asked Celeste what happened.

James : Oh my god… I was just on the phone with Don… he never said anything…. Is Ella ok ? What happened ? When did this happened ? Is she hurt…. Are you there with her ?

I peppered so many questions at once but Celeste calmly replied me with only one sentence.

Celeste : James… ermm…

She paused for a second on the phone and I waited eagerly for her to continue.

I cannot imagine Don hurting even an ant not to mention his wife.

Celeste took a while to continue as if she was thinking of the correct words to use and when she finally said it, I did not know what to say.

Celeste : My friend………accidentally…initiated a series of unintentional actions that….……cause Don to………get…hurt…

James : What ?!

Celeste : In short…. My friend….. beat up your friend…



It took a couple of seconds for me to digest what Celeste just told me over the phone. I asked her if she’s with Ella and she told me she was. 

Celeste : Ella’s getting changed in the bathroom, we’re heading down for lunch. Come join us….and go check on Don, he’s not picking up his phone. 

I agreed and sent Don a text, saying that I’m heading down to have lunch with him. 

Don sms : Bring your swim stuff 

I ignored his message and looked at the state of my cupboard and laundry basket. The reality of staying alone meant my weekend is spent doing laundry and ironing my clothes for the new week ahead. 

I was too busy to do a mid week wash and now the clothes are spilling out of the basket and onto the floor. 

It’s ridiculous but I cannot even find a pair of berms. 

Eventually I found one that has a loose button but it still works so I pull it over my boxers, threw on a crumpled t-shirt and got myself onto a cab


As the cab drew up to the hotel in clarke quay, I could not help but feel a tiny tinge of excitement that I would be seeing Celeste in a few moments. 

I don’t know why but someone it just gave me that butterfly in my stomach feeling. 

I entered the lobby at 1.45pm and I gave Don a call. 

3 calls in fact but there was no answer. 

I tried Celeste phone and she picked it up right away. 

James : Hey… I can’t go up to the room without the card. Where are you guys ? 

Celeste : Hold on. 

A few seconds later, she resumed the call

Celeste : Ella and I are eating over at the restaurant. Don should be in his room I think… I did not tell Ella that you are coming…. Where are you ? 

James : By the lift… 

The call ended abruptly and I turned my head just in time to see Celeste popped out from around the corner. 

The moment I laid eyes on her, I had this really sunny, Sunday feel. I don’t know how to explain this but it’s that cheerful bright spark that seem to stir up your emotions. 

Celeste was wearing, I don’t know what do you call that. It looked like a dress but it’s not. 

A thick scarf like halter twirled around her neck once, with the plaid resting at the middle of her chest. That knot like tie reminded me of some sick Japanese porn I was watching the other day. 

The plaid continued diagonally outwards from the center of her chest before it disappear into a tube like top. It looks like it’s 2 different pieces but it’s actually just 1 continuous piece. 

The pale blue fabric has no pattern other that it’s original texture. 

As the top flowed downwards, it clinged on tightly to Celeste’s bottom before ending an inch above the knee. 

She had on a simple pair of silver flats and a pair of silver earrings that seem to glitter and flow like the wispy strands on spider web against the sun. 

As we closed the distance between us, I could not help but stare a moment longer at her, my mind already starting to wander.

James : that… is a…. Nice dress… 

She smiled and passed me the key card from the back of her phone pouch. 

Celeste : I didn’t think it was nice for me to just open the suite, that job is yours. 

James : How’s Ella ? She still angry ? 

Celeste went on to tell me that Don said some pretty hurtful stuff to Ella that morning, that’s why everything went south. 

I told her don’t worry, I’ll get Don down, we’ll all sit down and have a nice lunch together. We can talk things out. 

It took a good 5 minutes of knocking before Don unlatched the door. My key card is useless with the latch on. 

Don : sorry… I was soaking in the bathtub…. Dam shoik. 

James : Get dressed, we’re going down to eat. 

I saw the 4 cm scratch across Don’s forehead and I asked for his version of the story. He was a little reluctant to tell me everything and even more reluctant to tell me Ella hit him. 

I found out that in the heat of a moment, Ella actually threw the phone at Don and that somehow caused the cut. 

James : Ok la. Ok la…. 1st day husband and wife… don’t start your marriage on this sour note la. 

I pressed Don further to find out why was Ella so mad and he told me that he scolded her for not sleeping by his side on their wedding night. 

James : That’s all ? …

Don : Ermm… i… said she must be having fun with other guys while I was out drunk….. 

I shook my head and hurried Don along, I managed to get him out of the suite and down to the restaurant at 2.00pm 

It was a tense moment from the very beginning when Ella caught sight of Don and me. 

Don : Eh… not now la…James… we… 

James : Don’t be a pussy la… .. let’s get this over and done with. 

Celeste actually stood up as we approached the table. Before anyone could say a word, she reached out her hand to take mine. 

Celeste : James… we go and get more food before the close the buffet… lai lai… 

It was just a brief second or 2 of Celeste touching my hand but it was enough. That sweetness sent a tingle down my spine as we took some food for the table to share. 

We kept an eye on Don and Ella from the buffet line and they don’t seem to be talking, just staring at each other. 

Celeste nudge me on my elbow. 

Celeste : Eh… like this cannot la…. We need to do something… 

James : Ermmm like what ? 

Celeste : I don’t know…. Like something to jump start the conversation. 

We went back to the table with some food but Celeste and I did most of the talking. Don and Ella still refuse to talk to each other directly. 

Things got slightly better when I dropped a couple of pieces of peel prawn on Ella’s plate. Don immediately reached over and took the prawns away. 

Don : Ella….don’t take prawns….. her throat will get itchy…. 

Ella looked away but I could tell that sentence did something magical to the stalemate. 

Celeste’s eyes widen and as if she had a stroke of inspiration, she started dropping food onto Don’s plate. 

She tried curry chicken, followed by satay, then bake fish, each a left over bread roll she ate, sashimi, noodles.

Every piece she dropped, she would look eagerly towards Ella, as if expecting her to stop her when something Don did not like fell on his plate. 

Ella rolled her eyes at Celeste before a giggle burst out. 

Ella : Stop it… he eats everything…

The temperature around the table cooled down several notches when Don apologised and when Ella apologised too, the conversation started flowing. 

By 3pm when the restaurant staff told us the buffet line is closing, we’re pretty much back to normal. 

Ella was still quite sore about Don passing out on their big day and we all could tell she was about to start another one of her rants. 

I was not about to let a healing wound reopen so I blurted out that Don had already made plans to apologise. 

James : Actually…. Don made plans already…. To give you a surprise…. 

I could see all eyes turning towards me all of a sudden and I raised up my hand to calm everyone down. 

James : Yes… yes.. there’s something Don planned for….. I need to go check on the progress… 

James : Don’t come up to the suite first ya…. 

This time round I reached out for Celeste’s hand but she slap it away playfully and said she would join me on the supervision of the surprise. 

The moment we are out of earshot, Celeste immediately knew what to do.

Celeste : Okok… let’s chin chye buy some balloons and party stuff from across the road, decorate a bit , light some candles or something.

James : I was thinking of just preparing a bubble bath … 

We laughed and chatted as we dashed across to the shopping mall and popped into the party shop. We grabbed a few items here and there and manage to get back into the suite within 15 minutes. 

Celeste could not get a small slice of cake so she bought a pint of ice cream. 


We did what we could to tidy up the wedding suite, with the do not disturb sign on the door, housekeeping stayed far away. 

We inflated balloons, threw some rose pedals in the bath and on the bed. 

Celeste pour some glitters by the side table with some candles. 

I hung up some decorative banners that says I love you. 

By 3.40pm 

We’re ready. 

I went to check my phone and realised I had almost 4 miss calls from Don. 

A check with Celeste revealed she had 3 from Ella. 

Our phones were both in silent mode the entire time. 

We dropped the phones into the bag that held the party decorations together with our wallet and purse. Celeste insisted we wash our hands as our palms were full of the glittery powder from the decorations. 

James : Ok.. let’s get them up then wish them all the best. 

Celeste turned on the TV, found the channel playing jazz music and turned up the volume. 

It was at this moment, a series of unfortunate incident happened. The sequence of it happening is so ridiculously dumb and unbelievable that up till this day, no one believed. 

No one. 

Celeste asked me to bring the ice cream out from the fridge while she lit the candles, which I did. 

I brought it into the room and I was about to reach down for the bag containing our phones when I felt a sickening thud and before my very eyes, my pants button came off. 

The button rolled on the carpet over to Celeste’s feet right when she lit the last candle by the entrance. 

She picked it up and gave me a questioning look and I lifted up my t-shirt to show the missing button. 

Without a word, Celeste went into the bathroom and took the sewing kit out. 

I could not fucking believe what was happening as Celeste threaded the needle through the button with a thread and grabbed my pants by the top and position the needle to pierce through my pants. 

James : Wait… what !… with me wearing it… ! 

Celeste : Don’t move… very fast one. 

Celeste ignored my comment and impaled the needed through, pulling it upwards, she knelt down in front of me and that very action sent blood rushing to my dick as I look down on her modest cleavage, and before she could pierce the 2nd hole, the door to the suite opened. 

My eyes met with Celeste and she tried to stand up but lost her balance. 

The stumble drove the needle into my waist and before I could gasped in pain, I staggered backwards into the full height wardrobe. 

Celeste, in her attempt to let go of everything including the needle, just fell onto me. 

It happened so fast I had to time to react or think properly. 

I was afraid she might fall onto my groin area and the needle might hurt her so I pulled her upwards. 

She staggered into the wardrobe and for some weird reason, my pants came off halfway. 

The force in which we fell backwards into the wardrobe was quite impactful that my natural reaction was to try and arch forward in order to lessen the impact on my back. 

Instead, like an out of balance pendulum, Celeste and I both gasped and fell back out into the carpeted area with me landing on top of her with my pants half way down my leg. 

Right at this very moment, Don and Ella appeared at the door. 

Celeste pushed me off her and immediately stood up. 

Both her hands came up in a hysterical way and she exclaimed her innocence. 

Celeste : We can explain…! 

I stood up with my erection probing my boxer out of shape and I extracted the needle which had pierce into my skin sideways about slightly half a centimetre. 

Don : Oh my god… what happened. 

I pulled up my pants, and put the needle aside. 

I looked at Celeste and replied. 

James : She…… penetrated me…….

James :…. And…….

James :……There is blood……

I dabbed a droplet of blood from my waist and held it up for all to see.



Celeste laughed and shook her hands and head at Ella, trying to proclaim her innocence but Ella waved her off.

Don chuckled a little and I saw Ella shot me a dagger stare at my lame comment before Don dragged me out to help with the bags.

While waiting for us, Don and Ella had actually checked out the other room, bringing whatever is in the spare room over by the entrance to the suite.

Don gave me a cheeky look and asked me what was I up to with Celeste but I just smile and told him it was an accident.

I could overhear snippets of conversation from Ella and Celeste as we shifted the bags and clothes.

Words like, James… thick skin…. Very naughty…. Cheeky… be careful of him and so on caught my ear but I was not paying attention to the warnings that Ella was doling out, I could only hear the girlish giggle and the sugar sweet voice of Celeste replying.


The drama was over and it was clear Don and Ella needed their time alone. Celeste and I left the suite together.

From the walk to the train station, I found out that Celeste stays in punggol, so we will be taking the same train line. Naturally I offered to send her back but she declined.

Celeste : Ermm.. it’s ok la…thanks for asking.

I wasn’t expecting Celeste to say yes to my offer honestly, we don’t really know each other for long anyway.

We chatted on the train and I got off at Buangkok.

I watched Celeste wave me a sweet goodbye before uncoiling her headphones from her bag.

My Sunday ended with the company of the washing machine and the dryer. My companion in the room is the ironing board.

29th March 2010.


Life goes back to normal for Don and Ella as the showed up for work like everyone else. Their honeymoon is not in another 3 months time.

On that day however, I felt that fate seemed bent on testing Don and Ella’s relationship. You see, part of Ella’s job was to brief the new comers together with another HR girl.

That Monday morning, we were told that a new department would be formed in the finance team with a new manager.

His name is Walter.

The entire morning, I saw Ella tagging along with this new guy, going from department to department, desk to desk before disappearing into his office for about 30 minutes at a stretch.

She looked stressed and upset at the same time.

I found out form Don that she had text him, saying that Walter would be her new boss from that day.


Lunch was catered that afternoon as sort of a welcome.

I settled at a corner with my food as I secretly observed Walter.

He looks to be in his late 40s, tall and definitely worked out regularly. He’s got that boyish charm despite his age and he certainly knew how to use them. What caught my eye though was the frequent looks he threw at Ella.

It was a quick glance, a fast peep but to the observant eye, you just know.

Ella’s short dress and high heels that day proved to be a magnet to Walter’s roving eyes. I noticed he was getting a little touchy too, when Ella spoke something, he would pretend he could not catch it and lowered his body closer to her before placing his palms at her waist for that couple of second.

It was smooth and fast, something that Ella might not even have noticed.


A meeting of mine ended early and I was just getting off the cab when I saw Ella and Walter turn the corner of the office lobby, heading out.

I immediately paid and followed close behind.

From what I could gather from Ella’s body language, she was giving Walter a tour of the area.

Knn, it’s ang mo kio industrial park, why do you need a tour.

I kept my distance and observed further.

The pavements and roads in the area are not exactly like those in town. The uneven concrete slabs broken by the emerging roots of the trees. The occasional construction, the sudden scatter of debris, all this made walking on heels a challenge and Ella of all days had to wear a high one that Monday.

It was a pretty hot day too, and I could see Walter taking out a packet of napkin and handing it to Ella.

He even offered to take her used tissue as Ella was carrying a couple of folders when a bin was coming up on their right at a cross junction.

I saw him discreetly slipped Ella’s tissue into his pocket while he threw his own into the bin.

It was something I would have done too.

They turned around another bent which was a pretty long stretch that led to the canteen, at that point I stopped tailing them and headed back to office


I noticed Ella and Walter coming back into the office before disappearing into his room again.

I stole a look at Don who was obliviously to everything.

Perhaps it was just me.


I was on the phone for about 45 minutes, trying to tally some specifications with a supplier and I saw Don waving at me, saying that he’s making a move.

I gave him a thumbs up and noted the light that was still on in Walter’s office.


Ella emerged from the room and headed out but with only her purse. I wanted to follow her but my phone rang again and I was stuck for the next 15 minutes.


Ella appeared again, looking visibly tired with some packets of food.


There were only a handful of colleagues left when I saw Walter and Ella head to the pantry.

I took my cup and made my way there, I was about to turn into the pantry when I heard a loud exclamation from within and I paused.

Walter : Oh !…. you’re married ?? Congratulations…. But you look so young… haha.

He went on further, adding that he thought Ella was a fresh graduate, complimenting her complexion and supple skin.

I entered the pantry and we all exchanged looks and greetings. Their conversation immediately died down as I poured myself more coffee before heading out.

Before I was out of earshot, I could hear Walter commenting that Ella’s husband must be a lucky guy.


I was about to pack up and leave when I saw Walter and Ella coming out of his office. He insisted on giving Ella a lift for making her stay back late, that was all I could make out before they disappeared.

2nd April 2010


For every single day that week, Ella never left work on time. Don however was out of the office by 6.30pm

A quick check with him told me that Ella was busy with her new boss that entire week.

He wasn’t very happy when he saw Walter sending Ella back at 10pm the previous day.

Ella was too tired to talk to him and just wanted to sleep.



Walter left the office with Ella and never appeared again until 2.30pm

Don was enraged that Ella did not reply his messages.

Ella looked tired and stress and I could tell she was rushing to get a thick stack of documents in order but Don had to confront her at that very moment by the copier. 

I tried to stop him but he was already approaching the copier where Ella was. 

It did not end well. Not that there was any shouting, or anything physical but Ella walked off in a huff and Don stormed back to his seat. 


Walter left the office with Ella lugging a bag of files and they were never seen again that Friday. 

At 11pm, Don messaged me, saying that Ella just got back home. 

James sms : It’s work la, don’t think too much. 

3rd April 2010 



I was woken up by a call at 7.45am on a Saturday morning. 

It was Celeste. 

I immediately perked up and answered. 

James : Yeap… yeap…. I can do breakfast , lunch and dinner today… 

Celeste : Haha. Sorry James… it’s about your friend Don. 

I found out from Celeste that they had been quarrelling since 6am that morning. 

Celeste : I’m headed over to their new place, just wondering if you want to go and talk to Don too. 

I agreed and I was to meet Celeste at Punggol station to grab a cab to Don and Ella’s new place at Pasir ris. Their new home for barely a week. 


I do not know if there was a word better that delicious to describe Celeste’s body that morning. 

She was just wearing a simple grey singlet with what I presumed a strapless bra. A simple pair of light brown pants that ended in the middle of her thigh gave me my much needed morning boost. 

We hopped on a cab and got to Pasir ris at 9.15am 

As we entered the lift I made a comment. 

James : I’m beginning to see a pattern here.. 

Celeste : haha.. don’t be mean. 

We barely stepped out of the lift when we heard shouting from the unit a few steps away. Both of us immediately ran towards the unit and when Don and Ella saw us, the fight momentarily stopped and Don stormed off into the room while Ella passed Celeste the key before she went after him.

As Celeste lifted up her arms to unlock the gate, I was granted a close look of her nice underarms. Clean shaven and I caught a whiff of the roll on smell which made my heart skip a beat. 

I had to force myself to tear my eyes away from her arms as she figured out which key could unlock the gate. 

The moment we entered, we dragged the bickering couple aside and tried to calm everyone down. 

It was beginning to sound like a market as each of them tried to give their perspective. 

I was starting to get a headache as the confrontation shifted from the master bedroom to the kitchen before moving to the living room. 

That was when the throwing began. 

Ella started throwing things at Don, remote controls, photo frames, basically anything that she could get her hands on. 

Don blocked a few and shouted at Ella, adding that she’s out of her mind before unlocking the door.

Don : You are the one being unreasonable ! 

Ella : You don’t push the blame to me. 

There was a bit of scuffle as Celeste and I tried to separate both of them. 

Don broke free and unlocked the gate, he left after another series of shouts at Ella, not before slamming the door shut. 

Ella was crying by then but she broke free from Celeste’s grasp and picked up her key pouch from the from the mess on the floor. 

Celeste tried to stopped her but Ella was too angry at Don to notice Celeste holding her and she gave a wild shrug followed by a push, sending Celeste falling backwards landing in an awkward angle onto the side of her body.

Ella let herself out of the door, slammed the main door shut even harder that Don, I heard her locked up the gate and then there was no sound at all. 

I helped Celeste up on her feet as she massaged her side of her bottom.

Celeste : Aiyoh… this one really siao cha bor when she angry. 

I had an erection as I watch Celeste massage her firm bottom and I had to peel my eyes away from the motion she was doing to her backside. 

She tried to walk towards the door but gave out a loud yelp when she realised that it hurts if she tried to put pressure on her right foot. 

I helped Celeste to the sofa and spent the next 15 minutes looking for a key to open the door before giving up. 

Celeste : I think we’re stuck here for a while. They never even brought their phones out. 

Celeste needed the bathroom and I helped her to get there. The physical contact between our bodies is sending weird signals to my brain. The softness of her skin, the smell she was emitting, every hop caused her breast to give a cute jiggle, her singlet offering me countless moments of bra slips and cleavage moments. 

James : You can leave the door open you know…just in case… 

Celeste tried to hit me on my head before brushing me away with a giggle. 

I heard the door latch on before I moved away back to the living room.

Suddenly I was standing in the middle of an empty house. 

To my right, the master bedroom. All of Ella’s lingerie, her worn clothes in the laundry basket, like a treasure chest of goodies beckoning to me. 

The dresses Ella worn that week at work, the lingerie she perspired into, the heels her feet stepped on, everything within my reach. 

All the cupboards, wardrobes, all the secrets. 

Maybe I would find a stash of adult toys ? 

Perhaps some naughty lingerie. 

Maybe some private photos in the computer. 

Few steps more, the bathroom that Celeste just stepped into, the thought of being in a locked house with her gave me an instant erection as my mind tried to think of the possibilities that could be achieved before Don and Ella gets back. 

I adjusted my manhood and tried to calm down. 

Before I could wrap my mind around something concrete, Celeste came out from the bathroom. Her hands holding onto the side of the wall for support.

She looked a little flustered as she asked for her bag in the living room. 

I passed it to her as she rummaged through it before looking back at me. 

Celeste : James… can you do me a favour ? 

James : Yah ? 

She looked embarrassed, almost sheepish as her cheeks blushed a bight shade of pink. 

Celeste wobbled a little before speaking. 

Celeste : Can you… ermm… find a pad for me from Ella’s room ? 

James : What ?! 

Celeste : A sanitary pad…. 

I looked down at Celeste’s shorts and it took a poke on my chest and a ‘Tsk’ from her before I registered her request. 

Celeste : Quick la… ! .. 

James : Oh.. okok… 

I immediately went into Don and Ella’s room and I started to open drawers and cabinets before finding an array of sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners. 

There was just so many 

Different lengths some more. 

What the fuck is the difference between 28 cm, 30 cm and 36 cm. All looks the same. 

Celeste called out from the kitchen. 

Celeste : James !!! … hurry…! 

James : Ya.. ya… okok… coming… 

I loaded up everything. 3 bags of pad, 1 bag of panty liner and the box of Tampon.


Celeste burst out laughing when she saw me juggling with everything but she just took one of the 28cm pad and asked me to put the rest back.

I just left everything on the kitchen counter.

5 minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom.

I helped her wobble over to the sofa and sat her down.

I took the seat across from her and we sank into an awkward silence that was broken by the growl of her stomach.

She gave me an embarrassed look and I told her I needed my breakfast too.

I went to the kitchen, and after some ransacking, made us 2 cups of coffee. I found some crackers and cheese in the fridge.

I cut up an apple and an orange.

I set everything down at the dining table before helping Celeste over.

It felt weird.

2 of us in the empty house.

I opened all the windows and there’s a nice breeze coming into the 10th floor unit. I could hear the cars from the expressway a distance away but it’s the smell of fresh morning air that really made my day.

As we tucked into the food, our eyes met at the very same moment we lifted our coffee cups but we looked away instantly, the sense of awkwardness returned.

We did not speak, but instead tucked into the food.

I passed Celeste the apple and she traded me with an orange slice.

After we’re done, I did the dishes after helping her to the sofa and turned on the Tv.


I took the seat beside Celeste when she suddenly made a comment.

Celeste : Is this what married life is like ? …. A quiet breakfast… watching tv together… haha…

I gestured to the entire house.

James : Ermm… I think you forgot about the housework, the laundry, the bills and of course the sex…

She laughed and gave me a jab with her elbow.

Then Celeste made a comment which made my knees go weak.

Celeste : Well, laundry… I’m good with them, ……..bills, I paid quite a bit too……, housework, I’m always helping at home……

That was it.

It stopped there.

I felt I needed to complete her sentence.

Something is definitely lacking.

James : And….. sex ?

I almost rubbed my hand in glee as I looked at Celeste, waiting for her reply.

She laughed and hit me with her palm.

Celeste : I can’t comment on something I haven tried… ha.

She looked away immediately and stared to surf the channels on TV.

As I digested what Celeste just said, I almost came in my pants.




I turned and was about to engage her in the conversation but she just brought up her hand in my face, exposing her delicious armpits again. 

Celeste : Yes… I know… we’re not having that conversation… haha 

James : you misunderstood my intentions Celeste. 

I paused and adjusted my body, turning to face her and she gave me a wary look. 

Celeste : What ? … 

James : You…. Mentioned you …. Are good in laundry ? ….. 

She burst out laughing as I pestered her to give me a rate for weekend laundry service. 

James : includes ironing please, that one is tedious. 

It may sound too good to be true but Celeste and Ella are about 3 years younger than Don and I, which puts them in the range of 26 ish. Might be a rare gem in todays time and age but if you know where to look, I’m sure there are plenty of untouched ladies out in the street. 

I’ve have friends who still managed to keep her cherry after 3 relationships, she’s determined to save it for her big day. 

The irony was that none of her relationship lasted even though she’s pretty good looking. I found out the furthers she went was to give a blowjob. 

Another common friend made a remark that sounded quite reasonable, even when you buy a car, you need to test drive….. not to mention marrying a woman.

My reply to him sounded equally reasonable too. 

James : But…. Unless is 2nd hand car…. You buy brand new…. You also not testing the exact same one mah….. not true meh ? 


Time flew by as we chatted and watched TV. Every once in a while I would wander over to the door, trying to peer out into the corridor and lift lobby. 

I could have easily called a lock smith but it’s Don and Ella’s new love nest, the last thing I wanted would be to have someone come cutting their locks. 

A check with Celeste revealed that she did not have any plans that afternoon so there was no urgent need to get out of the house. 

Celeste : How about you ? You going somewhere ? 

James : Ya… I need to go back and do my laundry. 

She chuckled and asked if I managed to fix the button on my berms. 

James : Of course. I’m quite the all rounder. 


Don appeared and he was surprised to see Celeste and I watching Tv in the living room. 

Don : What happened ? why are you all still here ? 

Celeste : You 2 locked us in you idoits… 

Celeste immediately asked where is Ella but Don had no idea, saying that she will probably be back after she finish sulking. 

Don barely finished the sentence when Ella appeared at the door. 

Everyone could feel it’s going to happen again. 

Ella stormed into the house and went straight for Don, grabbing his t-shirt. 

Don shouted at Ella as they tussled and pushed each other in the living room. The scuffle started again and Celeste staggered a few steps backwards again, her bad foot causing her to wobble right into my arms. 

I decided enough was enough and set Celeste down on the sofa before trying to separate Don and Ella 

James : Enough liao la… .what the fuck…. You think you all still young kids ar. 

Although Ella is 3 years younger than Don and I, she is easily the more matured one among us. Don on the other hand have the tenancy to behave like a small kid at times. 

It was impossible to separate them without getting a little rough and I definitely have no intention of hitting any of them. 

Suddenly the image of Walter floated into my mind, the guy responsible for that confrontation. 

As if things were not bad enough, Ella’s phone rang and the moment she realised it was her boss, Walter, she immediately shushed everyone down. 

Initially no one knew who it was and we all shut up. 

Then the moment Don heard Ella said, ‘ Yes boss ? ‘ , Don lost it and started shouting at Ella. The din made it impossible for Ella to continue the phone call and she left the house again. 

Don shouted after Ella before she disappeared down the corridor. 

Don : Go ! Go !.. Go and do whatever fuck you want. ! 

He slammed the bed room door with a thud that caused Celeste to jump. 

I was really at a lost what to do when Ella came back and asked that we leave. Both Celeste and me. 

Ella : We need to be alone to sort this out. 

I have never seen Ella so mad before. 

She apologised for Celeste’s foot, sent us to the door and shut it behind us. 


Celeste refused to go to a physician to get her foot treated, adding that it should get better in a while. 

James : Ok… 

Celeste : I don’t feel comfortable leaving them like this…. How ah… 

I suggested we go grab some proper breakfast, then maybe buy something back for Don and Ella. 

James : We can take the opportunity to check on them too on the pretext of getting them lunch. 

Celeste’s eyes lit up at my suggestion and gave me a thumbs up. 


After a sumptuous meal of macdonald at downtown east 2 bus stops away, Celeste and I were enjoying our 2nd cup of coffee that morning. 

Her foot felt a lot better and she was able to walk pretty much normally but it still hurts if she put too much pressure on it. 

Celeste bought burgers for Don and Ella before we boarded a bus back to their house. 

12 noon. 

No one responded to our knocks and the ringing of the doorbell. 

We tried calling both of them too, even texting them that we bought lunch. 

I even took a picture of the food and sent it to their phones but they never opened the door. 

Then Celeste had a stupid idea of trying to climb up the window and take a look. 

Celeste : Perhaps we might see something ? 

I looked at the old style HDB window that was slightly elevated from the common corridor. The room by the corridor was not air conditioned and Don had kept the original aluminium windows after cleaning them up. 

There was no stools or shoe rack of any kind that could give us a boost and Celeste actually pulled my shirt by the sleeve and positioned me by the wall below. 

Celeste : Eh… you do the army kind of thing…… boost me up. 

James : What ? …. What army kind of thing… 

Celeste : You know…. The bent down a bit, then put your hand on your lap so your buddy can climb those kind…. 

I wanted to tell her that we did not have that kind of luxury when we are clearing the low wall. 

It’s either you make it or you don’t. 

I shook my head, leaned against the concrete wall and bent my knees low. I gestured for Celeste to step on my thigh. 

She set down her bag and the food and without warning, placed one of her feet on my thigh and up she went. 

I never expected her to use both legs and before I could protest, she was clamouring up on my thigh, her hands pushing down on my head and shoulders trying to get a look into the flat. 

It was at this moment I had the hardest and most painful erection in my life. 

As Celeste kept her body close to the window, her tummy was literally plastered against my face. 

I took in a deep breath of her tummy, of the top of her pants, the heavenly smell of fabric softener combined with Celeste’s scent sent columns of blood rushing to my manhood. 

Her hands reached upwards, an attempt to reach the half open panels at the top and her singlet rode up, exposing her creamy smooth stomach with her cute pinch of her belly button. 

My god, that sight alone was enough to make my pre cum start flowing. As if that were not enough, she tiptoed a little on the already unstable support of my thigh. My hand tried to steady her as she wobbled and slam her bottom onto my face, my senses caught fire as I relished in the thought that I was smelling her womanly smell during her period. 

It was quick, only for a couple of seconds at most but it was heaven to me. Her zip area brushed against me several times as she struggled for balance. 

Celeste : James…. Stop moving… 

With both of her hands on my head, she tried to find the equilibrium and I was duely rewarded when I saw the peek of the waist band of her sweet pink underwear. 

I decided that then I need to do more good deeds in this life, so that my good karma will continue to my next. 

Celeste got off me and said she could hardly see anything. 

I badly needed to adjust my erection as I watch Celeste pull her singlet properly and adjust her pants. 

She went and tried the door again and I took the opportunity to adjust the my dick which was pushing painfully in a weird angle against my underwear. 


We gave up 15 minutes later and just hung the food by the door and left the couple a message. 

As we exit the lift at the ground floor, Celeste turned to look as me right as I was turning to speak. 

The weird thing was that nothing came out and we just laughed.

I asked if she would like to share a cab back and she agreed.

As we boarded the cab, Celeste told the uncle her address and I mentally took note of it. I remembered going to that area in punggol before, it’s near the only mall in Punggol.

I never offered to send her back but instead just carried on our chat in the cab.


We alighted and I tried to pay for the fare but Celeste beat me to it.

James : Can i…. walk you to your block ?

I gave a mock gesture of removing an imaginary hat and giving a gentlemanly bow.

What caught me by surprise was that Celeste actually laughed and placed both hands by her tummy before giving me a curtsy.

Celeste : Yes you may…. Haha.

It was quite embarrassing as we caught the stare of a few passerbys.

It was barely a 2 minute walk before we reached the lift lobby and there was already a lift waiting on the ground floor.

I decided it was now or never and if I never tried, I would never know.

James : … ermm Celeste …

Celeste : Yah ?

I could see her paused by the lobby, and in that moment she brushed back her hair behind her ear, before clutching her bag with both her hands in front of her waist.

James : Any dinner plans later ?

She smiled and I could see her considering her answer.

Celeste : I’m meeting my parents for dinner… sorry…

James : Oh… it’s ok… another time then…

She was swaying her body slightly side to side when she spoke again.

Celeste : We could grab lunch across the road if you like…

My face lit up with a bright smile as she hit the lift button and gestured me in.

James : Aren’t we grabbing lunch ?

Celeste : We just had a late breakfast… wait la… and I need to use the bathroom again..

When the lift stopped at the 8th floor, I got out and fell behind Celeste in step.

She was opening the door and I asked if I should wait by the lobby or perhaps downstairs.

She gave me a puzzling look and replied.

Celeste : My house has a sofa, and a living room… you can wait there. Haha

I stepped into the living room and out pops the head of a lady I assumed to be her helper.

I heard Celeste said hi to ‘Mary’ before disappearing into her room and out back to the bathroom.

I was served a glass of water by Mary as I took in the interior of Celeste’s place and she just nodded her head and smile at me.

James : Thank you … thank you..

As I sipped the glass of water, I took in the racks of shoes by the door way. Heels, flats, slippers and even sneakers of various colours and designs that I was sure belonged to Celeste.


Celeste came out of the bathroom and was ready to leave but not before exchanging a few words with her helper who was drying some clothes in the yard.

As we locked up and went to the lobby I could not help but ask Celeste a question.

James : You have a maid…. And you still say you did a lot of housework.

It was at this moment Celeste turned and looked at me with her eyes wide opened before bursting out in laughter.

Celeste : Mary is my mum James….hahaha.

James : You call your mum Mary ??

Celeste : She calls me Celeste… i call her Mary…. what’s wrong ?

That was a really embarrassing moment and I wished I could dig a hole in the concrete floor right then to bury my head in.

Celeste : I know.. I know… she looks a little… tan…. She swims everyday in the afternoon.

James : Oh my god… can I go back and say hi to your mum at least..

She just kept chuckling away and pulled me into the lift.

I felt bad, honestly but Celeste just kept laughing and teasing me about it.

As the lift door chimed on the ground floor, my phone rang.

It was Don.

James : It’s Don…

Celeste immediately checked her phone for calls as I answered.

Don : Bro… where are you… I’m under your block…

James : What ? .. like now ?

Don : Yah… can I go up for a while.

I told him I’m at Punggol but will make my way back asap.

Celeste : No call from Ella and she’s not replying .

I asked if Celeste would like to tag along over to my place.

James : Don’s at my place…. Let’s ask him ?

She nodded her head

Celeste : Will it be weird…. With you guys talking and all… what will I do …

I raised my hand for a cab that was making a U-turn and replied.

James : You can start with the laundry..

She gave me a playful slap on my arm before boarding the cab that stopped in front of her.

Celeste : Laundry then what..

James : There’s the housework….bills…

Before i could finish my sentence, Celeste just did a very cute and exaggerated shushing action by putting her finger to her lips.

Celeste : Shhh… shsh… shhhh….. stop… hahah.

As the cab pulled off, i watch Celeste crossed her legs, folded her arms and looked out the side of her window and i wondered why even looking at the dangling slipper is giving me an erection….




The journey was a short one and as we pulled up to the bottom of my rented flat, I saw Don sitting like a homeless man against the column beside the mailboxes. 

His eyebrow rose up and inch when he saw Celeste tagging along. 

Don : Ohh…. You 2…. 

Celeste gave him a kick on his calves and asked him where was Ella but he said he had no idea. 

Don : We quarrelled, … aiyah… I don’t want to talk about it… she’s being unreasonable. … she’s probably drinking herself silly at home.

Don went on again about Walter calling Ella a couple of times regarding work related matters that sparked off an even worst round of argument before he stormed out. 

He did not want to remain at home and decided to pop by my place. 

I could smell the heavy odour of alcohol coming from Don’s breath

Don : It’s just so tiring. I can’t even have a proper sleep. 

Celeste tried to reach Ella again on the phone on the way up to my place but there was still no reply. 

I opened the door and was thankful my landlord was not in that afternoon. I did not want to explain why I brought a half drunk man and another women back.

The moment my room door opened, Don just collapsed onto my bed. 

Don : Wahhh….. si bei song ah….. your bed is so comfortable…. 

Celeste took the only seat left which was the computer chair by my work table. 

She tried to talk to Don about his tone when dealing with Ella but he did not want to engage her. 

Celeste : Don…. You know Ella is so stubborn…. Try to give in a bit here and there and work things out mah….. 

She went on about their wedding vows and their promise to take care of each other but by then, Don had covered his ears with my pillow and turned away on his side. 

Celeste tried Ella’s phone several times and she said she’s quite worried about her. 

Celeste : How James ? ….. don’t think we can leave things like this… 

I gave Don a nudge and tried to drag him up but he pushed me roughly away. 

Don : Just let me sleep this off. 

James : go back to Ella and sort things out… 

What he did caught me by surprise, he withdrew his key pouch from his pocket and threw it at me. 

Don : Go check on her all you want. 


I’m beginning to feel a little irritated with Don and Ella. There is only so much we can do as friends but this is getting way out of hand. 

If not for the fact that Celeste is with me, I might have blew my top and ask both of them to wake up their fucking idea. 


We got back to the newly wed’s house again for the umpteenth time that Saturday and I could feel my blood boiling. 

I don’t know why but it just made me pretty angry with everything. 

With the key Don gave us, Celeste unlocked the door and we were hit with a strong scent of alcohol that was present throughout the house. 

Celeste quickly ran and checked all the rooms before discovering Ella slumped onto the floor. 

Celeste : Oh my god… Ella… !.. 

She tried to lift her up but Ella’s body barely budge. 

I went over and carried Ella up onto the bed but she work up halfway and started screaming at me like a mad woman. 

Ella : Arghhh… put me down… arghhg.. 

Her legs and hands swung around wildly and I was slapped several times. 

Now even the most mild-tempered person has a limit. 

The entire morning has been nothing but a stressful screaming fiasco for me. 

Ella grabbed my hair as I struggled to put her down onto the bed. 

She was bawling out loud, crying and talking in some weird language I could not make out and despite Celeste and me trying to stop her, she still tried to reach for the bottle at the corner of the bed. 

My heart ached as I look at the 30 year old whiskey Don had kept for the longest time being desecrated in that manner by Ella. 

Ella refused help and just kept swinging around wildly the moment we came into contact with her. 

The final straw came when she actually swung the bottle at Celeste and hitting her on her arm. 

Celeste : ARghh…. Oww.. 

That was it. 

I did not know what came into me but I just said the words I said. 

James : Go find something to tie her up. 

Like a soldier being issued a command, Celeste dashed out of the room. 

I tried to hold on to the bottle but I was scratched by Ella on my forearm as she took another big gulp from the bottle. 

I could not fucking believe what was happening in front of my eyes. All the nice images of Ella I had stored for my masturbating session magically disappeared. 

All the nice poses, positions, her bikini clad body, all gone. 

Instead it was replaced by a drunk mad woman. 

Celeste came back into the room with a few scarves and together we wrestled Ella down, taking the bottle away. 

She fought and scream at us, crying and kicking for her life as I had no choice but to straddle her. 

I literally straddled her and held down her hands, pinning them by the side of her head before pushing them upwards together. 

James : Quick Celeste. 

I know what you must be thinking but I can assure you I had no indecent thoughts at that point in time. 

If you ever have the misfortune of subduing a drunk mad woman, sex is probably the last thing you think of. 

Ella : ARghhh….. let me go… arhghh… 

Both Celeste and I were perspiring heavily in the hot and humid room. 

The windows were all closed but the air conditioner is not on. 

After a fierce struggle, we managed to tie up Ella’s hands and securing it to the headboard but that was not enough to stop her. 

Her legs kicked and swung around, her body trying to flip and turn in a last desperate attempt to free herself. 

Celeste tried to hold her down but the moment she went close, Ella’s right knee landed a blow to her tummy, causing her entire face to scrunch up before she retreated and ended up squatting on the floor. 

I managed to grabbed both of Ella’s legs, but not before her left feet landed a good kick on my lip and I could taste the raw iron taste of blood. 

Using another scarf, we managed to tie only Ella’s left leg to the post of her bed before we gave up. 

It was but a mere 15 minute struggle but we were both drench. 

My limbs were burning and Celeste was sulking by the corner of the room on her knees. 

James : You ok ? 

She nodded as I helped her up. 

I switched on the air conditioner and I helped Celeste into the living room. 

I poured Celeste some water and went back to check on Ella with a frown on my face. 

She was just sobbing on the bed with her eyes closed.


I offered to go grab lunch for the girls but Celeste was not confident of handling Ella if she decided to go mad again.

Celeste: I’ll go and get.

James : Better not la…. Just me and her in the house… not very appropriate…

Celeste : Haha.. don’t be silly la… I’ll be right back.

Without a word, Celeste left the house with her wallet and I locked the door.

All of a sudden there was this dreadful feeling in my stomach.

I don’t know how to describe it.

I really don’t

Perhaps it was the realisation of being alone in the house with Ella.

I was too afraid to even move from my spot in the living room.

I gathered up enough courage to walk over to the master bedroom.

As I took in the sight of the messy bed, my erection started pushing against my pants.

There she was, lying on the side on her body.

I don’t know if she was asleep as she was facing away from the door.

My heart beat faster as my mind wandered and I struggled with myself.

I took a step into the room and I picked up the basket of spilled clothes that was all over the floor.

The sights of Ella in the office clothes I’ve seen her in that past week came shooting into my head as I picked up piece after piece of her clothing.

The long sleeve flowly white blouse that she paired with a waist high red skirt.

The turtle neck that clug tightly to her petite frame.

Her short black dress that looked so good with her heels.

The clothes slowly gave way to her lingerie.

A black strapless bra with lace trimmings.

The strap of her white front clasp bra that was tangled with a pale pink la senza underwear.

The soft cool material felt weird in my hands as I picked up more underwear and even a pair of black stockings.

My dick was throbbing hard, begging for it’s release.

I slowly rose up and took a few unsure step towards Ella.

She was wearing a beige button down top that was pretty translucent under the room’s lighting. Her white bra plainly visible from where I stood.

One of her bra straps had dropped, all the way down the side of her arm.

The hem of her shirt scrunched up untidily , exposing her lower back and waist.

I could see the waistband of her black panty beneath her grey sleep shorts.

I adjusted my erection as I struggled to breathe.

Not knowing what I was doing any longer, I walked around the side to face Ella and knelt down in front of her face.

Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted and she looked like she was sleeping.

The posture of her body with her hands tied up above her head caused a natural squeeze of her breast. The loose badly dis-positioned bra allowed a generous view of her cleavage, helped by top 2 button of her shirt which was not buttoned up.

James : Ella….

I shook her gently.

I swear my intention was to check if she’s feeling better so I can release the ties so she can rest better.

James : Ella. …

There was no response.

I felt a tingling sensation in my dick as a sudden shiver went down my spine.

Ella looked so peaceful, her breathing steady and calm.

My heart on the other hand was beating wildly, like a crazy horse with it’s reins undone.

I did not know what I was doing as I struggled with my feelings but somehow my hand gained life of it’s own.

My left hand was trembling.

Really trembling as subconsciously, I reached for the 3rd button of Ella’s shirt.

I was shivering on my knees and I was hardly breathing.

When my fingers came into contact with the cold button, I almost let loose a squirt of pee and I had to squeeze my bladder tight.

Before I could deliberate further, I did it.

I just did.

In a smooth motion, I unbuttoned her 3rd button. As if that was not enough, I lifted her top a little and I had to cover my mouth with my hand as I exhaled, my eyes taking in the sight of Ella’s exposed nipple.

It was wrong. Definitely wrong.

Ella is Don’s wife.

Don is my good friend but I could not help it.

I really can’t.

The entire situation is just so fucking hard to comprehend.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry could tell what I did was wrong.


Then again I don’t expect anyone to understand what I was feeling at that point in time. The tired frustration of the entire morning.

The multiple trips.

All the tempting sights and sitation.

I’m a man after all.

My eyes lingered a little too long at Ella’s partly exposed nipple before I stood up.

James : Ella….. Ella….

I shook her gently but there was no reply.

To be brutally honest, I felt nothing but fear.

Fear that was too hard to put into words.

But I was no longer guided by rational reasons, my body just seemed to move on it’s own as I slowly move to the edge of the bed.

I lowered myself again, as I looked at Ella’s small and cute toes that look so delicious.

Before I could stop myself, I actually went close and took a deep breath.

I adjusted my throbbing erection, and it was getting painful to even move about.

The thought of just stripping myself down crossed my mind several times

I moved to the back of Ella on the other side of the bed, thankfully I did not do anything because suddenly Ella gave a loud groan.

Ella : ARghhh ooohh ergnnnn..

She tried to turn but her movements were restricted by her tied hands and leg.

I just froze in my spot, not moving.

Ella was then lying on her back, there was a slight frown on her face.

Somehow her grey shorts rode down more and her waist band of her underwear gave out more surface area.

I have never trembled that badly in my life before.

James : Ella…. Ella… you feeling better ?

James : If you promise to behave I’ll untie you…

I tapped her cheek several times but there was no reaction.

James : Ella…

Then for no reason, she started to groan again.

Picture this, with her hands tied about her head, she tried to arc her body upwards by pressing down on her butt, with one leg tied up, Ella had not much space to move around and somehow she tugged and pulled her body upwards towards the headboard further by leveraging on her tied hands.

The series of motion caused the pants which was in contact with the bed to slide further, angling down sharply at a weird angle, it’s elastic band stretching beyond it’s comfortable range, exposing a diagonal wedge of Ella’s bottom.

I struggled to maintain balance as the sight of Ella’s privates came into view.


The underwear she was wearing was just a simple plain underwear but it was the exposed thighs, the plunge of the curves and the peek of a stray hair that sent my blood pressure up into the roof.

Then without warning, Ella coughed and suddenly jerked and vomited.

It was not a lot but it came out of her mouth, spilling onto her bare chest with bits of it rolling down the side of her cheeks.

As quickly as it happened, it stopped.

Ella adjusted her body again in a series of motion and lowered her shorts by another couple of centimetres.

My phone rang and the ringing snapped me out of my trance and I quickly went out into the living room and answered the phone.

It was Celeste, she asked me what I wanted for lunch and if fish soup was ok.

I told her I’m fine and asked her to get back soon as Ella vomited all over herself.

I hung up and went back into the room.

Having made up my mind that Ella is no longer a threat, I untied her leg first followed by her hands.

I tried to part carry, part shift Ella away from the side of the bed that she vomited over to the clean side.

Using some wet tissues by her dressing top, I cleaned up her mouth as well as I could.

Before I could throw the soiled piece of tissue away, Ella suddenly grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me close to her, burying her head in my chest, mumbling and groaning away again.

I tried to help her lie down but suddenly Ella’s eyes opened.

It was just barely a slit but she opened her eyes and I was sure she knew it was me.

I knew she knew because she said my name.

Ella : James ~~~ ….. James~`…

Then without warning, she grabbed me by my hair and planted a kiss on my cheek.

James : Ella !.. wait…

She was just rubbing her face and head by the side of my head as I tried to put her down onto the bed.

The struggling started again and by then, her shorts came off totally, leaving her in her underwear.

The flap of her unbuttoned top flapping wildly as she struggled for orientation.

James : Ella .. lie down !.. ..Ella wait… oei..

I was shocked what she clamoured up onto her knees and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me towards her.

I lost my balance momentarily and I landed on top of Ella.

I quickly recovered as it was quite a hard landing on her stomach but it was too late.

She turned around in time and I heard the retching sound before she unloaded waves after waves of vomit onto the bedroom floor.

I had a splitting headache.

A really bad one at that time.

Perhaps the only saving grace was that Ella was actually on her knees, her exposed underwear clad butt pointed up high at me in a doggy position as her head bobbed up and down the edge of the bed.

Sometimes I wonder if I really did accumulate good karma in my previous life



I immediately opened all the windows and switched off the air conditioner. I got onto the bed and had to fight my temptation to put my hands anywhere below her middle back. 

The perk of Ella’s firm bottom is seriously testing my tolerance. 

I patted her on her back, trying to get her to throw up all the alcohol. 

James : Ella…. Ella… ….. throw it all out… you’ll feel better after that. 

She retched a couple more time before stopping, hovering over the puddle of mess by the side of her bed. 

I brought over some tissues and she was able to clean up her own mouth before dumping them over the side of the bed again. 

James : Ella…. Are you ok ? …. Do you want some water ? 

Her eyes opened slightly and I could see her nodding, a sign of her consciousness returning. 

I quickly went out and poured her a glass of warm water but the moment I got back into the room, I almost spilled everything onto myself as somehow Ella twisted and turned on the messy bed, causing one half of her underwear to fold and expose her entire left butt cheek. 

There was no words I could find to describe what I was feeling at that moment. The temptation to just drop the glass of water and press my face onto that delicious smooth bottom. 

Fortunately Ella turned and groaned again and I quickly regained my senses. 

James : Here. Drink some water…. You’ll feel better. 

She took a couple of sip but coughed and spilled half the water onto her own body. 

I almost wanted to shout in that small room. 

The water drenched her already pretty translucent top, the moisture seeping beneath the fabric turning it a shade darker. 

Ella seemed oblivious to her current state although I was pretty sure she’s having a much better sense of awareness after her throw up. 

Ella clamoured for support from me and said she needed the bathroom. 

Ella : Ja… James… bri…… bring me to bathroom…..

James : Ok…ok…. 

Ella slouched most of her weight on me and if she had look down at my pants, there was no hiding the obvious protrusion my dick was causing to my pants. That pain, that urge for a release, the touch of Ella’s skin against mine, if you are reading this behind the screen, you might think it’s heaven. 

To me, it was pure torture at that point in time. 

I have never been tested and tempted in that manner before in my life. 

Ella’s grey shorts were still bundled by the calves and as she tried to put her legs over the bed, they dropped down to her ankles. 

James : Oh my god… Ella… ~~.. your shorts… 

I knelt down and I could feel Ella supporting herself on my head and shoulders, I took the shorts and tried to slide it up her legs, but the moment I looked up, I almost had a heart attack at Ella’s underwear was staring at me right in the face. 

That soft thin fabric that separates her most private sanctum from me. If only I could feast my senses on her love hole. As I struggled to pull her shorts up, Ella swayed a little but I still manage to get her dressed up. 

I was thankful I did not try anything funny though because Ella was awake enough to thank me by then. 

Ella : Th…thanks… James… 

I held onto her and half supported and half dragged her to the master bath. 

Ella went to the sink and tried to splash herself with cold water but ended up drenching her top even more. 

I searched her wardrobe for a towel and drape it over her bent body by the sink before sliding the door close. 

I loitered outside the bathroom and called out several times to make sure she was ok. 

James : Ella…. Ella… you ok ? … Ella ? 

Ella : Yahh… yup… I’m fine… 

I heard the shower come on and I left the room. I could feel the soreness from my dick as the repeated events that day caused it so much angst and disappointment. 

Ella was in the bathroom for almost 20 minutes before I heard he shout for me. 

Ella : James…James… 

James : Yah ? 

I looked into the master bedroom and saw Ella’s head with her hair dripping wet peeking out at me. 

Ella : Help me close the door… I need to change. 

I closed the master bedroom door and went back to the living room. 


Celeste text me, asking me to open the door as she just boarded the lift. 

She got into the house just as Ella came out of the master bedroom in a simple white shorts and t-shirt. 

Immediately Celeste called out to her. 

Celeste : Eh… you siao char bor ah …. What is wrong with you ? … 

I let the girls talk while I set the table for our lunch. 

I tried Don a few times but there was no reply. 


The 3 of us shared a quiet lunch with very few words. 


I decided to make a move to check on Don while Celeste said she would stay with Ella. 

James : Your dinner ? 

Celeste : I’ll tell my parents I can’t join them. … 

I tidied up the table and was about to head to the toilet in the kitchen when Celeste beat me to it. 

Celeste : Sorry ah… I need to change again.. ..

As the door snap shut, I heard Ella call out to me. 

Ella : Use the room one… there’s 2 bathroom.. 

I did not think much of it until I place I foot into the wet floor of the master bath. 

I immediately shut the door behind me and made sure it was locked. 

Bundled over by the sink was the clothes Ella wore barely minutes ago. 

Immediately blood rushed to my manhood again and I could feel the excitement building up in my stomach. Any rationale I had left me in a hurry as I immediately stripped and released my throbbing dick from the constraints of my underwear. 

I pulled aside the translucent top, exposing a wet moisture soak bra. 

The very bra that Ella was wearing moments ago. 

The softness of the cups, the thought it them supporting the supple full breast of Ella sent my mind into an overdrive. 

As I feel the soft texture of it in my hand, I could not help but bring it close to my face, striking my cheek, my nose and my mouth as I imagined myself doing it with Ella. 

I inverted the cups, and my eyes could almost see this imaginary depression, although I was pretty sure it was my mind playing tricks but I still lick the small area where I imagined Ella’s nipples were. 

The small zone where her perky erected nipples nested comfortable against the bra cups. 

Without even realising, I was already jerking off as I play with Ella’s bra. 

As suddenly as it started, I toss the bra aside and went for the pair of grey shorts. 

It was damp, the moisture from Ella’s shower must have gotten to it. Rolled within the pair of shorts was her underwear. 

I almost came when I took it, looking at it closely, fantasizing myself pulling it off Ella’s smooth hairless legs.

I could not take it any longer and finally wrapped my dick with her damp wet undies and came, sputtering and squirting my cum onto the area I imagined her love hole would be. 

I was perspiring by then and I took a moment to compose myself. 

I quickly rinsed off the cum stains and replaced all of Ella’s clothes back by the sink, rational thoughts and reason slowly slipped back into my head as I exited the bathroom. 

The girls were chatting by the living room in soft hush whispers. I announced that I’m making a move 

They nodded and both of them came over to the door and wave me off for some reason I could not comprehend. 

4.45 pm

Don was up and playing games on his handphone by the time I got back. 

I spent the next hour talking to him. 

Serious guy to guy talk. 

We talked mostly about the problems he was facing with Ella. 

Money was definitely an issue, they had overstretched themselves for the wedding and the honeymoon but they were confident that they could ride it out. 

Financial matters had already put a strain on their relationship and then Walter had to come into the picture. 

Don was obviously unhappy that Ella was spending so much time with Walter. I could understand Don’s feeling, any man would feel the same. Imagine you just became husband and wife for barely a week and your wife is spending more time with her boss than you.

By 6pm

Don had calm down considerably and I told him to really talk things through.

James : I’m sure you all can work things out.


Don left my place and I never heard from the couple for the rest of the weekend.

9th April 2010



There was definitely still some left over tension in the air between Don and Ella.

The week flew by quickly as everyone is busy with their own projects.

Ella worked late almost every day that week, I have my own deadlines coming up so I’m putting in a few extra hours too together with a project mate of mine.

Ella and Walter would leave work on average at about 9pm the past few days

I could not follow them because I leave about 30 minutes later when my project mate’s husband comes to put her up and give me a lift since it’s on the way.

Now Don did something pretty stupid a couple of days ago. Something I wished he had discussed with me.

In the middle of the week, he actually went into Walter’s room and told him that he would appreciate it if his wife , Ella did not have to work late every night.

I almost smack myself on my forehead when he told me about it over lunch and seem so pleased with himself.

At 10.30am that Friday morning, Don was called into the ops director’s office. He did not appear for about 30 minutes.

When he came out, he told me he’s being transferred to our secondary office at woodlands where the warehouse is.

James : What ?

Don : Eh… not bad leh.. got $250 increment..

Something did not feel right at all about this and I had this nagging feeling that Walter had something to do with it.

Ella found out about it after lunch and she asked by Don took up the offer. He told her that they needed all they could to pay off their debts. She was obviously not too happy about his transfer.


I was over at the pantry when I heard Spencer, our Ops director and Walter enter from behind in the midst of their conversation.

All I caught was ;

Walter : ……for the help with Don…

Spencer : Small thing… don’t worry.

That was all I needed to know.


Don was due to head over the following week and he’s already started to pack up his desk.

James : Eh… you…. Move over liao then Ella how ?

He was a bit unsure of my question and gave me a puzzled look.

I brushed it off and decided that sooner or later, Don would see things the way they truly are.


Like another other day that week, I was about to head down to the lobby with my colleague to catch a ride back when I realised Walter’s room light is still on.

It then struck me that I did not see Ella leave work that day too.

Since it’s the weekend, I decided to try my luck and find out more about Walter.

I fobbed an excuse, saying that I suddenly had a bad tummy ache and returned to the office, adding that I’ll make my way back on my own.


The office is pretty much empty, with only a couple of colleagues at the far end of the office.

I went back to my desk and stow away my work bag. I needed to be mobile and nimble.

My phone was switched to silent mode.

Taking a casual glance around the office, I slowly made my way to the pantry and got myself a drink.


The remaining colleagues left, leaving only Ella and Walter in the office.

The lights at the general area were switched off and I was the only one around in the pantry.

It was too risky to be seen loitering around so I made my way down to the carpark.

Walter’s car is easy to find in the almost empty parking lot. I chose a spot which gave me a good view of the car and I parked myself on the concrete slab and waited.


I heard some noises and saw movements approaching the car.

From the dim light of the street lamps, I could see Walter talking in an animated manner with Ella.

He would gesture, laugh and occasionally touch Ella.

Ella on the other hand looked tired and a little uncomfortable.

I saw Walter put his hands on Ella’s back as he guided her towards the passenger seat and I could see the obvious avoidance Ella was giving, quickening her step and side stepping Walter’s hand.

Ella was wearing a skirt that day, and Walter loitered around a little too long to watch Ella get in, probably hoping to get a glimpse of her leg or undies if he got lucky.

After he closed the door for her, he got in as well.

The engine was started but the car did not move.

It was just stationary.

Ella’s face suddenly lit up, by the light from her phone and from the spill over light, I could see Walter talking to Ella while she text away on her phone.

Then it happened, Walter tried to pick off something from Ella’s hair and it gave her a shock, as she jerked and shrunk away from him but he just laughed it off, seemingly amused by her reaction.

It was clear Ella was uncomfortable but there was nothing she could do.

Then without warning, I saw Walter put her hand across Ella’s shoulder, stroking her arm. Ella resisted, she tried to remove his hand but Walter just chuckled and nudged her, as if pretending it was a joke.

There was an evident frown on Ella’s face.

I could not make out what Walter was doing next but Ella suddenly jerked pretty hard, as if she got a shock and she tried to open the car door but realised she has her seatbelt on.

Walter tried to pull her back with the seat belt but Ella managed to unbuckle herself and got out.

I could see she was scare as she staggered out unevenly on her heels. She tried to reach for her phone which I could see was blinking on the dashboard but as soon as Walter reached for it, she withdrew her hand and staggered backwards.

Walter’s door opened and I could hear him tell her it’s a joke.

Walter : Eh Ella. Joking only… why so big reaction ? haha…

It was obvious she’s uncomfortable and anyone could tell she was unwilling to get back into the car.

Ella spoke and said she’s making her own way back and quicken her footsteps, he heels clicking down the carpark.

She tried to head for the side gate but Walter quickly caught up and tried to explain but he herded Ella back towards the lobby.

Walter : Ella… listen… you’re over reacting.

Ella quicken her pace back to the lobby. There’s a security booth by the lift although I was pretty sure the 70 year old guard was snoozing off somewhere.

I kept to the shadows and took a detour to the lobby, my ears listening carefully for Walter and Ella.

There was no sound form the lobby and I took a quick look to confirm that it’s empty. I saw the old lift heading back up to the office on the 3rd floor and I took the stairs 2 steps at a time.

I got to the 3rd floor in time to hear Walter talking pretty loudly along the corridor to the office.

Walter: Ella…. There’s no need for this… it’s a joke.. .. come out.. let’s talk…

I could not see or hear Ella anywhere but I could hear Walter calling out her name.

I heard the clink of a zippo and Walter lit up a cigarette, the pungent smell of smoke filled the corridor and I took another peek at his backview.

Walter buzzed himself into the office again and I let myself out into the corridor.

I saw the lights in the office come on and I surveyed the long dark path that led to it.

It was then I caught a glimpse of light coming from the bottom of the female toilet. The auto sensors lighting up the bathroom whenever it sensed movements.

I estimate it to be a 20m distance away from where I was, there was no telling if Walter might suddenly appear from the office. I took a deep breath and quickly scrambled down the corridor to the bathroom.

A quick glance told me Walter is still in his office and I took the risk and opened the female bathroom.

It was empty, from the reflection in the mirror I could tell one of the cubicle door was closed.

I entered and shut the door behind me.

I whispered towards the cubicle.

James : Ella ?…. you there ? It’s me…. James…

Immediately the bolt came undone and Ella dashed out of the cubicle.

She was trembling and I could see she cried.

Ella : James… Walter…

I hushed her down, and told her I saw what happened without explaining myself.

James : Keep your voice down… don’t let Walter know I’m here..

I reassured her everything would be ok.

James : Let’s get you out of here.

I grabbed a stool from the cleaner’s wardrobe and hoist myself up to reach the sensor for the bathroom. I yanked it off the ceiling and plunge the bathroom into darkness.

The moment I got back onto the floor, Ella grabbed my arms, as if she was afraid of losing me in the dark.

I took a peek into the corridor and checked that it was clear.


I calculated the risk in my head.

The 20 m to the staircase.

The 17m to the lift lobby.

What should I do.

I motioned for Ella to take off her heels and she did so obediently.

We left the female toilet, and was about to take another step when I saw the light spilling into the corridor from our office go off. Immediately I dragged Ella into the men’s bathroom and shut the door.

I took a quick look around and immediately dragged Ella to the last cubicle and shut it.

There was an eerie silence in the cubicle and Ella by then was holding onto my hand. Our fingers intertwined as she looked helplessly at me.

I stroked her on the hair and put my finger to my lips, mouthing for her to calm down.

There was a sudden thud.

A loud one.

One of a door hitting the back of it’s stopper but it’s not the men’s bathroom. It’s a little muted.

It had to be the ladies.

It was so quiet that we could make out Walter’s voice, calling Ella’s name from the ladies.

There was no sound, then followed by a muted thud and another, and another.

I could almost picture Walter opening each of the female cubicle, expecting to find Ella inside.

Ella shivering never stopped. In fact it got worst with every muted thud, no doubt her mind filling with images of Walter finding her if I did not show up.

No one will know what could have happened.

No one can tell what Walter would do.

There was no way of getting out of the bathroom without bumping straight on into Walter.

One thing is certain.

Walter ….. is … coming…



I knew in the back of my mind it was a matter of seconds before Walter came over to the men’s toilet. 

I did not disable the sensor upon going in, the entire bathroom is flooded with lights. The spill of the lights will be obvious from the entrance. 

If Walter had gone through the trouble to open every cubicle in the female toilet, there was nothing stopping him from doing the same in the male one. 

There was not much time for me to think and I quickly surveyed my surroundings, desperate for a solution. 

The last cubicle we were in does not come with a WC, it’s the old kind of squatting pan where you need to take 2 steps up. 

Ella and I were elevated about 20cm off the ground level but if we were to remain there, we could be easily seen through the reflection from the mirrors at the wash basin. 

Right at the back where the flush panel was, there’s another ledge. It’s quite wide, at least 30cm by my estimate, definitely enough for someone to stand on. 

If I could get Ella up and away from the mirror’s effective reflection range, we might be able to pass off the last cubicle as empty since the mirrors are not that high but that was not enough.

I opened the cubicle door and took a quick look outside the toilet, my eyes desperately scanning for something that could get us out of this fix. 

Aside from the cleaner’s stall that’s full of supplies and cleaning equipment, there’s just a string with several towels hanging from it. I recognised them as what the cleaner would usually use to clean the sink and the mirrors. 

There was a old t-shirt which belonged to the cleaner and a pair of old slippers. 

I started taking off my clothes and gestured for Ella to get up and get onto the ledge. 

She did not question me and turned towards the ledge. I would estimate it to be about 1.1m off the squatting pan, not too high, but without a proper foot support, you would need help getting up, especially with the 30cm space, you don’t have much room to work with. 

I held Ella by the waist right after I unbuckled my pants and gave her a hoist, I was struck with a flash of navy blue as her short skirt gave a cheerful bounce, flashing her underwear to me. 

There was no time to savour my erection as Ella struggled to balance herself on the space about the size of an A4 paper. 

She had to squat down diagonally, and I was staring straight at her underwear as she manoeuvred right to the extreme corner of the cubicle, away from the opening swing of the door. 

If the door was not open wide enough, there’s a possibility that Walter would not see her.

Ella gave me a frown and a smack on my head when she was me staring at her exposed underwear, gesturing urgently at the door. 

I let my pants dropped, leaving only my boxers. Thankfully I was wearing just a plain black one that day, if you don’t pay much attention to it, it might pass off as a pair of running shorts. 

I hung all my clothes behind the door and quickly ran out of the last cubicle and into the 2nd one after grabbing one of the towels drying on the string and slipping into the cleaner’s slipper. 

2 of the cubicles came with attached shower hose. Sometimes the staff will shower in them especially after a hot afternoon site visit. 

I turned the tap on just in time for the water to start splashing and sloshing onto my body and onto the floor when I heard the door to the men’s toilet open. 

There was no need for me to put on a free shower show for Walter, I turned off the shower and walked out confidently, pretending to stretch and towel dry my hair with the cleaner’s towel, slapping my wet slipper loudly in the empty toilet. 

The Men’s toilet door opened with Walter announcing his entry. 

Walter : Ella…. Let’s talk this through.. 

He turned around the corner and immediately i pretended to get a shock as our eyes met and made use of my speech and drama skills I picked up during school. 

James :Woahh !… 

I jumped a little and I noticed Walter was a little taken aback too. 

I never really interacted with him in office and other than a handshake, it was just a smile and a nod when we pass each other in the pantry. 

Not wanting to lose the initiative, I spoke first. 

James : Eh.. just now on the way back from my run, I saw you leaving with Ella already… how come still here ?? 

I continued to towel myself dry in a nonchalant manner as Walter struggled to come up with a reply. 

Walter : Oh.. Ella forgot to grab some stuff I think….and she wanted to make her way back on her own so as not to hold me up….. but she left her phone in my car….. I err.. realised it after I was about to drive off ….. so i came up to look for her. .. 

James : Oh…ok…. 

Right after I said ok, I pretended to do a double take and look at Walter again. 

James : You…. Are not looking for Ella in the toilet right ? haha… I thought I heard you…. 

Walter : No la.. haha. 

I casually flipped the towel over my left shoulder and started to walk towards Walter and the exit. 

I threw a casual joke and asked Walter to consider blackmailing Ella. 

James : Aiyah,…. You Monday kotok Ella breakfast, say you find her phone.. haha. 

I gave his arm a light nudge with my wet elbow. 

James : Eh… include my share…. I help to be your witness, say you came all the way up but cannot find her…. Haha 

I gave a cheeky chuckle as I opened the toilet door, as if holding it open for Walter. 

He recovered nicely and smiled before replying and stepping out.

Walter : Yah….. extra effort man… ok on. Monday I make her buy us breakfast…. Don’t forget ah… you’re my witness… I came all the way up and no sign of her. 

Immediately in my mind I knew how sly this fox could get, using me as an excuse. 

This way, he had a perfect witness to say that he could not find Ella when he tried to return her phone. 

Even if Ella wanted to accuse him of anything, nothing would stick. 

I continued slapping my wet slipper to the office, thankful that I kept a spare set of gym clothes and most important of all, thankful that Walter actually stopped at the lift lobby. 

Walter : Ok. See you James… next time we jog together…. Don’t eat breakfast on Monday ya. Haha. 

I gave him a wide smile and a thumbs up as I unlocked the office door. 

I went into the office and checked to make sure I’m really alone before I striped and change into my spare gym clothes. 

I don’t have a change of underwear so i went commando. 

Slipping into my spare slippers, I waited a couple of minutes before I peeked out into the corridor and made sure it was clear. 

I checked the stairwell and it’s empty, and the lift indicator showed it’s on the ground floor. 

I threw my wet underwear into a plastic holder before dumping it into my bag.

Doubling back into the men’s room, I went straight back to the last cubicle, ditching the cleaner’s towel and slipper along the way. 

James : Ella .. 

There she was still huddled on the ledge. 

Ella : James…. I’m having a cramp… 

I went over instantly and tried to help her down, but being huddled up on such a small surface area and squatting for such a long time was no mean feat. 

Ella could hardly stand up not to mention get off the ledge. 

She tried to put one leg down but in a mix of numbness and having a cramp, she just froze. 

Ella : James!… i… 

I held onto Ella’s waist and carried her down, but she had already lost functions of her leg and she could not even straighten them properly to support herself. 

I did not expect that level of dependency especially seeing her leg try to reach for the floor and Ella ended up collapsing under her own weight. I reacted the only way I could, that was to grab her with both hands. 

The thing was that the moment I grabbed, I was already holding onto the middle of her ribcage, awfully close to her breast. 

It was impossible to get a proper grip as gravity did it’s work, Ella started to slip. 

Ella : Arghh.. James… I’m slipping…. … I’m slipping. 

I could do nothing as I felt my back slam against the divider as Ella slipped down. As if that was not bad enough, my hands felt the softness of Ella’s breast. 

Oh my god, that heavenly feeling of grabbing her love pillows. 

An erection followed naturally and before I could even savour the moment, Ella tried to stand but her leg gave way again. The resulting movement causing my clasped hands which was already holding onto her breast to instead flip up her bra cups. 

That very 2nd grasp I held onto was a feeling I could not describe. 

I don’t want to exaggerate and say I can feel her nipples poking at me but the thin material of her top separating Ella’s exposed breast and my hands might as well not be there. 

The firmness, that structural integrity of a nice pair of breast that I’m feeling did nothing to help my already erected dick. 

Ella : ARghhh… James !!.. argh.. you !.. 

James : Stop moving.. !… 

The magical moment lasted but a second or 2 but it will remain etched in my mind for a lifetime.

I lifted Ella up again, this time round placing my hand under her arms like an adult carrying a baby. It took another 30 seconds or so before Ella could stand properly and she started hitting me on the head. 

Ella : ARghh!!!!… 

Turning to show me her back, Ella unbuttoned her shirt and started to adjust and put on her bra properly. 

I figured she would take a while so I quickly tried to adjust my erection. 

How the hell would I know she would turn at the very moment I was trying to adjust and she shriek again in the quiet toilet. 

Ella : ARgg.. James ! you sicko !… 

I was shock of course and instead of adjusting it properly, I ended up pushing it in a weird angle, almost exposing it. 

James : Wah lau… I’m a man also ok…. After all this… it’s natural.. 

She ignored my comment and adjusted the bearing once more before slipping on her heels. 

I packed up and we left the bathroom shortly after. 


I was back to my cautious mode as I approach the lobby. 

Instead of calling for the lift immediately, I decided to be a little cautious and went to the stairwell. From the mid landing, there’s a window where I can peek out onto the carpark below. 

My heart sank when I saw Walter’s car still at the parking lot. I could not make out if he was in the car from where I stood. 

I went back to Ella with the bad news. 

I needed to leave soon too, if not Walter will probably think why I took so long to change and leave. 

I’m sure by now you would probably be thinking why so troublesome ? 

Why go through all the trouble ?

Call Don ? 

Call police ? 

If only things were that simple. 

I thought of calling Don, but having an angry husband barge into the scene could hardly solve anything. 

There’s the job and career of a few individual at stakes here. 

As for the authorities, what can we tell them ? 

It’s Ella’s word against his, he touch her leg ? 

He tried to be funny ? 

He tried to be too friendly ? 

Before the investigation can be concluded, a few jobs will probably be lost and ours is a small industry. News travel fast. Bad news travel even faster. 

I led Ella to the staircase and i told her to lose her heels again while I took off my slippers. 

We reached the ground floor in no time and I waited for a while to see if I could pick up any signs of Walter. 

Perhaps his cigarette smoke. 


I motioned for Ella to stay inside the stairwell while I put on my slipper and go out normally as I called for a cab. 

As I stood at the middle of the drop off point telling the operator my address, my eyes scanned the surrounding for Walter. 

He was nowhere to be found. 

He’s not by his car. 

I could not see him anywhere. 

When I had a confirmation on my cab, I hung up and pretended to stretch as I looked around. 

Still no sign of Walter. 

The lift chimed behind me, and I casually turned around to see a couple of other building occupants file out. 

They loitered at the lobby too, presumably having called a cab as well. 

It happened that both were girls and they started chatting. 

Right at this moment, another door opened by the back to the lift almost too quickly that it gave everyone a scare. 

It was opened with strength as well and it gave a loud thud against the wall, causing everyone to jump and turn towards the door. 

There he is, at the lobby of the good loading and unloading lift. 

He must have thought he heard Ella talking.

Walter gave a sheepish apology and I gave him a questioning look. 

James : Eh… why you still here ? 

Walter : Oh… nothing… I’m just leaving… 

Right at that moment, I saw my cab turning into the compound right as Walter walk pass me. 

The 2 ladies thought it was theirs but I casually mentioned that it’s mine. 

James : That’s mine. 2231. 

Walter turned and gave the lobby another look, catching me talking to the 2 girls before turning his head back towards his car and reaching for his key. 

Right before the cab pull up, I ran the 5 steps towards the stairwell and opened the door. 

Without a word, I pulled Ella out and directed her towards the cab. 

Everything happened so fast that the 2 girls got a shock. 

The cab stopped and I opened the door immediately and bundled Ella in. She went in, sat up and almost immediately lie back down. 

I had to nudge her to make space for me as I got on. 

Closing the door, I told the uncle to go off. 

James: Uncle, can go liao. 

The cab moved, but I could see Walter’s car move as well. 

My heart was thumping when I realised we turned out into the small road after Walter. 

Ella by then was already so relieved that she did not realise the situation and she tried to sit up. 

Then when the lights turned red in front of us, my heart almost stopped beating. 

It’s a 2 lane road. 

1 for turning left, 1 for turning right. 

Walter took the left lane and the cab took the right. 

The cab driver has already let go of the accelerator, letting the cab cruise slowly to the side of Walter’s car. 

Thankfully I’m at the left most seat, hopefully I would block any chance of Walter spotting Ella in the cab. 

I immediately shouted a warning that caused the cab driver to jump too.

James :Walter’s car is beside us !. Stay down. 

Instead of leaning back against the seat, I sat upright and was about to hug the passenger seat so as to block as much of the view as possible when I felt that heavy thud on my lap. 

Ella’s head landed on my lap the instance I tried to bring my body close to the passenger seat. 

Before I could register what was happening, I felt the silky soft hair of Ella spread all over my naked thigh. 

I took a quick look down and I realised that her face was facing my tummy and she immediately push my face upwards, asking me to look ahead. 

Time stood still. 

It was then I realised exactly how long it took for the light to turn green at that very junction. 

The blood flowed freely to my dick. 

Without my underwear, I could feel it move and push it’s way out the side of my shorts, barely inches away from Ella’s face. 

She must have felt it. 

There was no way she could have missed it. 

That throbbing warm of my erection. 

Ella : James… !.. your.. 

As my dick pushed centimetres after centimetres to the side, I knew the head was going to come out.

There was no hiding it. 

It would be right where Ella’s face would be. 

Then it happened. 

The very thing that made my Friday night. 

Ella’s hand went for it, grabbing my throbbing dick which was about to get exposed. 

Her firm grip on my dick sent a shock of electricity down my spine. 

Everything happened within like 2-3 seconds. Yet time seemed to slow down. 

The firmness of Ella’s hand, desperately holding onto my dick and pushing it away from her face almost gave me an orgasm. 

I watched the green man flicker and ticked, the rhythm almost as if it was in sync with the throbbing of my dick. 

My manhood seemed to have a life of it’s own, pulsating and getting longer and firmer with every tick of the green man. 

As the engine of the old taxi hummed and vibrated, I felt my dick leave the comforts of the fabric and come into contact with Ella’s bare hands.

Just that tiny bit. 

But it’s enough. 

The past 1 hour had been nothing but exhaustion. 

As the light turn green in our favour, the cab started to move off. 

I don’t know if it was sheer exhaustion or whatever it is that was going through Ella’s mind, she did not get up from my lap. 

She turned away from my tummy and let go of my dick and adjusted herself and found a comfortable position to rest her head on my right thigh, her leg tucked to the back of the passenger seats. 

I leaned back onto the seat and I too dozed off. 

Till today, I could not believe everything happened within the span of about an hour. 

I walked Ella to the lift lobby before I grabbed another cab back. Not a single word was exchanged between us. 

I could not remember what time I reached home, but I remember falling asleep thinking about Ella’s hands.


10th April 2010



I could not remember when was the last time I had such a good sleep.

No phone calls, no messages and no one to disturb me.

I checked my phone, a little worried that there might be some messages from Don or maybe an SOS message from Celeste but there was nothing.


After washing up I paced up and down my room, thinking of what do I type within that message box.

I wanted to ask Celeste out, but something as simple as that took me a good 10 minutes of pacing before I summoned up enough courage.

It was a dumb message.

James : Lunch ?

There you have it.

That’s the best James can come up with.

That’s not the worst of it, like a school boy texting his puppy love for the first time, I place my phone on the floor, squatted down and just stare at it.

I watched the digital clock on my phone tick by and I checked the reception level bar.

There was definitely enough battery but I decided to plug it in.

Pacing up and down a few more times, I mentally willed the phone to beep but there was nothing.


I was about to grab my phone when it rang.

Words could not describe the joy in my heart when I saw Celeste’s name appear on the screen.

James : Hello …

Celeste : Seriously ? ….. Lunch….? … just one word ah… haha.

I gave a sheepish reply.

James : I’m not good with words …

Celeste : Oh please…. Haha …Ella warned me about you….

James : She’s prejudiced against me, thinks I’m bad influence for Don, but I assure you that’s not the case….

She laughed and my heart skipped a beat when she asked what I wanted for lunch.

I suggested we meet up first before deciding.

Celeste : You don’t mind coming up north ?

I laughed and told her not at all.

James : I need friends in the north.


I was loitering around Punggol mrt as I waited for Celeste to show up.

It was a quiet afternoon, even more so at the end of the world at Punggol.

There were hardly anyone exiting the station, most travellers heading up towards the LRT station instead.

As a steady stream of people from the just arrived train headed up the long escalator, I saw a lone figure came down, choosing to walk down the steep steps instead of letting the escalator take her.

There are not many times in my life I could exclaim I’ve seen an angel but that Saturday was truly one of those days.

The skylight from the roof of the station was shining brightly through into the interior, the filtered rays of light hit Celeste as she descended down the escalator, almost like an angel.

She wore a sleeveless white dress, it looked casual enough yet there was no hiding the delicious body beneath. Her breast looked full, she had on very light makeup and instead of a handbag, Celeste had a sling purse diagonally hung across her body.

The black string cutting directly down the cleavage of her love pillows, accentuating her nice petite figure.

If only the station plays some slow jazz music, I would have asked her for a dance right there and then.

As Celeste closed the last few meters between us to the gantry, the image of a graceful angel disappeared.

She tried tapping out with her entire sling purse but the sensor could not read her card.

She waved it around wildly as if she was trying to flip an omelette before laughing and hitting the purse a couple of times onto the sensor.

I stared with my eyes wide opened as she laughed and tried to retrieve her fare card while looking at me at the same time.

Celeste : What ? haha… never happen to you before meh ?

She finally manage to get out of the gantry and started stuffing her card back into her tiny bag.

James : You could have brought a bigger purse you know.

She gave me a slap on my arm and asked me what’s the plan.

James : There’s nothing to eat here, let’s hop back into the train.

I laughed as she gave me this delirious look right when she clenched both her fists and tried hard not to swing them at me.

Celeste : Argghh.. James… ! .. you should have came in before I went out.

We caught a train without a destination in mind and without realising it, alighted at Clark quay station when we felt like it.

The train ride was anything but boring. There were empty seats but I chose to stand.

If we had sat, I would not be able to face Celeste as we speak.

I wanted to face her, to feel every unsteady bump of the train, to be able to sway a little in front of her, to be able to lose my balance a couple of times only to recompose again by pressing onto the glass panel behind her.

Needless to say, with each time I lost balance, I got a little closer.

If there was any indication from Celeste that she knew, she did not show. Instead she automatically held onto my arm every time the train jerked.


We picked a ramen joint and waited about 10 minutes before we got a seat.

The conversation between us never stopped. I asked about her family and found out that her Dad is a pilot with a regional airline while her mum is a housewife.

James : Wow… you must get to travel free often..

Celeste : Haha… my dad flies the plane…. He doesn’t own the airlines.

She revealed that she was lucky to have visited quite a few places, in fact almost every continent.

It was then I realised how mountain turtle I was.

James : I’ve… never been out of southeast asia… the furthest I went was Taiwan.

Celeste : Sure have chance one la…

I too shared a little about my family.

James : My dad is in transportation too. He drives a cab…..

She laughed as she tried to finish a stray strand of ramen.

Celeste : Really ? …. You must get to travel around free very often… haha

I gave a nonchalant shrug.

James : My dad drives the cab…. He doesn’t own the cab company…

That set off another round of laugher and Celeste kicked me with her feet.

James : Well… I’m lucky I guess, I’ve been almost every estate in Singapore…

She took a while before she composed herself and added.

Celeste : You are full of rubbish James…. Like what Ella told me…

I was pretty curious about what Ella told her, you see, the impression of what Ella has on me stand to influence what Celeste would think about me.

As casual as I could, I probed what Ella had told Celeste about me.

There was a naughty twinkle in her eyes as she laughed and pretended to not hear my question.

James : Oei… don’t pretend you can’t hear me .

Celeste : haha

She chuckled before thinking about the reply she was going to give.

Celeste : To sum it up………. She said you are not boyfriend material. Haha..

I digested the words and nodded my head looking into the distance.

Celeste tapped my on my arm, as if she was worried I’m affected by what she said .

Celeste : Oei… you ok ?

I nodded and told Celeste that I kind of agree with what Ella said and she just laughed.


I offered to pay for lunch but Celeste insisted on paying for her share.

We chatted and took a slow walk to Chinatown. As fate would have it we pass by an adult shop that sells sex toys.

I took a casual glance and Celeste caught me looking before jabbing me in the side of my ribs.

Celeste : Is that all you think about ? haha.

James : I smiled and nodded gently….. everyday…. I think about buying up small shops like this….. and become a landlord.

Celeste laughed before jumping a little, hooking her arm around my neck and followed through with a mock strangle.

Celeste : ARghhh… talk to you will vomit blood sometimes James.. haha.

We continued our stroll and I took the opportunity to tease Celeste about the subject.

James : So… how do you…. Envision ….. it to be since you…..?

She shot me look from the corner of her eye before breaking into a sly smile, instantly catching on to what I’m asking.

She thought about it for a moment before replying.

Celeste : A castle, rose petals scattered all over, champagne, and knight in shinning armour.

I tried to hold back my laughter and replied.

James : Reality sometimes is a bit different from fairy tale my dear Celeste.. ha.

She ignored my jibe and tried to dig information out from me.

Celeste : So…. you must have experienced this reality ….. pretty frequently…

I gave her a shock look and denied for obvious reasons.

James : Of course not….. what makes you think that way of me…

She probed further, not giving up easily.

Celeste : You just strike me as someone who…… how do I put it…

She looked around the street before completing her sentence.

Celeste : become a knight frequently…. Haha

I laughed and denied her accusations.

James : I’ve never been a fan of medieval cosplay.

After a little further probing, I told Celeste I’ve been in a couple of relationships before. She volunteered her own count at 2, and that includes secondary school romance.

Her last relationship ended when her boyfriend went overseas for studies.

James : Hmm… not that it’s my business but aren’t there any… couple bonding activities at all ? haha

She refused to answer my question and gave me a kick on my shin.


We window shopped like any other couple in town, but that we did not hold hands, we did not hug, we did not kiss and we kept a respectful distance away from each other.

Celeste and I may have only spent a few hours together but the vibe we are getting off certainly doesn’t look that way.

It felt like we were already in the middle of our honeymoon phase, the sweet beginning of every relationship.

The funny way she dragged me into a stall and made me try on a weird t-shirt, to the way she tried to push my ice cream cone onto my face, and she even bought me a straw hat when I commented the weather was hot.

Celeste : Nah.. wear it.

I too made Celeste change into auntie looking tops and forced her to take a few photos but she was sporting enough to do it.


We started to make our way back to Punggol as Celeste promised to have dinner with her mum.

By the time we got to the bottom of her flat at 6.15pm, our footsteps slowed considerably.

Each pace I put in front of me made me nervous.

I don’t want to be dramatic and say something like I fell in love with her, she is the apple of my eye or something dumb but the truth is, I enjoyed spending time with her.

I really do.

That was some fine company on a good Saturday afternoon and I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m reluctant to let it end.

We got into the lift and our conversation stopped.

For the first time that day, we stopped teasing each other, we stop chatting, we stopped laughing.

There was this tension in the air that I found it hard to describe.

This sour tickle in my stomach, the lump in my throat.

I held the door open as Celeste stepped out into the lift landing with me following closely behind.

I decided that was it. The most I get rejected, maybe a slap but if I never tried, I will never know.

I reached for Celeste’s hand and held it.

She did not stop walking, but continued on a step or so, I expected her to shrug me off but that did not happen.

Instead our hands extended straight out all the way and Celeste let the resulting hold of my hand pulled her back as she turned and face me.

Her eyes looked away immediately and she stared at the lift behind me and asked.

Celeste : What….is this…. Suppose to mean ? …

She brushed her fringe behind her ears and I could see her eyes searching for something to look at.

Anything but at me.

Before I could speak, she blurted out again and I could tell she was nervous.

The thing was that I am nervous too and I’m trying hard not to show it. In fact I felt like peeing.

Celeste : I….. i.. haha… Ella warned me….

I knew I had to stop her straying thoughts fast and I place both my hands on her shoulders, and I spoke to her as gentle as I could.

James : I admit….. I’m not really boyfriend material…… but there is a good reason for this…

She looked at me eagerly as I continued.

James : That’s because I’m….husband material…

She laughed and pushed herself away from me but I pulled her back towards me. This time round I tested my luck and place 1 hand on her waist and just brought her close.

We spent about 2 seconds staring at each other before I let her go, it’s too early for anything physical but the connection was definitely there.

I did a dramatic bow before I kissed Celeste on her hand and let her go, there was no words in my limited vocabulary I could use to describe that radiant smile on her face that evening.

That alluring smile with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

Right before we parted, Celeste added.

Celeste : What about my castle ? ….. haha my rose petals… ?

I turned around and gave a cocksure look and told her not to worry.

James : I’ll build you a castle. Not a problem.

Celeste : How long would that take ? hahah.

James : 1 week. It’ll be ready by our next date.

I gave her a wink as the lift door close with Celeste’s laugher echoing inside the lift.

The moment I landed on the ground floor, I cursed myself at my stupidity.

Talking about firing cannon, I must have just fired off a big round from one.

Where the fuck do I find a castle in Singapore ?

And I’m not talking about building one with sand.

Even if there is one, I would probably be arrested if I try to have sex inside it.

I was grumbling under my breath when my phone rang and it’s a number I don’t recognise.

I picked it up and was surprised it was Ella. It must be her home number.

Ella : James ? ….. we need to talk.

James : What happened ?

Ella went on to tell me that there was no way of avoiding Walter when she goes back to work on Monday, and it’s going to be awkward.

Ella : Any ideas ?

James : What’s in it for me ? …

Inside my heart, I was actually a little unhappy about how she portrayed me in front of Celeste.

Ella : What do you want ? ..

I flagged a cab and replied.

James : I want a castle…. Preferably commissioned, designed, built and can obtain TOP by next week.

As I got into the cab, blood started flowing into my manhood as images after images of what Ella said started forming inside my head.

I had to hear it again from Ella just to be sure.

James : Say that again….. what did you just say ?

Ella : Those kids bouncy castle can or not…….?

Ella : Why ? You want to sit on a throne and pretend you’re a king ?

James : Haha…… I don’t have what it takes to play that game.

Ella : You happy can liao la…. So how…. Help me think of something….

A smile slowly broke on my face and I agreed to meet Ella for a chat on Sunday evening.

James : One more thing…. Don’t bad mouth me in front of Celeste.

Ella : Haha… then treat me better…..I’ll help you with Celeste.

I laughed and I hung up after saying goodbye.

I got home and started to seriously think about the Walter situation.

It’s not going to be easy dealing with him.




11th April 2010 



Ella called me twice at 8pm, telling me specifically where to meet. She was very specific, exactly which café, which table, facing which direction at white sands shopping.

Ella : Don’t get it wrong ah ! 

James : Do you really feel that insecure without your phone ? 

She hung up on me before I could finish my comment. 


Ella was already sitting at the cafe when I reached and she wasted no time at all, asking me what to do. 

There was no avoiding Walter and the last thing she wanted was to let everything spiral out of control and making the entire situation worse than it already is.

I told Ella directly that she would need to make the first move. 

Seize the initiative. 

She was already aware of the breakfast joke, and that I pretended I wanted in. The problem was that neither of us know how that would turn out in the end. 

Even before breakfast, the moment they meet, might prove to be a disastrous moment. 

I had mentally rehearsed the situation in my mind several times the night before and I laid it out for Ella. 

James : You need to apologise first. Do it casually and be sincere about it. 

I suggested to Ella to get in early the next day, really early. Leave a note on Walter’s desk before he comes in and stay out of the office

James : It might be hard for the 2 of you to talk face to face, get him to the pantry. I’ll be there. You should be there with me and ideally when Walter gets there, I should be teasing you about the breakfast.

The idea was for me to act the fool and push the entire conversation so everything gets over fast. 

Ella was not so sure about it but I told her it’s better that she does it at the pantry than alone in his office. 

James : I’ll try my best to hurry things along and get my free breakfast. 

I cautioned Ella about being too uncomfortable in front of Walter. 

James : He will see it…. He will feel it…. And I assure you…. He will make use of it…. 

I repeated my advice a couple of times before Ella left. 

James : Don’t be nervous. Stay calm. And be professional about it. 

12th April 2010 



I made it a point to head in early as I promised Ella I would. In fact I bumped into Ella at the lift lobby but she entered the lift before I could call out to her as I was several steps behind her. 

I had a dreadful feeling as right before I stepped into the lift, I caught a glimpse of Walter’s car already parked at the carpark.

It did not help that twice the lift tried to close but was held opened by other passengers for their fellow workers. 

When I finally got to my floor, I ran down the corridor into the office but right when I stepped in, Walter came out of his office with Ella by his side. I set down my bag and I could see Ella already holding her phone in her hands and I could see her scrolling through her phone with a frown on her face. 

She looked distressed and helpless as she helped Walter with some files from the compactors at the back of the office. 

When I saw them head to the pantry, I quickly hurried over with my cup. 

I was about to badger Ella for my breakfast but Walter beat me to it. 

Walter : Eh James… how’s your weekend… 

James: Good… good…. .. oh…. I suddenly remembered something… 

I gave Walter a knowing smile and asked for my free breakfast. 

James : Eh Ella, you should treat breakfast la… Walter came up to pass you your phone last week but you left already….

Ella gave a sheepish smile but did not give me our rehearsed reply. 

Something was wrong. 

Walter laughed and said that Ella will be buying lunch instead of breakfast. 

He left the pantry soon after and Ella only manage to give me a helpless look before a few other colleagues entered including Don who just arrive. 


I did not get to talk to Ella that entire morning and my messages to her went unanswered. 


Walter came out of his office with Ella and signalled me over to join them for lunch. I smiled and grabbed my wallet, pretending to thank Ella as I fell into step. 

Don gave me a puzzled look but I ignored him as we left the reception and entered the lift. 

We had lunch at the shopping mall in Ang Mo kio and Ella hardly spoke while Walter and I chatted and pretended we are old friends. I tried to keep the atmosphere light but I could tell Ella was troubled. 

Something just did not seem right about her. 

The opportunity came when Walter left for the washroom and Ella’s face scrunched up and she almost broke down in tears. 

James : What’s wrong ? What happened.. ? 

Ella showed me her phone and opened her wasapp account. She clicked Walter’s contact and I had a shock as I looked at the amount of pictures Walter had sent himself using Ella’s phone. 

Countless pictures of Ella’s selfie, her pictures with Don, her holiday pictures. Even shots of her in her swimsuit, soaking in the pool. 

Endless columns of her pictures, I flicked faster and faster but it did not seem to end.

I immediately looked at Ella. 

James : Why your phone no password ? 

She could not give me a reply and she looked like she was holding back her tears. 

Ella wanted to speak but nothing came out. 

James : Ok la… it’s just pictures…. People put all these things on social media anyway… 

That was when Ella could no longer hold it in and she checked the entrance for signs of Walter before adding. 

Ella : James… there’s… there’s something more… 

I felt my heart skip a beat as I looked at the worried look on Ella’s face. 

James : Don’t tell me you and Don try to do some Edison shit hor…

I shook my finger at her as I spoke, my body shuddering at the thought of something of that nature falling into Walter’s hands and yet my dick throbbed with excitement thinking of what dirt Ella had on her mobile phone. 

Ella : I….I … 

She looked left and right, as if searching for the right words but she managed to suppress everything before gulping down cups of tea. 

She grabbed the phone from me and stomped off to the bathroom. 

Walter could come back any moment and I took the opportunity to chat up a waitress about upcoming promotions. 

Perhaps it was the natural sleaze that ooze out from me and when Walter came back, he gave me a sly smile, asking me to ask the waitress out. 

I just laughed and wave him off. 

He asked me where did Ella go and I told him she just left for the bathroom. 

It was then he changed seats and sat closer to me. 

Walter : Eh James… ask you something…. You… close with Don and Ella is it…. 

I felt my heart skip a beat and immediately tried to think of something. 

James : Eh… ok la… afterall we colleague for so many years…. Recently they wedding ask me to help also leh. 

I would have wanted to lie but with Walter having access to Ella’s phone over the weekend, there is no telling the amount of information he would have gathered. 

James : Why leh ? 

Walter : Oh…. No la… just asking… 

Right at this moment, Ella stepped back into the restaurant and we both stopped talking. Instead of coming to the table, she went to get the bill. 

From where we sat, we had direct unblock view of Ella standing at the counter. 

I could not help but look at her body. Her dress hugging her every inch tightly. The way she rest her hands on the counter and shifted the weight off one of her heels. My eyes traced the curves along her back and immediately I was transported back to the encounter a few nights before in the toilet. 

The softness of her breast, and the sensation that went through me when I touched them.

I could already feel an erection coming as I tried to shake my thoughts away but Walter turned to look at me right before I peel my eye away from Ella.

Walter : Eh… enough liao la… see until like that..

I pretended to be a little embarrassed and looked away. It was obvious Walter was looking at her too.

I decided to test the water depth and casually mentioned about Ella.

James : Actually…. When I first join the company…. I quite like Ella one….. but Don was faster….. so lan lan lor…

A quiet sigh followed by me draining my cup of tea as I saw Walter looking at me from the corner of my eye.

I was waiting to see if he would take the bait but he didn’t.

Ella came back and I thanked her for lunch.

James : Thank you ah…. Next time forget your phone more often…. I get to eat free. Haha.

Ella shot me a stare that made me shut up immediately.


I went back to office and work kept me busy for the rest of the day.


Walter left the office early that day with a smile on his face, it was obvious he’s in a good mood.


Don asked Ella is she wants to leave work together but she declined. After giving me a wave, he left after asking about lunch that afternoon.

Don : Why you all eat together ah ?

James : Oh…. I hear Walter asking Ella out for lunch to thank her for helping him with the work last week…. So I thick skin a bit and asked if I could join when I overheard in the pantry… it was a joke actually….. but they asked me along…..

Don immediately gave me a thumbs up and a smirk while nodding to himself before he left. No doubt happy that I foiled the opportunity for Walter and Ella to be alone together.


Most of the colleagues had already left and I was just waiting for some of my prints to come out at the copier when my phone rang and Ella asked to meet me in her office.

I walked over and checked the surrounding before entering.

Her eyes were red and it was obvious she just stopped crying.

I went over to her side and asked her what happened.

James : Are you ok ? What happened ? Tell me…

Ella : Nothing… nothing happened.

James : Then why are you crying ? …

2 seconds later , Ella broke down again and in between sobs, she told me Walter did not even mention anything about the incident.

He just pretended everything was the way it was.

James : Isn’t that what we wanted ? good right ? …

Ella went on to tell me she apologised for over reacting and Walter told her not to worry about it.

I was about to scratch my head when Ella blurted out something more.

Ella : He never mentioned anything about him sending all my photos to him…

I wasted no time and asked Ella the critical question.

James : What ? Did he try to black mail you ? Make you do things against your will ? What else ? ….

That was where I realised the problem lies.

Walter said nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Which in my opinion is worse than if he had said anything.

It was then I was pretty sure he deliberately left all the traces of him having all of Ella’s phones for her to find.

I knelt down in front of Ella and had to force myself to not stare at her legs which was crossed, her heels dangling so close to my face.

James : Tell me….. what else ? ….. besides the photos…

Ella’s lips pursed together before lying down on the table. Resting her head on her arms as she sobbed away.

My hands trembled as I reached for the phone by her side.

I could feel a shiver down my spine as I opened the app and started scrolling.

Columns of Ella’s pictures filed past me at breakneck speed as I loaded pages after pages of the conversation.

I could not remember how long I was scrolling but it seemed like I was travelling back in time.

Every scroll showed a younger Ella, one thing remained the same, the sweet innocent smile.

Then without warning, the pictures stopped.

And it gave way to videos.

Vacation videos, some which I thought the screen looked familiar. Don had showed me some of them before.

And I continued scrolling before I finally reached the top.

The static screen of that video did not show some resort beaches, no buffet lines, no boarding queues and not even a screen grab of Don and Ella.

I saw this eerie familiarity of the image on the screen as my eyes drifted to the carpeted floor I was kneeling on.

I found it hard to breathe as I hit play.

The camera was shaky, and there were giggles in the background.

Only the carpet can be seen.

Then like a bolt of lightning, Ella’s face came into focus as my knees gave way, my body immediately sitting down onto the carpeted floor.

As the video focused, Ella was kneeling on the floor, looking intently at the camera biting her lips.

That look sent so much blood rushing to my dick that it felt a bit painful as my erection rose rapidly.

Without and delay, the camera focus shifted to an exposed dick and with Don’s voice in the back ground, I immediately knew what it was.

I could not stop looking and Ella just sobbed away on the table.

Ella’s delicious lips brushed the tip of Don’s penis, her eyes never left the camera as she rimmed the tip slowly in a circular motion, giggling and laughing as she did.

I must have stopped breathing for a good 30 seconds as I watched Ella cupped the dick, sucking down on the dickhead so hard that her cheeks sunk in before pulling upwards with a suction force so strong there was a resulting ‘pop’.

The arousing part was not just the blow job, it was the way Ella looked at the camera. The way her eyes flirted and teased.

The blow job stopped as suddenly as it started and Don’s left hand came into view as he tried to unbutton Ella’s top.

Ella : Don’t want… la… ehhh yeer…

Ella : Dear…. Don’t want la….

But Don’s hand in that video never stopped. He went on unbuttoning 3 buttons and I almost came when I saw him flicked open one of Ella’s bra cups, his thumb and index fingers immediately started tuning her cute pink nipples.

I looked at the video date, it was about 1.5 years ago.

Ella tried to stop Don’s hand by pushing it away. The hand instead went to the back of Ella’s head, nudging it down and like a obedient school girl, Ella bent forward towards the camera and started sucking.

As if all these were not enough, Don’s voice came on.

Don : You like this ? ….. say you like this…

Amidst the wet slurping blowjob, I heard Ella spoke in the most slut like voice ever, almost a little forced yet the look she was giving the camera made you want to grab her head and force her mouth back down.

It was too much for my heart to take but my dick wanted more.

The way Don played with Ella’s hair, squeezed her breast as Ella moaned and groaned while giving him a wet slurping blowjob would aroused anyone looking at the clip

Don : You like to suck dicks ? ….. say it… say you like to suck.

Ella : I like to…. Slurp.. slurp.. suck dick….ergnng.. ergnn.. slurped..slruppeed…

Never in my life have I seen a scene like that.

Ella : Let me suck you…..slurpp…slurp.. let me… slurp…slurpppzzz… I .. I really like to…. Slurpppzzz..


That horny slut look was really a different side of Ella. 

One I never ever imagined her to have. 

I looked at the time lasped, still about 30 more seconds to go. 

Don : You want me to fuck you ? ….. huh ? … say.. say it…. Beg.. 

My dick by then was bursting in my pants, pleading with me to release it. 

Ella’s leg dangled a short distance away, her heel slipping off, about to fall off her dangling feet. 

I could not describe the temptation to just grab her leg and start sucking on her toes, licking her on her feet and tracing my tongue all the way up north. 

Ella : Yes…. Yes… slurped… slurp…. Fuck me…. Fuck mee,… slurppszz….slurpszz.. please Don… slurppzzz

Right before the video ended, Don stood up, the camera saw Ella got smaller as she remained kneeling. 

Right before it faded to black, Don held Ella up and bent her over her desk. 

I watched as Don unclasped Ella’s skirt and pulled down the zip, letting it fall to the floor. 

A pair of slut lace panty with leopard spots appeared and Don’s finger disappeared underneath and I could see he was fingering Ella. 

Don : So wet…. Why are you so wet?…. tell me…. 

I could not make out what Ella was saying before the screen went dark.

The scene stopped right then. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva as I mentally digested the implications of that being in Walter’s hands. 

I decided there was only so much I can do as a friend. 

James : Ella, I know it might sound too extreme, but let’s just go to the police… 

We might still have a chance to stop things from getting worse if we go to the authorities. 

They can stop this. 

James : Ella…. Ella ? …. 

She looked up at me, with her eyes red and her eye liner all smudged and untidy. 

She reached for a letter by her desk and passed it over to me. 

I glanced through it and saw that Ella had just been promoted, given a $200 increment and signed off by Walter. 

James : What is the meaning of this ? 

She shook her head. 

Ella : I don’t know… 

Before I could say anything else, Ella told me another piece of breaking news. 

Ella : He wanted me to go Bangkok with him for a conference on Thursday.. 

James : And ? you agreed ? 

She nodded her head slowly, no doubt feeling helpless and lost. 

I sat down on her table, now knowing what to do. 

Suddenly Ella reached for my hand and asked if I could go with her. 

Ella : Can you come along ? 

James : How ? Its not even related to me… 

Ella : I don’t know… sobzz.. sobzz… I’m just so lost and afraid,.. 

James : Let’s tell Don… 

She immediately begged me not to, pleading with me not to reveal this to him. She did not even know how to break that news to Don that she would be travelling with Walter. 

Ella : I’ll pay for your airfare, your accommodation, everything… I just… I donno… 

Honestly I don’t know what to do.

I really don’t

It’s just a overnight trip for a conference. 

I asked Ella to compose herself before leaving, it would not be wise to let other colleague see her in that state. 

Immediately I applied for leave for Thursday and Friday. Ella has given me the flight details and I booked myself on another flight a couple of hours ahead of them. 

The hotel was attached right to a shopping centre in the middle of town and I got a room there as well. 

15th April 2010 



I had told Don that I’m visiting a relative in Malaysia when we met up to drink the night before. He quarrelled with Ella again after she told him about her conference. 

She did not tell him it was with Walter since Don officially started at the woodlands office on Wednesday. There was a chance he would not know that Walter is not in the office the same time as Ella. 

I’ve had no less than 20 messages from Ella since arriving at the airport, updates about their schedule, addresses of the places they are visiting and so on. 

Base on the information provided, they should be done for the day by about 6pm. 

The flight back to Singapore is at 9am the following day. 

Which gives Walter a window of more than 12 hours with Ella alone. 

They would be checked into different rooms of course, company policies dictates it that way. 

But a different room would not stop someone with an agenda. 

What is a door, a partition or even a wall ? , it’s just a small obstacle to a bigger prize. 

I don’t know what Walter will do. 

As I closed my eyes during the flight take off, I put myself in Walter’s shoes and before long, I figured out what I would choose to do if I wanted Ella. 

There is just one minor problem. 

The temptation to take Ella for myself is just too great. 

I forced myself to steady my breathing as the engine of the plane hummed in the background. 

I tried to think of Celeste, the sweet angel waiting for me back in Singapore. 

But it was too hard. Images of Ella in the video kept flashing into my head. 

I needed my mind to be clear if I want to deal with Walter. 

10.45am Bangkok time 

I was already at MBK having a massage waiting for my room to be ready.


Ella and Walter had just checked into their rooms and Ella texted me their room number. They’re only going to drop off their luggage before heading straight to the conference. 

They are on the 26th floor

Walter is in room 2606 

Ella in 2608 


After much bullshit about past visits and memories, I manage to get a room on the 26th floor as well.


As i looked at the layout and checked out the surroundings, i felt an unexplained sense of nervousness creeping through my body. 


I did a simple trace of the floor’s layout on paper from the fire escape plan behind the door and made myself a cup of coffee. 


I don’t know what are my odds but i can only hope they are in my favour. 



Ella’s last message to me that afternoon was ;

Ella sms : How? What should I do ? …

I did not give her a reply.

I took the opportunity to scout out the surroundings, taking a casual stroll down the corridor.

I started counting every room I passed by, taking note of those marked with either a please make up room or a do not disturb.

It was one way of knowing which rooms would be occupied.

2612 has a do not disturb tag

Housekeeping just started on 2610. I can hear the vacuum from where I stood.

I took a quick peek, there were no signs of luggage on the floor and clothes in the opened wardrobe.

The occupants must have just checked out.

On the opposite end, aside from a do not disturb on 2605, there were no signs on the other rooms.

That doesn’t mean no one is staying there, I’m just trying to put things in perspective.

I’m not too particular with the situation on my end of the corridor but I still noted the occupied rooms.


I text Ella to call me when she is convenient and to make sure she delete all traces of our communication in her phone.


I was enjoying my mango sticky rice in MBK foodcourt when my phone rang.

Ella : How James ? Walter wanted to take me out to dinner and have some drinks after that.

In my mind, I would have wanted to do the same thing too. No surprises there.

What better things to do if you are overseas with a hot female colleague ?

I told her not to panic, when she’s heading out for dinner, don’t exit by her own door.

I wanted her to take the opportunity to open the connecting door and go over to Walter’s room and exit from there.

Ella : Why ?

James : Just do it. I want to go into his room from yours.

I made sure she understood me before I continued.

James : Before you do that.. I need the key to your room. Do you have a spare one?

Ella : No..

James : Get one at the desk when you are back. Slide it under my room. 2619

I told her that I would try to create a situation where Walter would need to change room.

Ella : How ? Can meh ? ….

James : Just leave it to me.

Ella : Okok I got it…… I got to go…

After Ella hung up, I went down to the shopping area and started to do some shopping.

I bought sushi rice and a gas powered steamboat, a small pot, a ladle and some gloves.

I got back into my room and found a corner away from the smoke detector and stared to cook the rice.

It took about an hour to simmer the rice to a sticky goo and probably another hour to let it cool down.


I packed the goo into a bag, trying to gauge the weight and hope it was enough to do the job.

I spent the next hour texting Celeste.

It had to be one of my most boring Thailand trip.


Ella text me that they were on their way back to the hotel.

At 6.15pm , there was a knock on my door and I almost jumped up from the bed. I was not expecting any visitors and I quickly went and check on the peephole.

It was Ella.

I opened the door and pulled her in.

James : What are you doing ? Quickly get back.

Ella looked tired and worn out after a day of work and seminars but she looked even more worried.

I tried to calm her down and told her everything would be fine.

James : What can he do ? Threaten and blackmail you ? Thailand has police also you know… he won’t do something that blatant and stupid.

I knew in my heart Walter would not do it. He’s not dumb.

I took the key card and ignored Ella’s request for one of mine.

Ella : What if I need to escape ? …. I need to run ?

I ignored her and quickly ask her to get washed up and get ready.

She went back to her room with a scowl on her face.


Ella said they’re heading to MBK to grab a quick bite.

The moment she told me they are safely out of the hotel, I immediately made my move.

I casually strolled over to Ella’s room and let myself in before shutting the door.

The entire room was dark. I did not want to risk turning on the lights so I used my phone to find my way around.

I went to the connecting door and went straight to Walter’s room.

Using the bin in the toilet, I removed the plastic wrapper and fill it with water. With a forceful throw into the WC, I drained off quite a bit of the water level as I force it down the hole.

Kneeling down beside the WC, I put on my gloves and scooped up a glob of the sticky rice goo and I reached into the toilet bowl. I started smearing and clogging up the bottom, making sure I reached into the U bent part.

I added shreds of toilet paper too, rolling globs of wet paper and sticking it to the goo.

The water by then was cloudy and I scooped out as much of the loose bits as I could before gently filling it with water again. Hopefully Walter will not pay too much attention before he uses it.

I tidied up the area before leaving the bathroom, making sure everything was where it originally was.

I did a quick search of the room and found Walter’s luggage. It was not locked. Using my only light source, I quickly ransacked through his belongings.

Clothes, laptop, chargers, nothing out of the norm.

Suddenly I came across a shoe bag but it did not felt like there was a pair of shoes in it.

It was too empty.

I unzipped the bag and almost gasp out loud as I took in the contents.

He had an agenda alright.

Inside the bag was a couple of dildos of varying sizes and a bag of batteries.

I unscrewed the dildo and noted that there were no batteries in it, something in me just made me keep the bag of batteries in my pocket.

I’m not sure why though.

Other than the dildos, there were some cotton ropes and some other weird vibrators.

I accidentally turned one on and it started vibrating and I quickly off it.

Turning it around I realised a couple of the vibrators he brought did not require a battery, instead it was pre charged using an adaptor.

I put everything back and closed the luggage.

Right before I was about to leave, Ella dropped me a message.

Ella : Walter said he needed the toilet, but he’s gone for quite a while.

Without warning my heart started beating faster, slamming against my chest and I cursed under my breath.

As fast as my foot could carry me, I ran the length of the suite and was about to pass through the connecting door to Ella’s room when i heard the unmistakable sound of the card unlocking the door.

I panicked and immediately stepped back into the shadows right in time when Ella’s door opened.

Walter managed to get his hands on Ella’s room key too, not too difficult a feat if you are doing the checkin.

Just a quick sleight of hand when you ask for additional room keys.

I half hopped and ducked behind the sofa the moment light flooded into the Walter’s suite, spilling from Ella’s room.

My throat felt dry and I felt like shitting.

No joke, it’s really the needing to shit kind of feeling.

Walter came into view as I peered under the sofa into Ella’s room.

He wasted no time and I heard the rustling of plastic bag.


Immediately I knew what he was up to. 

I had limited vision from my position but I could pretty much guess as the rustling of the bags stopped and I heard him gave a satisfied groan. 

He appeared within my vison radius again for a moment before disappearing into the toilet. I could catch a glimpse of the items he held in his hand. 

They were definitely lingerie. 

And I would put my money that they were the same on Ella wore that day. 

Imagine the same soft lingerie that she wore on the flight, through a day of conference, perspiring and leaving her womanly scent to soak through. 

The wet and damp undies, the aroma infused bra. 

What I would do to get my hands on them. 

Good move though, I would have used a tummy ache as an excuse to come up to the room too if I were him. 

I could almost picture Walter sniffing and unrolling Ella’s curled up undies. One that was heavy with her womanly scent as he picture her in her dressing that day. Although Ella was just in pants and a work blouse, the translucent top with a cream coloured tube underneath gave her dressing an additional dimension. 

Sort of like a peek a boo effect. 

God knows how many times that day Walter saw straight through her blouse, lusting his eyes on her breast that was beneath the tube. 

I could hear Walter in the bathroom as the round of running water came on although I was not sure what he was up to. 

Taking that window of opportunity, I text Ella. 

James sms : Walter is in room. Call and get him away ASAP ! 

Barely seconds later Walter’s phone rang out loudly in the quiet room. 

Walter : Hello ? …. Oh… Ella…. Ya… ya… tummy ache… sorry……

There was a pause and I saw him exit the bathroom, no doubt pissed he was interrupted. 

Walter : Just order anything…. I’m almost done…. Be right back…. 

My mind was reeling from the realisation that Walter could access Ella’s room even without the connecting doors. 

Things are definitely not going to plan. 

My idea was simple. 

Clog up his bathroom, make it flood and he would have no choice but to request a change. 

Even if he doesn’t change the room, it would take some time for the hotel staff to fix it. 

That meant having other people other than Walter present,that alone would be an obstacle if he wanted to try anything funny. 

By the time he sort all this out, chances are Ella would be safely locked in her room, and enjoying her rest. 

No time for chit chat, chill in front of the tv in his suite and stuff. Not when you have a flooded and smelly toilet. 

Time seemed to crawl as I waited for Walter to finally leave Ella’s room. 

I could finally breathe easy when I saw the lights go off and when I heard the slam of the door, I collapsed onto my back and panted heavily, not sure how much more of this my heart could take. 

I waited a while longer before exiting the room and quickly made my way back to my room. 

I updated Ella about what I did and heaved a sigh of relieve that I’m done with the difficult part. 


Ella told me that they are almost done with dinner and Walter suggested going somewhere for drinks but she declined. 

She went on to say he was quite insistent and she relented when he agreed to just drink at the hotel lobby. 


Ella’s last message to me was ; 

Ella : I can’t take it anymore James…. Still half a bottle of wine to go. 

That was the last I heard from Ella. 

By 10.15pm, I got a little worried. 

I decided to take the risk and head down to check on Ella. Instead of going straight to the ground floor, I would stopped on the higher floors and take the stairs the rest of the way. 

The corridor was quiet and I slowed down my speed as I got near the lobby and paused to listen. The last thing I wanted was to bump head on into Walter and Ella if they happen to exit the lift at that time. 

Suddenly I saw the spill of light onto the carpet at the end of the corridor right where Ella’s room was and before I could react, I saw Walter slowly backed out of the room, his attention focused on the interior. I immediately ducked into the small recessed space right beside the area marked Pantry. 

It was the entrance to the service lift. 

My heart pounded and there was a lump in my throat as I could hear the muted slapping of Walter’s slippers on the carpet before it connected with the tiles at the passenger lift lobby. 

The chime told me he called for a lift and another one told me the lift arrived. 

I waited for a few more seconds before I darted my head out for a quick peep. 

I really really needed to shit and I’m not joking about it. 

As stealthy as I could, I checked out the guest lift lobby to make sure it was clear. 

I sprinted to the end of the corridor and I dug into my pocket for Ella’s room card. 

My knees almost gave way as I took in the sight on one of the twin bed. 

Ella was on the bed out cold lying on her side. She’s already changed into her shorts and t-shirt, I’m not sure how. Perhaps Walter did the change. 

I checked the clothes on the floor and a realised a top was stained with vomit. 

There was this weird buzzing sound in the room but I can’t pin it anywhere. 

I saw the vibrators by the foot of the bed missing the batteries. Walter must be heading down to grab some. 

I immediately sprung into action and I tried to carry Ella up. I lifted her and supported one arm on my shoulder and grabbed her phone, I opened her room door, trying to hold it open with my body as we struggle to get out into the corridor. 

She was semi conscious but she could not support her own weight. 

We staggered out into the open as the door slam close behind us. 

Don’t ask me what I was doing. 

I can tell you honestly that I don’t fucking know what I was doing at that point in time. 

I really don’t 

I only knew I really needed to shit and Ella was really heavy. 

The short distance to my room seemed to have been extended several times as I slowly dragged Ella to my room. 

I cannot fucking believe what was happening. No one would ever believe me even if I swore something this ridiculous happened. 

As if that was not bad enough, I had just pass the service lobby when I heard the loud Chime of the main lift lobby. 

My shit almost splatter all over my pants as I bit my teeth and dragged Ella to my room entrance. 

I tapped opened the door and staggered in, letting the door slam behind me. 

I dropped Ella unceremoniously onto the bed. My entire body drenched with sweat. 

My body shivered as I peered out the peephole, only when I saw a few of my neighbours coming into view did I breathe a sigh of relieve. 

By then I really nearly shit in my pants and I literally just stripped myself and went straight to the toilet bowl. 

If you had stay at the hotel I’m describing before, you would know it’s bathroom can see through into the sleeping area. 

I could monitor Ella while I take a dump. She’s still out cold.

5 minutes later, I clean up and took a shower before wrapping a towel around myself as I headed out. 

There was still that weird buzzing sound which I could not figure out where it was coming from. 

Suddenly it dawned on me it must be the vibrator. 

Ella was lying on her side and I quickly touched her pants and it seemed like what I deduced was true. 

I tried to lift Ella upwards but I felt the need to shit again so I dropped her back down, lying her on her back instead this time round and made sure she was comfortable before I took another dump. 

I had just finished my 2nd round when Ella started stirring on the bed, her legs started moving, her head tried to orientate herself. 

I immediately washed up and got up. 

James : Ella …. I 

Before I could say anything, Ella panicked and started kicking. I’m not sure if she was fully awake but she just started panicking. 

Ella : Arh… get it off…. Get it off me… ah… 

She was frantically trying to push her own pants off and I quickly went over to help. 

I guessed the change in position must have stimulated her private adequately. 

I quickly reached for her pants but Ella lost it and kicked me in the stomach. 

James : It’s me Ella.. !… 

Ella : Arhgh.. James… !.. get it off…. Get it off me… 

She was trying to sit up yet she seemed disorientated. 

I grabbed hold of the top of her pants and tried to yank it off but she hit me several times on my head.

Ella : James !! what are you doing.


Her eyes opened wide and by then I was sure she was totally awake as the sheer look of panic and helplessness appeared on her face. 

I watched as Ella’s mouth gasped open and her body arched backwards right when she grabbed onto my towel for support. 

Ella : oh… oh… oh my god… James !… oh…shit.. sht… sh… oh… urghhh.. 

Without warning Ella slammed her body back down onto the bed, pulling my towel away at the same time. 

Ella : Erghhnn urghh…. Ahh.. erghnn.. 

Her blood curling scream followed by the most sensual moan I’ve ever heard echoed throughout the room as her hip rose and slam down onto the bed several times as she begged me to take it off her. 

I could not fucking believe what was happening and my erection shot up and throbbed vigorously. It was a raging erection as I watched Ella writhe and moan on my bed. 

James : It’s underneath your pants… take it off. 

Her eyes pleaded a but somehow the contractions from the intense orgasm just turned her onto her side as she moaned and moaned and moaned. 

Ella : ERguhnng… 

I did not care if I was naked by then and I immediately grabbed the top of Ella’s pants and tried to pull bot the underwear and pants down together. 

It came off alright and I saw the credit card size vibrator that looked somewhat like an evolved butterfly. 

I wanted to take it off but Ella in her attempt to kick off her shorts and fight off the orgasm, kicked me in the stomach again. 

James : Stop moving. !! 

I yank off the shorts and immediately reached for the vibrator. 

Only when I pull it out did I realise it was not just focusing on the Ella’s swollen clit, it had an extension that balloons out like a dickhead that was actually inside Ella. 

I was checking out the device when something incredible happened. 

I don’t know how but it just happened. 

Ella tried to sit up and reach for the vibrator. 

Ella : Fucking Walter.. !… I’m going to. 

She reached for the device and before I could let it go, Ella lose her balance and fell backwards again. 

I could feel the center of gravity changing as I lose balance too. 

Mind you I was naked with a throbbing dick in front of me as I knelt in front of Ella. 

I fell. 

We both fell 

The next thing happened and Ella and I just stared wide eye at each other as my dick slap hard onto Elle’s swollen clit. 

It was a hard slap. 

I could almost hear the piak. 

We were both speechless as shock overtook us both. 

Then before we could react, my dick started slipping. 

It was slipping. 

Sliding down the wet well lubricated slit of Ella’s love hole. 

The look of horror never left out faces and neither of us dared to move. 

The slipping never stopped and we could both feel it. 

It happened in seconds yet time seemed to slow down. 

I felt a sudden drop and there I was, feeling the warmth of Ella’s vagina opening. 

I did not move, I swore I didn’t. 

Ella : Oh my god… stop.. James … stop… don’t move.. 

James : Ok.. I’m not moving … I’m not moving… 

The warmth radiating from Ella’s love hole was incredible. The slippery wetness and I could almost feel her ongoing contraction from her recent orgasm. 

I was supporting my body on my arms, in somewhat like a spider pushup position but I could feel the strength slowly draining from me. 

I could not hold on for long. 

Ella : Don’t move…. I’ll move… 

In her moment of panic and confusion, Ella tried to slide downwards and we both gasped again as I felt the mushroom head of my hungry dick pierce through the folds of her vagina. 

It was a fucking amazing sensation but I assure you I was feeling nothing but fear. 

Ella is Don’s wife… 

James : No… no no….. wrong direction… go up…don’t go…. 

I could feel my dick slipping further and further into the soft velvet folds of Ella’s warm dripping pussy.

My entire head was almost being engulfed and the squeeze of Ella’s love hold was so comforting that it make my arms go weak even more. 

I pressed down hard onto the mattress and I withdrew a cm or so. 

If only Ella had listened to me and back up, we would be separated by then but she did not. 

In her moment of panic, she tried to sit up but end up hitting both our heads hard together. 

James : Ouch 

Ella : Ouch. 

As she lay back down, my hands slipped.

My body collapsed onto Ella and I fuck myself raw into her love hole. 

Our eyes met but no words came out from out mouth. 

I could feel every vein in my dick. 

I could feel every muscle in Ella’s vagina that seemed to be squeezing. 

I was not in all the way. No way. 

It was just the main dick head and perhaps a little more. 

But that does not change the fact I was in. 

And with each squeeze, it seemed I was slipping further in as well. 

We breathe heavily on each other and I watched Ella swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. 

Ella : We’re fucked James….



It was a moment I would love for time to halt. 

That arousing comfort of having my dick cradled like a baby inside the safe warm interior of Ella’s vagina cannot be easily put into words. 

Having said that I’m just going to be upfront and burst everyone’s bubble. 

Sorry, there is no Jap AV scene here. Not HK cat 3 or whatever hardcore porn. 

Sure, I wished Ella would suddenly turn into a wanton slut, begging for my dick while we fuck each other all night while fireworks go off around us but reality is a lot harsher than fantasy. 

It could not have been more than 10 seconds. 

Honest to god, I swear. 

That’s about that length of time I was inside Ella before I started moving. 

My mouth felt as if it was parched dry. I would be lying if I said I was not aroused, or turned on or even lusting for Ella. The truth is I wanted her too but I knew this would simply mess up everyone’s lives. My dick was literally pleading and begging me to push all the way in. Coating the exterior of my extension with Ella’s love juice.

I found my support and started to pull myself out . 

I knew for a fact I could not stay inside forever, and that I needed to come out, perhaps my only consolation was that I took my time, savouring each millimetre of my well lubricated dick throbbing blissfully as I extracted myself out from Ella. 

The drag of her lovely vagina lips on my dick was just the right tension I loved. It’s not too wet, firm enough for me to feel the tension and inward acting pressure on my privates. 

I continued pulling myself out, even though it’s only that little bit of my manhood, it took a while. I don’t know why, perhaps it was because of how awkward everything was.

Neither of us spoke, I was doing it carefully, as if it was some delicate surgery.

The smooth exit came to a halt as I felt the tug of Ella’s tight love hole on my mushroom head. I did not dare to look at Ella and I was trying hard to just look straight ahead, at the headboard. 

Ella was staring at me and I could tell from the corner of my eye her mouth gasped open when she felt the tug. The gentle force of me trying to come out. That lustful tugging on the vagina opening.

I reversed a little, the tugging of her vagina lips sent sensations too erotic to describe into both our bodies and the hair on the back of my neck rose in unison while I felt the body of Ella trembled for that 1 second.

I reversed a little harder, putting more strength and I could almost feel the forced parting of Ella’s muscles as they move and contracted to accommodate the change in size.

I felt a hard smack on the side of my arm.

Ella : Take it out ! … what are you doing !.. 

James : I’m trying to…. Don’t make me… ahh… ahh.. ah… 

My eyes widened as suddenly Ella’s nails dug into my skin. I thought she wanted me out fast but her face suddenly scrunched up as she fought to speak. 

Ella : Cramp… 

Ella’s left leg suddenly straightened and I could feel myself slipping back in again. 

Oh that fucking feeling of sliding back into the warm interior of Ella almost made me cum. 

I pulled harder backwards and with a smooth sudden expansion of her tight love hole, I was out right as the moment Ella let out an uncontrolled moan. 

It was soft, really soft moan and she quickly looked away while she nursed the cramp in her leg. 

I went and grabbed her pants and wet underwear and passed it to Ella after she manage to sit up.

She took it and pulled her knees up to her chest but she did not put her pants on. 

I sat beside her as she looked at the glistening rod that had just entered her most private sanctum. 

For the next 5 minutes, she just glared at me as I found it hard to look at her in the eye. 

I pulled the towel over myself and we just sat silent in the cold dimly lit room, allowing the reality of what just happened slowly sink in. 

I broke the silence finally and asked Ella what happened and why was she in such a situation. 

She looked away for a moment before heading immediately to the bathroom. I could see her throwing up into the toilet bowl from where I sat. 

Ella came out a couple minutes later and went over to her phone and picked up the blinking device. 

God knows how many times Walter must have called her after discovering that she’s gone. 

Ella got dressed, took the vibrator and headed to the door. 

James : Ella…. Wait…. What happened ? 

Ella : we had an agreement…

With that, she just let herself out of the room and shut the door. 

My heart sank and I could feel air being sucked out from my chest as that heavy realisation of Ella giving in to Walter registered in my head. 

I could hardly believe what I just heard. 

I wanted to call Don, I wanted to go straight to their rooms but in the end I was just sitting naked on my bed for the longest time. 

I got dressed and paced up and down the room, racking my brains to think of something. 


About an hour pass when I heard a knock on the door. I immediately opened it to see Ella standing barefoot in the corridor. 

James : Are you ok ? 

She tried to smile. Really did. 

But the smiled ended up with her pressing her lips tightly together before she folded her arms and tears rolled down her eyes. 

I was shocked. 

The one thing I was afraid of most was a female crying in front of me. 

Ella : James…. Can….. can i ….. can I sleep here tonight ? 

I stepped aside and Ella shuffled into my room. 

She sat down on my bed and stared blankly into space. 

I got her a glass of water and asked her exactly what happened. 

She spoke slowly, as if unsure to keep the matter to herself or to share it with me. 

As she slowly revealed the facts of what happened over dinner and drinks, I could not help but felt this unsettling emotions churning in my stomach. 

Ella : He never blackmailed me directly but his hidden message was clear. 

She went on to tell me that Walter was pretty direct. He wanted her, and in return, he promise to give her all the opportunities she wanted at work. 

Ella rejected everything but Walter would not have it. 

No, he did not get angry, he did not suddenly blackmail her by threats. He was calm and measured in his reply. 

Ella : He was open to suggestions… and he …

I could see Ella fighting back her tears as she said Walter promised that it was just for this trip and no more. 

That everything would end with this trip. 

James : What ? And you agreed ?….. 

I watched in horror as Ella took a good 15 seconds before she replied. 

I felt my heart sank as she revealed that she was not open to intercourse, no way, but as for the rest…

Ella : He…. He’s ok…. With it… 

James : But…. But….. 

Ella : What choice do I have James ? ….. I can’t run forever … 

I immediately raised the issue of him blackmailing her with the same video again after this trip. 

Ella : He promised he won’t. He will delete it. 

James : And you believe him ? 

Ella : What else can I do ? 

She seemed to have lost her temper for just that moment before she calmed herself down. 

Ella : Go to the police ? …. Show them the clip ? then the police show his superior the clip ? …. Go to court ? ……. Show my lawyer ? show the judge ? show walter’s lawyer? … many people must see this ? 

She broke down into tears and I left her alone for a minute or two. 

James : how did you get …. The vibrator on…..? it’s underneath your pants… 

She was seriously thinking about letting me know more details but I guess she needed to let it all out. To share with someone. 

Ella : I…. I asked Walter what reassurance would I have there was no penetration……he…. He…. Mentioned that he has some …. Toys… 

She immediately added that she was not aware that it would vibrate. 

Walter said it can act like a safety of some sort. Keep it on and there would not be any penetration. 

I could feel blood rushing to my dick as I digested what she said. 

Ella : He…. Walter said… he …. He just wants to use some toys…. Have a bit of fun and….. let me finish it for him….. that’s all. …. 

I could feel my erection building up again and I had to compose myself to focus on the conversation. 

I could hear, feel and sense the frustration and helplessness in Ella as she spoke. Most important of all, I could hear how tired she was, as if she just wanted this to be over. 

She sum it up for me in the last sentence, basically anything except penetration. 

Ella : We tried to finish up the drinks….. but I was already having a bad headache. …. There was the sake, the beer and then the wine…. 

She paused and opened the new bottle of water by the table and took a big gulp. 

Ella : I vomited a little and stained my shirt right before we came up. 

My dick throbbed again when she admitted that she was aware and awake when Walter help her change out of her clothes into what she was wearing right then. 

She did not elaborate on the details but Walter had already started toying with her body while making her drink more whiskey.

She did not want to drink anymore but felt that perhaps it would be better if she was not that sober.

James : How… could you do this…. To Don…

Ella : Walter promised me another thing….. that’s to move me to woodlands after we get back…. … I’ll be with Don again… we’ll forget this and move on.

The heartbreak in her voice was apparent.

The throbbing in my dick never left as I tried to imagine the things Walter did to Ella.

Without a word she disappeared into the bathroom and drew the curtains. Ella spent almost 40 minutes in the shower before peeping her head out and asked if I have something for her to wear.

I took the bathrobe the hotel provided and passed it to her.

The sound of the hair dryer came on for a good 15 minutes before she emerged.

Ella’s hair was still wet even after her attempt to blow dry.

I did not know what else to say and I just kept quiet.

Ella : Don can’t know about this….

I nodded my head.

Ella : And about us…

I gave her a raised eyebrow look and she smacked me on the head.

Ella : Idoit…

James : It… it was an accident…

Ella sat on the bed beside me, drawing her knees to her chest, the overlapping side of her bathrobe fell off, revealing one of her smooth leg all the way up to her mid-thigh.

She caught me looking and raised her hand again but I immediately ducked as she covered herself up.

Ella : I can’t believe so much things happened tonight..

She buried her head in her arms and added.

Ella : James… I don’t want to remember this night…ever..

I had to be honest and tell her.

James : Well…. If you ask me….. I guess I will never forget about this night… haha

I gave her a sheepish laugh as she glared at me.

James : Always look on the bright side Ella….. you can either dread this evening with Walter, or ….. you can remember the exciting moment with me !

I gave a victory sign but before I could laugh at my own joke, Ella screamed and took a pillow, swinging it and smashing it onto my body.

James : It’s ….. really…. Awesome Ella…. Really ! … best ever…

She lost it… screaming and smashing me again and again as I ran around the small room.

James : Calm down Ella…. I’m being honest here… you should appreciate my honestly…

Ella was so exasperated and angry that but she still laughed, her eyes diverted away from me as she looked outside the window.

Her shoulders slouched as she shook her head in a unbelievable manner, smiling to herself before turning back to look at me.

She threw the pillow at me and got back to bed.

James : I’ll do anything Ella….. if it helps take your mind off things…

Ella : No you can’t.. .. there’s nothing you can do….

She turned away and I added.

James : At least you get to cum…. I’m in the middle of nowhere…

She turned and scream at me again.

Ella : ARghhhh..

I gave her a cheeky laugh as she pulled the blanket over herself after propping herself up by the headboard.

I took a pillow and choose a spot on the carpet, satisfied with my jibe at Ella, hopefully it takes her mind off Walter.

I rather she be angry with me than let her mind get consumed by Walter.

I lay down and stretched.

James : Have a good rest Ella…you’ll feel better after a good sleep…………

I’m not sure how much time has passed but I suddenly jerk awake as I felt the aching in my body for sleeping on the carpet.

The entire room was dark and I struggled to get up.

Ella was sleeping on the bed, facing away from me.

I checked the time. 2.50am

I got up and slowly reached for the keycards.

As quietly as I could, I closed the room door.

I went straight to Ella’s room and I unlocked it.

I slowly pushed the door open in the dark room before closing it behind me.

The connecting room door has been closed as I surveyed the dark room.

I powered up the room but only lit the side lamps.

The waste paper basket was littered with tissue. An empty tube of lubricant was inside the bin too

Ella’s room came with twin bed, one of it was totally messed up, the other still neat and unused.

I pressed my head onto the connecting door to try and see if I could hear anything but it was all quiet.

I ransacked through Ella’s luggage.

I felt something hard in one of her pants pocket. The same one she wore on the flight over.

Reaching inwards, I realised it was one of the vibrating beads Walter had. One that did not need a battery to operate. Immediately I went through some of her other clothes. My hands suddenly touched a wet patch of stain. Sticky and pungent.

I did not need to be an expert to know what that was. I regretted not wearing gloves as I went through every article.

I found what looked like semen stains on Ella’s undies, bra and her white top.

The vibrating bead was not alone. A pink blindfold was folded and added to the side pocket of her luggage. I found 3 condoms in her makeup pouch.

Right after I emptied and went through the bottom of the suitcase, I saw a tube of half used lubricant.

Fucking Walter. If Don were to come across these, it’s going to be hard for Ella to explain them away.

He must dropped them into her belongings when he realised she was not in the room.

I disposed of everything in a bag and I spend 10 minutes in the bathroom, washing away Walter’s cum stains on Ella’s clothes before putting everything back where it was.


Ella was up and I already had a cup of coffee ready for her.

I told her what happened and what I found when I went over to her room in the middle of the night.

She could not believe her eyes that Walter put those things inside her bag.

Her face was flushed and angry but I told her to calm down.

Ella : He’s a jerk !… how can someone like him be married with kids !.

I raised up both my hands and signalled for Ella to quieten down.

When she stopped her rants, I asked her one question.

James : Do you want to get back at him ? .

Ella : How ?

James : Are you sure ?… it’s going to be messy..

Ella looked into my eye for a good 3 seconds before she nodded her head even though she seemed a little unsure.

I took a piece of hotel writing paper and pass it to Ella.

James : Write…… Miss you…. Something for ya…. Draw some hearts or some shit.

Ella did so accordingly and folded the paper and I inserted it into an envelope before giving it to her.

Ella : It’s just a letter James… he can easily…

I ignored Ella’s comment and I went straight to the bathroom.

I pulled the damp underwear from the drying line which Ella had washed before she slept.

Walking straight back to Ella I passed it over to her.

She seemed to have caught my drift and she started folding the grey boyshort underwear into a smaller piece. The same one she was wearing when she had the vibrator inside her.

The very same one Walter probably helped her put it on.

James : Wait… what are you doing ?

She gave me a puzzling look.

Ella : Putting it in the envelope ? …. Isn’t that what…

I held her by the side of her shoulders and pulled her up, nudging her to the bathroom.

Looking at Ella straight in the eye, I pointed to the underwear and said.

James : Wear it…. Wet it… stain it….…. And put it in the sanitary bag …. Oh and… give me your bra too.

She could not believe what she just heard her mouth just gasped open by the entrance to the bathroom.

Ella : You are one sick fuck James….!

I pulled the door and replied before shutting it.

James : I am…. Be glad I’m on your side…

It was a 15 minutes wait before Ella came out of the bathroom.

She had already changed into her pants and t-shirt. Ella passed me the sanitary bag without even looking at me.

Blood immediately rushed down my dick as I held onto the bag of freshly stained lingerie. I could even see the outline of her bra and feel the thickness of her bra cups.

Ella : Are you going to do it when we go down for breakfast ?

I nodded my head

After the door closed, I threw away the envelope.

Don’t be silly, there are other ways to get back to Walter.

Just not like this.

Finding something like this in his suitcase will only complicate matters.

I neatly folded the bag and tucked it safely into my luggage.

Besides….. I can’t be doing all this for nothing can I ?



I was expecting Ella to inform me about them heading down for breakfast but instead she told me that Walter’s toilet had started to act up and he’s already informed house keeping about the situation.

The toilet situation caused a delay to their breakfast timing and Ella and Walter ended up packing and got ready to check out before having their breakfast.

By 6.10am

Ella told me that they had already cleared the room and settled down at the breakfast café.

Ella sms: We checked out liao. No chance for you to put in his bag already.,…. Walter already booked a cab to the airport to pick us up at 6.45… ?

I did not know what to reply her so I didn’t.

I did not hear from Ella again for the rest of the week.

As much as I wish to, I shall not bore you with the details and the time I spent with Ella’s freshly stained lingerie.

My mid-afternoon flight back gave me some shopping time, I went for another massage, did some window shopping before heading to the airport.

The highlight of my Friday was Celeste’s message confirming our date for the weekend.

The weekend past in the blink of an eye, and other than a couple of light brushes across Celeste’s hand, nothing happened.

I could feel her slowly opening up a little more and there is no doubt we are comfortable with each other. When she asked about plans for the following week, I knew it’s about time for me to make my move.

Ella never mentioned anything about her lingerie when we bump into each other in the pantry on Monday

20th April 2010



My highlight of that week came on Tuesday during breakfast. I was to head down to Loyang to meet a client, one that I had just taken over from Don, I barely sat down on my chair with my noodles when I received a call from Don.

He probably guessed that I would be heading down that day since the Client always schedule his meeting with our office on Tuesday.

After confirming my meeting was going to happen at 10.30pm, he actually ask if I could drop by his house.

James : Huh ? Am I hearing this correctly ? You house ? …. Now working hours leh.

I went on to ask if he was on leave but he told me he’s not.

Don : I have a meeting at Changi in a while… I need to talk to you… quite urgent….

I could tell from Don’s voice that he was quite desperate and panicky. The last time I heard him this nervous was when Ella discovered us going to a KTV joint.

Naturally Don placed the blame on me and I insisted we were only there for fruits and listening to some singer sing because Clients drag us along.

Don explained that the perfume and lipstick marks on his collar were jokes played by the Clients.

I would never forget the scene that day when Don had 3 girls all to himself and the mummy had to come in twice when the girls complained Don was too rough.

Mummy : Ah Don….. neh neh mmh si chiu ni zho eh leh… eh tia hor… teh arh neh tua lat. ( Don, breast are not made of rubber, you squeeze my girls so hard, painful you know ? )

Don : Haha… li gong eh xeng eh leh…. ( you said they can play one )

Mummy : Knn… eh xeng…. Confirm eh xeng…. Dan si ma eh tia…

( KNN, can play… confirm can play… but also will be painful )

I could only laugh as Don tried to go for the mummy’s breast as a joke but she gamely offered them up only for Don to back down.


I could feel my phone going off, vibrating in my pants just as I was wrapping up the discussion with the Client.

Before I could call a cab at the lobby, Don called me again.


Don : Finish liao ? We need to meet for a quick one…. I need your help.

In my mind, I kind of guess that it might be about money. I already knew he was tight financially so I mentally prepared myself about the conversation we were going to have.

It was probably going to start off about our friendship, and so on and so forth before he pop the question.

Now the thing is money and friendship is a sticky issue.

I never want to mix these together ever. I meant if it’s like 10,20 dollars when you forget your wallet or maybe buying a meal or 2, of course I won’t blink an eye, but an outright loan is going to be tricky.

If it’s small amount, couple of hundreds, maybe.

If it goes into the thousands, I don’t think there’s much I can do, I am also an average salaryman myself.


It took a while for the cab to arrive and by the time I got to Don’s place in Pasir ris, he was already waiting for me at the void deck .

He insisted we head up to his place and I relented and played along.

I settled into the sofa and Don stared digging into his bag for a folder before retrieving an envelope.

There it is, it’s coming.

He’s going to do it.

I already know what to say, in the lift, I’ve already got the figure in my mind worked out.

I can spare 2k, nothing more.

As Don pulled out the letter from the envelope, the look of distress never left his face.

He looked like he wanted to say something but just can’t seem to find the correct words.

I decided to save him the trouble and just say it.

James : Ok Don…. I know…. You are tight lately….. but I can only spare 2k the most…

He gave me a bewildered look as if I was mad before frowning and giving me the weirdest reply I ever heard from a guy friend.

Don : Oh fuck la… I don’t need your money……

He paused for 1 second before forcing the words out of his own mouth..

Don : I… I want your sperm.

Then it was my turn to give him the bewildered look as he thrusted the piece of paper into my hand.

It was a lab test report, numbers, figures and medical terms I do not understand.

Don started to explain the situation as I listened wide mouthed as if someone had just given me a smack on my head.

Even before the wedding, Don and Ella went for a series of health checkups to prepare themselves for a baby.

It was only the week after their wedding where Don submitted a sample of his semen to get a count of his sperm, check and make sure they’re fit and all.

He also told me that it was something unnecessary , even the Gynae said so but Ella’s parents were insistent on a comprehensive check-up.

A sperm count test though was not part of it but Don actually volunteered to do it.

Don : Show your parents how power my sperm ah. Confirm top swimmer.

Those were the exact words Don said to Ella. He sheepishly admitted that he was also after the cheap thrill of getting Ella to help him with the extraction in a small toilet at Gleneagles.

I tried to keep up with his explanation as Don was going pretty fast.

Finally he came to the report and tried to explain to me the figures.

Don : I’m fucked James….there’s hardly any sperm in my semen. ….

James : What ? ….what do you mean ?

He went on about some medical terms but I don’t understand them.

Don : In short, the doctor suspect there might be some blockage. We need to do more test, maybe a minor surgery or something.

James : Oh…. Ok… how much is the surgery ? … I see if I can…

Don waved me away in a frustrated manner.

Don : No James… it’s not just about money.

He went on to tell me that he is tight on the cash but he should be able to sort himself out in 5-6 months max since mid year bonus is coming.

The treatment cost is going to be substantial according to the doctor.

Don : I…. am not in a hurry….. to have a family…

He went on to say that the thing is he needed to make sure he gets a good report to his in laws.

Don : My mother in law works in a lab… she knows how to read all this…

It was then I finally got what Don wanted.

James : So you want to send my sperm for the test ?

It was at that moment I had a sudden dreadful feeling in my heart. My own fears starting scratching at me.

What if something similar was happening to me ?


What if I have no sperm ?

What if I was shooting blanks all this time ?

What if all the bad things I have done came back to haunt me ?

Don : Yah…very simple process.

He actually looked at his watch before looking at the clock in his living room.

Then out from don’t know where, he actually produced a small bottle with a red cap.

He gestured hurriedly at the bottle.

Don : I need to get this to the clinic before 3pm

I too turned to look at the clock, it’s 12.45pm

He gestured wilding again at the clock.

Don : The sample must reach within 1 hour of extraction.

I could not fucking believe what Don was saying.

As if the shock on my face was not enough, Don added.

Don : The moment you’re done, I need to Cheong down already.

I struggled to breathe.

James : It’s…. in the middle of the day Don…. I just had a meeting with a 80kg old auntie who have difficulty walking on her own.

I stood up and went to the kitchen for a drink.

James : How the fuck you expect me to do it ?

He came over to join me and said that I could use the computer in his room.

Don : surf some porn or something. Go visit sex forums … I don’t know..

I shook my head at him and tried to talk my way out of the situation.

James : Eh Don…. This… this is too weird la… I don’t think I can…

He was literally pleading for my help as he went to power up the computer in the spare room.

Don : James… please help me… just this once…. It’s already fucking sick I’m begging you for your sperm…… don’t make me keep doing it…. Help me this once.

Don tried to click on the internet explorer button only to realise that the internet adaptor was not plugged in.

Don : Arhghh… I brought it to office because they haven issue me the new laptop….Old one built in wifi don’t work….agh..

Before I could speak, Don started opening cupboards and out of nowhere, he retrieved a laptop.

As the powered it up, a pink wallpaper followed by a hello kitty appeared.

Don : Use Ella’s one.

James : Eh knn… cannot la… use her laptop surf porn….wait she know how..

The laptop is password protected and Don tried several times to login but it’s always the wrong password.

He scratched his head before trying over variations of password before the screen finally let us through on the 5th try.

James : Eh… mai la… not very…

He just wave me off and asked me to help him again.

Don : Please la bro… just once……. I’m… going downstairs for a walk. Be back when you call me.

I was really feeling quite frustrated and I totally not no mood for anything like this.

Before I could object further, Don placed the cup on the table.

Don : You almost liao go toilet hor…. Don’t zhuar all over the room.

I really did not know what to say as I watch him leave and exited the house.

I ruffled my hair roughly as I gave out an irritated grunt.

James : ARhghghghghg…

Inside my mind I was already thinking of just grabbing some of Ella’s worn clothes and lingerie and getting it over and done with.

I was about to head over to Don and Ella’s room when I paused.

I paused right where I was standing and turned to look at Ella’s laptop.

I turned and slowly sat down.

I double clicked the explorer icon.

Calling out this history, my heart started beating faster.

I don’t know why but the thought of snooping around Ella’s laptop is slowly turning me on.

There was nothing interesting. Some travel blogs, websites, online shopping.

I decided to click through her folders.

There were just so many stuff in the laptop. Her final year project presentation, her school work, her resumes, her photos.

Basically her life.

Then I came across another folder that was locked.

I double clicked it and a window appeared, prompting me for a password.

My heart started beating faster and I could feel a sudden unexplained arousal as I swallowed a big lump of saliva.

I literally froze in front of the machine for a good 3 minutes, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly the screen disappeared, going into screen saver mode. I tried to deactivate it but I needed the password to login again.

I called Don.

Don : Knn so fast ah ?

James : no la… screen saver came on… what’s the password

Don : Donella070708

I typed in the password and I got in.

It brought me back to the same screen which asked for the password to unlock the folder.

I called up the details of the folder.

The last time the folder was accessed for more than a year ago.

I keyed in exactly the same password into the bar and held my breath as I hit enter.

A hello kitty hourglass icon came up for a second or 2 before disappearing.

In front of my screen was 3 folders.




That was the respective name of the folders.

I opened 08 and I was greeted with a series of media files.

My dick almost push through my pants as my heart started slamming onto my ribcage.

I could not breathe properly as I look at the 12 media files in front of me.

I clicked the first one and I almost came in my pants.

It was the same clip that I saw on Ella’s phone.

The one of her giving Don a blowjob in office.

I immediately opened the 2nd one.

The image was shaking.

It was dark.

I could not make out the orientation.

Suddenly Ella came into view.

It was a video of her at her desk. I could see she was working.

Then the camera was set down and Don joined Ella at her desk.

It was at this moment I could not help it but unbuckle my pants, dropping it to the ground.

Don’s hands cupped over Ella’s breast, massaging them as she typed away on her keyboard.

I could hear them speak in the video.

Don : Don’t work liao la…

Ella : Dear… later la… I busy…

But don’t hand never stopped. He kept playing with Ella’s breast.

Don’s hand started unbuttoning Ella’s top and she groaned, pleading for Don to stop.

Ella : dear… don’t la..


Don stopped and came over for the camera before the screen went black and it stopped.

I quickly clicked the next one.

I immediately saw Ella’s legs and heels. The camera panning upwards slowly as Don lifted up Ella’s skirt before her hand tried to push it down.

Don : Don’t move…!… concentrate on your work…

There was some shifting of the camera and things went out of focus before coming back onto Ella’s breast.

Don’s hand pulled down her bra cup and started playing with Ella’s nipples as she struggled to type on her keyboard.

Ella : ARghhh… dear dear !… don’t..

The camera moved up quickly changing to a top view down of Ella as Don stood up.

Don : Suck for me while you work..

Ella frowned and tried to beat Don off but he held onto a tuff of Ella’s hair.

She giggled and tried to fight before the screen went black.

I struggled to breath and I clicked the next one.

It was totally different scene.

It was just Ella in a white singlet and black bra looking at the camera smiling.

Ella : stop it… haha.. dear stop it la… haha…

Then Don’s face flashed for an instance before the camera went to his dick.

Without warning, Ella bent down and started sucking Don’s dick.

The wet sloppy slurps echoed throughout the room as I turned up the volume.

But the video was only 20 seconds.

I opened the next one

I could see Ella was wearing a short grey flare skirt together with the white singlet.

Don’s hand was playing with her thighs, sliding up and down her legs before disappearing underneath her skirt.

His voice came out in the background.

Don : Why you never wear panty ? …

There was a pause before Ella giggled and answered.

Ella : Haha… because you ask me not to…

Suddenly Don’t voice became a little more stern.

Don : Don’t laugh…! Tell me… why you never wear panty ?

My dick throbbed hard as I could not belief what was playing in front of me.

Ella’s voice came on again. This time round softer, as if she was really afraid.

Ella : Because…. Because you…. You ask me… no to…

Don pulled down Ella’s skirt with a forceful yank and Ella gave a shriek as she tried to hold on to her skirt.

Ella : Dear ! don’t…

Don continued pulling and yanking Ella’s skirt as she struggled helplessly.

The camera went out of focus again before showing a neatly trimmed and deliciously vagina with a swollen clit.

Don’s finger went to the clit, playing with the wet lump of flesh as Ella moaned in the background.

The clip ended again.

I started playing the next in line and the camera was focused on Ella’s head as she stroked Don’s dick while she sucked.

The way her head move up and down, bobbing and stroking Don’s dick almost make me shoot my load out onto her laptop.

The way she turned and looked at the camera, before giving the camera a slut cock depraved looked, she innocently bit her lips. Before she dove back down on Don’s cock, she brushed her hair back, exposing the side of her face and neck, determined to let the camera capture her in action.

Don : Suck stronger Ella… suck harder… arhghh..

Ella : slurphhszz.. splurppzz..

I was stroking myself vigorously by then but the fucking clip ended again.

The next one of Don spreading Ella’s sweet and wet labia lips with his fingers set the stage for my grand finale.

The following few of him penetrating Ella as they moaned and exchange bodily fluids in the office sent me right to the edge of the cliff.

I clicked on video number 10 and was disappointed it was a totally new scene and I was deprived of the ending of the previous one

I recognised the background.

It was Don and Ella’s vacation at a resort.

One with a private pool.

The same photo I described in the beginning on this thread.

The pictures of Ella waking up, opening the glass door.

The ones of her in bikini.

But something was different about Ella in this video.

She was topless.

Don commanded her to play with her nipple and she obeyed.

I watch Ella twist and play with her erected nipples, caressing her own breast as Don’s leg went and rub on her bikini bottom.

As his toes tried to probe and stroke Ella’s privates, he said something that make me grab the bottle.

Don : Say it again…. What are you being punished. ?

Don intensified his stroking of Ella’s privates with his toe as he struggled to hold the camera steady.

Don : Say…. Say it and say why you are being punished…

Ella : Erghh… ergnn..ergnn…because….be…ernggn… erng.. I… a ernngg..

Don’s camera zoomed in close to Ella’s bottom.

I could see the wet patch that was slowly spreading outwards in a irregular radial pattern as Don roughly stroked Ella’s pussy with his fingers now.

Ella: Erhhnngg… ergnn… I….because…. because I ergnnn..erngn.. rgnn ahh.. I’m coming Don… egnn… stop…sto…ergnn…

That helpless intense plea reminded me of the incident back at the hotel and I could feel myself ready to unload.

I ran to the bathroom and did what I could to help Don, unloaded a warm load of fresh cum as images of Ella filled my head.

I cleaned up and staggered back to the laptop.

I doubled click the last file and Ella showed up again.

They were still in the resort.

She was holding a dildo, sucking and licking it deliciously while her other hand was wanking for Don.

Don mumbled something and Ella spoke.

Ella : Ergnn… i… I like to suck many dicks…. I like to get gangbanged… ergnn engg ergnn .. I like….

Don : Tell me…. Whose dick are you sucking now ? ………….

Her head swung to brush aside her hair and as Ella looked at the camera with a doleful look yet she still stuffed her mouth full with the dildo.

Ella : slrugpph…alurghh aae..

Don : Who ?

Ella : SLugppszz…aame.

Don : say properly in a slutty manner.

Ella’s mouth opened wider, her tongue traced the artificial veins of the life like dildo, coating the already wet vibrator with more saliva and she spoke softly before biting her lips.

Ella : James..

Don came at that moment, spurting and moaning as the camera shook and streams of cum went all over.

The camera fell to the side, the entire frame turned diagonal but it kept recording.

It went on.

I fast forward a little and heard Ella speak again.

Ella : Why you jealous so easily ah ? haha…

There was some mumbling in the background before I heard Ella’s voice loud and clear.

Ella : Yah… you asked first…. If not I would have chosen James…

A hand reached over covering the lens and the screen went black.

And the video ended.



It was one of the few rare occasion where my dick was still throbbing after I came. It was as if the intense sour muscle spasm never wanted to end as I reeled from what just happened. 

I was honestly confused, not knowing if I was aroused by the fact that I just saw some really private videos of for knowing that Ella had a thing for me too. 

30 minutes had passed just like this. 

I spent the next couple of minutes trying to find a thumb drive in my bag. A hard disk, anything. 

My brain stopped working. 

All I could think off was to copy the contents of the locked folder. 

I found a small 2gb thumbdrive I used to store work related stuff and I dashed into the bedroom and plug it in. 

Without wasting a single second, I copied all 3 folders and pasted into the drive. The file barely began transferring when the window popped up and said there was not enough space. 

I cursed out loud as I cancelled the command. 

Right when I was about to clear some contents, I heard the door opening. The clank of the lock against the metal gate was unmistakable. 

I knew there was no time left so I did what I could. 

I copied the 2nd folder 09 and pasted into my drive. My heart willing it to move as I watch the green bars slowly ticked by. The timber door opened and I could hear it slam against the back of the door catch as the metal gate was locked shut. 

Right then the window popped up again and said out of space once more. I closed all the windows and just pulled out the stick. 

I only just managed to put the usb stick into my pocket when Don’s head popped into the room. 

Don : Need to shit… sorry… 

I watch him disappear into the toilet and I was about to try again when my phone rang causing me to curse out loud once more. 

It was my team leader. 

Officially it was still my working hours. 

I shouted out to Don about the call and I disappeared into the kitchen to take it. 

10 minutes later when I’m done, Don was already shutting down the laptop and I saw him drop the bottle into a ziplock bag. 

Don : What time ah ? quick. 

I estimated the timing and told him about 1.30pm. 

James : Ermm.. about 1.30pm came out la.. 

He nodded and gave me a thumbs up as he started to get ready to leave. 

We parted ways at the void deck and I could not concentrate on work for the rest of the day. 

I was in a semi dreamlike state as I just drifted my way through the rest of the day. 

Once the clock struck 6, I packed up and dashed back home. 

I threw my bag aside and powered up the laptop. 

I needed to see how much I manage to get. 

The folder opened and I saw 8 file icon. 

I almost depressed the button on my mouse as I plugged in my noise cancelling headphones and played the video. 

Immediately I felt my dick stood to attention as I stripped myself. 

My erection was straight, hard and ready to go as I watch the screen in front of me. 

There she was. 


It’s a different scene again and Ella was only wearing her lingerie, her hands behind her back. 

She wore a front clasped black bra with a tiny piece of small jewel in the middle of the clip. It must be a push up as I almost drooled at the deep cleavage it created. The bra straps were red, blood red, no doubt changed at the request of Don. 

Ella’s privates were clad with a matching black lace panty. The sheer material under the warm light cause it to give out a glimmering effect as the camera trained on her. 

She was wearing heels, black too and as she swung her body slightly , I caught a glimpse of a red sash behind her, her hands must be tied. 

Her weight was balanced on one leg, her left. And in the typical modelling pose, her right knee was slightly angled, pointing towards Don and there was this coy innocent look that was screaming out for attention on her face. 

Don : Why are you naked… ? 

I almost grabbed the screen when Ella looked away as she mumbled something under her breath. 

Don : Speak louder… 

The camera shook, the figure of Ella blured for a second or 2 before focusing again. 

Ella : Because I am naughty… 

The clip stopped. 

I opened the next one and Ella was already on her tummy. Her restrainted hands visible as the camera shook violently. 

The sound of body smacking against body echoed around me as Ella’s continuous moans pierced through my eardrums

Ella :ergnng… ergnn…ern… ern………

Don’s hands was feeling up Ella’s bra roughly as the camera rotated between filming his dick going into Ella’s pussy and his fingers playing with Ella’s red bra strap. 

As if his smacking of his pelvic region onto Ella’s backside was not enough, he started to snap Ella’s bra straps. 

Piak… piak … piak… 

Ella : Ernnng… ernn.. ern dear… no… dear dear…no..ernn erng… 

I did not know what was going through my head but seeing the smooth white flesh of Ella getting a little red form the smacking aroused me even more as I wanked away in my room. 

Just when I though it could not get any worse, Don’s voice rang out. 

Don : ARghh… I’m going to cum… argh…. 

Ella’s pleas immediately consumed all the background sound as she pleaded, her head trying to turn but her body was not cooperating. 

Ella : Erngngn… dear… no.. no… erng.. erng… erng… no … don’t …. Please… don’t…. 

My dick throbbed harder as I listen to Ella beg Don not to cum inside her. 

Ella : Don’t….. please,… argh….erngnnn erngnn don’t come inside me… erngnn cannot…dear.. ergnn… 

I was struggling to breathe but the video shook violently before going dark. I could still heard the background sound. 

The smacking got harder and louder. 

Don : Arghhh arghh… coming… coming… arghh..

Ella : No.. no!!… dear… no! please… cannot cum inside… ernn erng ergnn please… dear.. ergnn…

Then everything went silent. 

My heart was slamming againt my chest by then as I opened the 3rd clip

Initially it was dark, before it focused on Ella who was lying on her back, her legs dangling off the edge of the bed. The camera zoomed in and Don’e finger touched Ella’s well lubricated and fucked vagina. 

The lens zoomed in and I could not tell if the radiating heat from Ella’s wet love hole was causing a condensation on the cold lens or it’s my eyes playing tricks on me. 

The screen shook again before going back to Don’s finger who was now trying to pry open Ella’s smooth hairless vagina. 

Ella : Ergnn dear… don’t…

Then I saw the peek of white as the cum Don deposited inside Ella started flowing out. 

It started as a small drop before more came. 

And I could not believe what Don was doing to it. 

His index finger coiled and played with the thick vicious semen, well mixed with Ella’s love juice and pushed them back into Ella’s vagina, coating her already wet and spent love hole with more. 

Don : Who say you can let the sperm out ? … keep them in…. 

Ella: No !… dear… please… cannot.. dernng..

More cream flowed out as Ella’s vagina started to push and Don’s semen oozed out unceremoniously onto his finger. 

Then Don did the unthinkable and his entire 4 finger plastered against Ella’s privates, as if he was trying to plug the outflow of his sperm. 

Without any indication of it happening, Don’s fingers started to move, almost like a fan shape windscreen wiper, wiping and coating Ella’s entire private region with his sperm, at the same time parting her wet lips of her pussy, exposing her already stimulated clitoris. 

Ella moaned and begged as her thighs tried to close but Don held it apart. 

Ella : Dear… no!.. please… don’t … I don’t want to cum.. I don’t want… cannot… 

Don : I want you to cum…. I want you to cum and let your baby suck all my sperm deep into your pussy. 

The conversation were downright slutty and bastardly but I felt so aroused listening to them. 

Ella’s moans got louder and louder while the camera shook more violently.

Ella :ARghh.. ergnn ernng… no.. no. NO!… no!!…no!! oh my god… oh… no!… dear.. don’t please….arghh… erngng… 

I could see the shivering of Ella’s thighs as the quivered uncontrollably as her begging became a shout. 

Ella : No!!! Don… stop… I …..i… arghh..erngn… ernng…. 

My heart stopped beating.

I stopped breathing and I too felt like I wanted to cum as I felt every hair stand on my body. 

Right at that critical moment, the clip stopped, it hanged. 

I restarted it but nothing happened.

I cursed so loud and leaned back on my chair so hard that I toppled and crash onto the floor, my dick still throbbing and I just laid on my back staring at the ceiling.

I got up after 5 minutes and checked the other rest of the files. 

Nothing worked. 

23th April 2010 



I managed to speak with Ella a couple of times that week and I suddenly realised I’m starting to see her in a different light. 

My eyes could not help but linger a second longer when she came over to check with me on some of the invoices I submitted. 

Her eyes are big, and the 30 minutes she spent on makeup each morning according to Don was beginning to have an effect on me. 

As she ran her fingers down the columns of numbers, I could only image her tongue running down my dick as I struggled to concentrate. 

Ella : So the qty is correct ? If ok I’m going to issue already. 

Ella : Oei… 

I nodded my head and just stared at Ella. 

She gave me a puzzled look before slapping me on my arm with the folder she was holding and turning away from me. 

The jeans she was wearing that Friday hugged her backside so tightly that her phone had difficulty squeezing into the back pockets. 

My eyes traced the outline of her legs as they gave way to a pair of red heels. 

Don sure is a lucky man. 

Ella left work on time that day while I noticed Walter staying back late with another colleague of mine, Cindy. 

Cindy is a married mother of a 2 year old but she still looks like she’s in her mid twenties even though she turned 32 a couple of weeks back. 

The word in the office was that Cindy will be taking over Ella after her transfer to Woodlands. 

The announcement was made only 2 days ago about the staff movements. 

It would have taken a longer time for the move if not for the fact that our big boss Mr Toh suddenly realised Don was not around. He questioned Spencer who authorised the move from what I heard but there were no conclusive answers from the rumour mongers at the pantry. 

All we knew was that Mr Toh had a chat with Ella personally before authorising the move. 

Ella will be moving in a months’ time. 

I never liked Cindy as she’s a known back stabber at work. Her loud lian-ish dressing was also a put off for me personally but I cannot deny she’s still pretty good looking. 

There were rumours of Cindy sleeping around to boost her sales but up till this day, no one knew which client she was sleeping with, and her sales results were less than stellar. 


I was busy arranging my weekend date with Celeste when I saw Walter coming out from his office. 

To be honest, I would not have paid much attention to him if not for the fact that he accidentally bumped into a shelf as he hurried out into the corridor. 

I glanced around the office and there’s only me and another colleague left. 

Switching my phone to silent, I got up and went after Walter. 

By the time I got to the corridor, he was already gone. 

Both lifts are on the top floor so I made my way to the mens room. 

I casually pushed opened the door and went in but it’s empty. 

Heading over to the window ledge, I leaned out and saw that Walter’s car was still parked below. 

Feeling puzzled, I went back to office. 


I left work and had an early night as I was to meet Celeste for breakfast the next morning. 

24th April 2010 



I reached punggol mrt and as I rode my way up the escalator, I could not believe how empty and quiet that place was. 

Just as I was enjoying my quiet ride up to the ground level, a flood of people came down the opposite direction, heading down to the platform. 

A lone figure appeared at the top of the station where the LRT platform is. 

My mouth immediately broke into a smile as I look at Celeste descending down from above once again. 

She wore a pink colour Carlsberg t-shirt. Something you can get for 199 baht in Thailand. The material is pretty thin and I could see the black bra she had on underneath. 

She had on a white pair of denim shorts, with it’s ends frayed. Her hair was a little puffy and she had a pimple in the middle of her nose. 

As she got nearer, I noticed a 2nd pimple at the bottom on her left cheek too. 

James : You… puberty coming ah ? … 

Celeste fell into step beside me before giving me a mock dramatic punch to my eye coupled with her own sound effect. 

Celeste : Arbish !…

She chose not to reply my but instead started walking down the escalator. 

James : Where shall we eat ? 

Celeste suggested we head to one of the coffee shop at Lorong Ah soo for breakfast and I just went along. 

We took a train to Kovan before changing a bus, throughout the journey, Celeste would try to punch me whenever she spotted me looking at her pimple. 

I could not help it. 

Perhaps it was just me. Sometimes I find these little blemishes arousing in a weird erotic way. 

Her sweet smile, the bright eyes that seemed to just stare right through you, the sunshine personality, somehow the 2 pimple seem to fit nicely into the whole package which made up Celeste. 

Celeste : Stop staring ! arghh.. 

James : It’s right in my face… where do you want me to look instead. 

I felt Celeste’s hand grab my chin and tilted it sideways and I laugh as we continued the conversation for 2 more bus stops with her making sure I was facing the other direction. 


We alighted and made our way to the food centre on food. 

I could hear the bustle of the market on a weekend, scattered streams of auntie coming out of the market with plastic bags in hand. 

The smell of coffee, the hitting of the frying pan, the loud shouts of orders that is breakfast Singapore style. 

We ordered coffee and shared an order of carrot cake and Jwee kuey. 

Half way through the meal, Celeste bought peanut pancake. 

She took 2 bites before passing them to me and went on to get a plate of nasi lemak. 

That too, she took a few spoonfuls before pushing them over. 

James : Hello… you order one hor….

She ignored my comment and just picked randomly at the different food on the table. 

Celeste : All these famous one… must try.. .. you guy can eat one la… don’t waste. 

We spent the next 30 minutes laughing, pushing food into each other’s mouth before Celeste stepped away to buy a 2nd helping of coffee. 

I was finishing up the rest of the peanut pancake when I almost choked on the peanut as I caught a glimpse of a side view of familiar figure walking by a few metres away. 

I almost had to rub my eye but the moment he turned to point at a stall, there was no mistaking it was him. 


The thing was that he’s not alone. 

Right by his side was this lady, one fucking look I can tell she’s PRC. Sorry for stereo typing but it’s just me. 

The make up on her face was piled on so thick I would have thought she just knocked off from the KTV. 

Her breast is big, easily twice the size of Ella, her lipstick blood red, her LV bag swung wildly as she tried to balance herself on her heels in the middle of the fucking food centre. 

Groups of retired old uncles with that looked as if they had just withdrawn their CPF stared and smile at the girl, nudging each other as their eyes wandered. 

I saw the noodle seller whistled before his neighbour the mixed vegetable rice seller laughed and said something I could not catch.

Elderly coffee maker was shooed away further into the stalls by his wife as Don and the woman cut their way through the crowd.

The bright pink dress she was wearing was just screaming for attention and I saw Celeste paused while balancing both cups of coffee on saucer as her mouth opened and gestured towards Don, trying to point him out with her pouting lips.

Celeste: James… Don… it’s Don…

I quickly stood up to block her view, and take over the coffee.

James : No la… Don won’t come all the way here for breakfast la… so far away…

Celeste : No… it’s Don… I’m sure…

She tried to look pass me but I continued blocking her and urging her to just sit down.

James : You got the wrong person liao, I too thought it was him but it’s not.

She pretended to sit down but feigned a move to the right before skirting pass me.

I quickly got up on my feet and went after Celeste.

James : Celeste wait…. Wait… it’s not him.

She ignored me and weaved her way through the morning crowd. The neon pink dress was like a glowing marker in the food centre.

Celeste caught up to Don and she called out to him above the din the market was making.

Don had just gotten a seat and was about to sit down and I could literally see his face turn white as he stared wide eyed at Celeste walking towards him and the girl.

It took all of 1 second for him to see me catching up from behind and he quickly recovered.

Don : Hey hi Celeste. Join us,… oh…. My friend, Merrain….. she just joined the office…..

Before Celeste could speak, Don beat her to it.

Don : Hey James…. Remember Mimi ….. you had lunch with her the other day.

I gave Don a glare but stopped when I saw Celeste turned and look at me.

James: Oh… hi,, hi….

The girl however was nonchalant about us and just waved a friendly hi to us as if she was in her own world.

Celeste : Don, you….

Before Celeste could speak any further, I nudged and pull her away, the same time I shot Don a look that need no explanation.

Celeste: James… wait… you…

I could see from the corner of my eye Don getting up and urging the woman to go with him.

Mimi : 干嘛啦。。。( What are we doing ? )

She reluctantly got up and followed Don while Celeste was trying to squeeze pass me.

I held on to her hands as she struggled.

Celeste : ARghhh James… !!! you !…

James : Wait Celeste… listen… wait..

I saw her turn away and reached into her pocket for her phone. I immediately caught up and grabbed it away from her.

She had a shock but recovered fast enough to chase after me.

I started zipping pass the morning crowd and exited the food centre.

Celeste was only a couple of steps behind me.

Coming out to an open patch of grass that slopes upwards, I stopped and turned around, holding out both hands in an attempt to calm Celeste down and try to explain myself.

The thing was that I stopped so suddenly and Celeste was so close to me that she ended up running into my hands, her soft tender breast pressing firmly onto me. My left hand was holding the phone but my empty right hand felt the nice comfortable depression of that lovely lump of flesh on Celeste’s body.

It lasted less than half a second and the impact was pretty hard, causing both of us to stagger backwards after the impact.

I immediately apologised as I looked at Celeste glaring at me with this incredulous look while she massaged her sore breast

James: I’m… I’m so sorry.. Celeste.

I could not tell if she wanted to laugh or if she’s angry or if she’s just gone mad.

Skipping over, Celeste grabbed a tuff of my hair as I yelled and tried to keep her phone away from her.

James: Ahh.. ahh…. Celeste wait… listen to me first…

I broke free and tried to put some distance between us but Celeste caught up in no time and managed to grab her phone. We struggled and laughed as we tried to tickle each other for control of her phone.

Celeste : I’m telling Ella !. … you!…

I could not fucking believe what was happening and I quickly tried to hold onto Celeste’s hand but she struggled her way away from me.

I kept my distance close, making sure she could not punch in Ella’s number.

Eventually we were covering the entire length of the void deck as we half laughed, half screamed, part cursing at each other, part trying to stop the other and somehow Celeste broke free and made a run for the open lift.

As fast as my legs could carry, I charged into the lift but Celeste had already hit the dial button.

My left hand managed to pin her right onto the lift wall but her left hand was waving the ringing phone around, trying to avoid me.

She accidentally hit the speaker mode right when I pinned her free arm to the lift.

I had no choice.

Don and Ella’s marriage haven really been smooth sailing since the start and this was seriously the last thing they needed to deal with.

I could speak with Don, find out what the fuck he was doing, maybe knock some sense into his head but Celeste needed to calm down and not get Ella involved before we get to the bottom of things.

I did not know what was going through my mind but the connected ringing tone made me nervous and when I heard Ella’s voice come through, I did the only natural thing that came to my mind.

With Celeste’s hands pinned onto the lift wall, my body went forward, pressing down on hers.

Her eyes widened and before she could react, I pressed my lips onto hers.

Time stopped.

Everything stopped as Celeste stared wide eyed into my eyes as our lips remained pressed against each other.

Ella : Hello…..helloe…. girl ah… you call me ah ?…. eh girl… hello .

I removed my lips and I could see Celeste’s face flush red as she looked away from me and I removed my hands from hers.

Ella : Eh girl ah… you there. ?

I held onto Celeste’s shoulders and whispered by her ears.

James : Let’s try to sort this out first before telling her ? … I don’t want them to quarrel again…

It took the chime of the lift reaching the top floor to wake Celeste up from her trance before she nodded her head.

She hung up the phone without a word and I hit the 1st floor button waiting for the lift to close.

It was an awkward moment in the lift as we both stared straight ahead.

I decided to fuck it and turned towards Celeste and I saw her bit her lips but somehow subconsciously both her hands went behind her body, as if she was afraid they would push me away.

For the 2nd time that day, I pressed my lips onto Celeste and I could taste the sweetness of her lips as she parted them slightly for me.

This time round we ended the kiss with a smile. A smile so silly that we both just ended up laughing.

My right hand reached for Celeste’s left as we stepped out into the void deck and I was literally over the moon when she never push me away.

We walked hand in hand, backing in the silly sweet moment for about 15 minutes before coming to a neighbourhood mall when Don called.

Don : Bro… I can explain…

James : Where are you … ?

Don went on to say he’s really just playing around, nothing serious.

I did not want to do this over the phone so I told him we’ll talk another day.

Don : How ? .. Celeste saw liao….. help me think of something…

I told him I’ll take care of it before I hung up.

I massaged the side of my head and Celeste asked me what did Don say.

James : I need to talk to him….

Celeste : I give you a week ah…if not I’m telling Ella.

I held her hands again, swinging playfully and I pretended to beg for more time.

She laughed and did her ‘Arbish’ play punch again on my face.

Inside my head, I was thinking, first it’s Walter, now comes a Mimi.

Then without warning I felt this burning sensation on my nipple as Celeste pinched me hard on my left nipple before letting go.

Celeste : That’s for touching my breast earlier.

I rubbed myself and kept quiet, trying to wrap my mind around the situation.

As we approached the bus stop, Celeste asked.

Celeste : A penny for your thought….. thinking of what ?

James : 我的咪咪。。。



Celeste and I made our way back to her place. Throughout the short journey, our conversation topic were focused on Ella and Don. How could a newlywed face so many problems at such an early stage.

Financial issues yes, but it’s not that bad to a point that they can’t afford to put food on the table. They’re paying interests and late fees but life goes on, as they had shared, everything will be over in a few months.

I could not get my mind off the woman Don was with. She’s exactly the kind he would point out at a KTV joint.

Someone whiny enough, lady like, thick makeup, fake eyelashes and of course boobs.

Celeste made me promise to call Don that day and I agreed.

Our hands were literally plastered against each other as we strolled back to Celeste’s place. The only time we let go of each other was when we needed to retrieve our fare card to exit the station.

Almost immediately, our fingers would interlock and we would stick close to each other, as if afraid the wind might carry one of us away.

I dragged Celeste into the lift eagerly and she laughed and quickly hit the close button.

The moment the lift door close we kissed again, smiling in a silly drunk manner as we tasted each other’s lips again.

I don’t know how to describe, it’s this honey sweet feeling you are getting , trickling down your chest onto your stomach as we wet each other’s lips.

Our eyes met and we just stared like 2 dazed drunkards.

When the lift opened, we separated our bodies and I watch as Celeste put a finger to her lip and stepped out quietly.

She went over to check her unit before giving me a frown and mouthed the words.

Celeste : Mum at home.

I nodded and I watch her back track her steps before our fingers interlocked again.

We called for the lift, neither of us knew what was going through our head.

One thing for sure though, when the lift door opened, the smile left her face and her hands let go of mind as she quickly put them behind her back with a sheepish smile.

Standing in front of me was a man with a rather large suitcase. He had a suit coat hanging off the pull handle too. I would put him to be in his early 50s with his head of grey hair but his eyes were sharp, his voice low and commanding.

He was balancing a few bags in his left hand and Celeste offered to help.

Celeste : Hi Daddy..

I immediately caught the que and greeted Celeste’s dad.

Celeste : James….. Harry….. Daddy… James…

She introduced us before hugging her father.

Celeste : Miss you so much.

Harry : Where are you all going ? ….

He gave me a questioning look before looking back at Celeste.

Right then Celeste’s mum came out of the house to help with the bags, her dad must have told her he was on his way up.

Mary saw me and gave me a surprised look too.

Mary : Hey…. You all took the same lift up ?

That was when Celeste’s dad asked that I go in for a drink.

Celeste let her parents walk in front of her before turning and giving me a ‘slit to the throat’ action and giving me a wink.

I took a deep breath and entered.

Mary made a pot of tea and the family gathered around the table. Celeste filled everyone’s glasses before filling her own, and that was when the questions began.

Thankfully it was nothing I could not handle.

We chatted for 15 minutes before Mary told Harry to leave us be.

Mary : Let the young people go enjoy themselves la.

Before we could leave the place, Celeste’s phone rang and she excused herself to take the call.

It was Ella, lucky for me , it was only a short 5 minute chat. Much of it about why Celeste called her earlier.

Celeste and I just strolled around the neighbourhood, walking around aimlessly, taking about anything and everything under the sun.

Somehow we were just interested in everything each other was saying.

I remembered the feeling almost as if we’ve being drugged, that dreamy sensation, that sweetness I cannot describe. The same feeling you get when you start a new relationship.

Our topics covered a wide range of topics, finance, pets, politics, littering, playground designs, retirement and of course sex.

What stumped me though was not the fact that Celeste brought up the topic first. It was more of the way the question was put to me.

Out of the blue, like a stroke of lightning on a clear blue sky.

Celeste : Sooooo…. How was your first time like ?

She sat down on a ledge and her legs dangled off the ground, and she looked at her feet.

James : Ermm… what a question to ask… haha..

My laugh must have been a little nervous as Celeste narrowed her eyes and gave me a suspicious look.

She tapped my leg with hers a couple of times, looking up at me from where she sat.

Celeste : Tell me….

I might have the silly sheepish smile on my face but my brain was actually trying to put something together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to lie that I’m a virgin or cook up some story, I’m just thinking of how to put it across to her gently.

James : The…. First…. Is….usually quite overated…

She did not speak, and looked on eagerly for me to continue.

James : I ermm.. .. ermm..

She pulled me down to sit beside her and linked arms with me.

I told Celeste as gently as I could that there was no champagne and white bed sheets with rose petals, definitely no castle and no knight in shining armour.

James : I was an intern….and…my superior and I were close..

Celeste’s hands went to her mouth as her eyes widened. I wanted to stop immediately but I did not expect her to get so excited.

She tapped me several times on my hand and asked me to continue.

Celeste : How old is she ? …. Pretty or not ? … you like her ? ….

I tried to process the questions and was thinking of how much information to filter out.

James : That time I was only 18….. and she’s 28…

Celeste : Oh my god James… you were abused as a child….haha

I rolled my eyes and replied.

James : You want me to continue or not ? …

She laughed and nodded her head eagerly.

James : She’s nice…. Very pretty and would give me a lift home most of the time if we work late….. then it just happened one day ?

Celeste : What do you mean .. ?

To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable with the conversation and after a few seconds of deliberation, Celeste finally caught the message.

Celeste : Oh…it’s ok la… no need to say if you don’t want to.

Then without any prompting from my end, Celeste just mumbled something about the ex-boyfriend forcing her to give him a blow job.

I felt my heart skip a beat and immediately asked.

James : What do you mean forced ?

Celeste : He’s just… I don’t know…. Very rough… and he loses his temper when I refuse….. to be honest I was quite scared of him.

James : I’m glad you left… I’ll never lose my temper if you refuse me a blowjob…

She laughed and punch me playfully in the stomach.

Celeste : yes… yes… that’s what you say now…

James : I’m serious… I’ve never lost my temper at a girl for refusing me..

Celeste cocked her head sideways and eyed me in a suspicious manner.

James : I’ll just force myself on them…

Celeste : Tsk !

She gave a cute Tsk before folding her arms and turning away from me.

I sat down beside her and told her the physical aspects of a relationship is very much about communication.

James : We need to understand each other, what we like, what we dislike….and so on.

I went on further about keeping communication channels open, about honestly telling your partner what you are not comfortable with.

An old man strolled towards us with his grand daughter in tow and our conversation tapered away.

When they’re no longer within earshot, Celeste asked if we’re having dinner together and of course I said yes.


Celeste : Tell me what are you craving for right now ?

My eyes betrayed my thoughts for just a minute as they drifted uncontrollably to Celeste’s breast before looking back at her, she was fast, catching onto that immediately and gave me another playful slap on my cheek.

I gave a sheepish smile and was about just suggest heading to some coffee shop when the words Celeste spoke almost make me pee in my pants.

Celeste : After dinner la…

I checked the time, it was only 11.45am

Barely a couple of hours after our breakfast and I was already craving for dinner.

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and just to be sure, asked for a little more clarification as she checked her phone for messages.

James : After dinner…. Then what.

Celeste just looked at her phone and was scrolling through some messages when she apologised and said she needs to eat with her parents, and asked if I would like to join them

James : Erm… ok…

Celeste : I … can pop by your place for a while after dinner…if you like.

There was an immediate smile on my face as I grabbed Celeste’s hand and pulled her towards the mall across the road.

Celeste : Haha. Where are we going ? ….

I entered the small mall and I scanned the directory, hoping to find what I wanted.

I went to a florist at the attached wet market, and asked the auntie for rose petals.

Celeste heard and immediately slap my arm several times while I paid for $5 worth of loose petals of various colours.

Celeste : Ehhhh…. Don’t be crazy James.. haha.

I ignored her and went to the supermarket and got a bottle of wine.

Celeste : James !… stop it… haha.

I ignored her as I paid for my purchase.

Celeste : Don’t be silly la..

I turned and look at Celeste.

James : I lost mine in an old car, parked by the rubbish chute in a new estate surrounded by construction debris….

She giggled even harder as i dragged her towards the taxi stand.

Celeste : Where are we going ? haha.

James : My place… we can help to decorate it in the meantime.

That set of another 2 mins of giggles and countless mock punch to my face and no less than 5 slaps but I was not bothered.


We got to my place and entered my room immediately.

Celeste : Wah… why so messy ?

I tried to tidy up the room and smoothen out the bedsheets but Celeste just laughed and pulled me to her and we kissed again.

Barely 5 seconds later we separated and I tried to tidy up my bed again, brushing away at the surface but Celeste wriggled herself back to my front and we kissed again with her laughing and her body shaking as she did it.

We broke free again and I tried to arrange the rose petals but Celeste was pulling and tugging at my shirt, asking me not to be so dramatic but I ignored her.

Celeste : Don’t be so drama mama la James…. Haha.

I stepped back and admired my work after another 5 minutes of touching up. Aside from a week’s worth of laundry piled up in the corner, it looks pretty decent.

I lit some candles by the bedside table.

Gave the room a generous spray of air freshener, drew the blinds and turned off all lights except for the orange glow of the table lamp.

Shadows of objects I’m not even sure off were cast onto the walls as I played some Jazz music , soaking the entire room in the right ambience.

I went over to Celeste and hugged her from behind, clasping my hands together at her waist as she leaned back on me.

We were quiet for a few seconds before I asked.

James : How ? Not too bad ley….

She nodded in agreement before turning around slowly in my embrace, her hands reaching behind my neck and we kissed again.

She withdrew from the kiss before adding softly with a smile and a naughty twinkle in her eye.

Celeste : James…. I never said I agreed to sleep with you…haha… I just said I can come over your place for a while after dinner…

Her hands never left my neck and mine never left her waist.

I smiled and with an equally cheeky smile and replied in an even softer voice.

James : Do I look like I’m waiting for your agreement ?…..

I felt Celeste jab me in the side of my stomach and tried to tickle me but I stood straight, with no reaction.

I repeated what she did to me and immediately she shrunk, shrieking and trying to push herself away from me.

Celeste : Arghh…haha… ha… stop….You are not afraid of being tickled James…….haha ?

I tried to go towards Celeste but she shrieked again, laughing and both her hands desperately waving in front of her.

James : Are you afraid of being tickled ? haha

She nodded her head and motioned for me to stop.

Celeste : Stop.. stop.. ok… don’t play already… I’ll go crazy when tickled.

I allowed her to calm down before we hugged again and sort of fell onto the bed. Without her realising it as we kissed lying down, I held both her wrists with my right hand and slowly pinned them above her head before I straddled myself over her.

Celeste : Dinner James…. After dinner haha…

I looked at Celeste’s pink t-shirt which was riding a little high as her hands were pinned above her head, exposing her belly button.

I let my eyes lingered on hers for a while before I drifted to her armpits, tracing them back down to her breast.

We kissed again, letting our lips melt into a smile before we parted.

Celeste : Dinner James…. After dinner la…..just a few more hours to go… Promise ?

She lifted her pinky finger and I played along and hooked hers with mine.

James : Promise…

Celeste : Let’s see if you are one to keep your promise James…

She smiled and stretched herself on my bed.

I unbuttoned her white denim shorts, my fingers tracing down the zip line to the frayed ends.

I could see Celeste’s body raise and fall as she breathe in the dimly lit room.

I pulled down the zip and there was no resistance from Celeste.

She looked really unsure as I pulled and tugged at her shorts but I was surprised she raised her bottom, allowing me to pull them down and away, revealing a pair of white boyshort seamless panty.

Celeste slowly sat up and drew her knees to her chest, tilted her head sideways and just smiled at me, her body rocking on my bed showing me her little pinky.

Then she got on her knees and moved closer to me at the edge of the bed, her arms going around my neck again and we kissed once more.

It was a long kiss and when we parted, Celeste got off the bed, her graceful cat like movement glided effortlessly across my room to my laptop. She traced her fingers across my desk, looking through the books I read, bending over to look at old photos, as if she was deliberately tempting me to make my move.

The sight of Celeste moving around slowing in my room without her shorts was sending a rhythmic throb to my dick.

James : Let’s have dinner now Celeste…

She laughed and without turning to look at me, replied ;

Celeste : Let’s do lunch first shall we ? .. haha..



Celeste and I cuddled up in the room, huddling under the blanket as we watch a old Korean movie My Sassy girl on my laptop.

I was surprised that Celeste never heard about the show before and it was the first time she watched it.

As I felt her warm body nested against mine, laughing and giggling away, I felt this surreal sense of calm.

I’m not sure if I can put that into words but it has this really calm healing effect on me as I look at her.

Sure, you must be thinking I’m probably thinking of how to rape her but the truth is I’m getting this fuzzy feeling of just wanting to look at her.

She got dressed and we tidied up the bed at 5.30pm and we made our way to her place for dinner. Her dad cooked a simple meal of 3 dishes and a soup.

Mary kept asking me to eat, Harry kept asking me to drink, and Celeste kept reminding me to slow down.

Celeste : Are you in a hurry James ? ….. don’t gobble down your food… wait indigestion.

She gave me such an innocent look yet behind that statement of concern, I could sense a naughtier meaning hidden within.

By the time we finished fruits at 8pm, I could not wait for Celeste to finish washing up and to change out.

We told her parents we were going to head out for a movie.


Celeste stepped out in a white singlet, I could see patches of damp spots from her freshly shampooed hair.

She had a grey jacket draped over her hand and she had on a really short skirt that was black but she had tights on.

A pair of dark grey tights clung on tightly to her legs, accentuating her sculpted legs further as I tried my best not to linger too long on her body.


We kissed again the moment we entered the lift.

James : Why you wear so many layers…

Another ‘ Arbish ‘ punch almost flatten my nose before she slapped me on my belly.

We tried to get a cab but it’s a saturday evening, after no luck getting one in 15 minutes, we decided to take the public transport.

En route to my place, we dropped by the mall to buy some snacks and drinks.

I picked up condoms and lubricants while Celeste waited a distance away.

Passing by one of my favourite stalls, I could not help but grab 2 curry puffs, just in case I needed the energy boost.

9.35 pm

As we approach the lift landing, I could feel Celeste slowing down. I could tell she was feeling nervous.

Celeste : Yah..

We hugged and just looked at each other in the lift as we ascended up the block.


The atmosphere is tensed.

Celeste did not know what to do and she just stood in the middle of the room, her hands grasped together in front of her waist.

I looked at her and she looked away.

James : There’s no place to run you know…. In case you change your mind..

I gave her a cheeky smile and she just folded her arms and rolled her eyes at me.

I could tell from her body language that she’s getting that feeling of uncertainty. Perhaps mixed with a little bit of fear.

Fear of the unknown

I went over and reassured Celeste, stroking her on her arms.

James : Hey…

I kissed her and said let’s just let things take it’s course.

James : Anytime you’re uncomfortable… we can stop..

She nodded before leaning towards me for a kiss.

For the first time, her tongue rolled out, I could taste the curious tongue of Celeste as it darted cautiously into my mouth. My erection was already up and roaring to go but I knew it’s going to be a long night.

I don’t want to risk scaring her.

Her hair was still damp from her shower and I could smell the strong fragrance of her shampoo.

I gently lowered her down to the bed and I removed her sweater, exposing her smooth flawless arms. I could almost detect a quick shiver as Celeste swallowed a big mouthful of saliva.

She’s definitely very tensed up.

I told her to just relax, and that I’m not taking my pants off until she asks me to.

That seemed to reassure her a little but the truth is my dick was already straining hard against my underwear, trying to force itself out.

I gritted my teeth and tried to calm myself down.

I covered Celeste with my blanket and asked her to close her eyes, she did so obediently and I lowered myself to her feet, kissing her toes and her feet immediately tensed up, scrunching up as my hot breathe came into contact.

I kissed her feet, smelling the fragrant scent of her tights that ends at her ankle. The tight fabric desperately trying to hide her leg from my mouth and tongue.

Kissing my way up, I could feel Celeste tensed up again as I pressed my mouth onto her calves, my nose rubbing against the soft material of her tights, gliding my way up north.

I reached her skirt in no time, my hands pushing the blanket up, exposing the lower part of Celeste’s body in the dimly lit room.

The short skirt was no obstacle at all and I chose to leave it on, letting my mouth kiss it’s way up to her inner thigh before I took in a deep breath, instantly feeling the rush of blood to my manhood.

The sweet smell of her clothes, and this comforting warmth that seemed to radiate from her privates.

I ran my hand along Celeste’s leg, stroking my way up and under her skirt, my fingers feeling for the elastic top of Celeste’s tights. I held onto the waistband and pulled it down, exposing a good portion of flesh.

I tugged it harder, running the tights down to the mid of Celeste’s thigh.

My heart thumped faster and I gave it another pull, baring all her calves, I pulled the rest off, leaving only the short skirt and the drak grey panty that Celeste was wearing to cover her modesty.

Sub consciously, Celeste adjusted her skirt, smoothing them out and pulling them lower, as if she was bashful about exposing her underwear.

Such lady like behaviour only drew out more lust from within me as I fought to control myself and adjust me dick.

I kissed Celeste and I could feel her trembling underneath me.

I paused for a while and ask if she’s feeling ok, and whether she would like to go on.

She snuggled into my arms and nodded her head.

Her eyes closed as soon as she felt my fingers roaming close to her love hole. I felt the wet patch, the unmistakable stickiness of a woman’s love juice soaking it’s way out of her underwear.

She felt my finger brush against her and her eyes pressed shut harder.

I kissed Celeste until she opened her eyes and look at me.

I started to move away and go down and I could see the sudden nervousness in her eyes but she fought hard not to show it.

Lifting her legs up and planting her feet firmly on the bed, I opened her up for unlimited access. I kissed her bare skin, covering her inner thigh with my saliva, allowing my tongue to explore every inch of her smooth white skin.

Celeste had a bad round of goose bumps the moment my tongue reached the sides of her privates.

I could literally feel the excited pores against my skin.

I depressed the damp patch further, soaking Celeste’s underwear further, releasing this erotic smell of of sweat, lust and natural lube.

Brushing aside the folds of her underwear with my tongue, I reached in and taste Celeste’s womanly juice for the first time.

I almost peed in my pants as that bitter sweet nectar slide down my throat. I licked and lapped up more, swallowing sips and sips of her delicious juice.

Celeste : James…. Don’t la…. Dirty…

I ignored her comment and pressed my tongue further inwards, Celeste’s pussy lips parted easily, well lubricated walls of her vagina greeted my tongue eagerly. Her body reacting the way it should, prepping herself for penetration.

My nose brushed aside her underwear, it snapped back into place.

I brushed it aside again, coating my entire nose with her love juice and my tongue managed a few flicks of her swollen clit before the underwear snap back again.

I repeated the movement, pushing aside the wet panty with my nose and trying to hold it in place as my tongue lapped up her secretion like a thirsty puppy.

Celeste : hurgeennnn…. James… erg… don’t la…

I pulled aside her panty, exposing her privates to my eyes for the first time as I devoured every detail.

The sight was one to remember till the day I die.

Celeste was not shaved, her pubes neatly trimmed but were then wet and plastered to the sides of her privates. Her vagina lips seemed to puff up nicely on both sides, exposing the helpless clit.

I noted a small mole on the left of her vagina lips, a delicious looking mole and I started licking it, causing more secretion to come out form her pulsating love hole.

There was no way for me to know the number of nerve endings firing the countless electrical signals to Celeste’s brain as her vagina contracted and shy away from my tongue.

Cupping my mouth over her clit, I gave a strong suck, almost lifting the lump of flesh off per pelvic region and Celeste gave out an uncontrolled yelp follow by an erotic moan.

Celeste : ERgnnnn … herngnn…


I could hear the cupping of her mouth by her own hand, Celeste no doubt feeling shy and ashamed of the cry she just made.

There are housemates just next door to us too.

My mouth turned into the letter O as I suck in a mouthful of air over Celeste’s wet clit while my tongue flicked vigorously side to side.

I immediately felt her thighs tensed up as Celeste tried to control her moans.

Her thighs closed around my head as she caught and pull wildly at the bedsheets.

Barely 10 seconds later Celeste could not take it any longer as she tried to push me away.

Celeste : James….!! Ergnn… aharsss erng… I’m….. I’m ….

I paused to catch my breath, my mouth and jaw already aching from what I just did.

Celeste tried to get up on her knees and I tried to push her back down.

She shook her head almost in a drug induced stupor adding that it’s ok.

Celeste : It’s ok James…. No need… no need…

Her hands waved weakly in front of me as she tried to stand up on the bed.

I hugged onto her and she lost her footing, sinking down to the bed as I push my hands under her singlet, feeling up her bra.

It was a strapless bra, and I could feel how nicely filled up they were by Celeste supple and bouncy breast.

I unhooked and pulled it out from under her and she gave out a yelp.

Celeste : James..!… erg..

I laid her down on the bed again and I watch Celeste try to fold her bra and put it aside but I took it away from her.

I brought it to my cheek , feeling it’s silky texture on my face before trying to smell it.

Celeste smack me on my thigh and said I’m sick.

Celeste : Don’t be sick James… that’s so perverted. .. haha

James : But… I’m aroused by it…

She seemed genuinely surprised and asked me why.

Celeste : It’s just a bra…

I shook my head and replied.

James : It’s your bra….

I took another deep whiff and she giggled while trying to take it away from me.

I cradled Celeste in my right arm, while my left went down to her privates and started to tease and play with her clit.

The look and emotions displayed on Celeste’s face was a pricelss with eavery movement of my finger.

The sudden panic, the gasping of her mouth, the soft moaning by my ear before ti all gave way to a sudden shaking of her head.

Her pupils dilated, and I could feel her goosebumps against my skin as she suddenly suck in such a deep dreath of air that I thought for a moment I saw the whites of her eye.

Her body tensed up, really tensed up and hardened into a stiff log as she shivered, the same time pressing her mouth onto my chest.

For a good 2 second her body just shook as she screamed a muffled cry into my chest before her entire body went into spasm. Celeste started thrashing about the bed, trying to break free from me, pleading for me to let her go.

Her hands waved , her legs kicked about as I held her down on the bed.

It was a 30 second fight for control as before Celeste finally rolled over onto her stomach, breathing heavily through her mouth.

The fingers on my left hand were left wrinkled and soft from the amount of time it was coated with Celeste’s love juice.

We both just lay on the bed, trying to catch our breath.

10 minutes later, I got up to wash my hands.

When I came out of the bathroom, Celeste had taken off her single, leaving only her bra and her wet panty.

She brushed her untidy hair to the back of her head and just knelt on the bed waiting for me.

I went over for a hug and I could feel her hold onto me tightly, squeezing my body against her.

We kissed again before I ask if she liked what we just did.

She nodded her head shyly.

James : What part ? ..

Celeste : Tsk …ergnn…

She turned away, unwilling to answer my question but I pressed her further.

James : Tell me…. Which part you liked ?

After much hesitation, Celeste admitted that she like it when I went down on her.

Celeste : It just…. Just makes me feel like…. I’m having someone serve me…

She immediately looked away and tried to change the topic.

James : Do you like it then ? Do have someone serve you.

She hit me a few times, scrunching her face up at me but I held onto her, pressing her to give me an answer before she revealed further that she was pretty aroused when I’m licking her.

Celeste : What… about you James…… what do you like ….?

I went over to my desk and took a bite of my curry puff.

James : I like a lot of things…..

My erection was pushing hard against my pants and Celeste without any prompting, got down on her knees and looked up at me with her doleful eye.

Celeste : Something like this ?

She placed her hands on her lap, looking at me to give her her next instructions.

I nodded my head and took another bite of my curry puff.

She unbuttoned my pants and let it drop to the ground before pulling my boxers down.

Celeste : This too ?

I nodded eagerly as I finally felt the freedom of my dick in the open environment.

She brushed back her stray fringe and looked up at me again before turning away shyly and decided to hold onto my dick.

She hesitated before she put her lips onto my dick head, kissing me on my privates.

I felt the creeping warmth engulf my dick as my eyes closed.

Almost immediately I felt Celeste’s entire mouth cupped over my dick head, coating it with her saliva.

She withdrew and paused.

Celeste : What are you still holding onto your curry puff ?

I paused and added.

James : I……. i like old chang kee too.



A hard smack on my thigh was all I got from Celeste as she frowned at me. 

I put aside my curry puff and gave her all my attention as I watch her try to give me a blowjob again. 

Her mouth cupped over the tip of my dick, her tongue a little unsure as to what to do and just lick the rim of my penis half-heartedly. 

She tried to take more of me in but gagged a couple of times and she paused totally and wait for her gag reflex to pass before trying to suck my dick again. 

After what seemed like 2 minutes of sucking and licking, Celeste paused and stopped. 

Celeste : I’m sorry… i… it’s not very good is it ? 

I reassured her it’s fine, and I’m enjoying it. 

Celeste : But you don’t seem to be enjoying it…..

She brushed back her stray fringe again and tried to suck my dick that was beginning to deflate. 

To be honest, it was a really slow rhythm. It’s not possible to cum and there was just simply not enough stimulation for me to achieve my orgasm. 

When Celeste felt my dick going soft, she got into a minor fit of depression as she sulked and climbed back onto the bed. 

I cuddled up beside her and told her it’s fine. 

James : Let’s try again… I’ll guide you.. 

I propped myself against the bed and Celeste got onto her knees again. 

James : Suck the tip and use your tongue … 

Immediately I felt a strong suction, locking my dickhead into position as Celeste’s tongue started lapping at me. 

I felt a renewed vigor seeping into my dick as Celeste seemed eager to please. 

James : ….ni…nice… suck harder…. Press your tongue onto my…. Woo oahh oohhh… 

Before I could finish, Celested depressed her tongue down hard onto my pee hole, the indentation sent a jolt of electricity deep down my anus before spreading outwards around my pelvis and I shivered. 

As if that were not enough, she started pressing and prodding and digging my helpless pee hole with the tip of her tongue. 

James : Ohhh….ooahh….ohh..

I wanted to speak but could not. 

Celeste stopped and asked me to continue guiding her. 

Celeste : Ok? Is it better? …. 

I nodded and asked her to suck me and angle her head a little to the side, so I’m not jabbing straight into her throat. 

Before I could get ready, she took me back into her mouth, her warm wet interior coupled with the sound she made when she sucked me was amazing. 

Celeste hmp…phhmm..mmhh.. mhh.. 

I could feel my dick head hitting the inside of Celeste’s cheek repeatly, I closed my eyes and added .

Stroke me with your hand at the same time. 

Immediately I felt the confident strong grasp of Celeste’s hands work together with her hungry mouth. That combination of motion and sucking turned me into a whiny pussy as I moaned and tried to feel every nerve ending in my dick enjoying this sick pleasure Celeste is giving me. 

I could feel saliva dripping down the sides of my dick, wetting my pubic area, Celeste’s hair were splayed all over my thigh, the silky texture of her hair caressing my private region as her head bobbed up and down.

She stopped a couple of times, to brush aside her hair and asked if they were bothering me and I shook my head. My mouth was already gasping for air and when Celeste tied up her hair into a long pony tail, I could not help it but grabbed onto it as she sucked down hard onto my dick. 

She gave a soft helpless yelp as she felt the tug of her hair. 

I grabbed the base of her hair, following the motion of her head as she sucked and pleasured my dick, whenever the down motion came, I would push a little, forcing her mouth to take me deeper, letting my dick press harder onto the inside of her cheeks. 

Celeste : Erh,mmm ohm…mm..hhmm.. hermm.. slurrpesss..

I felt that familiar urge rise up as I heard Celeste take a loud slurp and swallowing her saliva that was present all throughout my dick. 

James : ohhooooo ergnn….horrr…..

My moan must have told Celeste that she’s doing it correctly and she worked doubly hard. 

I could feel I was about to cum and I tapped Celeste on her head, telling her I’m about to finish. 

She asked me how I would like to do it.

Although I would very much like her to suck and swallow everything, I did not want to risk scaring her off, after all, swallowing is not for everyone and it’s our first sexual encounter.

James : ermm… i… 

Celeste : Yah ? 

I said I wanted to cum on her breast and she nodded obediently. 

She lay back on the bed and I straddled her, moving myself close to her mouth and she took me in again , letting me park my dick head in her mouth while I jerk myself off. 

Her eyes were closed and I asked her to play with herself. 

James : Masturbate yourself at the same time ? … 

Without giving me a reply, Celeste started touching herself, moaning and groaning as I jerk my dick into her mouth. 

Her hips thrusted upwards and I felt her sticky wet finger on my back. 

After a few touches only did I realise what Celeste was doing. 

She was deliberately coating her fingers with her wet warm and fresh lube and smearing it all over my back, and my hip. 

I was nearing the end when I felt Celeste’s fingers on my nipple, wet and slimy as she played and tuned my nipples as I let out an uncontrolled moan. 

I withdrew in time and could feel the warm rush of my cum coming as I stroked myself, shooting and cumming onto Celeste’s breast. 

Waves and squirts of my fresh cum landed on Celeste’s body as I watch her breathe and catch her breath with her half opened mouth on my bed. 

Her eyes were closed as I moaned and rubbed off the remaining cum onto her breast before collapsing beside her. 

We were catching our breath for a good 5 minutes before Celeste climbed up and wiped herself down and head to the bathroom after giving me a kiss. 

She emerged a while later and cuddled up beside me. 

Celeste : You…. Like to shoot onto breast ah ? 

I smiled and told her I would prefer to shoot deep inside if possible and she just gave me an ‘arbish’ punch to my cheek again. 

Celeste : You wish.. 

I asked if she was ok with me doing that and she nodded. 

James : Is it very degrading ? …. 

She considered my question for a while before shaking her head, adding softly that she liked it. 

Celeste : No…. i…. I like to be more submissive…. Feel it’s more fun… 

I felt a sudden wave of excitement and I asked her to elaborate on her preference but she just shook her head and laugh, feeling embarrassed for some reasons. 

We did not have sex that evening and I sent Celeste back at 1am as she did not want to leave a bad impression by staying over the first time I met her parents. 

Before we parted, Celeste made me promise to call and sort things out with Don. 

25th April 2010 



I woke up feeling so refreshed and revitalised. A feeling I have not felt in the longest time. 

I called Don’s phone but was surprised that it was Ella who picked it up. 

Ella : He’s in the shower. What do you want ? 

James : Oh… nothing la… nothing… I call him later. 


Don called me back and the first thing he told me was that my sperm is healthy and really active. 

Don : You eat a lot of tonic ah ? 

James : I smell a lot of underwear…. Can or not ? 

Don : Will work ah ? I later try Ella’s one. Haha 

The mere mention of Ella sent blood rushing to my dick but I quickly got back into topic and asked Don what the fuck was he up to. 

He told me that since he just transferred over, Mimi was the one who helped him get settled down and all. He just thought he should take her out for a meal. 

James : Don’t talk cock with me hor.. 

I probed further before Don reluctantly revealed that she was the one who kept pestering him and asking him out. 

I warned him about her immediately and told Don that he’s a married man. 

Don : Friend friend only lah….. why you like that… she xiao mei mei…. Only 22, I’m too old for her already. 

James : Don’t bullshit a bullshiter la you knn. Ella is a nice girl. She’s your wife. 

Don fobbed me off with a bunch of excuses and said he will settle it before asking me how to deal with Celeste . 

Don : How ar ? You and her steady liao is it ? Ask her to keep a secret. 

James : Are you mad ? She is you wife’s good friend…..

I told Don that the best I managed to do was asked for a 1 week grace period from Celeste, and that he was to get his head straight and stop seeing Mimi. 

Celeste promised not to breath a word if he does what is necessary. 

Don : Wah… How you managed to talk to her ah ? 

James : I licked her till she cum… 

Don : Haha… Don’t bullshit a bullshiter also la.. 

We hung up after I reminded him to get the fuck away from Mimi.

A hard smack on my thigh was all I got from Celeste as she frowned at me. 

I put aside my curry puff and gave her all my attention as I watch her try to give me a blowjob again. 

Her mouth cupped over the tip of my dick, her tongue a little unsure as to what to do and just lick the rim of my penis half-heartedly. 

She tried to take more of me in but gagged a couple of times and she paused totally and wait for her gag reflex to pass before trying to suck my dick again. 

After what seemed like 2 minutes of sucking and licking, Celeste paused and stopped. 

Celeste : I’m sorry… i… it’s not very good is it ? 

I reassured her it’s fine, and I’m enjoying it. 

Celeste : But you don’t seem to be enjoying it…..

She brushed back her stray fringe again and tried to suck my dick that was beginning to deflate. 

To be honest, it was a really slow rhythm. It’s not possible to cum and there was just simply not enough stimulation for me to achieve my orgasm. 

When Celeste felt my dick going soft, she got into a minor fit of depression as she sulked and climbed back onto the bed. 

I cuddled up beside her and told her it’s fine. 

James : Let’s try again… I’ll guide you.. 

I propped myself against the bed and Celeste got onto her knees again. 

James : Suck the tip and use your tongue … 

Immediately I felt a strong suction, locking my dickhead into position as Celeste’s tongue started lapping at me. 

I felt a renewed vigor seeping into my dick as Celeste seemed eager to please. 

James : ….ni…nice… suck harder…. Press your tongue onto my…. Woo oahh oohhh… 

Before I could finish, Celested depressed her tongue down hard onto my pee hole, the indentation sent a jolt of electricity deep down my anus before spreading outwards around my pelvis and I shivered. 

As if that were not enough, she started pressing and prodding and digging my helpless pee hole with the tip of her tongue. 

James : Ohhh….ooahh….ohh..

I wanted to speak but could not. 

Celeste stopped and asked me to continue guiding her. 

Celeste : Ok? Is it better? …. 

I nodded and asked her to suck me and angle her head a little to the side, so I’m not jabbing straight into her throat. 

Before I could get ready, she took me back into her mouth, her warm wet interior coupled with the sound she made when she sucked me was amazing. 

Celeste hmp…phhmm..mmhh.. mhh.. 

I could feel my dick head hitting the inside of Celeste’s cheek repeatly, I closed my eyes and added .

Stroke me with your hand at the same time. 

Immediately I felt the confident strong grasp of Celeste’s hands work together with her hungry mouth. That combination of motion and sucking turned me into a whiny pussy as I moaned and tried to feel every nerve ending in my dick enjoying this sick pleasure Celeste is giving me. 

I could feel saliva dripping down the sides of my dick, wetting my pubic area, Celeste’s hair were splayed all over my thigh, the silky texture of her hair caressing my private region as her head bobbed up and down.

She stopped a couple of times, to brush aside her hair and asked if they were bothering me and I shook my head. My mouth was already gasping for air and when Celeste tied up her hair into a long pony tail, I could not help it but grabbed onto it as she sucked down hard onto my dick. 

She gave a soft helpless yelp as she felt the tug of her hair. 

I grabbed the base of her hair, following the motion of her head as she sucked and pleasured my dick, whenever the down motion came, I would push a little, forcing her mouth to take me deeper, letting my dick press harder onto the inside of her cheeks. 

Celeste : Erh,mmm ohm…mm..hhmm.. hermm.. slurrpesss..

I felt that familiar urge rise up as I heard Celeste take a loud slurp and swallowing her saliva that was present all throughout my dick. 

James : ohhooooo ergnn….horrr…..

My moan must have told Celeste that she’s doing it correctly and she worked doubly hard. 

I could feel I was about to cum and I tapped Celeste on her head, telling her I’m about to finish. 

She asked me how I would like to do it.

Although I would very much like her to suck and swallow everything, I did not want to risk scaring her off, after all, swallowing is not for everyone and it’s our first sexual encounter.

James : ermm… i… 

Celeste : Yah ? 

I said I wanted to cum on her breast and she nodded obediently. 

She lay back on the bed and I straddled her, moving myself close to her mouth and she took me in again , letting me park my dick head in her mouth while I jerk myself off. 

Her eyes were closed and I asked her to play with herself. 

James : Masturbate yourself at the same time ? … 

Without giving me a reply, Celeste started touching herself, moaning and groaning as I jerk my dick into her mouth. 

Her hips thrusted upwards and I felt her sticky wet finger on my back. 

After a few touches only did I realise what Celeste was doing. 

She was deliberately coating her fingers with her wet warm and fresh lube and smearing it all over my back, and my hip. 

I was nearing the end when I felt Celeste’s fingers on my nipple, wet and slimy as she played and tuned my nipples as I let out an uncontrolled moan. 

I withdrew in time and could feel the warm rush of my cum coming as I stroked myself, shooting and cumming onto Celeste’s breast. 

Waves and squirts of my fresh cum landed on Celeste’s body as I watch her breathe and catch her breath with her half opened mouth on my bed. 

Her eyes were closed as I moaned and rubbed off the remaining cum onto her breast before collapsing beside her. 

We were catching our breath for a good 5 minutes before Celeste climbed up and wiped herself down and head to the bathroom after giving me a kiss. 

She emerged a while later and cuddled up beside me. 

Celeste : You…. Like to shoot onto breast ah ? 

I smiled and told her I would prefer to shoot deep inside if possible and she just gave me an ‘arbish’ punch to my cheek again. 

Celeste : You wish.. 

I asked if she was ok with me doing that and she nodded. 

James : Is it very degrading ? …. 

She considered my question for a while before shaking her head, adding softly that she liked it. 

Celeste : No…. i…. I like to be more submissive…. Feel it’s more fun… 

I felt a sudden wave of excitement and I asked her to elaborate on her preference but she just shook her head and laugh, feeling embarrassed for some reasons. 

We did not have sex that evening and I sent Celeste back at 1am as she did not want to leave a bad impression by staying over the first time I met her parents. 

Before we parted, Celeste made me promise to call and sort things out with Don. 

25th April 2010 



I woke up feeling so refreshed and revitalised. A feeling I have not felt in the longest time. 

I called Don’s phone but was surprised that it was Ella who picked it up. 

Ella : He’s in the shower. What do you want ? 

James : Oh… nothing la… nothing… I call him later. 


Don called me back and the first thing he told me was that my sperm is healthy and really active. 

Don : You eat a lot of tonic ah ? 

James : I smell a lot of underwear…. Can or not ? 

Don : Will work ah ? I later try Ella’s one. Haha 

The mere mention of Ella sent blood rushing to my dick but I quickly got back into topic and asked Don what the fuck was he up to. 

He told me that since he just transferred over, Mimi was the one who helped him get settled down and all. He just thought he should take her out for a meal. 

James : Don’t talk cock with me hor.. 

I probed further before Don reluctantly revealed that she was the one who kept pestering him and asking him out. 

I warned him about her immediately and told Don that he’s a married man. 

Don : Friend friend only lah….. why you like that… she xiao mei mei…. Only 22, I’m too old for her already. 

James : Don’t bullshit a bullshiter la you knn. Ella is a nice girl. She’s your wife. 

Don fobbed me off with a bunch of excuses and said he will settle it before asking me how to deal with Celeste . 

Don : How ar ? You and her steady liao is it ? Ask her to keep a secret. 

James : Are you mad ? She is you wife’s good friend…..

I told Don that the best I managed to do was asked for a 1 week grace period from Celeste, and that he was to get his head straight and stop seeing Mimi. 

Celeste promised not to breath a word if he does what is necessary. 

Don : Wah… How you managed to talk to her ah ? 

James : I licked her till she cum… 

Don : Haha… Don’t bullshit a bullshiter also la.. 

We hung up after I reminded him to get the fuck away from Mimi.

12 Noon.

It’s been a while since I went back to my parents place and I was heading back there for lunch.

Celeste had plans too and we will only meet for dinner that day.

Just as I was about to head up to my mum’s place my phone rang.

It was Ella

Ella : Win lottery liao right…. I just heard from Celeste .

James : What did you hear from her.

She told me that Celeste updated her about our status and that I’ve met her parents.

Ella : so fast meet parents….

After the pleasantries, Ella asked me something that I did not know how to reply her.

Ella : Want to go Europe of not ?

The statement swirled around in my head several times before I managed a bewildered ‘ What ? ‘

James : What ?

I’ve never been out of southeast Asia, the thought of travelling out of Asia itself sounds foreign to me.

Ella went on to tell me that their honeymoon tour has been pushed back because the tour could not meet the minimum number of passenger for departure.

James : You paying ah ?

She ignored my comment and said that Celeste did not mind going.

Ella : It can be a couple trip, leaving in September.

I told her I’ll think about it before hanging up.

After lunch at my parents’ place, I did some shopping before meeting up with Celeste.

Dinner was concluded at 8pm and we parted ways from her parents.

Celeste brought up the subject of the trip and I told her I’m considering it. It’s not so much just the financial aspects of it, well I can afford the trip but I was not so sure about splashing close to 3.5k for it.

Celeste : Euro is pretty low, economy not that great, good time to go now you know.. haha.

There was this naughty twinkle in her eyes as she tried to convince me to take up her offer.

Honestly I was thinking more of a Bintan or a Bangkok getaway. It’s nearer and more appropriate for the first trip a newly minted couple.

As we got back into my room, Celeste was trying to sell me the itinerary of the trip, from cathedrals whose name I could not even pronounce to countries I have never even heard off.

That’s how mountain turtle I am.

Celeste : I’ll pay for it … your share too.

I gave her a wide eye look and immediately rejected her offer.

James : Does my face look that white to you ? …. No way… I’ll pay if I decide to go.

Before I could do anything else, Celeste had pulled off her top, leaving only her bra.

She lowered her pants, exposing her innocent school girl white panty and just knelt down in front of me, starting to unzip my pants.

James : Oeii.. oeri…. What are you doing ? haha

Celeste stripped me and replied.

Celeste : Trying to convince you.

I lasted less than 15 minutes before I agreed to the trip.

28th May



It was not an eventful month and other than Celeste and me getting to know each other better physically and emotionally, my highlight was getting to cum inside her mouth.

Ella had started work at Woodlands and a new problem was fast arising.

I tried my best to finish work early that day but I only managed to leave at 7pm.

I immediately hailed a cab to Ella and Don’s place, my heart dreading the inevitable.

You see, Don did try to make things clear with Mimi but only after he fucking slept with her.

It was only once he claimed but she seemed bent on sticking onto Don like a clingy leech.

Mimi openly flirted with Don at work and Ella was obviously pissed.

I’ve heard snippets of what was happening from Celeste and she blamed me for not knocking sense into Don. That was one of the reason I did not get to fuck her yet.

The other reason was of course her period.

As I opened the unlocked grille gate and stepped into Don and Ella’s house, there was an eerie silence.

The lights were on.

The TV was playing some drama in the background.

The living room was neat and there was no sign of any major fight.

There was no one in the living room and the kitchen.

I walked in and called out.

James : Don ….. Ella ?

I opened the guest bedroom and it was empty, my eyes lingered a little too long on the same seat where I saw Ella’s video.

James : Don…. Ella ? ….

I opened the master bedroom and saw Ella and Celeste sitting on the bed.

Celeste was stroking Ella’s arms and I could tell Ella was crying.

James : What..

Before I could finish my sentence , I saw the other side of Ella’s face and I turned and looked at Celeste.

James : Is it Don ?

She shook her head.

Celeste : It’s Mimi.



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