This is a work of fiction with uncomfortable scenes of violence.

Reader discretion advised.


Due to the virus outbreak, many of my school mates have been quarantined within their hostels.

Many of them were unfortunate enough to be in contact with some confirmed cases.

As a student volunteer, I go around delivering food to my school mates during meal times.

It’s the least I could do.

However as the days go by and I started to get a hang of the routine and which rooms I deliver to, I begin to take note of one particular room.

One very special room with someone very special staying inside.

A very pretty looking babe, a freshie. I saw her during orientation but I didn’t have to balls to talk to her.

Now that she is confined to her room with no outside contact, my mind began to stray every time I delivered her meals to her.

I would put the food by the door, knocked twice and quickly hide a distance away. Then I would see Crystal open the hostel door, dressed in her casual sleep clothes emerge, bend down and collect her food.

Needless to say, my mind strayed whenever I see her bend down.

In between meal times, I would keep refreshing her social media feed. She may be quarantined but she is still actively posting her photos online.

Eventually I could no longer contain my lust for her body and sweet looks that I did something unthinkable.

I masturbated into her food.

Yes, I did that.

I opened up the cover of her noodle soup when I was in the bathroom. Placing it on the toilet seat, I scrolled through her social media feed as I wanked away. Biting down on my lips as I unloaded a warm stream of cum into her lunch.

Carefully replacing the lid, I went on to deliver Crystal’s lunch.

Again, I would hide behind the wall to peep at her. The satisfaction of seeing her emerge, bend down and collect her lunch with my fresh deposit of semen is impossible to describe.

Knowing that she is safe in her room, taking a specially prepared meal gave me a mental orgasm every time I think about it.

The masturbation and cumming into her food and drinks took care of my lust for a while.

Just a while.

As the days goes by and the longer I think and fantasise about Crystal, I knew it was a matter of time before I do something else.

Something I fear yet craved for at the same time.

Because I knew if I don’t do it now when she’s isolated and alone, I might never get another chance.

And the cherry on top of the pie ?

Is that I’m all masked up.


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