This is a work of fiction.

This series contains scenes and situation which might make you uncomfortable.

Reader discretion advised.


Work from home.

That is what the government all over the world is telling its people.

Just bring your laptop home and work from home.

Minimise all social activity.

Stay home. The less contact you have with others, the lesser the chance of a community spread of the lethal virus.

I wish it was that easy.

Not all jobs can be done from home. Given a choice, who doesn’t want to work from the comforts of their own home.

Wake up in the morning, make yourself a piping hot cup of coffee and start hammering away at the keyboard while still in your boxers.

Not all jobs are so versatile.

Especially not my wife’s job.

My wife is a social escort.

Yes you read that right. A social escort.

My wife Yuna usually conducts her work at hotels but most of the hotels are in lock down.

The available rooms were all booked by the government to allow those on stay home notice to serve out their quarantine.

Why is my wife a social escort you ask ?

Look at the economy. Just look at the state of the financial market around the world.

Millions are losing their jobs and bills still need to be paid.

I was retrenched too so did my wife Yuna.

We were among the 1st wave of workers to lose their jobs.

With ageing parents on both sides, bills and mortgages to pay, we had no choice.

I managed to get a low paying job of calling people up to make sure they stay home for $9 an hour.

Can you believe this ? $9 an hour ?

I use to make 9k a month excluding bonuses in my regional role while my wife Yuna makes a comfortable 7k in her operations role in a MNC.

Those are all in the past now.

The jobs are long gone and it’s now a matter of survival.

Several of our friends already have their private apartment repossessed for forced sales by the bank. Our savings were long depleted now that we are 6 months into the outbreak.

With the latest announcement that all work needs to be done from home, or you stop working immediately, Yuna and I were face with the hard truth.

That Yuna need to start taking clients at home.

Not in the living room, not in the kitchen.

No in the guest room because we were staying in a small studio.

The only place can work from home to make a living is on our matrimonial bed.


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