This is a work of fiction

I am currently staying in a rather old house in macpherson . This is not my address of choice but due to the unique circumstances I’m in, I have no say in this matter. The house belongs to my in-laws, it’s a modest 2 storey, built in the late 1980s, and there is nothing special to it other than it looking rather haunted. During the time of construction, it was probably considered rather luxurious for a house to have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The 4rm HDB I own with my wife is left empty after an attempt by us to get rid of the mold that flourished underneath our parquet floor due to lousy workmanship and leakage from the master bath. The water damaged the timber floor and wreak havoc on some of our built in furniture

It was the first time in my life that I’m seen so many pin head mushrooms in such a variety of colours.

We decided to move in temporarily with my in laws so as to get the floor fixed up.

4 days after my wife and I settled into the guest room, my father in law had a minor car accident which left him with a limp on his left leg. His hearing is also a little affected from some damage to his eardrum. My wife and I made a decision to stay a while longer until my FIL gets better.

Although the damage isn’t really bad, my FIL needed help for most of his daily activities.

There are the therapy sessions, the follow ups with the doctors, before I knew it, we were having mooncakes in the small patio 2 months later. The Christmas tree was up when I came home from work one day and in the blink of an eye, I was on the ladder, trying to bring the steamboat out from the high storage for CNY.

When news of my wife being 3 months pregnant broke over the reunion dinner, my in laws were overjoyed and they started talking about all the herbs and tonic that needed to be bought. They talked about getting a room repainted and done up for the baby, they even talked about possible names.

I did not want to spoil their mood and tell them that I wanted to move back to our own flat to welcome my child into this world.

Over dinner the next evening, my wife broke a piece of news to me as gently as she could but the moment the words left her mouth, I lost all my appetite. Her sister has just sold her flat at a good price and will be moving in with her husband.

I felt like throwing up.


Now, about my sister in law, Liying.

I forgot the number of times that I read with envy in online forums and discussion boards about the relationships, the sexual tryst, the possibilities that can be had with the SIL. I have no such luck.

We simply cannot get along with each other.

I hated my SIL as much as she hated me. Perhaps more.

My SIL, Liying, is 2 years older than my wife, Lydia. They went to Methodist Girls school for 10 years, moving on to Raffles Junior college, they went on the typical route to get their degree in NUS.

I remembered the look of sneer she had on her face when I told her I graduated from a neighbourhood school in Bedok . Her eyes did a 360 degrees roll. As if that was not enough, my diploma earned me a wave of her hand with a reply,

“ Oh, so what can you do with that diploma ? “

She did not need to spell out the fact that she did not think I was good enough for her sister. I was offended but my then girlfriend told me to just ignore her, that was just her character and that she does that to everyone.

When I was taking night classes for my degree, Liying actually asked over dinner, “ oh, you mean they allow that ? “

I did not offer up a comment.

Not everyone was blessed with the financial capability to send their children to the University. I had to work and pay for mine and damm I’m proud of it.

Words alone cannot describe how much she looked down on me.

Every meetup with Liying is a challenge. I have to constantly remind myself to be thankful for having such a nice and caring wife who is a direct opposite of everything her sister is.

I could publish a book just writing about Liying.

So when the news of her moving in under one roof was broken to me, I did not take it too well.


Liying and Steve moved into the house on the afternoon of 1st March 2012. Thursday.

I arrived home at work around 8pm that day to see my FIL shifting his 8 year old Toyota out of the gate.

Before I could go forward to ask why did he park outside the neighbors’ kerb I was blinded by white light in front of me. Then I saw Liying and Steve’s BMW go into the compound.

The following weeks was a constant torture for me, besides putting up with my sister in law’s nonsense, I had to deal with her constant nagging and bragging.

Everyday is about how well she and Steve is doing. When and where will they go for their holidays. Which are the hip restaurants they have visited.

Then there is the nagging of taking out the trash, sweeping up the porch, washing the floor. I volunteered for all these manual work when i moved in as there is no way i expect my in laws to do it at their age. It was the right thing to do. Simple patch work, painting, clearing of chokes, i accepted them as my duties, it was the least i could do. I didn’t mind them at all.

I just had to tell myself to be more tolerant, to be more forgiving of my sister in law.

But her nagging and bragging was simply too much for me

The final straw came when she shouted at me on the 6th April, good Friday. She went on and on about the leaves in the roof and drain gutters that is causing a choke and there are mosquitoes. The exact words she said was,

“ James, since you got time to play with the ipad, why can’t you clear up the gutters ? “

I was a little pissed at her attitude and the way she spoke to me. How I wished I could give her an education of the colourful language I learned when I was in my so call neighbourhood school.

If there was a degree in Hokkien literature and cultural languages, I would have at least the equivalent of a doctorate.

Sucking in a deep breath I did my best to control my tone.

James : I think you should watch your tone and your manners Liying, I am not your maid.

My reply might have been a little abrupt and sudden as I usually don’t respond to her. The entire living area sank into a dead silence when the words left my mouth. Only the voice of the newscaster on channelnewsasia was audible.

My mother in law stood up and tried to say something but Liying shouted from the dining table.

Liying : Are you questioning my manners James? , in this house ? sitting where you are ? Do you know whose roof you are under ?

Her shout got everyone in the room standing up with exception of my wife who is now trying to reach for me despite sinking a little deep into the sofa with her bulge of a belly.

Steve was already reaching for Liying’s forearm when I simply look up from my ipad and replied.

James : Liying, I am not questioning your manners, I really doubt they exist at all.

That was her que to snap and she started throwing vulgarities at me. Terms such as, lowly educated ah beng, to the son of fruit sellers, to pigs, to useless husband began flowing freely from her mouth.

I ignored her and helped my wife up to her room, letting her voice slowly fade into the background.

I can hear my father in law trying to talk to her right before i close the room door.

As I helped my wife to lie down on the bed, I decided that enough was enough.

This cannot go on.

I need to get rid of her, one way or another.

13th of April, Friday, 3.30pm

I made a detour after a meeting to swing by the place where my sister in law worked. I settled into the chair at starbucks as I made a call into the office at gateway east tower.

Fingering her name card i stole from my wife’s drawer, I asked for Liying when the reception answered.

The soothing music for the wait sounded as I sipped my coffee, my eyes trying to visualize through the building façade across from where I am sitting. Is she seated by the window? Does she have her own room ? How big is her office ?

I have no idea, but I will find out.

Liying’s voice came up after a 30 second wait.

Liying : Hello ? ….

Liying : Hello……

Liying : Anybody there ?

She hung up when I did not offer a reply.

I finished my coffee and went back to work.

Right before leaving for home, I went to the florist opposite my office and placed an order for flowers to be delivered on Monday to my sister in law office.

I included a message.

Dear Liying,

Hope you liked it.

Speak soon


I paid in cash and left.

14th April

It was a week since the confrontation i had with Liying, we avoided each other in the house, no words was exchanged.

Steve and i were still ok, we do chat every now and then and even he acknowledge that Liying can get a little difficult at times. I smiled politely at Steve as he tried to put in some good words for his wife, but those were just words. It meant nothing to me.

Steve works in a hospital but he is not a doctor. I only know he deals with IT stuff. He is a pretty quiet person, sometimes i really wonder how did he end up marrying Liying.

I spent the weekend in peace and i avoided Liying as much as i could, i plotted more of my plans and course of action whenever i have a private moment alone.

16th April, Monday.

A couple of hours before work ended, i went over to the florist to check on my delivery. They confirmed that the flowers were delivered and was received by the recipient at around 11am.

I smiled to myself and went back to work.

I wonder what Liying’s face would look like when she received the flowers.

As i walked the 850m from the nearest bustop to my in laws place, i was thinking to myself whether Liying would bring the flowers back home.

She did not.

There was only her ugly LV bag in her hand. I might have been mistaken but she seemed extra cheerful that day.

Dinner was a little quiet as no one spoke much, i might have been too sensitive but i sensed a little less bragging that evening.

17th April. 10am.

I got back into the house after pretending to leave for work in the morning. I spent the morning reading my papers at a coffeeshop nearby. My in laws have left to tend to their printing shop, my wife is at work, so are Liying and Steve.

I walked at a hurried pace, in case i bump into neighbours, i could say i came back to grab something quick.

The coast was clear as i closed the door and removed my shoes.

I wasted no time and headed straight for Steve and Liying’s room. Got to make my half day leave worth the effort.

Their bedroom was locked. The only locked door in the entire house.

It didn’t matter to me as i have the masterkey to the rooms in the house.

As i turned the knob, the spring jumped with a thud.

Pushing the door open slowly, i could feel my heart thumping. Reaching for the switch, i turned on the lights.

The bed was not made and the curtains was drawn, their room faces the neighbours room at a close distance, so i doubt that they opened the window at all.

The laundry basket is filled to the brim with clothes with a couple of pants and skirt spilling onto the floor. I saw a photo frame of Steve and Liying in their wedding shoot standing on the dresser table.


If i didn’t knew her for who she was, i might have fallen into the category of guys who would give her a second look when i pass her on the street. She is almost the same height at me, not that i’m very tall. I would say 165cm is still acceptable for a guy.

Her hair is silky and smooth, rebonded straight, i pity her hairstyle. It seemed to be stuck in the era where every girl on the street had really straight rebonded hair and they all look the same from the back view. Sometimes when she ties up her hair into a pony tail, she looked a little less grotesque.

Her skin is smooth, fair and well maintained. There has to be a reason for the array of beauty products that took up most of the dresser table. Her legs were, well, passable, not that i could bring myself to look at them for too long, it’s hard to associate them with her character.

Where lingerie was concerned, she loves her colours and lace. Neon pink, yellow, lacy purple. The lit up the porch whenever i see her hang them up during the weekend.

She had a few pants which I felt was a little short to be worn around the house. I can’t deny they brought out the curves and the firmness of her bums but whenever I try to sneak a peek, I get put off immediately by the thought of her dissing at me.

All that said, to be fair, she looks pretty decent for her age.

My eye settled on what i was looking for finally.

I covered the camera hole of the ipad with a t-shirt i grabbed just in case there was some ant spying app installed. I hit the home button and viola.

I noticed that there was no password few days ago when i was paying extra notice to Steve fiddling with it.

I scrolled though the contents, looking at pictures, web browsing history. Nothing worthy of note.

I’m not even sure if they Steve and Liying shared the ipad.

Doing a quick time check i left the ipad back where it was and went to the stack of boxes that was still unpacked. Opening a couple here and there, nothing really caught my eye.

Going through the drawers yielded nothing much except receipts, some bills. Checking out the bathroom, i saw several of Liying’s underwear hanging inside. Pills, facial wash, nothing out of the ordinary.

I felt this strange sense of arousal when I see her undies in the bathroom. She may be a bitch but I wonder how would she smell like. I tiptoed into the bathroom, moving closer to her undies.

My fingers trembled a little as I fingered the soft smooth fabric of my sister in law’s underwear. I rubbed the material between my thumb and index fingers, considering my next move. Sub consciously I brought my nose closer, taking a cautious whiff of the pair of undies.

There was the unmistakable soap smell of a washed and dried panty.

My eyes caught onto the small lingerie basket in the washroom. I bent down and took up a bra cup, pressing the padded curves onto my nose and I took in the smell of Liying’s breast. Perhaps it’s just my mind fucking with me but it smell really similar to my wife’s breast as well.

I nuzzled my nose deeper into the bra cup, sniffing and inhaling the scent of the bitch of a sister in law.

I snapped myself out of my trance like mode after a while. There will be time to play around with worn lingerie of hers since she is now a permanent guest in the house.

I opened the main wardrobe and discovered that it was bursting at the seams. I tried to push aside some clothes when a couple of hangers dropped on me. I replaced them in the corner where all the empty hangers were.

I was about to give up on the wardrobe when i opened the drawer below. There laying on top of Liying’s neatly folded lingerie, was a couple of sex toys and self pleasuring equipment. I can almost imagine her taking care of her physical needs after her constant nagging and whining turns Steve off.

I snapped a few pictures of the toys she had and closed the drawer. I pay extra attention to one of the dildo that seemed ‘used’. It was purple in colour just that there seemed to some slight discolouration. Yellowish in fact.

I washed my hands after replacing everything.

There’s no telling where those sex toys went.


I check to make sure the room was left the way it was before leaving the room. Right when i was about to switch off the lights, I noticed a Sistic ticket envelope sticking out from one of Liying’s bag. I did a quick check and realized it’s a pair of tickets for a play at the museum. I made a mental note of the date and time of the play.

Reaching my office just in time for lunch, I was extra cheerful that day and I offered to buy a round of drinks. Non alcoholic drinks that is.

I was particularly tickled when I saw the 2 girls in my lunch group ordered the blackcurrent drink in a packet.

Do all girls like purple that much ?

I can’t help but associate everything purple with Liying’s vibrator for the rest of the day.

I was lying in bed with my wife that evening when i heard voices being raised in the room next to us. Steve’s voice was quite audible as she shouted at Liying . I can only make out snippets of conversation. “Be reasonable” was one of the few i caught.

Moments later when i left to get myself a drink in the kitchen, i saw Steve backed the BMW out of the driveway.

I shook my head smiling to myself.

Looks like the purple dildo will have to do it’s work tonight again.

19th April

The week is coming to an end soon and i find myself working at a very efficient pace. Emails were cleared promptly and all outstanding issues were settled. I can almost smell the weekend coming. I have already made a short shopping list of things i need to get before the weekend.

Right before the day ended, i tried Liying at her office. Her reception answered saying she is out for a meeting, would i like to leave a message. I had to try to hold back my laughter and i left a short one.

James : Please just tell her that Malcom called, i’ll try to get her again later. Thank you so much. You have a nice day too.

I was laughing to myself after i’m done.

I dropped by the hardware shop near the road junction before my in law’s place and bought some sandpaper and gloves.

We started dinner without Liying that evening; she only got back around 9pm. I’m wondering to myself whether she deliberately waited for ‘Malcom’ to call.

As Liying started on the leftovers for dinner, i was pouring 2 bottles of bird nest into a bowl for my wife. Added in a couple of ice cubes before putting it on the serving tray. Right when i was about to bring out to the living room, my mother in law came into the kitchen with a 10kg sack of rice. She wanted to pour it into the large porcelain jar in the corner. Needless to say i offered to do it.

She offered to help me bring my wife’s after dinner dessert to her.

I entered the living room moments later only to hear my mother in law shot back a sentence at Liying.

Mother in law : If you get pregnant, i’ll make it for you everyday. Drown you in it.

Liying must have been bitching about why her sister gets the bird nest and not her.

After tucking my wife into bed, i went down to the patio for a drink. I was half way through my tiger when i heard the sliding door opened behind me. It was Steve.

He raised his head and gave me a nod before settling down opposite me with his bottle of wine.

Steve : Riesling ? Quite good.

James : No thanks, i’m sticking to my beer.

I recognize the bottle as one of Liying’s favorite.

We sat in silence each having our own drink as we fiddle away on our ipad. Inside my heart i was thinking how did Steve put up with Liying. Would a man want to fuck someone like her ? My god, how is it possible that she turns anyone on ?

I was suddenly struck by the idea of digging more about Steve rather than Liying. Here he was, surfing the net away from his wife, if i were him i would have left Liying long ago. Perhaps he has some form of ECA outside the marriage. I could definitely understand that.

I finished my drink and went up to the room.

I think it might have been my imagination, but i sort of detected a strong vibrating buzz coming from Liying’s room. Maybe it’s my mind playing tricks on me.

21 April

I woke up to a beautiful sight. I saw the large eyes and the naturally long lashes of my wife smiling at me. She kissed me on my forehead before moving on to my lips.

Her hands gave way and she had to go back to lying down on her side. Pushing myself up, i lifted her legs upwards a little, easing myself inside her. Her eyes closed and the softest of purr left her lips. Sex was still a regular thing for us, and there is nothing we enjoy more than waking up to a morning of hot passionate love making.

I reminded myself not to be to rough on her breast as my hand clasped around her tits. Ever since she’s pregnant, i would suckle on her breast every now and then before declaring the flavor of that day.

James : Hmmm. i can taste the chai po omelette from dinner last night.

Her hands gave me a playful ruffle of my hair as i increased my tempo. The first crease appeared above my wife’s forehead when my finger found her sensitive spot. Gently mixing my thrust and the circular motion of my finger, I felt the vessel of my unborn child gave a sharp jerk before going into orgasmic spasm, pushing me out of her warm and moist love hole. Cradling my wife into my arms, i let her catch her breath before we cuddled up.

Ever since she’s pregnant, she gets tired more easily, and lately i notice she falls back into sleep after Cumming.

I’ll save myself for bigger plans.

I took a look around the house and realized everyone is out. Checking to make sure my wife is still asleep i quickly went to the store in the yard and retrieved the things i bought.

Squatting at the back of the yard, i put on the gloves and i brushed the 2 pieces of sandpaper against each other. After 5 minutes of sanding, i collected a decent amount of grains on a piece of white paper.

Taking a small empty po chai pill bottle i prepared earlier, i filled it up and capped it.

Locking myself into the bathroom, i made sure my hands are washed and scrubbed clean.

Settling down onto the toilet seat, i grasped my erected dick and closed my eyes. It’s not as it I’ve never done this before, just that as time goes by, it gets less and less arousing for me.

Eventually it was just an image for me to delay my ejaculation.

From the blurry depths of my mind, i called up Liying’s image, a view that i have buried away for so many years. I tried to block off her bitching, her nagging and the slut she is.

I imagined her lying on the bed with her neon coloured lingerie, perhaps thinking about who gave her the flowers.

I stroked myself steadily as i cycled through the scenarios, trying to find one that turns me on the most to get my load out.

I finally settled on one scenario.

There i was, in my neighborhood school uniform, trying to steal a smoke at a HDB staircase. I felt the blood rush to my manhood the moment Liying appeared in my mind in her elite JC uniforms.

An inappropriate poem about a  bottle of Guinness on the table flashed in the background but i quickly brushed it off, unwilling to let it intrude my moment.

Liying’s hair was in a bun, her spectacles framed her face and toned down her off putting face. I could feel precum seeping from the tip of my penis when i picture her getting down on her knees.

I came within 10 seconds.

Don’t for a moment think i was aroused by Liying giving me a blowjob. That would not make me cum. I was aroused by the fact that i could shut her mouth with my dick and fill them up so she can’t speak.

I missed the first large squirt, but i manage to get the rest onto an aluminum foil i prepared earlier.

After washing myself up. I left the bathroom.

Checking that my wife is still sleeping, i went straight for the shoe cabinet.

The cabinet used to be quite empty.

My father in law and 1 too up the top most tier with 6 pairs of shoes between us. My mother in law did not bother with the cabinet, she just leave her sandals outside the door.

My wife Lydia took up 2 rows, her heels are now off limits, so she rotates between 3 pairs of flats.

The next four rows.

They all belong to Liying. I see 2 pairs of men’s shoe stuffed unceremoniously in a corner and i pitied Steve.

I identified a few favorite pair that Liying always wear for work.

I dabbed a little of my semen and i spread it in 2 places, where the heels are and where the large toe sits. I shook in the sandpaper grains to coat my semen before removing the excess.

It felt weird to get an erection when i was doing this.

I repeated the same for another 4 pair of heels.

I disposed off all the sandpaper, gloves, my semen in a foil into the bin just in time to wave to the dumpster.

As the contents was tipped into the truck, i saw the BMW approach, waiting impatiently for the truck to move away so they could enter the porch.

I went back up to the room and cuddled myself into bed with my sleeping wife.

I know Steve and Liying have a wedding dinner to attend that evening because i saw the invitation on the living room table together with the rest of the mail. My in laws will be heading off to their cousins place together with my wife.

As for me, i usually head over to my parent’s fruit stalls for a couple of hours every saturday evening before joining my wife.

But i have other plans tonight since everyone will be out.

I did not get to see which pair of heels Liying chose for the wedding dinner but it doesn’t matter. Those were meant for her work days.

The grains were scattered, it was not meant to maim her. I just want to give her some blisters.

I excused myself from my parents an hour earlier to head back to the empty house. As i have no intention to stay for long, i headed straight to Liying and Steve’s room.

I knew what i was after so i went straight for the kill.

I did not turn on the lights but used the torchlight function from my phone instead. Settling myself down on the floor, i pulled out the drawer with Liying’s lingerie.

I took out all the underwear and inverted the order in my lap. I tried to ignore the familiar rush of blood to my manhood. Unfolding each panty, i dust a thin layer of fine grain salt onto the part where her groin will be. Folding it back the way it was, i replaced it back into the drawer.

I was feeling sick enough to lick some salt of a couple of slutty look pairs of undies.

The entire process took me close to 20 minutes. I can’t be sure whether i am being too slow or Liying has too many underwear. I wipe the area down to make sure no evidence was left before leaving the house.


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