Reverse is a collection of 4 short stories that explores how different things will be if men and women switched roles.

  1. Fish Tank
  2. KTV
  3. Upskirt
  4. Freelancer

Fish Tank

James walks along the streets of Geylang and pulled his sweater tighter around his body.

“Wheeeeet!” A lady in her forties whistled and catcalled James while looking at his shaved legs that disappears into a pair of sneakers.

Another group of office ladies in their mid twenties on their nights out looked at James, nudging each other at the elbows.

“Eh this one, this one. This one can.”

“Not bad, not bad, I like his looks.”

“See which house he goes to”

“Relax la babe, there’s so many houses to choose from.”

The girls laughed and left James alone as he walked towards house 11 along Geylang Lorong 11.

A woman in her fifties smoking scented cigarette blew smoke into James’ face and made a grab at his butt.

James: Hey!

“What? Act virgin ar ? act virgin don’t come here la!” She sniggered and flung the cigarette butt onto the floor near James.

James ignored her remarks and stepped into the gigolo house. He said hi to his colleagues, many of them like him, are university students. The high cost of living and the lure of easy, quick money drew many men like them into the vice trade.

Young, good looking and in their early twenties, they are well sought after by women of all ages.

James : How’s the crowd tonight?

Tom : I just came done from having to fuck a 50 year old chicken rice seller. What do you think ?

James : eww.. that sucks. No office babes tonight?

Tom : Haven’t seen any so far. My regular is coming later though.

James : Who? The banker ?

Tom : Nah, the accountant who drives a volvo. The one with curly hair.

James : Oh, she’s a hot milf.

Tom : well, she’s ok. Really enjoys me eating her out, my jaw always gets sore after servicing her.

James : hahaha, better her than the Chicken Rice seller right?

Right about then a couple of girls stepped into the gigolo house. James and his colleagues sat upright on the stools, their tag number proudly displayed on their waist band.

James’ number is 11.

Tom spoke softly to James, trying not to be too obvious with his comment.

Tom : She’s got to be what ? 60 ?

James: Shut up.

Tom : My god.

James : You want to earn money ? Then don’t be picky.

Tom : She’s looking at you, you’re fucked bro.

James could see the old lady eyeing him. As much as he would not want to serve her, he needed the money. And in this trade, you don’t get to choose.

She gestured at James and Tom was trying to hold back his laugher while trying to mumble to his friend.

Tom : Wah lan eh. Literally a Ah Ma ( grandma ) already. Don’t give her heart attack ah. Or wait her dentures drop out.

James gave his hand a subtle punch on his arm as he stepped out of the fish tank.

James : Hi I’m James. What’s your name ?

Lulu : I’m Lulu.

James : Hi Lulu, payment at the counter and we can head upstairs.

James escorted Lulu to the reception and LuLu paid up for an hour of James’ time. She may be in her sixties, with a head full of white hair but she is still a paying customer.

No one considers sex workers as professionals, but to James, it is up to people like him to act professionally and maintain a standard. He must demand a certain level of service standards of himself. If more of his fellow sex workers joins him in this, they may one day, be able to raise the standards of the sex industry in Singapore.

He don’t discriminate customers. It doesn’t matter if they are 20 or 70, if they smoke or if they are covered in tattoos. They paid for 45 minutes of his time, and they deserve 45 minutes of companionship.

He offered his hand to Lulu and was surprised she did not take it.

Lulu : You are not servicing me, you are servicing my daughter.

James : What?

Lulu : Lisa.

Lulu called out towards the semi opened door and when Lisa stepped through the door, James could not take his eyes off her. She’s beautiful. Perhaps one the most beautiful client he ever seen. Someone that looks like her have no need to come to a gigolo house for sex. Lisa is bound to have huge lines of men queuing up for her.

Dressed in a pastel pink blouse with floral prints that reveals a generous amount of her cleavage, Lisa’s legs come wrapped with a pair of seductive pantyhose. Her black skirt, paired with matching black heels and a branded sling bag oozes plenty of Milf vibes.

She cannot be a day over 35, James thought to himself.

Lisa : This one ? Not bad. He looks good. Burp…!

Lisa said with a smile as she touched James’s crotch like she was inspecting fruits at the supermarket. He could smell the alcohol from her breath, she looked tipsy. Perhaps drunk might be a better word.

A dozen question marks appeared in James’ head.

Why would Lisa’s mother bring her to visit a gigolo when she is obviously high from alcohol and incapable of making sound decisions?

Lisa put her arm around James’ shoulder and pulled his face towards her lips, planting a kiss and a lipstick mark on his cheek.

Lisa : What’s your name boy ?

James : I’m James.

Lisa : Well James, I’m going to fuck your brains out.

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