James was caught cheating by his wife Wen. Unlike others who may want an apology, Wen wanted something else. She wanted revenge.

This title contains scenes of humiliation & insults by an angry wife that may not be suitable for all.

James : I’m sorry dear, please give me a chance.

My wife Wen threw a picture frame followed by the TV remote at me.

James : Dear please, I’m sorry!

Before I could finish, she ripped the router, the phone, even the modem from the wall and sent them flying across the living room towards me.

Wen : HOW COULD YOU! How could you do this to me!

James : I’m sorry… i…

Wen : Stop saying you are sorry! You piece of shit! ARGHHHHH!

My wife swept everything off the table before stomping out of the house.

Looking at the destruction in the house, I know I have only myself to blame.

It’s all me.

I’m a pig.

I cheated on Wen and was caught red-handed. The exchange between the freelance social escort and me is all there on the spare phone I kept in the car boot. I never expected my wife to find that phone. She never touches the car.

She don’t even drive.

How was I to know she would go down and rummage though the boot to grab the handheld vacuum?

How was I to know she will find the old spare phone I kept hidden right at the very bottom?

There is no use denying it. Not with the evidence on the table. I really thought I could get away with it, visit the occasional freelancer to get my dose of sex, come back home a happy man and continue loving my sweet wife.

I sat down on the dining chair, the only one left standing after Wen went on a rampage.

I know I’m fucked.

Not just because I was caught cheating by her, but also because I work for my father-in-law. In the company that he founded whose reins are now held by my wife.

She is the one paying my monthly salary, she is the one paying for the house, the car, our holidays.

Without her, I am nothing.

She needs time to calm down, I’ll have to seek forgiveness from Wen. It’s the only way.

I tidied up the house and replaced everything that was trashed and no longer working. Giving Wen a nice home to return to is the least I could do.

When I heard the door opened, I immediately got up from scrubbing the bathroom floor. Walking outside, I saw Wen come back but she refused to speak to me.

James : Dear can we talk…?

She ignored me and went straight to her wardrobe. I was expecting her to grab all her clothes, throw them all into a suitcase like what you usually see in a drama. I was wrong.

Instead, Wen picked out a nice work dress. A long sleeve dress in brown with plunging neckline and a high slit on the left.

She changed out of her home clothes, and I watched her put on a nice pair of matching bra and undies.

James : Dear, I’m really sorry. Can we talk ?

My wife ignored me and continued about her business. Wen grabbed her makeup pouch and purse. Then I watched her slip on a nice pair of heels before leaving the house without a word.

The door barely shut when I received an SMS on my phone. It was from HR notifying me that there has been a change in my role and position in the office. More details are available in an email sent to my inbox.

I saw the notification for the email and I opened it.

‘Dear James,

Following an internal review by HR, we have deem you unsuitable for the position of regional manager you currently hold. The office has decided to reassign you to the administrative department.

You will be assisting the front desk on admin matters. Your monthly salary of $7350 will be adjusted accordingly to match the job expectations of your new role.

Your new monthly remuneration is $1450.

Please confirm your acceptance with HR within 3 working days or your employment will be terminated by the company.

We look forward to work with you in your new role. ‘

I knew this was bound to happen but to look at it with a glass half full perspective, at least Wen is still keeping me in the company.

I need to make amends. Heading to the supermarket, I decided to cook something, get a nice bottle of wine and when she comes home later in the evening, we can have a good talk about the situation.

However, when Wen came back at 11pm that evening with a man holding her tightly by her waist, it dawned on me that Wen didn’t want an apology.

She wanted revenge.

They say revenge is best served cold, well they are wrong.

Because Wen is about to serve it up piping hot, right off the stove.

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