4 men, vastly different background brought together by fate in a service lift.

Their paths should not have crossed but fate had different plans for them.

They would have passed each other by along the streets, neither of them would give two hoots to the other. With their fates now entwined, how different will their evening turn out to be?

Find out in this hilarious and absurd erotica.

James swiped his phone to indicate he has reached the delivery location. Removing the backpack from his bicycle, he strapped it onto his back before locking his ride with a padlock.

The extra couple of minutes he spends could mean the difference between having a bicycle or not when he comes back down from his food delivery. The delivery location may be a upmarket condo in town, but you never know.

Cheap people are everywhere.

James walked towards the lift lobby and saw a notice pasted on the glass door separating commoners like him and the esteemed residents that dwell within the development.


James followed the arrow sign away from the airconditioned lobby clad in Italian marble with an orchid center piece. Coming round the back, he saw the goods lift and stepped into the stuffy lobby.

He pressed the button to call for the lift and suddenly everything went dark.

James : What the fuck ?

The emergency light inside the lobby came on, illuminating a small section of the lobby. James pushed the door open to take a look at the carpark he just stepped in from, the lights are out too. Only the emergency lights powered by the backup generators are switched on.

About a minute later, everything starts flickering before the building came back to life. Looking at the lift display, James saw the lift coming down to the basement.

He tapped his feet and waited as the service lift descended at a snail’s pace.

The door to the lobby opened and Patrick joined James in the lobby. 25 years of age, gym fit body complete with white work shirt and a blue blazer. Patrick bears the standardized douchebag insurance agent profile. His pants stop short at the ankles, his leather shoes shining in a manner that will make any sergeant major proud.

Patrick stepped into the lobby with a leather case file tuck under his armpit.

He touched his neatly gel hair and cast a disapproving look at James in his long sleeve green delivery top.

Moments after Patrick stepped into the lobby, Matt entered.

Swiping his phone, Matt cast a look at James, spending no more than one second on the delivery dude. Then he spent three seconds checking out Patrick.

Matt smirk and tried to stifle a snigger at Patrick’s off the rack suit and over the top getup to appear confident and successful.

Matt undid his tie and was about to adjust his cuff links when he saw a message pop up on his notification window. A client of his wishes to exercise his option to purchase a condo he was selling.

He smiled and forwarded the message to his assistant to follow up with the necessary paperwork. Another 2.5 million condo right there, done deal. He stands to pocket more than 50 thousand in commission alone from it.

Just as the service lift hit ground level, Ong walked into the service lift lobby.

Dressed in berms, a golfing polo Tee and loafers, Ong skipped looking at James in his delivery uniform. He cast a look at Patrick and rolled his eyes before spending a couple of seconds looking at Matt who is trying to look important.

Ong too tried to stifle a snigger as he looked at the colourful characters at the condominium where his mistress is staying. He has his schedule all planned out. He will head up to have sex with his mistress Juliette, the sweet 23 year old influencer who is frequently flooding Tik Tok with her dance videos. After he is done, he will drive down to Seletar airport, hop into his private plane to go to Bangkok for supper.

After that will be a massage before he hops over to Hong Kong for Dim sum with friends. Such is the boring life of a multi-millionaire.

The lift opened and all 4 men stepped into the goods lift. James held the door open and hit level 3 for his delivery.

Patrick : 6

Matt : 10, thanks

Ong : Penthouse please, thank you.

If the power for the private lift was not cut, these 4 men would have never met.

James hit all the buttons and the door to the service lift shut with a thud. The motor barely started moving when the power was cut again.

The motor whined to a halt and the emergency light came on.

Patrick : Oh fuck come on. I need to meet a client.

Patrick held up his phone and tried to get a reception.

Matt sighed and checked his phone too, he was eager to get back home to rest.

Ong whipped out his spare phone, the one he used exclusively for his mistress, he as looking forward to Juliette’s body.

Matt tried to communicate with the security guard via the intercom and was told that due to a fire at the power plant, the entire island is facing a massive blackout. There is nothing they can do until the power comes back on.

The 4 men in the lift, upon realizing the situation looked at each other.

None of them could get any cell reception. They took a corner each, marking their territory in a subtle manner within the 2.5m x 2.5m service lift.

An hour of waiting became two. Two, became three.

None of the men walked to speak with the others.

James looked at his casio watch. Upon seeing James checking his time, Patrick sniggered and stretched out his arm in an exaggerated move, showing off his secondary market Rolex submariner.

Matt, seeing Patrick’s watch, smirked audibly and pulled back his sleeve to checked out his Rolex Rainbow Daytona.

Ong, impatient to get to his mistress, sighed loudly and checked out his Grandmaster Chime by Patek Philippe. Four men reading the time from four very different time pieces.

James looked at the other 3 characters in the lift as he took a seat on the lift floor beside his delivery bag. Unzipping the bag, he pulled out the thermal bag that held a whole soy sauce chicken. It’s already too late to deliver it and the customer probably filed a refund. Ripping a chicken leg from the bag, James bit into the tender flesh.

James : slurppzzz!

The oil from the chicken oozes out from the skin, smearing across James’ lips. After the pulled off the flesh, he saw a piece of chicken skin dangling down the side. Angling his head, James tongue reached for that piece of skin and pulled it into his mouth. Sucking onto the bone of the juicy chicken leg, James extracted the fall of the bone flesh and savored the balanced salty brine from the soy sauce used.

Patrick, Matt and Ong stared at James with their mouth slightly apart. The smell of the chicken filled the service lift and James pulled off a joint of the chicken leg with his mouth. Sucking and extracting the juices clean, he spat out the bone onto the lift floor with a thud.

Patrick swallowed a gulp of saliva while Matt’s stomach growled. Ong was trying hard not to salivate. He should be licking Juliette’s pussy now, not salivating over a chicken leg.

James took another bite off the flesh from the drumstick, looking at the 3 hungry men looking at him. He pointed the chicken at Patrick first, gesturing to his watch.

James : Can eat ah ?

Patrick touched his submariner and lowered his wrist to his side. Then James turned to look at Matt, gesturing to his watch filled with sparkling gems.

James : Can eat ah ?

Matt, too swallowed a gulp of saliva and covered his watch with his sleeve.

Turning to Ong, James shook the chicken at him, dripping precious droplets of chicken fats and oil onto the lift floor in front of the 3 hungry men.

Before James could speak while gesturing to his watch, Ong answered him.

Ong : No. Cannot eat.

James nodded and took another large bite of chicken, slurping flesh, oil and skin into his mouth in one gulp as he chewed with his greasy lips.

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