They walk among us.

I was not the only one eyeing the hot babe in her sleeveless white dress walking out of the train that morning. i could see another commuter equally interested in the girl. Doing what I do, I need to be constantly alert of my surroundings.

I reckon she is between 25 to 27 years old. Her shoulder length hair is tied up in a neat bun and the tight dress she is wearing left nothing to the imagination of men who is looking at her. With a set of full breast that could not be less than a C cup, the girl is attracting lots of eyeballs.

Her figure is amazing and with the hem of her tight dress ending well above her knees, she revealed enough of her hairless long legs to attract the attention of that commuter adjusting his phone, ready to take a picture of her upskirt.

I casually fell in line behind the man who I know is going to attempt to take a picture of the girl. The escalator at Dhoby Ghaut station is long and steep enough to pull this off. In this day and age where most people are engrossed on their phone, hardly anyone paid attention to their surroundings.

The girl looks really pretty and she is busy smiling and swiping her mobile screen, unaware of the man behaving suspiciously. The man in front of me switched on a discreet camera app and flipped his phone over. Positioning his knees at an angle, he rests the camera phone on his leg, aiming the camera towards the dress of the babe in front of him.

I looked away, pretending to be unaware of what he is trying to do.

It has to happen fast.

I counted the time in my head, one, two, three, four, five and done.

He’s done.

The escalator levelled off and the man brought the phone to his ears, pretending to talk in the phone as he walked alongside the girl. He overtook her at the right moment, turning and capturing her face together with a full body shot.

In a few hours when he gets back, he is probably going to enjoy wanking off to the upskirt picture he took of the hot babe. Who knows, the video might end up on a sex forum or chat group.

The upskirt taker peeled off from the crowd heading back home in the evening rush hour. He has achieved his goal, it’s not wise to hang around.

I continued following the babe, keeping a safe distance.

Maintaining a one carriage distance from the girl, I followed her when she switched train, heading up north to Yishun.

The girl alighted and went to a pet shop in the mall. She spent some time shopping before leaving the mall. I continued to follow her from a distance.

With the crowd thinning as she heads towards her flat, I increased the distance between us. When I saw her head into the lift, I waited for the lift door to close before running over to the lift lobby.

My eyes immediately went to the lift display, eager to see which level she is taking the lift to.

The number stopped at level 13.

I took the adjacent lift to level 12.

When the lift door opened, I could smell a unique scent. A sweet flowery scent that feels like a cross between flowering plants & citrus fruit.

Using the stairs, I quietly made my way up to level 13.

The scent gets stronger as I walked towards the common corridor. Then I saw the laundry rack outside the unit.

The pair of high heels the woman wore earlier is left outside her front door.

On her lingerie rack, hung articles of her clothing, lingerie and pyjamas.

Taking out my phone, I looked at the upskirt photo I took of the woman earlier that morning.

Her underwear has a glowing patch like someone lit a neon light.

Looking around to make sure I’m alone on level 13, I walked over to the lingerie rack. I touched the soft lace underwear, rubbing the fabric between my fingers.

Bringing my fingers to my nose, I took a whiff and confirmed my suspicions. I repeated the same for her other underwear before removing one from the rack.

Reaching into my backpack, I took out my zippo lighter and lit it under the underwear I just stole. The flames licked the lace of the black underwear but the panty is not set alight.

It’s not burning at all despite me holding the flame against the underwear. Keeping the flame against the underwear for a full minute, I brought the underwear to my nose again, detecting a pungent scent of sulphur.

I shut the lighter, kept the underwear in my bag and walked pass the unit.

The lights are on and I could hear Jazz music coming from the inside.

I don’t want to loiter outside in case I appear suspicious.

Taking the stairs down to another level, I took the lift down to the ground floor.

I head over to the opposite block and took a lift up to a level that gives me a vantage point of the unit which the hot babe is staying.

It was a 3 hour wait before I saw movements.

At 11pm, the girl stepped out of her place in just sports bra and a pair of black running shorts. With her hair tied up, she looked like she is going for a late night jog.

I picked up my bag and took the lift down.

Waiting for the girl to arrive on the ground floor, I watched her stretch herself as she put on her headphones. She has an amazing body but it invoked no reaction in my body.

Because I knew better than to get a reaction.

She started to jog and I followed her from a distance.

I watched her cut in front of another jogger. A male jogger in his late forties.

His attention was immediately drawn towards the girl as he picked up his pace to jog behind her. I mean who would turn down ‘free motivation’ if you get what I mean. The girl’s tight bottom bounced seductively as she ran into Yishun park.  

The jogger followed her deeper into the park, reaching a dimly lit narrow trail that winds into a forested section. I’m sure he wanted nothing more than to get a bit of treats for his eyes before ending the night but he’s going to be in for a surprise.

I shook my head as I followed the two of them, keeping a distance of about 25 metres behind the man.

The lights are out in front of me along the path, plunging the path into pure darkness. The man continued jogging into the dark, unafraid of what is inside.

This is Singapore after all. There is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. If anything, the girl jogging in such revealing clothing should be the one that is concerned.

I stopped at the edge of the path where the lights went out.

I set my bag on the floor and lit a white candle before setting it in the middle of the running track. The flame flickered and illuminated the immediate surrounding, revealing a series of neon green foot prints leading into the dark.

Reaching into my bag, I took out my umbrella.

A scream pierced the silence of the park.

The girl just screamed.

I exhaled and jogged on the spot, doing a bit of stretching.

Then I started counting down.



The flame on the candle started to dance violently.


The candle started to melt as if someone is holding a flamethrower against it


The flame goes out like someone blew it off and I immediately took off running. That was the confirmation I was waiting for.

For the flame to go out.

In my head, I silently counted five before I heard the male jogger scream.

Within seconds I came face to face with the girl who was straddling the male jogger like she was about to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

She saw me and the umbrella I was holding.

The girl gave me a pretty smile, revealing a row of crooked yellow teeth as he face starts to deteriorate and wrinkle.

“Jamessssssssssssssss…….the hunter……” She hissed.

She started to laugh and suddenly I heard the rustling of leaves from the forested area around us.

Another 2 equally hot babe dressed in running tights and sports bra stepped out of the dark.

“Jamessssssssss…. The hunted….” She shrieked, lowering herself to lick the male jogger’s face with her forked tongue.

Depressing the button on my extendable umbrella, I extended it, revealing a solid silver alloy mace with intricate carvings lining the artifact from tip to hilt.

“Let’s get this over with shall we.” I said.

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