Sometimes, a jail term is not enough to teach people a lesson.

James and Alan met in Changi Prison. James was sentenced for 6 years for sexually assaulting a woman while she was jogging in the park in the middle of the night while Alan is in there for 4 years for robbery.

The two men shared the same cell and hit it off right away.

Life in prison is boring and the two men spent most time talking about what they will do once they are released.

While other convicts talked about returning to work and starting afresh, the conversational topics between James and Alan are different. They talked about returning to a lift of crime.

Alan’s stories about how easy it is to steal from the rich in Singapore tempted James to consider doing something similar.

“a lot of condos, private properties, these stupid people they sleep with their door unlock. Unlocked ! I shit you not, people are that daft in Singapore.” Alan said.

Alan told James that these people are lulled into a false sense of security that their gated community provides.

“They think the 60 year old security guard at the door can stop people like us. Haha.” Alan chuckled before telling James how easy it is to make a few thousand selling stolen goods from a development. “the best part ? Some of these dumb fucks don’t even know they have anything missing.”

While Alan shared his exploits of stealing and robbing, James shared with Alan his adventures at trying to molest other woman. He started when he was in university.

From stealing lingerie at the halls and laundry room, to peeping at his classmates showering in the bathroom, eventually he started going after girls who jog at night.

“those are easy targets, you just need to wait for them to hit a certain mileage, wait for them to be tired. You can easily outrun them” James said.

He spoke proudly about how he would run out from the bushes and grab the girls from behind. He started with licking their perspiration and groping their breast outside their sports bra. He would then run off back into the forested area along a pre planned escape route.

Some of these never get reported.

Then he got bolder and started rubbing the girls on their privates outside their wet running shorts and once he tried to pull them down before running off.

“when I got caught, I was unlucky. There happened to be a group of construction workers nearby. Those fuckers. Spoil my plan.” He said, telling Alan that he had already undressed the petite 20 year old undergraduate and on the verge of penetrating her sweaty pussy.

Eventually, the two made a pact to hit together after they are released. Their plan would be to do a big job, find a rich stupid family who thinks Singapore is as safe as they think it is, rob them and get out of the country via Malaysia.

They did the sums, the numbers. The more they planned, the more excited they were looking forward to their release.

Alan was due to leave 3 months before James is.

“I’ll see you outside bro.” Alan said. “ I’ll go hunt for a target.”

James gave his cell buddy a hug before grinning.

“We’ll hit a big one eh.”

“Of course, we’ll hit a big one.” Alan replied as they exchanged a fist bump.

3 months later, when James walked out of Changi Prison, he saw Alan waiting for him inside a taxi. They shook hands and Alan told James he’s working as a relief driver on top of snitching small items here and there.

The taxi provided him the cover he needed to move around without drawing too much attention. With that vehicle, he can easily move about into private condos and developments and people will not bat an eyelid.

Settling into the passenger seat, James turned to Alan.

“You have a target ? “ He asked.

Alan smiled and started driving.

He gestured to the glove compartment and James pulled out a crumpled envelope. He removed some pictures of a beautiful couple with one kid.

“of course I have a target.” Alan grinned.

James eyes however, has already settled on the beautiful woman in the picture.

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