A flash of your bottom is all it takes to unleash something primal.

It was during a secondary school camp when Benjamin accidentally bared his bottom to a female teacher while changing. Miss Kang happened to walk into the classroom and saw something that she shouldn’t have.

Benjamin quickly got dressed of course, apologizing for not changing in the bathroom instead but Miss Kang was not the least upset with him. In fact, she had this warm smile that chilled Benjamin’s bone.

Miss Kang, the darling of his secondary school. Miss Christine Kang. The one teacher that never failed to attract the eyeballs of any boys going through puberty.

Benjamin should have been down in the field along with the rest of his friends but because he had a fall and scraped his knee, the teacher in charge asked him to take a break. Instead of just sitting by the field and watching the rest of the games go on, Benjamin asked to go change and wash up ahead of the rest.

No one was supposed to be in the classroom and definitely not another female teacher.

Benjamin frantically pulled on his pants as Miss Kang walked towards him, her eyes transfixed at his bottom.

Miss Kang just turned 30 and is slated to go on leave in 2 weeks time. She’s going to get married to another teacher in the same school. Benjamin always liked the silk blouses that Miss Kang wears, especially when they seem to plaster against her ample boobs.

Miss Kang always wears her hair in a high pony tail. Her youthful look, the tight bandage skirts she likes to wear, coupled with her amazing collection of high heels made her the object of fascination among Benjamin’s classmates.

In fact, Miss Kang’s image was the one thing in Benjamin’s head when he started exploring masturbation. The first time he ejaculated, he was groaning with her face in his mind, picturing him unload his load onto her face.

“Benjamin…” Miss Kang said.

“Yee.. yes ? “ He replied, quickly adjusting his top as he stared at his teacher with hair still wet from his recent shower.

“I like your bottom.” She said with a smile that Benjamin could not decipher.

“what ? “

Miss Kang took Benjamin by his arm and led him to a staff toilet accessible only by key.

“what is going on cher? What is it? “ Benjamin asked.

Before he could wrap his mind around what is happening, Benjamin is sitting down on the toilet seat with Miss Kang down on her knees.

Miss Kang unzipped his pants and removed his fresh pair of boxers. Benjamin’s erection sprung up immediately. Overwhelmed with confusion and fear, Benjamin watched in horror as his teacher put a finger to her lip, asking him to keep quiet.

However, when he felt Miss Kang’s lips on the tip of his growing penis, Benjamin realized it can be really hard to keep quiet when you are on the receiving end of your very first blow job.

Christine could not explain that feeling when she accidentally saw Benjamin’s bottom. It woke something really primal inside her. She needed to touch it, she wants to worship it.

Seeing the penis of her student in front of her, she could not resist taking it into her mouth even though she knew it was wrong.

As she proceed to give Benjamin a blowjob, she sucked and caressed his testicles while her student fought back groans of pleasure. The more she sucked, the more aroused she gets.

“Miss Kang…arghh..Miss Kang… what are you doing ? aeghhh!” Benjamin moaned as he held onto the walls of the cubicle for support.

Christine is too far gone in her trance to notice her student’s pleas. She kept sucking, slurping up the precum that is oozing out from his young penis. He taste so good, even better than her husband. She has never liked giving blowjobs but somehow, she finds herself craving for it right now.

Confused and afraid, Benjamin kept asking his teacher to stop but she sucked harder with greater intensity.

“no… no… no… Miss Kang… no.. arghh..arnghh..argh!”

Inexperienced and unsure of the ways of the adults, Benjamin came into his teacher’s mouth.

Christine sucked and milked Benjamin dry of every drop, swallowing his semen eagerly as she cleaned up his penis with her mouth, a privilege act that she does not even perform on her own husband.

Benjamin’s knees weakened as he watched his teacher got up on her feet. She panted for air and adjusted her hair and bearing.

“If you tell anyone about this… you will be dead… you hear me ? “ Miss Kang threatened.

Benjamin nodded in fear as his teacher released him from the cubicle with a sharp jerk of her chin.

Christine looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted her blouse. Tapping her cheek, she cursed at herself, thinking that she must be mad to do such a thing to her student.

She could not understand what happened, it’s like seeing Benjamin’s bottom triggered something. It made her lose control.

Benjamin ran back to his friends, too afraid to say a word of it.

It’s going to be a while before he discovers that his bottom is special.

And it’s going to unlock a world of pleasure for a simple boy like him.

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