Partner history is a collection of short stories shared with me by site visitors about their BF/GF, Husband/Wife’s past.

I have permission for reproduction. I have quite a few story pending permission for posting, once they give the green light, i will put it up. The shorts have been edited for clarity & grammar, other than that, it’s as raw as it gets. This will be constantly updated. If you want your piece of short history on this page, please email me at with subject title “Partner history submission”

Submitted by l**************

My husband like to pretend he is a player with a lot of experience when we were just acquaintances, but when we got together, i realised he is a noob. All talk and pretend only. I was quite excited the first time we did it only to get disappointed when he didn’t seem to know what he is doing. WTF is wrong with you men ?

Submitted by F******

Bro, my girlfriend is a financial planner. I always get a bit excited when she needs to meet clients alone. Most of the time is cafe but there are times she need to go up to their place. Now that dining out is forbidden, she heads straight to the client’s place. Always wonder if she does more than just ‘financial planning’ if you get what i mean haha. Anyway, she admitted once that the client got touchy last November. Touchy only but since she has already closed the deal, she just pretended she never notice. Never outright touch breast and privates la hahah, but stroking her thigh, use leg rub her calves, put hand on shoulder this kind. Hear already really steam! haha.

Submitted by x*******

Hi James, my fiancé is quite popular on certain social media platform. I won’t say she is a influencer or anything but she does get offers to endorse products and write reviews once in a while. I try to remain nonchalant when i see the comments being left on her account but sometimes when i read the pm she gets and the type of shit the men are leaving on her account, i get quite aroused. haha. It never really strike me how many men out there are masturbating to my fiancé’s videos. Everyone of our staycation vids has comments like ‘piak piak piak’ in them. lol. I do think about her getting gangbang by the faceless men online, turns me on and really gets me in the mood when we do it 🙂

Submitted by r******

My wife gave me her 1st on our wedding night. She’s a very conservative girl and hopelessly religious. We married young too at 25. During dating, i only got hj/bj. It’s fucking sad for me but at least i knew she’s a virgin. A few years later, when we were trying for a baby, during one of our conversation, my wife admitted that although she remained a virgin till marriage, she gave plenty of bj during her school days. It started when she was only 14. Between 14-17 in her secondary school, she dated more than 10 guys, and blew all of them at staircases, handicap toilets and at their place. It was only after that she sort of regretted her decisions and became more religious. She swore she has never gone beyond a bj but i could not help thinking about the number of guys she suck off. I know a couple of them who are on her social media account and still likes her instagram post. Do you think i should msg them and talk about my wife ? Maybe i might discover something else she is not telling.

Submitted by f*****

I can tell my wife is quite naughty and adventurous when we first met. Marriage and motherhood toned things down a bit though. After giving birth, She started selling old clothes online to clear wardrobe and now she is selling her undies to men on C******* platform. Initially she only deals through mail but after a while, she meets up with her regulars. She told me there is this teacher from a top school that buys from her once a month. Then the same guy bought her old breast pump and maternity bras. wtf right ? He even offered to buy my wife’s milk but was turned down because her breast quite small la, milk yield is low, not enough for kid as it is. hahah. I am actually quite aroused by the fact that she is meeting up with random guys over the net to pass them undies and bra but she interprets it as me worrying about her safety because i asked her a lot of questions. Another thing, before we got together, she was a model at those IT fair and some rich guy from China offered her $3k to spend the night with him. She rejected him but still end up going for dinner in a 5 star hotel. Dinner led to drinks, and then drinks back in the room. End up, she did not even get paid the 3k. haha. It was the one and only time.

Submitted by 3*******

I think i have the most boring history which is none. I had my 1st sexual experience with my wife. I am also her 1st. Married young, started family young, now we are looking to spice up our lives since kids are older and pretty independent. Have begun exploring same room sex and working towards a swap. I’m keen to watch my wife with another man. We are in our early 40s already and looking at the youngsters these days, we realised we kind of missed out on our honeymoon period. If only we could turn back time hahah.

Submitted by W*********

My wife has a common name, Huiping. I’ll use her real name for this. I cannot get over the face that she has dated more men than me before we met. I have 2 previous relationships, she has 6. Not saying she is a slut or anything, but she just seem to attract men that only wants her body and she is stupid enough to fall for their advances. All of them have slept with my wife during their relationship and it bothers me that they are still facebook friends liking each other’s post. Sometimes they comment on each other’s post like friends do. It’s nothing but i still get bothered. It took me a long time to get over it, nowadays, i find myself getting aroused when i see them communicating on facebook. Makes me wonder how wild and how far did she go with her previous relationships. Huiping refused to touch on her history with them, but i’m itching to know.

With me, we have done everything from taping our intercourse to having sex out by the beach during our holidays. My bucket list is to recreate all her ‘1st’ with her ex. I feel that if i can replicate the sex, i can sort of ‘reclaim her’ to make up for my lack of sexual experience before meeting Huiping. I’m still trying to recreate the 1st one. I know she lost her virginity to a senior in Junior College. They did it at a staircase at a HDB block opposite her place.

I have been trying to get her to recreate that scene with me but there are video cameras all over HDB lift lobbies and staircase now. We’re both civil servants and cannot afford to be caught with out pants down literally. How bro ? Any suggestions?

Submitted by T*******

My girlfriend Christina used to be a sugarbabe. It was a stupid and naïve phase of hers during her 1st year in university. Her sugar daddy is a 48 year old contractor can you believe this ? He is married and more than twice her age. I did not know about this until i popped the question and she said yes. She told me she wants to start our next chapter on a clean slate, with nothing to hide and that’s when i found out about this part of her life.

The uncle and her were together for close to a year. He only paid her 2.2k a month and although she did not tell me the exact number, she did hint he wanted to have sex 2-3 times a week at his condo in town. I always liked your wife and girlfriend sharing stories bro but now that this happened to me, i don’t know what to do and what to feel.

I love Christina, she is 100% wife material but i don’t know if i can get over her sugarbabe phase with that contractor uncle. You are in the construction industry James. Do you know ************* from *********** ?

Submitted by C********

Hi James, i think you can write a story with this. It came as sort of a shock to me when i found out the gynae my wife choose to go to is someone she use to date. I found out by accident through common friends. What do you make of this ? It’s fucking weird la for me. Imagine going with her to the checkup and watching the doc do his examination of her. They were together for almost 2 years so i’m sure he has touched her all over even before that visit. Now i’m fucking paying the doc again to touch my wife. I’m starting to get weird ideas of what they will be up to when she goes for the checkup without me. Fucking disturbing to think about it. Any idea what is a good way to convince my wife to change the doc ?

Submitted by A*********

James my BF gave me Hep A, and i found out my good friend also got Hep A at the same time as me. She’s single, tags along sometimes when i’m out with Ad**** and i find it suspicious. We’re really close, B**** & i and given a choice, i will choose my friend over Ad**** anytime. B**** & Ad**** are friendly to each other, they get along well and because they stay closer together, my BF sometimes send me back first before dropping her off. From your perspective, what do you think ? You can be upfront, do you think they fucked behind my back ?

Submitted by t******

James bro, My friend Quan is a freelance gym instructor who moonlights as a strip dancer for hen’s night. He goes down to his underwear, that’s the max. Then the usual dancing and stuff, drinks with the girls in the room. No action at all with the girls. He recognised my wife from my profile picture and tells me he overhead something during one of the engagement. It’s not my wife’s hen’s night but one of her girl-friends’. Quan was chilling after the dance and all when the girls started talking about how wild they did it compared to the relatively mild one the bride to be had with him. It left an impression on him because the girl that admitted she was gangbanged by 2 Caucasian in a club on her hen’s night is really hot. That girl happens to be my wife. I know Quan since secondary school and he is a really nice guy, not the kind to exaggerate or anything. Any ideas how to trick my wife to share what she did on her hen’s night with me ? I’m not angry or anything but i’m curious if it really happened.

Submitted by D******

James, just want to run something through you quick. Would you marry someone with a leaked sex tape online ? I have a bit of a checkered past with a bf and there’s still a couple of my clips floating around the net. It’s impossible to remove them. I’m 2 years into the new relationship and i can say i have pretty much moved on. My bf/husband to be, he’s a bit more traditional and i don’t know how to break this to him. I don’t want this to haunt us in the future and i want to sort things out before we walk down the aisle. Would you be able to accept that your wife has a leak ? My face is only partially visible, i have changed my haircut and lost a bit of weight but people who know me, knows that is me. Any ideas how i can break this gently or how should i table this for discussion?

More coming soon….