There is no fairy tale ending.

Hosing off the soap subs from his taxi, James could not wait to head home for his rest. Completing a 14 hour shift on the road is no joke for a cab driver.

Now all he needs to do is to clean his ride and he can go snuggle up in his bed.

As he wiped down the windscreen, something caught his eye.

Or rather, someone caught his eye.

It’s 2am in the morning and the carpark is empty. The void decks of the flat he lives is devoid of live. Not even the resident stray cat can be seen today as the wind picked up speed.

Lighting has been streaking across the night skies for the past hour with distant thunder. It’s going to start pouring soon.

James eyes looked at the beautiful girl trying to balance in her heels on the other end of the carpark.

She’s young, probably 20 years old give and take. The girl is wearing a wind breaker with her hall name from school. Looking at her in her black windbreaker and grey shorts, it triggered James’ memories of dropping off students at their hostel during his shift.

He wished he was a student in this day and age, an age where girls seemed to wear shorts with the sole purpose of showing off their long legs.

Walking around in sports bra and skin hugging tights that showed off their camel toes were unheard off during his days as a student in university. The girl brushed back her hair and vomited. Tapping her chest a couple of times, James watched her guggle her mouth a couple of times before spitting the water out onto the grass patch beside her.

She could hardly keep her eyes opened as she tried to control her breathing.

Alicia held onto the wall by the corner of the carpark and vomited. She knew she shouldn’t have drank so much but it’s her good friend’s birthday. She could have chose to stay over in the hotel room but there are other guys around.

As a girl, it’s not decent to be spending the night in a hotel with other men even if it’s a group gathering. She has heard of the things that could go wrong with enough alcohol involving friends.

The recent news about panty stealing , bra sniffing course mates in her school is not helping her paranoia either. In fact, every week, her university is on the news for something similar. Some of the guys who were caught stealing lingerie were known to her.

Men are sick and she’s not about to expose herself to danger in a crowded hotel room with her friends.

Alicia is just a couple of blocks away from her place.

Just a couple of blocks more.

Putting her water bottle into her bag, Alicia removed her windbreaker as well because it caught a bit of the vomit. She’s not going to walk back home in that state smelling of alcohol and puke. Her parents will freak out.

It did not occur to her that the pair of shorts and singlet she was wearing is attracting attention to her body even at 2am in the morning.

James stopped wiping down his taxi. He found himself attracted to the girl in the distance. He’s already a 50 year old uncle but he stills find himself attracted to girls who could be his daughter if he is married with kids.

Alicia started walking towards her block, unaware that there is a man following her.

Reaching the lift lobby, Alicia rubbed her sleepy eyes and tried to sniff her own breath. She need to get rid of the alcohol breath.

Instead of taking the lift up to her place, Alicia decided to take it to the top of her block. 25th storey.

When the lift opened, Alicia saw the sofa and collection of outdoor furniture her neighbour placed outside their home, transforming the public corridor and lift lobby into a cosy outdoor patio of sort where neighbours regularly gather.

Alicia went to the sofa and laid down, thankful for the blown light tube above her head that plunged half the corridor into darkness.

‘I’ll just lie down for a bit and wait for the alcohol to wear off.’ She thought to herself.

Lifting her legs with her sneakers up into the sofa along the corridor, Alicia took out her phone. She scrolled through the messages and photos she took during the day.

She stopped at a photo her good friend Melissa took of her in the boutique hotel room they were spending the night at. It’s a nice picture of her but the angle is not ideal.

It’s a little obscene. Something her parents will frown upon if they see it. A prim and proper Christian girl should never sit in such a manner and allow her photo to be taken even if it’s another girl doing the taking.

Her eyelids felt heavy as she tried to navigate her thumb to the delete button.

Her breathing slowed and the cool breeze from the impending storm is just so hard to resist.

Alicia felt her phone fell onto her chest but she was too tired to notice it.

‘Just a quick snooze’ She thought.

‘Just a quick snooze’

As she sank into dream land, she did not hear the lift door open.

James was expecting to follow Alicia home and find out where she lives. Perhaps see her sneakers and her socks outside her door. Something that he can indulge in and use to masturbate. He never expected to come face to face with a sleeping Alicia on a sofa along the corridor.

His heart started beating faster as seeing Alicia this close made him realise how beautiful she is.

She’s a beauty. Her breast is a little small but she’ petite and cute.

James stood really still and he just stared at Alicia sleeping, hearing her cute soft sore.

A thousand thoughts went through his mind. He knew this is wrong, of course it’s wrong. Anyone who has been to school and armed with an ounce of common sense can tell you what he wanted to do is wrong.

Then again, what of the fairy tales he was told ?

What of the fairy tales that are still being told to this day to kids in school?

A prince coming across a sleeping beauty in the woods and decides to kiss her.

A man, wandering through the woods decides to kiss a lady who has no way of giving her consent.

What makes that man so special ? Because he is a prince ?

Because he is a prince, he can kiss and touch girls without their consent ?

And then they marry and live happily every after.

Looking at Alicia’s smooth skin and soft lips, James thought to himself.

‘I may be a cab driver, but tonight…. I want to be a prince.’

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