Many twists in a tale.

James secured his phone to his selfie stick and turned on the camera. Checking his hair and top in the front facing camera, he extended the stick to make sure the angle is capturing what he wants his audience to see.

He looks around the carpark before moving closer to the blue BMW parking illegally outside a lot.

Standing in front of the vehicle, James turned on the live streaming function of his social media app to address his fans.

Lowering the tone of his voice, James leaned against the bonnet of the BMW, making sure the logo of the continental car is visible.

Giving the camera a sideway glance, James starts to mete out his financial advice of the day.

“If you…..want to have what others cannot have… must be…. Prepared to do….what others don’t want to do…”

Gesturing to his Fred Perry top, his gold watch and the car behind him, James continues talking, unaware that a couple as stopped by the side of the carpark to stare at him.

“There are 2 kinds of financial freedom…..the low grade type…where you can choose to do….whatever you want to do….. or… like me… you can choose…. To not do…what you don’t want to do…” James said while giving his head a sideway jerk, sweeping his fringe aside. “follow me….for more financial freedom knowledge…”

Turning his camera to get another shot of the BMW, James took several photos of himself with the car behind him.

He uploaded the pictures onto his site for his followers.

After the upload is completed, he decides that it is not enough. He took a short video of his own reflection against the tinted windows of the BMW.

“A beautiful weekday morning, where I get to wake up naturally without an alarm…. Going to hunt for a nice breakfast at a nice café…Have a good day all…” James grinned at the camera before turning off the app.

There you have it. His feed is refreshed and there is now more content for his followers to digest.

Turning around to look at the couple staring at him, James jumped when the headlights of the BMW flashed as the man unlocked the car.

James’ jaw dropped an inch as he quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, just borrowing your car for a quick video.” He said.

He could see the condescending look on the girl’s face as she tried to stifle a laugh. The man has a haughty smirk on his face as he walked in a cocky manner over to his BMW to make sure James did not leave any scratches on it.

“I hope you did not take my car plate number… I don’t want to have to sue you and make you retract that video ok ? “ He man said while looking at James from top to toe.

“No. no. no… of course not… of course not.. no car plate number…I just think it’s a nice car…” James said with a awkward smile.

“Move please !” The girl snapped at James, strutting like a proud peacock to the passenger seat.

James quickly moved out of her way, gesturing to the door with a smile.

The man removed his shades and looked at James.

“You know bro, maybe if you work hard and stop selling shit advice to your online fans….maybe one day you really might just be able to afford this car….”

James smiled but said nothing.

Seeing that his advice has left James speechless, the man opened the door to his BMW in a satisfied manner.

He got in and started the engine, revving it on purpose to antagonize James.

James walked over to the driver side and stood a distance away and waited.

The couple is not driving off yet, they just left the engine running and took their time to settle in their ride. Seeing James standing there and looking at him, it sort of triggered the man.

Lowering the window, he shouted at James.

“what the fuck are you staring at…. Staring at the car will not make it yours…” He taunted.

James pulled out his car keys and unlocked the red Lamborghini Aventador parked behind the BMW.

“I’m waiting for you to fuck off from the carpark you fuck!, you double parked in front of my car…!” James said much to the couple’s horror.

“I’ll never own a BMW, I’m not fucking poor like you !” James spat as he walked into his car and fired up his V12 engine.

The sudden twist shocked the couple to quickly put their car into drive and exit the carpark.

James pulled out of the carpark and turned into the main road.

Looking at his watch, he still has 30 minutes before the rental for his Lamborghini is up.

The car is not his.

After a short drive, James pulled up into the driveway of the car rental company to return the cool ride.

“return car ? “ The staff asked.

“Yes please.” James said.

The staff went through the checklist and made sure the car is in order. Just before he signed off on the return, he casually made a remark to humiliate James.

“You…. Rent the car for 2 hours… ? hahha… bring girl joyride ar ? “ he chuckled.

“Oh no… just to take video…”

The staff stifled a laugh and nodded. He has seen enough people like James. Trying to be someone they are not.

As long as their social media looks good, they don’t care about anything else.

He took the keys from James and advised James to save his money.

“Young man… don’t waste money…save up……all these… no point ah…” The man said, adding that he has seen it all in his 50 years of age.

“ok, I will keep that in mind.” James replied. “ Have you see Roy by the way ? “

“My boss ? He’s out today…why ? you know him  ?what you want ? “ The man said.

“He owes me 2 month of rent.” James said without a change in expression.

Gesturing to the 25000 square feet show room, James told the man to remind his boss that the rent for the 1500 square feet office one level up is also overdue.

“You… you’re… you’re the landlord ? “ the man said, horrified at the sudden twist.

James smirked and walked towards the lift lobby.

He took the lift up to the 12th floor where his office is.

The moment the receptionist saw him, she snapped.

“Why so late today James !” Alice screamed. “don’t need to work ah!”

“sorry, sorry , sorry.” James quickly apologized. “I was trying to collect rent from downstairs.”

“Their rent is late ! when can you collect it !” Alice shouted. “ I saw Roy today !”

“Soon… Soon…” James said with a sheepish smile as he quickly escaped deeper into the office.

He’s not the landlord, but he works for the landlord.

James walked to the pantry and unlocked the storeroom. Tucked behind some boxes, is a door connecting to a neighboring office.

Alice’s scream is an obvious hint to him.

It’s the signal he is waiting for.

Stepping into his actual office, everyone present in the room stood up.

James nodded at his team.

“let’s begin.”

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