James and his wife applies for a BTO – Breed to order. As with all BTO, it’s all about the location.

James was doing the dishes when he heard his wife Grace from the living room.

Grace : Dear, the new BTO sites are out.

James : Oh where is it ?

He asked as he rinsed off the final plate in their house.

Grace : The locations this month is really good. I think we should go for it.

James dried his hands and took a deep breath in front of the kitchen cabinet. He knew this was coming.

Grace and James have been married for almost two years.

Many years ago, BTO would have stood for Build to order, flats that are build upon demand when young couples like James and Grace applied for them online.

Now, BTO stands for something else.

It meant Breed to order.

Grace : dear come come, look at the locations for this BTO…I think it’s really good.

While location of flat launches in the past would determined whether you can become a public housing millionaire, now it no longer matters. This is because unless you can give the country babies, your flat will be repossessed from you within five years of your dated MOP. MOP used to stand for minimum occupation period, the minimum length of time you need to stay in that flat before you can sell it in the open market, now, it stands for Mandated Ovulation Period.

Within the new MOP ( Mandated ovulation period), if the couple that occupies the flat cannot give the country it’s much needed boost to the birth rate, they will be left homeless.

James would love to start a family with his wife Grace, however, his low quality genes and blue collar career determined that he is not eligible to breed with his wife.

The only option for them to start a family will be through the BTO initiative.

Every few months, the government will have a BTO launch, where eligible breeders staying in choice locations in Singapore are available for breeding. Couples like them will apply and ballot for a chance to have their wives bred by these elite males.

The rich poor divide has never been more clear in the country now. There are neighbourhoods for the rich where eligible and rich breeders with good seeds stay, while blue collar families like James are designated to the ‘farmer’ districts.

Grace : Dear look, this month’s BTO is at Orchard road, Bukit Timah, and Yishun! Quite good right the sites ?

James looked at the choices available and immediately dismissed Yishun.

James : Yishun is where all the crazy people in Singapore stays…

Grace gave James a smack on his arm.

Grace : We’re staying in Yishun dear…

Grace opened the site to view the breeding locations in detail.

Grace : Wow look…Orchard road BTO…wow…look at the location. It’s right beside the MRT.

She looked at her husband in amazement as she remarked that she can be bred right beside the train station and take a public transport home.

Grace : There’s no need to even book a private ride!

James : The location is good, it’s a bit expensive though…

Balloting for choice seeds is an expensive affair with cost ranging from $1000 to $5000 and more.

James : A two shot BTO cost $2000, and look. A five shot BTO cost $5000! That’s a bit expensive.

James said while thinking of the sum he needs to pay so another man can ejaculate into his wife.

Grace : It’s semen from men staying in Orchard road ok. Well we can go for the ones in Yishun. Look, a one shot BTO cost only $110.

James : No way, we might bump into neighbours.

Grace : Bukit Timah ones cost a bit lesser. A 3 Shot BTO cost $2100…There are good schools there, plenty of old money types…the seeds should be decent.

James : Hmmmm…

Grace : Breeding location is a bit further from the train station though, but it’s just one bus stop. We can walk a bit to the train, I don’t mind.

Grace hugged onto James while sitting on her chair.

Grace : I know how hard this is for you baby…but we always wanted a family right ? and it’s hard to find BTO sites this good. Demand will be high.

James kissed his wife on her hair as she scrolled down the website and loaded more details about the BTO launch.

Stats about the breeders, where they stay, their lineage, even the elite alumni they belong to are all listed.

He wonder how it would feel to watch his wife get impregnated by another man. They are running out of time to start a family too.

Grace looked at James with a slight pout and James nodded.

Grace : Shall we go for Orchard BTO or Bukit Timah BTO…?

James considered the price difference between the two district and decided to go for Bukit Timah BTO.

He needs to pay his hard earn money to men to ejaculate in his wife. The least he could do is try to save what little he can.

James : Let’s go for the 2 shot BTO in Bukit Timah? 2 shots should be enough I guess ?

Grace : I don’t know…most of my friends go for 3 shots…and 3 shots, we get to choose at least 2 different men. I think we stand a chance of getting better seeds ?

James relented and smiled, hugging his wife from behind and kissing her on her cheek.

James : Ok…3 shot it is then…

Grace : You’re the best dear…I love you so much!

James : I love you too..

James held onto his wife as he watched her pay the token sum of $10 for the BTO balloting.

He could feel an erection in his pants as he thought about Grace being bred like a whore in front of him. He thought about her expression, her moans, her cries as the man deposits his seed into her vagina.

Grace hit the confirm button and crossed her fingers.

Grace : Well, it’s done. No telling if we will get a good queue number though. There is only 250 breeders available for the Bukit Timah BTO… it’s bound to be over subscribed.

James : Well, we’ll know in a week won’t we ?

Grace looked up and tilt her head backwards to kiss her husband. She did a quick mental calculation before adding that the timing will be just right then.

Grace : I’ll be ovulating around that period.

James : Great…

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