No one is interested in those tacky childhood growing up videos and pictures being shown in weddings. It’s time to show the guest and groom what they really want to see.

James wiped his palms on the side of his pants as he stood at the front of the banquet hall. Forty tables of relatives, colleagues and friends are seated in front of him in the banquet hall. All eyes are on the two giant project screen beside the stage.

As the music plays in the background and the light dims, the door to the banquet hall opened up.

James looks at his beautiful wife Joyce as she walked into the hall in the white designer gown. Those that did not turn their heads to look at the bride are staring at her via the live video feed.

Her slender arms held onto the sides of her gown as she strut slowly into the cheers and applause of the invited guest.

James smiled as he made eye contact with Joyce, the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

He came down the steps of the stage and waited for his wife to walk towards him. Unable to contain his excitement, he closed the distance between them and took Joyce into his arms.

As the couple kissed in full view of the banquet hall, everyone whistled and cheered.

Going up to the stage, James and Joyce cut the wedding cake and posed for photos.

The host guided them to their seat right in front of the stage and while the first dish is being served from the kitchen, directed everyone’s attention to the large screen.

Host : Thank you everyone for being here with us this lovely evening for the union of James and Joyce. Now, it’s customary to show a wedding montage of the couple’s younger self as you all know. The couple have specially prepared this video and mind you, neither of them have seen what each other has prepared so it’s also a surprise for them. Hahaha

The background music faded off to silence as the screen flashed an animation of a ticker counting down from 10 to 1.

Singapore marriages has long moved on from showing video montages of the bride and groom’s growing up years. No more childhood photos, geeky school days and early dating videos.

Those are no longer in trend these days.

The younger generation are a lot more liberal and open minded. Their approach towards marriage is an open one, one without secrets and past emotional baggage.

James held onto Joyce’s hands as he looked at the screen excitedly. He has no appetite for the food and he could barely contain his excitement.

The ticker counted down to zero and a low resolution video of Joyce in her secondary school uniform came into view.

Joyce smiled at the camera and James’ heart beat twice as fast as he looked at the date stamp. It’s the day after Joyce turned 16.

Everyone clapped as Joyce gave the camera a cheeky smile before the face of a older teen came into view. A tattooed, blonde hair dude who is also invited to the wedding banquet.

Joyce : That’s my first boyfriend…Tim..

Joyce said as she turned to James with a smile.

James could feel his penis getting hard as he looked at his wife in that pristine white blouse covered with the dark blue pinafore of one of the elite girls school in Singapore.

Tim held onto the green tie and tugged Joyce towards him while the shaky camera captured both of their mischievous giggles.

Tim gently nudged Joyce down onto her knees before setting the camera down at a flower pot a few steps away. As the scene of a staircase located on the top floor of a housing block came into view, Tim stepped into frame, presenting himself in front of the bride when she is 16 years old.

The guest clapped and the host whistled.

James panted for air as he looked at the video montage cast onto the 100 inch screen.

He felt his wife squeeze his hand under the table as Tim pulled Joyce towards his pants in the video, rubbing his privates against her cheeks.

James smiled as he felt the ooze of precum inside his pants.

He’s already so excited with the first video montage made when Joyce is 16. He wonders how many more she has prepared for the screening since they only met when she is 27.

Regardless of how many she will be showing, James looks at the smiling guest and loud applause as he beamed with pride.

Tim’s pants was removed in the video along with his underwear and the cheering got louder.

Joyce flicked back a stray fringe behind her ears as Tim held onto her green tie with his right hand while holding onto his penis with his left. With a gentle tug, Joyce parted her lips and Tim’s meat disappeared into Joyce’s mouth as thunderous applause filled the banquet hall.

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