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Author : Antyhowacc

Writes on Sammyboyforum

“Babe, check your phone.” whispered Aries, in her boyfriend, Brad’s ear.

*Babe I’m so horny now. Quickie in the room upstairs? Was the message shining brightly on Brad’s phone. Brad turned quickly to Aries, trying to discern if she was serious about the matter, his blood rushing southwards.

The couple were at a 2-storey chalet somewhere in the east of Singapore, with a bunch of friends at the end of the year when the school semesters were over. Everyone had gathered in the living room on the first floor to play some board games. But as with people their age, the games were pretty much just to pass the time, with the focus really more on the drinking, jibbing and jabbing. Aries and Brad were the only couple there, although everyone was pretty much acquainted with everyone else.

Making some lame excuse, the couple excused themselves upstairs. Aries had wanted to sneak into any one of the rooms, but they quickly realised some of them may be occupied or have someone come in at any point. Instead, they chose to pack themselves into the toilet, the excitement buzzing in their ears.

“Babe, fuck me fuck me.” Aries purred seductively as she pulled her shirt over her head.

Staring at the soft, bra-clad breasts, Brad couldn’t wait to dig in. But he couldn’t shake the fear that someone might catch them in the act, or realise what they were doing. Aries after all, wasn’t the quietest girl in the bedroom.

A healthy compromise came to mind.

“Suck me first babe. Get me hard so I can fuck you till you can barely stand” Brad replied.

“Ughh yessss okay.” Aries slid to her knees and sought for her treasure. Brad’s bulging tool looked ready for any action, but Aries didn’t think before plunging in. Her mouth filled, Aries didn’t forget to look right at Brad as she sucked and twirled her tongue around his cap.

Aries felt Brad tense up and knew what was coming, but only realised the implications later when shot after shot fired in her mouth.

“You fucking came already?!” Aries asked accusingly.

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

“Ughhhh!!! And now you’re gonna leave me high and dry instead? Asshole.” Aries spat.

In a sour mood, Aries quickly dressed back up, her panties still wet from anticipation and joined the group, leaving Brad behind to his own devices.

“Yo, what do you think about Aries?” Don asked, casually as he evaluated the girls present that night

“Aries? Man that girl has a suck-cock face yo. Bet she’s a horny bitch who eats dick well.” Chad replied.

“Hahaha fuck you la. People’s boyfriend here la hor.”

“Aiya, boyfriend only ma. She confirm not virgin one. Somemore looks like the type that needs to be constantly fucked one.” Chad said. “Who knows, maybe I become her boyfriend tonight leh?”

“Haha fuck off dude. You think too much.”

Thinking too much or not, Chad was interested in Aries. He wasn’t kidding about how he thought her face would look great with his dick in it. It wouldn’t be the first time he fantasized about it either.

Through the night, Chad was looking for his opportunities. Whenever he saw Aries alone, he would go over to chat and flirt. He would initiate contact, harmlessly at the beginning.

“Oh hey look out!” Chad would say, as he circled his hands behind Aries and placed it on the small of her back, lightly pushing her towards his chest as someone passed by innocently.

He would bump elbows into Aries “accidentally” whenever he could, pretend to slap away a mosquito that landed on her thigh; pretend that her perfume was familiar so he could repeatedly take close whiffs with her nose almost touching her neck.

It was making Aries’ hair stand on edge, and Aries knew how wrong it was, but she was also spiteful at Brad for the earlier incident and was determined to enjoy this male attention.

Later in the night, someone suggested playing a variant of indian poker, with the losers having to strip. Other than the initiator, no one knew the rules of the game, but were all intrigued at the sexual turn the night was progressing into.

Brad was clearly uncomfortable with it, and raised a short protest although he also wanted to see how his female friends looked with less clothes on. Aries stepped up to cut off his protests, claiming that since everyone present was single with the exception of them, if she was game then no one else should be allowed to sit out.

With objections nullified, the game rules and punishments were explained.

Basically, everyone had to hold up a poker card on their forehead (i.e. they can’t see their own card). Players then have to take turns shouting out 1 to 3 numbers (e.g. “1” or “1, 2”) ranging from 1 to 13 in ascending order. If the number(s) they shouted included the card they were holding, they had to accept the punishment. Every player gets 1 chance to “pass”.
The punishment was set to be simple, the loser had to strip everything away, except for 1 piece of clothing, which the guys claimed were beneficial to the girls, since a long dress counts as 1 and basically shows nothing.

As the game began, the guys naturally implicitly tried their best to get the girls to lose. And as expected 1 by 1 the ladies fall, having to retreat to the toilet for their punishment.

To no one’s surprise, the losers mainly stuck with their dresses, or oversized shirts, which honestly didn’t show much. But the knowledge that the girls were basically commando underneath was often enough to drive the guys high.

The ladies were also able to adapt quickly, causing guys in turn to be falling 1 by 1. Brad for example, was quickly left with only his undies in the corner as a spectator as the game continued.

Impressively, Aries was still in the game and so was Chad.

“Girl, you ready to strip next?” Chad taunted as he cupped Aries’ chin endearingly.

“How about you get ready to let us all see your tiny dick Chad?” Aries answered, the tension in the air palpable.

As it turns out, Aries eventually ended up the loser, having no passes left after dodging a bullet with it before.

“Ahhh fuck man. You guys are such bullies.” Aries snorted.

“Yah yah whatever, show us those tits” Chad taunted as he blatantly groped one of Aries’ breasts and pulled her into his embrace.

“How about this” Chad whispered in Aries’ ear, “Come out showing everyone your slutty pussy and i’ll fuck you right here in front of your boyfriend.” before shoving her away.

It all happened so quickly that Brad hardly noticed anything was amiss.

Aries knocked on the door twice, to signal that she’s ready to come out after stripping for her punishment. She was after all, the last surviving female present, so cheers were abound as anticipation built.

When the door came ajar, everyone’s jaw dropped except Chad, who grinned devilishly.

The 1 piece of clothing Aries chose was the pair of sneakers she wore to the chalet. Brad strode over quickly and protectively, only to have Aries shoo him away.

“Fuck off Brad. I wanted you just now but you didn’t want me then. Now someone else wants me so you can go and fuck yourself.” Aries retorted.

Aries cat-walked as seductively as she could, making sure to sway her hips from side to side as she made her way to Chad.

“Hello there sexy~” Chad whispered, before spinning Aries around so she could face Brad.

One of his hands snaked between her legs and the other cupping her bosom as he bit down hard on her neck.

Aries shuddered and surrendered, her eyes in a daze, hazy with pleasure. Aries allowed herself to be taken as she looked upon her ex-boyfriend.

This has got to be the best way to break-up that she has ever experienced…