Titles of a longer length release will be marked with (LL) at the back of it’s title. (LL) titles span between 2-4 releases. The longer length allows for better character development and more detailed scenes for build up.

Writer James experiences a fracture in the multiverse he created. Follow him as he try to survive all the characters he created. Each time the characters appear, their personality changes. No way of knowing if they are there to kill him or to save him.

Note : This is a rather complicated piece involving characters from multiple stories, best enjoyed only after you have read a few of my full length work.

James held his tablet under his armpits as he dug into his pocket for his wallet to pay for his breakfast muffin.

Writer James : I’ll use payWave please.

Cashier : sure. Tap here.

Keeping his wallet, James brought his belongings to a nearby table and set his laptop up. He’s one of the first few customers in the café and he managed to get a good spot by the window.

It’s 10am in the morning and there is a heavy drizzle out in the street. As the coffee grinder worked it magic and filled the café with the smell of freshly ground beans, James is looking forward to a productive day of writing.

He set a timer on his watch for 90 minutes. He will be done with his breakfast and out of the café before the peak hour crowd from lunch comes in. As much as he would have loved to stay on, he is also mindful that people are trying to run a business.

If he hogged the table with just a muffin and a coffee for the whole day, it’s going to be a matter of time before he gets blacklisted from every establishment in the country.

Barista : Coffee for James.

Writer James :yeap that’s me.

Barista : There are our new beans from Thailand. I hope you like it.

Writer James : ok thank you.

James brought his breakfast tray over to his table and took a sip of the delicious coffee. It took him only three bites of the muffin to wolf it all down. He washed the dry muffin down with another big gulp of coffee and cracked his fingers.

Opening his work folder, he looked at the numerous titles he is working on. Some of them are done, pending his editor to go through it, others are in various stages of brain storming, and then there are those he is working on currently.

Dry and cool in a café while looking at people dashing out of the rain does wonders for inspiration. James opened up a story he is working on and started hammering away at the keyboard.

By the time he drained his coffee, he could feel the full brunt of the caffeine kick in. He typed faster than his eyes could read, but what made him smile was the plot development that seemed to fall in place with each line. It’s all coming together properly.

Speaking to himself, James mumbled the speech the Prime Minister in his story will be giving. He tried to picture himself delivering the same speech in front of a podium. He pictured himself telling those words to an entire generation of men and women who are about to do everything within their ability to defend their country.

And as he mumbled, he typed away, scripting the text that will form part of his book 4 for a tetralogy

Writer James : ya da ya da ya da…may our children who have enjoyed this peace…bla bla bla…remain steadfast and resolute in their duties to keep Singapore safe…ya da ya da ya da…for generations and …

Suddenly a man burst through the café door.

James looked up and made eye contact with the strange man dressed in shorts and a singlet. He looked like he just ran through the rain.

Jay walked briskly up to the only man with a laptop in the café.

He grabbed James by his shirt and pulled him up from the chair. The café staff screamed and a couple of customers at other tables got up on their feet in shock. One of them is already whipping out his phone to take a video of what is happening.

Writer James: What the fuck!

Jay : Are you James? Are you JAMES!

Writer James : Who the fuck are you ?

James pushed the guy away and shut his laptop.

Jay wiped rainwater and perspiration from the top of his lip and brow. He looked agitated and nervous.

Jay : Bro, look at me. Are you James?

Writer James : Who are you ? do I know you ?

Jay : you don’t need to know me! Just tell me. Are you the writer, James S ?

Writer James : Who are you ?

James asked with a puzzled look. Only a handful of people know who he is. He has always hid behind his pen name.

Jay : you’re him right! Look bro, listen to me. Your life is in danger right now.

Writer James : What ?

Jay removed his shorts and underwear without warning, whipping out his penis in the middle of the café. The ladies in the café started screaming and one of them is already calling the police.

Writer James : DUDE! What the fuck!

Jay : I have no time to explain!

Jay held onto his flaccid penis and waddled with his shorts around his ankles towards a table with two female students. The girls screamed and backed away from him, choosing to climb over the coffee counter and hide there with the café staff.

James heard a loud screech of tyres and looking out into the streets, he saw a military vehicle drifting wide before coming to a stop 10 meters away from the café. The door opened and a man clad in full military fatigues stepped out. Armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons, James’ eyes widened as he pointed his weapon at him.

Writer James: Oh fuck!

He dove to the ground as the café exploded with sub machine gun rounds redecorating the interiors. Colonel James ejected his magazine with a quick flick of his wrist and reloaded.

Colonel James : BOON!

James looked up for a second before he resumed clamoring like a monitor lizard who suddenly discovered it was out of it’s habitat.

A general purpose machine gun mounted on the top of the military vehicle fired into the café. The heavy spent shells littered the driveway of the central business district. The hot lead tore into the wallpaper and punched fist size holes into walls.

Colonel James : come out! Come out you piece of shit!

James heard the metallic flick before he saw a grenade roll onto the floor a few metres away from him.

Writer James : oh fuck!

He scrambled towards the kitchen and barely dove in before the grenade exploded. Holding onto his ears to try and ease the ringing, James turned and saw Jay trying to masturbate himself while looking at the two students who have also escaped into the kitchen.

James got up but he barely took a step when a spear slammed into the wall beside him, missing his face by a mere centimeter. A spear with it’s tip as dark as the night itself.

He turned in horror to see a woman standing by the back door of the kitchen.

Writer James : You got to be fucking kidding me!

Jay stopped masturbating and pulled James onto the floor as two Hudiedao embedded itself into the walls beside the spear. The moment he pulled James down, Jay resumed masturbating, groaning and trying to get himself aroused by looking at the two female student.

Writer James : what the fuck is going on!

Colonel James entered the kitchen and his submachine gun found it’s target immediately.

Colonel James : There you are.

James literally saw it happen in slow motion as Colonel James squeezed the trigger, igniting the gunpowder that sent the round spiraling through the barrel of his weapon.

Before he could get flashbacks of his life, something, or rather, someone fell from the sky.

With a single palm up, a barrier of air stopped all of Colonel James’ rounds like someone hit the pause button.

Jane hopped over the kitchen counter. Her agile body spin in midair before slamming a foot into James’ chest, sending him sprawling all over Jay who is still trying to masturbate himself.

Jay : arghhh… arghhh.. I’m almost there.. I’m going to cum…arhghhh

James clutched his chest as he looked at the man stopping bullets in midair.

Writer James : No fucking way..!

Jane pulled out the hudiedao from the walls and was about to stab him when Jay ejaculated.

Jay : arnghhh.a.rnghhhh!

Suddenly, James could smell a strong scent of ginger in the air.

Writer James : This is a fucking nightmare. This must be a bad dream.

Colonel James, Jane, and the man stopping bullets in mid air all disappeared like they were never there before.

Jay held onto his penis and continue stroking himself, squeezing the last bits of his semen out as he tried to catch his breath.

Jay, with semen on his hands and remnants of it dripping from his penis, walked over to the two students who fainted in shock.

Writer James : Hey.! Hey! What are you doing!

James got up and touched his chest. He could feel the pain from Jane’s kick. He also suffered several cuts and gnashes from the grenade shrapnels.

Jay started to strip the clothing of the two students.

Writer James : HEY! STOP!

Jay turned around and handed a set of bra and panty to James while keeping one set for himself.

Jay : take it!

Writer James : What the fuck is this! What is going on?

Jay : I never thought I will say this but.

Jay pressed the underwear he just removed from the student onto his face and took a deep whiff.

Jay : Cum with me if you want to live.

This title has 2 episodes.

Episode 1 – 9800 words

Episode 2 – 10100 words

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