You think ‘the facility i work at’ is sick ? 

That’s because you haven met the prison warden……. 


50 years from now, Singapore is a very different place. 

Coney Island has been transformed into a corporation managed prison facility. 

Female . Prison . Facility . 



30/10/19 – updated

1/11/19 – updated – Completed


It took years of advocating before my posting was approved.

I submitted so many appeals, spoke to politicians and i even appeared on national TV.

It’s really hard to get people to listen when everyone only cared about themselves.

At 27, i am one of the most outspoken critic about the commercially run all female prison located at Coney Island.

It’s a closed off area with access limited only to officials. Even family members are bared access.

Singapore at 2065 is a very different place from what was written in the history books. The fanfare in which we celebrated SG50 is but a thing of the past. I read about the celebrations, the parades, the special logo and promotions ran by all the merchants.

I read all about it in the history books as part of my school’s curriculum.

Yes, those are just history to me. A part of history that is now relegated to a small section of our history textbooks.

There was hardly any mention of SG100 on the national papers.

With the global economy in ruins, Singapore’s economy was not spared either. STI has been hovering at 500 points for the past 5 years. A far cry from the 6000 it hit during our heydays.

The entire landscape of the country has changed as well.

You can probably tell when the government needs to outsource the running of it’s prison to a corporate entity.

They started with the females because we’re easily to manage, so to speak.

What infuriated me was why no one put up a fight for something so ridiculous as this.

We used to be a garden city. Everywhere we look used to be a picturesque portrait of manicured lawns and curated landscaping.

Our roads are straight, our trees had their crowns trimmed every year.

The streets are kept clean, everything was in perfect order. Exactly the way our founders envisioned the country will be.

No more.

The government of today could no longer afford to upkeep the garden city. The once popular gateway to Asia is now just a bleak landscape of despair.

Falling birthrate, the lack of new immigrants, Singapore is now a country populated by the old and weak. 65% of our citizens are above 55 years old. The young and capable ones left and never returned.

Those that remain just hung on to whatever they could, trying to pass their days in their own cocoon.

There was no longer any resistance to massive inflow of foreign workers by the citizens, because no one wanted to come over anymore.

The grass is no longer green on the Singapore pasture.

There are simply no jobs for both locals and foreigner alike. Most of the manufacturing work has been taken over by automation.

Singaporean women have started travelling abroad to be domestic helpers for more developed countries.

It’s hard to imagine 50 years ago women from other countries come here to work as domestic helpers. Now we have come a full circle, it’s our turn to head abroad and work in the homes of other families, remitting back whatever pittance we make.

Domestic helper is just a nice word.

We all knew what that means.

In 2065, it meant you are being contracted as a sex slave to a family that can pay.

Most of our girls head to Malaysia.

The exchange rate used to be 1SGD to 3RM. Now it’s 1RM to 6.7 SGD.

Spreading your legs across the causeway just makes so much more sense.

Spreading your legs for money isn’t as simple as before.

You would think the masters or employers focuses only on looks , no way.

They want something more.

To be eligible for a LSP ( Long stay Pass ) in Malaysia that allows for working only in families, you need a degree.

You need to look good.

You must know how to please.

Your pussy must be tight and you must look fuckable.

Not only that, everyone craves for the girlfriend experience.

A typical day would involve the girl waking up at 7am, doing the housework and finishing everything by 5pm. Then after, she needs to dress and doll herself up for her master before he gets back home after work.

She would then need satisfy his primal needs in whatever way necessary before going to bed.

LSP. We girls call it the leg spreading pass.

Everyone talked about it in school. We hated it. It’s disgusting.

Still, it’s pays 3 times what a university graduate earns in Singapore.

Most of my classmates fell to that temptation after slogging for a couple of years in Singapore.

Who would imagine Malaysia would grow so much in such short a time.

No one.

It just happened under everyone’s nose.

With a new forward thinking administration in Malaysia, they moved forward while Singapore fell behind.

It was a fall we never got up from.

Even the most Singaporean icon off all, the hawker centre now have food cooked by robots.

The food taste pretty decent by my standard.

My generation can only wonder how the actual hawker food taste like. The original hawker food.

Food cooked over a strong flame, with the smell of ‘wok hei’ ( wok’s breathe ) infused into the fried rice or noodles.

Now the taste of the so call wok-hei is chemically induced. An exact replication of the original taste by means of artificial flavourings.

There are still pockets of authentic hawkers, those with skills handed down by their grandparents and parents.

You can try the food, if you can afford it that is.

With everything cooked by robots these days, having something cooked by a human cost 3 times as much.

I don’t remember the last time I ate food cook by a human.

Marriage figures are at a all-time low.

The birth rate is at a figure never seen before on the island. Never before in the history of the country has the live birth rate of Singaporeans drop below 10000.

For a year.

In 2064, the birthrate was 9877.

You can hardly replace the people that are dying.

With the island population at 8.2 million in 2065, 10000 babies hardly made a difference.

The average couple could not afford to start a family. Inflation has gone out of control.

Punggol new town, once the pride of the nation is now the largest slum in the country.

Poor planning and overcrowding has plagued the town for years ever since planners started throwing all the young families in that town.

It used to be the youngest town with the most babies in the country.

Now those babies are all touching 50 years old, unemployed and living in terrible conditions in the flats their parents left for them.

They would have wanted to move if given the chance to, but it was impossible to afford a flat outside the slums where the richer population lived.

The multi-storey car parks that used to be filled with cars are now makeshift  homes for those without a roof over their head.

You could hardly see any vehicles in Punggol now.

Everyone used public transport. It’s the only means of transportation the general population could afford.

The country is in a sad state.

The rich live in their own bubble in the center of the island, ring fenced by a artificial dome 5 times the size of Gardens by the bay.

As the city radiates outwards, the evidence of despair grew more obvious.

I read in history books that Punggol use to have a nice waterway park, you could run, picnic and enjoy a stroll.

Now it’s a dumping ground for dead bodies and shit.

You can hardly go by a day without hearing gunshots in Punggol.

The town used to hold the largest foreign worker dormitory in the country at the edge of town.

They were cramped into small contained plots of space with their own amenities, but the planners forgot one thing. There is only so much one can take in those conditions.

A dorm full of men, high testosterone with no way to release them. All it took was for a spark to set off a disaster.

In 2028, after a night of heavy drinking, riot broke out within the dormitory. Then it began to spread.

It went out of control.

1200 foreign workers came out of their dorms and into the housing estates bordering the plot of land.

They broke into homes. They burnt cars.

They pillaged the residential properties both public and private alike.

Not only that, they went on a mass raping frenzy.

They broke into homes and rape the women.

Newly weds had their dreams shattered overnight.

Husbands held down while groups of workers raped their wives in front of them as they watched on.

Official statistics put the reported rape cases at 700.

The actual one compiled by human rights group put the figure at 1400.

1400 women were raped, impregnated with semen of men against their will.

In the months that followed, at least 100 committed suicide.

There are those that put on a brave front. Despite their eggs being fertilised by their rapist, they decided to carry the baby to term.

They say all lives are equal.

The babies are innocent.

Noble thoughts and ideals have no place in a society like ours.

Half of those that gave birth committed suicide with their baby. The other half murdered the child at birth and went into depression.

Our country is fucked.

We’re broken beyond fixing. Everyone is just trying to live each day on it’s own.

I hate the country.

I hate the state it is in.

Everyday when i wake up, i ask myself the same question.

Why can’t we go back to before ?

Why can’t we go back to our hey days when we were once regarded and recognized on the world stage ?

The safety, the sanctuary it once was, how can we have it all back ?

I felt so powerless.

I wanted to do something. No matter how small, as long as it’s something i can do for Singapore, i will do it.

I believe if everyone did their part, we can go back to the way we once were.

A good place to start would be the prison.

I don’t believe for one moment that you can have a commercially run prison with zero complaints.

All offenders gave the prison a raving review.

They were full of praises for the prison and the staff.

This is bullshit with a capital B.

I looked at the official posting letter in my hand.

After multiple appeals, my superiors finally approved my request.

I am a social worker.

I believe in doing my part in getting my fellow countrymen up on their feet.

I believe i can make a difference.

I’m going to be posted to the CIFP. Coney Island Female Prison.

I’m going to be the official government liaison to help inmates reintegrate into the society.

I’m excited and scared at the same time.

I’ve heard stories and rumors of what they do in there.

Stories and rumors. It’s always someone heard something from someone else.

Other than employees of that facility, no one else is allowed in there.

No visitors until you complete your sentence.

In the years since it’s establishment, it had an amazing record. From security to cleanliness to cost efficiency, it scored top marks from the auditors.

The inmates said the prison changed them for the better.

It sounded like an absolute fairy tale.

Why do i say that ?

It’s a female prison, staffed and run exclusively by male guards and warden using state of the art technology.

I can’t wait to see how good they claim they are.

I folded the letter and looked in the mirror in my bathroom.

There is just one small problem.

I’m not only the first government liaison for that prison.

I’m going to be the only female staff in that fucking prison.




I washed my face in the sink and looked at myself in the mirror.

I’m in the prime of my life. By prime I meant prime age to sell my body for money.

Women between the age of 23-28 command the best price as domestic workers in Malaysia.

Not too young to feel like you are fucking a school kid, not to old to feel like you are fucking a mother hen.

This is the kind of description being discussed online in forums.

Women are being objectified in such extreme ways that it’s ridiculous.

Most of my friends are in the flesh trade because it’s the only one that pays a above average pay. There’s no stigma there though.

It’s a decent living.

You don’t rob , you don’t steal. If you are lucky, you find a rich sucker to leech off, save enough before you get out.

Most women will exit the trade by 35 when their body value drops drastically.

I don’t blame them for choosing this path.

In this day and age, we get blamed for everything. From the choices we make to the clothes we wear.

If you wear too revealing or sexy, you deserve to be violated.

If you are too pretty, you should cover your face when you go out.

Don’t wear makeup, only whores wear makeups.

It’s absurd when you look at it.

Nowadays, the only place you see girls dressed up to the nines are in hostess clubs or places where you go to get a whore.

Offices in government agency are neutral. We get to wear what we want as long as things are kept professional.

Civil servants are not suppose to judge.

I applied some lotion to my face before brushing my teeth and thought about my new posting.

I would be attached to the prison for a period of 3 months.

Thereafter, I would need to give a detailed report to my boss before they decide the next course of action. There’s funding given every quarter, decent and reasonable amount.

The operators are asking for an increase in funding.

They fought hard for it.

I fought hard too and I won this fight.

The only way they are going to get that funding is if they allow me in to evaluate their procedures.

They agreed to a period of 3 months.

I told them 3 months might be too short for me to access the prison and how it’s run, they might be putting on a show for me to see.

My boss rebutted me and said that it’s hard enough getting me in for 3 months.

Best I don’t try to push my luck too much.

Well, at least I get 3 months away from some of the creepy colleagues I see at work.

Beneath the smiles and courteous nods my male colleagues give when we see each other at work, lies a dark and sinister side they keep suppressed in order to appear professional.

I know.

It’s a women’s intuition.

I can tell from the way someone look at me.

The way they are appraising my body.

The manner in which their eyes lingered longer than necessary on my breast.

Sometimes they would steal glances at my toned legs and calves.

I know the whispers behind cubicles and in quiet corridors.

They would be talking about me.


Julia has nice breast.

Julia has nice legs.

I want to fuck Julia.

Or maybe I have fucked Julia before.

Fuck them. I would rather die than fuck any of those nerds and pencil pushers in office.

Men view women as a piece of meat. That’s the way my male colleagues see me at work.

I have my fair share of suitors at work too but they are boring as hell.

The men can hardly hold a proper conversation and I find their lack of intellect a major turnoff. There are also those that are intimated by me.

I am pretty outspoken and I know I thread on my fair share of toes in the office but I don’t care. Men don’t like women who are outspoken or who they think are smarter than them.

Women should now their place in society. By that, they meant on their knees with a cock in their mouth.

The only men that I like talking to at work is my 70 year old boss.

Knowing my boss Mr Chan is one of the best thing to happen to me.

He’s a really great guy, smart, respectful and kind.

You could see the years of wisdom in his eyes and he belongs to the old guards.

He’s 70 yet still has the energy of a fresh grad.

You could tell a lot from the way someone look at you and Mr Chan is not like any of those hot young perverts who only thinks about ways to get into my pants.

Men like him are the only reason the civil service are still holding itself together despite the sad shitty state the country is in.

I left the bathroom and laid out the clothes I selected for my 1st day in the prison.

Black. Only black.

Boring fucking black.

I’m about to go into a male dominated environment who oversees female inmates.

I’m not about to dress up and make myself a target.

I’m going to make myself as boring and uninteresting as possible.

I picked out a pair of black pants and black singlet.

Something dull like this should be safe.

I kept telling myself everything would be okay but I’m still a little apprehensive when I think about it.

I’m there to make sure they can get more money.

Surely they would treat me like a god or something.

Cater to my every whim

I put on a pair of heels and gestured to the glowing orb in the middle of the room that functions as both a camera and my communicator.

Julia : Call Trish…

Trish is my best friend since secondary school. We went to Junior college and then to university together. Trish and I hit it off right away. We’re both orphans.

Yeah, motherless , fatherless bastards.

There’s a term for people like us.

Rape seed.

With a falling birth rate and rape becoming so prevalent since 2035, the government made it illegal to abort a pregnancy. Yeah, so if you are a women, someone takes a fancy to you, he will club you on your head and drag you into his cave.

Pumps you full of his cum and leave you to your own demise.

Trish and I are both rapeseed orphans. In the government’s eyes, rapeseed is still a Singaporean holding a pink IC. It doesn’t matter if your biological parents don’t want you.

The government wants you.

There’s even sub categories in rapeseed term.

I don’t know to laugh or to cry when I found out I belong to the highest class of rapeseed babies.

You see, the man who raped my mother, is a scholar high up in the civil service when he committed the crime.

My biological mother is also a civil servant.

Therefore, I belong to the elite class of a by-product of rape.

Made by government employees.

Moving down the lines, there are those that are ‘made’ by private employees, and then those ‘made’ by foreign construction workers or homeless hobos.

Trish is 1 tier lower than me in classification.

Her mother was a government employee while her father was a butcher. He raped her mother and left her to her demise in a wet market located in the bowels of Punggol.

We grew up in different orphanage around the island and entered the same secondary school.

Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about the fact that my biological father forced himself on my biological mother and I’m that result.

It’s sick.

Fucking sick.

The laws are still the same as before. Men face stiff punishments for doing something like this and you can be caned up to 24 times on top of a long jail term but things changed.

The punishment sounds stiff but with advancement in technology both science and medical, it no longer hurt as much to be caned.

You can modify your body’s pain receptors such that a stroke of the cane feels like a slap on the wrist.

The wounds heal quickly too, leaving no scar given the quality of healthcare even in prison.

The only thing the rapist need to go through is the lengthy jail term but look at it this way. With the economy in shit, you get free food, lodging and healthcare. Why not >

Or you could always pay for someone to take the rap for you.

With money, anything goes.

The call connected and I saw a 3D projection of Trish in front of me.

Trish : Hey Julia….. all ready for your big day tomorrow ?

Julia : I’m not sure….how’s this look…. All black… ?

Trish : You’re wearing this you dumb bitch ?? you want to get raped by the prison wardens ?? haha



Julia : fuck off… it’s so boring… it’s all black…..and dull… I still need to look decent and professional….

Trish : but you’re hot as fuck Julia…. Ditch the heels… wear something ill fitting or some shit… wear shoes… so you can run… those rape me heels will slow you down…

Julia : Ok… ok…fuck…. how’s your day… ?

Trish : the usual…. It’s a Wednesday…. He’s coming back early… probably wants to fuck me at the table after his dinner or some sick shit…..

I forgot to mention that Trish is working as a domestic worker in Malaysia.

Yeah, leg spreading permit.

The employment market is shit and Trish took a chance.

Lucky for her, her employer is some rich farmer growing pineapples with a 3 inch cock that lasts only 3 minutes.

Julia : sounds like fun…. At least you are making easy money….sigh…

Trish : I’m sucking a men’s cock for money dear…and I’m letting him put that disguising thing inside my cunt….

Julia : At least you are saving up…. Just 1 more year to go right ??

Trish : 11 months…. I can’t wait man… I should have saved enough to get my own place by then…. Rent out a room….find a job that don’t involve me spreading my legs…. Hire me la…oh great social worker…

Julia : yeah I’ll hire you…. You can wash my lingerie…massage my back…

Trish : I’ll spread my legs for you willingly too…… I’ll lick you nice and good…

Julia : You and your nonsense…. Hahah … how’s this look ? Boring enough…. ?


Trish : This is why I hate you dear…

Julia : hahah.. why ??

Trish : you still look so good dressed in shit like that…

Julia : fuck off… hahaha…not as hot as you….. the dream fuck for farmers …..

Trish gave me a middle finger and wished me the best of luck for work tomorrow.

Trish : tell me everything when you get back… !

Julia : i will…. enjoy that 3 inch….

Trish : Yeah…. better than nothing i guess…. hahaha…

I blew her a kiss and checked my bearing in the mirror.

I’m dressed as if I’m heading to a funeral.

That should be boring as fuck to the men working there.

I hope.

Never been inside a prison before.



My appointment is at 8am at the entrance to Coney Island.


I left my home in Sengkang for the prison at 7am.


1 hour is more than enough for me to get to the island via the buses that serves our 2 town.


Sengkang and Punggol are separated geographically by an expressway cutting across. The only way in and out of Punggol are via a series of bridges over that leads into it.


There’s used to be 5 entrance into that god forsaken town but it has been cut down to 2.


2 point from Sengkang and that’s it.


The northern entrance that used to connect the town to the dormitories housing foreign workers were blown up by the military to cut off the riot.


As the town grew into a slum and crime rate rose through the years, the authorities decided to close off the town. With the town closed off, crime rate rose beyond control and the town developed into a larger and more complex version of old Kowloon city.


In Punggol, the police have no power and authority. After you enter that town, the triads are in charge. The public buses I travel on each comes with it’s own armed guard.


Even the bus drivers are armed just to give you an idea how bad things are.

Their small arms are no matched for the superior firepower of the triads if they wish to start a war but there’s been a unspoken truce between the government and the triads.


Don’t fucking touch the transport lines.


The triads understand that well.


They don’t want to risk getting cut off as the 2 bridges are the only way supplies and men are coming into the town.


Now, crossing into the slum towns requires residents to cross a miniature checkpoint of sort.

With the guard towers, barb wires and armed guards, you thought you are entering a military camp but it’s all for show.


The men guarding the entrances looked more bored than a napping sloth.


I took a seat by the window as the air-conditioned bus took me along the perimeter of the once bustling town. The place may be a slum but you could tell there is order in the street.


At every intersection there are members of the triads, different factions controlled different zones. As long as there isn’t a new turf war going on, you can safely head out onto the streets.


Street walkers lined the sides of the road in broad daylight, displaying their bodies for their early customers.


Kids as young as 10 are peddling cigarettes to passersby.


A pack of 20 sticks used to cost $25, now it has dropped back down to $3.

The landscaped roads and estates are a mess of fruit trees and self-cultivated plots of farms. Residents lease the plot from the triads and grow their food on them.


I saw a women crying and running after a man who dashed passed the road as the honk sounded angrily from the driver.

She was holding onto her ripped bra and she had no pants on.


She was crying and shouting for help but there was no help.


The triads on the streets looked on as if nothing had happened.

Aren’t they supposed to keep the order you ask ?


Well, that is if you pay them.


If a street walker or a whore shouts for help, you can be sure a bunch of them will turn up. The whores pay the triads in order to operate. Taxpayers.


An innocent housewife getting rape ? well, that’s just bad luck my dear.


I could not bring myself to look and I turned my head away.


Everything is broken in this country.


I can’t fix everything but I can start with something that I have a say in.


The funding for the prison.


I arrived at the last stop and I alighted the bus with a few men.


They looked at me warily, no doubt wondering why I’m alighting at that stop.


I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and put on a brave front.


Holding my bag and file to my front, I started to walk towards the prison.



I stared at the large iron gate that rose 4 stories high.

It looks a lot more intimidating up close.


A small side door opened up for the arriving staff.


Armed guards stepped out and the staff stepped in one after another.


The blink of a green laser scanned their faces and registered each of their entry.


I stood at the last of the line.


The green laser took less than a second to flash purple, indicating that I am not a staff of the facility.


I could see some red lights flashing at the guardhouse a few metres away.


The armed guards came out with their weapons drawn.


Julia : Hi…. My name is Julia…. I am a social worker with the community services…. I’m here for a ….


A man stepped out from behind the small door and asked the guards to back off.


Ronnie : Hi there Julia !!… hi.. hi…. You are early… ! hahaha….


He greeted me with such a chirpy voice that surprised even the guards.


Ronnie : My name is Ronnie…. I am a senior executive with the prison management…. I will be your guide…… let me help you with that bag….


Julia : No it’s ok… it’s not heavy….


Ronnie smiled and gestured towards the small opening in front of me.


Ronnie : Well… step right in….haha… welcome… welcome…..


I could feel the hair on my arms stand as I took an unsure step towards the prison door.


I could see the look the guards are giving me.


Their eyes are checking out my body. The contours of my shapely legs and butt are showing clearing because of how tight my black pants are.


I can’t help it. I don’t exactly have a large wardrobe selection.


I entered the prison compound and was asked to step into the guardhouse.


Ronnie ; Ms Julia, …. I hope you can understand that we take security seriously… and all visitors… and bags … need to be searched….


I placed my bag on the table and it was ran through a scanner.


I was made to step through a scanner as well and it went off.


Ronnie looked at me and I replied a little too quickly.


Julia : I … I don’t have anything on me…


Ronnie : relax Ms Julia…. The scanner is very sensitive… to metal….


He gestured to the clothes on my body and I looked at him without moving.


Ronnie : I’m afraid I would need you to remove your clothings…


Julia : What !


Ronnie : It’s procedure… for all visitors…


I could not find the words I wanted and I could only stared at Ronnie and the 2 grinning guards helplessly.


Ronnie pointed to a large wall full of information and posters. It included a detailed rule chart for all visitors.


As long as the scanners went off, clothing has to be removed and sent through the scanner.


Julia : I… but…. I’m a woman !… is there a female guard ?


Ronnie : I’m afraid not Ms Julia….. it’s your choice…. I can’t force you to do it if you are unwillingly but I would have to reject your access to the prison because of security issues….. I hope you understand…


I could feel my fist clenching as I tried to calm myself down.


How convenient.


Turning me around and blaming me for being uncooperative.


I’m not going down without a fight.


Julia : Fine… ok….


I could almost see the eyes of the guards glinting as I removed my top and put it on the scanner.


My skin coloured bra attached itself snugly to my breast. I deliberately chose a old bra that is 1 size smaller to flatten my assets but I guess the secret is out.


My top cleared the scan.


Ronnie : your bra please Ms Julia ….


Julia : i…


Ronnie’s expression hardly changed, he maintained an air of professionalism as he waited for me to unbuckle my bra.


I undid the clasp and removed my bra, covering my breast with my left arm as I put the bra on the scanner.


The alarm went off immediately with the laser identifying the part in question.


Ronnie : The metal clasp…. A lot can be done with a metal clasp under the right hands…..


Julia : You guys are being a little paranoid aren’t you… ?


Ronnie : It is our job to be paranoid….. we are overseeing almost a thousand prisoners with 50 guards on shift….


Ronnie took my bra and put it in a translucent box and handed me my top back. I quickly put it back on.


Ronnie : I’m afraid I have to hold on to that until you leave….


I thought that was it but no.


He gestured to my pants.


Julia : really ? … you serious ??


Ronnie : Ms Julia…..i have to emphasise our stand again…. Security… is of utmost importance…..


I could see the erection in the guards pants as they eyed my body like a piece of meat.


I unbuckled my pants and pulled it off my body, standing in the middle of the guard room with only a pair of granny like cotton panty.


It’s the largest panty I have and I usually only use it when I’m having my period to hold the thickest and longest pad.


My pants failed the scanner immediately too as my buckle and zip are metal.


Ronnie : Sorry Ms Julia…. No metal….


I watched on speechless as my pants joined my bra in the translucent case.


Ronnie pointed to my panty next.


Julia : I can assure you… there is nothing metallic in that….


Ronnie : I won’t be the judge of that… the scanner will….


I exhaled and looked up at the ceiling for a brief moment. There are at least half a dozen cameras in the room. I have no doubt this is being stream to a room full of horny guards, probably laughing to themselves for successfully humiliating a government employee.


I removed my panty and put it on the scanner.


I covered my womanly bits with my hands and avoided eye contact with any of the men in the room.


I’m not letting a silly security check stop me from finding out what’s happening in the prison.


Ronnie : you may put your panty on Ms Julia.


I quickly obliged.


I walked through the main scanner again and I was given the all clear.


Julia : You can’t expect me to walk around in this state do you…. ?


Ronnie : of course not… we’re not savages…hhaa… here…this should fit you….


I froze.


I really did as I watch Ronnie retrieve a pair of pants from a well stocked cabinet.


The pair of pants is without elastic at the top. The only way to hold it up and together is by means of cotton lace. Imagine you are tying your shoelaces, only in this instance, it’s around your waist.


I don’t care about how it looks as long as I can cover my privates but I found myself hesitating.


Those are not your regular pants.


Those are prison issued pants.


For prisoners.


Ronnie  : I’m really sorry Ms Julia…. We never have female visitors before…these are the only pants we have…. I hope you don’t mind…. They are quite soft and comfortable though…..


I don’t know why my heart is beating so fast.


It was a mixture of fear and uncertainty.

I could hear myself in my head.


Am I going to let a pair of pants stop me ?


No way.


I took the pair of pants and I put it on.


The men in the guardroom watched on silently as I slowly string the nylon string through the holes in the pants.


With each loop, I slowly brought the pants around my slim waist.


With each loop, that pair of pants closed itself slowly around my body.


The pants felt like a constricting python, slowly tightening itself around my body.


I finished the knot after I’m done and I saw Ronnie nodding at me with a smile.


He handed me my bag and documents before gesturing to a door behind him.



Ronnie : Welcome Ms Julia……… to Coney island female prison…..




I entered the doorway into a corridor flanked on both sides by glass walls. Behind both walls, I could see men gathered at their work stations. Some of them were drinking their coffee, some looking at their screen but most of them were looking at me.


As if being the only female non-prisoner in the complex is not disturbing enough, the prison issued pants drew stares and whispers. I could catch the occasional grin before it disappeared into a palm covered whisper.


They’re saying something about me.


Probably saying I’m a dumb bitch or something.


Ronnie : We call this the admin corridor…. This this the only way in or out for staff and visitors alike. … it’s staffed 24 hours….Prisoners they usually arrive in armoured transport….so they come in through the main vehicle gate….


Julia : Only 1 way in and out… what if there’s a fire ?? …


Ronnie smiled.


Ronnie : That would be unfortunate….but rest assure we have the best fire fighting system installed….. military grade…. We have zero incidents since we began operation more than a decade ago… this way please…..


We left the admin corridor and into a large circular lounge.


The door closed behind me and that was when I realised the circular lounge contained 12 doors. Each looking exactly the same as the other at a glance.


Julia : Where are we ??


Ronnie : This is the visitor lounge…. This is also where we will begin our tour…


Julia : I’m… I’m not here for a tour… I’m here to see the warden….


Ronnie : The warden is presently occupied…. Not to worry… I have it all planned out…..


I wanted to speak but Ronnie cut me off before I could finish in his professionally freaky yet rational manner.


Ronnie : I understand you are eager to get to work right away Ms Julia but without a overall orientation… how can you expect to get a full picture of what we do here ?? feel free to tell me if I’m wrong…


I was speechless.


I nodded my head and was greeted with another one of his freaky grin.


Ronnie : I know if must be uncomfortable for you…. Given that this is a prison facility … not to worry… just stick close… and by the end of the day… you’ll have a very good idea of what is going on in here….


Julia : I hope… you’re not doing this just because I’m form the government…and you are not….


Ronnie : putting on a show ? hahaha ?


He read my thoughts right away.


Ronnie : Ms Julia…. We manage a prison… not a broadway musical troupe…. We don’t put on shows…


His hands gestured to 1 of the 12 doors around the lounge and as we went closer, I could see markings on the door frames.

Roman numerals etched into the timber frame itself.


We entered room 10 , or ‘ X ‘ and I was surprised to see it’s a nice office suite complete with sofa bed.


It has a desk, a computer, an attached bathroom and a 3 seater sofa that can be converted into a sofa bed.


Behind the desk is a large glass window about 3m wide and 2m high.


It’s huge.


I could not see beyond the glass because it’s tinted.


Ronnie hid a control on a wall remote and the tint dissipated revealing the large central courtyard where the prisoners come out to stretch and mingle.


The sunlight brought about a cheery tone to the office suite, warming it’s interior with both light and warmth. I walked towards the window and I could see we are about 3 stories up.


Below us, the courtyard stretched out for almost the length of a football field.


I could see columns of prisoners entering the courtyard for their morning exercise.


Ronnie : This office suite is what our regional executives use when they visit…. I’m sure you are aware that we manage 21 facility in 8 countries… Coney island is one of the smallest…


I touched the cold metal ledge on which the glass sat and looked down.


The women walked into the yard chatting and talking as if they are meeting friends for a stroll.


I saw a group having their breakfast in the yard.


Another group was laughing as they waved to some friends who just entered.


Ronnie : Our holistic program allows prisoners to have their meals in the yard and under the sun…. if they meet certain conditions of course…..


Julia : What might that be ?


Ronnie : good behaviour … that goes without saying… and they would need to clean up after they eat… that’s all….

I turned back to look at Ronnie turning on the computer before handing me a sealed envelope.


Ronnie : This will be your office for the next 3 months…. Your VIP pass will be given to you by end of the day….the envelope contains your login ID and password …. You are free to use the computer, printer and anything you might need…


Ronnie gestured to the suite and say I’m free to stay over if I like or on nights that I work late.


Julia : I’m not sure that’s a good idea…


Ronnie smiled.


Ronnie : As I said… choice is yours…


He opened a cabinet to reveal a miniature pantry and I saw something that made my eyes lit up.


A coffee machine.


It cost so much to have a cup of coffee these days that I’m usually drinking factory made caffeine infused crap.


Ronnie : Feel free to enjoy the complimentary drinks… there’s milk in the fridge… and there’s alcohol in the shelves over there…


I turned and looked away, trying to keep my face expressionless.


As a civil servant, I should not be tempted by stuff like this.


I looked around the room and paid attention to the ceiling and nooks.


Julia : I assume there’s cameras in this room…??


Ronnie smiled and shook his head.


Ronnie : As I mentioned earlier… this suite is for visiting company executives…. I assure you.. there are no cameras… feel free to check if you like…


Ronnie asked me to leave my bags and files in the office.


Ronnie : we have a bit of walking to do…. It’s good that you are not in heels…


We left the room and I could head an electronic lock snap shut.


Ronnie : This room has been registered to you… and you only… the proximity lock opens if the individual has access to the suite…. Your VIP pass will be one of the keys that unlocks this room….


Ronnie gestured to his own pass.


Ronnie : The access in my card will be transferred over to your VIP pass when it’s ready…..


Pointing to the door itself, Ronnie tapped the surface of the door.


The surface of the door itself is a display screen of sort. Not only does it display the room name, it shows the access groups that can enter.


Ronnie : All doors in the facility….has a list of individuals that can access it…here.. you have 2 keys…. One is mine….


Julia : And the other ?


Ronnie : Masterkey….. that only the warden holds….


Julia : I see..


Ronnie : After we conclude our tour, you are free to explore around… but please make sure you have your VIP pass with you….


Ronnie told me that all staff would have received the memo that I’m a visitor to the complex by now and they would be cooperative if I have any questions.


Ronnie : Just tap at the door, if you have access, you will be able to turn the knob.



Ronnie started walking and I found myself catching up to him quickly.


This place makes me feel uneasy.


Wait till Trish hears about this.


I bet it will make a more interesting story than her 3 inch master.


Ronnie opened another door that leads to an enclosed bridge with glass on the left and solid concrete on the right.


The glass side faces the courtyard and I could see more prisoners entering the yard to get a bit of the morning sun.


Ronnie : We’ll start by visiting the mess hall… and to have breakfast…. Our staff eats the same food as the prisoners… we are particularly strict about our food quality….


Reaching the end of the corridor, I saw 2 doors. Ronnie opened the one on the left and I stepped onto a metal catwalk that overlooked the dining area for staff.


I could smell the coffee immediately. It’s fragrance and aroma hitting me like a drag of a freshly rolled cigarette.


As I walked down the stairs , the eyes of the men sipping their coffee and eating their breakfast visually undressed the clothes on me.


In their mind, they are probably pinning me down and fucking their cocks into my cunt.

Yes, these are what men think about everyday.


Ronnie grabbed a tray for me and I accepted it.

Julia : Thank you…


Ronnie : We grow some of our produce…mostly we import… we do it in bulk to keep the price low… we do inter facility trades as well…. For example… the prison in Malaysia is 4 times as large… they produce well in access of 3 tons of vegetables and fruits a day….. much more than what they consume…so they send them over here….


Julia : What about here ? .. what do we produce trade ? …


Ronnie : Shit…


Julia : excuse me ??


Ronnie : literally…. Faecal material … waste… we use them as fertilisers…


Julia : You mean Malaysia prisons don’t produce shit ?? haha


Ronnie : of course not…. But I’ll be honest with you…. Singapore isn’t exactly producing anything tangible right now…. We do however have an excellent sewage system…. Capable of producing high quality and treated waste… for farm use…


Julia : that’s just great….


Ronnie : Yeah ? … haha… amazing how far we’ve come….


Julia : Just takes a generation of complacency to fuck us all yeah ?


Ronnie : The ‘f’ word is the last thing I expected to hear from a social worker…


Julia : haha…


We went down the line to get our trays filled with food. Breakfast is a simple combination of bread, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and as much vegetables as you can eat.


Ronnie : Coffee is for staff only… prisoners get water….. on special occasions, they get soft drinks, coffee and tea…. Christmas, New year and so on…


I saw a kitchen staff coming out of a door at the back with a large tub of milk.


As the door shut I asked Ronnie what I thought was a innocent question but it appears as if he interpret it different.


Julia : Does my VIP pass gives me access to all parts of the prison ? I can open every door ?


Ronnie paused at the coffee station for a couple of seconds before turning to look at me.


Ronnie : Ms Julia….Opening the wrong door…. May lead to disastrous consequences….


Julia : like ? …



Ronnie smiled his freaky smile again.


Ronnie : If the prisoners….. strip you of your VIP pass and clothes….it’s going to be hard proving you are not a prisoner here isn’t it… ?


I stared at Ronnie with my jaw slightly opened, unable to tell if that was meant as a joke or a warning.


Ronnie : Hahaha… it’s joke…


I gave an awkward smile as we sat down at a table at the corner.


Ronnie : word of advice Ms Julia…..


Julia : What’s that….


Ronnie : If your VIP pass doesn’t grant you access to some areas…. That’s because there are doors there you shouldn’t open….


I took a bite of the bread and nodded


Julia : Duly noted…


Ronnie : good…haha… well, eat up…. After this… we will visit the dining hall for the inmates, then we will head to laundry…. Sports and recreation….the cell blocks….. education blocks….before ending the tour with lunch back here…


Julia : sounds good…. I can’t wait…




I casually observed the employees having their meals in the hall. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Some ate alone, some chatted and exchanged banter.


The cooks for the employees are full time staff while the ones serving the inmates are fellow inmates.


Ronnie asked if I would like a refill of the coffee and I declined.


Ronnie : The coffee machine in the suite makes better coffee by the way… haha


Julia : haha.. I’ll be sure to try it soon…


We returned the trays and through a connecting door that the cooks used, we came into a central kitchen. The beating heart of all food preparation in the complex.


Ronnie : Cutting, slicing…. Any preparation that requires anything sharp… our staff will take care of it for obvious reasons…. The ingredients will be sent down the line to the inmates for their use after we process it….


Ronnie pointed to prepack bags of vegetables, potatoes and even diced tomatoes.


Ronnie : we cook rice here too… over here… this rice conveyor runs for 12 hours each day…. Cooking rice for both inmates and staff…


Through the central kitchen we entered a threshold room that held 3 guards.


3 rows of screen monitoring different parts of the prison filled the wall in front of them.


Ronnie said hi to the guards and we walked passed their backs, opening the next door into the kitchen operated by the inmates.


The familiar chatters of women preparing food came to an immediate stop the moment Ronnie opened the door.


As if the presence of a senior executive is not enough to spook the inmates, me being there, well, it’s filling everyone’s head with questions.


Ronnie walked through the kitchen, giving a cursory glance and explanation.


I noticed something.


Where Ronnie walked, the bodies parted like the red sea did for Moses. The women gave Ronnie a wide berth, choosing to get out of his way.

No one dared to make eye contact with him but many looked at me.


They looked at me with the curiosity of scared kitten.


Emerging from the kitchen to the dining hall, the decibel of the women having their meals went down a notch.


Ronnie stood at the front of the dining hall and what happened in the kitchen, repeated itself in the hall too.


Women would quickly finish their food and leave their seat, eager to get out of Ronnie’s way.


They are afraid of him.


Julia : do the inmates… eat in shifts ?? or everyone dines together… ?


Ronnie stopped walking.


He took 2 seconds before turning around and asked me if there was a reason I asked that question.


Ronnie : Any reason why you would ask that ??


Julia : It’s a big place….just thinking the cooks might be overwhelmed to feed so many at the same time….


I could feel my heartrate jumping as I waited for the smile to return to Ronnie’s face.


Ronnie  : well… no… no shifts… everyone eats together at meal times…. Our facility has capacity to handle the crowd…. Hahha…



We wrapped up the dining hall and Ronnie said we are almost at the end of the prison complex.


Ronnie : Right after the laundry room, we will be making a turn…. And heading back the way we came via the north wing of the prison….


I could smell the fragrance of detergent the moment the door to the laundry room is opened.


Ronnie explained as we walked that the laundry department is the largest in the complex. Not only do they wash the linens and clothes used within the prison, they receive daily shipments of linens from hotels all over the island.


Ronnie : The laundry room operates 24 hours a day, with inmates volunteering to take on one of the 3 shifts….


Julia : 24 hours ?… even at night ??


Ronnie : yes… sounds hard to believe, there’s even a waiting list for those who want to get in…. the inmates get paid a daily wage… they can choose to spend the money for extra food or toiletries, or they can save it up for release.


We emerged onto a catwalk and for the first time, I walked into a room that contained females.


Dozens of pairs of eyes drifted over to me and I felt uncomfortable immediately.


Ronnie carried on talking as we walked through the long hall. I could see 5 industrial size washing machine spinning and inmates pushing carts of linens around.


Some are folding them.

Some arranging them into neat bundles.


Some loading them up into metal racks on wheels.


All of them cast me looks that made me feel uncomfortable.


I was suddenly conscious of the fact that I’m walking around without my bra. My nipples got hard for no reason at all as it rubs against the top I was wearing.


The pants I was wearing is getting loose. I find myself having to redo the knots and tying it tighter around my waist. The feeling of self bondage hit me as I wrapped the prison issued pants around my bottom.


Ronnie : As you can see… we have guards around at all time…. squabbles and quarrels are bound to happen now and then… so it’s necessary that we contain any incident before it became too serious…. Over here…. We have our industrial size dryer….


I let Ronnie continue in the background as my eyes started to take in the picture in front of me in a bit more detail.


The women on the laundry floor all looked pretty matured.


Old if I were to be direct.


Everyone looked to be at least 40 years old.


Perhaps the younger ones have no interest in doing laundry. This information, taken on it’s own would not merit any suspicions at all but I too noticed something when we walked past the dining hall earlier.


Where are all the young women.


Girls as young as 16 get incarcerated in this same prison.


So far, I have yet to see them or anyone within my age group.


This was the reason why I asked if the inmates ate in shifts.


I brushed my thoughts aside, this is a big complex. I’ve only seen a small part of it.


Maybe they’re there, I just didn’t notice them.


We finished the tour of the laundry room and Ronnie brought me to another guardroom.


Ronnie : We call this room the equator…. Right at the end of the complex and it separates the 2 wings of the prison….. passing through this…. We will be heading into the north wing….. I hope you are not tired out…?


Julia : No… I’m fine…


I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand when I stepped into the recreation room.


It’s about the size of a badminton court and aside from a few seniors and ladies doing some stretching, there’s hardly anything going on. This picture just looks wrong.


There’s a 60 year old woman sitting on a gym bench and she looked too frail to be using the 5KG dumbbell on the ground in front of her.


The one on the threadmill had to hold onto the handles to even stand up straight.

There’s another who fell asleep on a rowing machine.


Ronnie : This place is…. under utilised….because everyone preferred the outdoor…. We have plans to activate this space… make it more vibrant… you know… draw the crown back indoors….


Julia : I see….


We went on to the cell block.


Ronnie : I’m afraid I can only show you the blocks where we house white collar criminals….the violent ones aren’t that friendly…. Over here…. As you can see….


Ronnie did not give me a chance to speak.


He just assumed I’m ok with wherever he is bringing me.


4 armed guards appeared out of nowhere, and they started following us around.


We were brought to a corridor with 5 unlocked gates. The inmates were standing outside their cells.


Ronnie : we’ve made arrangements to show you the cell conditions…. Feel free to step in…. get an idea of the space…


I looked at the row of girls in front of me.


Curiously though, the 10 girls outside that corridor are all young. Probably within my age range.


I looked down the level and across the cell block. All the gates were shut.

Only this row is opened for us.


Ronnie : Here… we have a typical 2 man cell…. A double bed… their own toilet… and a small desk…


I looked in and I saw the room. It was exactly the same as what was in the preliminary report they sent. A room of bare concrete wall and floor. Everything is in grey and there isn’t a window in the cell.


Led light strips provided the illumination in the room and personal belongings were kept in a transparent plastic case about the size of your carry on luggage.


I turned to look at the girls.


Everyone was looking at their feet.


Ronnie was observing my every move.


He could read me and anticipated what I wanted to do.


Ronnie : Please Ms Julia…. No talking to the inmates….


Julia : oh…ok… ok…


I walked down the rooms and Ronnie carried on his explanation. He asked if I could like to lie down in the cell.


Julia : ermm… no thank you….


Ronnie : hahaha…


We reached the last cell which Ronnie said belongs to 2 of their newest inmates.


Ronnie : They just arrived last night… so they are still getting use to the place…how’s your 1st night’s sleep girls ??


I looked at the 2 girls who looked like they are barely 20 years old.


Girl 1 : it was great…. A little cold….


Girl 2 : I’m quite comfortable….it’s a bit cramp…


Ronnie : hahaha… well… you’re in jail my dear… this isn’t a hotel.


Both girls smiled meekly and looked down almost immediately.


I don’t buy this bullshit.


This feels so orchestrated.




Suddenly there was a commotion and before I realised it, I was tackled to the ground.


Julia : erghhhh !!!


Shouts erupted and chaos ensued. The girls started attacking the guards in order to grab their guns and I could see 2 girls hitting Ronnie.


It happened so suddenly that I was caught completely off guard.


I covered my head and face as the chaos and stampede of feet and boots erupted all over me. The guards are trying to separate the girls from their bodies, they literally jumped onto the guards, pulling onto their hair and even biting them on the shoulder and arms.


I screamed and tried to get out of the way.


In the madness that followed, one girl came for me.


One girl.


She screamed, her hands reached for my neck as her face scrunched up like an enraged monster.


She’s young. Probably my age. I could tell she’s really pretty too.


Julia : erghhhhhhhh!!! Help !!ernghh!!


I felt her hands grip me and she’s strong. I grabbed both her wrist and was about to pull her hands off me when I realised something is off.


Her fingers closed around my neck but there was no pressure.


No pressure was applied.


It was just a gentle grip.

She was not attempting to hurt me.


She’s screaming as she straddled my body but she’s not causing me any pain.


Before the guards could lift her off me, she pretends to try and bite me but what she wanted to do was to kiss me. I didn’t know how to react but the moment her soft lips touched mine, something was slipped into my mouth.


It was quick. Barely a second of contact.


I wanted to spit it out immediately but something inside my made me stop.

The woman inside me made me pause and think. She’s not hurting me with her grip.


There’s no way she’s going to try and poison me with this stunt.

I could feel the metallic capsule like item in my mouth and my mind immediately connected that shape to a disc drive.


A miniature disc drive you use to transfer date.


It’s about the size of an adult tooth and shaped like a capsule.


I stared at that girl and I could see the desperation in her eyes.


The girl barely pulled herself back up before scrunching up her face and trying to make it appear that she wanted to bite me before she was yanked off me like a rag doll.


A column of guards descended on the rioting girls and had everyone on the floor within seconds.


I was shaking and clutching onto my top as Ronnie pulled me off the ground.


Ronnie : I’m so sorry for this Ms Julia….. as you can see…. Unpredictable things happen all the time in prison…. Rest assured…. Everyone here… will be duly disciplined….


I could not speak.


I was too shocked to even reply. I tucked the drive in my mouth and I just nodded.


Ronnie looked upset and pissed.


Ronnie : Send them all…. To the discipline panel…. They need to be reintegrated into the system…


A couple of girls broke down immediately after hearing Ronnie speak.


Ronnie : I think it would be wise to cut short our tour for today…. Let me escort you back to the office suite for now….


I nodded and I found myself clutching onto my top as we made our way back to the front of the complex.


Ronnie brought me back to the office suite and told me to please stay there for a while.


Ronnie : I need to make sure things are ok…. I’m afraid you need to remain here for a while…. For your own safety of course….


I nodded


Julia : sure… sure….


I watched the door close and the snap of the magnetic bolt click into place.


I walked to the bathroom and splashed water all over my face.


I looked at my own reflection in the mirror while my tongue touched the drive inside my mouth.


I spit it out onto my palm and I was right.


It’s a old disc drive. Just the storage section. I would need a reader to power it up. I have one at home.


I clutched it in my palm and tried to make sense of what just happened.


This place is a prison.


This is one of the most secured facility on the island.


So far, everything I’ve seen tells me this is a prison.


I made myself a cup of expresso and calmed down my racing heart as I thought about what just happened.


The girls threw punches and created a riot.

They are going to be punished.


For what ?


All that just to get a disc drive to me.


I looked at the lavish suite I was in and compared it to the stark grey walls that are staring back at me.


Coney Island women’s prison.


A woman’s intuition is seldom wrong.


Something is definitely going on in this prison.




My mouth is not a good place to keep that drive.

It might fall out if I talk.


I might swallow it over lunch.


I thought about putting it inside my bra only to realise I’m not wearing any.


It must contain something important, besides, what if they make me take it off again when I leave ?



I paced about the room and checked very nook and corner.


I’m darn sure there’s a hidden camera in the room. There has to be.

A camera used to be pretty obvious in the old days.


The large domes covering 360 degrees is impossible to miss like those in the guard rooms and hallways but those that can be hidden can be as small as a hair fibre.


The only way to find the camera is to find the power source.

There’s only so far you can shrink a battery.


I gave the room a good sweep, checking for spy cameras in the typical locations that they usually are.


You might be surprised but this is part of the training we go through as social workers.


You enter a client’s house for a home visit, you can never be too sure what they are thinking.


There have been instances where the social worker gets raped behind locked doors only to find her ordeal being streamed live over the internet.


After a few of those awful incidents, the government made it a point to appoint an advance team to sweep the client’s place for cameras or illegal substances they might be abusing before staff like me pay them a visit.


I can’t find anything suspicious in the room.

I paced about the office suite and I tried the door.


It’s locked.


Great, being locked in a prison, albeit in a better looking room.

I stuffed the drive in my socks near the heels for now since it’s the only place I can think off.


Pacing around, there is nothing for me to do.


I went to the computer and switched it on.

Logging in with the given IDs, I fired up the browsers to see what are the top news for the day.


China just commissioned it’s 7th aircraft carrier. One of the largest in it’s fleet.

North Korea, having opened up their economy to investors 30 years ago, saw rapid double digit growth year after year. They are preparing for the big unification party with South Korea.


The world is in chaos and the big players know that well. If you cannot stay strong and united against foreign threats, you are as good as done for.


Korea adopted a unified currency similar to Europe while keeping it’s border at the 38th parallel. The once heavily defended and mined border has been cleaned up.


What stretches across the peninsula now is a connect green corridor and a recognised UNESCO site.

The new leaders of both Korea knew what they were doing and what they want for their country.


Having been fucked around by external forces for almost a century, the Koreans finally snapped.

They decided enough is enough.

It started with the North offering the South their Nukes. The south accepted and both parties continued to develop the weapons despite heavy resistances from the bigger countries.


Sanctions didn’t work.


Threat of war didn’t work.


That triggered an arms race in the region.


Today, almost every country owns nuclear weapons.

We’re closer to mutually assured destruction than ever.


Marina bay sands is throwing a thank you party to all its residences.

It used to be a hotel.


An integrated resort.


Now it’s just a residential building for the rich.


The hotel industry is dying. The only thriving ones are those that adopted the vice trade.


Tourist numbers hover around a million a year.


The government just made another announcement that baby bonus for residents starting a family has been increased to 35 thousand for the first child.


Well, it used to be 8 thousand many year ago.


Who the fuck in their right mind would want to start a family when you are struggling to survive.


I scrolled down the news and saw that our university has topped the region once again.


Top in southeast asia.


Right below that news tab, is one that valued the bodies of female graduates from our university.


Local graduates who are willing to spread their legs in the vice trade can expect a 8% increase in starting pay with the top cohort commanding a 15% increase if you hold a FCH.


Well, a job at the local bank nets you $1.7k a month for a fresh graduate.


Working as a whore gets you 7k starting pay.


Do your math. My best friend Trish makes 8.7k as a domestic worker in Malaysia excluding bonuses while I make 2.8k as a social worker after 4 years.


The amount of additional stuff she gets alone is worth more than my annual salary.


Bags, clothes, jewelleries, fancy heels. Stuff that I can only dream of owning on my government salary.


This is one of the reason many of the brightest students in our university considered the sex trade. Work your ass off for a salary barely enough to sustain yourself, or live a life of luxury by embracing the greatest asset mother nature has given us.


Medical science has improved to the point of wiping out all sexual diseases.



Half a century ago, hardly anyone fucks a sex worker raw for fear of diseases.

Now there are none.


All sex are done raw, the way nature intended it to be. There’s nothing to be worried about.


A $2 pill ensures there’s no unwanted pregnancy. It’s so easily available that you can grab it from a vending machine.


It’s actually not that bad being a sex worker as long as you get pass your own mental barrier. Top sex workers makes more than bankers these days.


The only thing women are worried about these days is getting pregnant. Who would want to bring their child into such a fucked up world. ?

There had been cases of sick people imprisoning women after fertilizing their eggs in their homes. Some are kept locked in cages, some are tied to the bed.

Every ticking second the sperm swims closer to the waiting egg until it is too late.


You can’t terminate the pregnancy once a heartbeat has been detected.


Even the black market stopped terminating pregnancy half a decade ago. A women is worth more pregnant. Walking into a black market clinic meant there’s a chance you would never been seen again.


A cocktail of drugs, you fall asleep and wake up to find yourself in an unfamiliar place being taken and violated by men of different nationalities, all with a fetish for pregnant women.


You end up literally washing your cunt with semen everyday.



Condom factories closed down all over the world. The only place you see condoms now are history museums.


Durex, once a leading condom maker now makes surgical gloves.

With a pill costing less than a condom, it’s obvious what the population will choose.


Still, fake pills flooded the market. Some are just vitamins.


I continued scrolling down the news tab. There’s got to be at least a bit of good news.


HDB just launched the latest build to order flats in the middle of Orchard road. A prime stretch of real estate in the country but there’s a catch.


Those flats are 450m below ground, you need to be married with the intention of starting a family within 2 years. If not, they will repossess the flat.


Great, now I just need to find someone I love, marry him, let him fertilise my eggs and I would be able to get a subsidised property in the middle of town


I was about to open up the next tab for entertainment news when I heard the knocking at the door


I shut the browser and stood up.


The knocking continued but the door remained shut.


Julia : Yes ? who is it ??


Guard : Hi Ms Julia, I’m one of the guards at the front gate earlier…..


Julia : Oh… what is it ?


Guard : Just want to let you know security cleared the clothes you deposited at the gate earlier…. I’m leaving them in the box by the door… you may change back into them later for the rest of the day….


Julia : Oh… ok.. thank you so much….


Guard : You’re welcome….


I paused by the door and listened.




He must be gone by then.


I tried the door handle but it would not budge.


Guess I would need to wait for Ronnie to be back.


I was about to head back to the computer to continue browsing the news when I caught sight of something peculiar.


Remember when I said the view from the office suite offered me a unblocked view of the courtyard ?


Not only do I have a view of the courtyard, I am looking at one wing of the cell block as well.


The cells I went to earlier are without windows.


I’m staring at a long row of cells with windows.


Each of these windows are about 1m wide and 2m tall.

I noticed that none of these have grilles in front of them.


Well, it’s probably bullet proof glass, not that the women have anyway of hitting their way out. Even if they did, it’s a 3m drop down to the courtyard below for the lowest level.


There is nothing out of the ordinary for the windows.


The thing that drew my attention were the curtains.

There are curtains behind those windows and each of them are different.


If it’s a standard issue luxury item for well behaved prisoners, shouldn’t they all be the same ?


I looked at the skies that are starting to get overcast.


I could see a streak of lightning cutting across the skies above the prison complex.


It’s going to rain soon.


I could not resist making myself another cup of the aromatic coffee as I watched the 1st raindrop fall.


The skies darkened considerably with the rain clouds blocking off the noon sun.


As the rain got heavier, I continued looking at the colourful curtains across my office suite.


It’s been a while since I can say I’m enjoying a particular moment during work.


A hot cup of coffee, the pouring rain outside while I’m nice and dry indoors.

I was about to bring the cup to my lips when I froze.


I saw the lights come on in a particular cell.


I could see the warm orange glow of mood lighting spilling out from behind the curtain.


I went closer for a better look.


The rain is obscuring my line of sight but I could see clearing the curtains being drawn apart.


I blinked several times.


I don’t know if my eyes are playing tricks on me but I could see the figure of a girl.

She’s totally naked.


Her palms are plastered on the glass window and her mouth was open. She’s panting and her body was moving in a rhythmic manner.


She’s having sex.


I stared harder but the rain got heavier.


Even through the heavy downpour, I could clearing see her figure bobbing up and down. Putting the coffee down, I literally plastered myself against the glass panel, moving about to get a better view.


It’s the only cell with the lights on and there’s no way you can miss that. The lights in that cell went out suddenly and I could no longer see anything after.


2 seconds later, I saw my office window turn opaque. The view has been cut off. It’s as if someone suddenly realised that there might be prying eyes around.


I backed away from the window and I could hear some commotion outside the door. I could hear Ronnie talking pretty loudly. He sounded agitated and upset. I reached for the disc drive instinctively thinking of where I should put it.


The last thing I want was for Ronnie to come back in to say he found out from the girls they passed something over to me.

Looking left and right, I dropped the drive into the cup of black coffee.


I ran quickly over to the couch and sat down while pretending to flip though some travel magazines.


The door opened and I saw Ronnie at the door with a guard behind him.


He looked into the suite before settling his eyes on me.


Ronnie : all ok ?


I looked up and nodded.


Julia : everything under control ?


Ronnie nodded with a smile.


He walked into the office and looked around casually.


Ronnie gestured to the guard to bring in the box containing my bra and pants.


Ronnie : I apologies for the incident earlier…. Hope it did not startle you….


Julia : It’s ok…… I’m a social worker…. I’ve seen my fair share of stuff like this….


I continued flipping my magazine, trying to ignore the obvious prodding by Ronnie.


He activated the window again, removing the opaque tint.


Ronnie : This office has one of the nicest view in the complex…. Don’t you think ??


Julia : Oh ??


I answered without looking up.

Putting down the magazine, I uncrossed my legs and looked at Ronnie :


Julia : It’s a prison at the end of the day…. I don’t think you can call it a nice view… haha


Ronnie : hahaha… true… true…


Julia : where to next ?? is it time for lunch ??


I felt my heartrate spike and I was trying hard not to shake where I stood when I saw Ronnie holding onto my coffee I left at the window ledge.


I could still see smoke coming out of the cup.


Ronnie brought the cup of coffee over to me with a smile on his face.


That same freaky smile.


He knows I was there by the window moments earlier.


Fuck. This is like playing poker and having your opponent seeing through your bluff right away yet he refused to call it.


I clenched my teeth tight and kept my poker face expressionless.


Ronnie : Would you like to get changed before we go for lunch ??


He set the drink down in front of me and waited for my reply.


Julia : yes… I would…


Ronnie handed the remote for the window over to me.


Ronnie : People from opposite blocks can look into this office…. Make sure no one sees you change ok ? hahha….


I nodded and thanked Ronnie with a smile as he left the office suite.


I’m scared.

Intimated in fact.


He wants to scare me into submission, and he knows I’m freaked.


Which girl wouldn’t be ?


It’s a stressful environment.



I picked up the coffee and drank it, taking the devil’s brew together with the disc drive into my mouth.


Ronnie knows I saw something, he knows I’m scared and trying to put on a brave front.


He’s right on both count but there is one thing he doesn’t know about me.


That is how fucking stubborn I can be.




I spit the disc drive out onto my palm and put it on the table.


I turned on the privacy setting for the window and I pulled off my top.

Buckling up my bra, I slid my arms through the straps and adjusted my breast in front of the mirror.


I tucked my breast into the cups of the bra and sucked in a deep breath.


I started to unbuckle the bondage like straps holding the pants up against my waist.


Letting the loose cotton pants fall to the floor, I stepped out of the pants and picked up my own.


My mind replayed the encounter with Ronnie moments earlier.


Something happened at the block across from where I’m stationed at, something I’m not supposed to see.


I can’t be the only one that saw what happened.

It’s in full view of my entire wing.


Ronnie came in soon after to ascertain whether I have seen something I am not supposed to.


This leads me to 2 simple conclusions.


First of which was a question I asked earlier.

Are there cameras in the office suite ?


There are none.


If there are, Ronnie could simply check to see what I was doing. He was telling the truth there about the cameras.


Next, what I saw was supposed to happen in that cell but I was not supposed to see it.

Why led me to think that way ?


It’s just logic.

Instead of rushing over to the cell to see what is happening or if anyone needed help, Ronnie was more concerned about me witnessing something that I should not have.


Ronnie came back after attending to the girls that caused the ruckus, there was no indication of him knowing that something has been passed over to me.


I was about to pull on my pants when I looked at myself clad only in my panty in the mirror.


I went over to my bag and pulled out a panty liner.


I applied it over my panty and put the disc drive in between the sticky surface and the panty. Then I pulled it up and tucked the soft liner in between my privates.


I zipped up my pants and checked my bearings in the mirror.

They’ve already checked my pants when I come in.


It’s unlikely they would check it again and even if they did, I’m pretty sure they would leave me alone when they see the panty liner I have on.


What a fucking first day.


I can’t wait to tell Trish about what I saw when I leave in the evening. This definitely makes for a pretty interesting day at work.


I opened the door and I could see Ronnie talking in a hush whisper to the guard that came with him.


Ronnie : Hi there… you may hand him the pants…. Let’s head off to lunch shall we… ?


Julia : Sure…


Ronnie told me for lunch, we will dine with the inmates at their dining hall.


Ronnie : You can try out the food they are being served and if you wish, you may talk to some of the inmates…. Find out how they feel about the food…


Julia : Oh ?? I can… ?


Ronnie : of course… but don’t worry…. We made sure those near us are the non-violent types… hahaha…. Don’t have to worry about someone throwing food in your face… hahha…


What a load of bullshit.


He practically told me they staged up the whole thing.

I have no choice but to play along until I get a better idea of what is happening in this place.


Lunch was a serving of rice, free flow of prison grown salad, a potato stew with small chunks of meat and a slice of watermelon. The only dressing choice was olive oil and vinegar.


It’s definitely nicer that the shit I get from vending machines near my place.


Ronnie : Not bad eh..


Julia : I love the stew man.. !… it’s amazing…


Ronnie : hahha… nice eh… next Friday is our monthly special… last Friday of every month…


Julia :  oh…?


Ronnie : Western food… chicken shop, cooked vegetables… and free flow of fried potatoes….the girls go crazy over it haha…


Julia : sounds delicious…!


Ronnie : it’s once a month…. The warden felt it was necessary to keep morale up… makes for easier management…


Julia : I see…


As I scooped a mouth of rice with stew into my mouth, I turned to see a couple of inmates in their fifties smiling at me.


My god, they looked prime and ready to start a conversation.


Julia : Hi there…. I’m Julia.


Mabel : Hi Julia… I’m Mabel….


Julia : How long have you been here… ?


Mabel : I’m here for the 3rd time…. And I’m leaving in 3 months…


Julia : I see… how do you find the prison ?? … any comments about how the place is run ?


It took everything I had not to roll my eyes as Mabel gave the prison a sparkling review much to Ronnie’s delight.


Mabel : I’ve been jailed many times in a few countries….. I must say, this one at coney island….is the best… the environment, the cell, the food… it’s really one notch above the rest in terms of comfort…. The food is great… I’m sure you can tell…. There’s also work for us here at the laundry area…

I turned to look at Ronnie who was smiling away as he nodded.


Julia : wow…ok…. What about the negative side… I’m sure there are some things you wish to see improvement on…. ?


I was expecting that question to trip her up a bit but I was wrong.


They had it planned.


Mabel : well there are of course… and I’m not sure if I should say it… hahaha…. Ronnie is here opposite you as you can see… haha


Julia: Hahaha….


Ronnie : Hahaha.. go ahead…


Julia : please do… I’m sure all constructive feedback will be well taken…


Ronnie : go ahead Mabel…. We always strive to be better….


Mabel took a deep breath as she had just been que to recite her lines.


Mabel  :The beddings…. Could be softer…it’s a bit harsh on the back….and.. we need more yard time…. For stretching…. Everyone needs to exercise you know…. the library is too small….i’ve finished most of the books….and…there’s not enough meat dishes on the menu…. !! we only get chicken most of the time you know…. the cells also get uncomfortably hot ….


I turned to look at Ronnie who in his nonchalant and professional manner, replied the prepared answer.


Ronnie : Mabel…. You’re serving time…. In a correctional facility… I’m afraid you need to temper your expectations when it comes to the luxury aspects… but for the library…I’m sure we can do something about the collection of books….


Mabel : That would be great…. !


I gave Mabel a smile and I had to force myself not to roll my eyes as I finished up my lunch.



Ronnie walked me back to the office where I was told there were forms for me to fill in.


Ronnie : standard procedure…. And we would have your VIP pass ready by the end of the day….


Julia : Ok sure…


Ronnie did not close the room door this time round.


Ronnie : I’m going to keep this open…. Don’t want you to feel you’re in a prison …. Hahahhaha


He gave me a wink and I laughed.


Julia : hahaha… nice one… that’s a nice one….


I watched him turn and walk away as I sat down and crossed my legs and looked at the forms I need to fill in online for the VIP pass.


It took me 30 minutes to finish them and I was prompted to take a picture using the camera on the screen.


I smile while looking at the screen and waited for the green tick to come on, telling me that the photo has been accepted.



10 minutes after submitting the documents, I saw a notification on the desktop to inform me that my VIP pass is being processed.


I looked at the time.


It’s coming to 3pm in the afternoon.


Looking through the documents I brought along with me, I took those that I needed to go through with the warden and placed them on the table.


I made myself another coffee and I looked out the window again.


The sky had cleared up after the rain and I could see the curtains all drawn at the wing across from mine.


No sign of any activity.


I looked at the open door.


It’s an open door.


I walked slowly towards it and paused at the entrance.


The circular lounge is empty.


There are several cameras in the ceiling which I’m sure covers my every move if I stepped out of the office.


Well, Ronnie never did say anything about not stepping out.


I placed 1 foot out of the office and the other followed.


Then I waited.




I turned right and looked at the 1st door to the right of the office.


I tried the handle, it’s lock of course.


I tried the door on the left of my office.


I could feel the resistance in the handle telling me it’s lock and I could hear 2 doors opening behind me.


Turning around, I saw guards entering the circular lounge.


Guard : Ms Julia…. Please remain in your room…. It’s for your own safety…


Julia : ok… fine…. Fine….


Stepping back into the office, I went back to the desk and sat down.


This time round, the guards remained outside in the lounge. Not directly outside my door but visible enough to tell me they are there.


It was another 30 minute wait before Ronnie appeared with my VIP staff pass.


Ronnie : Sorry to keep you waiting Ms Julia… but here you go…. Your all access pass…


I took over the pass with my photo ID and put it around my neck.


Julia : So this means I can access anywhere I want to ?


Ronnie : except the cells… haha… I don’ want you opening cells of violent inamtes….


Julia : ok… great…


Ronnie : It’s been a long day Ms Julia… what say we continue this the next day… ?


Julia : Huh ?


Ronnie : We have mattes to attend to…. And the last thing I want would be for you to get lost in this labyrinth.


Julia : It’s ok… I have this right ? hahah


I showed Ronnie the VIP pass.


Julia : I should be fine doing a bit of exploring on my own…. No ? unless there are things you don’t want me to see ?


Ronnie : absolutely none to be concerned about…


Julia : I’m supposed to meet the warden by the way…. Bunch of stuff for him to sign off on..…. I would hate to take up too much of your time too….


Ronnie kept up the smile on his face and he checked his watch. It was coming to 4.30pm


Ronnie : If you wish to explore Ms Julia…. Please be reminded that at 6pm… that Pass gets deactivated… so… please make sure you are either back at this administrative zone… or out at the security gate by 6pm….


Julia : alright… gotcha….


Ronnie  : I know you are going to refuse but protocol dictates that I at least ask…. Would you need an escort… ?


Julia : no I’ll be fine….


Ronnie nodded with his freaky smile and waved the guards away.


Ronnie : Enjoy your stay with us…. Ms Julia…


Julia : I don’t know what to say to that… hahaa


Ronnie : hahaha….


The group of men left the lounge, leaving me along in the middle.


Time to see if the VIP pass is worth shit.


The pass should unlock most doors.


I walked to the door on the right of the office suite and I opened it.


Julia : what the…. Fuck….


This prison sure hides it’s fair share of surprises.


I let the door close behind me with a thud as I stepped into a different world altogether.


Timber flooring with oak panels lined the walls as shelves and display cabinets of different sizes rose up 4m, right up to the edge of the ceiling.


The temperature felt lower too, the musty smell and the soft background music all added to the same mood you get when stepping into a history museum.


I looked at the gold plague on the left of the wall beside a bone shive with it’s ends sharpened to kill.


I guess the prison museum would be a good place to start exploring this labyrinth.


I took 2 steps forward and as I looked at the exhibits on display, I began to question whether I made the right choice asking to be posted in here.




The entire walls are clad with display of makeshift weapons and tools made from everyday material.


Every piece has their own story. Some are encased in glass box and I could still see the dried blood stains on them.


There is graphic reproduction of violence between inmates in the early days of commercially run prisons. Violence and injury are a common occurrence while conditions are bad.

All these teething problems took a few years to settle down. The company credit the stability to their visionary CEO. Mr J.


He introduced a system of management, accountability and a self enclosed ecosystem within the walls that houses thousands of inmates.  His vison made everything work.


Even at the age of 85, he still sits on the board of directors, contributing to the day to day operations of the prisons under management.


Pictures of Coney island before it was transformed into a correctional facility were displayed.


Moving past the wall of weapons, I stopped in front of an entire panel of toys.


Sex toys.


Curator : women have needs too…


Julia : ARHHH!!


I jumped as I turned to see a man in his fifties looking at me from a corner of the room. I never noticed him before.


He walked with a limp.


Julia : sorry… i… I didn’t know there’s someone in here…. Hi… hi I’m Julia….


Curator : Hi Ms Julia…. I am the curator of this museum… you may call me Qura…


Julia : Hi Qura…ermm…


Qura : Feel free to look….and if you like….


Qura picked up a thumb shaped dildo and presented it to me.


Qura : feel free to try….


Julia : What ? !! no… no… no thank you….


Qura : hahahah….


Julia : why… why are there… so much of these…. These… toys…


Qura : These get smuggled in…. sometimes by staff… sometimes by delivery guys.. there’s a thriving black market going on in all prisons…. Ours is no exception…. We can’t stop it… but we try our best to control it….


Julia : are you serious ?


He did not reply and he used a cloth to start wiping down a glass cabinet containing shackles and handcuffs.


I turned to look at the variety of toys on the wall. It came in all shapes and sizes. I can recognise a dildo, but the sex toys industry has come a long way. Some of the stimulating toys don’t even look like a sex toy.


Batteries have shrunk by an average of 3% in size every year while it’s power grew.


Now a battery the size of a grain of rice can power a lightbulb for 30 days.


I saw a toy that looked exactly like a small expresso cup but it’s in black and made of silicon.


There was no indication of what it does.


Julia : What does this do ?


Qura : hold it in front of you…


I did as I was told , peering into the empty interior trying to figure out what it is.


Julia : Like this ?


Qura : lower….


Julia : Huh ??


Qura : Line it up with your chest level….


I held the cup with the opening facing me with my arm extended.


Julia : and ?


Qura : wait….


I felt the cup shoot off my fingers like a drone gone wild as it came straight to my breast.


Julia : ahh! ghhuu!!!


It attached itself like a leech to my top, positioning itself where my nipples are beneath my bra.


Julia : stop !!.. get it off !!! Qura!!


The suction is strong. The bra I was wearing is a size too small. With the cup pulling oxygen away from outside my top, I could feel the motion stimulating my right nipple.


Julia : Qura !!! ergnnnh!!!


The sensation was out of this world. I was reminded of the time when Ifirst made out with my boyfriend and he started sucking on my tits. The way his tongue fiddled with my nipples.


The arousing flick of his tongue made me wet in no time.


Qura : stretch your hands out…. In the same manner….


Julia : ernghhhh!!! Ouch… it’s painful… !!


Qura : Hold your breath for 3 seconds….


Julia : ernghhh!!!


I could feel my nipples being sucked so hard that it’s protruding into the cup together with my bra and top.


I gritted my teeth and held my breath as told. I heard a soft hiss and everything stopped. The cup shot itself back into my hand as I squatted down and massaged my right breast.


Julia : What the fuck is this… ?


Qura : Breastpresso …


Julia : what !!


Qura : Breastpresso cups…. That’s that the manufacturers call it….


Julia : fuck… it hurts…


Qura : Because you have your clothes on and your nipples are not lubricated…. If you are naked… and with the right amount of lubrication… it will feel like heaven….


I handed the piece of toy back to Qura and stood up.


Julia : No thank you….


There are still panels of exhibits in the room but I wanted to get out of the place.

Qura : maybe you should leave the toys alone and check out the disciplinary tools we use…


Julia : Excuse me ?


Qura : Disciplinary tools….


Julia : are you trying to tell me you inflict physical punishment on the inmates… do you know who I am… ?


Qura : Yes I do… for inmates who are violent… and a threat to staff and other inmates…. We need to go the extra mile to make sure they behave…. This is provided under the imprisonment act under legislation….


Julia : You’re shitting me…


Qura : No I’m not… but I assure you… the punishments are inflicted… with rehabilitation in mind…


Julia : No shit…


Qura : No shit… really…


I decided I have seen enough and I thanked Qura for his hospitality.


Julia : I’m getting out of here….


Qura : come back anytime Ms Julia…. I’ll love to walk you through the evolution of pleasure toys over the years…. And some of which has been repurposed into tools of discipline…..


I stared at Qura with my mouth slightly open.


I could not decided if he was being serios or just fucking with me.


Qura : There’s only a thin line separating pleasure and pain when these tools are in the right hand….


I shut my eyes and put up a palm facing Qura.


Julia : Ok… noted…. Thank you…. I’m out of here….


Qura : Enjoy your stay Ms Julia…..




I shut the door behind me and I touched my right nipple.


Fuck. I have to ask Trish about this. Something this sick, her employer probably have a couple of them at home. Her farmer owner always has some sick ideas in his head.


I went to the room on my left of my office suite and I turned the handle.


Surely there’s got to be some kind of surprise for me to discover.


I was surprised to see it was a infirmary.


Inside sat a guy in white coat and he was putting on examination gloves.



Julia : hi there… I hope I’m not intruding….


Doctor Poh : Hi Ms Julia…. Not at all…. Come.. join me… I’m Doctor Poh….the wing doctor over here…. My colleague Doctor Chew….. is located on the other wing….


I shut the door behind me and I barely took 2 steps when I saw the feet of a patient staring at me.


As I walked in further, I could see the smooth pair of legs disappearing under a hospital gown.


The woman lying on the table is knocked out.

She is an inmate in the prison and she’s really young and beautiful.


Julia : What is going on here…. ?


I stood a few feet away and I watched Doctor Poh lift up the gown covering the patient’s modesty. The gown lifted and I saw a tender and soft vagina with thin strands of stray hair.


It looked like mine on days when I forgot to shave.


Doctor Poh : Inmate #2445…. Suspected of hiding contraband items in her private region…. We did a scan… could not see anything but the tip off we received came form a reliable source…. So we have to check….


Julia : what ? … don’t you need a female nurse to be present or something ?


Doctor Poh raised an eyebrow as if I said something stupid.


With skipping a beat, I watched him apply lubrication on his gloved hands before starting to massage the private region of the inmate, coating her cunt with a generous amount of lubricant.


His fingers rubbed the lubricant all over the privates of the inmate vagina, slowly working his way into her vagina lips. With each massaging motion, his fingers lube up her privates and I could see his fingers disappearing into her vagina.


I folded my arms and looked away at the disturbing scene.


Doctor Poh reached for a speculum and dilated the entrance of the inmate’s vagina. Using a torchlight, he looked in and smiled.


Doctor Poh : there… look for yourself….


I could not resist my curiosity and I went to take a look.


True enough, there’s something lodge inside her vagina.


Julia : what is that…..


Doctor Poh extracted the item from the woman’s vagina and it turned out to be a 3inch dildo shaped toy that can be opened at the back via a screw cap. It’s made entirely out of medical grade silicon and powered by rechargeable batteries that fill up on human body heat.


Doctor Poh : It’s dual purpose…. Provides pleasure…. And as a storage device…


He opened the dildo and pulled out some straws of drugs.


Doctor Poh : gotcha… these will cause a bit of a trouble if we don’t remove them from the girls…..


I watched him screw back the dildo and suddenly a question popped into my head. One closely related to the situation I am in.


Julia : Doctor Poh… you mentioned the scanners….. are unable to pick this up… why ?


Doctor Poh : There’s a special organic coating engineered on the outside of the silicon….. disguises it as part of the body….. scanners won’t be able to tell….. silly thing to be honest…. Our scanners are state of the art…. Anything that don’t belong will be picked up immediately…..


I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I thought about the disc drive under my panty liner


Julia : As in like… everything… ? no restrictions ??


Doctor Poh : anything that don’t belongs to your body…. The scanners can pick it up…. Even a tampon…. A straw of drugs, a pill….. even a grain of battery….


Holding up that dildo shape toy, Doctor Poh explained that there are still ways to beat the scanners though.


Doctor Poh : Having this inside you is still considered one of the best and safest…


Julia : Can you explain how it works ?


Doctor Poh : sure…


I watched him place the dildo inside a sanitiser and set the timer for 30 seconds as he removed his gloves.


Blue light came on and a flood of sanitising liquid flooded the tank, removing up to 99% of bacteria and germs while the UV light took care of the rest.


All surgical tools are sterilised this way as well.


Doctor Poh : The dildo shape can adjust and shift according to the woman’s vagina shape to ensure the best fit….. once in, it triggers the pleasure nodes within the privates by means of electrical pulses and vibrations…. It takes the inmate to a very special zone….right to the edge or her orgasm and keeping her there….


Julia : keeping her there like…. Forever ??


Doctor Poh : hahaha of course not…. Hahaha….the dildo is powered by body heat….as the privates gets aroused and excited…. It charges up the dildo… depending on how aroused the woman is…. The more she is, the faster and more intense the orgasm will be when it arrives….


Julia : wow…. How does the inmate function with that inside her…. ???


Doctor Poh : haha.. well… look around… it’s hard to get aroused within these walls so the charge up is pretty slow… … more of like a short vibe to remind the girls that it’s in there doing the work and whenever they are ready…. It is ready to please….. not much entertainment within these walls you know… haha…


Julia : right….


He raised an eyebrow and gave me a questioning look.


Doctor Poh : Haven you tried it before ? … there are so many variations out in the market….


Julia: err….. no….


He shrugged his shoulders with a smile and turned away.


Picking up the sterilised toy with a tong, the put it in a evidence bag, tagging it for disposal before chugging it onto a large cart fill with at least a dozen dildo storage.


Julia : oh my god…. There’s so many of them…


Doctor Poh : Believe it or not… I spend 90% of the time removing these…. This cart is from last week alone… we throw out 2 carts at least every month…


He unlocked the wheels the inmate was lying on and covered her privates with the gown.



Doctor Poh : alright… if you’ll excuse me….i’m going return her to her cell…. Make yourself at home…. There’s a pantry at the back…. The brief history of the prison’s medical team in detailed on the wall in that room…. And some exhibits of the early infirmary…. I’ll be back in 10 mins…


Julia : Oh ok….


I waited for Doctor Poh to leave the room with the inmate and I subconsciously touched my privates where I have my panty liner covering the disc drive.


Julia : Fuck Julia… tell me you are not thinking about it….


I turned and was about to walk out when I thought about how far the girls went to get that drive to me.


Julia : fuck it…


I walked back to the cart and picked one out from the large selection.


Julia : The drive better be worth it…





I checked to make sure the room is clear and there’s no one else hiding in some corner like the museum before.

I removed the dildo from the bag and put it into the sanitiser.


Tapping my feet impatiently, I prayed Dr Poh don’t suddenly pop back in.


As the timer counted down to zero, I picked up the cleaned dildo and put it into a new bag and threw the old one away.


I rolled the toy and tucked it under my loose top before leaving the infirmary.


There’s no one at the lounge and I walked casually back to my office suite.


Shutting the door, I walked straight to the bathroom.


I can’t believe I’m doing this.


I removed my pants and lowered my panty.


Pulling up the panty liner, I retrieved the disc drive from the sticky part.


I exhaled and cursed when I realised I don’t have any lubricant with me.


I’m in for a world of pain if I try to fuck my dry pussy with a dildo. It’s been a pretty dry spell for me this couple of years.


Not that no one wants to fuck me, it’s more of I don’t want to fuck them.


I eased myself backwards on the toilet seat and uncapped the base of the dildo. I dropped the drive in and screwed it shut.

The silicon skin fused together as one and you could hardly tell there’s more to this self-pleasuring device.


The mushroom head is about an inch thick before it tapers to ¾ of an inch. It’s one of the smallest in the cart.


I’m not a virgin but I’m not a slut who gets her vagina stretched regularly either. When I masturbate myself, I usually get off by rubbing my clit till I climax.


I exhaled and spread my legs in the bathroom.


Swallowing a gulp of saliva, I tried to calm myself down and imagine myself in another place.


Any other place except a toilet in the prison.


The tip of the dildo felt cold to the touch and I rubbed it up and down my vagina lips.


I could feel my heartrate increasing as the sensation brought a wave of arousal into me.


Julia : erngh…..ah.ergh….


My body heat and the contact with my rapidly lubricating vagina is activating the dildo.

I could feel the dormant battery charging up as I registered a slight vibration from the tip of the dildo.


Julia : ernghhhh….


I exhaled and adjusted my body while spreading my legs further. I could feel the tip rubbing and vibrating against the tight entrance of my vagina. The resistance my vagina is putting up is slowly waning away.


I started to breath with my mouth.


I fought back a moan when I felt the dildo start to use it’s inherent organic properties to adapt it’s outer silicon shell.


The tip penetrated my vagina and I went into a half second spasm, my right hand made the mistake of letting go of the end of the dildo and my fingers curled up against the tiled walls.


Julia : ernghh… fuck… ernghh!


I could feet the dildo expand it’s tip, spreading my vagina walls wider to accommodate the rest of it’s body. Like a wriggling worm eager to find a warm cocoon, it vibrated strongly, tapping into my vagina warmth for energy.


My eyes widened as I fought back a curse when I felt the dildo penetrate me fully, lodging itself into my vagina and reducing it’s overall size slightly to ensure I could walk but I could feel it inside me.


I could feel it nested precariously against my sensitive G-spot.


I took a feel deep breathe and stood up, trying to adjust to the feeling of that device inside my vagina.


Julia : gaps …e gnhhh.. fuck !!


I felt the jibing vibe against my sensitive spot and I could feel myself lubricating up a little more.


The device must have read it as a positive signal as I barely pulled up my panty when I was hit again by that same jibe.


Julia : rnghhhh!! Fuck !… oh god…. Gasp.. gasp… engh…


I pulled up my panty followed by my pants quickly.


I need to manage this or I ‘m really going to end up in a prison.


Standing upright, I flushed the toilet and unlocked the bathroom door.


I walked over to the desktop terminal but before I could reach for the chair, I was hit again by that excruciating jibe of electricity like arousal tsunami.

I caused my legs to buckle as I kneeled down on the floor as if I was praying to the chair.


Julia : ernghhh!!… hahaha…


My mouth was open and I could not believe what it was doing to my body.


I was actually giggling against my will.


Julia : oh fuck… stop… gnhhhhhhhh!!!


The wave of arousal came stronger and I could feel myself wetting my panty as clutched my tummy and laid on the floor.


I can’t fight it.


The wave came again, causing me to moan out loud as I rolled on the floor.


This was followed by an interval for me to catch my breathe then another wave would hit me as soon as I was on the verge of recovery.


Julia : oh… fuckkkk…. Ernghhh.. enghhh!!!!!!!!


I was immediately filled with regrets as I felt the dildo inside me expanded, stretching my pussy as vibes of orgasmic pleasure dulled every possible senses.


I grabbed onto the office chair and sucked in a deep breath before the dildo vibrated strongly and started to wriggle, simulating a thrusting motion within the narrow confines of my privates.




I drooled onto the carpet as I clenched my teeth down, fighting back a satisfying moan from an explosive orgasm.


The dildo vibrated in burst of short pulse post orgasm, teasing me bringing me to the edge of peeing myself before finally stopping after 5 minutes.


Julia : fuck me…this is sick…


I clamoured onto the chair and sat down to catch my breath. My forehead was peppered with perspiration.


That was one of the best orgasm I’ve had in years.


I called up the browser and did some basic readup about the device inside me.


Regulatory standard dictates a one hour interval between each orgasm, subjected to a maximum of 6 in a day.


Looking at the time, it’s past 5.15pm.


I have to leave the office on time at 6pm. That gives me another 15 minutes or so before it starts to act up again.


15 minutes might be a stretch to get back home but at least once I’m out of the compound, I can remove it.

Worst case scenario I’ll alight in the Punggol town and find a spot where I can remove it and risk getting rape in broad daylight.


It’s better than being discovered with it in a prison.


I started to get ready to leave like an employee eager to end the day.


I shut down the terminal, took my bag and pace about by the door.


I could feel the dildo inside me. It’s shrunk to it’s smallest but it’s still there.


I know it’s still there.


It kept reminding me.


Every 5 minutes or so, a short vibe sent a pleasurable sensation throughout my whole body. It’s amazing. I feel amazing.

Confident. Aroused and a little guilty to admit, I want another one of that mind fucking orgasm.


Preferably one in the safety of my own home.





I opened the door and got ready to leave.


I remembered which door leads to the guardhouse. I walked straight towards it. I turned the handle and it gave way immediately.


I could see the guards casting me a cursory glance.


My heart was beating so fast I could hear it in my ears. Putting my bag down, I stepped through the scanner once more only to hear the alarm go off again.


Julia : They already cleared my pants and bra straps….


The guards looked at each other as if they are unsure of what to do.


I decided to bulldoze my way through and walked casually towards my bag to pick it up.


They remained in their seat and I could see myself getting a little excited. That’s not a good sign.


I felt the reminder jibe of the sex toy inside my body as I sucked in a deep breath and continued walking towards the door.


I could see it getting closer as I put 1 foot in front of another.


The handle was within reach.


My hands touched the cold stainless steel bar and I could almost smell the air of freedom. Opening the door, I stepped out and froze at the driveway leading up to the entrance.


Half a dozen men with their backs facing me were standing at attention as a convoy of 3 vehicles pulled up at the gate.


My heartrate got faster and I could feel a stronger vibe starting to arouse my privates. I looked down on the floor and I kept to the small sidewalk leading to the bus stop.


I could see a bus chugging it’s way towards the bus stop.


I’m almost there.


I kept my eyes down as I continued walking.


From the corner of my eye, I could see Ronnie standing in front of the group of men as the door of the latest Bentley Mulsanne opened.


I saw a leg emerge and like Korean employees welcoming the heir of a conglomerate, everyone bowed their head slightly.


I should have continued walking but I could not contain my curiosity.


I turned and I saw a pair of the most beautiful legs emerge from the car. Clad in striking red heels, that pair of legs belonged to a really beautiful women who stepped out in a really complementing tight pants and a silk blouse.


She’s tall, at least 1.7m and she has a figure I would kill for.


I could not resist looking at her breast, seeing how well it filled up the blouse, bringing out the curves of her body.


She handed her bag to Ronnie who accepted it with his head bowed.


I reached the bus stop and I still find myself staring at her.


Her lips is lush and seductive, god I would so fuck her if I’m a lesbian and I felt a jolt of electricity when our eyes met.


That pair of soul shackling eyes connected with my line of sight and I immediately looked away, clutching at my bag while I silently cursed at the slow speed of the approaching bus.


I don’t want to look.


I should not look at her.


I could see the lady talking to Ronnie form the corner of my eye and within a matter of seconds after Ronnie replied, I could see her walking towards me.


I can’t describe the feeling in my head but I know what I was feeling in my cunt. The vibration started to get active again.


The lady smiled as she approached.


I could feel the dildo inside me expand.


I clenched my teeth and tried to will it to stop but I can’t.


I’ve reached a point of no return.

I could feel the dildo pulsating against my G-spot as I struggle to breathe when the lady stood in front of me and extended her hand.


Lady : Hi Ms Julia….


Julia : hi…. i…. i…. ernghhh !


She gave me a questioning look as I took a step back and dropped my bag.


Lady : are you ok ?


Julia : yes.. yes… I’m… hharernnnnnnnngggg !!


I’m dead. I’m so fucking dead as I caught a glimpse of the time on my watch.


It’s 6.15pm


Lady : Ms Julia ?


Julia : yes… yes… ernghhh…hergnnnn… hergnnnn!!!


I could see the group of men approaching me as I backed up in the bus stop.



I panted and my chest was heaving heavily.

I resisted, I really tried but there’s no way to fight this.


You can’t fight an impending orgasm.


Julia : I’m ok !!! I’M…. OKAH!!!OKAY!! heerngnnnn!!!


I was anything but ok.


I bit my lips and scrunched up my face as I dropped to my knees as I screamed uncontrollably in front of everyone as the dildo delivered another round of mind fucking orgasm that made me wet myself.


Julia : aEGNHHHHHHHHH!!! Ergnhhhh.. ernghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aHHH!!!


I was on the verge of tears but the waves of arousal kept coming.


Lady : Bring her back in please….


Julia : NO!!.. no… no!!! no… I’m ok… I’m really ok !!.. I’m fine… I need to get back to office… please…. Ernghhhhhhhhhh!!


2 men dragged me by my arms back into the guard room.

The guards immediately stood up and offered a chair to the lady.


She took a seat and sat down. All she needed to do was to wave a finger and I was being stripped of my pants.


Julia : NO!!.. no…. no please… no… you can’t do this… you can’t… I’m a civil servant !!.. ernghhh!! no…


My shoes and socks were pulled off.


My pants followed.


My panty was drenched with my own juices.


Doctor Poh arrived, looking frantic and nervous.


I was gasping for air as I could feel the dildo moving inside me.


I’m so dead.


I’m so dead.


Doctor Poh : put her in the scanner…


Julia : No… no.. I’m fine. I’m fine….ernghh !!


I was left under the portal but instead of scanning me, they fiddled with the settings and I could feel the dildo inside me heating up.


As it did, it started to vibrate. The vibration got so strong my entire body was shaking.


Julia : ERNGH!!!!!!.. ENGH!!!!! Engh!!! Stop… stop !!! ernghhh!!! aHHHH!!!!


The vibration gave way to movements, mimicking thrusts via movements like a caterpillar and the sensation it gave robbed me not only of the controls of my limbs, it robbed me of my dignity as I came, squirting and peeing in the middle of the guard room.


Julia : aegnnnn!!!! eNGHH!!!!! Egnhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aRGHHHH!!!!


I was literally whirling on the floor as my bodily fluids smeared itself all over.


1 last large excruciating explosion of raw nerves being electrocuted almost made me black out as I came again on the floor, my vagina muscles expelling the dildo out of my cunt, leaving half of it buried in my pussy while the other half visibly from my wet panty.


Doctor Poh : oh my god….


Doctor Poh pulled it out from me with his ungloved hands and he went straight for the cover.


The moment he unscrewed the compartment and poured out the disc drive, I touched my forehead to the floor and cursed silently in my head.


How did my first day of work get so fucked up.


The drive was handed over to the lady who was handed a wafer thin tablet.


She put it on the reader and as soon her eyes saw what was inside, she smirk.


She fucking smirked.


Lady : bring her to my room…


Ronnie : right away….


She got up and walked away with most of her entourage, leaving only Ronnie and Doctor Poh looking at me in the guardroom.



Doctor Poh : Ms Julia….. I’m afraid your stay with us…. Is going to get a little uncomfortable….


I was helped off the ground and a towel was brought to cover my modesty.


Julia : Who…. Who is she… ?


Ronnie replied with his signature freaky smile.


Ronnie : The one you wanted to meet all this while….


I could feel my legs buckling as I missed a step and I had to be helped up by the guards.


Ronnie : The prison warden….





I was dragged through the guardroom and back into the circular lounge I left barely 30 minutes ago. There were so many things going through my head and I could no longer focus.

At the top of my mind was how badly I fucked up my 1st day in a place that I had been so hostile of. I came wanting to make a difference, it seems like I’m going to get thrown out without doing anything at all.


I started to wonder if it had all been a trap.


Something orchestrated so that I would trip on my own and fuck the 3 months evaluation up. However the fight was so real, the struggle, the desperation in the eyes of the girls who went against the guards.


How can you fake something like that ?


I have never felt so miserable before in my life. Not only did I let down the group of girls who risked it all to pass me the drive, now I have to figure a way out of this mess as well.


I should probably call my boss, Mr Chan. He will have no problem getting me out of this mess.


I could feel one of the guard’s fingers straying to spots he’s not supposed to. His fingers brushed against my breast as he grinned at me.


Julia : Let me go !… I can walk on my own..!


The guards ignored me as if I’m talking to the air.


They couldn’t give 2 fucks about what I wanted to say. I was half dragged and pulled along as my breast and bra cups get random teasing flicks by the guards who no doubt had already penetrated my body with their cocks.


Julia : I am a civil servant… you cannot do this to me !!! let me go !!!


From reinforcing my civil servant status, to the evaluation I was supposed to give the prison, they ignored it all.


Ronnie did not say anything as we walked to a particular door in the circular lounge.


The door opened to reveal a lift lobby as big as the office I was given to work in.


Stepping into the lobby felt as if I had been transported into another world.


The white polished marbles lining the floor with gold dividing strips looked far too opulent to belong in a prison.

It’s like I’m stepping into a portal as I watch the tiles go up the wall and above my head.


The guards let go of me as we all stood in the 3m wide white portal or sort.

Ronnie : Ms Julia…. Please remove all your clothes…


Julia : What !… fuck off…. No.


Ronnie : You can do it yourself…. Or we will do it for you… no clothes are allowed beyond this white boundary….


Julia : Why ?


Ronnie : those are the rules…


Julia : What about you all… ?  I don’t see you guys removing your clothes…


Ronnie smiled and replied slowly.


Ronnie : We are not allowed beyond the white tile…. Those are the rules….


I looked at him, unsure of what to say.


Ronnie : that lift leads to the prison warden’s office and quarters….. we are not allowed beyond this boundary….. please remove your clothes….


Julia : I….


Ronnie gestured to his men and asked them to strip me seeing that I’m not doing anything.


Julia : Get your fucking hands off me!!!


I was held and the towel was removed from me with a simple tug.

There was no fighting the guards as they pulled my top off my while the other yanked my ill-fitting bra off my breast. I resisted but was pinned down on the floor as they forcibly removed every piece of clothing off me.

I wanted to gag when I saw one of the guards pull off the socks on my right foot and put it to his nose for a deep whiff, savouring the warm odour that had no doubt festered for a whole day in between my foot and my shoes.


I’ve never felt so humiliated before in my life.


I could have sworn that the took the chance to touch my breast more than once during the removal. One grab was so hard it left a reddish palm print on my breast.


I glared at the men who had no expressions on their face as I covered my private bits with my hands as best as I can.


Ronnie : Please…. Go to the lift….


Before I could say anything, Ronnie turned and left the lobby together with his men and I watch the door shut behind me.


I’ve never felt so frightened and uncomfortable before.


Beyond the white portal zone I was standing at laid a expense of thick carpeted floor in lush deep purple.


I touched the textured wall papers as my feel felt the thick carpet beneath my feet. The silk like fibres of the carpet felt heavenly in between my toes. I’ve never felt textures like this before.


The wallpaper feels like it would take a year of my salary if I were to put it in just a small section of my apartment.

I could see cameras on the ceiling as I walked naked towards the lone lift staring at me.


The entire place looked so surreal.


There are ventilation slots above the oak skirting and I could feel cold air coming from them.


The lift call button is gold with bronze trimming. When I reached for it, the button lit up, glowing white at the rim while a single thin stroke of red light illuminated the up arrow.


There is also an animated arrow to indicate that the lift is coming down appear on the black glass finish of the lift door.


When the lift door opened, I could see a layer of mist at the bottom of the lift floor and more of it being fed into the lift interior by the ventilation slots lining above the skirting of the lift.


I stepped in and there are no buttons inside the lift for me to press.


The moment the door closed, I could see the mist in the lift starting to fill up. More of that cool smoky vapour pumped out of the louvered slots. The lift is ascending, I could feel it but at a pretty slow rate.


Much slower than your regular lift.


The mist felt really comfortable on my body, it’s not cold, it felt warm and fuzzy, like someone wrapping a warm blanket all over my body.

I could see the water vapour settling on the fine hair on my arms and at the mist reached above my breast, I could feel the vapour somehow stimulating my nipples.


The wetness as the vapour condensed around my cold nipples felt as if someone is licking me. I wipe the vapour away from my breast only to feel the same warm fuzzy felling on my privates.


The lift finally came to a stop and I could feel the mist volume decreased. The pumps must have been reversed as the vapour gets drawn out.


The lift door opened the black glass interior of the lift suddenly turned transparent all at once.




I felt my legs give way as I looked at the lift hovering high above the prison courtyard below.


I crawled out on all fours to another portal like zone outside the lift.


Instead of tiles with gold trimmings, I crawled onto a floor with the softest towels in white. There’s an obvious increase in the room’s temperature but it’s not hot.


Just the right temperature for a naked women to feel comfortable.


I stood up and walked slowly towards the door at the end of the towel lined room.

With each step I took, I dried my damp feet on the soft fabric covering the floor. I was tempted to press myself against the wall and rub my damp body down.


The material is so soft that only one word can be used to describe it.




I was suddenly reminded of the story Alice in wonderland I read many years ago, perhaps if I get myself out of this mess, I can write a book titled Julia in prison.


The door hissed open on the hydraulic slide and I came face to face with another girl.


She’s young and I don’t think she looked a day over 20 years old.


Like me, she’s totally naked and she was holding a towel.


I stepped into the small room and the door closed behind me.


Heather: Hi… Hi Julia… my… my name is Heather…


Julia : Hi… hi… where am i….


Heather : I’m the warden’s personal assistant….


She helped wrap the towel around me to dry my body before asking for it back.


Julia : what is going on …. ? i…. where are we…. ?


Heather : This is the reception area before you enter the warden’s office….


Julia : ok… but.. why.. why are you…. Naked… ?


Heather : No clothes allowed…. Beyond the white portal….at the lift lobby…. It’s…. it’s complicated….


Julia : Where is the warden…. ?


Heather : The warden is in the shower…. You will need to wait for a while…


I looked at the room clad entirely in white carpet. Even the walls and ceiling are in the same material. It’s like being inside a cocoon.


I asked Heather what she did to end up there.


Julia : Why are you here ? …. Did you do something wrong too….. and you are getting punished ??


Heather gave me a raised eyebrow as if I said something ridiculous.


Heather : No… I did nothing wrong…


Julia : Then why are you here ?? … instead of being in your cell…. What did the warden make you do ?? ….


Heather shook her head.


Heather  :You have it wrong Ms Julia… you have it all wrong…


Julia : What do you mean ?? Surely you must have done something to anger the warden…. That’s why she keeps you here to serve her or something right…. It’s ok… you can tell me…..


Heather shook her head and waved her hands at me.


Heather : No Ms Julia…. You got it wrong….


Julia : How so…


Heather swallowed a gulp of saliva and looked down at her feet for a while before looking back up at me.


Heather : Being by the warden’s side…. Is a sanctuary…. Out there…. It’s hell…


I don’t understand what she was trying to tell me and I just looked at her without a word.


After about 20 seconds of just pure staring, I finally found the question I wanted to ask.


Julia : out where ?


I could see Heather shiver as she took a step backwards before settling into her seat.


Heather : Out in the main prison floor….


Julia : What about the main prison floor… I’ve seen it… do the guards abuse you all ?? …. Please tell me….


Heather shook her head with a weak smile.


Heather : No Ms Julia…. No…. you have not seen the real prison floor….you have not….


There was a beep and a blue light lit up around the desk Heather was sitting on.


Heather : The warden is ready to see you….


Julia : What…… what is the…. Real prison floor ??


Heather hit a button and a door slid open inside the cocoon like room.


Heather : I think you’ll see it…. Soon enough….




Heather looked away, it was obvious she’s not comfortable talking more about it. I could not help but notice her casting me a look before glancing at the cameras peppered throughout the ceiling and the walls.


Julia : There’s… too many cameras for a reception area isn’t it ?


Heather : I cannot comment on something like this… please…Ms Julia… The warden is waiting….


Julia : what is the warden’s name ?


Heather : No one knows…. We call her sister….


Julia : sister ?


Heather : Yes… just sister….


Julia : is sister looking at us now ??


There’s no way of telling how powerful the specifications of the cameras are . The basic ones cover visual and audio, the advanced types grabs a lot more details from the environment and the subject they are overseeing including temperature of their body and how fast their heartrate is.

If you have the dough to pay for the best, some cameras comes with it’s own security system including tranquilising darts.


It was marketed as security for pets but who are they kidding.


The dosage of the darts is meant for large mammals, humans included.


1 shot per camera can be deployed into it’s intended target. The camera would have predetermined the target’s weight and height before adjusting the dosage accordingly to ensure the target knocks out within 2 minutes.


I touched one of the eye level camera and I saw the camera glow red probably warning me not to touch it.


Heather : Please Ms Julia…. You don’t want to keep the warden waiting…



I stepped into the doorway and walked along a corridor that is about 4m long and 1m wide. The interiors are filled with the same soft fabric materials. I could see the other door at the end of the corridor open before I got there.

When I finally stepped into the warden’s office, I was totally blown away by the expanse and sheer swankiest and extravagance of the interior.


The marbled flooring felt cool to the touch and I could see the beautiful veins of each piece. I found myself staring at it I saw a strand of my hair fall onto the white tile.


The place is kept in a immaculate condition and my hair rest on the tile like an obvious stain on a otherwise perfect piece of artwork.


I picked up the hair and clenched it in my hand, cursing at how stupid this is.


Here I am in a shit load of trouble and I’m concerned about shedding my hair all over the floor. I could probably start dropping my pubes all over the place and it wouldn’t make a difference.


The white marbled flooring continued to the end of the room where a table made out of a solid chunk of wood sat.


It’s huge, that’s got to be from a tree at least 200 years old looking at the girth.


The warden is nowhere to be seen but I could see the drive on the table and her terminal is on.


I looked around and could not help but feeling this is a trap.


Julia : Hello …. ? ,…. Anyone here… ? hello ??


I saw someone peeking at me from behind a hand-woven bamboo screen with oriental artwork of a crane. She looked afraid.


Julia : Hi…. Hi there… where is the warden ?


The girl disappeared behind the screen and I walked over to her, passing by what I assumed was the lounge area. There are several beanbags and a large comfortable looking couch. They enclosed a rug with the owner of the fur still attached. A bear.


I can’t tell if it’s real.


I went to the bamboo screen but the girl is gone. There is a door behind the screen but before I could open it, I heard someone call out for me.


Miko : Ms Julia…. Hi…. I’m Miko….


Turning around, I saw a girl who looked to be about the same age as me.


Julia : Hi… hi there…. Miko…


Miko : The warden had to take a last minute call….. let me show you around ….


Miko had the smoothest and fairest skin of any girl I’ve seen so far.

She is naked, like me and I find myself suddenly a little conscious of my own body.


Her breast looks firm and her nipples are a natural shade of light brown that is almost pink. Her breast is not big, probably a firm and large B cup and they look so grabbable.


I could feel the teenage phase of my growing up years creep back into me. I had a girlfriend for a couple of months. Yeah. The lesbian phase of every growing up girl.


Her vagina is clean shaven and it was glistening.


I shit you not, it looked like she put lip balm on her vagina lips.


We shook hands and Miko noticed me staring.


Miko : it’s weird I know… but we have to do it here….


Julia : Sorry… sorry… i… I didn’t mean to stare….. at… at your…


Miko gave me a warm smile and gave a friendly wave.


Miko : It’s ok… you’ll understand soon enough….


Julia : I’m sorry.. but… but did you put like…. Like…


Miko : lip balm ? hahah.. yea I did….


Miko explained that while it’s normal to put some moisturiser on your chapped lips in dry climate, down here in the prison, keeping your vagina lips well moisturised is important if you want to survive.


Julia : what ?


Miko : We’ll come to that later….. I’m sure you will get your own moisturiser later….


Julia : But your… your vagina is glittering…. Did you…


Miko : hahaha.. yes… yes I did…. My vagina lips moisturiser has some glitter to it… and it’s peach scented…. Want to smell ?


Julia : what ?


Miko laughed as she covered her mouth in the polite Japanese way.


Miko : Not my vagina my dear…would you like to smell the balm I used ? hahah…


She chuckled as I looked more dumbfounded that ever.


She brought me right back to the entrance where I came in supposedly to start the tour of the Warden’s office. Without waiting for my reply Miko told me that the marbles in the office came direct from a private quarry in Italy held by the Gambino family.


Julia : errr…. Okay… I don’t know who are they…


Miko : it’s ok…


The luxury interior we are surrounded in is designed inhouse by inmates.


Miko : from conceptualisation to getting the drawings done, it was all done by us girls….


Julia : wow… really ?


Miko : yes… the warden gives us … how do I put it…. Opportunities….


Julia : I see….


Miko : over here… you can see the leather couch given to the warden by ambassador of Malaysia….. made of Nappa leather….


Julia : Miko wait… wait.. just hold on…


Miko : yes Ms Julia ?


Julia : I’m not interested in all these…. Not in the furnishings, not how expensive these things cost…. I don’t care…. Where is the warden ?


Miko : I told you she is in the middle of a phone call…


Julia : Ok… then… then….


I looked around the room before finally pointing to Miko’s vagina.


Julia : Why do you have lip balm…. Or vagina balm… or whatever you call it on your vagina ?? !!


I could feel myself getting worked up and agitated.


My patience is wearing thin.


I know I’m in a shitload of trouble but my antsy personality is  something I cannot change.


That’s just me.


Miko : Ms Julia….


Julia : Please… just call me Julia… don’t need  for the Ms….


Miko : Ok Julia …… I ermm….


Julia : Miko… don’t need to mince your words or sugarcoat anything.. just tell me… what exactly is going on in this place….. what does Heather mean about the real prison floor…. ??  what exactly am I not seeing about this place ??


Miko sighed and I could see her shoulder slouching a little.


She took my hand and brought me over behind the Warden’s desk.


She has access to the terminal and she put the drive I tried to smuggle out on the reader.


Julia : wait.. wait.. are you sure you are allowed to do this… what if the warden comes back ??


Miko : It’s ok… don’t worry….


The drive contained pictures and videos of the prison interior but what I’m seeing on the screen is like nothing I’ve seen so far.


Instead of the cells and courtyard I’ve seen, what I’m looking at is like the interior of a large shopping mall.


Imagine a strip of mall like the interior of a luxurious cruise ship. Stretching down 200m and 30m wide with balconies overlooking the long plaza, I see a vibrant community of people going about their daily lives.


There are people selling stuff, some working in shops, serving coffee, girls with their arms linked while walking down the street, some are having ice cream, a few having coffee by the sidewalk.


There are even girls walking their pets and some getting their nails done.


Julia : What… what is this…. ?


Miko : The prison….


Julia : how can this be a prison… ? This… this…..


Miko : I know…. it’s hard to believe isn’t it….


Julia : This doesn’t make sense…. Where… where is this place…


Miko : 50m underground…with part of it extending into the sea facing Malaysia….


Julia : This… this…


Miko cycled through the videos on the drive, moving past hair salon, toy shops, massage parlours and even a video game store. I covered my mouth when I saw a small cinema tucked at the end of the strip mall.


Miko looked on quietly as I digested what I’m seeing on the screen.


I have questions. A fuck load of questions.


No, it’s not because of why the girls are naked.


All the girls inside the video are naked.


My questions is why are there men walking around fully clothed touching and shopping together with the girls in their arms.


Warden : Thank you Miko…. I’ll take over from here…


Turning around, I came face to face with the warden and she looked so much prettier up close.


Dressed in a purple night gown kimono style, I could see her protruding nipples beneath the thin fabric. The warden walked over to me and before I could react, she kissed me.


The warden kissed me on my lips and I could feel her tongue going into my mouth.


I froze and my fist clenched.


I didn’t know what to do.


I could taste the sweetness of the mint in her mouth and I shivered when I felt the warden’s hand feel up my naked breast before giving my nipples a light pinch.


I can’t move. It felt as if I have been petrified by a spell.


Her hand slowly slid down my body to my vagina. Her fingers traced the slit in between my quivering vagina lips.


Julia : erngh….


Her finger was dipping into my vagina. I could feel that hooking drag of her finger parting my moist lips before it touched my clitoris that is starting to get engorged.


The warden pulled back slowly after giving my lip another gentle nibble.


She brought her finger up.


The same finger that was just inserted to tease me.


I felt that finger touch my lip before it was inserted into my mouth.


I licked and tasted my own vagina off the warden’s finger.

I don’t believe what I just did.


It’s like I was hypnotised to do something like this.

I was totally dumbfounded as the warden smiled at me before taking a seat at the table.

That was one of the most erotic kiss I’ve ever had.


Miko walked over to the warden like an obedient pet taking her place beside her.


The warden looked at Miko’s privates and asked if she was using a new lip balm.


Miko : yes sister… I am….


Warden : hahah…. Nice… come… come closer…. Let me see.


Miko turned to face the warden and I felt my nipples erect before feeling my vagina get a little moist when the warden ran 2 fingers along Miko’s pussy slit and bringing it to her mouth.


Warden : Peach…. I like that…


Miko : Thank you sister….


Miko responded with a smile like a dog wagging her tail after a praise by her master.


Warden : did you make it on your own ?


Miko : yes I did… I shall apply it everyday if you like….


Warden : yes… please do… I want to taste the peaches on those lips of yours…


Miko : yes sister….


I watched in shock as Miko took a lip balm from a nearby desk and started to apply it all over her vagina lip, bending slightly to make sure it was coated evenly.


Warden : This must seem very weird to you Julia… but a word of advice…. A well lubricated Vagina… is key… to your survival in this prison…. hahaha


Miko capped the balm and put it aside before returning to take her position beside the warden.


I could not tear my eyes away from her well lubricated vagina lips. Those glitters jumped like starts under the light and I could smell that fragrance of the peach scent from where I stood.


Under a different circumstance, I would have gladly eaten Miko out.


The warden looked at the videos on the drive before turning to face me.


Warden : I don’t know where to begin…. But… it seems to me you are in a bit of a trouble here Ms Julia…. Hahaha….


Julia : I am…. A social worker….. I work for the government !!! I….


Warden : yes… yes… yes…. Social worker…. Civil servant… whatever…. But it seems you have yet to come to terms with the reality that……….


The warden loosened the silk belt around her gown and exposed her right breast. Without needing a prompt, I watched Miko lean closer and she started to suck on the warden’s nipple, nursing and sucking like a baby eager for milk .


Miko : hurmm… hurmmm… ermmm..hurmm…


I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming but I can’t move.


The warden ran her fingers through Miko’s hair as she looked at my dumbstruck expression.


Warden : whoever you are….. you are in prison….. …. My prison….





The warden closed her eyes for a few seconds, enjoying the sensation Miko’s tongue is providing her before gently nudging her away. A sign that she’s had her nipple stimulated enough for a conversation with me.


Warden : Now…. Ms Julia…..Under section 33 of the prison code….. any attempt to smuggle contraband items in or out of the prison is punishable by a fine of up to 25000 or a jail term of not more than 12 months…. You are caught trying to….


Julia : wait a minute !…. but that…


Warden : Interrupt me again…. And I’ll make sure you will never step out of this place….


Julia : I…


I had my rebuttal ready.


I knew what I wanted to say. I want to make a phone call to my boss but somehow, I could feel that threat was real.


Miko shook her head slightly as if trying to tell me to keep my mouth shut. She looked worried for me as she wiped her wet lips with the back of her hand.


Warden  : Did you try to smuggle something you are not supposed to out of this prison…. Yes or no ? …..


I took a deep breath and nodded.


Julia : yes..


Warden : are you aware that what you did…. Is against the law…..regardless of the contents on the drive….


Julia : Yes….


The warden stood up and walked over to me.


She’s taller than me by a good half a head. Caressing my hair with her hands like an elder sister showing concern, I could feel the tone the warden was taking soften a notch.


Warden : You broke the law Julia…. It doesn’t matter if you are a social worker or a law enforcement officer…. You broke the law…


Julia : I… I want to speak to my lawyer….and I will consult this matter with my boss….


Warden : sure…. I’ll make a formal report…. The police will be here… they will take you back to the station….. and I can guarantee you the reporters will be there….. social worker breaks the law while evaluating prison facility….that would make the story of a century…… I will press charges on behalf of the prison….. the trial would take perhaps 3-6 months…. During which you would be spending your time here…… and base on past precedent…I’m thinking a 5000 fine and a jail term of perhaps a week or two considering it’s your first offence….. but…..


The warden’s voice grew softer.


Warden : but after that…you can kiss your social worker license goodbye…. You can kiss your career goodbye…and I’m thinking the only job left for you would be…. Hmmmmm…. Let me see…. A single pretty Singaporean woman… with a local degree…. I think an underground whorehouse in Punggol might be a good fit…. What do you think ?


My throat felt so dry I could not even reply her.


She’s threatening me.


I don’t believe this.


The warden gave me a warm smile before making me her offer.


Warden : there is an alternative… Julia…. A better alternative… which I think…. Would benefit both of us…. And I can make this all go away… no charges… no trial… nothing…. Not even a mention of what you were caught trying to do…. Video footage will be scrubbed…. Staff reassigned….. poof !


Her snap of her fingers like a magician snapped me out of my stupor.


It’s a trap.


I know it’s a trap but what choices do I have.


Julia : What…. What alternative… ?


Warden : work for me….


Julia : I don’t understand…. I’m a social worker….i am here to evaluate …..


Warden : hahahah… you are still going to do that of course…. But… in a different capacity….


Julia : What do you mean ?


Warden : you will evaluate the prison not from the perspective of a social worker….. but from that of a prisoner….


I had to repeat what the warden said twice to myself before I could comprehend that statement.


Julia : wh…what…. ?


Warden : And during your time…. as a prisoner of this facility… you will be plugged deep into the ecosystem….and you have 3 months…..


Julia : 3 month to do what ?


The warden smiled.


Warden : 3 months to find out… who is the mastermind…. Trying to bring me down….


She held up the drive I was caught with.


Warden : starting with…. The one that gave the order for this… to be handed to you….

I was speechless.


Totally speechless.


Julia : i…i…


Warden  : Option 1…


The warden held out her left hand.


Warden : we forget we had this conversation…. Get dressed and wait for the police to get here…. Kiss your career goodbye……..or… option 2….


She held up and extended her right hand towards me in a sisterly manner, tempting me to take that hand.


Warden : … find the mastermind…. Go right back to your life….i don’t care about your evaluation report… has no material impact and I know for sure…. We will get the funding from the government …….help me….. and you get a front row seat to see how far down this rabbit hole goes….


I pressed my eyes shut.


I pressed my eyes shut and I could feel every cell in my body screaming for me to say no.


To walk away.


If I’m arrested, I would be remanded, and I would be send here anyway. I can afford a fine but I would lose my job.


Everything I’ve worked so hard for would go down the drain. I would end up struggling to make a living and I would probably end up as a sex worker like my friend Trish.


The only logical choice would be to accept the deal. There is no other way out of this.



I nodded my head weakly and I saw that smile slowly break out on the warden’s face.


Warden : from now on….. call me sister…. Ok ? … hahhaa ….i take care of all my girls…… am I right Miko ?


Miko : yes Sister…. You take good care of us….


Turning to me, the warden waited for my reply.


Julia : yes…Sister….


Sister smiled satisfied that I am playing her sadistic game, she turned to Miko and told her to orientate me to the main floor.


Sister : Miko….


Miko : yes sister ?


Sister : Take her in…. and give her 10 M-coin.


Julia : What is M-coin… ?


Miko : the currency….. we use to transact and trade…. In the prison….


Julia : what ?


Sister came and she cupped her left hand on my right breast. I held onto her wrist as I felt her squeeze my love pillows before pinching and holding onto my right nipple.


Julia : ernghh…


Sister : the 10 M-coin…. Is a loan Julia…. I expect it to be returned…..


I nodded as I felt her twist my nipple 15 degree clockwise before smiling and kissing me on my lips again.


Sister : good…. You shall begin immediately….. any questions ??


Julia : yes…. If… if I find the mastermind …. Does this punishment end immediately…. ??


Sister smiled and I could feel her finger tracing my breast down to my tummy before lingering outside my vagina lips.


Sister nodded reassuringly as a reply to my question.



Sister : and Julia…..


She paused and I could see Miko bringing over a wrist strap in white for me.


As Miko put the white strap on my left wrist, I could see the number 10 on the liquid display. That must be the holding wallet for the prison currency.


Sister : don’t see this as a punishment….instead……..see it as your only chance for redemption…





Heather entered the room and she apologised for interrupting but there’s an urgent call for the warden.

Heather : I’m sorry but Sister… there’s an urgent call from Malaysia for you….

Sister : I’ll take it in the room…. send it there….

Heather nodded and left.

Sister : Miko…. I’ll leave her to you…. Give her a once over and get back here in 3 hours time…. I want to lick those peaches of yours…. Hahaha…. A notice will be broadcast out to all staff….. Ms Julia’s arrangement with the prison has now changed….. she will still be evaluating the prison from the perspective of a inmate, not a social worker….. there will be no special treatment…. And…..

Miko : yes Sister…. ?

Sister : Put the word out in the street that Julia got fucked trying to smuggle the drive out… that should spread like wild fire and get the attention of those who instigated the team who did it….. that should give her a head start….

Miko : Yes sister…. I will pass it onto the rumour mill …

Sister : good….see you in a bit Miko…. And Julia …

Julia : ye… yes ?

Sister : good luck…. How long you stay down there…. Is entirely up to you….

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and said nothing. My naked body suddenly felt more naked than before, as if a layer of my skin has been peeled away.

I’m going to prison. A different kind of prison.

One that food and lodging is not guaranteed and your survivor is solely dependent on what you do.

Miko asked me to follow her and she went to a small locker made out of a hollowed tree truck. The door opens and shut seamlessly, a work of specialised craftsmen. She put on her own wrist wallet and I could see the number 32 lit up.

Miko : the number tells us how much Mcoin you have…..always make sure you have a positive balance…..

Julia : ok… I figured as much….

Miko : you need Mcoin for everything…. Food… lodging…. Shower….everything…

Julia : what ? doesn’t the prison provide food and a cell ? even the basic needs ?

Miko shook her head and told me things don’t work like this on the real prison floor.

Miko : the prison facility can accommodate 1000 …  but it currently holds 3200….

Julia : what !!

Miko : we’re overcrowded… and underfunded… the government knows about this problem but they have no money to solve this…. The prison operators have to get creative …. To work around this limitation…. The main agencies of the government are aware of this problem….

Miko explained that everyday, the government are still sending prisoners over to Coney island. The ones that admitted is 50% more on average than those who got admitted.

Miko : the areas you visited are only for inmates above 40…. They are deemed to be expired goods and their body have no commercial value….they will serve out their time doing what other government run prison do……. Girls… whose body still have commercial value… will be admitted, processed and sent to the main prison floor…. With the same amount of money you have now…. 10 Mcoins….there… they have to figure it out on their own….

Julia : why ? … why is this overcrowding issue not raised up??

Miko : it has been…. Multiple times in fact… there’s no way around it…. No money means no money…. You can’t force that…. Within a year of this place opening…. The new prison floor opens and starts operating….

Julia : what about other prisons… run by the same company ??

Miko : works the same way….. I suspect they are aware of the limitation of the government around the world…. No one wants to fund a prison…. It works best if it’s self funded…. They go in… wait for funding to dry up…. Then start operating the largest whorehouse in the country….. legally…

Miko pointed to our body and said for girls like us within the 18 to 39 age group, our body is our greatest asset. Our appearance determines whether we sleep in the street, or we have a bed to put our head down for the night.

Miko : the men you saw on the videos in the drive are mostly professionals…. More than half are government workers….they come here for sex….

Julia : what ? ….

Miko nodded and told me that many of the men work in the agencies itself.

Miko : Social workers ? hahha… we’ve seen our fair share…. All men…. You….however… are the first dumb female….haha …. I hope you don’t mind….i’m just being honest… haha..

I sighed and nodded in agreement.

Julia : I think the dumb part might actually be true…. But what about the whorehouses in the streets…. Out in the redlight district…. ? what about those… ?

Miko nodded her head as if she was expecting a question like that from me.

Miko : we’re more fun to play with compared to the commercial whores out in the streets….the prison is like Disneyland for men…. There are no limits to what they can do here…… no triads…. No gangster whores…..just meek and obedient girls trying to survive…… imagine being sighted out in red light district …. Would you want that ??

Julia : but isn’t it the same for here… you will bump into colleagues… fellow civil servants….

Miko laughed and told me to be seen here is considered a mark of respect.

It’s referrals only. Each member can only bring in 1 other member.

You can imagine the waiting list.

In here, if you are a man. You are a king.

Miko went on to elaborate about the currency and the ecosystem set up within the prison.

Miko : Mcoin currency are issued by the prison…. they can be bought only with gold. 1 gram of gold, for 1 Mcoin…..

Julia : that’s…. that’s a lot of money… 1 gm of gold is now…200 USD… works out to be….1600SGD… oh my god….

Miko : yes…the men willingly exchange their money from their salary…..for Mcoin…. And in return…. Supports an entire underground system…. That funds the prison….Mcoins can be made on the prison floor too by both men and women…… the casino is one of the hot spots…

Julia : gambling ?

Miko : yes… if it’s a vice… it’s on the prison floor….

Miko asked me to follow her and we walked to a secret door that seemed like it blended in with the white marbled tiles. There’s hardly any indication that’s a door at that spot.

Miko touched a panel and I watched the wall slid back a few inches before sliding into the left, revealing a bare concrete corridor.

Miko : this leads to the main prison floor…. Follow me…

As we walked, Miko continued bringing me up to speed.

Miko : It’s hard to trust anyone… and harder to get them to trust you…. But 1 thing for sure… everyone knows that the social worker that arrived on the 1st day had fucked up….. fucked up big time….

Julia : I’m not sure to take that as good news or not….

Miko : the ones that pinned so much hope on you exposing this would either be disappointed and angry….or they would be sympathetic towards you…. No one knows.. you need to find out on your own…..

Julia : great….

Miko : then there will be those who…

Julia : who what….?

Miko : pick on the newbies….

Julia : oh god… is there anyway I can avoid them ?

Miko shook her head.

Miko : do you watch all those old hongkong classics…. ? the prison shows….

Julia : I do…. Part of my social work curriculum …

Miko : then you should expect what happens to the men to happen to you also….

Julia : fuck this…

Miko pointed to the wristlet on our hands and added.

Miko : you need to earn Mcoin…. If you want to survive…. And don’t forget… you need to return the 10 Mcoin to Sister….

Julia : How do I earn Mcoin ? I’m not a gambler…. So no way am I making a bet…

Miko : there are many ways…. The men would offer you for sex…

Julia : fuck no….

Miko : it’s ok… you can reject them…. That’s perhaps the one good thing that exists….

Julia : thank god…

Miko : you can reject them if…. If you have Mcoin….

Julia : what do you mean ??

Miko : to reject an offer… you need to pay 1 Mcoin….

Julia : fuck off.. what kind of logic is that… ?

Miko : those are the rules…

Julia : then… then if everyone wants to… wants to fuck me…..and.. and…like I don’t know… I get surrounded by 10 men… then what…eventually I run out of coins to reject them….

Miko : there’s a way around this…. Enter one of the working inns before the men taps their wrist wallet to yours…. That tap is an indication that they want to sleep with you….. to reject them, just pull your wrist away within 30 seconds…. The disconnect will trigger the rejection and transfer of Mcoin….

Julia : what is a working inn ?

Miko : a working inn is a place where girls make Mcoins by ….by doing some stuff…

Julia : fuck more men ?

Miko : no… no… it’s… hard to explain… but you can make between 1-3 Mcoins at each inn…. There’s no limit on the number of Mcoins you can make everyday….

Julia : ok…. Can I receive Mcoins from other girls…or can I pay them… for information or something…?

Miko : You cannot transfer Mcoins between girls by tapping….the only way to transfer Mcoins between girls is at the horse shop.

Julia : horse shop ?

Miko nodded.

Miko : you… you need to ride a saddle…with a dildo….

Julia : excuse me… ?

Miko : both girls need to get an orgasm within 3 minutes of each other in order to transfer Mcoins…. This is to prevent massive accumulation of Mcoins by making weaker girls give them to you…..there’s only so many times you can cum in a day before you collapse right ??

Julia : this is sick….

Miko : There are multiple capsule hotels scattered throughout the strip mall. …. Most are located on the basement levels… the premium ones are on ground level ….. you go there to rest and to eat….. 1 Mcoin gives you access to a capsule bed and 3 meals for 24 hours… are safe in a hotel when your capsule timer is running…. No men can ask you for sex…. But if you do not have an active capsule inside the hotel…. The men can still ask you for sex…

Julia : I see….

Miko : there are some places you should avoid….

Julia : like ?

Miko : the bars…. The men get free flow of drinks there…. So things can get rowdy… and…. If a few of them hold you down and link up your wrist wallet for 30 seconds…. And you can’t break off….they have essentially paid you for sex….

Julia : can’t I run away or something ? …. After the payment without doing the deed….

Miko : you can… but you will get caught….

Julia : by who…

Miko : any girl who caught another refusing service gets 5 times the amount due…. So do you think the 2000 girls walking around would refuse Mcoins ?

Julia : fuck…. How much do the men pay for sex… ?

Miko : By default it’s 2 Mcoin… but if you go to the body shop to get graded…. You can get up to 5….

Julia : something tells me the body shop is not selling soap and toiletries….

Miko : hahhaa.. you are funny Julia…

Julia : I fail to see the humour in this….

Miko : There’s a church…. If you need to pray… the men don’t usually venture there for sex but there’s no guarantee…. There will be a few crazy ones….

Julia : this is fuck up man… how do you survive… ?

Miko : being the warden’s pet comes with great privilege…. I am off the floor for as long as I keep her happy… and I have only 6 months left for my sentence….

We came to the end of a corridor and Miko touched another panel to open another door. Stepping into a wood panelled room stacked full of canned food, and there’s a lift facing us. Miko turned to face me after hitting the call button.

Miko : when we go out there….we’re on our own….avoid groups of men… especially those that are drunk….don’t draw too much attention to yourself… we’re going to enter the strip mall from the basement….. from the inside of a hotel….

She looked at the time on the wrist wallet and told me it’s coming to 10pm.

Miko : stick close to me…. I’ll bring you to a hotel that I frequent…. The girls there are all educated and less rowdy…

Julia : ok…

We entered the lift and I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage.

I could feel a slight popping in my ears as we descended into the bowels of the prison island.

The door opened and we stepped out into a storeroom.

Miko opened a door and we stepped out into a locker store of sort.

Miko : this is a locker store…. You can see all these lockers…. You can rent one to store your belongings…..and this one… opens the secret door we just come out from…..both our wristlet are programmed for access but you need Mcoins to access it as well…

Julia : what !…

Miko : It’s to prevent abuse…. So you can’t hide in here and sleep or something…. Makes sense….. it costs 3Mcoin….

Julia : great… so if I have information…. And I don’t have Mcoin… I have to get fucked by men in order to relay the information…..

Miko : well…. You can put it that way… but come to think of it…. Being born a women in this age… you’re effectively fucked….

Julia : can I go back to the warden office from here ?? as in access the lift ?

Miko : you can’t… not without access….but you can communicate with us from here….

Miko pointed to a old cabinet inside the locker we stepped out of and she asked me to touch it.

Miko : here… come back in… this is the phone to get us….

I did as I was told and I saw the perimeter lit up green before the panel pops out.

Miko : the communicator will connect to either Heather or me….. 24 hours…. There will always be 1 of us awake….so if you have any credible information…. Tell us through here….

Julia : ok…. Ok….

Miko shut the cabinet and closed the locker. We exited the locker store and emerged out onto the hotel lobby.

The cold industrial white light of the storeroom immediately gave way to the warm glow of mood lighting and soft jazz music.

Capsuled doors lined the walls and the lemongrass scent reminded me of a spa I visited eons ago.

Miko : Every hotel has it’s own locker store…..this hotel is expensive…..The hotel I’m bringing you to is about 10 minutes away….remember the location…

Julia : ok… ok….

I looked up and saw the neon sign of the hotel name peppered throughout the interior.

“ James’ Inn “

Miko : these are the sleeping capsules….there’s the dining…. Every hotel is set up pretty much the same way….

I kept close to her as we left the sleeping quarters of the hotel and into the dining area. It’s pretty empty, there’s only 2 girls having noodles.

Miko : This hotel cost 2 Mcoins….. most of us will only head for the 1Mcoin ones….

We went to the entrance of the hotel and Miko peered outside for a couple of seconds and I could see she was nervous about heading out too.

Miko : it’s 10 plus in the evening… most of the men would have gotten their girls for the night… and it’s a working day tomorrow….we should be fine….

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I nodded nervously.

Miko : I’ll bring you to the hotel I frequent….. you have to register for a capsule quickly…. Or you would not have a place to sleep…. Then if situation allows… I’ll show you around a little…..

Julia : ok…. Ok…. Thank you Miko…for… for doing this….

Miko : don’t mention it… I hope you get the mastermind…. It would make Sister very happy…..

I fought back a sigh as I relaxed my shoulder. There’s nothing I could do but go with the flow for now.

Even in the real world, no sane girls in their right mind would venture out at 10pm, now we’re about to venture out into the prison floor.

Miko exhaled and I could see her clutching her own wrist wallet and I did the same.

Miko stepped forward and the door slid open with a hiss.

I joined her in the middle of the underground world and as the door to the James’ inn closed behind us, we started to walk.

Naked, cold and bare feet up a gentle slope, I hugged my own arms, stroking myself to keep warm.

Miko : the lights dim and brighten according to the time of the day in the basement levels….it’s at night now… so the daylight is off….

The street I’m walking along felt like some old European town.

The illumination for the streets are old standing lamps and the spill of lights from the lit signboards for the hotels.

It’s like walking into a Harry potter novel but instead of wizards and magic, it’s filled with naked women trying to survive with the commodity they are born with.

Their body.

Miko : we’re almost there…. There… there it is….

I looked up and saw a small signboard advertising the hotel I would be spending the night at.


That’s the name of the hotel.

Schoolhouse hotel.

We entered and Miko showed me the reception area manned by robots.

Miko : scan your wrist wallet there….

I touched the reader and I saw the menu appear as a holographic projection.

There is only 1 option to choose.

24 hours for 1 Mcoin.

I selected that option and was immediately assigned a capsule.

Miko brought me to the capsule and told me that my wrist wallet would open the door when I’m near.

Miko : the dining area is over there… you can ask for food 3 times a day…. You need to space it out on your own…. Water is available on coolers all over town…so if you plan on going hungry… there’s still water to drink,,,, showers is over there…..

Julia : ok…ok….

Miko : don’t be nervous… you can do this Julia….

Julia : this is a bad dream…. This is a bad dream….

Miko : I wish it was too…

Miko and I went back to the hotel lobby and she looked at the time on her wrist wallet.

Miko : There’s still time…. I’ll bring you to a few spots where you can make Mcoin…. And maybe sneak you around so you can see how things work in this place…. Then I got to go… okay ?

I nodded.

She was about to step out when we heard the voices of a few men talking loudly outside. They were talking about their recent conquest, laughing at the top of their voice.

One of them bragged that he just fucked an Asean scholar who graduated with 1st class honors at a local university.

“ hahahaha… her crying only made it more arousing for me…hahaha “

“ you very bastard man hahaa.. “

“ who ask her to be here in the first place ? hahaha…. Her pussy is so tight…!! “

“ you shoot raw… poor girl got to spend Mcoin to buy pill … hahaha… shoot inside her mouth mah….hahaha..“

“ you think what I did is sick…. Matthew is worse… he fucking made the girl hold up her degree above her head…..then he fucked her while cursing and looking at that useless piece of paper…..saying that is the reason why he is paying so much for her pussy !!! hahaha… “

“ yeah… paying more for cunts because of an additional piece of paper… ahhaha “

“ did her cum inside her mouth ? “

“ hahha… over her face and wiped up on her hair … she was crying by the time he was done but that fucker just spit on her and walk off…. He’s angry for spending his bonus on her… hahaha “

We waited for the voices to trail off.

I looked at Miko and she looked at me.

There’s nothing to be said.

The discussion the men were having disgust me.

I cannot imagine there’s a chance these people are civil servants.

Miko stepped out and I followed closely behind her.

I kept telling myself I can do this.

I have to.

I am that sperm that won the race even though I’m a rapeseed.

Or am I that egg that got fertilised I don’t know.

It doesn’t matter.

I did not need to be accustomed to the reality of that prison floor to know one thing.

I’m a survivor.

To survive, I would need to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone of the girls in this prison.

Miko : Let’s go Julia….. I’m going to show you how far down this rabbit hole goes…..


Optional read 1 – Orientation by Miko ( available on subscription )

7000 words




I opened my eyes and the complete darkness around me caused me to jump and scream for a second before I realised where I was.


I felt around with my hands and hit the light button for my capsule.

It felt like a dream, or rather a nightmare.


I exhaled and stared at the black ceiling barely 30cm away from my face.


Right until the moment before I stepped out of the warden’s office with Miko, I was still hoping I can wake up from this nightmare.


I recalled Miko’s words, that she will show me how deep this rabbit hole goes.

She’s right.


The rabbit hole is deep but not as deep as how sick it is.


I touched my naked breast and I felt my vagina. My finger traced the flesh where my vagina lips touched each other as I recalled what Miko made me go through the night before.


The only way to make money in this prison world, is with your vagina.

Your mouth and anus works too if you are willing to go down that road.


I wonder who would be buying the secretions from my vagina. The small tube which Miko help extract.


What if it turned out to be a colleague of mine ?


Someone who wanted to fuck me all along but I rejected him. Would he go to the extent of buying my cunt juices and wank off while looking at a video of me moaning to orgasm ?


I’ll never know.


I looked at my wristlet and the amount of Mcoin I have left.


I started with 10 Mcoins. I made 1.5 Mcoin from masturbating and extracting my vagina juices and another 1.5 Mcoin from the moulding machine.


I wonder how accurate that interior mould of my vagina is.


Would the man fucking the mould on a replica of me feel exactly the same as if he was fucking me ?

Technology has come a long way, it should be pretty close to the real thing I guess.


After spending 1 Mcoin on the capsule hotel for 24 hours, I’m left with 12 Mcoin.


I unlocked the capsule and crawled out of the hole I slept and stretched my naked body. I could see another girl crawling out of her hole as well. Our eyes met but both of us looked away shortly after.


I shut the door to my temporary shelter and made my way to the dining area.


I did not have dinner and I was starving.


It’s a buffet spread but with very limited options. I scanned my wrist tag and was allowed to enter the area, using up my 1st meal quota within the 24 hour period.


I look at the time and reminded myself not to miss the other 2 meals or I would have to starve.


I grabbed 6 slices of plain white bread and a large glass of milk.


These are the only things available. The bread is dry and a little tough so I dipped them in the milk and wolf it all down.


Most of the girls sat alone and we ate quietly.


A girl took the seat opposite me and ate quietly, I could see she had a couple of bruises on her face.


Julia : Hi….


The girl gave me a look before looking away and munch her bread silently.


The bruises looked fresh, barely a day old.


I looked around the dining area, half expecting a couple of gangster to approach me and slam their food trays on my table but thankfully there are none.


All the girls ate quietly and alone.


I saw a girl walk in with a limp and she was crying. Her eyes are red and she’s dirty from top to toe.


One of the girl stood up and offered her a hand.


She accepted and took a seat before breaking down.

She sobbed as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.


I finished my milk and walked over to her.


Julia : are you ok ??


The girl looked at me and nodded her head. I could smell the stale perspiration from her body. There was no hiding the dried cum and semen all over her face and hair.


Wen : Hi… you’re new here….


I turned to see a girl with a bob hairstyle talking to me.


Julia : Hi…. Yes … yes I am….


Wen : My name is Wen….


Julia : I’m Julia ….. nice to meet you….


Wen gestured for me to join her at her table.


I refilled my glass of milk before sitting down.


Pointing to the girl with dried semen stains on her body with her chin, Wen cautioned me never to head to the Indian district.


Wen : No matter how desperate you are… don’t head there…. They’re rough… violent… and it’s going to fuck your head up after getting gangbanged….


Julia : ermmm… ok… no intention of heading there….


Wen : There are nice and rich guys there…merchants….businessmen…but chances are you will run into one of the roving teams of rapist….. they used to be construction workers in Singapore in their early twenties…. They earn in SGD, with a favourable exchange rates, they bought land and properties…. Now… they are all in their 50s and sixties…. With Singapore deep in shit now… they’ve come back to repay their formal employers……


Julia : I know…. their crop and food producing land is worth several thousand times more than the price they paid…. Now they are living like kings…. While the houses they build a few decade ago are but slums for us….


Wen : hahaha…. The irony of it all… it’s funny…


I sipped my milk and said nothing.


Wen : They like Chinese girls…. Like you….


Julia : aren’t you a Chinese girl too ?


Wen : nah…. My looks don’t appeal to them… they like girls like you… fair skin… slim… sweet smile…. Exactly the kind they can’t get when they were younger…. Now that they’re older and richer… they go for looks like yours….


Julia : not exactly a good piece of news is it…


Wen laughed.


Wen : this hotel is usually filled with regulars…. What brings you here…. ?


Julia : a friend of mine…. Introduced me ….says it’s cheaper…


Wen nodded.


Wen : not the best out there…. But there’s food…. A place to sleep… and it’s away from the epicentre of shit and asshole…. Not too bad I must say…


Wen finished her drink and asked me for me plans for the day.


Julia : I… I have no plans….


Wen : What nonsense are you talking about…. ? hahah..  how can you go a day without plan ??


Julia : i… I don’t know…


Wen : a day without a plan… is a day you are going to sink into negative territory…. A girl has to eat right…come…. Come… join me for the day,..


I shook my head immediately.


I’m not about to go fuck around for money. I know deep down it’s a matter of time before I have to but not now. I’m not mentally prepared.


Julia : I’m sorry… no… i… erm… I can’t…. I don’t want… i…


Wen : oh… ok… I know… I know… you new girls are always the same…. Don’t want to sleep around…. Don’t want to fuck …. Bla bla bla…. But let me tell you this….


Wen leaned close to me with a grin.


Wen  : when you are hungry… tired…. And desperate… you will gladly spread your legs and let the men fuck you for a meal… or a bed to sleep….


I looked away because I didn’t know what to say.


Wen chuckled and tapped her chest, causing her small A cup breast to jiggle a little.


Wen : it’s your lucky day today Julia …. Stick with me…. you gotta be resourceful if you want to make Mcoin without fucking men….


My eyes immediately lit up and she could tell I’m interested.


I mean fuck yeah, I can make a coin without letting a penis enter my vagina, bring it on man.


Julia : oh wait… not… blow job right…. ?


Wen : nope… nope…. No blow job….


Julia : Anal ?


Wen : hahahah.. I already said you don’t need to fuck anyone….


Julia : oh… is it the juice shop ??


Wen waved it all away with a smirk look on her face.


Wen : no.. no… no… it’s not…. Relax… finish your breakfast and we’ll head out… there’s still a bit of time…


I nodded and quickly finished up my milk.


No one know who I am at the moment. I have no idea how different things will be once news of the social worker who has been cast into this hell start to spread.


I might not even get a chance to make a few decent Mcoin to survive, or worse, the whole world wants to fuck the social worker.


Wen : we’ll head down to the docks first…. For the morning parade….


Julia : what is the morning parade ??


Wen : hahaha… let’s go and I will show you.. hahah…


I left the hotel 5 minutes later with Wen. I could feel the difference in temperature in the artificial environment. It’s slight warmer and even though I’m naked, I could feel myself slowly working up a sweat as we walked.


Wen : How long are you in for ??


Julia : ermm… 3 months…. How about you…


Wen : 1.5 years to go…. Lucky you….


I was tempted to ask Wen what was the reason for the incarceration but I thought the better of it. I remembered reading in a guidebook before I came in that asking what an inmate is jailed for is considered rude.


We passed by a wrought metal gate that has the word ‘dock’ bent and blended into the metal frame like some artwork by a disturbed individual. I could see a line of boats queuing to unload the customers for the day.


Julia : what are we doing here…. ?? the boats… they are carrying men right… they’re here to look for girls…. And we’re standing right in the front…. I’m not going to….


Wen : Relax Julia…. We’re just going to form the welcoming parade… it’s a tradition……


It’s only natural for me to be wary of Wen. I barely know here and although Miko gave me a glimpse of how things work around here, there’s still so much I don’t know.


Wen pulled along and we lined up behind a row of girls.


All of us scanned our wrist tag at a machine before lining up along the sides of the dock like a group of spectators watching a golf game.


Once the line is filled on both sides, the scanners shut down and the girls who came later than us are not allowed to register. Most of them turned and head away when they saw the quota has been filled.


The first boat unloaded a motley crew of blue collar workers who looked like they had clocked in a good night of work. The were smoking and laughing as the row of girls beside me stood shoulder to shoulder, our naked breast pointed dead centre.


Wen : ok … don’t move ok… just smile and stay still….


I was trying hard not to shake.


This is sick.


The girls are lined up along the sides and I saw the first man reach out his hand to grab the breast of the first girl. Then he started walking and his hand remained outstretched.


Man : whooooooooooo!!!! Hahahaha.. whooooooooo!!!!


As he walked, his grimy and rough hands rubbed and smacked the breast and nipples of the girls lined up by the sides.


I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my teeth in anticipation of the pain and humiliation.


Julia : ermgnnmhh!!


His hands slapped past Wen’s breast before slapping my right tit against my left. I could feel him pinch my nipples as well before he moved on to the girl beside me.


One after another, like pilgrims worshiping a city of sex that never sleeps, the men kept coming.


Their hands kept touching and slapping my breast.


Line after line and columns after columns of men alighted off the 1st wave of boats and I could feel my breast and nipples getting a little sore after spending an hour at the dock.


“ you’ve got nice tits girl… haha “


“ so soft and firm….”


“ I like this kind of looks…. Where do you hang out ?? “


“ I’m going to fuck your brains out later babe hahahaha “


“ look at how tender her cunt is “


“sluts….. hahaha… a line of sluts… “


One man spit a thick glob of saliva at a pair of tits that he exclaimed was too small 3 girls down my right.


“ so small… stand here for fuck….hahaha phui !! pui !! “


I was shaking and shivering by the time he got to me.


He pinched my nipples and I squirmed in pain.


Julia : ernhhhhh!!!


I could smell his bad breath as he rubbed his hand against my pussy before moving on.


I shook and had to hold back my pee when I saw him slap the breast of a younger girl 4 girls down my left before pushing his rough finger into her pussy and exclaiming that her pussy is tight.


He put his finger into his mouth as he walked up the line, making space for the other breast pilgrims to touch and slap the breast of the waiting girls.


Julia : I can’t take more of this… my breast are getting sore….


Wen : well we clocked an hour already… let’s go…


I followed Wen out of the line and to the machine to claim our earnings.


I nearly faintly when I saw a partly sum of 0.1 Mcoin being credited.


After standing around and letting an army of men touch my breast, I only made 0.1 Mcoin.

The total balance of my Mcoin went up to 12.1 and I was massaging my breast as I looked at Wen.


Wen : What ?…. we did make some coins didn’t we…..


I looked at my breast and they were dirty and stained.


The grimy hands of the men touching and rubbing against my tits left some stains I could not brush off.


Wen : ok… are you ready to move one……let’s go to the comfort shop….


Julia : what is the comfort shop ?


Wen : our breast are dirty… they need to be cleaned… and rather than spend money on a shower…. We can make money and get them cleaned at the same time….


Julia : how ?? and please… describe it properly to me this time…


I almost fainted when Wen told me the comfort shop is a place where men comes to suckle on our breast to try to relive a period of comfort they only enjoyed as infants.


Wen : no sex there… don’t worry…  the men there are all very kiddish… the come in… put on a adult diaper… then all they want is to have a pair of breast to suck and nurse on….. we’re not producing milk….. that’s fine…. The comfort shop is just purely for that….there are other shops to go to if you want real nursing women….


I could not believe what I just heard.


Wen dragged me along and say that the men would clean our breast up for us.


Wen : come on… unless you want to fuck one of those blue collar workers….


I walked along her reluctantly and I saw the time on a large clock in the middle of town.


It’s only 10.30am.


As we approached the blinking signage of a pair of tits with the name ‘comfort shop’ at the bottom, I asked Wen how much can we make from this.


Julia : I hope this pays better than that breast worship shit we just went through….


Wen laughed.


Wen : don’t be delusional….hahahaha…. you want to make big bucks withtou spreading your legs ?? …. Hahaha… in your dreams babe… hahaha…


I stepped into the comfort shop with a foreboding feeling in my head.


It dawned on me that in this game of endurance, unless a miracle happen, it’s not going to be very long before having a penis inside my cunt is the only way I can make enough money to last me through a day.





I followed Wen to a shop a junction down from the dock and I stepped into the place the size of a badminton court.


There are 9 couches spaced out evenly. Only 3 are taken and I walked by casually to see what is happening.


I saw a old man in his sixties sucking on the breast of a girl who looked to be about the same age as me. His dentures were out and he was just sucking loudly with lots of saliva and drool spilling all over.


He sucked on her breast and stroked his own cock, oblivious to the world around him. Murmurs of approval punctuated with slurps of his own saliva was the only audible noise in the quiet room.


The girl whose breast was being suck squeezed her eyes shut and I could see her body was rigid and her fist clenched.


I shuddered as I took a seat on an empty couch.


A hologram screen popped out and flashed me my details and particulars.


A warning message popped out to alert me that should I leave the couch boundary without completing a transaction, 1 Mcoin will be deducted.


Fuck. What kind of shit rule is this.


Prison kind of shit rule I suppose.


I could hear the door to the shop open and the sound of men having a conversation reached my ears.


A few men walked in and they were talking about either going on a budget or go all out and get a whore further down. The casual manner in which the discussion was going sounded as if it’s a bunch of guys deciding where to have their lunch.


I could hear their footsteps as they looked around the room.

Someone commented that the place looks empty.


I pretended to look far into the corner of the room, appearing disinterested but It was never about me being interested.


It was all about them.


Sitting on the couch, I’m just a piece of merchandise.


Please don’t come to my couch, please don’t come to my couch.


I was praying for them to head to Wen’s couch instead.


Suddenly I saw the figure of a man appearing in front of me. He looked like he’s same age as me, maybe a couple of years younger. He could very well be a course mate in school.


He looked at me from top to toe, even checking out my back. I felt uncomfortable when I saw his eyes linger on my naked vagina and I crossed m legs and put my hands on top oy my thigh before looking away.


Man : hi…… Ju…. Julia…. Is it… ?


He craned his head and looked at the display name that was flashing at the side of the couch.


Julia : hi…. Hi….


I thought he would introduce himself, or maybe at least tell me his name but no.


The man bent down a little to touch my breast in a vulgar manner like he was checking out whether to spend his money on some oranges. He gave my breast a few squeeze to access the firmness before depressing my erected nipple into the fats of my love pillows.


Julia : ernghhhhh ~~


I pushed his hands away and I glared at him but it did not affect him one bit at all.


Nodding his head, he told his friends he found a girl he like.


Man : eh I want this one…. This one… you all go ahead if you like…. I meet you all later….


He immediately took a seat beside me, scanned his wrist tag and he pushed me down on the couch.


What the fuck


Julia : enghhhh.. wait… wait.. er ghhhh


He tore up a packet of wet alcohol wipes and gave my breast a quick wipe down.


Julia : ernghh…. Wait… please.. enghhh


The cool feeling of alcohol evaporating off my breast sent a tingle to my nipples, causing it to erect almost immediately. It was happening too fast. There was no warning at all.


This transaction between money and body had no lag time. He wanted it to be instant.


The man threw the wet wipe onto the floor and he held my wrist down against the couch.


Julia : wait.. please… no… no.. ernghhh… ernghhhh!!!


I felt a flush of wetness lubricate my pussy as his lips closed around my right nipple and he started sucking. I was hit with a mixture of anger and arousal.


My nipples are my weak spot and the way he was licking and sucking my nipple reminded me of the first boy I made out of. The sensation travelled throughout my body, lubricating my vagina more than I could care to admit.


I could feel the soft folds of my vagina getting all wet and smooth.


Julia : ernghhhh stop…. Please… enghhh!!


Each time my legs move, my pussy lips rubbed against each other, spreading the lubrication over a wider surface area.

If I could scream at my vagina at that time I would.


What kind of slut would I have to be to get wet when a stranger is paying to suckle on my tits.


I was straddling the line between pain and pleasure when I heard the voice of another man near my couch.


Man 2 : wow.. this girl is hot….nice tits too…. Seldom get this kind of good ones man……


The man that was sucking me looked up at the man and gave him an acknowledging nod.


Man : want to tit-share ?


Man 2 : sure….


What the fuck ?


What the fuck is a tit share ???


I’ve heard of sharing a ride on a transport but never before a tit-share.


Julia : what… no..!… wait please… enrghhh…


Before I could resist, the 2nd man scanned his wrist tag and his mouth too closed around my left nipple and he started sucking away.


I panted and tried to resist but the 2 men are too strong.


With each of them pinning me down against the couch, there was nothing I could do but let their mouth and tongue have their way with my breast.


Julia : ernghhhhhh!!!.. enghhh!!! Stop please… heernnnnnhggg


Man : fuck she is good man…. Slurppzzzz…. Especially with the resisting… hahaha..


Man 2 : slurppzzz.. sluprrzzz.z… you taste so good… slurpzzz… hahaha… my god… I want to fuck you…..i want to fuck you so bad…. Slurpzzz….


Julia : ernghhh..stop !! ernhhh!!…


The sucking intensified by the 2 man. It’s as if they were deprived of breast milk by their mother when they were babies.


I felt someone pressing his hand against my wet pussy and dragging it along the slit, teasing the opening of my vagina.


It was the 1st man.


He brought up his hand to show me how wet I was before smearing my own pussy nectar all over my breast. Like a starving man devouring his breakfast, he slurped back down on my breast, eagerly lapping up my juices.


Julia : ernghhhh!!!


I saw the 2nd man trying to undo his pants and I started to scream.


Julia : efnghhh… no!! no please no!!! ernghhhh


His intention could not be clearer.


He wants to penetrate me and my fucking wet cunt from all the nipple stimulate seemed to agree it was time I get fucked.


I panted and scream and just when I thought all hope was lost, the couch around me became surrounded by a cone of red light.


An alarm sounded and all balance in the men’s wriststrap were reduced to zero with their profile and balance flashing in 3D holographic hologram in front of their faces.


Man : what the fuck….


Man 2 : what the hell is this….


A robotic drone appeared from the ceiling to remind the men of the rules of engaging the services of the girl in respective zones and shops.


Drone : No penetration allowed in the comfort room. Comfort room serves purely as breast play. No penetration allowed in the comfort room…… Comfort room serves purely as breast play…. Violaters will have their Mcoins confiscated and barred from the facility…..


The realisation that their money is gone snapped them out of their moment of lust.


Man : what the fuck is this man….i got no more mood for this shit…’s all your fault….


He directed his anger at the 2nd man who countered that this is a shitty rule.


Man 2 : what the fuck man… the girls are all whores…!!! Who cares what we do… we paid them !!!


The drone offered a settlement for the men. Pay 0.25 Mcoin as penalty and move on or leave the facility and never come back.


I covered my saliva stained breast with my arms as the 2 of them grumbled and agreed to the settlement.


I was on the verge of tears and I had to bite down really hard on my teeth to hold it all back.


This is really fucked up.


The couch resets itself and I saw myself being credited with 0.25 Mcoin for the ordeal I just went through. The machine even offered a breakdown.


Offering my breast to 2 men only made me 0.15 Mcoin. The additional 0.1 was compensation for the so call violation.


My total wealth went up to 12.35 coins.


A series of light blue arrows appeared on the floor leading me to a small hole in the wall where I could see a shower. There’s a timer. 15 seconds of cold water is all I get.


I could either extend the shower time or have hot water if I pay.


No way.


I stepped in and I screamed as the ice cold water pelted down on my body. I washed myself up as best as I could before a short blast of cold air dried my body so I would not drip all over the floor.


I was shivering as I stepped out and I could see Wen playing with her fingernails as another man sucked on her tits.


Wen : give me a while more…. He’s almost done….


I hugged myself and staggered out slowly of the comfort shop.


I don’t know what is more disturbing. The act of letting men suck my breast for money or the nonchalant manner in which Wen was treating all of this.


10 minutes later, Wen came out and put her hand around my shoulder.


Wen : you ok ?? … you got to chill man….


Julia : how could I chill….!!! I mean… the things…. The….


Wen chuckled and said that if I don’t learn to take things easy, I would snap in a matter of weeks.


Wen : You’re already in here… there’s no other way…..just learn to live with the flow…. Come… there’s time for another before lunch….


Julia : another ?? what is it about… ?


Wen : hmmmm…. How do I describe this….a bit like… show and tell ?


Julia : show and tell ?


Wen : educational in nature…..


I nodded and followed Wen down the street.




No way it can be worse than the comfort room right …… or so I thought.







Wen : we’re going to the classroom… where the educational arm of the prison holds talks and…. How can I say this…. Ermm….lessons ? …


Julia : talks and lessons ?


Wen : just imagine it’s one of those TED talks….. but centered around a women’s body of course…. Purely educational….


Julia : ok….no sex right… ?


Wen : oh my god… you are such a prude Julia…. Ahhaha… are you a virgin ??


Julia : I’m not !!… I just… I just find it disgusting….that… that…


Wen : that what…. ? selling your cunt for money ? oh please… I hear that so often…. If I get a Mcoin each time I hear a new girl tell me that…. I would be a Mcoin millionaire…. Hahahah


I ignored her as she pointed to a turn in the street.


Wen : there… the classroom is over there….


Julia : huh …. What is the classroom….


Wen told me it opens for class once a week and it’s got a long waiting list.


Wen : You need to ballot for a slot and I happened to get 1…. I can go alone of course… but the payout doubles if I bring someone along…. So….


Turning to me, Wen said she expects a cut from my earning.


Wen : I’ll be upfront… you’re going to get 1 Mcoin from this… I expect half…. In commission… if you get what I mean…


Julia : oh….erm… ok….


Well, nothing is free in this place I figure, not even friendship.


I’m wary of Wen.


It’s only natural I get a little suspicious. I mean come on, I just met her today, however seeing her rear the ugly head of hers actually made me feel a little better.


At least I know she’s in it for the money.



Wen : so are you in or not….half a Mcoin is not that much…. I could always grab another girl from here…


Julia : wait.. wait… let me think…


Wen : hai yo…. What is there to think about… come… come… let’s go….


Wen looked at the time and it’s coming to 11.30am in the morning.


Wen : we need to go there before class starts….


I was filled with apprehension as I followed Wen out into the street.


The strip mall looked so different in the day compared to the evening when I explored it with Miko.


There are a lot more girls walking about and there are men checking us out from every corner.


I kept my head down most of the time and avoided eye contact. The last thing I want is to be waylaid into having sex with one of them.


Thankfully there are plenty of girls throwing themselves at the men.


I could see girls willingly let the men touch their body, dig their fingers into their vagina for a taste of what they are paying for. One girl even willingly pushed her tits into the face of a young chap who looked like he just turned 18.


One this for sure, there are a lot more willing girls than horny men out here.


Wen : hurry… over here….


We climbed up to the street level and Wen brought me to a building that was renovated to look like a lecture hall.

We entered and a robotic drone was there to greet us.


Drone : Registration please….


Wen scanned her tag and I could see her particulars open up, filling in a slot on the available window.


Wen : I brought a friend….for the bonus…


The drone scanned my wrist tag and did a scan of my body before asking us to proceed into the classroom.


Julia : ok… what do we do now… ?


Wen : follow me… we need to get changed…..


We entered a small room much like the backstage of a theatre.

The wood panelled room had a musty smell of storage.


Wen could see I was feeling apprehensive and uncomfortable.



Wen : relax…ok…. It’s just a show and tell….


Wen pushed the rack of cloths aside and she stood in front of the blank wall, gesturing for me to join her.


The moment I took my spot, out height, weight and body side appeared for a brief second on the wall via laser projections before disappearing altogether immediately after.


The ceiling opened up a slot and I could see hangers descending down towards us with clothes and shoes.


Julia : what is this… ?


Wen : I told you… no sex…Chill babe…. it’s just a classroom….here.. get dressed….


Julia : what… why ??


Wen : It’s not everyday you get to put on clothes ok… better treasure the opportunity….get your sense of sanity back for a while…


I was filled with both exasperation and anger. Partly for feeling stupid for trusting Wen.


I looked at the clothes in front of me and the one Wen is putting on.


Those are not clothes. Those are school uniforms.


This doesn’t make sense.


Wen was done in no time and she helped me buckle up my bra, before pulling the blouse off the hanger.


God, I don’t remember having a bra on me that feels so snug and good. Having my breast supported with soft firm cups felt so liberating after being naked for so long.


The snug feeling of a well fitted bra made me feel safe as well.


I pulled on the plain matching cotton panty in pink and I almost moaned in ecstasy. I had nearly forgotten the feeling of having a panty on me.


Wen : wait wait… put this on….


She threw me a sanitary pad and I gave her a questioning look.


Julia : I’m not having my period…..


Wen : It’s not for your period…. Put it on….


I pulled my panty down halfway to my thigh and applied the sanitary napkin to the panty before pulling it back up.


Oh god, the feel of a soft and snug napkin on a pair of clean underwear. I could feel myself getting wet already. I touched the pad outside the underwear to make sure I had it on properly by looking at myself in the mirror.


As I pulled on the blouse, I was struck with a sense of familiarity.


Julia : this….. this school uniform…’s from a top school right ?

Wen : yes it is….…. From the top Junior college in the country… Faquhar Junior College….. FJC in short.


Julia : what!!… why ??


Wen : Just put it on !!…


Wen help me put on the blouse before helping me with the skirt and adjusting it properly. Wen helped me tucked in my blouse and she helped me tie up my hair.


My blouse fit perfectly, and the translucent white blouse showed off a little of the pastel pink bra I was wearing. The green skirt ends perfectly 1.5 inches above my knees.


I was given a pair of shoes and socks that barely covered my ankles.


You could hardly tell my age from the way I dress.


No one would believe I am a working adult.


I looked just like your average school girl going to class.


I looked at the mirror in front of me and I felt a wave of horror hit me.




School uniform of a top junior college.


Julia : wait… wait !! what … what is this about…. What am I suppose to do !!!


Wen smiled and reassured me no sex involved.


Julia : I’m not asking if there’s sex… I’m asking what am I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!


Wen : Nothing… no need to do anything… just keep still and don’t move…it’s a show and tell…. Don’t worry… I’ll be there beside you….


Julia : what the fuck…. What… Wen…. WEN!!


She dragged me over to 2 lit circle boundary that had appeared over the floor.


The circle sank about 15 centimetres and I could feel 2 metallic shackle close around my ankles.


Julia : oh my god… oh my god.. what is happening !!!


The floor appears to be a conveyor of sort and Wen and I were anchored to the base plate or something.


The base started to move.

I was on the verge of screaming as I moved towards a blank wall.


Then I stopped.


My heart was slamming against my ribcage as I look at Wen adjust her hair.


Wen : relax… you are too jumpy Julia… can you please relax….! Hahaha



Julia : oh god… no… no… fuck no…


I felt the base plate move again, delivering Wen and me towards the wall.


With a hiss of the hydraulic, the wall parted, and I was moved into the middle of a classroom.


30 pairs of hungry eyes from boys who just reached puberty stared at my body like starving hyenas looking for a meal.


They were dressed in similar uniforms for the elite junior college I was dressed in but for boys.


I was trembling when I heard the teacher speak.


Teacher : alright class…. Are you ready…. For an introduction to the women’s body….. and the corresponding effects on the level of negative  concentration….


Class : yes… teacher….


Teacher : good….


Wen : see…. I told you it’s just a show and tell right…..


I could not even bring myself to answer Wen.


Yes it’s a show and tell…….. and I’m beginning to suspect we’re going to do a lot more showing, than telling.





I tried to move and shift my position, but the shackles would not budge. It’s like my feet were baked into the floor.


The teacher explained that in order to let the boys relate better, they have requested the prison to dress the girl up in similar school uniforms as the girls in the school.


Pointing to Wen and me, the teacher paced slowly around the lecture room and addressed his class.


Teacher : Now…. The girls in your schools are the elites…. So are all of you guys…. You all will probably be running the country in a few decades time……..and while it is unfortunate we cannot have this lesson with the daughter of some big developer or politician…. We can however…. Pretend this…. These…. 2 inmates here… are one of them….


The boys around me laughed.


I saw a couple of them made a gesture of blowjob with his clenched fist and his tongue pushing the inside of his cheeks at me.


They looked 18 at the most, I bet most of them are 17.


The legal age of sex remained unchanged at 16, while the age for paid sex has been reduced to 17. This technically meant anyone of the boys in the room could pay to fuck me if they wanted to.


Some had the faint hint of facial hair above their lips. A couple were too shy to look at me.


The teacher is a man in his fifties.


His expression is like that of a poker player. Walking over to me, he begin to describe the female body. He put his hands on my shoulder and I shrug him away.


He walked over to Wen and touched her breast to which she responded with a slut like smile before blowing a kiss at the boys in the crowd.


Teacher : you just have to understand one thing….the female body… is something you use for pleasure…. And for reproduction…. Anything beyond the function of a sperm receptacle….. is well….. too good a description….


The class laughed and I felt like slapping the teacher.


Teacher : unless of course… she has a rich daddy…. Or a powerful one….


The laugher grew louder.


Teacher : now… look at this female in front of you…. Imagine… close your eyes if you want to… just imagine…. She is your classmate…. She goes to school with you….. sits beside you in class…..


He walked over to me before going behind. All eyes of the class fell upon my body.


The teacher lowered his voice a notch, drawing everyone attention like an expert story teller.


Teacher : you are trying hard to pay attention to the teacher…. The person who wants to impart knowledge to you… but this girl… this classmate of yours…. She made it difficult for you to do so…..


I could not believe the words that is coming out of that teacher’s mouth.


No wonder the country is fucked.


Teacher : her smell….. the brush of her hair…. When she crossed her legs…. Causing her skirt to rise up above her knees…..all these subtle movements designed and programmed biologically to tease and fuck with your head….


The teacher suddenly increased the volume of his lesson, directing it at a unsuspecting student who jumped before smiling nervously.


Teacher : you look at her legs….you looked at her hairless calves… the fairness of her skin…. Your mind wonder how those will feel in your hands…. You caught a whiff… some scent you cannot explain…. You start to get an erection… for no apparent reason in the middle of class…..


The teacher circled the class a full round before putting his hands on Wen’s shoulder and addressed his brood.


Teacher : you have just lost…. Total.. and I meant total ……total concentration…. On the lesson… just because of the actions of an irresponsible girl…. A girl…. Who has no reason whatsoever of being in class…..


Julia : What the fuck are you talking about…! Are you trying to say a girl should be denied the chance of education ?!!!




I did not see the slap coming.


The teacher just slapped me.


What made it worst was half the class actually laughed.


Teacher : don’t speak… unless spoken to….and you shall only answer with ‘yes’ , ‘ please’ or ‘thank you’ …. …. Whore….


I glared at the fucker as he returned to his class.


Wen frowned and shook her head at me, as if telling me I should just play along.


Yes, play along to the sick fantasy of this teacher and his class of sexually depraved boys.


The boys were hanging onto his every word like it came direct from a bible dedicated to exploitation of women for their own pleasures.


Teacher : your concentration…. Is gone…. All because of her body…. And her actions….instead of concentrating on the lecture…. All your mind can think of is her body… her smell…. Her vagina…..


One of the boys whistled and the teacher pointed a finger at him, as if to ask him to calm down and it was not the time to be excited yet.


Teacher : her small little actions,…. Even a simple fiddling of her pen…. You look at her fingers and imagine how it would feel wrapped around your cock…. Delivering waves of pleasure instead of writing useless stuff down on a lecture pad…..


Boys : whooooo!!!… whooo!!


Teacher : you steal a glance at the way she pretended to be thinking about the lecture or lesson…. But she is touching the end of her pen to her lips… she’s pushing the end of the pen against her lips as she thinks…..


The boys got more excited and a few of them got up on their feet.


Teacher : Her crossed legs started to shake, the one on top shakes like a pendulum, pressing down against the thigh it is resting on…. And in return…. The swinging motion delivers short burst of stimulation at their vagina….


Boys : whoooooooooooooo!!!!! Whooo!!!


A few of them are clapping by then.


The intensity in which the teacher describes the girls action intensified.


Teacher : her shaking legs, her vagina lips gets wet…. The wet lips rubs and lubricates her vagina, making it wetter and wetter…..!!! the thickness of her cunt juices increased…. Making it more viscous….. the juices will be so thick it will stick to your cock like a web…..!!


The shouts and cheers got more excited evidently.


Teacher : Put all of these together class…. You think she is really concentrating on the lesson .?? … don’t you think it’s a waste of resources to educate them…. ?


Boys : whooooo!!!! YES!!!!! WHOO!!!!!


Teacher : what do you think is the reason for having these girl in school ??!!!


Boys : to distract us !!!!


The teacher turned towards me and he pointed a remote control at the small section I was standing at. He pressed something and it started to move. I was turning and rotating.


He did the same for Wen and her section started to rotate as well, parading both our bodies to the room.


The teacher touched my back and I could feel his hands rubbing against my shoulder and my bra strap.


Teacher : the blouse…. The way the blouse for the female students is designed…. You see… look….. everyone… look !!!


He commented about how translucent it is.


Teacher : why ? … why do it this way ? ….the only reason… is to show off the girls breast…. Her choice of bra…


Boys : whoooooooooooooo!!!!! Yeah !!!!


The teacher commented at white blouse are a subtle sign of modern bondage imposed upon the females.


It’s nothing but a thin veil to trick us into believing it’s there for our modesty.


Teacher : the real reason for white blouse…. Is sheer… utter humiliation of the female body…. A visual treat…. For us men….


Everyone got on their feet and were clapping by then. I looked at the faces of all the boys in front of me and I was shaking. The small section I was at kept turning, allowing everyone a good 360 degree view of my body through the white blouse I was wearing.


The school badge I was wearing is the same as the one on the boys but we could not be further apart in terms of equality.


The teacher pressed the white blouse against my back and asked if they can all see the bra strap of my bra.


Teacher : can you see this ?? … can you see the bra straps ?? ….


Boys :yes !!!!! YES!!!!


Teacher : do you think seeing things like this is helpful….. for your concentration in school ???


Boys : NOOO!!!!!


Teacher : what do you think we should do ??!!!


Boys : take it off !!!! TAKE IT OFF !!!!


I hugged onto my body and my fingers closed around my arms.


I was suddenly hit with the realisation that if all of these boys at the peak of their puberty decides to rape me all at once, there is nothing I can do.


Wen’s promise of no sexual intercourse could not be further from the truth.


What if I was to be used as a teaching material for the boys’ first attempt at sexual intercourse. ?


Will the teacher make each of them penetrate me while the rest cheer and hold me down ?


All except a few looked at my body with the obvious lust written all over at their face. Those that were not making eye contact were too shy to look at me but that’s not stopping them from feasting their eyes on other parts of my body.


I could feel cold sweat breaking out on my forehead as the floor spun to a stop.


Teacher : patience….. patience my dear padawans…. Hahaha….


Going back to the usual tone he takes while delivering his lesson, he asked the class to identify the root of the problem.


Teacher : in life…. As we solve each challenge and problem that comes out ways….. we always need to identify the root of the problem…. What…. Is the root of the problem…. In this case…. Can anyone tell me ??


One of the boys shot up his hand and shouted.


“ her !! the girl is the problem !!! “


The others cheers and the teacher nodded his head and acknowledged the answer. The smile on his face told me he could not have been more proud.


Teacher : yes… you are correct…. She… or rather… all the female students in your class are the problem….they are the reason you cannot concentrate on your lectures…. They are the reason why you cannot pursue your studies to the best of your abilities….


Boys : yes !!! YES!!!


Teacher : If they are not in your class !!!


The teacher pointed a forceful hand at Wen before going on.


Teacher : If there are no girls in your class crossing and uncrossing their legs…..would you be distracted ???!!


Boys : NO!!!!


The teacher grabbed my breast without warning and I whimpered in pain.


Julia : ernghhhhhhhh!!!


Teacher : If they are not there with their translucent blouses….. showing off their choice of bra for the day…. Would you be able to study harder !!!!


Boys : YES!!!!!


The teacher’s voice went up another notch as he grabbed me from behind and he smelled my hair. I could feel his unshaved chin and the musky breath as he exhaled into my face.


He was pushing his erection through his pants against me as well.


Teacher : If they are not there…. Tempting everyone with their fertile body….!!!! Would you be able to get better results !!!


The roar from the classrooms felt as if their favourite soccer team had just scored a goal. All the boys were on their feet, clapping and cheering like sex starved puberty virgins.


One of the boys took off his pants and his classmates cheered as he showed off his erected cock.


I grabbed onto the teacher’s hands and tried to pull them away from my breast but I was hit with his fist on the right of my head.


Julia : erghhhh!…


It was so painful and I could feel tears starting to build up in my eyes.




I must not cry.


Cry would be to admit I’m defeated.


I’m not defeated.


The teacher spoke again after calming his class down.


The teacher went over to Wen and lifted up her short skirt, stroking her thigh with his hand.


Teacher : It’s…. really a rare occasion… that we get such a nice specimens for our sex education….so…. I urge everyone to pay attention for today’s class today…… as I introduce you… to a part of the female body…. Call… the vagina…


A few of the boys left their seats and jumped onto the teaching floor.

Within seconds, Wen and I were surrounded by the teenage boys eager for a view of our bodies.

The stench of their sweat and breath is suffocating.


Then they started touching Wen and me. their hands were touching me all over, my hair, my body, my legs, my hands.


Julia: let go …let go of me fuck !!! let me go !!!


Boys : whoooo!!! Whooo !!!


The teacher hit a button on the remote and the shackle was released.


I was grabbed and pulled and I was dragged like a rag doll to a waiting chair.


As if the humiliation could not get worse, I was made to sit on a chair similar to the one used in school.


My ankles were strapped to 2 poles with leather leash at it’s end, similar to what the dog catchers would use to loop around the animal’s neck but in this case, it was my ankles that were caught in the loop.


2 boys held onto the pole as the class formed a semi circle around Wen and me.


Teacher : alright… alright… we need to split the class into 2…. You… until here.. over here…. You… grab her and move over to that section…..


I watched as the boys lifted Wen and the chair up effortlessly, putting a distance of about 5m between us.


My hands were tired to the handle of the lecture chair and I could feel the first bead of perspiration roll down my forehead.


Teacher : ok….. the rest… spread out… and pay attention…. Do it step by step…. Understand ???


Wen’s group : yes… teacher….


The teacher looked at me with a disgusting grin on his face.


Teacher : spread her legs.


Julia : no… no!!  no please… no..!!ernghhh


I could feel the pull of the leash and no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep my thighs closed together. The leash around my ankles forced my legs apart as the boys pulled while laughing.


Julia : ergnhhhh!!!


Teacher : somemore…..


Julia : ernghhhh!!! Stop….


Teacher : somemore…. !!


Julia : eRNGH!!!!



The more I spread my legs, the higher the school skirt I was wearing went up my thigh.


I could feel the cool air teasing my thigh. Anymore and the whole class would be able to see my underwear.


My privates are within seconds of being exposed.


It’s my vagina they are all after.


I bet half of them have never seen a real one before.


I can’t believe I’m about to flash my pussy to a whole group of adolescent boys.


I was still worrying about exposing myself when I heard the rubber like snap of the gloves going around the teacher’s hand.


Julia : oh fuck… no… no… please… no… don’t !!


Then, like a series of muted fireworks going off, I heard more snaps.


Snap… snap… snap…. Snap….


My eyes circled around the room and I saw the boys eagerly put on their own pair of rubber gloves.


It suddenly dawned on me that this lesson, this show and tell lesson.


It probably includes a practical part….




Optional read 2 – Show and tell ( available on subscription )




The hit of the artificially generated fresh air from the street was a refreshing change from the stuffiness of the classroom.

At least my nostril was not filled with the stench of the school kids.


I could feel the streets getting crowded at we approached lunch time. The soreness in my nipples and vagina was beginning to set in.


The sniggers and the kind of looks the men on the street looked at my abused body parts made me sick. My breast had red marks from the pinches and slaps I received.


I could not wait to get back to the hotel for a shower after getting touched and violated by a whole class of young men and their teacher.

If sexual education class was conducted this way for men, I wonder what it would be like for the girls.


Wen : don’t keep a glum face on Julia… haiyo…. You got to learn to chill….


Julia : I am chill….


Wen : you certainly don’t look that way….


I let Wen lead the way and every time she stopped to say hi to a friend, i felt very exposed.


Despite the fact that every women in the street is naked, I had this weird feeling that the men were looking at me. Some were casually sipping their beer, some enjoying their coffee at the alfresco café that overlooks the strip mall.


Every time someone looks at me, I could feel them putting a price tag on my physical self.


I could almost see the question running through their head each time our eyes met.


Do I want to fuck this girl ?


Is she worth the money I’m going to pay to fuck her ?


What can I get her to do to make my money worth?



Stepping back into the hotel I was checked in to felt like a great relief.


Wen said we should go take a shower before we eat and I agreed.


Wen : we don’t have much time…. You need to hurry… we are doing shower, a quick lunch and a short break, all in 40 minutes….


Julia : oh.. ok…


Wen : We want to get to the Japanese restaurant before they start serving their guest….


Julia : what… what do I need to do at the restaurant… can you tell me in detail…?


Wen held onto my shoulders and look at me in the eye.


Wen : If I told you… you are going to be grope, finger fucked and violated, nipple slapped by a class of students…. Would you have agreed to go to the show and tell ?


Julia : I… i… I guess not…


Wen : but then you would have lost out on making the Mcoins….it’s not that bad right… I mean… no dicks inside your pussy.. isn’t that what you are concerned about…. ??


Before I could even answer that question inside my head, Wen told me to hurry up.


Wen : We don’t want to be late… we need to get a good spot….. I’ll see you at the dining are in a bit…


I nodded and went straight to the shower area as Wen waved and caught up with another friend of hers.


It feels weird as I walked past so many unfamiliar faces.


There is this loneliness I cannot explain.


I wonder what Trish is doing now. Perhaps I should have followed her career choice, become a domestic worker in Malaysia. At least I only need to satisfy the fetish and lust of a single man.


Stepping into the shower, I saw the timer lit up and it started counting down.


4 Mins.


That’s the amount of water I get. Thankfully it did not come out as a trickle.

The generous spray and water pressure of the hot water made me lose control.


I find myself sobbing in the shower for about a minute before snapping myself out of the moment.


I quickly soaped up, spending extra time on my breast and nipples. I moaned and my legs went soft for a second when I touched my own vagina.


I was reminded of the fingers of the teacher.


The expert manner in which he manhandled my cunt.


I hate him.


I hate his touch and I hate his face but his fingers.


The manner in which he touched and brought me to orgasmic heaven. It was one of the best orgasm I ever had.


I don’t know if it was purely the orgasm, or it was the situation I was in.


Held down, helpless, exposed breast, spread legs and a really wet pussy ready for penetration, the mental torture of that situation was actually stimulating.


It’s sick and I hated that my body responded so positively to that level of humiliation.

I could still smell the stench of the students on me. I could feel myself shivering as I thought about the numerous hands


The way in which their hand and finger entered and abused my vagina left a permanent psychological scar in my head. One that I knew I would keep it buried deep somewhere in my consciousness.


Finger after finger.


It just kept coming.


And they put their fingers into their mouths after. If they are doing this in college, I wonder what else they would put into their mouth when they are adults.


This was probably the reason why the juice and fruit shop exists.


Lunch was a simple affair of plain brown rice with fried long beans and stewed potato with diced carrots.


I piled my plate with food and sat down.


Wen was nowhere to be seen so I started eating alone.


Looking at the time as I ate, I was confronted by another worry.


In a matter of hours, Miko would have spread the news of who I really am to the whole prison floor.

There’s no way of me knowing it has been done but something tells me it would be pretty obvious.


Wen came out a couple of minutes later and sat down opposite me.


Moments later another younger girl joined us.


Wen : Julia … let me introduce you… this is Suzy….


Julia : Hi Suzy….


Suzy : Hi Julia…. Nice to meet you…


Suzy is young, damm young I must say.


I could not resist asking her how old she is.


Suzy : I’m 19…


Julia : What ?… you’re …. You’re…


Suzy : I’m young…. Hahah… I know…


Julia : What are you doing here ??


Wen scooped a mouthful of rice into her mouth before adding that Suzy is a deathrow inmate.


I almost choked on my food as I looked wide eye at Wen .


Julia : What ??!


Suzy smiled as if she had already accepted her fate.


Wen pointed to her wristlet that is in orange.


Wen : death row inmate wrist tag is different….it’s in orange…. Since Singapore no longer hang female inmates…. She will be here till she’s 40… before being transferred to the other side….


That was when I noticed the amount of Mcoins she has.


Julia : you…you…


Suzy : yeah…. 1Mcoin….. I’m screwed for the night…. Probably have to sleep in the street if I don’t make some later….


Wen : Suzy is going to join us at the Japanese restaurant later….but it’s not going to be enough for her….


Julia : Oh no.. then how ??


Wen shrugged her shoulder with a chuckle before adding that Suzy is like me.


Wen : Well… Suzy is like you…. Refuse to fuck another man….surviving and hiding day to day on silly jobs like the one we did….i told her it’s a matter of time before she needs to take on a fuck job…..maybe today is the day….


Suzy just gave a weak smile and started to eat her lunch.


Suzy : I had 4 Mcoin last night…. But was cornered by this guy near the staircase…. Had to pay 1 Mcoin to reject him….then I spent another to make a call to my mum….. paid 1 for the hotel….


Julia : You can make a call ??


Suzy : Yeah… by the telco shop down the road…. It’s expensive though… 1 Mcoin for 3 minutes….


I find myself staring at her orange tag and I knew I should not have asked but I could not resist.


How can a 19 year old be on death row ?



Julia : why are you on death row ?? did you smuggle drugs  ??


Suzy shook her head.


Suzy : I killed a man for trying to rape me….


Wen laughed.


Wen : the irony,….. now you’re going to have to let men rape you for money…


Suzy : I’ll do what I can to make sure that doesn’t happen !


Wen : hahahha… we’ll see…. We’ll see…. Girls with lofty ideas about surviving in the real world…. Are usually the first to go… lets finish up…. We have a japanese restaurant to get to…..


I knew what I’m going to do is probably going to be a mistake but I could not help it.


I can’t resist helping someone if I can.


Julia : Don’t worry Suzy…. I’ll pay for your accommodation…..i have some to spare…


Suzy looked surprised while Wen just laughed.


Wen : It’s your Mcoins babe…. But let me tell you…. You’re going down a slippery slope….


Julia : It’s ok… I have enough to spare….


Suzy held my hand and gave me a gentle squeeze like a younger sister grateful to her elder sister for helping her out of a bind.


Suzy : I appreciate the gesture Julia….i’ll take you up on that offer if I don’t make enough at the Japanese restaurant later…but I’ll pay you back….


Wen : whatever girls…. We’re running late… eat up….we have sick men to serve later….


Suzy : have you been to the Japanese inspired restaurant Julia ?


Julia : No… this… this is my first day… in the prison I meant…. Wait… what is the difference ? …. I meant a Japanese restaurant and a Japanese inspired restaurant… ?


Suzy : Oh…. One serves jap food… the other serves sick men ? hahaha


Julia : That doesn’t sound good….


Suzy : hahaha… the Japs make the best porn in the world….don’t you know ?



I sighed as I swallowed a mouthful of rice.


Julia : unfortunately I do….




Wen, Suzy and I left the hotel together as we made a hurried dash towards the Japanese restaurant located on the lower levels of the prison.

Tucked right at the bottom level on Basement four, it’s about the size of a badminton court.


There is a long line of customers at the front door, mostly business executive types that came out for an extended lunch.


Wen : ok…. These category of men usually comes for the fetish and the tease…. Coming here for lunch and getting back to office within 2 hours, there’s not much they can do….. they can have a quick fuck but it defeats the purpose….


Julia : How so ?


Suzy : because if you are going to pay for sex, you don’t it to be too rush… so most of these men come here for lunch, grab a few boob before going back to work…


Julia : I see…


Wen : Come… we’re going in from the back entrance… there’s a good crowd today…. We should be able to get in….



Walking down a narrow alley with air con condensers dripping water overhead, we came out to a small back of house area that is shared with the other shops beside the restaurant.


I could see another 3 girls lining up at the door.


Wen : quick quick… oh my god …. Oh my god… it’s our lucky day….


Suzy : what ? what ?


Wen : they’re doing an omakase menu today…..


Wen checked the setting and did a manual count before exclaiming that we’re guaranteed Mcoins as long as the customers don’t reject any of us.


Wen : We look good… should be safe…. hahaha


We got in line after Wen as she craned her neck trying to get a feel of the situation in front.


Wen : ok…. Just nice… I think we’ll fill the whole table foe this….


I turned to Suzy and asked her what is this restaurant about and most importantly, how many Mcoins will I be making.


Suzy : It’s usually between 0.1- 0.25 Mcoin each….it’s a revolving sushi restaurant… have you been to one of them ??


Julia : Yes…. Once… many years back…. It’s not exactly cheap…


Suzy : ok… instead of having different variety of sushi and sashimi on the revolving belt, this restaurant is a bit different…. The ones on the belt will be us girls


Julia : oh I know… the food… will be on us…right ? I think I’ve seen it somewhere…. The sushi chef display the food on our body and the people eat off us….


Suzy : well….. ermmm.. kind of I would say…


Suzy’s face scrunched up as her eyes looked upwards, trying to find the best way to explain the concept to me.


Suzy : The food isn’t really displayed on our body…. But rather….erm… I think … it really depends on how the chefs want to present their creations…. I’ve had to chew up food before spitting it out before…. You know what I mean… ?


Julia : what ? !! chew up food ? what the hell.. ?


Suzy : exactly right….? It’s a piece of fatty tuna…. My god it taste so good that I could feel it melt in my mouth but then I have to spit it out after chewing it for a few times, saliva, fats and chewed up tuna….


Julia : then ? … then ?


Suzy : the customer ate it… while wanking off and stroking my vagina….


Julia : that is fucking disgusting…..


Suzy : it’s art…. According to the chef….


Wen : we’re going in !!… come on… enough of the talking….it’s a omakase menu…. I’m pretty sure it’s 0.25 Mcoins a piece… hahaha


Julia : Omakase…..


Suzy : For omakase menu ……you know… it really depends on the chef’s creativity and his concept for the day….i’ve had to hold snow crab meat under my armpits before too….


Julia : oh god… let me guess… the saltiness of the ocean isn’t enough….


Suzy : It’s not that straightforward…. Come on…It’s our turn…


Entering the Japanese restaurant, we scanned our wrist tag on the scanner to our left as we walked down a corridor lined with tatami mat. The timber framed partition walls on our sides guided us along like cattle heading to a slaughter.


I saw a man in the centre of the revolving table while another inmate was busy clearing up after the last round of diners left.


The man looked to be in his mid thirties and he too has a wrist tag on him.


I whispered to Suzy and asked if that man is a customer or a staff of the prison.


Suzy checked to make sure the chef was not looking in our direction before replying me.


Suzy : he’s a customer….like the other men… but a chef in the real world…. The men would bid…. Somewhat like an auction…. To participate in this…. Winning bidder gets to flex his creativity muscles to prepare food for other customers….. he makes money off the meals too….


Julia : I see….


Suzy : down here… you get to exercise quite a bit of artistic flair…. If you get what I mean… compared to serving Japanese food in the real world….


Julia : Right… where else can you find such fine dining dinner wares like our body…..


Suzy : hahahah… you are funny Julia …


Chef : alright…. Come.. quite… we’re doing a 5 course business lunch….each course will be served one after the other…. Go wash your vagina over there and get on the conveyor belt.


I followed the rest of the girls to a small room where the inmate cleaning the tables earlier held a baton like object connected to a hose.


She pushed the baton against the privates of the 1st girl and she moaned out loud as the water jet directly into her vagina before being squeezed out.


“ ernghhhhhh!! “


The process was repeated 3 times before the 1st first walked with a wobble and sat on a customised seat on the conveyor belt.


Julia : That looks fucking painful….


Wen : Not as painful as getting gangbanged by construction workers I’m telling you….


I turned to look at Suzy who answered my question with a nod.


Suzy : It hurts… but….it’s just water…


Ok. Fine.

A jet of water or the cock of a man I never met.


I would choose that jet of water.


Wen : erhhhhhh… whooooooo!!!! Fuck!! Whoooo!!


Wen howled and squirmed as she squeezed out the excess water with a medley of pussy fart and curses.


Wen : ernghhh.. oh fuck… I could never get used to this… fuck….e rnhhhh…. Ahhh …


“ pfffffffyyzzzzzz “

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I walked to the girl who looked as bored as a customs officer stamping passport for a whole day.


I felt that silicon like texture of the baton spread my love hole and my entire world turned black as I felt the column of water impale into my vagina.


Julia : erGNHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ahhh!!


I could feel the air being knocked out of my lungs as I could not believe the kind of sensation that caused.


It’s like someone trying to force cucumber right back up my intestine or something.


“ pfffffffffftttttzzzzzz…..ppoooozzzzzzzttt “


I was literally shaking as I felt the water dribble down the sides of my thigh while a good amount of it vaporising into bubbles as I squeezed that vile jet of water out.


Julia : Oh fuck….ernghhhhh!!


The inmate did not even wait for me to catch my breath or to make sure I had the bulk of the 1st jet expelled out. She pushed the baton against my vagina and I felt the 2nd wave bitch fuck itself into my vagina, bringing me back to the time I just lost my virginity to a senior of mine.


The pain was too much to describe it’s like someone rubbing wasabi onto my vagina lips.



I was pretty sure my pussy is clean enough to eat out of by the time I staggered over to a seat on the conveyor belt.


I sat down on the soft silicon seat and I followed what the other girls did.


The seat is like a compact person of a massage chair. My body conformed nicely to the prefabricated curves designed to hold me on a slightly inclined position.


My foot went up on this metal pedal on both sides of my feet.


It was a comfortable angle, if I was about to give birth that is.


After Suzy was done washing her vagina, the inmate taking care of the washing came over and helped secure our ankles to the metal rest and clasped the leather cuffs over our wrist.


6 girls in all completed the conveyor. The chef hit a control and we began to spin.


Like a twisted ride in an amusement centre, we went around slowly, our legs spread apart around the table.


Once the chef made sure the spin is ok, he hit another control to stop it.


We were rotated inwards so our privates faced the chef instead of the dining customers.


It was obvious that I’m the newbie in the room.


The other girls looked visibly relax except for me.


I watched the chef lay out his knives on the table as he checked his personal tablet for a last minute look at the menu.


Chef : Ok…. Get the customers in….


My heart was racing as I watch the inmate leave the room.


It’s like I was on a roller coaster ride and this is the ascend before the steep plunge.


I could hear the men coming in. They were talking about the stock market and whether the interest rates would be raised.

Typical banker talks.


“ girls look good today… “


“ I hope their pussy taste fresh “


“ nice… today’s stock is nice… haha “


Chef : gentlemen…. Please take a seat… and do let me know if you would like a change of girls….


I could hear the grunt of the man taking a seat behind me and his friend sitting opposite me to be served by Suzy commented that I look good.


“ Bro.. it’s your lucky day… your one quite pretty… ahahha… “


Before I had time to worry about my would be customer, I watched the chef pull out a live octopus from a tank.


Julia : holy fuck….


Wen : shhhh… Julia…. Keep quiet…. Our money gets deducted if the review given is not favourable….. don’t say a word….


I looked at Wen in disbelief.


How can I not say a word.


That octopus looks as big as my head.


I started to panic as I looked around me.


The other girls were not reacting. Is it really just me ?


I jumped when I saw the chef skilfully killed the octopus and sever one of the tentacles of the octopus.


The tentacles were still moving and squirming about.


He began to sever all the other tentacles, removing those that had latched itself onto him with ease.


Chef : for the first course……. Inspired by a James bond movie. ….. I present…. The Octo pussy…..


The chef slapped each wriggling tentacle on each of us near our vagina in a clockwise direction.


Julia : ernghhh!!


I could not describe that sensation of having the sucker pads of the dying octopus latching onto my skin. It was place near our vagina but not position such that it’s directly on it.


It’s a strange feeling as I felt the muscles contract around my skin.


Something triggered the chair I was on and I began to turn 180 degree towards the paying customer.


What greeted my eyes was that of a middle age man in his forties. He gave me a wide smiled as he appraised my body and the piece of mollusc wriggling near my pelvic area.


Chef : a toast gentle… a toast to the start of a wonderful lunch….KAMPAI!


All the men in the room raised their sake but instead of drinking it, the poured it all over the girls vagina.


Julia :gasp !!.. ernghhh…!!


Customer : first time ? hahaha


The panic look on my face must have given me away.


Customer : don’t worry… I’m a gently eater…. Hhahaha


He tipped half the flask of sake over my vagina as I pressed my eyes shut.


Julia :ernghhhhh!!


I felt the warm mouth of that customer clamp shut around my vagina lips as he sucked up the sake that he had used in a cleansing ritual for my privates.


My eyes widened as I felt the vulgar tease of his tongue spreading my vagina lips and tasting the entrance into my love hole.


Julia :ernghhhh!!


Customer : hahha…. Slurppzz… slurpzzz… nice.. nice….


I shivered as his warm tongue gave my excited clitoris a playful flick.


He pulled the octopus off me and like the rest of the men, starting chewing and devouring it.


Another ritual of vagina cleaning ritual began.


“KAMPAI!!! “


Our privates were doused with a generous serving of sake before we were turned around again to face the chef.


Chef : 2nd course…. Fresh Hokkaido oysters…. Served fresh on the Mons pubis…as it slides down to labia majora…..your tongue shall receive the oyster at the labia minora……. I call this… the oysterfall….


What the fuck is he talking about. Is he fucking high or something ?


Turning to Suzy I mouthed the words what the hell is that suppose to mean.


Suzy replied as if she has done this a dozen time before and had grown used to this shit.


Suzy : He’s going to slide an oyster down your private and the men will sucked it up as it gets coated with your natural lubricant….


Julia : good god…. Those oysters better be fresh….


The chef, having caught wind of our exchange replied with a smile.


Chef : they most certainly are…




I could hear the murmurs of the men as I watch the chef shuck the first oyster. It’s huge, I don’t remember seeing an oyster that big before. It looked so plump and juicy and I was reminded of how pathetic the ones I get on my oyster omelette are.


A civil servant’s pay isn’t exactly suitable for Hokkaido Oysters. Hokkien Oysters should not be an issue though.


The oyster course is an intimate affair.


The chef rotated each girl individually after he shuck the oyster. From my angle I could see the men’s head disappearing down south before the loud slurping sound reached my ears the same time the moans started.


“ enhh… enghhhhh..e rghhhhh!! “

“slurpzzzzz…. Zhootttzzzz… slurpzzzzzz… ahhhhh”


The action was repeated for each girl and each time after the heavy and wet slurping, I could see the satisfied look of the men coming up with their mouth and lips wet with juice.


I don’t know whether the juices belonged to the oyster or the girls.


When it finally came to my turn, I took a deep breath and braced myself for the sick act.


Why can’t they fucking eat it from the shell ?


I was rotated to face the customer and as the chef started to shuck the oyster in hand, the customer in front of my started rubbing my vagina with 2 of his fingers.


Customer : wet… I like my oysters wet….hahah


I clenched my teeth but it was not use. I wanted to scream at my own privates as if it had a life of it’s own.


I wanted to call my own privates a slut. I want to scream at it in fact.



Julia : erng…. Enghhh… enghhhhh!!!


The finger teasing barely started and I could feel myself getting moist around the labia.


My secretions was definitely coming hard and fast. How could I get so aroused within such a short period of time being in situations like this.



Chef : alright… ready…. Position your mouth please….


Julia :ernghhh!!


I felt the day old stubble of the man fuck itself against my perineum as his mouth opened to receive the oysterfall.


The feeling of his mouth at my privates only made me more wet.


Julia : enghhhhh!!


He deliberately dug his chin into my privates, rubbing me at the spot in between my vagina entrance and my anus.

The prickly stubble rubbing and pricking me gave me a mixture of pain and pleasure.


There is no denying the sensation of having your pussy lips rubbed sensually.


I felt the drop of the cold oyster onto my privates and my vagina could feel the burn of the salt as it slides down my clitoris hood and it’s natural freshness gets mired with my womanly juices.


The combination of which is collected eagerly and slurped up by the customer with his open mouth.


Customer : ahahah.. slupzzz… slrupzzz… zzzzhhhhoottttzzzz !!


Julia :ernghhhh.. ernhhhhh!!!!


I struggled against the shackles as my pelvic area convulsed against the strong suction of the man’s mouth.


Customer :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!… fuck…. Freshest oyster ever… hahaha….


The chef looked pleased with the customer’s comment and he moved on to the others. Even after the fresh oyster has been slurped up, the customer in front of me was still licking my vagina.


My toes scrunched up as I felt that familiar warmth in my body building up.


Julia : stop please… enghhh..e ghhhh


Customer : slurppzzz… oh my god.. slurpzzz… this is the freshest oyster…..i’ve ever… slurpzpppzzz… zhoootttzzz.. sluppzzz…. Ahhhhhh


His friends saw him enjoying the sucking and they too did the same.


I saw Suzy’s face scrunched up as her customer pushed his tongue into her privates , causing her to moan as she struggled against the restraints.


Every flick of the tongue hooking from under my clitoris hood and teasing my engorged clit is sending this electrical jab into my body. It made my bladder go tight, it made my nipples tingle.


I’m getting aroused by the mouth of a man I’ve never met and I hate it.


Julia : senggnnnn… ernghhhhh!!!… stop please.. enghh


Customer :slurpppzz.z.. so wet… your oyster is so wet… slurppzzzzzzz ahhhh… zhoottzz slurppzzzz….. ler ler ler ler…. Slruppzzz…. Hahah


The licking only stopped when the Chef is done with serving the last oyster to the customer and he got everyone’s attention to being the toasting ritual with the sake again.


Chef : another toast Gentlemen….. another cleansing ritual…. KAMPAI!!!


Diners : KAMPAI!!!!


I felt the cooling sake evaporate off my skin and I fought back another moan. The comfort of that cool feeling is like a healing balm.


I felt like gagging when I saw the customer collect the sake dripping off my privates in a cup before drinking it again, making a perverted face at me while he did it.


The chef activated the controls again , orientating us back to face him .


Chef : for our next dish….Creamy Hiroshima sea urchin served on areola ….. sushi rice served with vagina mentaiko sauce… garnished with fine pubic hair….


The men clapped as the chef immediately got to work as I looked at him prepare the food.


Fresh sea urchins were removed from their shells and arranged in the same circular configuration around our nipples. The chef worked quickly while explaining at the same time.


Chef : the natural warmth of the breast would warm up the uni , making it just nice for consumption…..


I could feel my nipples erect and the skin around my areola felt stretched to a point I could not explain what was happening.


I have sea urchin on my left breast while my right was covered with a small mount of warm sushi rice.


Julia : ernghhhh!!


The chef pushed a small spatula into my vagina, scrapping the insides for a couple of second before pulling out to show a small spatula full of my vaginal lubrication.


He mixed it into a sauce dish before drizzling it over the rice mound.


Julia : egnhhh!! argHH!!!!


I almost went into a painful spasm as the chef pulled out a young and thin strand of pubic hair for garnishing on top of the rice mound. The fine hair stood like a precious strand of saffron albeit in a different colour.


All the girls went through the same ordeal as I did before the control was hit again to orientate us towards the customer.


I could see my diner standing up with a huge erection pushing against his pants.


He was literally salivating at the feast in front of him. The chair on the conveyor we were sitting on shifted forward slightly to make our breast more accessible to the customer.


The customer eating off my pussy for the past few dishes stood up, guided by the chef on how to eat this course, the men dove down hungrily into our tits.


Chef : ok…. Slurp up a serving of the Uni , then followed by a mouthful of rice with the sauce….. mix it all in your mouth…..


Julia : nghhh…erghhh… it’s painful…er gnhhhhh


The fucker bit down slightly on my nipple as he smeared the sea urchin all over my breast instead of following the chef’s instruction. I felt as if my tits are being sucked into space as his mouth took in my nipples so hard that it felt like he was trying to pull it into his throat.


Julia :ernghhhh….


His tongue pulverised my areola as I clenched my fist and sucked in a deep breath in order to manage the pain.


Customer : slurpppppzzzz!!!!! FUCK yesh !!!! ahhh.. slurppzzzz….zzooooootttzzz!!!


He cupped his hands roughly under my right breast and took in the mouthful of rice, sauce and my hair all in one gulp.


No words could describe the look of satisfaction on his face as he sat back down on his chair.


I wanted to reach for and massage my own breast but my hands were still held down.


Chef : alright… another toast….KAMPAI !!!


Diners : KAMPAI!!!


This time, both my breast were doused with sake after which it was slurped up by the waiting mouth.


Chef : for the 4th course….. pan seared wagyu beef and yellow fin tuna belly, served inside the mouth of the beautiful ladies in front of you….


Diner : whoooo… whoooo….!!


The chef went to each girl and put in a stainless steel retractor to our mouth.


My mouth was forced apart and I could feel saliva pooling up.


Staring up at the ceiling, I was reminded of the fear I experienced when I visited the dentist.


Julia :arhhh…. Arghhhhhh… arhhhh…


With my mouth open and my chair down, I could not see what was happening around me but I could feel the customer playing with my pussy.


Julia :vhhhhh… arhhhhh.. ahhhhh….


He was rubbing my vagina and inserting his finger into me.


Chef : sir… please…. I am still in the midst of preparation….


Customer : hahaha..ok…ok… my apologies….


I could hear the blowtorch firing up as the chef seared the premium meat a short distance away.


The smell of the fats on the meat melting made my stomach growl.


I forgot the last time I enjoyed a good steak.


The saliva inside my mouth started pooling faster, until it was on the verge of spilling down the side of my lips.


The steel retractor kept my mouth firmly open. There was no way to fight it.


I saw the customer standing over me as he grinned at the pathetic state I was in.


Customer : chef…. Her saliva going to overflow already…. Hahahah…


Chef : gentlemen… I’m almost done… if you look to the left, you could see the straws I prepared before hand…. Kindly assist to drain their mouth of their saliva…..


Customer : hahahaha…. I love this lunch,,, hahaha…


I breathed heavily as I pressed my eyes shut.


I don’t know when or how deep the customer put his straw but I felt the amount of saliva inside my mouth drain rapidly followed by the slurping sound of him drinking my bodily fluids.


Customer : slurpzzz.z… slurppzzzzz… ahhhhhhh……. Always been my fetish to drink the saliva of such a young and pretty girl… hahaha.. slurpzppzzz… you taste so good… hahahaha. Hahaha…


If you have ever pooled your mouth full of saliva while keeping your jaws apart, you would know the kind of comfort a dry mouth brings. It’s like your dentist making the call for you to spit out whatever gunk you have accumulated in your mouth during the procedure.


I cannot imagine what was possibly going through the customer’s mind as he drinks up my saliva. Then again, he was happy drinking up my vagina secretions, being aroused by my saliva should not come as a surprise.


The moment the piece of wagyu and foie gras was placed in my mouth, it started to water again.


Fuck that taste of it lingered on my tongue for a very brief moment. That charred exterior of the decadent piece of meat felt like heaven on my tongue.


I could feel the oil from the foie gras slowly slipping down my throat, lubricating my insides and giving me a gastronomic orgasm.


Julia : arhhhhh!!!.. erghhhh!!!


Apparently, having the food inside my mouth was not enough to satisfy the diner.


He squeezed my nipples and rubbed my vagina like he was teasing a cow to produce more milk. In my case, more saliva.


I could imagine the 2 small pieces of food being half submerged in a cocktail of it’s own juices and my saliva as the customer picked it up and wolfed it down eagerly before using a straw to slurp up any remaining juices.


Customer : whooooooooo!!!! KAMPAI!!!


I gagged and so did the other girls as sake was splashed onto our face as if they gave us a liquor bukkake.


My jaws felt as if it was going to fall apart by the time the retractor was removed.


Chef : gentlemen…. For the desserts……Soft Mochi sandwiched between vagina lips with Macha soft serve pipped down from the belly button with a slap of akatsuki red bean….. you will have to eat with your hands for this….


Diners : alright… alright… hahahah…..


The cold dessert actually felt pretty welcoming.

I felt the soft balls of mochi being stuffed into my vagina before I was positioned in front of the customer.


The customer took a spoonful of the red bean topping and smeared it all over my body, from my belly button to the entrance of my privates.


Chef : ready….


Customer : hahahahhaa…… pipe away….


It was a natural body reaction.


The moment I felt the cold soft serve touched my body, I squirmed and contracted my vagina muscles, propelling the mochi into the customer’s face.


Julia : aeghhh.. ernghhhhhhhh!!!


Customer : hahahahahaha…hahahahah whooo!!!


He did not mind one bit as he picked up the mochi, and threw it back on my tummy before smearing it up into the gooey mixture of red and green.


I was actually relishing the relief the cold cream felt on my sore vagina as the customer ate noisily with his hands.


I looked at the time on the clock. It’s finally coming to 3pm.


Miko did mention she would give me some time to find my bearing before putting the information to the rumour mill in the evening.


Julia : ernghhhhh!!!


I felt the rough mouth of the customer clamp down again on my vagina as he slurped up his omakase lunch.


After another 5 minutes or so, which by then I was dripping gooey green juice all over the table, the chef announced the end of the lunch session.


Chef : Thank you everyone…. I hope you enjoyed your lunch…and you can find the review panel on the left of your napkins…..


The customer groped my breast before grabbing my chin to take a closer look at me.


Customer : I like you…. I’m going to find you next time I’m here… and I’m going to fuck you… hahahahah..hahahaha

The men left and the shackles around our limbs detached itself automatically.


My body ached like that of a old women as I got off the chair and lined up for a flush of my privates.


Julia : oh god… I need to lie down…. I’m aching all over…. And my privates felt so violated and abused….


Wen : don’t be a wuss… this is nothing….


Suzy : are you ok Julia ?


Julia : I think so….


I watched my wrist tag get credited with 0.25 M coins, bringing the total to 13.6 Mcoin.


I was looking forward to head back to the hotel when we stepped out into the street.


Then I froze.




And I meant fucking everywhere.


From the holographic pop up posters to the notice boards.


My face has been plastered everywhere. There are people gathered in front of notice boards, standing announcements booths and even the shopfront display of respective retail shops had their menu halved for the announcement.


Suzy : oh my god….Julia… it’s you….


Wen : what … the fuck…..Julia …… what is that… ?


I could feel my heart rate racing as everywhere I looked, I could see the judgemental eyes of the girls looking at me.


Not only the girls, the men on the streets slowly turned their attention to me as well.


Julia : oh fuck…. This is how the rumour mill works ? that’s as good as a fucking broadcast…. !!!


Suzy : Julia ! look….


I felt Suzy grab my hand and I turned to see a group of 6 women walking down the street towards me. They all look like the hot milfs you see in town, definitely mid 30s. They would look like your senior executives in HR or finance perhaps if properly dressed in tight skirts and high heels.


There’s no hiding they are the more matured group in the prison ground and they are making their way towards me.


They’re hot enough for any men to attempt to fuck them.


I saw a man approached one and tried to pair up their tags so he could fuck her but that girl twisted his arm, put him in an armlock before delivering a punch to his kidney that made his knees buckle.


The man knelt down and another knee from the girl sent him sprawling to the ground. Blood started to flow from his face.


Julia : what the fuck…. What the…. You can do that to the men ???


Several friends of the men knocked down got up off the street side café and blocked the way of the approaching girls.



Wen : you know what Julia….it’s probably a fucking good idea to start running now….


Julia : holy shit !


Without hesitation, I saw the naked girls beating up the men right there and then in the middle of the fucking street.


Suzy grabbed my hand and we started running.


As we tore up the narrow street, I had this disturbing thought in my head.


Now, this place is finally starting to look like a prison.




We dodged the curious crowd reading the contents of the broadcast on the street, trying to worm our way around every nook we could find.


Wen : what the hell Julia !!… oh my god…. Shit shit… shit…. We’re dead… we’re all so dead !!


Suzy : Who are they Julia !!


Julia : I don’t know…. you guys are here longer than me !!!


Wen : over here !!!… fuck… oh my god… oh my god….


I turned back and did a few hops, trying to catch a view of what was happening after the group of men tried to confront the girls.


All but 1 men was left standing and he too was bleeding on the head. He was trying to back away and pulling a friend of his at the same time.


This doesn’t make sense. Where are the prison guards ?


Who is going to keep and maintain order if things like this happens ?


Or is the warden going to do nothing and let the ecosystem sort itself out ?


I had so many questions as I pushed my way out of the increasing number of people that are out and about in the middle of the day.


I ran as fast as my feet could carry me and Wen had to pull me towards the correct staircase to get back to the hotel.


As I ran, I saw the posters all over the strip mall.


The contents alone were enough to fuck me many times over.


It was statement issued by the warden herself.


That fucking bitch fucked me.


She fucking threw me to the wolves.


It was a message by the warden herself.


“ A new inmate by the name of Julia has been inserted into the prison floor. She was caught trying to smuggle out restricted contents when she was supposed to be here on official government business.


Julia is a social worker who advocates strongly for women rights and she came into possession of photos and videos of the strip mall. There is no way she can obtain them on her own without help from inmates.


This is a serious disturbance to the social order we have established over the years. This act of defiance is unacceptable.


Julia, has agreed to work for me as my eyes and ears on the ground. She will report back to me, everything she see, anything she finds, and she has given her word that she will do whatever it takes, to find out the ones responsible for passing her the information in exchange for her freedom. The freedom she once enjoyed.


While on the prison floor, Julia shall conform to the same system everyone does. She enjoys no additional privilege.


I urge everyone to give her your utmost cooperation and help if necessary.

It is imperative that we find out who are the people trying to create discontent in our harmonious society.


The Warden “


And above each of those message, my picture and my profile flashed, changing every couple of minutes.


It’s not just my facial picture.


The warden included other pictures that I did not even know were taken.


Candid shots of me walking with Ronnie, looking all official and serious.


Shots of me inspecting the other side of the prison wing.


Pictures of me fully dressed and looking confident while walking along the corridor.


I’m seriously fucked.


The look on my faces in those pictures, the postures. Even I feel like fucking myself looking at the resting bitch look expression I had on when I’m not smiling.


We climbed up a couple of floors and turned a corner before stopping to catch our breath.


Wen : is that for real Julia ?? you’re a social worker ?? what the fuck….


Suzy : Is that true Julia ??


I panted and nodded my head.


Julia : I…. I fucked up…. It was a combination of bad luck and lousy decision….that’s how I ended up here… but… but… things are not that simple…this was not what the warden told me !!


Suzy : oh dear…


Wen : fuck…. Shit….ok… ok… we need to part ways man…. We need to part ways…. If we are seen with you…. We will literally die…!!!


Suzy : how can you say that !


Wen : You’re a death row Suzy !!! I’m not…. I’m not going to get tangled up with those crazy bitches…..


Julia : who are they..! they… I saw them beat up the customers…. i… I thought the men are…. They are the kings down here right… the paymasters….


Wen rest her hands on her hips and I could see the exasperated look on her face.


Wen : every prison…. Has their own mafia or gang of sort….. they are the ones controlling the casinos ….. they call themselves ‘Meigui’ , Roses….


Julia : that’s no rose… those are fucking cactus that smack men in their faces….


Wen : they do sleep with men, they do what everyone do for Mcoins as well but they are fiercely loyal to their chief…. And the control of the casino gave them wealth beyond measure….. down here… Mcoin is king…. They are richer than the customers…..


Julia : and the warden does nothing ??


Wen : Not when their group generates so much in income….they can get any girl…. And I meant any…. And make them do what they want….. For the men… they can fuck you… tease you for a few hours and they are gone…. With the roses…. It’s throughout the length of your sentence….. there’s no escape from them…..they want you to be in a gangbang… you jolly well do it unless you want to get gangbang for 24 hours a day for the rest of your sentence !!!!


Julia : fuck…but… but…


Wen : did you see the fucking manner in which they put the men down ?? !! I’m telling you… customers sign an indemnity before boarding the ferry over….they come here at the own risk…. Men have been known to disappear from the prison before…. Never stepping back into the mainland….


Julia : You’re shitting me…


Wen : Julia !… this is a prison…!!not a playground…. You come… you fuck… and you go…. You try to pull anything more that will affect the people in control… you are as good as dead….


Julia : why the fuck would anyone want to come here then !!


Wen paced about nervously, scanning the street as she literally shouted her reply at me.




Suzy : we better get back to the hotel !!…


Wen : yes.. yes… and you Julia … go fucking hide in your capsule… and don’t come out…


Julia : what ?


Wen grabbed Suzy and my hand and dragged us towards our hotel.


Despite keeping my head down, I could see the numerous eyes on me.


Girls. Men.


Couples in the midst of fornicating in the streets.


They cast me a second glance.


I could see men urging each other on, trying to dare each other to fuck me by tagging my wrist tag.


As if the static notice and my pictures were not enough, the announcement has evolved further to include a holographic projection of the warden reading out the contents of her love letter to me.


What the fuck was the warden thinking ?


I thought I’m supposed to go undercover.


How the fuck is this undercover ?


I entered the hotel and all 3 of us leaned against the closed door to catch our breath.


The few occupants in the lobby looked at me the moment I stepped in.


Right above the reception a large screen was showing the same notification with the warden speaking. Pictures of me from different angles were displayed like a cheap windows slideshow.


Julia : oh shit… this is really not good is it…


Wen : wow…. Whoever you pissed off… you really did it big time man… I’ve never seen anything like this here before…


Suzy : what are you going to do Julia ?


Julia : I…. I don’t know….


Wen : you know what…. I’m going to take a shower and go hide in my capsule….i’m not going to get involved in this….


Wen scurried off and I don’t blame her.


This is my mess. No reason for her to get entangled in this.


Julia : Suzy… i… I think you better keep a distance from me too…. I don’t want to get you involved in this….


Suzy held my hand and said she has an idea.


Suzy : I know… I have an idea….


Julia : what idea ??


Suzy : lend me 1 Mcoin….


Julia : how ? I can’t just transfer Mcoin over to you like this can i…?


Suzy smiled.

Suzy : of course not… but you can pay for me …. For stuff…. Here… my capsule rental is going to expire in a few minutes…..renew mine…. And you go hide in my capsule…. I’ll unlock for you before I leave….


Julia : What about you ?


Suzy : you extend your capsule by another day…..unlock it for me and I’ll go stay inside….


Julia : but… but… what if they find you inside my capsule ??


Suzy : I’ll say you owe me  favour and you are paying for it now…. Inmates do it all the time… the only trouble with this switch is you need to be there everytime I need to unlock it from the outside…. And during meals and shower….


Julia : would this get you into trouble ??


Suzy : I’ll be fine… there’s nothing they can do to me… don’t worry… I’ll return the coin….


Julia : I’m not worried about the coin…. I just…


Suzy dragged me over to the reception but before we can even execute her plan, the door to the hotel flew opened.


The few girls loitering at the entrance and at the sitting area got up quickly and walked away.

There was no one else left between us and the group of girls at the door.


The one in the very front had shoulder length hair and I could see perspiration glistening throughout her body. She’s lean and toned, from the bruises on her arms and legs, I could see she is a pain dealer.


She’s really pretty too, like a tone gym master or some yoga guru.


She narrowed her eyes at me and I saw a hand appear on her shoulder.


It rest gently on her before pushing her aside as if telling her it’s ok.


Julia : what the…..hell….


I don’t believe what I’m seeing.


This is impossible.


Standing right in front of me, fully naked and looking absolutely gorgeous and stunning, is the warden.


Or rather, an exact replica of the warden.


She approached me gracefully and I find myself frozen.


She looks like the warden but there’s something about her that felt more natural. More radiant.


More beautiful.


She gave me a friendly smile while the only expression I had on my face was one of utter stupor.


She reached for my face and touched me. I saw her wrist tag.


It’s a death row tag, same as Suzy.


I caught a glimpse of the number of Mcoins she has.


I had to blink a few times to make sure I was not dreaming.


It’s more than a million.


Aurelia : Hi Julia …. My name is Aurelia….


Aurelia smiled and put her arms around me as if we had been best mates since school.

I was led by Aurelia to the dining area where I saw all the girls got up and leave the room. The only people present were Aurelia and her bunch of girls including one holding onto Suzy.


Aurelia made me sit down and she took the seat opposite me.


Her body is perfect. The one body I would kill to have. Those full breasts, slim torso, even her underarms look nice and slender.


Her vagina is smooth, hairless, her skin is white and blemish free, like that of a baby. Yet under that fairness you could see a healthy glow belonging to a radiant youth.


If I rate myself a conservative 8, Aurelia is a goddess worthy of a perfect 10.

Aurelia said nothing.


She crossed her beautiful legs and rest her chin on her hand and just looked at me. She could see I was nervous and she wanted me to speak first.


Julia : what….what…… what do you want….


With her piercing eyes and her seductive lips, I found myself setting aroused looking at Aurelia.


There is something really seductive about her.


She’s like a vixen. One that would appeal to both sexes.

My lips felt parched and dry yet I could feel the moisture seeping slowly into my vagina.


She’s fucking gorgeous and the more I look at her, the more I feel like kissing her.


Aurelia drummed her manicured nails on the table slowly.

Manicured nails.


An inmate with manicured nails. Can you believe that ?


Aurelia : i believe you have met my brother….


I stared at her with my jaws apart.


Julia : what ?


Aurelia : the warden…. ? you’ve met him haven you…. ?


Julia : You mean…. ‘Her’ ? the warden is a women….


When I saw the grin breaking slowly on Aurelia’s face, I could feel the spread of goosebumps run from the back of my neck all the way down my spine as a chill as cold as the touch of death creeped into my body.


Aurelia : what makes you think the warden is a women ? …






I felt this tingling sensation in my abdomen when Aurelia said that to me.


How can the warden not be a women. She looked every bit the women, she sounds like one too.


Aurelia : Have you…. Seen him naked ? ….


Julia : I….


I have not.


It suddenly dawned on me that ever since I fucked up at the gate of the prison with that drive in the dildo, the only women I’ve seen are all naked.


They are all not wearing any clothes.


All except for the warden.


I didn’t think much of it since she’s in charge. She should be entitled to clothes no ?


Being naked is just a punishment for being an inmate right ?


Julia : No… I have…not….


I thought about Miko.


I didn’t get a chance to ask Miko about it as well.


The warden did say she wants to eat her out, and the manner in which I saw the warden play with Miko’s body. Memories of what I saw flashed across my head like a slideshow and I could feel myself getting moist again.


If the warden is indeed a man, does that mean he still has his penis ? Is he going to fuck Miko after she was done showing me around ?


Beneath that beautiful face and robe shew as wearing, there is an extension of her body that he can still use?


This is surely the weirdest thing to happen in my life so far.


I had a quick flash of a situation where I was pinned down by the warden.


Those beautiful lips of hers, no his, no hers, fuck.


I don’t even know how to address him.


Why did want to be called sister ?


Was it an extension of his split personality ?


Aurelia : so…. Julia …. What do you think ?


Julia : What…. What do you mean ?


Aurelia spread her hands to her side and her graceful movements made her look as if she’s a Disney princess spreading her love and magic all around the hotel.


Aurelia : The situation my dear…. Hahah…..what do you think about the situation…. You are in ?


I thought about the situation I was in and I looked around the dining hall.


Suzy was being held down by 2 girls in a pretty rough manner.


The warden fucked me, threw me to the wolves.


Julia : You… you are… the warden’s….. sister ?


Aurelia nodded and gave her flawless hair a slight brush behind her shoulder.


Aurelia : can’t you tell from the resemblance…. ? hahaha


Julia : but…. But….


Aurelia got up and looked around the hotel interior, appraising the place I have been staying in.


Aurelia : Let me tell you a short story Julia ….


Julia : what ?


Aurelia : and after….. I tell that story….. you would have to make a choice…..


Julia : what… what choice… ?


Aurelia broke into a wide grin.


Aurelia : listen to my story first my dear….once upon a time…. there is a pair of twins…. A younger brother… and an older sister….


Aurelia looked up into the ceiling with her eyes closed, as if she was reminiscing the past.


Aurelia : they are identical twins…. Despite the difference in gender….they are similar in many ways….


Aurelia walked behind me and I felt her soft hands on my shoulder.


As she spoke, her hands squeezed my tired neck and I could feel my muscles compress for a couple of seconds before she released me and she started massaging my neck with her thumb gently.


She is dangerous, that’s what my instincts are telling me.


Aurelia : The twins are generous….though they can be petty at times…….they are cunning…. Yet reckless when taking risks…. They love ……..and hate each other…… to a point no one could understand how…… a pair of twin sibling would end up in that situation….


I shivered as I felt Aurelia’s hand slide down my neck and towards my breast.


Her mouth by then was hovering really close to my ears.


Aurelia : and through a series…. Of…. I would say…. Rather unpleasant event…. i… ended up as a death row inmate….. while my brother….. gets to rule over this little kingdom of his…..


Julia : gasp… ernghhh !…


My right hand held onto Aurelia’s right wrist as I felt her fingers go around my erected nipples. She held onto my right nipple in between her thumb and index finger.


I was shaking as she whispered by my ears.


She smells so good, like she just walked out of an expensive spa session.


Julia : erngggg…..!


I felt my nipple tingle as Aurelia twisted it gently in the clockwise direction, she let my twisted nipple stay there for a brief moment before twisting it back anti clockwise.


I tightened my grip on her wrist and I could feel a frown settling into my face.


Julia : stop… please…. Ernghh….


I could have yanked her hand away but I don’t know why I let Aurelia lingered longer than necessary. It’s not as if she held onto my nipple forcibly.


It was but a gentle twitch. A tease.


Aurelia : We love each other dearly…..but we could not resist hurting each other whenever the opportunity presents itself……


I felt Aurelia’s other hand cup around my left breast and the slut within me started to feel the wetness in between my vagina lips.


Aurelia : We hurt each other…. And we would feel the pain….we would feel it together…..and in the process of mending and healing that pain…. We would seek forgiveness…..and peace….


I don’t know what the hell Aurelia was trying to say but I know my body is reacting to her touch.


Her soft hand around my left breast felt like the scented cups of a nice support bra. The gentle movements of her fingers closing around my breast and lifting it upwards before letting gravity pulling it back down, coupled with the non stop twisting of my nipples as luring the inner slut within me out.


Everyone of us girls has a inner slut we keep hidden.


It only appears when we are pleasuring ourselves and right before the exploding orgasm, the slut appears, moaning as our fingers fought to deliver the waves of self-induced pleasure that our mind craves.


I pressed my thighs tighter together and I tried to push Aurelia’s hands away.


Aurelia : It has always been me….. and my brother…. At each other’s throat….and….. i am…. Terribly upset….


Julia : ernghhhh….. gasp…. What… what are you upset about… ?


Aurelia let go of both my breast at the same time. There’s barely any space between my body and the table but she squeezed in.


Aurelia squeezed herself in and straddled me while putting her arms around my neck.


My thighs felt the pressure of her body weight pushing down on me and I fought back a groan as the movements caused my already well lubricated vagina lips to rub against each other sensually.


Aurelia : That you did not manage to get the drive out of the prison…. Hahaha….


Julia : you… it was you…..


Aurelia : yes… I arranged for the riot to happen….. I wanted to reveal to the world what the commercially run prison is hiding….


Julia : but why….


Aurelia : hahaha.. why not…. Do you agree this is the way forward for all prisoners ?…….


Aurelia pressed her forehead against mine and adjusted herself closer to my body. Our breast was touching each other.

I could feel her hot breath on my mouth and I was hit by this overwhelming urge to kiss her.


Aurelia : I had high hopes on you Julia…..i’ve ben following your every move…. But…. Well… I’m disappointed…


Julia : what… what has this got to do with me… why are you following me ??


Aurelia added that I had always been vocal about the state of the women’s prison on Coney island. She thought I would have what it takes to aid her cause.


Aurelia : hur… hur…. Hur… it seems my brother caught on to you by sheer dumb luck….of you unable to hold in the pleasures your pussy is giving you…. Am I right… ? hahhaha


I froze and said nothing.


Aurelia knew.


She knew I could not resist the stimulation of the vibrator inside my vagina. That was what gave it away.


Someone has been feeding her information, perhaps one of the male guards, I don’t know.


Aurelia grind herself against me and she continued whispering and I could feel my wet pussy lisp spread it’s juices outwards like someone pressing a cube of melted butter in between my most private region.


Julia : ernghhh.. stop…


Aurelia : I like to challenge my brother Julia …..and I don’t like losing…. You….caused me to lose…. And… made me look bad….


She gestured to her surrounding as she pressed her supper breasts against my body.


Aurelia : you see… when I caught wind that you failed…. I was angry…. And upset….and I really wanted to strangle you…. Hahaha… but when I saw the notices that you are here…. Right here !! I got excited….i was no longer angry… hahaha…


Julia : ernghhhh..!!


Aurelia grind against me with greater intensity and she was teasing my nipples with her fingers.


Aurelia : Let me guess….. the warden…. Sent you here… to find out… who is trying…. To upset the balance and threaten the rule…. Of his little kingdom….


Julia : ernghhhh !!


I looked at Aurelia with my eyes wide open.


She knew my answer from my expression instantly.


Aurelia : hahaha…. That… is pretty obvious… There’s no way my brother would be that obvious…. So…



She snapped her fingers at her girls holding Suzy and they dragged her over to our table and pressed her head against the hard surface.


Suzy : erghhuuuu!!!! Stop !!


Julia : stop it !!! she has nothing to do with this.. !!.. let her go… !


I tried to push Aurelia off me but she grabbed a tuff of my hair and yanked me backwards without warning.


Julia : ernghhhh!!! Stop !!


Aurelia got off me while holding onto my hair.


I was dragged off the seat and onto the floor by her while holding onto her wrist in an attempt to reduce the amount of pain inflicted on my head by the stress of her grip.


Aurelia : I’m not done talking…..


I was on the verge of tears but I told myself not to cry.


I can’t .


Aurelia : so…. I’m pretty sure…. There is something else… the warden wanted you to do…


Wen : ernghhhh!!!! Arhhhh!!


I turned my head in horror to see Wen being dragged into the dining area by another 2 girls.


Wen : stop…. I barely know her… I barely know her !!! ernghhh!!


By the time Wen joined Suzy at the table where I was seated barely moments ago, both of them were in tears.


A person’s eyes don’t lie and I could see the genuine fear in the girls eyes as they looked at me.

Julia : no… there’s nothing !!… the warden just wanted me to find out who was behind the disk drive… nothing more… !!


Aurelia : hahha… it’s ok…. I don’t expect you to talk readily… it wouldn’t be much fun if my brother sent me someone easy to break….


With a forceful push, Aurelia dropped me to the ground.

Julia : there’s really nothing more… its just for me to find out the mastermind behind the drive…. !!


Aurelia acted as if she did not hear what I said, or rather, she has already made up her mind and concluded things on her own.


Aurelia : My brother likes to play games….. so do i….


Gesturing to her girls, she said something that immediately made Wen and Suzy start screaming and struggling to get free from the girls holding them down.

Aurelia : bring them to the Indian district…. I have questions for both of them….


Suzy : what… no… no!!!


Wen : NO!!! please no !!


Aurelia spoke with hardly any expression on her face.


Julia : No… no…. stop !!


As Aurelia’s girls dragged Suzy and Wen away, I was left alone in the dining area.


I thought I would be dragged along with them but no.


It would have been better if I was taken together but no.


Julia : let them go!! They have nothing to do with this !!! stop !!


Aurelia called out to one of her girls, Nelly.


Aurelia : Nelly…… tell her the price… hahha…. I’ll see you around Julia…


The girl who looked like she could easily pass off as the hot receptionist in the middle of town held onto me as I watched helplessly at Wen and Suzy being dragged out of the hotel.


I was trying hard not to break down when the door to the hotel closed, leaving me alone with Nelly in the dining area.


I tried to go after Wen and Suzy but Nelly held onto my arm. I broke free and she slapped me.


That fucking bitch slapped me.


She pointed a warning finger at me, as if daring me to take another step forward as she backed off slowly towards the door.


Nelly : you want to save your friends….come to the Indian district with 50 Mcoins….you have 3 days….or they’re going to be cum receptacles for the rest of their days in this place….


Julia : what !!! how in the world am I going to get 50 Mcoins…..


Nelly : That’s your problem… not mine….


Julia : Its… it’s impossible to get 50 Mcoins !!!


Nelly shrugged her shoulders and gave me a grin.


Nelly : you’re a social worker….i’m sure those life skills you acquired along the way would be really….. useful down here… hahaha


There’s no hiding the level of sarcasm in that statement.



Nelly left the hotel, leaving me alone in the dining hall.


A couple of minutes later, the other guests of the hotel started returning to the lodging.


Everyone looked at me but they avoided me like the plague.


It took me a while to compose myself before i went to the information panel beside the reception where a map of the strip mall is displayed.


I got Wen and Suzy into this mess.


I have to do something.


Clutching onto my own wrist tag, I memorised the directions to the abyss of the strip mall.

I can’t believe the shit I got myself into.


It’s like I’m sinking further into quick sand. The more I struggle, the deeper I sink.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.


Ok. One thing at a time.

I’m not going to solve this by panicking.


First, I’m going to figure out how to get 50 Mcoins in 3 days.




I mentally laid out the options available to me.


I’ve gone though a few of the shops that allowed me to make some Mcoins without having to fuck another man. Even if I go through everything again, it would be near impossible to accumulate 50 within 3 days.


I thought about the casino. I could try my luck there but it would be a downward spiral should things go downhill. I might not make a single Mcoin and end up losing everything that I have.


I hurried down the street when I felt a man grab my arm and pulled me off the sidewalk.


Julia : let go !!


Man : hahah.. you … you are that social worker right… hahaha… not too bad… not too bad…


He tried to pair up his wrist tag with me but I pushed him away and I started to run.




I ignored him and I sprint as fast as my legs could carry me. Turning back, I saw him trying to balance the beer in his hand as he gave chase after me.


The judgemental eyes of the inmates along the streets never stopped looking at me.


Wherever I went, people gave me a wide berth. I’m marked.


I climbed the steps up to the street level and leaned against the side of a notice board to catch my breath.


I checked my bearings again and I don’t know why I decided to make my way to the Indian district to take a look.

The district is not big, just a small segment of about 5-6 blocks marked by the distinctively gateway of 2 Hindu sculpture. It ends at a dead end made up of a 2 storey shop constructed out of recycled shipping containers.


It was made to look like old workers hostels. The kind of accommodations that construction workers would stay in on site while they work.


From where I stand, I could see several groups of Indian men loitering by the side of the street appraising the girls that are daring enough to venture their way. There is a very distinct separation between the 2 neighbouring district as if there’s an invisible barrier in place.


Beyond the gateway was a sea of dark skinned south Asian men and the girls that ply their trade there stood out like sore thumb.


I shuddered when I saw the men laying their hands all over the girls, touching and appraising their bodies, leaving marks and scum on their otherwise clean body.


Some had muddied hands and most are perspiring badly.


This is purely by design and desire.


The men would arrive dressed to the nines in branded clothing and accessories but would head to the changing room and the gym to work up a sweat. After they start perspiring heavily, they would pull on the rough linen and clothing the construction workers of the past use to don for a day’s work.


Some had on the signature yellow helmets, a couple even had gloves and a spade in hand.


Everyone wanted to get into the role which reminded them of their humble past in a growing country that is not appreciative of their sacrifice.


Most important of all, they came here to fuck the girls. Girls who a couple of decades ago, would not even given them a second look.


Man : Hi there…. I think I know you…


I jumped and whirled around, surprised at the low voice of the man who suddenly appeared behind me.


I backed away and was about to bolt when he put up his hand and ask me to calm down.


Man : relax…. I’m Samuel…. I’m also a social worker….


I paused and look at him.

No I don’t know him and I have never seen him before. There are thousands of social workers in the country.


Samuel : I’ve seen you on TV before…. i… I just want to say you look …. You look….


I was suddenly conscious of the fact that I was appearing naked and sweaty from my run in front of a colleague.


I covered my breast and my privates with my hands and I could see Samuel quickly apologising .


Samuel : I’m sorry… I’m sorry….i didn’t mean it that way….


Julia : What do you want… ?


Samuel looked like you average geeky late twenties guy in the office. I’m not lowering my guard against him just because he said he’s a social worker like me.


Let’s not forget that seeing a so call colleague here in this place, you can only wonder how high his morals are. Then again, as they say, all men have needs and those needs have to be met, one way or another.


Samuel : I… I saw from the notice… you’re in sort of a situation…


I turned my body away from him and look at the street.


There are several men looking at me, probably waiting for Samuel to conclude whether or not he is hiring me for my service.


Julia : yes… yes I am….and if you think you can take advantage of ….


Samuel : relax…… I’m just wondering if you need help… to pass a message along or something…. Your…. Your boss is….is Mr Chan right….


My eyes immediately lit up.


Why didn’t I think of that.


I could send a message out to my boss. Maybe he could help me in some way or another.


Julia :you…. You know Mr Chan…. You… you would do that… ? help me pass a message along… ?


Samuel  :… Mr Chan is practically a legend…and… and…. I would….help…. if you would do the same….and …. You know… help….. me ?


I could see Samuel eyeing my body in the way a man fill with lust and carnal desires would.


To be honest, at that point in time, I was seriously considering his proposal.


If I need to fuck someone, maybe a fellow civilised social worker is not that bad after all. I would get paid too. That’s better than getting gangbanged. He looked meek and easy to manipulate.


I was suddenly overwhelmed by this revolting thought I entertained moments ago.


How could I even think about this option ?


Samuel : what do you think…. Julia … you’re… you’re really pretty…


Julia : I’m sorry Samuel…. I don’t think I can do it…I’m not fucking you for Mcoin…. Or to send Chan a message… I’ll find another way….


Samuel shook his head and waved his hands at the same time.


Samuel : oh it’s fine… don’t need to fuck me….


Samuel point above his head to the shop above us.


Samuel : I’m…. I’m actually here for this…..


Looking up, I realised we are standing at the entrance to a costume shop that specialised in domination. Female domination.


Samuel looked a little embarrassed and asked if I would be willing to do it with him.


Samuel : domination and edging…. Ends with a handjob…. It’s only half a Mcoin…not as much as a full service but I could not find any girls that I like to do this with me…. so I was… I was wondering….


I looked at the menu board and double checked with Samuel again that there are no sex involved.


Samuel : None… promise…. I’m… I’m actually engaged to be married in 3 months time…. So… ermm…. No sex….


Julia : It’s upstairs right… the shop…


Samuel : Yeah…. The costume and gear is below… and…. The room is upstairs….


I backed up towards the road and looked up, allowing my eyes to go down the extended row of shops on level 2.


The row of shops for domination connects on level 2 directly to the buildings on the Indian district just a short walk away.


Julia : ok…. Ok I’ll do it.


I saw Samuel’s eyes lit up in delight immediately.


Samuel : really? Cool…. !!


Julia : how long is the session again ?


Samuel : ermm…. The room charges I pay is for 6 hours….


I nodded again and practically dragged Samuel into the Domination shop called Queen’s domain.


It’s coming to the end of the day and I could see the artificial atmospheric light dim to signal the approaching night.


I’m going to find a chance to sneak up onto the roof of the connected building and go over to the Indian district and take a look.


I might just be able to see where Aurelia is holding Wen and Suzy.


Samuel paid for a room and we scanned ourselves into the system.


A doorway opened up, revealing a room full of tools, toys and bondage materials.


There’s even a trolley for you to put the toys you want to use.


Samuel : can… can I request for you to…. To wear….to wear….


Julia : To wear what ?


Samuel : black…. i… I like black…… black… and…. Boots… with…. Erm…. Tight leggings…..choker… and… you know… the full works…


He was blushing a little and I told him I know what to do. I know what to do to turn on men like him.


I gripped onto the trolley handle and looked at the tools available to me.


Fuck me.


These shelves might just contain everything I need to get Wen and Suzy out.




As I pushed the trolley past rows and racks of clothes, I realised how big the domination scene here is. It’s like walking into a large clothing chain but with everything to do with the bondage and domination fetish the men have.


I picked out a pair of black body tights which looked kind of cool on a display mannequin. I’ll probably look like an Asian version of Catwomen or something but it’s something to cover myself and dark enough for me to remain in the shadows after the lights go out in the prison.


I can already imagine myself leaping over the roof parapets and balcony like some spy in a movie. Ok, leaping might be too strong a word, maybe stumbling clumsily would be a better description.


Boots. Samuel Said he liked boots.


I saw a pair screaming out for me on display. A above ankle flat heeled boots with crossed tied lace made of satin ribbon. There’s also a variety of masks available for the roleplay session too.


I picked a full-face mask but when I tried it on, it’s quite hard to put my head and hair in comfortably.

I decided on a face mask in black with a genetic expression a typically serial killer would wear. That should mask me from Aurelia’s girls, and maybe the Indian men they are hiding within, I don’t know.


I hesitated for a brief second before dropping the mask into the cart.


Moving on to the tools, there are a variety of cuffs, restraints and ropes available for my choosing.


I put one of each into my trolley, unsure of what to use. Ropes would definitely come in useful in an attempted rescue right. The cuffs, well, I can handcuff Samuel to the bed or something, throw a blindfold over him and maybe just wank him off before taping his mouth shut.


That’s the quickest plan I can throw together for now. With the room booked for several hours, it would give me enough time to climb over the connecting roof and balconies and over to the Indian district to check out what is happening over there.


Moving on, I came to a row of dishwashers, a couple of which are still going through it’s wash cycle.


Sitting on top is a row of stainless steel racks holding sex toys of every kind you can imagine. Some catered to women, some to men. I saw some vibrator cups that comes with remote control and I added it to my trolley.


I was only half way through the shop when I saw Samuel pop in. He had already changed. Instead of the shirt and pants I saw him in, he was totally naked save for a pair of adult diaper on him.


He looked shy and embarrassed as he asked if I’m ready.


Julia : ermm… I’m almost done… just need to pick out some more stuff…


His eyes widened when he saw the amount of things I added to my trolley.


There’s also a obvious bulge in his white diapers which was hard to ignore.


Samuel looked excited and wanted the session to begin.


He took a look at the stuff in my trolley and asked why I didn’t take any lingerie.


Samuel : No…. bra and panty ? …


Julia : I… I took a whole body suit….


Samuel : But… but I like bra and panty….


Julia : erm… ok… I’ll…. I’ll go find some….


Samuel added that he’s still fine with me wearing the body suit but he wanted lingerie that he requested for. Taking a closer look at my shopping trolley, Samuel asked if I’m aware of the list of things he put up that he wants.


Samuel : did you see the pop up window for the things I requested…. ? the .. the things you take…. Are…. Are a little off from the ,…. The ermm… acts I want to…. To…. I meant the acts I want you to do to me….


Julia : what pop up window…. ??


Samuel : oh…


Samuel pointed to the blinking light at the side of the trolley handle and he touched it.


As quickly as the screen went up, he blushed and said he would head up to the room and wait for me.


Samuel : We’re in room…. 225….i… I wait for you upstairs….


Julia : oh…. Ermm.. ok…


I looked at the floating window with the lines of requests that Samuel wanted from me, or rather, from the session he is paying for. Oh fuck, that sick pervert.


No wonder he wants me to get a set of lingerie. I double checked the things he wanted to do and I almost choked when I saw the last one on the list.


Julia : what the…. Hell…. Arghhh.. fuck this….


Going down the list, I grabbed a couple of other items including a vibrator for myself before dumping it all onto the cart. I have to get myself nice and wet if I want to do the stuff on the list. I tried looking for lubricants in the shop but there are none.


This pretty much meant the only lubricant is going to come from me. Inside my head I was just thinking about how to quickly get this over and done with so I can get to Suzy and Gwen.


Heading to the end of the shop, I went to the racks and hanging cages where the toys for the big boys are. I’m talking batons and paddles, choker with spikes and shit. There are small hand held whips as well.


Ok, I’m not exactly a fighter but I thought a spike club that looks menacing would give me an added edge and I took that as well.

If I’m going to climb into a den of gangbanging horny men, bringing a club is the least I could do.


Stepping through the portal leading to the service lift, an inventory list of what I took was generated, this includes a notice for payment should there be serious damage to the tools.


I wonder what they meant by serious damage.

Well, it’s all under Samuel’s name. I hope he would be the one paying for it.


The lift brought me up to the 2nd level and I followed the signages to room 225.


The corridor I walked along feels like the set of a music video set up for a upcoming girl pop Koren band.


With the walls in a pastel shade of pink and  random shelves lined with Korean boy band idol figurines, I felt as if I entered the room of a girl who just started puberty.


At the end of a hall, there’s a desk with a old fashioned laptop, some writing materials and even old school books standing upright at the edge.


The walls are filled with girly photos of best pals making funny faces at the cameras and a variety of stickers.


A mountain of unwashed clothes sat inside a laundry basket while a few pieces of clothing were strewn about on purpose. The corridor has been staged this way for the guest.


Guest who wanted their fantasy fulfilled in a girly looking theme.


The designer is attempting to bring the room out to the room in a way I think.


There was hangers with clothes along the corridors and outside every room, sat a cart. There’s even a small shoe rack beside the door.


From the shoes on the racks, you could pretty much tell what is going on inside the room.


I saw canvas shoes with dirty white socks. I saw high heels that would fit right onto the feet of a powerful corporate executive.


I saw knee high fuck me boots too and including retro style thigh high bubble socks with ankle high black boots the Japanese school girls used to wear.


I turned around the corner and wondered why Samuel asked me to choose the boots when all the footwear are all left outside the door.


I could see room 225 at the end and I pushed my cart towards the door.


As I got closer, I realised I stopped passing by doors.


The walls on my sides are just plain walls. This feels weirds, Samuel didn’t look like the kind who would book a massive suite. He’s just an employee.


I froze when I saw there was another cart by the door. The shoe rack held only 2 pairs of men’s shoes.


Julia : oh fuck… this is not good.


Before I could back off from the entrance, the door opened and I came face to face with a really hot looking babe with a seductive smile. Dressed exactly like a hot school teacher with tight boob hugging blouse and a short skirt, the girl smiled at me as she waved the wooden ruler in her hand.


Hailey : Ahhhhh…. You…..


Julia : what ?


Hailey : …. I’m Hailey… come on in….


Julia : what…. What is going on…. ?


I stepped in to see Samuel already on the chair with his hands behind his back. Kneeling on the floor beside Samuel is another man who looked to be about the same age as him.


He was totally naked except for a pair of black g-string that barely covered his cock.


Hailey : oh…  it’s a double tag session… didn’t your client tell you that ?


I looked at Samuel who was chatting excitedly with his friend and did not realise I was looking at him.


Julia : what… what’s a double tag session ??


Hailey laughed and gave me a click of her tongue before nodding her head towards the men.


Hailey : what is your impression of men…. Ever since you step into this place….. ?


Julia : they’re pigs !


Hailey chuckled.


Hailey : good…..we’re going to fuck them up good….and the best part about this is…. we’re getting paid for it….


Hailey helped me bring my stuff into the room and asked me to go get change.


Hailey : go change Julia…. And if you have any grievous thoughts about how you were treated by men the past few days…. Well… start thinking about them….


Julia : why ?


Hailey : Julia my dear…..hahah….because you need to be fucking mad to do the things they want done to them isn’t it… ? ahahah


I looked at Samuel who was biting his lips and whispering to his friend.


I thought about the way my bodies has been exploited ever since I was dumped into this shithole.


I thought about the men who had touched and violated my body.


Just beyond the open window, I could see the balcony that would allow me to climb over to the roof of the abutting building.


Ok Julia.




No reason why I should not be hopping mad and worked up when I head over to the Indian district.


Julia : I…ermm… I’m never done this before….


Hailey : get change Julia…. Hahah…. I’ll show you how it’s done….




I got changed and put on the lingerie. The bra cups did not really fit well and the panty is a little rough around the edges but it beats being naked.


Looking at myself in the mirror as I pulled on the tight black bodysuit made of lycr, I felt like a seductive kitten. My body shape was properly accentuated from the skin hugging material.


The suit is tight enough to show the lacy print of my bra from the outside.


I slipped on the boots and went out of the small changing room.


I could see Samuel’s friend talking excitedly to him as both of them exchanged looks when they saw me.


There’s a curtain of excitement and lust in their eyes.


Hailey : nice….. like a seductive slut… hahaha… come on… let’s get this show started….


I walked a pace behind Hailey who looked like she was really enjoying what was about to happen. She strike up a conversation with me the same time she picked up a blindfold and threw it over to me.


Hailey : Whose foot did you step on Julia ? … your face is all over the place…


Julia : it’s a long story…


Hailey : Well…. Sucks to be you….haha… I bet half the girls here are thinking how they can capitalise on your situation…. The other half just wants to stay as far away from you as possible…. Hahaha


Julia : I can’t wait for this nightmare to be over….


Hailey : well…. I’m here long enough to know that Mcoins…. Solves a lot of problem…if you have enough…. Your nightmare can be over with a snap of your finger….


Julia : That’s the problem isn’t it…. I don’t have enough… haha


Hailey : Then make more !… hahah


We came right to the front of the 2 men who engaged us and they were literally shaking and trembling on their knees as we towered over them.


Samuel  :oh god it’s starting… it’s starting…. Erghhh …. Pete… it’s starting..


Peter : ernghhh… I’m so fucking aroused……ernghhh…


I put the blindfold over Samuel’s eyes and I could see the rise in his cock.


His erection got so hard that the penis pushed hard against the lacy female panty that he was wearing. His friend Pete’s cock was sticking out like a sore thumb from the g-string.


I can’t believe some men actually dig this kind of thing.


Hailey : Pete…..are you a good boy today ??


I watched on in amazement as Hailey got right into character, she pulled a chair and sat herself down in front of Pete.


Pete : yes… yes teacher !!


She crossed her long flawless legs and touched the back of her right foot to Pete’s chin.


Hailey : are you sure ??


Pete :ergnhhhh.. yes… yes teacher….ernghh..




Pete : aRGHHHH!!! Ernghhhh!!!


I jumped when I saw Hailey leaned forward and smacked the tip of Pete’s erected member with the ruler in her hand.


Pete groaned and he actually begged for more.


Hailey gestured to the overhead display behind Samuel. It contained a list of things he wanted me to do to him. The same goes for Pete. Each time a task is completed, the text for the task turns from red to green.


The cock slapping request on Pete’s screen turned green with a multiplier sign on the side.


Hailey : that sign means you can repeat it ….but has to be done at least once…


I nodded as I looked at the items on Samuel’s list.


I can’t believe these are the sick things my so call colleague wants to be done to him.


Samuel : I’m ready !!.. I’m ready Julia !!..


I could feel this weird excitement rising up inside me. I can’t explain it.


The thought of being able to do things like these to these pigs without consequences actually feels quite liberating.


I walked straight up to Samuel and pushed my body right against his face. His kneeling posture put his face at the same level as where my privates are.


With a barrier of panty and the lycra suit between his face and my privates, I pushed harder against Samuel as he groan in erotic pleasure.


Samuel : erghhnnnnn… sniff….. snigfffff… arnghhhh!! Sniff…. Oh god….!!


I could feel the resistance of his neck pushing back against my privates, there’s only so much you can bend your head backwards while kneeling down and I could see Samuel fighting between keeping his balance and sniffing my privates.


I could never picture something like this happening in my life outside the prison but here, down here, this is nothing considering what I’ve been through the past few days.


Hailey : push harder Julia …. Push harder….


I did as I was told, taking another step forward, pushing Samuel’s face with my privates.


Samuel : ernghhh… sniff… sniff….snifffff!!!! arnghhhh


I hate to admit it but the feeling of his nose and face rubbing against my privates was quite pleasant. It brought back feelings of the time when I was a teenager.


Times when I was exploring my sexuality and the pleasures the right strokes of the fingers would give.


Checking to see that the task has lit up in green, I moved on to the next one.


Samuel’s dick was literally licking precum when I grabbed his cheek.


Hailey sat back on her chair and made herself comfortable as she pushed her toes into Pete’s mouth.


Hailey : you are on toe cleaning duties today Pete…. Is that ok with you ?


Pete : yes teacher…. Yes teacher !! slurppzzz….


Not only was Pete sucking onto Hailey’s toes, he was licking her feet and soles as well, slurping up his own saliva as Hailey looked at her own manicured fingernails.


Hailey gave me a playful wink as I shook Samuel’s open jaw.


Julia : you want this ??


Samuel struggled to speak with his open jaw.


Samuel :yawsss… Yaws… pwwss…


I spit a gob of my saliva into his mouth before closing his jaw and covering his mouth with my hands. Then I stood up and pressed his face against my groin again.


Samuel was literally shaking in orgasmic pleasure as he swallowed my saliva and inhaled oxygen filtered by the clothes I’m wearing that moments ago were swirling near my privates.


I pulled him by his hair and I could see his mouth opening up readily, like that of a hungry bird waiting for food from it’s mother.


Samuel : more… more please !!! ernghhh…


I spit again into his mouth and I watched his cock shake out another dribble of precum.


Hailey whispered to me, asking me to stop Samuel from swallowing my spit.


I nodded and relayed the command to Samuel who only seemed too eager to agree.


Julia : don’t swallow… keep it in your mouth…


Samuel: arguuhhhhh……


I spit into his mouth again before pulling a chair up in front of Samuel. There, I used my boots to kick his cock gently, teasing his precum stained dickhead like the rocking pendulum of a old grandfather clock, only in this case, my shiny black boot is the pendulum.


Samuel looked like he was about to burst as he struggled to balance on his knees while keeping my saliva in his mouth.


I could see the swallowing action from the throat and instinctively I turned towards Hailey.


Hailey shook her head and told me that I need to punish Samuel for doing something that I did not allow him to do.


I nodded and cleared my throat.


Julia : who…. Who said you could swallow my saliva…. ?


Samuel  : I’m sorry… I’m sorry….!! Punish me !!…


I looked at my task list and thought of how I could kill a few birds with one stone. Removing my boot, I turned the opening towards Samuel and pressed it against his nose.


Samuel : erughhhhhh!!!


Julia : you like that ?!!


Samuel :ernghhh yes…. Yes !! sniff…..


Hailey switched foot and pushed the other into Pete’s mouth and decided to give me a hand with Samuel .


Hailey : your mistress is allowing you to smell her boots…. What should you be saying !!!


Samuel : thank you !!! sniff… ernghhh.. arnghhhh…I love the smell of your boots !!! ernghhhh


I removed the other boot and put it over his erected cock to which Samuel groaned like a baby in pain.


Holding onto the seat I was on, I stretched out my left feet and pressed my toes against Samuel’s right nipple and I pinched it.


Samuel : ernghhhhhh!!!!


I pinched it again and I felt this weird sensation when I saw Samuel squirm in pain.


I started to rub my foot against his nipples roughing and he moaned and groaned, drowning out the slurping sound Pete was making as he cleaned Hailey’s toes.


The rubbing action of my feet was causing my vagina lips to rub against each other as well.


I was only a few task into Samuel’s list and I’m already getting pretty wet from it.


Just as well, because I need to share my natural lubricant with him.


Hailey got up and removed her top. I felt a strange sense of arousal as I watch her rest Pete’s face against her breast while positioning the ruler near his erection.




Pete : ernghhhh!!!! Teacher… !!!


Pete groaned in pain as he rubbed his face against Hailey’s breasts as if it offers instant pain relief.


Hailey : shhhh… shhhh…..




Pete : ernghhhhhh!!!!…..


Hailey : SHHHH… shh…… it’s ok… it’s ok… shhhh…


Pete was shaking and trembling on his knees and I could see his shaft getting red from the cock slap.


The room were filled with the moans and groans of the men Hailey and I have at our feet when it was suddenly pierced by something else.


An agonising scream.


One that is impossible to ignore or miss.


I could hear the chants and cheers of men on the street below.


The cheers of men drowning out the screams of an unwilling girl.


I could see Hailey noticing the scream as well but she tried her best to ignore it.


Hailey stood up and removed her panty form under her skirt.


She gestured that I should start doing the same.


I got up and wriggled out of my body suit before draping the soft fabric around Samuel’s face.


I surprised myself when I felt the stickiness around the panty as I pulled it down my legs. I was well lubricated and wet.


There’s a viscous layer of my vagina secretions on the surface of my panty.


Hailey’s one was still pretty dry.


Still that did not stop her from pressing it against Pete’s face as he struggled to breathe.


I followed Samuel’s request and put the panty over his head, adjusting such that the wet portion that was in constant contact with my vagina is right over his nose.


He moaned and shivered as he lapped up my juices while begging for more.


I could feel a hot tickling sensation around my privates.


I didn’t know what I was thinking but I positioned myself right in front of Samuel.


I pressed his nose that was covered by my panty and as he struggled to breath with his mouth, I started to rub and grind pussy lips against the tip of his nose.





I cannot explain my actions.

I had been feeling really stressed out the past few days.


I also realised something during my time here.


Whenever I felt stressed and on the point of breaking, an orgasm would calm me down. I don’t want to admit it but it’s a fact.


It didn’t matter how I got the orgasm. Willing or unwilling, I could feel my body calming down whenever I had one.


I know I was supposed to quickly get Samuel’s hire done with but I could not resists doing it.


The wetness I was feeling between my vagina lips dictated my actions.


That slippery rub of my pussy lips against Samuel’s nose felt so good.


The feeling of having his hair in my hand and grinding myself against his face, it felt so liberating. I felt as if I was in control for once.


Samuel : erhghhhhh… ohhhh.. ernghhhh….slurppzzz… ernguuuhhhh..


Hailey : woah…. Getting into the mood already eh Julia… hahah…


I did not reply Hailey because what she said was true.


I’m enjoying this very much.


Not just the arousal from the rubbing of my privates but the power.


Power of being in control.


My privates never stooped secreting the juices that Samuel craves for. He was moaning and begging for more as I rubbed my pussy all over his face, totally soaking the panty I was wearing earlier.


I could see Samuel struggling with the hand restraints he had on as if he was trying to get out of them.


I slapped him on his face once.


Smack !


Samuel : ergnhhhh!!! Fuck… oh fuck…. I’m so fucking aroused by this Julia …. Ernghhh… don’t stop…. Don’t stop….


I slapped him again before grabbing his hair roughly.


Lifting my left leg slightly, I pressed his waiting tongue towards my vagina lips


Julia : enghhhh !


I moaned.


I moaned as I felt the vulgar rub of Samuel’s tongue against my vagina lips.


It was a mindless slurpz, a lick with rhythm, but each stroke and flick felt good. The rest didn’t matter.


Hailey comment I was wet enough to use the dildo and I should do it.


Hailey : You’re well lubricated Julia…. Use the dildo first before you dry up….


Julia : ok….


Samuel : fuck… oh fuck….Julia … oh god…. I need you… I need you !!


You should have guessed by now what Samuel wanted.


He wanted me to peg him, to fuck him with a double dildo.


Which meant I was fucking myself the same time I was fucking him. It was a strap on of sort, about 3 inches will go inside me with the tip of it hooking up to tease and torture my g-spot while I fuck Samuel.


It’s not as simple as putting it on and fucking Samuel.


Remember I mentioned earlier that no lubricant is provided.


It meant I had to lube up Samuel anus with my own vagina secretions.


Hailey guided me along the way as I oriented the dildo end to face my own vagina.


Hailey : ok… good.. you need to lube up the dildo first… fuck yourself with it, and coat the entire shaft of the dildo with your juices… the thicker the better….


Julia : ok… ernghh.. enghhh


I kicked the boot covering Samuel’s cock away and stepped and kicked on his erected member.

Samuel :erguuuunhhhh.. ernguuhhhh…..


Sitting down on the chair, I did what Hailey did earlier even though it was not part of what Samuel wanted me to do.


I pushed my toes near to his mouth and Samuel knew what to do.


He eagerly sucked onto my toes and started licking my soles as I pushed the tip of the dildo into my vagina.


Julia : rnghhhhh…e rnghhhh fuck…! nghhh


The dildo is not long, Samuel specified for 4 inches and with a below average shaft.


It’s quite comfortable to slide into my vagina.


The ribbed shaft and the textured dick head scratched an itch I could ease immediately when I fucked it into my cunt.


Julia : ernghhh… oh god… ernghhh…. Yes……. Gasp ..!


I could not believe how good it felt as my toes get soaked by Samuel’s saliva as I inserted and remove the dildo.


It got wet on the first stroke and after a few times of fucking inside my love hole and pulling it out, it was literally glistering under the mood lighting of the room.


Hailey : ok… that looks wet enough…do the other side fast and secure it around your waist….


I gasped and resisted another moan when I pull the dildo out of me.


Rotating to the other end, I moaned against as I felt the thicker side lodge itself comfortably into my vagina on the first attempt.


The fit is snug and fucking comfortable. It’s like the knob that I inserted is moulded to fit my vagina shape.


Hailey helped me secured the strap of my strap on and I could see my silhouette on the room wall.


My slender figure had transformed.


There is now an extension of my body.


An extension that I am looking forward to use.


Samuel was panting with his mouth open, alternating his intake of oxygen through his mouth and through the panty I put over his nose.


I stepped up to him again and teased his mouth with my artificial cock.


I touched him on his cheek with the end of the dildo and his body actually shrunk in fear, cowering backwards.


Hailey : hahhaa….. my god Julia… you are a natural at this….


It was an incredible feeling. The knob nesting inside my vagina is begging to be shaken.

I want to feel it.


I want to feel it rubbing and shaking inside me.


I removed my bra and draped it over Samuel’s head.


He groaned in response as he tried to orientate his head to feel the lacy cups of the bra.


I grabbed his hair again and he shook his head, pleading with me not to do it.


Samuel : no… no…. please… no…


It was not part of his request.


He didn’t ask me to fuck him in his mouth but I wanted to.


A part of me wanted to feel and experience it just to see how it feels like.


I pushed forward slightly and the resistance from his lips pushed the strap on against my g-spot.


It’s like pressing a secret button that delivers a jolt of pleasure.


Samuel : erguuuhhmmmm….


I pushed the end of the lube up dildo into his mouth and Samuel’s initial reluctance gave way in no time.




I felt power like never before.

It offered me a moment of reprieve.


I started to move my pelvis, rocking to mimic a fucking motion into his mouth.


No, I can’t feel the sensation on the dildo , I can’t feel the warmth of his mouth but I could feel that tight knob of pleasure that is slowly building up with each push.


Samuel was gagging as I rocked my body against his face but I went on.

He did not show any signs of wanting me to stop.


Hailey could not resist seeing me do what I do and I saw her pick up a similar strap on and she too started to lube up the dildo end with her vagina.


I held onto Samuel’s head and used his mouth as a tool to rock the bit inside my vagina. For visual stimulation, I turned to look at Hailey.


Her slender and toned body with perky breast looked taut and fuckable. She has that natural vixen look.


The kind that guys would dig.


Hailey : erngnghh… ernghhhh oh god…. Ernghhhh….


Hailey looked at me as she inserted her dildo. Perhaps she felt the same way as me.


My lips felt hot and dry, I needed someone to kiss me.


It’s as if Hailey was reading my mind.


She walked over and we locked lips.


I literally melted as I shivered, I let go of Samuel’s head and I held onto Hailey’s face.


Her tongue tasted sweet like a fresh breathe of mint. The kiss lasted only a while. We broke apart as Hailey gave me a sly smile as if she too had just discovered something about herself that she did not know.


Samuel’s mouth was already we with his own saliva and my cunt juice. He stopped breathing with his nose totally and was gasping for air with his open mouth.


Hailey left Pete along and instead grabbed Samuel and turned him about.


Samuel : arghhhhnnnnnnn !!!


She let Samuel rest his head on the floor with her back reared up.


I could see his rear entrance. He was begging for me to do it.


Samuel : oh god…. Julia… oh.. fuck me… Julia please fuck me…. !!


I gasped and I moaned when I realised what was happening.


Hailey hugged onto me from behind and I could feel the dildo she lube up with her own pussy juice sliding in between my legs while her hands feel up my breast.


Julia :ernghhh…


A gently nudge was all it to took for me to bent forward to push my dildo into Samuel.


Samuel : erGNHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernghhhh!!!


He literally screamed in pain as I watch the dildo disappearing centimetre by centimetre into his anus.


Julia :ergnhhhh !!.. enghhh!!!


I too was moaning out loud feeling the resistance from Samuel nudging onto my G-spot.


I gasped when I felt Hailey’s dildo hovering near the entrance of my anus.


Julia :ernghhhh Hailey no… no….


Samuel : erhhhh !!! erghhh!!!


I felt the pressure as Hailey pushed into my rear while I fucked the dildo strap on I had on into Samuel.


Julia :ernghhhh!!!!


Samuel : arhghhhh !!!


This was the first time I had 2 of my holes filled and I fucking love it.

The sensation was out of this world.


I felt Hailey withdraw and she went over to Pete.

She dragged him over and pushed his head towards my left breast.


Pete began licking and flicking my nipple with his wet tongue while Hailey attempted to enter me again.


Julia : eGNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ernghhh!!!


I have never experienced such an explosive build up before.


The pleasure nodes in my body all fired at the same time and I know for sure this orgasm will be a good one.


The build up was reaching it’s peak when the room door burst open.


Hailey screamed and so did Samuel as I fucked into him too hard.


I turned and right when I was on the verge of an orgasm I saw Aurelia and her girls charge into the room.


Before I could figure out what was going on, Samuel and Pete were dragged out of the room while one of Aurelia’s girls grabbed Hailey by her hair and said something to her.


Hailey immediately nodded and scrambled away in fear.


I was perspiring and panting as I stood facing the girl who had entered the room.


Julia : what is this !!


Aurelia : oh no you don’t… you don’t get to earn Mcoins like this Julia… hahaha… you want Mcoins.. you earn them with your body …… the way like a girl should…. Hahahah…..


I screamed as I ran towards Aurelia only to get rushed and pinned down by her girls.


Julia: What the fuck do you want from me !!!!! ARHHHHHH!!!!


I was frustrated as hell as I struggled and kicked my way out of the girls’ hold on the floor.


Aurelia just laughed but she said nothing.


She gave me a wink and gestured for her girls to leave the room.


Aurelia : 50 Mcoins Julia…Your friends are depending on you….


I was on the verge of crying as the door to the room closed.


I buried my face in my hands for a couple of minutes as I watch the lights outside the artificial environment get dimmer. The roofs of the neighbouring blocks are literally pitch dark.


The only lights are the street lamps illuminating the area on ground floor.


I looked outside the window and I could see Aurelia and her girls heading deep into the Indian district.


I zipped up the full body suit and put my boots on.


Grabbing a length of bondage rope and the club, I hoist myself up over the railing of the balcony and landed on the parapet that connects the row of hotels I was in to the roof of the Indian district.


I tiptoed quickly across the connection when I heard someone hissing at me from behind.


Turning back towards the balcony I just leapt out from, I saw a familiar face.


Miko : psssttt!!! Julia !!….


Julia : Miko ?


Standing beside her was someone else.


The prison warden herself.

Or rather, the prison warden himself.




I looked at Miko and the warden and I could feel my shoulder slouched as if a heavy weight had been set upon my shoulders.


I just felt so tired and drained.

It’s like I could not see any results for all the things I’ve done and gone through.


Miko gestured to me again, asking me to go back towards the room I just climbed out from.


I tightened the grip on my club and walked back towards the 2 of them looking at me.


They backed away to give me room to head back in and when I found my footing, I did what any sane girls would do.


I screamed and swung the club at the warden who stepped back with ease as if she knew what I was about to do.


Dressed in a chic neon coloured sports bra with interlocking and criss crossing stripes, sister looked amused at my attempt to hit her.


I found my eyes drifting towards her privates.


Her pair of hip and leg hugging tights showed off those sexy curves of her legs and thighs. A curve which I hate to admit is a lot better than my own.


Sister was not wearing any socks and her pair of limited edition Chanel sneakers in pink danced nimbly on the carpeted floor as she spun once more to avoid my swing.


Sister: hahaha… what is wrong with you Julia…. You seemed…. Unhappy… haha


Miko : Julia … stop !!


Julia : arghhhhh!!! Arghhh!!!!


I swung the club about like a mad women and for a brief moment, I really felt like I was going mad.


Miko and the warden backed themselves into a corner of the room but they did not seem worried at all when approached.


All I saw was a gentle nod from Sister before Miko strike out at me at such a speed that I only figured out what happened after it was over.


I was tripped, disarmed and pinned onto the floor with by Miko. My eyes were struggling to focus and I was just coming to terms with the pain at the back of my head.


I didn’t even have enough breath to start groaning in pain.


I could not move my hands and I saw Miko straddling me while holding my wrist against the ground.


Julia : what… the fuck….


Sister : Haven’t seen you for a couple of days Julia…. Hahaha… seems like you change a little…


Julia : fuck you…..


Sister: It seems we have a bit of a misunderstanding over here…. Why don’t you…. Calm down… and tell me what is the problem ? … haha


Miko : Julia calm down….


Julia : who are you Miko ? … are you some GI Jane or some shit….


Miko : I’m a prisoner just like you… I just work for my Mcoins in a different way….


Miko relaxed her grip and I massaged my throbbing head as I crawled off the ground.


Sister took a seat and crossed her legs. My eyes never left her groin area.


If she’s still , I meant if she or he still has his dick there, how can he cross his legs with such elegance that even I as a women could not manage ?


The way he rest his thigh above the other and the proximity of in which he aligns both calves together, it’s hard to imagine what is happening to the penis.


Miko walked back to Sister and remained by her side.


The warden rest her chin on the back of her right hand and looked at me from the side of her face.


Sister : well…. Please Julia… give us a quick update…. We don’t have all day…


I did not have a lot of options open to me.


Suzy and Wen are still waiting for me to get to them.


Julia : I…. I tried making Mcoins….and….all was going well until…. Until you fucking burnt me….


Sister : hahah… how did I burn you… ?


Julia : You said you would spread the word and see how,,,,,


Sister : exactly… I said I would put out the news into the rumour mill…. But I never said how I was going to do it….


Julia : how the fuck is such an open announcement going to help !!!


Sister : hahaha…. Come on Julia…. See the big picture…. Everyone knows you work for me now….. it’s the fastest way to get the word out…. You want to get out of this place fast don’t you…. ?


Julia : I…..


Sister : or you would really rather the word gets passed around from mouth to mouth…. Taking their time to slowly travel and trickle down to each and every inmate….. and even after that….. most of them will not know how you look….or whether they can trust you… hahah…..


The warden asked if I was really willing to wait that long.


Sister : humans are selfish….Julia….. and that includes social workers as well….


Julia  :that is not true !!!


Sister : oh ? ….


Julia : Yes


Sister : so if I say I can let you go in exchange for betraying one of your 2 friends….. would you do it ? hahaha….


I froze for a brief moment and immediately the warden smiled.


She saw the hesitation.


She could sense my belief waver.


Julia : I would not do something like….


Sister : ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… stop … stop… shhh… shhh…. Stop… don’t answer me first….


I hate that look on the warden’s face.


It’s that kind of expression that says she has something on me that she can use and there’s nothing I can do.


Sister : see… everyone thinks of themselves first Julia….hahah…


The warden got up and look around the room.


She asked me to go on and let her know what else happened.


Sister : I know Aurelia came to you….what did she say…. What does she want….


Julia : she’s your sister….


Sister : yes… she is…. What did she say to you….


The first thing that came into my head was that Aurelia letting me in on the secret that the warden is not a women.


I wonder if it was in my interest to tell him that.


Julia : she….


My eyes went to the warden’s groin again.


She saw me and she smiled.


She knows.


Sister : so she told you…


Julia :huh… told me what…. ?


It was a feeble attempt in trying to pretend and I could taste that half hearted attempt in my mouth.


The warden walked over to me and I found myself retreating.


She held onto my right wrist and before I knew it, her hands went around my neck.


Sister : go on…. What else did Aurelia say…


Julia : she…. She said you… she said you put her here….


The warden’s face came really close and I could feel the back of the wall behind me.


There was no more room for me to move.


Sister : go on….


Julia : she…. She believes there is something more….going on….


Sister : like ?


The warden’s lips were so close to mine that we were almost kissing.


I clenched my fist and I found myself too weak to fight back.


Her smell is so intoxicating.


It’s like I wanted her to kiss me.


Sister’s body pressed against mine and our breast touched.


My mind wandered off and for a moment was toying with the sick idea of how it would be like to be penetrated by Sister.


Julia : she…said you would not put me here…. And burn me like this….unless…


Sister : unless what ?


Julia : unless you wanted to achieve something….


Julia : ernghhhh….


I felt the warden’s groin push against mine as she kissed me while hugging to the small of my waist.


I panted for air as I looked into the scheming eyes of the warden in front of me.


Julia : she…..Aurelia….. took… she took 2 of my friends…..


Sister : hahah.. your friends….


Julia : yes… she… she wanted 50 Mcoins ….


Sister : doesn’t she have enough ? hahaha…..


I put up my hand and pushed the warden away slightly but she was still holding onto my shoulder.


Sister : I don’t know why Julia… I can’t explain it but….


Julia : huh ?


Sister : I think I want to have sex with you…


I pushed her away and she staggered back 2 steps as she chuckled.


I don’t know what I was feeling.


It was a mixture of anger, disgust and I could not deny the arousal my body was feeling.


Sister : they are not your friends Julia ….


Julia : they helped me !!! without them I would be so fucking lost here…


Sister : they are not your friends Julia….hahha


Julia : that’s for me to judge….


Sister : then I think you have pretty poor judgement…..


Before I would work on my next retort, the warden added something which I could not decide if I want to believe her.


Sister : what if I say….both Wen and Suzy works for me… ? hahah




The warden’s sinister laugh after she made that statement sent a chill down my spine and I looked to Miko as if she could offer any form of help or hint to the accuracy of her statement.


Sister could see the puzzled look on my face and she looked amused as she folded her arms and quickly added that she’s kidding.


Sister : ok…ok… I’m kidding…..


She paused before giving me a raised eyebrow as if she was waiting for my reaction. Then she burst out laughing again and said that it was half true.


Sister: ok…hahaha… it’s half true….


Coming so close to my face such that I can smell her breath, the warden told me only 1, of the 2 girls work for her.


Sister : hahaha…. But… the question is… which one … ?


I shook my head and closed my eyes, and I took a few deep breaths and tried to compose myself.


Julia : what do you want…. ? I am sick and tired of all these games…. Why don’t you just ….


Sister : eh… eh… eh… eh….


The warden put her right hand over my shoulder while trying to shush me up as if I was saying something unnecessary.


Sister : don’t concern yourself over what I want Julia….i want a lot of things….one of which is to have sex with you…..


I could not believe she said that again.


If this was a workplace, I would have filed a complaint for sexual harassment but this is not. It’s a prison.


Sister : ok… look Julia…


The warden cleared her throat as Miko checked the street down below, her eyes and ears wide open for signs of anyone approaching.


Sister : This is what I want you to do…..


She took a few moments to choose the words she wanted to use and I could tell she was not playing around this time. There was a tone of seriousness to those words.


The warden revealed that Aurelia may be the richest prisoner in the prison and no doubt the most powerful, there are still certain items which she should not have in her possession.


Sister : the drive… for one is a contraband….all visitors who come to the island are checked twice….. only when they are clear of contraband items will they be allowed to board the ferry…..


The warden went on to say that, having the drive is one thing.


To take photos of the prison street and the whole setup that is supposed to be secret meant you needed a camera.

That’s not all, you would need something to transfer the photos from the camera to the drive as well. A laptop, or a desktop or a working phone.


Sister : My concerns…. Is if she has a phone or a mean to connect with the outside world that I do not know of…


Julia : Isn’t there a shop where you can make calls using Mcoins to the outside world….


Sister : Yes there is but the calls are monitored…..and it really depends on who you are calling to that determined whether that call connects or not…


Julia : you mean….


Sister : yes…. If I don’t like the other party you are calling… the call will be…. Unsuccessful…. And….. if case you are wondering….. all of Aurelia’s calls, including any girls related to her…. Have been…. Hahaha… unsuccessful….in getting a connection…..


The warden went on to say that Aurelia has been pretty active in trying to get a line out, to get a channel of communication going.


Sister : from manipulating the men her girls fuck…. To giving them pleasures beyond their wildest imagination…. She has cultivated a network of men that are willing to bend over backwards just to please her…..


Julia : if the men are working with her….


Sister gestured to the Indian district.


Sister : Aurelia has most, if not all of them under her control….. this…. Is one of her nest….that is… I would say pretty hard to infiltrate…..


Julia : Aurelia stays inside there ?


Sister : between the Indian district and the casino…. She switches whenever she feels like it….


Julia : so I gather you want me to find out what Aurelia has on her end in terms of communication with the outside world….


Sister : yes….. hahah



The warden got up and she looked towards the window where I had just climbed back from.


Sister : find out what she has…..and where she keeps them….. get me that… and I guarantee you Julia…. You will be back in that nice cozy office of yours doing what you are supposed to be doing in no time….


Turning to face me with her arms folded and her head cocked to the side with a sly smile, the warden asked if I have any questions.


Sister : ok ? ….. questions… ?

Julia : Aurelia would…. She would never trust me….


Sister : oh…. I think that depends on how you gain her trust isn’t it… hahaha….


Julia : how do you suppose I do that… ?


She shrugged her shoulders, but she kept looking at me with a smile.


It’s as if she knew I had the answer in my head but I refused to entertain it.


It did not take long for me to realise what the warden is thinking.



One of the 2 girls taken by Aurelia works for her.


This was why she suggested that I betray one of them in the first place.


That was what she wanted me to do.


Julia : you want me to give …..


The warden nodded her head eagerly.


Julia : you want me to give up your spy to Aurelia….


Sister: hahah.. that would be a good start no … ?


Julia : but…. But who is the…


Sister : hahah… that…. I’ll leave it to you to find out….


Miko whispered something to the warden and they started to make their way towards he exit.


Julia : no wait… !!.. what if.. what if I give Aurelia the wrong girl… !!! what if….i got it wrong !!!! then the innocent girl would ….


The warden did not brother to reply me but she carried on walking towards the lift I came out from earlier.


Miko turned to me and said something to me.


Miko : Julia…. You want to get out of here…. You have to start thinking of yourself …. And not others….


Julia : but….


Miko pressed something into my hand before walking away.


Miko joined the warden in the lift and I watched as the lift door closed shut.


It was a note.


A note on where to get Mcoins.


I looked at the hastily scribbled directions to the coffee shop and who to look for.


The paper contained directions to a underground route to make Mcoins at a much faster rate.


I might even be able to get 50 mcoins within a day if I’m lucky.


It’s not for everyone, it’s all hush hush and you needed a recommendation to get yourself hooked up.


Miko scribbled what to say to the person manning the café.


By placing a specific order for my coffee, I would unlock a different set of menu.


A menu that would get me Mcoins at a rate I would never be able to get doing the things I did so far.




I left the room and took the lift back down to the first floor.


There were no signs of anyone around except Hailey, Samuel and Pete tucked in a corner of the room.


The men were on the floor, tied up and shaking with their limp cock exposed.


Hailey was shaking as she avoided eye contact with me.


I approached them and I apologised to Hailey.


Julia : I’m… I’m sorry…. i…. I’m sorry for…


Hailey quickly shook her head and said it was ok.


There’s no hiding the fear she had in her eyes.


Hailey : you… you should go….


Julia : ok…. Ok… I’m sorry….


As I turned to leave, Hailey reminded me not to bring any of the things I checked out outside the shop as it will be billed to Samuel.


I nodded.


Stepping naked back out into the street which had turned dark by then, I felt as if I had gone back to my starting point.

A group of Indian men saw me leaving the shop and they jabbed each other on their arms as if considering their next meal.


I quickly ran in the opposite direction much to their amusement. Their laughter could be heard down the whole street.


I went to the first map of the strip mall I could find to try and locate the café Miko pointed to me.


It’s near the revolving sushi place I was at earlier.


I arrived to find it close.


There’s nothing I could do but head back to the inn to grab some food and to sleep.


By the time my body hit the bed within the capsule, I could feel muscles I never thought were there aching.


I curled up into a small ball and pulled the covers over my head.


I was shaking and yet my body was experiencing something really weird, something I could not explain.


I was feeling this aching throb around my groin area.


I pressed my thighs together tighter only to feel the moisture of my vagina rubbing against my own skin.


I tried not to think about it but the more I resisted, the wetter I got.


I resisted the urge to spread my legs and touch myself because that was what I really wanted to do.


It made me feel sick.


Despite all that I’ve gone through, I’m actually aching to touch and masturbate at a time like this.


It’s not wrong, I was trying to argue and reason with myself in my head.


After a long day, I was finally in my own cocoon, my own space where I feel safe and comfortable. It’s not wrong to want to seek a release.


Thankfully the mental dilemma did not last long.


I fell asleep without realising it.


I woke up the next morning and I quickly took a shower and grabbed a bite in the dining area.


All the girls within the dining area avoided me like the plague.


I have no doubts by now word has spread about what happened to Wen and Suzy.


I sat at a corner of a long table that could comfortably fit 8 but no one came.


No one dared to sit at the same table I was sitting on.


No one smiled or attempted to acknowledge my presence.


I ate my bread quietly and I saw a familiar looking girl looking at me from across the dining area.

She looked away when I looked over.


I vaguely remembered her as one of Aurelia’s girls. She ate her food quietly and spoke with no one either.


Aurelia must have sent her to keep an eye out to what I was doing.


I can’t let her see where I’m going.


If she did, she would know I have help. That would complicate matters.


I stood up abruptly just to be sure my hunch was correct and I walked quickly towards the exit. The girl that I marked got up too with her breakfast half eaten.


Instead of heading towards the exit, I went to take another piece of bread before sitting back down.


She caught on to what I was doing but it was too late. She hesitated for a brief moment before doing what I did as well, taking another serving of her breakfast.


I ate slowly and waited for the right moment to move.


I saw a group of 3 girls entering the dining area. They were talking about the clients they had last night, 2 of them were giggling about how small their dicks were and they kept wanting them to moan louder.


I timed my move right at the moment the group blocked the line of sight Aurelia’s spy had of me and I quickly got up.


I dashed out of the motel and into the street. That should give me a 10 second head start at least.


I got to the staircase and immediately mae my way up to the street level before turning a corner to make my way to the café Miko pointed me to.


I was trying to catch my breath when the aroma of freshly ground coffee hit me.


The fragrance of that fresh brew activated my senses immediately and I could feel myself craving for a sip of a good hot cup of coffee.


I peered into the interior and when the door opened, I could hear soft jazz music playing in the background.


There were 2 other girls inside the café and they were talking softly to each other.


They looked gorgeous and fair. Their hair were nicely done up with fashionable curls at the ends. Their nails were manicured and even though they were as naked as me, they looked a whole class better.


I could feel the dagger like looks they shot my way as if to tell me I don’t belong in such a upmarket place.


I looked at their table and I could feel saliva pooling inside my mouth.


They had 2 tiers of pastries and cakes arranged nicely on a bamboo display stand. As I got closer to the counter, I could smell the rose and jasmine scent from the pot of tea they ordered.


Their breast looked too good to be natural and I looked away, trying to fight an irresistible urge to ogle at their body.


The girl manning the counter gave me a wide smile and asked me what I wanted.


My mind flashed back onto the piece of paper Miko gave me and I repeated the order word for word.


Julia : I’ll like a double expresso, a cheese sandwich with an additional sausage..


I could see the girl hesitate for a while before giving me her reply.


Coffee girl  : That…. Is a lot to have for breakfast…. Are you sure…. ?


The look in her eyes told me that she meant it when she asked if I’m sure of my order, or rather, what I wanted.


Julia : yes…. Yes I’m sure…


She nodded and asked me to take a seat.


Coffee girl : I’ll bring you your order shortly…. Please take a seat…



I found a corner and sat down.


Looking out to the street, I could tell this quiet stretch belonged to the upmarket part. Much like what orchard road used to be in the heydays of Singapore.


There are numerous body care shops, massages, spa, and even a hair removal clinic. All of which requires a shitload of Mcoins I’m sure.


I looked at the 2 girls enjoying their morning tea.


I wonder what they had to do in order to enjoy tea in such a place.


The coffee girl came over and told me to follow her.


Coffee girl : hi…. Please follow me…


I nodded and got up.


We entered a door at the back of the café and I saw a flight of stairs leading down. The girl gestured for me to proceed before leaving me alone.


I went down the stairs and open the door.


I was greeted immediately by the smell of popcorns like I just walked into a ticketing area of a movie theatre.


The lounge I was in is empty. There was a couch in the middle and I went over to take a seat.


I barely warmed the seat when someone entered the lounge. I turned around and It was a man. Dressed in a colourful suit much like what I imagine a clown would wear.


He had makeup on his face, giving his features an exaggerated look as if he was trying to look feminine.


He was naked below his waist and I could see his dick hanging limp as he approached me.


I backed off instinctively , worried and unsure of what to expect.


Willy : Hi…. You must be Julia….. Miko told me you are coming…. I am willy….


Julia : hi…. Hi willy…


Willy : so…. Miko…. Tells me you need to make Mcoins…. Fast… hahhaa…


I nodded.



He rubbed his hands gleefully as he looked at me. Willy appraised my body from top to toe.


He came close and he cupped my breast, I was too shocked to resist.


Then he touched my body.


He even ran a finger along the slit of my vagina before putting his finger into his mouth.


Willy : hmmmm… premium… definitely premium… slurpzz…


Julia : what ? ….


Willy : you’ve come to the right person Julia….…. Hahah….


Julia : what… what do I have to do…


Willy : come work in my condom factory….for a few hours… and I guarantee you… hahah… you will make Mcoins at a speed like never before….


Julia : huh ? condom factory…. ?


Willy gave a dramatic bow before giving me a full formal introduction of himself and what he does.


Willy : Welcome….allow me to introduce myself…. And my factory….


Julia : you……… got to be………..shitting…….. me…..


The walls surrounding the lounge rose up and revealed a much bigger space than before with colourful neon lights on the walls at read.


“ Willy wanker & his condom factory “





The bright neon lights blinking and flashing all over me made me think I had just stepped into a miniature theme park.


Unlike a theme park where the flashing lights comes accompanied with music and whimsical tunes, this was totally quiet.

It’s almost like watching a movie with the volume turned off.


Willy gestured for me to follow him into his condom factory and I already had a whole list of questions I wanted to ask.


This is just so bizarre.


Condom sales had plunge to the point of companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Everybody fucks raw these days since you can no longer get any sexual diseases.


The men would not hesitate to fill your cunt up with their sperm.


Willy must have anticipated my questions and he was generous enough to offer to answer any question I might have.


Willy : alright dear… I know you have questions….. shoot away….


He walked with a girlish swagger and honestly, his limp swinging dick is a little disturbing to look at but who am I to comment on it.


My own boobs are swinging as I walked naked beside this strange man.


Julia : I… I thought people don’t use condoms anymore….


Willy : wrong my dear….. low class people….. don’t use condoms….


Julia : what ??


Willy gave me a smirk as he held his head up high.


We walked past rows of framed condoms, all of his creations, customised right down to every little detail.


It was like walking into a condom museum.


Willy : why do some of this rich people wear gloves….? Why do some of the ladies insist in wearing their fancy laced gloves when shaking your hands ???


Julia : ermmm…


I don’t have an answer to that.


I don’t have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with people like that.


Julia : for a fancy dress party ?


Willy : don’t be ridiculous my dear… hahah….


Julia : then why ?? …


Willy paused and turned to look at me.


Willy : because…. They deem you too dirty to even to touch…


Julia : what… ?


Willy : yes… I said it….


Julia : dirty ??? … what the fuck…


Willy : yeah… what the fuck… but anyway…


Willy went on to add that he customised condoms for the ultra elites, politicians, scions , famous actors. Oligarch, in short, only if you have a shit load of money to spend, you can have your own customised condoms.


Willy : the dicks…. Or penis of the rich and the noble….


I shuddered when I heard him said the word noble with a vibrating brrr at the end.


Willy : their cocks…. Are too precious to be rubbing raw against the skins and cunts of mere whores like you…


Julia : what ?!!


Willy : calm down missy…. You’re a prisoner whoring your body for Mcoins…. Don’t act all classy on me ….


Julia : i….


I felt like strangling Willy already.


Willy : sure… you can safely fuck raw nowadays but it’s for low SES people.


Julia : what… what the fuck is SES….


Willy : low social economic status…. Low SES….


Julia : that is such a fucking outdated term….. the whole country is sinking in case you are not aware….


Willy : yeah…. Like I care… ? my clients are international….


Willy waved me off as we got to a small studio with lights and cameras. There’s a pair of footprint on a platform and Willy asked me to step on.


Julia : so you are making condoms for these people… because they want to fuck around and their cocks are too precious to touch the naked skin of the common people….


Willy : yeap… you’re a fast learner…. Some girls couldn’t grasp that even after the fitting….


The platform rotated and I could see the camera taking pictures and videos of my body.


Willy went over to his terminal and I could see the information being transferred to his screen.


Julia : what is this….


Willy : I’m sending your pictures out to my clients….. and see if anyone wants to come to their fitting….


Julia : what is a fitting….


Willy  : to try out their condoms of course….just like making a suit… you need several fittings…. Don’t you know that…. ?


Julia : on me !!?


Willy : who else… me ? … haha.. you are a funny girl….


Julia : you mean I need to fuck them….


Willy : no my dear… you just need to let them fuck you….


Julia : no… no… i.. i… I don’t think…


Willy : too late…. Look…


I could see a blinking acknowledgement on the terminal.


Someone had chosen me for his fitting and I could see the time set for 3 hours later.


Willy : oh… it’s your lucky day….


Julia : what !! wait … wait.. what am I suppose to do…. What do I have to do …. How much will I be paid…. ?


Willy gave me a raised eyebrow.


Willy : hmmm.. you seemed desperate for Mcoins… hahah


Julia : well if I weren’t, I won’t be here !….


Willy : 45…. Excluding tips from the client….


Julia : what… the client gives tips ….?


Willy : yes my dear…. Your body…. Is worth a lot of money… if you know how to use it…. Properly… and look….


Gesturing to the terminal, Willy added that I got an offer almost immediately.


Willy : some girls had to wait a day or 2…… you are quite sort after I must say…..would you say you can squeeze in time for a fitting every week… ?


The shock expression on my face made Willy turn away.


Willy : nevermind…. Let’s see you through the first fitting…. And we’ll see….


Willy brought me to his workshop where machineries and dildos strapped to weird contraptions all designed to test the integrity of the condoms are located.


It felt more like a torture chamber.


I came to a room that looked like a posh hotel suite.


Willy asked me to wait in there and relax.


Willy : have a shower…. Smell nice for the client….soak in the tub if you wish…. Make sure your skin and vagina is clean for the fitting….


Julia : wait.. wait… the client… who… who is he….


Willy : I can’t tell you that… we value privacy here….


Julia : wait… wait…


Willy pointed to the fridge and added that there’s water, snacks and fruits in there if I’m hungry.

Willy : clothes will be sent to you after the clients selects them….we need them for the fitting….


Julia : wait … wait… !!


The door shut and I realised there were no door handles. I hammered a couple of times on the door and I screamed in frustration.


I paced around the room. The bed felt soft to the touch, the furnishings are really nice and even the covers on the bed feels expensive. Probably of a threadcount I could never afford on my salary.


I opened the door to the bathroom and I saw a really inviting bathtub.


Julia : fuck this… might as well make myself comfortable. …


I moaned out loudly as I stepped into the warm bath after filling it with a mixture of fragrant soap and bath salt. There was even a TV in there and I tuned in to the news.


That had to be one of the most relaxing moments I’ve had ever since my life went to shit.


It felt weird.


Almost as if I’m coming to terms with the state I’m in, coming to terms that it’s inevitable that I have to use my body to get what I want.


I wanted freedom.


And it has a price.


My fingers went to my privates and I rubbed myself gently under the soapy bath as I exhaled.


I tried not to think about it.


It’s just sex.


Just a random stranger putting his penis inside my most private part.


Well, at least this stranger would be using a condom….






Jarvis : I’m heading out for a while Lindy… cancel my appointment for the day…


Lindy  :where are you going Boss….do you need me to follow  ?


Jarvis : no I’m fine alone….


Lindy : shall I send the guards with you… ?


Jarvis : no…. tell them I’m off to the country club with the boys….


Lindy  : your father insisted you don’t leave office without your guards…. I’m afraid I have to insist boss….. you’ll get me into trouble….please…


Jarvis : Lindy….


I held her shoulder and pressed her body against mine.


Lindy : ernghhh.. boss…. Don’t…. we’re at work….


Jarvis : I’m going for a condom fitting….i don’t want a bunch of guys hanging around while I get my cock measured….


Lindy  :but… but….


I kissed her and cupped my hands around her supple breast.


Hiring Lindy was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s literally a minx in bed and not to forget, competent in the workplace too. One of the best personal assistant I ever had.


Lindy : boss…. Boss…. Ernghhh..don’t….


Jarvis : hahah… come over to my place tonight….


Lindy : we’re rushing for the presentation to the Khoo industry…


Jarvis : well…. I want to test out my new condoms with you tonight Lindy….


I gave her a playful pinch as Lindy scurried out of my reach.


Lindy : ok… ok… behave yourself…. !


Jarvis : hahhaa….


I grabbed my coat and stepped out of the office to a view of the marina bay.


One of the last semblance of dignity the country has left to offer.


I took in a breath of fresh air as I recalled the images of the girl sent to me by Willy.


The girl I’m going to do my fitting with.


Jarvis : damm…. It sure feels good to be rich…. In this sick… sick world….




I went to my private yacht and told the captain to take me to Coney island.


He gave me a knowing smiled as he gave me the thumbs up.


As we pulled out of the marina, I looked at the depressing skyline of the country. Quite a lot of buildings have fallen into disrepair. Only those within the fake bubble we live in are maintained.


It’s no longer safe driving once you are out of the business district.


The only safe way of getting around is via the water.


With no functioning public pools for the last 30 years, the number of swimmers within the population have dropped sharply.


That’s a given isn’t it, no pool how to learn how to swim ?


Those at the bottom of the social ladder who are struggling to feed themselves would never think about learning how to swim in one of the few exclusive clubs, this compounded their fear of water.


What an irony.


A island city with more and more of it’s inhabitants afraid of water.


I enjoyed the spray of the salty sea as we cut through the waters easily.


I gave a wave to a passing boat , recognising my neighbours who watched me grow up.


The retired couple saw me approaching and they were trying to show me their newest catch from their fishing trip.


Jarvis : bro… I need a couple of hours….. anchor somewhere nearby…. I want to get back before dinner….


Captain : sure…. It’s your dad’s birthday….. you don’t want to be late…


Jarvis : yeah…. He’ll probably nag me to death….


I waved to one of the approaching ferry service as I put on my wrist tag.


The saw the gold rimmed tag and immediately realised I’m a high spender.


They pulled along side my yacht and I hopped on.


There was no need for me to clear their so call immigration.


I was still required to go through a full body scan to make sure no contraband items are brought onto the island.


The ferry service brought me direct to the island, bypassing the larger service that carried the general population.


Instead of landing at the wharf where I would get a welcome by rows of naked women, I was ushered to a private jetty for the exclusive.


I tried going by the main jetty a couple of times, it’s fun and interesting for a while. I mean where else in the world are you going to find a row of naked women smiling as you run your hand through their breast.


This island is a fucking paradise.


We slowed down and the boat drifted the last 20 metres or so through a high mangrove overhang, entering a channel that is barely visible from the exterior.


We were flanked by mangroves on both sides until we reached the small berth that can fit 2 boats. There’s small hut which houses security staff.


2 armed guards stepped out to welcome me.


They scanned my tag and after I stepped though another metal detector, they unlocked a door set in a concrete wall for me.


I entered and stretched myself in the bathroom of a café.


Despite being located in a place like this, the café serves pretty good coffee.


I checked my bearings in the full length mirror and brushed back a strand of stray hair.


I looked at myself in the mirror and I could not help but laughed at how ridiculous I look.


I’m touching 40 but I look like shit.


At least 10 kg overweight, I could feel the weight of my beer belly when I try to run. I haven’t been taking care of myself since I broke up with my girlfriend almost 10 years ago.


Why would I need a girlfriend when I have all the money to spend in a place such as this.


The island prison satisfy all of my sexual needs. I have no need for emotional connection. On days when I’m too lazy to come over, my personal assistant would take care of my immediate needs.


I turned to my side and checked out the side profile of my body before talking to myself.


Jarvis : you are one ugly looking mother fucker…. Hahah


It’s true.


If there is one good thing about a disgusting rich man’s son that squanders away the family wealth while contributing an absolute shit to the household, it’s my complete honesty.


I am brutally honest.

If it weren’t for my money, no women in their right mid would sleep with me, much less perform the sick acts I ask them to.


I left the bathroom and stepped into the café.


It was quiet like always.


I saw 2 girls nicely dolled up at a corner of the café enjoying some snacks.


They cast me a look and I could tell their interest level dropped in half.


Well, what do you expect ?


Some super model hunk appearing out of nowhere and he willingly pays you to fuck ?


Dream on.


The world belongs to disgusting fat fucks like me.


I was not bothered at all by the disinterest.


There are plenty to choose from.


Usually from the time they see what I have on my wrist.


I took my usual seat in the centre of the café and shouted my order across the hall.


Jarvis : 2 Picolo Latte…..and a hot americano….

I did not recognise the barista but she sure did recognise me.


She beamed me a wide smile and said my order will be right with me.


My obnoxious shout must have irritated the 2 classy whores by the booth and they cast me another glance.


Our eyes made contact and this time round, they showed a considerably higher level of interest in me.


The prime reason for that interest has to be my left hand resting on the edge of the table with the gold rimmed wrist tag exposed.


There is a reason why it’s in gold.


I’m a whale.


A high roller.


This essentially meant I had no limits whatsoever to my spending power.


While the other men had to content with top ups and maintaining a credit line, I had none.


There are 8 whales in the entire ecosystem in Coney island women’s prison, and I am one of them.


I smiled at the 2 girls who I bet has started to wet themselves in their vagina.


They uncrossed their legs and crossed them again, posing seductively at me and trying to show off their breasts.


I could not resist a smile.


You might think it’s sick but it’s not.


This is just nature. It has always been this way since the beginning of time.


We are animals after all. Like all animals, the female species seek the protection and shelter of a alpha male. An alpha to fertilise her egg.


Plant a seed in her womb.


It doesn’t matter how advance the society has become, women all seek the same thing.


Someone to protect, someone to provide.


I gave the barista a 5 Mcoin tip when she brought me my coffee and I could almost see the sparkle in the eyes of the 2 girls having their tea.


As I sipped my coffee, I could not help but recall the books I’ve read when I was younger about evolution.


A few hundred years ago, someone like me would probably die of hunger and starvation. There is no way I would be able to attract a mate.

People with personality like mine would not live past the age of 30.


Yet as society progresses, people like me are allowed to thrive.


It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest runner, the best hunter, or you carry the most good looking genes, all of it didn’t matter.


If it did, the old men out in the streets would not be walking around with 20 year olds in their arms and putting their seed in the bellies of girls who just turned 18.


I know it better than anyone else.


Afterall, my step mother is younger than me.


My dad married a 19 year old fresh graduate from one of the top Junior college.


Well, she’s hot, I would fuck her but she’s already carrying my brother in that young womb of hers.


I’ll let her give birth first before I fuck her.


My thoughts were interrupted by Willy appearing from behind the café.


Jarvis : yo !!! Willy…. You disgusting old fuck !!! hahaha


Willy gave me a shy smile.


Jarvis : you still swing around your cock like that ar … hahaha…. No wonder all the girls avoid this place…. Hahah


Willy gave me a dramatic bow and said the suite is ready for my fitting.


Willy : It’s all ready.


Jarvis : that girl… the one you sent….


Willy : her name is Julia….


Jarvis : Julia….nice… nice name… she look like a spunky fighter…. Hahah


Willy : well… hahah… that’s for you to find out….


I slapped my thigh and stood up.


Jarvis : has she done a fitting before ? ….


Willy shook her head.


Willy : It’s her first time…..


Jarvis : hahhahaha…..this… is going to be interesting…. Hahahha


Willy : She… ermm… well… don’t scare her away…. She looked like the type that will bring in more for fittings…


Jarvis : hahaha… are you trying to say the things I do are sick…. ?


Willy : no… no… no.. of course not….


I smiled at Willy’s poor attempt at lying.


Willy pointed the way towards the door and I took 2 steps before stopping by the table of 2 girls.


Both of them look at me eagerly, they are so hot and pretty. Like the classmates I would love to fuck back in my school days. They are probably in their early 20s.


Jarvis : Hi girls….


Girls : hi….hee… heee…..


I picked up a scone from their pasty basket and put it in the middle of the table.


They gave me a questioning look.


I shouted to the barista that I’m picking up the tab for their table.


Jarvis : Put it on my tab…


Their faces lit up and I quickly added something that would have definitely provided good entertainment if not for the fact that I want to meet Julia.


Jarvis : When I come out… the girl with the most of this scone in their vagina…. Gets 10 Mcoins… hahahha…. Barista… !!… help me keep an eye on them will ya ?? hhahaha


I barely put 2 steps forward them I heard the 2 girls screaming and fighting each other for the scone to stuff into their vagina.


Willy : always the creative one aren’t you Mr Jarvis….


Jarvis : hhahaha…. What you really meant was, always the sick one isn’t it… hahah….


I entered Willy’s condom factory and I followed Willy to the suite.


The suite where I would do my condom fitting.


A place where I can customised the shit out of what I want in my condom.



Willy knocked on the door twice before opening the room door and I came face to face with the girl what would help me with my fitting.





She was dressed in a white bathrobe and she had a cup of coffee in her hand.


Willy : please come in Mr Jarvis….


I flashed Julia a smile but she didn’t return one.


It’s ok.


It’s ok.


I understand.


Willy : we shall now begin the condom fitting….


Jarvis : yes please….





I gave the girl a wink and I could see the immediate look of horror on her face.

It’s as if she finally realised she just made a decision that she would come to regret.


Willy : follow me please … to the fitting chamber.




Why would we want condoms when all sexual diseases have been eradicated ?


Why is there a need for protection when the morning after pill is one of the cheapest thing money can buy ?


The feeling of fucking raw.


The slide of your cock into a naked pussy, wet and moist with juices that never seem to stop flowing, isn’t that one of the most amazing feeling in the world ?


It used to be.


When the revolution came, hordes of men started fucking around without condoms.


There was no longer any need for them. No one was afraid of contracting diseases, no one is afraid of unwanted pregnancy.


Rape cases spiked all over the world.


Condom factory started closing down but the boutique condom makers, the ones like Willy, they saw an opportunity while others saw doom and gloom.


Willy knew there is still value in having a condom.


He began marketing condom to the rich and famous and he poured money into research and development.


Once jus a simple use and throw rubber, the condom now is like a 2nd skin.


You can even say it’s alive.


I entered the chamber which looked more like a science lab with sterile equipment and stainless steel tables.


I looked at the dozen od condoms grew from a small petri dish using my very own skin cells and DNA.


Each piece of condom staring back at me is part of me.


It’s a living organism on it’s own.


I have tried the prototype and I was blown away.


You put it on like any other regular condom but it adheres to your cock immediately and the snugness in which it wraps around immediately hardens my cock.


I could last twice as long with the customised condom and the surface of the condom is self lubricating. It reacts with the juices from the vagina and produces it’s own layer of lubrication.


The resulting liquid is a nectar designed to react specifically with the subject it comes into contact with.


It will arouse her.


It will tease her.


It will fuck with her head.


You cannot deny that despite thousands of years of evolution and collective wisdom, humans are still very much controlled by chemicals and electrical impulses from our brain.


The chemicals our brain releases, forces us to act accordingly.


The condom, produces a special pheromone that reacts with the vagina of the subject, it would give what Willy described as jolts of electric shocks each time you thrust your cock into her pussy.


While the girls cunt is being ravaged by your dick, her mind would be processing all these under the influence of the chemical that is running through her veins.


She would be confused and lost.


She would hate you.


She’s disgusted by the grotesque cock you are forcing into her private but she could not shut her brain off. Her brain would give her conflicting signals that would drive her to the brink of insanity.


Her brain would tell her to hate you but to love your cock at the same time, because you cannot deny the pleasure that the cock is delivering into the vagina and the subject’s brain.


The orgasm would be 3 times as intense.


During my prototype fitting, the orgasm the girl had was so violent that she went into a fit and Willy had to force a dildo into her mouth so she would not bite her own tongue off.


At the 2nd fit, the 2nd girl came so hard that she lost control of her bowels, squirting and peeing in missionary position. She could hardly stand after I was done despite crying non stop as I forced myself onto her.


At the 3rd fitting, as more of my skin cells were taken to grown the 1st batch of condoms, the girl came 6 times and had to be carried off on a stretcher.


What about when the men cums ?


What happens when I’m about to shoot my load ?


The permeability of the skin is mono direction.


I can shoot my sperm out as if the condom was not there but nothing can get pass in the reverse direction.


The velocity of my semen exiting is affected definitely but I would still be able to fill the girl up with my sperm.


With the condom, I can remain hard after cumming for up to 2 hours. There is no soreness, no tiredness, no feelings of abrasion.


It’s like I’m hard and ready to go once again.


That was how I ravaged the 3 girls before me.


Now for the 4th girl.


It’s for my final fitting.


The final tweaks and adjustments for the comments I gave during the 3rd fitting.


I told Willy I was happy but I would want greater feel on the tip of my cock.

I was getting the sensation on my shaft alright but the feeling around the tip is lacking.


I want to feel more around the tip of my circumcised cock.


Not just during the initial push in.


I want to experience euphoria when I withdraw and push my cock back into the vagina.


Willy said he would tweak the structure of the condom but there is a limit on how much he can push the limit.


This is relatively new technology after all.


I told him to just do it.


Now all 12 condoms have been grown out, it was ready for the final fitting and customisation.



I’m pretty sure I would get to feel and experience the sensation of the condom in it’s full glory this time round.


The last part of the customisation comes in 2 parts.


First it’s the visual and exterior of the condom itself, not the boring plain wrapper.


I have collected young nubile pubic hair from girls in local universities.


It’s a prerequisite for applying to the family scholarship.


Scholarship for tertiary education comes with a price. Despite the ton of information and documents submitted for selection, at the end of the day, I only look at their photo.


Their full body photo that is.


I’ve sponsored girls from all the major university in the country and in return, I own their bodies for the duration of their studies.


I get to fuck them whenever I want and I own them.


This meant I own every bit of their body including their juices, their hair, even their fingernails.


I summoned each girl to my place each month and I take pleasure when I hear them scream.


Their moans of pain then I slowly took my time to choose and comb through their young pubes.


Like like picking fine tea leaves, you go for the softest and the most tender of hair.


That’s what I did.


I combed through their pubes and searched for those thin, fine and tender hair to collect for my condom.


Willy has them ready to be attached to the exterior of the condom.


The hair would not make any impact on the feeling and sensation but it gives a sick kick.


A sick kick for a man like me.


A fetish.


All fetish can be satisfied as long as you have money.


I like the thought and idea of fucking a girl with a customised condom adorned with the hair of the girls I own.


Each time I push into her, I would be rubbing the insides of her vagina with the hair of mostly unwilling sexual partners.


Willy : I have arranged and paired up the hair in the order you specified…. If all good, I will go ahead and attach them to the condom….


Jarvis : yes… go ahead… finish one up first… I want to test it with Julia…. Hahahah…. I can see the eager look in her eyes….hahahah


Willy : very well…. This will take just a few minutes…. I have tweaked the chemical contents as well…..


Jarvis: where did you find such a gem like her….


Willy : it’s a long story…..


Jarvis : hahaha….. she’s better than the 1st three… there is something about her eyes…. That… that fire…. It arouses me… hahaha….


Willy : yes…. That fire indeed….


I rubbed my hands eagerly as watched the 3 robotic hands attached the fine hair onto the exterior of the condom that cost me almost 300 Mcoins to make for each.


As the last strand of hair get attached onto the condom, I started to remove my clothes, unable to resist a grin.


Jarvis : hurry up Willy you old fart…. Hahaha… can you hurry up…. You don’t keep a whale waiting you know that…. Ahhaha….


Willy smiled but said nothing.


The machine stopped moving and I could see the condom is ready.


Jarvis : alright…. Let’s do this… !! hahahaha…..


I waited for Willy to bring the condom to me but he did not move.


Jarvis : what are you waiting for…. ? !! hurry up !!!


Willy : Mr Jarvis…. May I kindly inform you that….whatever the price you paid… there will always be someone who can pay better…..


I was taken aback for a brief moment as I stared at Willy.


Jarvis : what the fuck… did you just say ???


I watch a small side door to the fitting chamber open and I came face to face with a familiar looking lady that I had not seen in a long time.


Jarvis : ….. you…..


Sister : Hi Jarvis….


Jarvis : what the fuck do you want….


The prison warden said nothing, she just smiled.


That fucking freak.


He creeps me out, or rather, she creeps me out. What a fucking monster.


I thought I would never need to deal with the warden again after registration as a VIP on the island.



Jarvis : don’t waste my time…. what do you want !!…


Sister : I’m gonna have to borrow something of yours….


Jarvis : what…. ?


I watched the warden pick up the finished condom and I went forward to stop her.


Jarvis : hey !!! fuck off !!…


Before I could figure out what happened, I was thrown back onto the floor. My head was spinning and my eyes could not focus.


Jarvis : what the fuck….aegghhhhh…..


That bitch walked over to me and look down on me before putting one of her heel on my face.


That fucking freak.


Sister : Remember….. who owns this place….


Jarvis : arghhhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ok…. Ok… arghhhh


I could feel her heel digging into my face.


If this was the mainland, I would have fucking killed her but this is not.


This is her island.


Weighing the pros and cons, I don’t fancy the idea of losing a playground like this island.

This is something worth swallowing my pride for.


Sister : I need you to do something for me….


Jarvis : ok…. Ok…. Whatever man… what the fuck….


I got off the floor and looked at the girl who threw me effortlessly onto the ground.


Sister : The girl next door…. Julia…


Jarvis : yeah… why ?


Sister : kill her….


Jarvis : what the fuck….


Sister : do you need me to say it again….


Jarvis : I just want to fuck her….


Sister : kill her first… then you can do whatever you want….


Jarvis :that is fucking sick….


The warden came too close for comfort , intruding into my personal space .


Sister : kill her…. Or you will never get to step onto this island again…. Or… are you going to pretend…. You’ve never done anything like this before….


Jarvis : fuck…. that was so long was an accident !!!


Sister : then make another accident…


She shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing.


Jarvis : whatever…..fuck…what a fucking day….


I was about to head over when the warden stopped me.


Sister : one more thing….


Jarvis : what… ?


Sister : pay Julia 50 Mcoin first… then kill her….


I stared at the warden with disbelief but she just nodded towards the door.


Just my luck.


I don’t know what game’s she’s playing but I’m just glad I’m not Julia.




End of part 2


Part 3



I was handed a box with one of my customised condoms as I straightened my shirt.


I looked at the warden and her assistant who just jumped me.


If they ever step out of this island, I would have people take care of them.


I have people I work with too to do stuff like this.


Sister : yes ? …. Are you unsure what you needed to do ?


Jarvis : no…. I’m clear….


Willy was grinning.


That willy old fox. I always knew he is someone who works for money. His loyalty lies with no one else. Perhaps whoever pays him more.


I don’t deny his good work but someone like him, will not come to a good end.


With my anger seething in my stomach, I was about to turn and head towards the room Julia was in when I noticed something.


Something that made me a lot less angry.


Something that made all this a lot more tolerable.


The warden’s assistant was not standing idle behind her.


She was doing something.


She was taking something and she was replacing somethings in Willy’s lab.


Willy : Please…. Enjoy yourself…. And let me know how the condoms feel…..there’s no need to waste the body…..hahhahaha


His grin disgust me but I smiled.


Jarvis : Do you believe in Karma Willy ?


Willy : hahha…. No I don’t…. do you Me Jarvis….. ?


Jarvis : I do now…. Hahahah…. I do now…..


Willy gave me a raised eyebrow and asked if this is me living my karma.


Willy : for all the things… you’ve…. I meant… for all the girls… you’ve… hahah



Jarvis : well… hahaha…. Only time will tell….


Might as well get this over and done with.


I began making my way over to Julia.


Sure, the warden wants her dead but what Willy said is true.


There’s no need to waste the body.


I can fuck her first before I kill her.



I shut the door behind me and I could see Julia backed against the corner of the room. She looked wary and unsure.


Jarvis : Hi Julia…. My name is Jarvis…… nice to meet you….


She was eyeing the box in my hand.


Jarvis : relax…. It’s a condom….. a special one at that….i don’t think you’ve seen one before……


Julia said nothing.


She’s afraid.


I’m not surprise.


I like that look of fear in her eyes, especially when it contradicts the look of defiance on her face.


Jarvis : come… sit beside me….


I’m not about to go all mad man on her.


Chasing her about the room while I try to strangle her.


Yes, I choose strangulation. I don’t want to disfigure such a nice face or to damage that body.


If I choose to strangle her, I could do it when I’m on top of her.


When I’m in the missionary position.


I could be fucking her, with my cock buried deep inside her pussy as my hands slowly reached for her neck. She would never see it coming.


Perhaps this would be a good chance to try something new too.


I’ve never killed someone while fucking her.


I wonder what it would be like.


Besides, this is a place where I can do anything without consequence.


Maybe I would time my move right when I was about to ejaculate into her vagina.


The mere thought of it got me excited.


Jarvis : come Julia…. Let’s get the payment settled first shall we…..i’ll pay you first…..


Julia did not move.


It seemed as if she needed a bit more coaxing.


Something I’m good with.


I’ve always been good at coaxing girls, especially those fresh from college or university.


Julia is older, more matured. More of a challenge.


Jarvis : come on…. We’re all adults…. I’m…. paying you…. Well above the market rate…. For a service you are providing…..this is reasonable isn’t it…. ?


Julia : I ….


Jarvis : No one forced you to walk inside Willy’s shop right…. ? and please tell me if I’m wrong….


I put on my best innocent look as I waited for her repy.


When she did not have one, I piled on my reassurance.


Jarvis : Julia….. you are a beautiful woman….. and I would be honoured….


I shook the box which held my condom.


Jarvis : to test out my condoms with you….


Julia’s folded arms loosened a little and I saw her touching her own neck as she took a deep breath.


Jarvis : come on….sit down beside me….i’m not a monster….


Julia looked up to the ceiling for a brief moment before putting her foot forward.


I resisted a grin as I watch her walk towards me.


Jarvis : sweet…. Please… sit …..


I tapped the side of the bed and I could feel my cock getting hard.


Such a wonderful minx and I wonder why the warden wanted to kill her.


Perhaps it’s another grand scheme of hers.


If she wasn’t scheming about something, she’s not fit to be the warden.


I reached out and I touched Julia’s body, sliding my hands around her waist as she sat down on the bed beside me.


Her skin is smooth, that’s expected. Almost blemish free.


My erection was pushing hard against my pants by then.


Jarvis : so… tell me a little more about yourself Julia….


Julia : can….. can we settle the payment….


I laughed and I tried to cup my hand on her breast.



She backed away and pushed my hands down.


Jarvis : hahahah… hahah… ok… payment… payment it is….


50 Mcoins.


I tapped her wrist tag with mine and I could see the instant transfer of currency.


Jarvis : there…. Done….


Julia checked her tag to verify the payment has been made.


I tried to cup her breast and although she shivered and squirmed, she did not shy away. She did not push my hands away.


Her eyes were directed away.


She did not want to look at me.


I tried to turn her face towards me but she forcibly turned away.


Jarvis : hahaha…..


I know.


I know girls like her.


They are unwilling to face the reality.


The reality that she just sold her body for money. This is why they refuse to make prolong eye contact. They did not want to acknowledge their shame.


I opened a few drawers and pulled out a blindfold.


Julia : what are you doing… ?!!


Jarvis : relax…. Relax…. It’s just a simple eye mask….


Julia looked unsure.


Jarvis : take it as you are… taking a nap….a short rest…. I’ll do what I need to do…. How about that ?


Julia was considering my suggestion seriously. She kept looking at the eye mask before turning back to me.


Jarvis : Just a short nap…. On a nice bed….


I patted to the bed I was sitting on.


Without warning, Julia took a deep breath, walked over and grabbed the eye mask from my hands.


I smiled.


She put it on and I could see her breathing heavily.


Jarvis : relax… just a short nap…..



Julia lied down on the bed and I feasted my eyes on the body I’m about to defile.


If only she knew this is a nap she will not wake up from.





Julia laid on the bed and I could see her trying hard to control her breathing.


There is something mesmerising about seeing a naked girl lying motionless on the bed. Everyone talks about mind blowing hot sex with a sexy slut, everyone wants a minx in bed.


They want a loud moaner, someone expressive, a girl who toss their hair backwards, cups her own breast, moans in tandem with your thrusting, someone eager to adopt every position you want as you fuck.


All but a few select connoisseur knows and understands the allure of a motionless warm body.


Asleep, peaceful, coerced, drunk, or drugged.


It doesn’t matter.


The scent of unsureness and unwillingness is something not many can appreciate.


I can smell it since I reached puberty.


If not for my father’s money, I would have been a sad loner in school but it’s exactly because of his money and the resources I’m blessed with, that I developed a taste as exquisite as this.


Looking at a unsure Julia reminded me of the time I bought my way into my classmate’s room.


Even after paying her, even after stripping her, she still isn’t sure she wants to go through with it but I gave her no chance to back away.


I teased and prolonged the initial penetration because I wanted to savour that look of confusion.


I held back right until the moment she made up her mind.


That her answer is a no.


Only then would I push in and when I did, I would etched the look of her face into my brain.


That realisation of her being penetrated right when she made up her mind she did not want to be.


It is a mind fuck that would bring about an instant orgasm.


While her mind deals with the repercussions, I would be thrusting my disgusting cock into her.


That’s not all, I like to make conversation with my subjects.


My fuck subjects.


I would ask her in an all innocent voice.


Jarvis : are you ok with this…. ? arghhh.. arghhh… are you ok to see me in school after this… aenghh.e nghhh !! ?? Are you ok to do group projects with me… ?? aegnhhh.. arnghhh


I would keep going until I made them cry.


And I would give them a knowing smile every time I pass them in school, reminding them that I owned their bodies even if it’s for a while.


Many would deny it.


Eventually I fucked so many that they banded together to say Jarvis is delusional. He thinks he fucked all the hot girls in school but it’s not true.


I never said anything because those moments were mine and mine to keep.


I’ve eventually moved on to older women. Fresh graduates, working professionals, and while my experience at the prison island has been great, I have yet to do this to a prisoner before.


It’s either they were willing or unwilling.


I’ve experienced the thrills both ways.


Julia is new.


Something fresh.


I asked her what she did to have ended up here.


Julia : that’s none of your business….


Jarvis : hahhaha….. ok… you don’t look like the uneducated type…..


Julia : just….. get it over and done with !


Jarvis : oh… it doesn’t work like that… hahaha… I need… to cultivate the mood….


If the mood is right, I can be done in 5 minutes, if not, I might take up to 2 hours.


Jarvis : so… how fast this ends…. Really depends on you … hahah


The exasperation on her face was obvious despite the blindfold.


I gave her a few seconds and my patience was rewarded.


Julia : I’m…. I’m a social worker….


Jarvis : wow…. Fuck me…..hahaha… I’ve never done a social worker before…. Ahha… but wait… you meant… you … were…. A social worker…. You’re definitely not one now… hahah…


She did not answer me as  I bent down to smell her tits.


She’s freshly showered, and her perkiness of her breast makes them so suckable.


Jarvis : hmmmm….. hmmmmmm….erghmmmm…


I enlarged my nostril and tried to fit Julia’s nipples into my nose.


I have pretty coarse nostril hair.


I like the idea of tickling the women’s nipples with the hair inside my nostril which is why I never trim them.


Julia : ernghhhh! Ouch !!!


Jarvis : snort…. Gorttt… snort…. Sniff!!!! Hahahha


Julia’s hands were on my head immediately trying to push my away but I held my nose in place.


This is my signature after all.


It’s customary for me to do this.


When I finally stopped, I could see Julia covering her nipples with her palms as her face scrunched up.


It’s not a nice sensation I can imagine.


Just put yourself in that situation.


Sharp prickly hair poking on your erected nipples.


It’s not going to be comfortable.


I could feel the goosebumps along Julia’s skin as I ran my hands along her body.


I spread her legs and there were hardly any resistance.


Taking my box over, I opened it to reveal my customised condom.


I pick it up and I tore open the packaging.


Jarvis : aergnhhhhh !!!


I could not help moaning as the condom touched my cock and it took a life of it’s own, it unrolled along the shaft of my cock.

The sensation feels exactly as if I’m penetrating the wet cunt of a virgin girl.


I could see the fine hair of the girls’ I’ve fucked implanted on the sides.


Julia had some fine hair that looked to be ripe for plucking too.


Perhaps after I fucked her, I shall pluck her hair and add them to my collection.


I pushed my spear tip to the entrance of Julia’s vagina and I could feel the curtains part as if signalling the start of a play.


Jarvis : argnhhhh!!!


Julia : gasp !! ernghhhhh !!! arghhh!!!


Jarvis : arghhhhhh.. arhgh!!!


The condom hugged onto me like a fitted glove while the nerves all along my cock were activated by the squeeze of Julia’s vagina.


I’ve never fucked a social worker before.


I push my cock in as deep as I could and Julia was grabbing the bedsheets by then with her neck fully exposed and her head tilted back.


Her neck looked so inviting that I found myself drawn to it.


My hands reached for her.


I closed my hands around her neck as I withdrew and thrusted my cock back into her, causing her to groan in pain.


Julia : aeGNHH!!!!


Her neck felt warm, I could feel the pulse of her life beating in my palms.


Her hands clasped around my wrist as I thrusted my cock gently.


Julia moaned and gasped, keeping her wrist on mine.


Julia : arnghhh.. anghhh.. arnghhh !!


The more I thrusted into her, the more I felt myself relinquishing control.


I found myself smiling, and strangely excited.


There’s no way the warden would kill a gem like her.


She’s playing some kind of sick game with me.


Or rather, she’s playing some kind of sick game with Julia.



Jarvis : arnghhhhh !!!


I groaned and I realised either way, there’s only one way to find out.


I applied pressure around Julia’s neck and I continued to fuck her.


As the pressure increased, I could feel the increase in her pulse and her grip around my wrist.


Well, if it is indeed a sick game, I hope I’m stopped in time, because if not, I might get in trouble, not for killing an inmate, for getting addicted to this.




*** Julia ***


I was trying hard not to vomit as the thought of getting penetrated by that disgusting man hit me with full force when his cock pushed into my vagina.


His dick is not big, it’s not long, but it’s the thought of it that is fucking with my head.


I’ve put all manners of stuff in my cunt these few days that I could feel myself slowly getting used to the idea of being used like a piece of meat.


It’s like I’m just hoping this would be over soon.


At least this man is wearing a condom.


I don’t remember being fucked with a condom before, I don’t know what is it suppose to feel like.


Julia : ernghhh!!


It’s a weird feeling.


As his dick slide into me, I felt short burst of  jolt like pulses throbbing in my vagina. You know that kind of jolt when you accidentally hit the soft spot near your elbow, that current of electrical buzz shooting through you arm, I was feeling it in my vagina.


The pulses were stimulating my vagina in spots I never knew could give pleasure.


The man fucked in a pretty awkward manner.


His rhythm of fucking is not consistent.


It’s like he was thrusting a few long and hard one before he slowed down because he had no stamina to sustain his fucking.


It was frustrating and disgusting.


I know I hated him, the idea of being fucked by him for Mcoins but my vagina was actually enjoying the fuck.


I’m pretty sure it was the condom.


The condom was the one thing that enhanced it all.


Julia : ernhhhhhhh…aaouuuuu!!!


Jarvis : you like that… huh ?? hahaha you like that you cunt… ahhaah


I’m not going to answer that but I guess there was no need to.


I was so wet.


The condom felt amazing inside me.


If only it was a bigger and fuller cock.


It would have scratched an itch deep inside my vagina that I can never seem to reach with my fingers.


I found myself fighting with my brain, trying to decide whether to moan out louder.


My moans is not for stroking the ego of the man penetrating me.


My moans are an extension of me enjoying the pleasure I was receiving and If I do moan, it’s a display.


A proud one at that. Like a peacock spreading her feathers.


Julia : erGNHHHHHHHHH!!!


The condom feels like it has a life of it’s own.


The pathetic cock entering and leaving me does nothing except delivers the technology the condom holds into my vagina.


I’m glad I don’t need to look at him, with the blindfold, I can pretend this is anyone I want.


A celebrity, some hot models holding me down and fucking my brains out, anyone but him.


I could feel a prickly sensation at certain points. It’s not exactly comfortable, but it’s not uncomfortable as well.


It’s hard to describe.


One thing I’m sure of though, the build up to my orgasm has started the moment the condom entered my vagina.


As the walls of my vagina contracted and expanded to fit the foreign object inside me, I could feel a low drumming sensation building at the bottom of my tummy.


Like a low tribal drum.


Each time he fucked me, the drumming got louder, the rumbling got deeper.


My moans are like the accompanying instruments in the tribal orchestra.


I was actually getting aroused by the sound of myself moaning.


The man kept talking, he was asking me question but they were falling on deaf ears.


I don’t care.


As the drumming in my tummy built up, my breathing started to affect my own moans.


My head was injected with poisonous thoughts of me getting fucked for money but my body immediately calms down those thoughts with soothing goosebumps around my thighs , my arms, my neck and even behind my ears.


If I knew condoms felt this good, I would fuck more.


I would use my cunt more.


Not to give pleasure, but to receive pleasure.


Julia : arghhh.. ernghhh.. ernghhh!!


My orgasm is building, It’s build so fast.


He barely fucked me for 10 minutes and I could feel it coming.


My heavy breathing was interrupted by the feeling of his palms around my neck.


Julia :arnghhh .!!


I did not think much of it because my ex used to do that to me.


Putting his hands around my neck as he came, he wants to dominate me completely.


The pulsing in my vagina got faster and tighter like a tightly drawn bow.


I was about to explode when I felt the increase in pressure around my neck


I managed to suck in another deep breath of air before I felt the squeeze of his hands around my airways.


I gripped his wrist and I started to struggle.


I started to panic.


He’s trying to kill me.


I wanted to shout but nothing came out.


He was still thrusting his cock inside me.


I hit him on his arm and I felt the first drop of tear leave my eye, wetting the blindfold I had on.


I fought and kicked, I pulled of my blindfold and I hammered his arms.


My vision was starting to get blur and I tried scratching him on his forearms.


He was pressing down so hard that I’m sure I would pass out soon.


Suddenly the door burst open and I saw Miko enter the room.


Jarvis : argUHH!!!!


Miko tackled Jarvis down onto the floor and I choked in a breath of fresh air.


As soon as the oxygen rich air filled my lungs, I broke.


I started to cry as I laid on the bed.



Everyone has their limits and I was trying hard to stay strong.


I even came to terms with letting someone fuck me for Mcoins but almost dying ?


I almost died.


I sobbed and hugged myself as I rolled to the side of the bed.


Jarvis : aerhghhh!!! Arghhh!!! Ahhahaha… ahahah fuck you… fuck you all aeghhhh!!!! Ahhaha.. hahaha


Miko forcefully dragged the man out of the room and I heard Miko asking me to stay in the room.


Of course I’m staying in the room.


Where else could I go.


I cried harder when I saw Willy enter the room.


With his wry smile, he explained that sometimes, clients get carried away.


Willy : it’s ok… relax…. Everything is fine.



Everything is not fine.


He was not the one being fucked on a bed while being strangled.


I head rapid footsteps behind Willy.


I looked up and I saw the warden walking straight towards me.


In her long sleeve silk blouse that shimmered like the silver sea, she looked ever so perfect. Her tight black skirt paired with that pair of heels, she oozes power and control.




Sister : Are you ok Julia ?


The warmth of her voice is like an open embrace.


I fell into her open arms and I sobbed.


Sister : It’s ok…. It’s ok…. Don’t worry…


Without realising, I found myself hugging onto Sister, resting my head against her soft breast. It’s hard to imagine those are not real.


Sister put her arms around me and I could feel her pressing her head against mine.


I sobbed and I found myself lying down on Sister’s lap.


And it was then I was reminded of the fact who or rather what sister really is.


I felt not the softness and comforts of a woman’s thigh, I felt the hardness and the growing length of sister’s manhood.


It’s impossible to ignore.


I pushed myself off her thigh and I look at her.


Her face, her features, nothing about her is manly. The only manly part is hidden underneath her skirt.


Willy : let me check on Mr Jarvis…. I shall leave you 2 alone….


Willy smiled and left the room.


The warden brushed my hair away from my tear streaked face.


I felt her hands on my breast and her fingers closed around my nipples.


The gentle twisting made my mouth open.


The warden did not take long to seal my partly open mouth with hers.



I felt my whole body melting away.


I give up.


I surrender.


She can do whatever she wants.


Being fucked by a beautiful shemale beats being fucked by a disgusting fat man anytime.




The prison is a strange place filled with strange people.


I touched the bruises on my neck as I walked slowly along the street leading back to the main strip mall.


This few days felt like a dream.


A few minutes of walking later I could see the shop where I was showcased to a group of students come up into view. A large group of teenagers jostled eagerly at they queued to enter the shop where they would get an education of the female body like none they’ve ever seen.


My legs felt weak as I slowly bent down and supported myself on a pillar.


I exhaled a couple of times before I find myself retching onto the sidewalk.



A few other fellow prisoners near me immediately gave me a wide berth.


I vomited violently, throwing up the coffee and snacks I gorged on at Charlie’s condom factory earlier that day.


I sank to my knees and I started to cry.


Barely an hour ago someone tried to kill me.


He tried to kill me while having sex with me.


What the fuck is wrong with this world ?


If not for the warden’s timely arrival, I would have died right there and then.


It’s a fetish for the rich and powerful, I’ve read about it somewhere before. Being able to hold life and death in your hands as you fuck the girl gets you a high that is impossible to chase and satisfy once you get the hang of it.



Miko took care of that man and I never saw him again when I left the café.


She said he’s gone and there is no need to worry about him.


As I sat on the bed in the warden’s arm, I realised that I’ve never felt more like a woman than that particular moment. I wanted a shoulder to lean on, someone to tell me everything will be ok.


For a brief moment, I thought the warden would provide that shoulder.


Just for that moment, I would not have minded if the warden takes me right there and then.


I’m just too tired to resist.


The warden did not take me. She remained calm and composed as always.


She did not say much, and just asked me to take care.


Sister : take care Julia….


She left the factory with Miko with a smile.


Charlie apologised to me and said that sometimes, clients do get carried away.


He hopes that the unfortunate incident would not dent my confidence in his trade. He walked me to the door and said he hope I would consider being a tester for his customised condoms in the future.


I did not reply and I started walking.


I kept walking until the unsettling feeling in my stomach stopped me from going on.


I wiped the remnants of the puke from the side of my mouth and I felt the touch of a hand on my naked shoulder.


It’s a man, a customer.


He was grinning at me.


He looks younger than me, probably a fresh graduate spending his father’s money.


Man : you ok dear? … you’re my type… hahaha…


Julia : fuck off….


He chuckled and I swiped his hand away from touching my breast.


The man lifted his wrist tag and he wanted to pair up with me forcibly when he saw the amount of Mcoins I have.


I saw that hesitation in his eyes.


That’s right, I forgot about the 50 Mcoin payment I just received.


I pulled my wrist tag away and saw that he has only 2.56 Mcoins. That’s his allowance for the day and he probably has no plans to waste it on a rejection


Julia : hahaha… oh… that’s a bit lacking isn’t it….


I could tell he was pretty irritated as he backed off and gave me the middle finger.


There were a few lingering stares from other men and girls on the streets but they moved on once there was nothing more to see.


I looked at the balance I have in my wrist tag.


It’s 61.35 Mcoins.


I didn’t keep a detail track of my balance but the 50 Mcoins changed everything.


I walked in the middle of the street in broad daylight with my head held high for once.


I made eye contact with the men putting their eyes on my body.


I eyeballed sleazy old men stroking their chins.


I stared at the obviously inexperienced young chaps huddled in a group deep in discussion.


Men approached me.


Of course they approached me.



Before they could get near, I merely flashed my wrist tag.


The number alone was enough to turn them away.


No one wanted to risk a rejection. That’s a solid Mcoin gone to waste when you could fuck another willing girl to your heart’s content.


I made my way back to the capsule inn i stayed in and I went on to take a shower.


After the hot shower, I took my time to dry my hair before walking back out into the street.


This time round, I’m not alone.


I could see Aurelia’s girls following me.


I turned around and they made no attempt to hide their presence.


I smelled fresh and I could feel the wind in my hair.


Walking past a small bar, I turned and looked inside to see that it’s filled with mostly men. The girls that were in there were on their knees.


Yes, the men were drinking while the girls were sucking their dicks.


The men chatted and laughed as they rained peanut shells on the bodies of the girls blowing their friends.


Some laughed openly as they tried to feed peanut to another girl.


On the side, I could see a small table with men gathered around gambling.

They were wagering their Mcoins into a common screen before shaking their dices.


I saw a girl moaned loudly as the men forcibly pushed the dices into her vagina before asking her to squeeze it back out into their palms. Then they laughed loudly before shaking the dices in the container.


It’s sick, but then again, what have I see so far in the prison that is not sick.


I don’t know what has gotten into me but I felt like having a drink.


My body moved on it’s own as I pushed opened the pub door and stepped in, crushing clusters od peanut shells beneath my feet.


The bar grew quieter by a notch before it went quiet totally.


At least a dozen pair of eyes were looking at me as I made my way to the centre of the bar.


Julia : do you mind ? ….


The 2 burly men blocking my path parted ways for me as I rest my hand on the bar counter, proudly displaying the balance on my tag.


The girl tending the bar asked me what I want.


Julia : give me a whisky…. Make it a double…


I was about to pay when a old man offered to pay for me.


Old man : I’ll get that… hahah… wow…. It’s been a while since I see a lady walk inside her…. On her feet… hahaa


The men in the pub laughed as my drink was served to me.


I raised my glass to his to thank him for the free drink but said nothing.


Old man : so… how many did you have to fuck…. to save up to that amount… hahaha


The men laughed louder and again, I said nothing.


As the fiery liquid warmed my tummy, I could feel the rising heat in me.


I could not tell if it’s the alcohol or the humiliation I’ve suffered for the last few days.


Old man : you are not mute are you….. ? hahahah


“ maybe she sucked so many cocks she went mute … hahah “


“ she swallowed too much liao I think … hahaha “


“ I think she deep throat too much hahaha “



The old men ignored the comments and waited for me to reply him.


I didn’t reply him though.


I just looked at him and finished my drink slowly before setting the glass down.


I took turn with my eyes, making eye contact with each of this men in the room.


There’s literally nothing stopping them from ganging up and raping me right there and then, and I could see everyone of them already doing it in their head.


The only thing stopping them is the rules.


Rules they abide by because no one wanted to risk their membership into this paradise.


For every girl that you cannot get, you can easily find 10 more to take her place.


And right now, as I looked defiantly at the men eye raping my body, I am effectively telling them what they didn’t want to hear.


They can’t touch me.


“ Beep ! “


The beeping happened so fast I didn’t have time to react.


The old men walked up and paired his wrist tag with me, grinning widely at me.


Old man : I want you so badly… hahaha….


I looked at the displayed transaction and I rejected it by matching his 1 Mcoin offer right there and then.


A flurry of groans and whistles filled the bar as the men could not believe what they just saw.


Several clapped and jeered as I crossed my legs as looked at that old man.


Old man : wow…. Hahhaah… just wow…. Hahah


He laughed and raised his hands to calm the younger patrons down in the pub.



Old man : now… now….


The pub grew quiet as he old man said he has been partying on this island for the past 3 years.


Old man : never once…. Never…. Has any girl reject me before… hahaha… hahahah…..



He then turned to me and gestured for the dices at the gambling table.


2 containers were brought over right away together with 5 dices each.



Old man : your rejection… only makes me want you more… hahaha… hahah


He flashed his wrist tag and I could see a balance of 11 Mcoins.


Old man : I want you lady…. Hahahah….i want you….


I looked at him and finally spoke.



Julia : 11 mcoins ? that’s hardly enough….


Old man : hahaha… hahah…..


The old man pulled gestured for another serving of whisky for me before pulling up his sleeve a little more.


The wrist tag is not showing 11.


It’s 110.


He has 110 Mcoins in his wrist tag.


He grinned widely at me as the men in the pub started to encircle us.


Old man : I want you… but…. You’re worth 2 Mcoins at the most… maybe 3…. For that attitude….hahaha…


Julia : for a moment I thought you wanted to do this until my balance run to zero….


The men in the room laughed.


It was a ridiculous idea.


60 Mcoins could get you 60 girls in the prison.


No one would spend that kind of Mcoin on one.


Old man : that don’t make sense to me but tell you what…. I like you….hahaha…. 10 Mcoins….i lose… you get 10 Mcoins…. If I win….hahahah


Julia : you get me ?


The old man gave me a wink and raised his glass to touched mine.


I could see Aurelia’s girls looking at me from outside the pub, they’re probably wondering why the fuck am I not making my way over to her now that I have 50 Mcoins.


Old man : what say you ? hahaha what’s your name lady … ?


Julia : Julia…


Old man : Julia…. Hahaha…. Do we have a deal… ?


The bystanders brought over the gambling screen that was being used at the small table and put it in between me and the old man.


He did not hesitate, he immediately tapped his wrist tag and selected 10 Mcoins.


Julia : I’ll play with you…. But not with my body…..


I tapped the machine as well and selected 10 Mcoins and the pub erupted with cheers.


The old man grinned and nodded his head.


Old man : it appears as if……hahaha………I have to empty you first….



I finished the 2nd drink and my face scrunched up as the drink burned my throat on it’s way down. Hissing loudly as I exhale, I said the same thing to the old man.


Almost the same thing actually.


Julia : Not if I empty you first….




The old man got visibly excited so did the rest of the patrons.


All these drew the attention of Aurelia’s girls outside the pub.

They squeeze their way in much to the jeers of the crowding men.


I refused to acknowledge them as the high of the alcohol started to kick in.


I’m been suppressed and told what to do for so long, I just want a moment to myself. Enough about giving a fuck to anything and anyone.


I’ll do that in a bit.


Right at that moment, there is nothing I want more than to put those men down.


The old man took 2 dice and gave 1 to me.


He shove the container aside and asked for a large glass bowl the pub uses for it’s bar snacks and peanuts.


Old man : let’s cut to the chase and do away with the bluffing…. Hahaha…. 1 roll…. The biggest number win…..


Julia : sounds good…..


Old man : hahahaha….. would you like to go first…. ?


Julia : I would prefer to roll later….


Old man : hahaha.. suit yourself….


He was calm, composed and it’s as if he could not give a fuck about him winning or losing.


I watched the dice bounce about before it stops at a four.


The crowd cheered and clapped.


It’s a 50 – 50 odds for me. I could draw with a four or win with either a five or a six.


Old man : alright…. Your turn ,…. Julia….


I tightened my fist around the dice and I was surprised to see Miko entering the pub as well.


She was standing on the opposite side of Aurelia’s girls.


They were all staring at me, as if they wanted to ask what the fuck am I doing there instead of going to Aurelia and getting my friends out.


Or why am I not helping the warden find out who’s leaking the prison information, or why the fuck am I gambling away the mcoins I’ve earned with a bunch of horny old men.



The old man removed his dice and gestured for me to carry on as he grinned and asked for another beer.


I kissed the diced and I threw it into the bowl.


My heart nearly stopped beating when I saw the dice bounce and spin precariously with the face of a two upwards before it hit the side of the bowl and landed on a five.


The pub erupted and whistles shriek right by my ears as I was declared the winner. I could not believe my eyes as I watch my balance go up by 10 Mcoins.


It was only at that moment I realised how fast my heart was beating.


I almost peed myself.


If I had lost, I would have been pretty fucked.


I was literally trying to stop myself from shaking. I looked at the old man, half expecting him to be angry, throw a fit or smash the table or something.


That’s 10 Mcoins.


He could fucked 10 girls or get girls to do things beyond anyone’s imagination, and he lost it all with a roll of the dice.


I felt that streak of fear strike me as my head toyed with the idea of him and the rest of the men forcing themselves on me.


Then I looked at Miko and Aurelia’s girls, they would save me wouldn’t they ?


They won’t let these men rape me right ?


I looked at the old man and he just smiled and grinned away, giving me a silent applause as he gestured for another round of drinks for the 2 of us.


Old man : well played…. Well played…. Hahahahah… Julia… hahaha


I accepted the new glass of drink with my trembling hands and I quickly sipped it and tried to remain compose.


Old man : what say we go again ? hahahha…. 20 Mcoins this time round…


The men started chanting and clapping when they heard the man throw me that wager, egging for me to accept it.


I could see it in their eyes.


They wanted me to lose.


They want to see me with nothing left. It makes them feel good to see someone down and out and the only way to survive is to use their body.


I looked at Miko, half expecting her to say something to stop me but she didn’t.


I turned to Aurelia’s girls, one of them had gone off, leaving the only one left staring at me. A guy tried to grab her breast but was shoved away.


Why are they not saying anything ?


They should be trying to stop me.


Old man : Julia ? …. Another round ? hahahah…. You have more than enough to empty me…..


He shook his wrist tag at me in a toying manner.


I exhaled and pinched the ridge of my nose for a few seconds.


Alright, I had my fun. Time to get back to business.


With more than 70 Mcoins in balance, I still have a comfortable 20 after giving Aurelia 50.


I should be able to survive comfortably till I get out without having to get fucked anymore.


Julia : No thank you….. there’s someplace I have to be.


I finished the drink and thanked the old man for his drink.


The other men jeered and started calling me names.


“ coward, slut, bitch, cunts “


All manners of abuses and insults flew my way as I tried to push my way out of the pub.


The old man smiled coyly at me as I turned to give me a smile before opening the door to the street.


My heart was slamming against my ribcage with each step I take.


I brushed the hands that were reaching for my breasts and pussy away as if I’m swapping away flies while keeping my head held high.


I finally stepped out of the pub and into the brightly lit street.


And when I did, I realised that my troubles had just compounded.


On my left, I could see Aurelia with her group of girls approaching. They are barely 50 meters away.


I turned to my right and I saw the warden, fully dressed and clothed with Miko walking over to her side. From the entrances into the other shops along the strip malls, men started to emerge.


Not paying customers.


I’m talking about prison guards.


Julia: fuck…


Looking to my left and right again just to be sure I was not dreaming, I watched the rest of the prisoners scrambled to get out of the way.


Even paying customers knew better to hang around.


A good dozen ran out of the pub and making their way into narrow side streets and away from the impending confrontation.


Something is about to happen and I’m fucking caught in the middle.


I thought about walking back into the pub but it was too late.


Aurelia and the warden were already facing each other with me in the middle with a distance of barely 5 meters between them.


This is not good.


Or maybe it’s for the greater good.


If they can fucking trash it out right here and then, I would be free.


I would no longer need to be in this fucking mess.


Right about then, the door to the pub opened.


The old men came out dragging a bar stool with his left hand and a glass of drink in his right hand.


He pushed the pub door open with his shoulder and he set the bar stool in the middle of the entrance like a fucking boss before settling himself comfortable in it.


What the fuck is this ?



The presence of the old man seemed to break the deadlock between the warden and Aurelia.


They unwillingly tore their stares away from each other and all of the girls on the streets turned towards me.


All the girls, all.


Including Aurelia and the warden bowed slightly as if they were submitting themselves to a monarch.


A king.


They looked like they were bowing to me and it took not more than a second for me to realise that it was not me that they are bowing to.


It’s not for me.


It’s for the old man behind me.




It was a terrifying moment and I find myself rooted to the ground.


The streets were silent.


Even prisoners and clients at the ends of the streets knew when to go out of sight.


Something like this must not happen very often.


My heart was thumping as I forced myself to step aside. I could hear the sound of ice cubes melting and falling in the glass the old man was holding.


I took small baby steps to the side until I had space to back off from the confrontation.


I could have gone to either left or right, but I was afraid doing so would make it seem like I’m taking sides.


I could have gone to the side of the old man but there is no guarantee he would help me as well. He wanted to fuck me, not help me.


Let’s not forget I took 10 Mcoins form him earlier.


I backed off slowly until my back touched the walls of the pub.


There was no where else for me to go and all I could do was to enjoy the show or whatever that is unfolding in front of me.


Old man : what is it…. This time…. ?


Only when the words left the old man’s mouth did the 2 groups raise their head.


The warden and Aurelia looked at each other but neither said a word.


They’re waiting to see who would fire the first volley.



The old man spoke again, like a teacher reprimanding a group of young students.


Old man : I have said many times…. That this ecosystem….. is possible because of balance….. we need the balance for everything to run smoothly….


He got off his chair and walked onto the street.


Old man : The rules are clear…… Sister runs the front….Aurelia rules the street…


It was at this time Aurelia decided to barge in with her chirpy and seemingly innocent voice.


Aurelia : it was Sister…. She started sending her spies into the streets…. Trying to stir shit up….a girl has to do what she must to protect her space right ? ….


Sister : There is no need for me to do that if you were not trying to get evidence of this place existence out of the prison….


Aurelia : oh did I ??


Sister : you know you did… this is not the first time… and I’m sure it will not be the last….


Aurelia : There must be a terrible misunderstanding… my dear….


Old Man : enough !….


The old man cut into their squabbles with a stern remark.


Sister : Miko….


Miko came forward and handed Sister a small drive.


The warden added that she has evidence, that Aurelia is using Willy’s lab to document and send information about the prison to the outside world.


Sister : We manage to intercept some….god knows how much has gotten out….


Aurelia : Oh dear….. but it’s not me…. hur hur..


Old Man : Aurelia….


A mere word from the old man and Aurelia quiet down immediately, stopping her dramatic pretences.


The old man gestured for the crowd to disperse.


He wanted life to go back to it’s original state in the strip mall. The ecosystem must go on. Any disruption is unacceptable.


Only the Warden and Aurelia were to follow him into the pub.


I kept my head low and tried to worm my way out of the boundaries of the pud frontage but I was stopped by Aurelia.


Aurelia : Oh Julia…. How nice of you to join us….please…. come in…


Julia : It’s ok…. You guys go ahead…


The old man turned and squinted his eyes at me as Aurelia came over to link arms with me.


Her naked body felt magical.


Feeling her smooth and nice smelling skin on mine sent jolts of electricity into my body.


She tugged me along and spoke softly.


Aurelia : James is your ticket out of here…. Hur hur…. Are you sure you are going to pass that up…. ? hur hur….


James. The old man’s name is James.


My eyes lit up and I was suddenly struck by that thought Aurelia just put into my head.


Why didn’t I think of that ?


With the amount of sway and power he holds, he could really be my ticket out.


I entered the pub and no drinks were served this time round.



James took a seat, so did the warden and Aurelia.


I remained standing at the side and no one offered me a chair even though there were plenty. I knew better than to try and upset the power play in motion.


Aurelia : alright… alright… we’re going to have that talk again James… come on…. Let us have it….


Sister : There is no need for this talk if you would just behave….


Aurelia : since when have I been misbehaving ?


Sister : Since the beginning of time….


James : alright… shut up….


James started off saying that he is aware of what Aurelia has been doing.


James : I know….. I know you’ve been sneaking bits and pieces of information about the strip mall out of the prison….


Aurelia wanted to speak but a raised finger from James was all it took to hush her down. She folded her arms, crossed those perfect legs of hers and pouted with her face turned to the side.



James : I know what you want to do…. You want to expose this place ….and the many others….but what makes you think….. the people are not aware of this… ?


Aurelia looked at James but said nothing.


James gestured to his sides.


James : You think….. it’s really possible to do this…. Right under the government’s noses without no one knowing ? ….


I could feel my heart beating faster as I listened on.


James : You think any of these would be possible ?? …. Look at who are our clients….. 60% are government employees…. The politicians come here for their retreat…..


Turning to the warden, James added that he gave her specific instructions not to step foot into the strip mall. Her duties were to manage the main prison, leave the strip mall alone.


James : don’t you have enough shit to deal with already ?? Look at the crime rate of this country…. How many girls do you need to process each day ? ….you have time for petty stuff like this… ??


The warden looked away and said nothing.


James : This island prison….. and the many others around the world…. Is possible because of the way we run it…. How we run it…. How we keep the balance…..


He went on to say we are operating on a don’t ask, don’t tell basis.


James : People know… they are aware…. But they know better to speak about it….. the men don’t want to lose a paradise playground…. The girls… they don’t want to end up here…. It’s as simple as that….. there is no need for anyone to complicate things.


Everyone was quiet for almost a minute.


James turned to me before turning back to the girls.


James : what is Julia’s deal… here…. ?


Sister : She was caught trying to smuggle information about the strip mall out…she’s a social worker sent to evaluate the prison….


James looked at me before taking out his phone.


A phone call.


All it took was a phone call and when I heard who that was on the other line, I felt my whole world collapse right in front of me.


James : Hello…. Chan….. how are you…. James here…. Hahaha ….


It was on speaker mode and I could hear everything that was being exchanged.


Chan : ehhhhh…. Boss….. how are you man… long time no see… hahaha…


James : It’s been a while since I caught up with you man…. Where are you free to meet up….


Chan : hahah…. Old already la…. no energy to play anymore… hahha…


James : come la….there’s been a lot of new additions over the years… hhaaha.. .


I could not believe my ears.


My boss Mr Chan is aware of this place.

From their conversation, it seemed he too was a patron of this strip mall and the many sick offerings it holds.


Chan : hahaha…maybe next week….


James : let’s do Tuesday ? …. I’ll book your favourite steamboat …


Chan : hahaha… really ? ….you going to drain a lot of your girls….


James : hahah… do you really think I’m lack of cunt juices here ? hahaha…


Chan : cunt juices steamboat…. My god… only you can think of something like that….


James : Tell me brother…. What is better than brushing your grade A waygu beef slice into a broth made with the cunt juices of girls ? hahaha


Chan : I’m drooling at the thought of it already.


James : hahaha… oh another thing… I think you have a staff…. Evaluating our prison….


Chan paused for a moment before adding that he is correct.


Chan : Don’t worry… she’s just evaluating the main prison…. She doesn’t know about what lies beneath… hahaha


James : hahaha… alright… please give my prison a good report ok….we want more government funding…..


Chan : All the male government employees spend their bonus at your prison brother… what funding you talking about… ? hahahah


James : hahahah…. Alright.. alright… catch up soon…


Chan : don’t worry about the report…. I will vet through before it’s submitted….


James : hahah.. alright… alright… I’ll make plans for the steamboat broth next week… hahaha….


The call ended and I almost peed myself.


James turned around to me and spoke in a cold emotionless tone.


James : Julia… right… I give you 2 choices…..



One, I would forever disappear in the strip mall. My identity would be stripped from me, I would serve cocks for the rest of my life for Mcoins.


James : believe us, we can make that happen….


I was trying hard not to tremble as I waited for his other offer which I’m sure I would take.


James : Option 2…. The warden would get you out of there…..


He turned to sister and emphasised on the word immediately.


James : immediately… you would go back to the main prison…. None of this happened…. You were never here… you never heard any conversation….between Chan and me… submit your glowing report of a well run prison and we can all go back to our lives…..


He looked at me and I could see Aurelia smiling at me.


I nodded my head.


There was nothing else I could do.


Julia : Ok… ok… I want to go back…. I want to get out of here….


James : good.



James got up and warned the siblings that he hope there would be no need for another conversation like this in the future.


Aurelia rolled her eyes at Sister after James left before coming over to me.


Aurelia : what a lucky girl you are… hur hur hur….


She planted a kiss on my lips and I could taste her sweet tongue reaching into my mouth.


I left the pub with the warden and I could see Miko waiting for us outside the pub.


We walked though a few alleyways before entering another secret door that opened up to a lift. We entered the lift and I found myself in the laundry room.


Miko left me with the warden and she gave me a smile before disappearing behind the lift door.


I saw a familiar face waiting for me with my clothes neatly pressed and all hung up.


Ronnie : It’s good to see you again… Ms Julia….


The warden touched my face after I got changed.


Sister : we know where you stay…. We know everything about you Julia… if you do anything to harm this institution….we will bring you back here…. I’m sure you don’;t want that do you…. ?


Julia : No…. i….. no…. I won’t say anything….


Sister : good…. Ronnie… would you please show Julia back to her office… ?


Ronnie : certainly.


I followed Ronnie back to the office where it all started and Ronnie asked if there is anything else I needed.


Julia : i…. I think I would leave early today… it’s been a while since I left for home…..


Ronnie : of course… I will have a car send you back…..


He told me he would come get me once the ride is ready.


I collapsed onto the office floor as my legs gave way.


It all felt like a bad dream, a very bad dream.


Ronnie came in 10 minutes later and said a car would bring me back to my doorstep.


Julia : what about this ?


I gestured to the wrist tag.


Ronnie : oh that…. That’s doesn’t come off…. Ever…


Julia : what…what do you mean ….


Ronnie : It functions as a watch, a location tracker and it monitors everything you do….. outside the boundary of the strip mall… the Mcoin balance will not be shown….


Julia : But… but…. i


Ronnie smiled before breaking into a laugh.


He was just joking with me.


Using a sensor chip, he release the wrist tag from me but instead of taking it, he handed it to me.


Ronnie: keep this…. It might save your life one day….


Julia : why … ?


Ronnie : The prison is overcrowded…..the country’s economy is dying…. It’s a matter of time… before the government takes the company’s deal to turn the whole island into a strip mall and prison….


Julia : what….


Ronnie : When that day comes….and I assure you… it will be soon….having 70 Mcoins as a head start… will really save your life… hahaha…


He handed the wrist tag to me and I hesitated to reach for it.


In the end, I grabbed it and I walked out the door.


As I sat into the car and Ronnie waved me off, he added;


Ronnie : see you at work tomorrow Julia…..



The car pulled away from Coney island women’s prison and I closed my eyes and held onto the wrist tag tightly.


Suddenly I felt that Coney island is not a prison.


The real prison is my own body.


Being worn a woman, that is the real prison I would have to live out the rest of my life in.






The end.


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