I love durians.

I just never expect my love for the fruit would lead me to witness something so sick and bizarre that I still have trouble believing my own eyes.

That people actually do things like that to each other.

All in the name of love, or is it fun ?


King of the fruits as they call it.

The pungent aroma is an acquired taste.

You either love it or you hate it.

There are many variety of durians and some of the best ones are the ones that are free.


Not many people know about this but right here on this very island, there are clusters of matured durian trees.

How can such a congested city have durian trees you ask, everywhere you turn is a block of flats, or a mega shopping mall, if there really are free durians, you can be sure there will be a long queue of people camping below the tree.

Well, there isn’t because the land which the trees are sitting on, are actually military training grounds.

Trespassing is going to get you arrested, charged, or if you are unlucky, probably shot if the military is conducting a live fire exercise.

Maybe you would get rolled over by tank. I don’t know.

Anything is possible.

With prominent signs warning the public to keep out of the training grounds, the area is usually deserted.

Now, this is where I come in.

You see, I work for a department in the military that manages the contractors who prepares and clean up the training area.

I have a detailed schedule of when troops will be conducting their training.

Which meant, I know exactly when those grounds would be empty.

You can pretty much guess where I’m going with this.

Yes, I’m going to fucking load up on free durians, rambutans and wild grown bananas.

What better way to spend your weekend ?

Needless to say, I know my job would be at stake if I get caught so everything has to be hush hush.

I told no one, not even my parents.

I just took a large gunny sack and rode my scooter to the training ground.

Of course I need to avoid the main roads, there are the occasional security patrols even on weekends but I know the area near Nanyang Technological University like the back of my hand.


I went to school there.

Now I approached the area using a back road. There’s a bit of a climb through a steep slope but after that, it’s pretty much downslope in secondary jungle.

I was introduced to the place by a semi-retired warrant officer attached to my team and I’ve never stopped visiting that site since.

This is my 4th year entering the site and I did not expect any surprises.

I’m usually in and out within 3 hours with my loot.

I parked my bike by the side of the quiet road and made the rest of my way in on foot.

I was about to reach one of my favourite durian tree when I saw some commotion about 20m away at a clearing ahead.

I immediately froze and stopped moving.

Fuck, if I get caught by some ranger or security staff, I’m going to get fucked real good by my boss for trespassing on training grounds.

Then I heard the giggle.

The giggle of a girl.

Then I head the man’s voice. He was laughing.

Curiosity got the better of me and I moved closer to take a better look.

When I saw the face of a colleague of mine, Bella, I almost wanted to turn and bolt.

Bella is a manager in the finance department that I work with quite often. She’s quite stern at work and know to have that stuck up resting bitch face when she is not smiling.

If she sees me here, things won’t bolt well for me.

I heard her giggle and laugh again and I could hear the man talking once again.

She shouldn’t be here. Neither should i.

I could see durians scattered all over the floor, they’re obviously not here for the fruits, so why are they here ?

The voice of that man sounded a little familiar as well.

Their backs were facing me and I quietly found another vantage point to continue observing them.

When I saw the man, I almost wanted to scream.

That fucker is a colleague of mine. Raj.

Raj is a married man and I attended his wedding barely 6 months ago.

What the fuck is he doing here with Bella ?

I moved closer another few steps, grateful for the dull green top I was wearing.

That would provide a bit of cover for me.

I could see Bella clearly in her red top and white shorts.

She was behaving intimately with Raj.

They were taking photos and giggling as their hands appeared to be touchy beyond simple flirting.

What the fuck were they thinking man.

I suddenly remembered that I subscribed to Bella’s Instagram feed before.

I quickly opened it up and true enough, she had just updated some of her story barely an hour ago wearing the same set of clothes.

The same red top. She was alone in the picture but it came with the caption “ spending the day with him “

They’re fucking having an affair right under everybody’s noses.


I held back a chuckle as I thought about the kind of gossip this would spark off.

I checked to make sure my phone is put to silent.

Of course I’m going to fucking take some photos.

This is good stuff man.

Raj and Bella started walking away from the clearing towards a small road.

They should be doing that. That road leads to a training shed that the army uses pretty often.

I left my gunny sack by the durian tree and followed them.

I found a nice spot which gave me a good view of Raj and Bella at the training shed.

Ok. The moment they start kissing and touching each other, I’m going to get the camera rolling.

I was trying to stifle a giggle.

I held my phone and got ready as I observe them with a smile.

Then my smile slowly disappeared.

It gave way to a series of question marks.

5 minutes later, my jaws were slightly apart and the only thing I could say was ; “ what the fuck …”

I watched absolutely dumbfounded as Raj removed Bella’s top and shorts, leaving her in only her bra and her panty.

Then he made her bend over a long wooden bench before tying her wrist to the base of the bench support.

She’s going to get fucked bad by the mosquitoes man. Perhaps more so than she is going to get doggied by Raj.

Raj tied each of her ankles to the stump of the support of the bench on the next row, effectively spreading her open for his entry from the rear.

Well, everyone has their kinks.

Who am I to judge ?

Then Raj did something that almost made me drop my phone.

He walked away.

He fucking walked away.

I don’t believe this.

I could see him walking away.





Down that long winding road, Raj kept walking.

I could see his figure getting smaller and smaller.

I don’t fucking believe this.

What is he thinking ?

I heard some rustling of leaves from across the training shed.

Holy fuck.

That training ground just got a lot more crowded that weekend.


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