Chloe and I share the same father but I don’t know her existence until I was in my teenage years.

She is my stepsister from my father’s first marriage.

I was 16 and I just got my O level results when my dad sat the family down and said he has something to say.

I could not breathe when he told me the news.

He parted ways with Chloe’s mum because she cheated on him. Naturally the first thought that came to my mind was if Chole was even my dad’s flesh and blood but he reassured me that she is.

He did a DNA test and Chloe was indeed his daughter.

He tried fighting for custody, but he lost.

Instead, his daughter get to live with her mother who cheated on my dad in the first place.

This piece of bizarre news did not sit well with me.

It just doesn’t make sense.

After all these years, why did he suddenly bring this up ? My life has been pretty good to me so far. No surprises, no shocking news.

This piece of news is not only disturbing, it’s literally fucking with my head.

My dad told me that he did not mean to keep this from me, and he was hoping I am matured enough to handle that piece of news now that I’m older.

It’s still a lot for a 16 year old to swallow but I dealt with it as best as I could.

How do you suddenly deal with the fact that you have an elder sister after living for 16 years thinking you are the only child?

The situation then was that my dad’s first wife had passed on.

The man that she was cohabiting with left her a long time ago.

This leaves only a 20 year old Chloe in the picture.

At 20, you are no longer a kid. You’re a young adult and pretty much independent but my dad’s perspective was that Chole, is still his daughter.

Dad : I wanted to hear your thoughts about….. Chloe moving in with us…

What do you expect me to say to that ?

James : I don’t know man…. Whatever… I don’t know her….

My dad just smiled and told me Chole is a really sweet girl. That I would definitely get along with her.

The first thing that came into my mind was that Chloe is going to come into my life and just destroy everything. My relationship with my parents, my life, maybe my inheritance if there’s any. I don’t know.

I was pretty apprehensive about it.

Things move really fast after that day and within 4 months of my dad breaking the news to me, I found myself in a café sitting opposite my step sister whom I have never met.

It was fucking awkward.

We said hi.

That was pretty much it. The saving grace was that Chloe is fucking beautiful. She’s like that hot babe you see in the club that you wish you could fuck her brains out after a night of heavy dancing.

Chloe is hot. She is really beautiful and that added to the confusion of a growing young adult.

We live in a large landed property in the north of the island and there’s more than enough space to accommodate her. Chloe has her own room but we share the same bathroom.

I thought it would be inconvenient, we would quarrel over the toilet, fight over the space but no. That did not happen.

We sort of coexisted pretty ok for the first couple of months.

Chloe and I don’t really talk to each other and we try to avoid each other in the house as well.

My dad was understanding enough to give us the space we need and he did not force any interaction between us.

Life goes on for a while until one day I stumbled into the toilet while Chole was changing.

I did not know she was in there and she forgot to lock the door.

James : Gasp !!! oh fuck… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

Chloe : Gasp !!! shit..!….

I quickly shut the door but I could not unseen what I have seen.

I could feel blood rushing to my groin.

My cock was getting hard.

I’ve seen Chloe’s breast or part of it. She was in the midst of removing her sports bra.

I quickly shut myself in the room and tried to calm myself down.

My erection would not go away.

It was rock hard.

This is so wrong on so many levels but I could not control myself.

I did not dare to leave my room for almost an hour as I did not want to bump into Chloe.

That would be really awkward.

I just fucking saw her breast man. Her pair of firm and supple breast.

I remained in my room hoping my erection would go away but it did not. It got worst. I want to hold that pair of breast and squeeze them.

I did not know what was going on in my head but I started scrolling through my stepsister’s social media account.

Something I had never done before.

The more I look at her pictures, the more aroused I was.

Her hands, her legs, her toes. Every part of her body seemed so alluring and tempting.

I found myself downloading pictures of her and zooming into her individual body parts.

It’s like a part of me did not want to look at her face even though she is beautiful.

I knew I was in trouble when I find myself starting to stroke my erection while looking at the photos of my stepsister.



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