I heaved a heavy sigh as I looked at the removed clamps on the bed.
After so much effort, they have finally been removed from the girls’ vagina.
Olivia and Valarie were huddled together on the bed as they waited for time to pass. One moment they were whispering to each other, another moment they just kept quiet, staring into space and lost in their own thoughts.
I wonder what was going through their head.

Were they thinking about what happened earlier ?
Were they reliving the moment when the voluntarily allowed a young chap like me to fuck them ?
Did they even enjoy the sex or was it purely a transaction so to speak ?
My cock for their freedom.

It did not matter to them that the bed is soaking wet with their own love juices and a lethal concoction of sweat and semen. All it mattered to them was that they are now safe from the other hunters.
I looked at the damaged wall beside the doorframe.

The battering it took while guarding us in the final moments of removing Olivia’s clamp was commendable but it looked like it’s going to collapse anytime.
Every other hunter still in the game popped in to check when they came past.
And the moment the saw the clamps already out, they walked away and moved on without a word.
Rules are rules.

Those that can be bent, will be bent. However, one thing is clear.
No one is about to break the rules of the game.
Once the clamps are off the girls, you are not to touch the girls any longer.

I asked if the girls are ok.
The question sounded a little dumb and silly.
It was hardly the thing to ask or say to girls that I just fucked. Not only did I fuck them, I came inside both of them.
Yet the morbid truth in this uncomfortable copulation is that we are all willing parties.
Everyone knew exactly what they signed up for in a way.
Valarie : We’re ok…. … are you ok ?
James: i… I think so….

Valarie laughed and she gestured to what I was wearing.
Valarie : Then perhaps it’s time to get our bras and underwear off your head don’t you think ?? hahah
Olivia laughed as well.
James : Oh !…
It was then that I realised that they were even on me.I pulled up and yank off the tights that Valarie was wearing and in turn releasing the bras that were clinging onto my face.
I removed both their wet and wet panty as well, throwing them onto the floor.

Valarie : hahahah….. sorry James …. i… I wasn’t really thinking when I did that….
I looked away and I could feel myself blushing.
I don’t know what came over me. In the heat of the moment, everything felt so normal no matter what we did. Now that it’s ok, thinking back, it was truly a sick and perverted act.
Valarie : I…. I shouldn’t have pulled the panty over your head…. I apologise for that…
James : It’s…. it’s ok… i… I erm…. Nevermind….

Olivia : Hahaha.. you mean you are ok with pulling panty over your head ?? haha….
I stumbled for words before the 3 of us burst out into laughter, easing the tension in the room immediately.
I could still feel the wetness in my hair and face. Traces of the girl’s womanly juices were all over me. The smell lingered around my nostril and I’m sure it will linger much longer in my head even after I washed them off.
Olivia looked a little embarrassed but she too apologised to me.
Olivia : I’m… I’m sorry that you had to go through all of these….

She told me that she should have warned me about Faye right from the very start.

Olivia : I didn’t expect her to make her move so fast…. Besides…. What would you think if I had old you this things happen on your very first day of work… you would have thought I was mad….
Valarie : anyway…. Everything is over…. I’m just glad its over…
I looked at Olivia who put her arm around Valarie before they hugged each other.
Valarie told me that by doing this and winning, they effectively cleared all their debts.
They don’t owe anyone anything anymore.

Olivia : The payout for this is good… plus the winnings and bonuses, I cleared all of my outstanding debts to Faye….
Valarie : And James… you stay away from her …. She is not a friend… no matter how she paints herself to be.
James :Ok…. I … I will stay away from her…. I’m just worried she won’t stay away from me…

As the time ticked to an end, I could hear a couple of distant screams and some laughter. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet and peaceful wait.
At the chime of the final bell, 4 clamps remained unremoved.
James : 4…. Oh my god… they are taking on 200k debt each ?

Valarie : unfortunately….. yes….
James : How are they ever going to finish repaying ??
Olivia : I’m not so worried about the men….
James : why not ??
Olivia : because for games like this, usually men will pay to play….imagine all the things they get to do….
James : what !
Valarie : Besides…. 200k to the men who can afford to pay to play is nothing…. They are in it for the fun….
No wonder the laughing guy offered to pay for my share and asked me to help him.
He must be looking to bed all the girls in the game or something.

A couple entered the room and came over to attend to us.One male, one female.
They are medical staff and they were there to assess if we are ok.
The girl attended to Olivia and Valarie while the guy attended to me.
He checked me for bruises, he took my blood pressure. He even asked if I’m feeling ok and whether do I need to take the day off tomorrow.
I shook my head and he gave us the all clear.

That was it.
A paper bag was given to me and I found a simple pair of shorts and t-shirt bearing the company logo inside. Probably something they give out to employees during family day or something.
I got changed and Olivia asked me to head home and rest.
Olivia : You can come in later tomorrow if you like…. It’s fine with me… just be in by lunch…
I nodded and I said goodbye to the girls.

It was surreal.
It felt like a dream as I took the lift to the ground floor.
I walked past regular employees who put in a few extra hours at work and were on their way home. The extra hours I put in took on new meanings in this office.
I got onto a taxi and looked at my hands.
I saw the cab driver checking me out from the rear mirror.
I must smell terrible. I wonder if he knew or can he smell the sex from the stench on my body.
I took a shower and collapsed onto bed.

I woke up the next day and decided to go to work on time.I was curious to see how different everything would be after the game.
I got in at 8.30am and I saw contractors milling around. They already started fixing some of the damages the office took on during the game.
The toppled files & cracked monitors have all been replaced.

I got to my work room and the door has been removed totally with a work in progress sign being put up.
I stepped into the room and was impressed that the bedsheets have been changed. The entire room has been tided up and fresh toiletries have been replaced as well.
I sat down and turned on my computer.
There was no mail.
I went to the pantry to get myself a cup of coffee.

As I waited for the hot coffee to be dispensed, I heard the clicking of heels behind me.
I kept my eyes peeled on the stainless steel panel of the coffee machine as I looked at the reflection.
The lady was making her way towards me.
As she got closer, I could see she was Crystal.
She stopped right behind me and called my name.

Crystal : James…
I turned around to face her and before I could say anything, I was given a tight slap across my cheek.
I froze as the searing pain of the slap registered in my cheek.
I looked at Crystal. Instead of an angry face, she was smiling.
The expression on her definitely did not look like someone who just slapped me.

James : Crystal……. i…
Crystal : That slap…… was for making me lose 2 asset in one day…. Not bad…haha…
I knew immediately what she was talking about.
Olivia and Valarie.
Crystal put her hands around my shoulder and with the warmest smile that still put a chill into my spine, she added in a chirpy voice.

Crystal : Now….. lets have a chat shall we ? hahahah …
James : what…. What do you want to chat about ?
Crystal : did you enjoy yourself yesterday ?? I bet you did….
James ; I….
Crystal : Don’t need to answer me…. I was just making a statement. …
Crystal said that she wants to be clear on one thing.
She is upset not with the fact that she lost 2 girls but she is unhappy with the way she lost them and why she lost them

Crystal : The game is flawed….. don’t you see James ?? …. Pairing you with Olivia…. Putting the key to unlock at her good friend’s bracing ?? … where is the logic in that ??
I kept quiet and just walked on.
It was not my place to say anything.
If I am anything to them, I am just a low lifeform.

A pawn in their game.
20 steps away in front of us, a familiar figure turned the corner and it was Faye.
She saw us and immediately smiled.

I watched her remove a slip of paper from her purse. As she got closer, it was a cheque.
Faye : Oh good morning my dear colleagues…. What a lovely day !!…
Faye  and Crystal smiled at each other as if all were happy and good between them but the coldness of their stares could not be hidden by that warm smile.
Faye : James… this is for you my dear little boy….
I looked at the piece of cheque she pushed into my hand.
There are 6 winners. 200k going 6 ways, that’s more than 30k each for the prize alone.
I wonder how much did Olivia and Valarie get. They would have gotten a large amount to waive off their debt just by participating.

33 thousand.
I’m holding a cheque for 33 thousand.

Faye : That’s only valid for a full time employee by the way….. I’ll have HR send you the documents by lunch…. Welcome to the company James….. you are such a lovely boy to have… hahahaha….haha….
Faye walked away and I looked at the cheque in my hand.

This is absurd yet strangely arousing. For doing the things I did, I get paid ?
33k ?
That is like the annual salary I was hoping to get after graduation.
Crystal : I hope you are happy…. With that 33k….
I kept quiet as Crystal egged me along the path towards her office.
Crystal : Faye got a full million for the game yesterday….
James : what !
Crystal : For betting on the underdog….the odds are way better….

She shut the door , walked over to her desk and folded her arms before speaking.
Crystal  : Alright…. Faye’s game made me lose 2 girls….. I think a tit for tat is in order….
James: What ?? another game ??!!!

She shook her head slightly before speaking in a deliberate and slow manner.
Crystal  : James ….. the time for games is over….
The expression on Crystal’s face changed.
I can tell she meant business this time round.

Crystal : This time….. it’s war.


I swallowed a gulp of saliva as the atmosphere in the room turned a little uncomfortable for me.
I barely survived the games.
I could not bear to think what will happen if this is a war. It brings back image of me seeing a guy being wheeled out on a trolley and onto an ambulance.
Was he part of something like this ?
I don’t want to end up like him.

Crystal’s grim expression and the uncomfortable silence that followed made the hair on the back of my neck stand.
Crystal : in a few hours…. You will become a full fledge employee of the company….
James : but… I’m still a student…. I haven graduate…
Crystal : It doesn’t matter….. we hire on merit…. Not qualification… and lucky for you….i think your merits and ….. capabilities are something we can use in this organisation…

Crystal activated the blinds in her office and as they slid down to give us some privacy, I saw the hidden projector screen slowly slide down from the ceiling.
Crystal : What you have experienced so far is nothing… they are just some simple games the company organises….. to… let me see what’s the term to use….. yes… keep morale up…

James : but… I don’t think it did anything for the morale of the female staff…
Crystal raised an eyebrow as if I said something ridiculous.
Crystal  : that’s because you’ve only been playing the games meant for the male staff so far…. There are games for male…. And there are games for female….
James : what …!
Crystal went on without batting an eyelid.

She elaborated that for all these games, the rules are in fact quite fair and that the odds are beatable.
Crystal : you volunteer to play…. You try to beat the odds… and you become rich in the process…. An example is the cheque sitting in your pocket…
Crystal brought on the first slide with some charts and figures.

Crystal :  as you would have been aware by now… .. large amount of money flows through our office on a weekly basis…..however…. prize money are kept in a separate accounts administered by the office. …  the problem with accounts is all these leave a paper trail….very troublesome…

I found out that all employee debts are a separate contract between them and the office.
Crystal : They will not affect employees credit scores….nor will it affect their day to day life to survive….
James : but they still need to pay….
Crystal : yes… of course… and aside from playing the games, it’s quite unthinkable how they can possibly afford to pay back…… but… to be fair, many employees became rich…. Really rich… by taking part in the games….. they have nothing to lose..
James : and I assume many more become….. indebted to the company ??
Crystal smiled.
Crystal  : choices…. It is everyone’s choices to make… no one force you to make them…
Going back to the charts, Crystal told me that the office has enough money moving around the games debt and rewards alone that they created an ecosystem of their own. A mini financial system to track the total amount of debt.
Crystal : employees currently owe the office a total of 72.36 million.

James : what the fuck…. How…
Crystal : long story….anyway…. bulk of the money like these cannot be stored in the banks for obvious reasons…. We cannot account for them…. and can you imagine the amount of tax we will be paying ??…..
Crystal asked me to look at the cheque I was holding.

It was made to me by a herbal product company.
Crystal : Faye owns several front companies and she uses them for transactions like this…. Like me….. she is prompt in her payment…. Usually within 24 hours to all eligible employees…. This is why games organised by Faye and me gets a high number of volunteers…
Crystal spread out her hand by her side with her palms facing up and striking a pose worthy of Miss universe and added that is why Faye and her are the most sort after game makers in the organisation.
Crystal : We play hard…. We pay fast…. Always remember that..

The slide changed, and Crystal added that she owns 3 other front companies while Faye has 4.
Crystal : Now… one of Faye’s company …. Is inside this building itself…. As you know , this development the office is in is a big place…. So many retail shops… and I bet you must be wondering how some of these shops even make money ….

James : and ??
Crystal : Faye has one of her shops and company inside this very development….. very quiet…. In a obscure corner…. Usually closed and shuttered….
James : What are you getting get ?
Crystal : we’re going to rob her..

James: what !
Crystal : I just said we’re going to rob her…. Is there something wrong ?
James:  Are you out of your mind….??  How can we rob someone ?? we will go to jail !!
Crystal : those money are not suppose to be there in the first place…. Even if they are lost, they cannot be reported….
I looked at Crystal in horror, she was talking as normally as if she was asking me to take a printer toner from another department.
James : you cannot be serious !!
Crystal : oh I am…

The slide changed again to a view the shop Crystal was talking about. It was located in the mall section closer to the convention centre.
Crystal : it’s a small retail shop, selling trinkets but mostly used for storage of games equipment.
James : Crystal… please… stop… this isn’t some Tom cruise mission impossible shit… this is serious stuff… we will go to jail for this….
Crystal : why would we ?? .. I’m not the one doing it… you are….

My jaw dropped as I backed away from her.
James : stop stop stop…. I don’t want to hear anymore…. Let me out…
I immediately went to the door but when I opened it, I saw the backs of her 2 goons blocking my way.
One of them turned and shoved me backwards into the room before shutting the door.
James : Crystal please…. I don’t want to do this…

Crystal : oh…. You mean you are ok with fucking girls… cumming inside them but you are not ok with robbing Faye ??
James : Crystal !!…. Faye will kill us for this !!!
Crystal  raised an eyebrow and looked up towards the ceiling as she tapped her lip with her index finger.
Crystal : Why would Faye… be angry about losing money she don’t even know she has…

I blinked a few times as I looked at Crystal .
James : bullshit… how can she not know how much money she has….
Crystal : why not…. If it’s a cash game…
Cash game.
As the name implied, all transactions are carried out in cash. Much like the betting in a casino.
The slide changed once more to a view of 3 push cart.

You know the kind of push cart selling trinkets you see in shopping malls, yes, 3 of those.
Instead of being filled with trinkets, they are filled with a variety of sex toys and they are manned by 3 naked men with their faces blurred out.
James : What is this game…
Crystal : This game… is created for the female employees….
She turned and pointed a finger at me.
Crystal : so… don’t ever say we are not fair to the girls….

The push cart is something like a funfair store. Stocked with sex toys of various types, female employees will come by with stacks of cash.
Each toy has a multiplier effect.
For example , she chooses to use toy A and wagers 100.Each time the toy is used, it multiplies her wager by 1.
James : what !!… you mean if she chooses to fuck the men with a dildo, each time she does it she gets 100 ?? !!! Are you quite mad ??
Crystal : no…
I was at a total lost for words.

Crystal : There are a variety of toys…. And you never know what the multiplier is.  It could be 1, it could be 10…. The men will not know what the multiplier is….. only the woman does…. And she will do all she can to make sure you last as long with the toy as possible…
James : people die from this right ??
Crystal : so far… not yet…

The multiplier can be measured in a variety of ways.
Some are measure in the number to times it’s used.
Some are measured in the length it’s used.
Some are measured by how long it’s used.
Crystal : so… for example they pick say…. A strap on with a 7 inch dildo meant for a blow job… .. it will be measured by length…

James: You mean the girl will wear the strap on… and the guy will suck ??
Crystal : yes…. Anything wrong with that ??

I felt my legs buckled and I sank to the couch.
This is madness.
If the multiplier for that dildo is 2, every inch the men take into the mouth, the money wagered will be multiplied by 2. You suck in 5 inch of that, with a 1000 wager, the prize will be (5×2) x 1000 = 10000
That’s 10000 for a few seconds work.
No wonder people get rich from this.
Crystal : there are so many toys…. I could go on all night… but here’s what makes it interesting…. Average wager is between 1 to 3 k.
James : what !!!
Crystal : people come to get a quick buck or try to recoup their debts…. There are not only positive multiplier… but also negative multiplier….
James : meaning they lose the money they bet multiplied by that ??

Crystal : yes… the highest record someone ever lost is 700k in a matter of minutes. … so… with 3 push carts and all transactions in cash…. You can imagine the amount of money that changes hand that night….
James : oh my god…
Crystal : not only will the carts be there…. All game makers will be there that night with their cash holding….
James : why ??

It seems all transaction needs to be settled in cash that night. That meant the girls who owe money need to borrow from the game makers and in turn become their slave of sort.

Cart owners who fielded the men get to keep the winnings in cash. The beautiful part of this game is game makers will not know exactly how much their takings is because the people how paid up might have borrowed from other game makers to do so.
Crystal  :We don’t share information….
James : But… but…
Crystal : It’s for fun….. we’re bound to make hundreds of thousands…. Maybe a million or more… we don’t really keep count to the exact dollar…. Besides…. Where’s the fun if you have to keep your eyes on the money instead of the fun everyone is having right ?? haha

James : I think I’m going to be sick.Crystal : by the time the game ends, it will be very late… the takings don’t get tallied till the next day…. Which meant… if we take it.. Faye will never know it’s missing….
The more I think about it , the  more amazed I am with the company.
There is so much more going on beneath the surface as a investment firm.
Crystal : here… there’s a video of a typical game… for your reference.

Crystal hit the play button and I immediately felt the rise in my cock.
I could see a group of 3 girls who seemed to be just done with their gym class. They looked so normal, like friends hanging out after work and just dropping by some charity fair organised by corporate.

They were laughing and teasing each other at the games cart, pointing at the toys and egging each other to try their luck. They looked to be in their mid twenties and they all are pretty hot.
Exactly like the typical office ladies you would fantasised about when you take a walk through town on a week day. Only difference is that they are not in their formal executive dressing but instead are dressed in bright and trendy neon colours you would expect of the girls in gym these days.

I’m talking bright attention grabbing sports bra with sneakers that accentuate their sexy ankles.
One of them chuckled and said she will try her luck.
She looked like a local version of a famous mainland actress but a little more petite.
She chose the ice cream popsicle and said she will bet 1000 for that.

The guy scanned the code of the popsicle as if the girl just made a purchase at a supermarket. It revealed a multiplier of 0.5 and the duration is 1 minute.
The girls clapped their hands and cheered as their screams drew attention of other patrons to crowd around.
My dick throbbed as the guy manning the cart was strapped to the bottom of a bench with a customised back rest that lifted his head at a 45 degree angle.

A cushion seat with a opening was placed over his face, leaving only his mouth exposed.
The pretty babe laughed as her fingers reached for the tight waistband of her workout shorts. She pushed it downwards together, allowing a glimpse of her damp white panty she wore on the inside.She removed her shorts and her panty, keeping her sneakers on.Straddling the seat, she positions her vagina at the opening where the mouth is.
Her friends cheered as she adjusted her pussy to where the mouth of the guy is.
She started the timer and the guy started to lick.

I watched as the camera zoomed in close to the action.
Cheers erupted as the guy’s tongue started licking the vagina of the girl.
My cock got so hard as I watch the girl moan as she basks in the paid pleasures of the flesh. Each time the tongue licked her pussy lips from hole to her clitoris, a digital counter by the side of the bench ticked once.  
Girl : ernghhh…e ghhh … ernghhh !!
She looked at the timer and the speed at which the digital scale is ticking and was obviously unhappy that the guy was licking too slowly.
0.5 multiplier at 1000, that’s 500 bucks to get her pussy licked each time.

Girl : faster … FASTER !!!
I watch her grab a tuff of the guy’s hair from the side as she pressed his face onto her privates as her friends laughed and cheered.
The guy continued licking and somehow the scale was still keeping count.
By the end of a minute, the cusion cover was drenched with the girl’s natural juices and there was a total of 40 licks.
The girl got up and hugged her girlfriends without her panty and shorts as they jumped in joy.
20 thousand to get her pussy licked.
I can see the allure of the games the company organises.

The girl laughed and I saw her sit back down on the cushion.
The game is over but it seemed the ordeal for the guy is not.
Crystal fast forwarded the clip to show the girl forcing the guy to lick her till she cummed, exploding as she shot her juices onto the face and mouth as she massaged her clit to coaxed out every last drop.
She then scanned the popsicle by a kiosk and immediately it dispensed a voucher for 20000 in cash for her and her friends that they can collect from the owner of the cart.
Then the video stopped.
My heart was racing.
What the hell did I just see ?

Crystal : men rarely volunteer for this unless they are mad…. Think of all the toys and shit the girls are going to do to you… especially if they have something against you…maybe encountered you as a hunter before or something…
James : exactly !! this is madness.
Crystal : which is why… men playing this are usually those in debt… here… look at an example of someone who drew a negative multiplier.

The video played and I saw a video of a girl cursing her luck as she had placed a wager of 1500 on a condom. She was on the verge of tears after the instructions was revealed to her and I could see her friend trying to console her.
Crystal : it doesn’t show in this video but she got a -1 multiplier for the draw.

I watched with mixed emotion and arousal as I saw 2 RFID chips being pasted on near the privates of the guy and the girl. It was like a plaster of sort.
The guy laid down while the reader was supported on a stand about 1 inch off the tummy of the guy.
The girl straddled the guy whose cock was already throbbing and erected by then. The condom was placed on and the moment the cock connected with the vagina of the girl , her moans drowned out most of the background voices.
When the guy fucks himself all the way into her, bringing both RFID chip within scanning range of the reader, the counter beeps once.
The timer was set for 2 minutes.
My cock throbbed and leaked pre cum as the moment the timer started, the guy started fucking the girl.
The girl started begging for him to stop.

Each time the cock and pussy connects a the deepest point, the scanner beeped.
The smacking of their privates sounded as sick as the sound of the scanner.
Piak… piak… piak…
Beep… beep… beep…
Girl ; no… ernghhhhh… no…. no please… ernghhhh no!!
The guy would not stop. It’s biological.
You are given a free pussy to fuck.

He kept on fucking the girl while she kept pleading for him to stop, to slow down.The whole video looked like it was out of a rape scene.
By the time the timer was up, the scanner registered 150.
The girl broke down into tears as she racked up a debt of 225000. Her friend tried to console her while some egged her on to play other game and try to recoup her loses.
The video ended with her borrowing money from Crystal .

Crystal stopped the video and said that the booth belonged to another game maker.
Crystal  :The cash was given to the girl… she dropped it into the collection box…. Cart owners will know how much they paid out that night… but with the large crowd… there’s no way to know for sure how much money they made until they do their math the next day or so…  

James : This… this is one of the sickest thing I’ve seen. Who is the one who come up with all these games ??
Crystal : hahah…. That is not a question for you to ask….

James : who is going to play ?? it’s Faye’s game right…

Crystal : you’re going to play James…
James: NO!!… no way… I’m not in debt… I have money….
My hand was shaking as I held up the cheque.

Crystal : I know you are not in debt James….… but I need you to be…. If not… we won’t be able to rob Faye… … I need you to man her cart…. that will give you access to her retail store…. And from what I gathered…. Faye….. sometimes don’t even bother to count her winnings…. Hahaha…
James : are you that hard up for money ?!!
Crystal : well… actually no…. I have more than I can ever spend… but…. I just want to fuck with her… hahahaha.. hahaha… and this seemed like a good way to do it… hahaha.. hahaha….
James : no… no… I refuse to be part of this….
Crystal came over to me with a smile and she stroke my hair in a reassuring manner.

Crystal : Faye will be here to offer you a position at her push cart…… probably…. End of the day… give and take…
James : no… no!!… I’m not doing it… I don’t need the money….. I don’t owe anyone anything…
Crystal smiled.
Crystal : you think so ??
James : what are you getting at ?? I’m not playing any more of these… I’m not taking part in any more games…. There’s no way I’m going to man a push cart…
Crystal : We have some of the hottest girls working for us you know….and it’s going to be a crowd that day…. I have people from Malaysia and Shanghai office coming down…. Think of all the girls…. Hahah
James : No…. no… I’m.. I’m done… I’ve heard enough…

Crystal : you know what James…. It may sound like I’m forcing you to do this…. But I’m not actually…
I paused a few steps away from the exit and pondered about what she was saying.
Crystal : I’m merely giving you an option.
James :  An option to what ??
Crystal  : An alternative option….. to the one Faye will be giving you…   

James : you both are crazy….

Crystal : Mark my words James……Because by the end of the day…. You will be in debt… …. And I can assure you…… I’m will not be the cause of it…
My hand touched the cold steel of the door handle and Crystal left me with her final words.

Crystal : Choose wisely James…. Choose wisely…


With Crystal’s last words still ringing in my ears, I opened the door again to leave the room.
Crystal’s guys turned and tried to stop me but a nod from Crystal was all it took for them to walk away as if nothing happened at all.
I don’t know why my heart is still beating so fast.
There is a mixture of excitement, of fear and curiosity.

I can’t deny that I’m curious but I know for sure I’m not stupid. I’m not getting into debt just to play some game where I can lick hot babes pussy or something.
No matter how I look at this, there is no way I’m going to do this either for Crystal or for Faye.

If like what they said, they are going to offer me full employment, I’m going to get the 33k prize money.

It really cannot get any simpler than this.
Don’t play any shit, and I won’t get into debt.

33 thousand dude. I have 33 thousand.
There is no way I will spend a cent of it.
I’ll just do my internship, stay out of all these silly side distractions and move on. Hopefully I get a good pay package, then I’ll just concentrate on my full time job.
As I walked back to my room, I thought about Olivia.

She is debt free. She is no longer beholden to Faye or Crystal.
I mean there’s a chance I might do something stupid for Olivia if she was still in debt. She was forced fucked on the cart because of me but now’s she’s free.
Would I do it if Olivia came and ask me to ? I don’t know. I might but knowing her, I think she cannot wait to get away from all of these as well.

I got back to my room and I saw a contractor doing some measurements on the door frame.
He told me they are bringing in the door later that afternoon, it will be fixed by then. He warned me about the smell of the paint, saying that it would be gone in a day or  two.
I went back to my terminal and checked my mail again.
There is a mail from Lovelle.
I opened it and was surprised to see that she will be dropping by with some documents for me to sign. She is the HR personnel assigned to get the paperwork down.

My heart skipped a beat as I recalled how she looked like.
Her slim body, her tight buttocks.
I’ve only seen her twice.
Once after the VR game in Crystal’s secret room and once in the foodcourt when I had my lunch.
From her tight dressing, I knew she definitely has a hourglass figure to boot.
She’s a bit on the slim side and her breast is not as full and round as Olivia. The overall package she is in however is still desirable to most men.

That I would dare to bet my life on.
I opened up the browser and started to surf around for a bit before I went on to wrap up the work Olivia asked me to do.

I went over to Olivia’s and saw that she was not in.
Probably coming in after lunch.
I ate on my own before returning to my room with a take away coffee.

As I sipped my drink, I saw someone appear at the entrance.
I did a double take and realised it was Lovelle.

She had a stack of documents on her arms, cradled by her small breast. She smiled at me from the end of the walkway and I stood up out of courtesy.
Lovelle wore a sleeveless white top and a tight waist high skirt that reached just above her knees. She had on a pair or sexy heels in grey with a T-strap running down the middle of her feet fastened to her ankles.
The thin strap circled around her ankles , conjuring up images of a cable tie that I would use to hold her legs down.
I don’t know what is happening to me.

Ever since I’m here at this company, the thoughts that run through my head when I see women has changed.
I became like an animal, seeing the female species as a host to breed my seed in.
My cock was getting hard looking at Lovelle walk towards me.

A contractor happen to arrive and Lovelle turned to look at the commotion as the dropped their tool box down to get ready to reinstall the door.
As Lovelle turned, I saw the back of her sleeveless top was actually like a mesh of sort. An intricate pattern with generous amount of holes that showed off her blue bra.
My cock got so hard when she turned back to face me as if nothing has happened to set the documents down on the table.
Lovelle : Hi James…. My name is Lovelle…. Nice to meet you…

James : hi…. Hi Lovelle….
There was no beating about the bush, Lovelle went straight to the point.
I was offered a position in the company and even thought I need to return to school for the final semester, my position in the company remains.
I will still get paid my monthly salary of 2500 including CPF while I’m in school.
That is a pretty good deal no matter how I see it.
Lovelle : the hours you will be missing though… need to be paid back… but don’t worry… after you start work proper…. The overtime hours will be more than enough to make up for that few months hahaha..
James : Oh… haha.. ok…
I signed a few documents and one more detailed copy of non-disclosure contract.
Lovelle : Ok… I….ermmm… I heard from Olivia and….. Valarie… that… rmmm… that you’ve been initiated…. Into the….alternative dealings of the office…. So… I hope you understand that we have a strict non-disclosure clause in place…. Don’t test it… you will regret it… ok ??
I nodded.

Lovelle looked at me before looking away.
A sudden moment of awkwardness descended on us.
Probably because she was just reminded of the fact that I had just fucked 2 of her good friends the night before.
Or maybe her friends had shared in detail what I did with her ?

Maybe the girls have a group chat in wasapp or something. ?
Or maybe they told her how long or short my cock is ?
I was suddenly conscious of myself as I thought of all these.
I think I started to blush. I won’t be able to rest easy if I know that the people in the office know how my cock look like or how I perform in bed.

I wonder if Valarie told Lovelle that my cock is short and that I had to be pushed and egged on to fuck hard ?

Lovelle : ok… here.. the last signature… ok… and we’re done…. Where’s the cheque..
James ; Here… here it is…
Lovelle took my cheque and she exchanged an envelope with me.

James : What is this ??
Lovelle : 33 thousand in cash….
James : What !….
Lovelle : You cash that cheque… it will leave a paper trail… …. So whenever possible… come to me if you need to cash your prizes…. I handle accounts for Faye…..

James : oh… oh… I see….
She sat back and looked at me while I stared back at her.
James ; ERmgmmm… yes ??

Lovelle : Please count it James… hahaha…. Count the money…
James : No la.. no need… it’s ok… I trust you…
Lovelle ; You don’t even know me… hahaha….
I shook my hands at her but she insisted.
Lovelle : It’s… procedure… you have to do it….

I gave in and I emptied the money onto my palm.
I was shocked by the weight the money felt in my hands.
It was all in 50 dollar bills. Used bills, non sequential.
That is 660 pieces of 50 dollar bill my friend.
I looked at the money that is now spilling out of my palm and onto the table and Lovelle asked if I needed help.
James ; ermmm.. ok… if you don’t mind….

She smiled and I watched her brushed back the stray fringe behind her ears and she pulled her chair closer before crossing her legs.
For the next 5 minutes, we were quiet as we counted the money on the table.
We tallied the final sum and I nodded my head, indicating to Lovelle that all is good over here.
James : Thank…. Thank you…
Lovelle : You’re welcome…

She stood up and I saw her wet her lips with her tongue and she swallowed a gulp of saliva.
She looked like she was considering if she wanted to say something.
Lovelle : James…. i… ermm..
James : Yes ? …

Lovelle : You know… I ermmm…. I heard… you… you helped Olivia and Valarie….. get out of debt….
James : ermm… in a way I guess…
Suddenly it hit me.
It hit me like someone swung a bat on my chest.
Lovelle : I ermmm… I was wondering if… if you are open to helping me too..
I felt a shudder in my spine as I blinked twice and I realised what Crystal meant when she say I will be back in debt.
James : I… i….

I want to say no. I wanted to shout no in fact but looking at Lovelle.
Her body, her pleading eyes.
I started to think with my cock, not my head.
James : I don’t know… I mean…
Lovelle quickly added that it’s a simple game.
Lovelle : It’s a simple game… don’t worry….
James : I… I don’t know Lovelle…. I’m afraid….
She put down the files and I could see it was difficult for her to say it but she still did.

Lovelle : It’s… it’s really a simple game…. The payout for me is enough to get me free….and you don’t have to worry about getting into debt…. I’ll explain it to you….please… will you at least listen first ?

I could see the desperation in her eyes.
I can’t blame her.
Seeing 2 of her good friends free of debt bondage, she would surely want the same for herself.
Lovelle : I… I can choose any male partner for this but…. But … but I thought you.. you went all out to help Olivia and Valaire… i…..erm.. i…. I rather it be you….

She added shortly after that she felt that at least I won’t make use of the opportunity to take advantage of her.
Lovelle : Please…just hear me out….
I nodded and I could see the spark in her eyes as Lovelle explained to me the game she was going to take part in.

Lovelle : It’s about control….how much control you have… over me…
Her hands went to her chest and I fought the urge to adjust my cock that is pushing against my underwear.

Lovelle : I will be in front of you…..and you will ask me to do anything…. I meant anything…. Anything you ask… I will do it….it’s … it’s to demonstrate your control…. No matter how… how…ermmm…
Lovelle searched for the appropriate word and I offered her one.
James : humiliating… ?
Lovelle : yes…… I erm… because… ermmm…. Anyway… the focus is on my appeal to other men..
My jaw dropped an inch as Lovelle went on.
Lovelle : there will be 30 other guys seated, naked behind a special table. ….. their … their… dicks… with be directly under….under a sensor….
Lovelle said that the key to this game is to arouse everybody.  
Lovelle : getting all 30 of them erected…. Clears the game… it’s quite easy…

James: i…. I don’t know…. I ermm…
Lovelle : have you watched those… ermm… china singing competition shows ?? ….those that if… if the judges thinks your performance is good… they press a button… and their seat comes forward???
James : Yes… why ??
Lovelle : if anyone of them…. Gets an erection… seeing me doing the things I do… then their erection will activate the sensors…. They will move backwards and away out of the zone…. They will be out of the game…. So you need to ask me to do things… that will give them an erection….

James : ermm… ok…. Arouse the men ….
I could feel my heartbeat rising.
Just listening to Lovelle was making my cock drip precum.
Lovelle : we will win once all 30 of them leaves the zone…. You’re a guy.. you know what turns them on…. Just ask me to do it…
James : And your debt gets wiped ??

Lovelle said she is 95k deep in depth. Participating in this wipes out 50k. The prize money will be 100k.

James : what if… what if some don’t get an erection ??  
I could sense some hesitation on Lovelle’s part but she went on.
Lovelle : If we miss out even one….. i…. I double my debt… and…
James : And what ?

Lovelle : you see James….if we win…. I need to….ermm.. I need to get… get….
The next word came so soft I would hardly make out what she was saying but I got it right away.
I get to fuck her.
If we win, I get to fuck her. Only me.
If we lose, every men left in the game gets to fuck her including me and she doubles her debt.
I get first dips though.
This is why she looked for me. She hopes that I can help her, in return, I get to sleep with her. Rather than her getting fucked by 30 men, she only needs to get fucked by me.

What’s in it for the men that takes part you say.
Entry fee is cheap. 500 per pax.
Given Lovelle’s looks, it’s not hard to find 30 men willing to pay 500 for a short at fucking her.
Just need to resist getting an erection and you get to fuck her once the time runs out.

Would I pay for it ? Of course I would pay for a chance to do it especially no one will know it’s me.
Yes. All players will be masked.
No one will know who is who.
This game really boils down to how bastard I want to be.
I can bastard it up and make Lovelle lose. I get to fuck her first, and I no longer need to be bothered about what happens to her after that right ?

Downside is she will hate me, but I hardly know her.
And if I help her properly, I get to fuck her too. Slowly enjoy her body in front of the watching crowd.
Yes, I would need to fuck her in front of the crowd of 30.

James : Will I get any penalty …. If we lose….
Lovelle : 1st time… no… penalty is on me so please… please don’t lose… use my body in anyway possible… just make them aroused…
James ; wait a minute… what do you mean 1st time no ??

My heart skipped a beat as I listened on.
Lovelle : after the 1st win…. You can a chance to double down…
James : why the fuck would anyone do that ??

Lovelle explained that it all depends on the group and how I was doing.
Imagine I could easily get them all aroused by controlling Lovelle and asking her to do the things I want her to do.
Lovelle : if it was a quick and easy erection to put them out of the game…. It’s easy and quick money to double down…
James : what !….
Lovelle : doubling down is a separate game…. Between you and the 30 men… I’m no longer part of the stake…. I’m merely part of your tool…. For you to use….
She explained that there are instances when the men gets a fast erection and they all exit the game within 30 seconds. If I could get a gauge from such a speed that they are easily aroused by Lovelle, it would be a good chance to double down and get rich .

Lovelle : last challenge….. by Valarie…. Her partner doubled down 3 times…. Walks away with 300k …. Within 10 minutes…
James : you got to be shitting me…. But if I lose… i…lose the amount I doubled ??
She nodded and she added softly.

Lovelle : Valarie is pretty…. A lot of men have the hots for her… so I guess it’s easy for her…
James : But… but you are pretty too Lovelle… i… I think you are cute…
She smiled and looked away in a shy manner.

Lovelle : so James…. Can you help me ?? … you don’t need to double down…. No need to risk it… but at least help me clear the 1st round…. And I will be debt free…

I thought about the game and I admit I was tempted.
Even if I play it safe, I don’t double down after winning the first round, I still get to fuck Lovelle.
Lovelle : James….. please…. Just once… please…..

I looked at her tight skirt and her sleeveless top coupled with that hopeful look in her eyes.
I’m already thinking about how I want to enjoy her body.
Lovelle : Please James…. Can ??

I nodded my head and Lovelle gave a yelp before hugging herself onto me.
As I take in a deep whiff of her fragrance, I prayed that I made the right decision.

It’s ok James…It’s ok….
I kept repeating that to myself.
Just play the 1st round.
Just play the 1st round.


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