Just one game.
Why couldn’t I just control myself and just go for one game.
I held onto the slim and sweaty waist of Lovelle’s body and eased my cock into her. I could smell the intoxicating smell of her perspiring body. A body that has satisfied the lust of so many before me.
She gasped a little but she refused to look at me.

Her head was turned sideways and her eyes focused on something far away.
I don’t know what she is looking at but I know for sure she is not looking at me.

James : I’m really sorry Lovelle…. I’m sorry… eagnnh.. arghhh … ernghh…
It was as if my voice triggered some reaction inside her body. I don’t know if it was voluntarily or involuntarily. There was a series of squeeze of her vagina muscles.
It was so comfortable. Like a custom made sleeve for my cock.
The soft velvety folds of her pussy lips dragging and coating my  shaft with her slime.
It was definitely not meant to deliver pleasure to me but nevertheless it did.

Lovelle was probably fuming and angry, definitely disgusted when her muscles went into a series of spasm on it’s own.
I pulled my cock out and closed my eyes, stopping right before my dickhead leaves the protection of Lovelle’s vagina.
I could feel the cold air evaporating the lubricant on my cock before I decide I needed the warmth of her love hole once more.
I panted as I enjoyed the love making in the quiet arena.
I glared at Faye who was looking at us from a distance away.
That smug look on her face was moments ago a look of extreme discomfort when I was on a winning streak.
If only I had not let it go over my head. I would have been a rich man by now instead of being 900k in debt.
900k. How long would it take for me to finish paying 900k?

Maybe I would really need to take up Crystal’s offer to rob Faye.
I could see streaks of cum in Lovelle’s hair.
There are dried stains of other men’s cum on her tummy and breast. Caked dry from the cold air of the arena we are in.
Tears continued to streak down Lovelle’s face.
It was my fault.
I caused her to be fucked by more than a dozen men. My pride and my ego, most importantly, my stupidity.
My cock nevertheless is not enjoying the warmth and tightness of Lovelle’s sore pussy.

She is still wet and well lubricated. Empty tubes of lubricants laid by my feet together with a few used condoms.
Some of the men used caps, while many didn’t. Some blatantly pumped her pussy with lubricant, keeping it wet and fuckable artificially. It did not matter as much to them if she was wet of her own accord.
These men are probably veterans in the office.
They are just waiting for a chance to fuck the girl they set their eyes on.
All of them are in the game because they wanted to fuck Lovelle anyway. Why bother wearing caps when she don’t even know who you are.
Although I felt like a dick for causing her to be in this state, my cock was still rock hard.
For a brief moment I imagined myself to be 1 of the 30 men that were playing the game.
My identity is hidden behind a mask.
Lovelle will never know who I am.

I can walk pass her in office, pretend to be her good colleague. We can work together in projects and go for presentations together and she will never know.
She will never know I am one of the guys that played the game and fucked her.
Everytime she walks past a male colleague in office, she will wonder if this guy’s cock was inside her vagina that faithful evening.
I could feel I was about to cum.
Yet my cock somehow refuses to reach the big O. Whenever I’m near, I felt the urge slipping away from me.
It was coming to 4am and I’m the last in line to fuck Lovelle because of the amount of money I owe.
If only I had stopped at the 1st round, I would have been able to enjoy her untouched and virgin body. Now I only get to have sloppy seconds even though I bet it felt just as good, just as tight.
It felt like I was fucking a dead fish.

Lovelle still moaned when my cock hit all the way in but I can tell it was an unwilling gasp. One that was a result of pain, perhaps necessity to alleviate her suffering.
Faye walked over to my side, grinning from ear to ear at our misfortune.

Faye : Hi James….. I think we need to talk after you’re done… hahha…. We need to discuss how you are going to pay your 900k debt….
James: ergnhhh.. ernaghh!!.. aGN!!!!
I shivered and I shot my load but there was not an ounce of satisfaction.
I came because I was at my limit.
Shooting into Lovelle was the only way to stop her ordeal. She can finally rest after being violated for so long by so many.
My delivery of my sperm into her pussy was her ticket to freedom.
I groaned, and my cock pumped more of my soldiers into the depths of her vagina, mixing with the lethal cocktail of other men’s sperm that had already started to make its way up her fallopian tube.
I pulled my cock out from Lovelle and staggered backwards.

My throbbing cock may be milked dry but inside my head, I felt like a total wreck.
This feeling is not what I wanted, it was horrible.
Medical staff came in and assisted Lovelle out of the arena.

Faye : don’t worry…. She will be given medical care…. We have some of the best working for us…..her eggs won’t be fertilised as well… if she don’t want them to hahah…
I ignored Faye and sank down onto the floor.
Faye : ohhhh… don’t be so sad James…. Money is made to be spent…. And money spent… can be made again…..hahah … perhaps in your case…. It will take a while to earn them all back…
Faye told me that she has a preposition for me.
I knew what she was going to say before she did.
The push carts.
The one Crystal warned me about.
Faye : You know James… i… honestly I didn’t expect you to do this…. Not in the arena…. Hahah
Faye told me that she wanted me to win the 1st game with Lovelle and she was expecting me to stop.
Faye : I wanted you to enjoy your time with Lovelle you know.. I even booked a hotel for you…. Nice room…. Complimentary room service and all…. You could have had her all night…. In the comforts of a nice room and I bet she would be a willing party as well… hahaha
James : oh…. just shut up….
Faye : ohhh…. An attitude for someone in so much debt… hahaha…
Faye went on to say that she wanted to use Lovelle as a bait for me.
Faye : I wanted you to enjoy her company….. like her the way you like Olivia… she is quite a sweet girl you know…. I’m sure guys will enjoy her company … but my dear god… James.. hahah.. what have you done to her….. hahah…

Faye wanted Lovelle to persuade me to take part in a game of hers.
Faye : now I guess you have no choice… hahaha… if you want to pay off your dues…. You have to play for me it seems… hahah.. hahah….now…. I know you must be tired by now…. Go back and get some rest….. I’ll see you later after lunch… I’ll explain in detail how interesting my push cart game is going to be ok ? hahahah

I found my way back to my work room and I did not know what else to do except to take a shower and wash up.
By the time I got back home, it was already 6.30am
I decided to fuck it and just sleep.
What else can the company do to me ?I’m already in their debt. It’s not as if I’m going anywhere.

I woke up with a splitting headache at 12pm
Grabbing myself a quick lunch, I got back into office at 2pm
I entered the office like any other of my colleagues who just finished their lunch.
Everyone seemed normal and professional. The men were all serious and engaged in deep conversation about how the US market did the night before.
There was no indication that one of them might be in the games last night, or they had fucked Lovelle a few hours ago.

I sat down at my seat in the room and stared into blank space.
I think I wasted an hour or so just doing nothing.
I felt numb.

The door to my room flew open, slamming against the stopper the contractor just re-installed a day ago.
I saw Valarie storming into the room.
I stood up and saw Olivia coming in as well.
She shut the door 1 second before Valarie landed her first slap on me.

Valarie : You fucking dumbass !!!!SMACK!!
Valarie slapped me again. No doubt angry with what I did to her good friend.
I could not help but realise Elaine is not present.
She seemed to be the odd one out among the 4 of them. Lovelle, Valarie and Olivia seemed to be on closer terms with one another.

I did not even bother to duck as Valaire rained a few more blows on me before Olivia stopped her.

Olivia : enough Valarie… enough !… stop!!
Valarie : AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Valarie panted and screamed into my face before walking away to the bathroom.
I heard the door shut and the bolt come on. Probably she needed to pee after her outburst.

I could not even bear to look at Olivia.
Olivia was so much more gentler with her approach.
Olivia : James….you are still young…. There is a lot of things… you don’t understand…

She went on to tell me that I’m the youngest employee in the office.
Olivia : 23 years is not a lot on your mileage to know how to deal with issues you haven been facing recently…. I’m… I’m sorry I hired you for the internship….
James : No.. no… it’s not your fault…
Olivia ; It is….anyway…. I need to talk to you about something….. Faye’s plans for you…

I nodded and I sank back into my chair.
James ; Yes.. the push cart…..Crystal told me about it…
Olivia : what ? ,…. Crystal told you about it ?? when ??

I was tongue tied for a moment as I hesitated whether do I reveal the contents of my discussion with Crystal to Olivia. That may be my ticket out of debt.
James : Oh… she dropped by earlier….
Olivia : IC…. So you know there’s no way of you paying off your debt with the cart alone ??
I looked up at Olivia, obviously at a lost as to what she just said.

Olivia : The men at the push cart makes or shall I say recoup an average of 100-150k for the entire evening….there’s no way you can recover all 900k…. and if you don’t quickly get yourself out of debt… you are going to sink further in….

As I digested the numbers in my head, I started to think about the possibilities if I rob Faye.
If I rob her, will I be able to get enough to satisfy Crystal’s aim to get back at Faye, and repay my debt at the same time. Then again, how do I justify the money I got ?
The money cannot just appear out of nowhere.
Olivia : James…. Listen… you need to participate in as many games as possible….
James : What ….
Olivia : Did you read the fine prints in the contracts you signed ??
James : no…what fine prints ??
Olivia : The parts about the interest….

James : fuck..
It appears that the 1 month in which I incur my debt is interest free. Thereafter I am to be charged the prevailing 3 Month SIBOR interest plus 8%
James : You got to be shitting me…
Olivia : No I’m not…
Valarie came out of the bathroom and I could see her still pissed and angry.
Her angry looked somehow gave me an erection.
It’s like she wants to hold me down and rape me. Honestly if she did, I would allow it.
Seeing her hourglass shaped body with the contours clearly brought out by her tight apricot coloured dress and matching heels is enough to make my cock start leaking pre cum.

Valarie : So you told him already ??
Olivia : No yet… calm down Val… let me slowly ease him in

James : What ? what are you talking about ?? ease me into what.
The door opened again, this time round, I saw Lovelle and Elaine coming into the room.

I felt my heartbeat start to race as my cock remembered the tight sleeve of Lovelle’s vagina.
Elaine shut and locked the door to my room.

Valarie : he has no choice…. He has to do it…. And if you asked him… I’m sure he will say yes…

I directed my look from Valarie back to Olivia who sighed before holding my hand with both of hers.
The softness of her palms was a stark contrast to the words that just left her mouth.

Olivia : As of today….Lovelle, me, Valarie and Elaine….. we’re debt free..
James : Oh… that’s good… that… that’s good news….

Valarie : get to the point Olivia…..
Olivia : James…. We are now game makers……..


I looked at Olivia’s eyes for a good 3 seconds before I released my hands from her hold.
Rearing back, I looked at Valarie whose arms were folded.
Then back at Lovelle and Elaine.
What did I just hear ?
Olivia just said they are now game makers but how ?
Olivia : James…. Calm down… let me explain….

To break out from the rat race and truly be free, all the girls work towards the aim of being a game maker one day.
The 4 of them has been with the company for a while, amassing enough contacts for clients for them to organise their own games. In terms of financial power, they are nowhere as powerful as Faye or Crystal so they have to operate as a team for now.
Getting out of debt is but the 1st step. Together with their own savings over the years, they finally manged to get a game making license from the office.

Olivia : We cannot pay as well for participation….for now… but I’m hoping you will support us…. For our 1st game…
James : what….

I found it hard to breathe.
Valarie : we need 3 players and we’ve managed to get 2….. participation fee would be been 12k each….. but for you… seeing what you have done to Lovelle, I think we should just move the decimal point for you… 1.2k is more than enough for you….
Olivia sighed and turned to her friend in an attempt to get her to stop.
Olivia : Val !…. please….

Turning back to me, Olivia told me that even though the participation fee is not a lot, I have an opportunity to get more.
Olivia : It’s the 1st time this type of game is being offered…. The concept came from us…. The response are overwhelming … the clients loved the concept…
James : clients as in … ?
Olivia : real clients…. The rich… the filthy rich….they have money to throw… all the seek is excitement…
No one has attempted this genre of game before. If it takes off, it will put the girls at the front of the pack, bringing about a revolution of sort to the games that are being played in the office.

Olivia : We are going to take this offsite…. It’s a bold move…. So…. we hope you can help us…. Play for us…. There is also a tipping system….clients can pay you direct…. If they like you….
I could not believe what I was hearing.
Olivia asking me to play for her in her game.
Of course I would say yes.
How could I not ?
James : yes… I’ll do it…
Olivia : really ? … don’t you want to hear about the game first ??

James : It’s ok….i’ll do it…
Even Valarie raised an eyebrow and she exchanged looks with Olivia.
Valarie : You sure…. There’s no backing out on this….
James : yes… I’m sure..

Olivia : errr… well ok…. then it’s a deal then… I’m going to sign you up….
I looked at Lovelle and I mustered up enough courage to apologise to her once more.

James : Lovelle… i….. I’m sorry…. I’m really sorry… it was a dumb move on my part…. i…
The girls all turned to look at Lovelle.
Elaine had her arms around Lovelle’s shoulders. Seeing her hand stroke Lovelle’s bare shoulder made me regret not making the choice of playing just 1 game.

Imagine the time I would have spent with Lovelle.
Would it not be like a fuck buddy kind of relationship ?
Putting things in a bigger perspective, is it even possible for someone like me to even get to know a hot and pretty babe like Lovelle?
My social circle is not big and I’m not exactly outgoing.

Lovelle : working in a company like this….. it’s a matter of time before we pay the price…..
An uncomfortable silence blanketed the room and no one spoke.
Lovelle : we made our choices….we’ll have to live with it….
James : i…. I’m sorry… I’ll do my best to make it up to you….

Valarie : well…. Make enough money for us…. And we will
Olivia : tsk !… Val !…
Olivia elbowed her friend in the side of her waist and made her shut up.

Olivia stood up and so did i.
Olivia : pack clothes for 3 days…. Tell your parents you will be going on a business trip in a few days time…

James : what about Faye…. What if she approaches me about her game… I owe her money…. I need to play for her too…
Olivia : Don’t worry about her… our concept has been approved at the highest level…. All other games have been pushed back by a week…. The bosses will be here to see how our first game kick off…. You an still play in Faye’s game the following week…
I nodded.

As I watched the backview of the 4 girls leave my room, I just realised I should perhaps have asked what the game is about before agreeing.
Packing for 3 days meaning I will be away for a minimum of 72 hours.
So far all the games have been restricted to within the development’s premise.
Going offsite might be something totally different.

Maybe it will be like hunger games or something.
I brushed off the thought, the scale of something like that will only happen in the movies.
Besides, the technology for pulling a hunger game off is probably decades away.

Olivia came by a while later to drop off a stack of documents for me. It was nothing more than data entry work. Mindless task worthy of a stupid intern.
I tried to clear my mind and focus on that task on hand.

When it’s coming to 6pm, the door to my room opened and I heard that unmistakeable and flamboyant voice of Faye’s.
Faye : Hello~~~ my dear James !!
She sashayed into the room before doing a full turn in front of me, causing her already short dress to revel more than it was intended with it’s short hemline.
I could clearly see her smooth bubble butt with the black lacy g-string riding upwards from her ass crack to the pinkish waistband around her body.
Faye: How is my favourite employee feeling today ?!!!

James : sigh… what do you want… I have slightly over 30k … you can take them first if you like….
Faye : oh James….. fine prints boy…. Fine prints… did you even read the fine prints… hahah….
It seems debts above a 100k needs to be settled at a minimum amount of 50k and in multiples of that as well.
This is really a blood sucking company.
Faye : anyway…. I’m sure you’ve heard by now there is a new game maker in town….. and I’ve got news that you…. Agree to play for them….
I was ready for her to ask me that.
I had already prepared my reply in my head for this.

James : I’m in a shitload of debt Faye…. I need to play for everyone… if I want to pay you back….
Faye laughed and came over to my side.

She turned my swivel chair away from the desk and sat down on my leg like a vixen trying to seduce a married man.
Cradling my face in her hands, Faye kissed me on my lips.
That came out of nowhere.
James : what are you doing !! ?
Faye : ohh… I missed the feeling of your cock inside me… hahaha….but I have so much bigger plans for you…. I would like to offer you a push cart stall… will you play for me… at my push cart.

I knew there was no way I can wriggle myself out of this, I need to at least ask Faye what is it about so she won’t be suspicious that I knew what I needed to do.
Faye : its simple…. You man a push cart…. very nice one…. Bling bling and all… then you play games with everyone who comes to visit your cart…..

Faye looked excited and she added that we will be having regional colleagues over as well.
Faye : regional James … regional !! yah ?? …. Neighbours across the causeway…. China of course…. Hong Kong….koreans… Japanese ?? … it will be an eye opening night for you….hahaha…
James : oh… that sounds like fun…
Faye : hahah… I like how sincere you sound when you are sarcastic ….hahah…
James : what do I have to do…
Faye : It’s really simple…. All the instructions are on the carts… you just follow and go with the flow….. we will be rich !!
James: you mean you will be rich ??

Faye : well… mostly me yes… hahaha you see… the other 2 carts will be manned by guys in their mid to late 30s….. you are like the tender grass on the pasture….. a young man in his twenties….. my god !! slurpppzzz…. V
Faye stood up and she actually touched her privates with her 2 fingers, stroking her vagina through her dress for 2-3 strokes.

Faye : Women lust for men your age…. Once we hit a certain stage in life…. Egnnhh…
James : god…please… stop… I’ll do it… I’ll do it… how much of my debt can I wipe from this…
Faye laughed and came back to me, hugging me with her hands around my neck while she sat on my laps again.

Faye : 50k for participation….. and….it’s 10% of the night’s takings….but for you James… and I mean only for you…. I decided to be a little nicer to you….
Faye licked my lips before licking her own.

Faye : I’ll let you keep the 1st 900k of profit ….. so you can clear your debt…within that night…
My eyes widened and I stared at Faye who was chuckling and playing with my hair.
That news took a while to settle into my head.
She is going to let me clear my debt ? Just like that ? …
Allowing me to keep the profit ?

James : what ?
Faye : hahaha…. Yes… in return…. For a small… small favour….
I knew it.
There is always a trade off.

James : what…. What is it….
Faye looked at my nose, my lips, my face and my forehead before she lifted my lips to meet hears.
Faye : when you are playing for Olivia and her girls…….Tell snow white……. I’m going to get her out…..
I must have blinked at least 10 times as I looked at Faye.
She has indeed gone mad.

Faye pulled away from me and smiled, putting a finger to her lips to indicate that this should be kept between us.
I stared into blank space after Faye left the room.
What the fuck was that ?
Are we doing fairy tales now ?
I shook my head and proceeded to shut down my terminal.
Well, if there is indeed a snow white, I wonder what form she would appear in this twisted company I work for.


The eerie laugh and almost dream like smile from the lady in front of me was enough to freak me out.Instinctively I struggled against the restraints that was holding me.
This is it.
I give up. I want to abort this game.
I don’t care about making money for Olivia and her girls.
This is too freaky for me.
She looked like she belonged to some mental institution.
As the leather chains creaked against my struggle, I realised I can’t abort.I am unable to abort the game.
I can’t reach for my neck with my hand. I can’t fucking touch the tags together to activate the sensors.
James: argnhhh!!! …
I strained and tried to bring my neck as close as I can to my wrist tag but I was too far away.
It was then I realised there was a ipad on the side table. The screen came on and I could see my vital signs beeping through the roof.
The lady laughed and said the people placing their bets must be on a frenzy right now.
Lady : seeing those numbers…. I think they must be thinking you are going to give up soon.. hahah…
James :arnghhh!!!
I groaned as she took both my testicles in her palm. She closed her fingers around my balls, squeezing them together as I groaned. It was not a hard squeeze, it’s a snug and fitting hold, letting me know immediately that the fate of my jewels is in her hand.
James: no…no… no… please please no… egnhhhh!!
The hold got tighter and tighter.
She is squeezing my balls together.
The feeling just went from uncomfortable to the beginning of pain.
Suddenly she stopped and she slowly released her grip on me.
She touched the tip of my cock again, tapping my pee hole like she was knocking ashes off the ends of her cigarette.
James : erngnghh….
Lady : let us try this again… am I the fairest of them all ??
I immediately nod my head.
She’s obviously mad.
I better do as she says.I’ll agree to anything and everything.
James: yes.. yes… you are the fairest of them all.
Lady : really ? hahah…. That is so sweet of you…. Hahah…
She picked up her bathrobe with her feet and put them on again. She paced around the room and did a skip of sort on her own like she is in her own world.
Then she doubled back as if she realised she had forgotten all about me.
Lady : My name is Tricia by the way…. Hahha.. your name… your name is James right ?? yes.. I remember your name…
James : yes… yes… my name is James….

Tricia asked if I would like to be released from the harness and I immediately nodded my head.
James : yes.. yes…. Let me down…
Tricia : ok… will you behave if I let you down ??
James: yes.. yes.. of course… I will …
Inside my head, I was already visually raping her. Her tight body separated from me with only a thin bathrobe that was already showing her erected nipples.
I told her to let me down and I will do anything she wants me to.
Tricia : hahaha…. Ermm.. ok…. hahah.. hahah….
She disappeared and when she reappeared, she was holding something that looked like a toothbrush.
She brought it towards me and I could see it needs a power supply to work.
James : what are you doing ?? what is that… what is that ??
Tricia smiled and put the device on a stainless steel trolley that I never noticed was parked at the corner.  
She whistled as she worked, plugging the device into a power supply right by my side.
Tricia held onto my cock and she switched on the wand like device with a brush head.
James : what the fuck…. What the fuck !! .er gnhhh.. ernghhh..  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
I convulsed against the restraints that was holding me up as I watched the figures beeped form yellow to red on the ipad, no doubt triggering another round of vigorous betting on me giving up the game.
The wand vibrated in a monstrous speed. Like the electric toothbrush I used in the morning, it’s soft bristles violated my cock as Tricia pulled back my foreskin, exposing the raw head of my uncircumcised cock.
She began to methodically brush my cock head, working right under the folds of my skin before doing a zig zag motion on the sensitive dick head.
I groaned and moaned as I watched my heart rate went through the roof.
The numbing feeling pushed me to the verge of losing control of my bowels.
It’s feels likes me giving my cock a good scrub under a hot shower with my foreskin pulled back, but in this case,  it was totally out of my control.
The vibration struck my raw nerves like a angry pianist hitting relentlessly on the keys, striking the chords like a mad man.
I groaned and shouted until the point I think I’m about to pee then I saw Tricia pushed the vibrating brush head onto my pee hole.
It lasted barely 2 seconds as I felt my soul depart my body as I drooled and I squirted.
I came.
I shot out my load from my cock, sputtering a weak and feeble flow of cum onto Tricia’s hands.

Tricia : oh dear…. Such a mess….
She stopped the brushing and put the tool aside.
Even though she stopped doing whatever the fuck she is doing to me, I was still feeling the after effects.
The sourish and stinging sensation is still present in my cock, spreading throughout my balls.
Tricia pulled out some wet tissue and she cleaned up her hands as she looked at my cock.
Even after squirting out my cum it was still hard and throbbing.
I could not feel the effects of my orgasm, but my semen came out. I don’t know why.
I’ve never felt anything like this before.
Tricia : ok… not bad…. I’ll have you cleaned up….
James : What… what are you doing ??  why are you doing this ??
Tricia : doing what ? I’m just making sure you’re clean…. Giving you a good rub down…. Checking to make sure you are in working order…. I paid a lot for you…. I have to be sure you work…. Right ??
She opened her eyes wider as if she was trying to explain simple math to a school kid.
Tricia disappeared for a while before coming back into the room with another tablet in hand.
She is all smiles as she tapped away.
Tricia : easy money… haha.. this is easy money…. Hahah….
I did not know what she meant and I don’t care.

All I wanted to do is find a way to abort this game.
This is too weird for me.
I don’t know if I’m going to last 72 hours.

Tricia : I know what you are thinking right you… you want out of this game… you want to call it quits but trust me… the fun part is just beginning. Hahaha…
She paused for a while as she looked at me again, checking me from head to toe.
Tricia : you’re a interesting specimen….hahah….so… let me ask you again… am I the fairest of them all ??

James : yes…. Yes you are the fairest of them all…
Tricia covered her mouth and giggled, as if she was suddenly bashful of that compliment.
Then she composed herself and replied.
Tricia : that’s what everyone says…. Until they meet snow white….. right ?? hahah.. hahaha…

Tricia called out towards the back of the room.
Tricia : suwen …..suwen !!…. where are you…. Suwen !!

I saw the curtains at one portion of the room being parted by a hand, revealing a hidden door behind it.
I saw the bare feet.
I saw the shy peek of her eyes.
Then I came face to face with Suwen.
Holy shit.

Snow white.


The first thing that struck me was how smooth and fair her skin was.
She’s really fair but it came with a healthy glow. It’s like she has that dreamy glow of a setting sun cast on her fair skin.
She walked in like a rebellious teenager who is bored of her mother’s nagging.
With her arms folded and a annoyed looked on her face, I watched as Suwen got closer to me.
I could see she is young.
Really young in fact.
I would be surprised if you tell me she is above 20 years old.
Suwen had a pair of white shorts on, the bottom of the shorts, if you are looking at it from the front, angles up towards the exterior, creating a optical illusion of her legs being longer than it really is.
Still, I’m not complaining about the visual treat I was getting.
Her leg is proportionate, the right firmness near her thighs and buttocks as it tapers down to her calves. Even her ankles look deliciously arousing to me.
Suwen wore a white singlet that hugs onto her body like a baby koala latched to its mother.
Her breast is small, maybe a full A cup but the curves gave way to a flat tummy.
She’s not bone thin. When she exhales, I could see a cute budge at the bottom of her stomach. It’s definitely not belly fats.
When she spoke, I could feel the tremble in my cock.
If fairy tales were real, this is how I would envision the real snow white to sound like.
The tone of her voice immediately projected across to me of one that belongs to a good singer.
I think even my ears would leak cum if I could hear her moan in that voice.
She asked Tricia in a nonchalant manner, as if she was anticipating a chore of sort from this evil queen.

I could feel my cock springing back to life as I appraised Suwen’s body over and over again.
Her looks, the sweetness of her eyes, the crooked twitch by the side of her lips as she asked Tricia what she wanted, everything all adds up to her being my dream girl.
The sweet young and innocent dream girl I described about during the start of this story.
Suwen : ya ?? what do you want now ?
Tricia gestured to me and I could see Suwen looking at my cock before looking at me in my eyes.
I felt embarrassed suddenly, aware of how ridiculous I look.
My mind raced to process the thoughts.
Faye wanted me to pass her a message.
She must be connected to her in one way or the other.

Tricia : clean him up…. Get him ready …. For the game…
Suwen : him ??
She looked at me again as if Tricia said something silly.
Tricia : anything wrong ??
Suwen : Isn’t he a bit too young ?? how old is he ??
I felt a mix of insult and hurt as I listened to the exchange between Tricia and Suwen.
Tricia : yes, he’s only 23….
Suwen : Hahaha… you’re kidding right….
Tricia : no I’m not…. He’s a good candidate…..i’ve seen his past performance…. Not too shabby….
Suwen : no way…

She looked at me with a  sideway glance as if this was some match making blind date gone wrong.
Suwen : He won’t last… he’s too young… inexperienced…. This is not fair to me…
Tricia : …. Wow…. You are unbelievable…
I could see Suwen on the verge of losing her temper.
I could not believe how good she looked when she frowned.
If I could get a wife like this, I will do anything for her.
Suwen : but bringing in someone that will obviously not clear the challenge is just wasting a chance for me !
Tricia : well…. Out of all those that are available…. He is the best out there dear… we’re not exactly shopping for fish or meat in the supermarket….
Suwen : I’ll be stuck here forever at this rate… fuck…
Tricia : well… I’m stuck here with you… you stupid whining …..
Suwen : As if it’s not already unbearable ….
Tricia :  oh… in case you haven noticed, the feeling is mutual….
I alternated my head between the 2 girls.
They have got be have at least more than a 10 year age gap but their squabbling made them look like school girls about to get into a cat fight.
James: hey… hey.. hey!!! Let me down… what’s going on… what’s happening…..
Suwen & Tricia : shut up! ….
The 2 of them glared at each other as I looked on.
Tricia spoke first, it appears as if her head is the calmer of the 2.
Tricia : clean him up….i’m going to go get ready…..

Tricia left the room, obviously irritated by the squabble.
Suwen sighed and I watched her head to a drawer in the room.
She opened it and started to take out some wet tissues, alcohol wipes and even a squeeze bottle which had the words ‘distilled water’ labelled on exactly that way I remembered in the science lab.
I looked to make sure Tricia is out of the room.

I have to deliver the message.
The message from Faye to Suwen.
James : Suwen… I …. eRNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
She just grabbed my cock and yanked back my foreskin as If she is deboning a chicken.
James :LerNGHHH!!! aHHH!!! Pain.. pain….
Suwen ignored me and she started to clean my cock.
I could feel blood rushing into my groin as I felt the warmth and smoothness of her hand holding me.
She literally cleaned every inch of my cock with the squeeze bottle before wiping my cock down with the alcohol.
I was totally transfixed by her actions.
My cock, erected and throbbing with it’s dick head exposed is being give a good rub down. I could feel Suwen wipe down even the rim at the bottom of my dickhead, causing me to groan in pleasure.

James :ernghhh.. ernghh!!!!!!!
I panted and I looked at Suwen work without a word. She has definitely done this before.
After shes done, she gave my cock a final rinse before wiping it down with the wet tissues.
I could smell the pleasant scent lingering near my body after she was done.
I snapped myself out of the day dream and told Suwen what I wanted to say,

James : Suwen…. My name is James…. I am a friend of Faye…. She has a message for you….
Before I could go on, Suwen looked up , put her hands on her hips and our eyes met.
Suwen : Let me guess….. she will get me out….
My jaws dropped an inch as I looked at the disinterested look on Suwen’s face.
We were quiet for a couple of seconds before she exhaled and added.

Suwen : many have tried James…. You’re not the first… and you’re definitely not the last…
When I finally got over my shock, I asked Suwen what is happening.
James: what’s the deal with this place…
Suwen turned and I could see she wanted to leave but stopped herself and turned around.
Suwen : You’re a tool… to help us make money…. And we…. Are tools to someone else….
James : what ??
Suwen : give it up James… give up the moment Tricia let you go… you can’t win the challenge…
James: what challenge ?? why can’t I win ?? how does age have anything to do with it…. ??
Suwen looked at me as if I said something stupid.
Suwen : don’t be stupid James….. give it up the moment the rules are explained…. Don’t go through with it…
James: NO… tell me… what do I have to do… I can do it…
Suwen : hahah… I like your sense of optimism…..
Tricia came back into the room and I could see she was eying the both of us.

Tricia : is he ready ??? all cleaned up ??
Suwen : yes… you can clean him up again if you want to…
Tricia : I already milked him….. I hope it last…
James : what is going on ?? tell me … what is happening !!

Tricia reached for the controls and I could hear the hiss of the hydraulics as she lowered me down to the ground.
The girls undid all my restraints and I watched them walk towards one of the curtains in the room. They pulled back to reveal a large barn door.
James : what is going on ?? tell me… someone tell me what is going on !! what are the rules here ??!!!
Tricia : we don’t know yet….hahah… are you nervous….
James: what !!….
Tricia : relax… it’ll be fun for you….. I think…
Suwen : just give up James… don’t need to go through with this,,,
James: what !…
I looked at Suwen, she is giving me advice as if she’s a veteran in this shit.
Does she even know what I’ve been through the past few weeks ?
Does she even know I had to fuck girls against their will ?
She’s probably younger than me by a year or 2.
I felt a shiver in my spine as I watch Tricia removed her robe, revealing her naked body.
I turned to my right and saw that Suwen is also stripping.
She is stripping. Every piece of clothing.
I don’t know what the fuck is going on.
The door slide open, revealing the large interior of a empty warehouse about the size of a football field. Its totally enclosed and I could see 7 doors facing us across the hall. In the middle between us, there are a variety of obstacles much like the interior of a indoor playground for kids but everything is enlarged.
7 doors. 7 doors with varying heights. Some so low that an adult would have to crawl through to get out.
I turned to Tricia and Suwen.
James : Is that what I think it is…. What the fuck… what the fuck do I have to do…. ??
Suwen : look at the screen…
My heart was racing as I watch Suwen start to stretch her legs while totally naked.
A digital display started counting down.
James : what… what…. Fuck…. Tell me something…. !!
The countdown reached 5 and Tricia started running towards the left of the hall.
The digital display changed to 4 and Suwen started running towards the right, climbing while naked up a large ramp.
The number 3 appeared and I saw the light come on for one of the doors across the hall.
My heart was slamming against my ribcage when the number arrived at 2.
I readied my stance to run.
Everyone is running.
I should be running as well right.
The countdown reached 1 and several lights in the room turned on, illuminating a few obstacles.
When I saw the instructions flash out on the large screen, my legs went soft.
James : you….. got to be…. Fucking…. Kidding me….
The door opened and I saw another man climb out.

It finally dawned on me why the girls cleaned my cock.
I need to fuck them.
Both of them.


 In case you are having the image of 7 dwarfs having a mass orgy with snow white, I can tell you it’s not about that.
The man that just crawled out of the hole isn’t a dwarf as well.
He’s of normal build with a harness around his chest. There’s a slim box hooked up to his chest with a timer counting down from 3 minutes.
James : oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck….
I immediately looked around the ground for the girls.
The guy smiled at me and I could see his erection getting hard.
I would have thought that this is about stopping him from getting to Tricia and Suwen but it’s not.
The instructions for me was to ‘connect’ with either of the girls. If not, I would be penetrated by the man in front of me.
I’m not about to get fucked by a gay man.
I dashed towards the same ramp I saw Suwen climb up and I saw the guy climbing up the other end of the maze.
James : fuck.. fuck… fuck !!
He hopped around like a ninja warrior while I was clamouring about like a obese student in a workout class.
I saw Suwen climbing up high, going up the netting to avoid me.
James : Suwen !!.. suwen !!!
My calls must have sounded desperate as I climbed after her.
She’s so fast and nimble. I feel pathetic as I was on the verge of begging for her to slow down and save me.
I looked behind and I could see the man catching up, going through a small tunnel of adult size punching bags that hung and swayed from the metal chains.
Suwen ignored my calls and kept climbing.

It’s common sense.
Which girl would wait around for another man she hardly knew to fuck her ?
Cleaning my cock up is just a precaution.
This feels like those nightmare that you cannot wake up from.Every step I climbed felt like I was scaling a mountain.
Man : arghhhh!!! Hahahahahaha….
James : fuck… fuck!!!
I barely scrambled up a rope and onto a platform as that gay ass fucker made a jumping grab at my leg.
Suwen is beyond my reach but I could see Tricia leaning against the side of a fireman pole a short distance away.
I started to make my way towards her and she laughed.
A condenscending laugh as if she knew I would not make it to her in time before she slips away.
James: Tricia… wait… wait.. Tricia !!
She laughed and slid down the pole, before scrambling up the end of a tunnel slide kids would have enjoyed.
I turned and that man just made his way up the vertical rope effortlessly.
Man : you have such a nice ass… hahaha.. hahaha… come… come to papa… ahha… haha..
I felt sick as I ran towards the ball pit and dove in. I quickly wade through the half metre deep pool of plastic balls before jumping onto the trampoline.
Suwen was perched on 1.5 floors above me as she looked on. I could see she was trying to hold back a laugh.
I was running around like a helpless naked monkey like some desperate virgin begging for the girls to have sex with me.
James : please … please… please… Suwen… Suwen….!!! Save me…
I heard the splash of the man jumping into the ball pits and I hated that feeling of how helpless I felt.
I turned and I saw that there is still more than a minute left on the timer.
No one is going to help me except myself.
I decided to change my strategy and I concentrated on running away from the man instead of the girls.
I panted and sucked in air as I battled exhaustion. I ran passed a digital panel that showed how hard my lungs and heart is working. The blinking numbers in yellow and red no doubt driving up the bets on me giving it up.
I wanted to give up. In fact, if not for the fact that the cock throbbing fucker is literally right behind me less than 5 steps away, I would have stopped and put the tags together to abort.
I knew if I did that, he would have pinned me down and raped my ass before the countdown could complete.
He made a grab for my shoulder and I felt the forceful dig of his fingers as I gave him the slip, changing directions as I jumped and climbed up the vertical rope with such speed that would have made my army trainers proud.
I could see the guy is starting to get tired but his cock is still erected and throbbing.
I forced my legs to go on until I heard the blast of the horn as the timer hit zero.
The man cursed before laughing as he walked back towards the door he crawled out from.
I collapsed onto a padded ramp as I cursed loudly while struggling to breath.
James: fuck… fuck… FUCK !!!

Clicking sounds that resembled a countdown sounded as I looked at the new set of instructions coming up on the screen.
The rules have changed.
Door 2 and 3 opened and I saw a guy and sobbing girl come out of the door.
The girl cried and hugged onto the guy.
I could hear the guy apologising to the girl, saying that he will clear their debts and ask her not to worry.
Suwen and Tricia immediately came down from their hiding spots and they shouted for me to join them.
I don’t believe what I was seeing on the screen.
I needed to fuck the girl.
I have to fuck that poor sobbing girl while Tricia and Suwen tried to hold back the boyfriend or whoever he is.

A timer started counting. The length of time I take to penetrate and put in 30 thrusts will be the length of the timer on the chest of the next gay fucker.

I jumped down onto ground level and I could immediately see Suwen and Tricia tangling with the man.
His ankles were tied together, limiting his movements onto to his upper body while his thumbs were locked in a thumb cuff, rendering his hands pretty much useless.
Girl : no!!.. no!!!..
Suwen yanked the girl away from her boyfriend, throwing her in front of me as Tricia managed to wrestle the guy onto the ground.
This is sick.
I can’t do this in front of her boyfriend.
Suwen : hurry up!!!
Suwen and Tricia sat on the poor guy as he cursed and looked on.
The girl pleaded with me, shaking her head as curses from Tricia and Suwen filled my ears.
Tricia : fuck her James or we’re all going to be fucked !!!! DO IT!!!
I looked at Tricia and Suwen who are trying to hold the guy down.

The girl is totally naked. I can definitely over power her easily if I wanted to.
Suwen : fuck !! see.. I told you he can’t do this shit !! ..
Tricia: erhhhg!! aRGHH!!!.. drag him away… quick…
Suwen and Tricia half drag and wrestled the shouting boyfriend away before throwing him into the ball pit.
Without the use of his legs and hands, it was near impossible for him to get out of it unassisted.
He was literally drowning in balls.
What happened next took me by surprised.
Tricia came over to me and she grabbed a tuff of my air. She pushed me to the floor as Suwen dragged the screaming and kicking girl towards me.
James : what are you doing !!.. what are you doing !!!
Suwen forcibly spread the legs of the girl as Tricia tried to push me to fuck her.

James : wait… wait… wait !!!
Suwen : fuck her James …. Fuck her !!!

James : wait… wait.. I can’t… wait…
I wasn’t expecting that as I registered a slap on my cheek .

Suwen slapped me.
Snow white slapped me.
Suwen grabbed my face in her hands as she took a quick glance at the ticking timer.
Suwen : Fuck her… James !!! you want to get me out ?? you want to help Faye get me out ?? … then you jolly well fuck her !!!
It was all happening at the same time.

Tricia was grabbing my cock and the next thing I knew, I could hear the boyfriend of the girl screaming and shouting as I pushed my erected cock into his girlfriend as he looked on from the ball pit.
James :ernghhhhh!!!…
The tightness of her vagina activated the hormones in me as I trembled for a second.
The girl tried to struggle but Suwen held her down.
Tricia went behind me and straddled my left calf, pressing her naked body against my back.
Tricia : fuck her James… fuck her or you are not going to survive this…

James :argnH!!!!!

I pushed in and fucked the screaming girl, feeling the push from behind me as Tricia exerted the same forceful push with her palms on my back, egging me to fuck the girl.

30 strokes.
I just need to do it for 30 strokes.

James : ernghh.. erghhh.. aRGHHHH!!!


The horn blasted again and I pulled back, taking my cock out from the girls wet cunt as I collapsed onto the padded floor.
I was on the verge of hyperventilating.
There was no time to rest.
The clicking sound came on again and this time, I saw door 4,5,6 & 7 opening at the same time.
James : fuck… fuck… isn’t there a break for this…
I struggled to get back on my feet and I could already see Suwen and Tricia scrambling up into the maze again.I tried to stand but I fell as I struggled to catch my breath.
4 guys came out each with a timer on their chest. 2 of them had transparent timers similar to the 1st gay fucker I saw.
The other 2 had timers that are black in colour.
I could see their grins as their eyes searched the maze for Tricia and Suwen.
I saw one of them tapped the other on the arm as they started to head up the maze.

I looked at the 2 grinning gay fuckers who were looking at me.
It’s everyman for himself.


2 of them immediately started walking towards me while the other 2 went towards the obstacles for the girls.
James : fuck… fuck!!
Suwen : James !!! come up !!!
Tricia : James !!! here !!
I scrambled up the ramp and I was perspiring badly. My heart feels like it’s going to burst.
I ran along a padded tunnel surrounded by a web of rope and I could see Tricia running towards me.
When we came into contact, Tricia pushed me onto my back, straddled me and without a word brought me to heaven as she spread her vagina lips and positioned herself on top of me.
James : ernghhhh!!
Tricia : ernghh !!!…
I slid into her as her vagina stretched to accommodate my cock.
Before I could even begin to enjoy the tightness of Tricia’s vagina, I heard Suwen screamed.
Suwen : James !!! fuck !!.. get over here… now !!

I turned and I saw Suwen clamouring up some steps as the 2 guys started to encircle her.
The other 2 that was waiting for me blocked the access towards that part of the maze, licking their lips and stroking their cock.
Tricia : stay here… don’t move… she’ll be fine.
James : what ??!!
Suwen : JAMES !!! FUCK!!! Come over here now !!!
Tricia : stay here… don’t move… don’t move… I’ll let you fuck me….you want ? you want ?/  you like to feel my pussy ??
James : ernghhh!!!
Tricia deliberately squeezed her pussy muscles as I groaned. I was suddenly the one that they need. They needed my cock.
As long as they are fucking me, they don’t need to get fucked by the other men.
Not that I’m bragging or anything but the men had below average looks.
They’re also much older than me, probably in their early forties.
Given a choice, I’m sure girls would definitely go for the younger one.
The younger chap would have fucked less pussy, more fresh, a fresher and more unused cock. The pubic hair on the men are unkempt and untidy.
It’s like they are trying to be tarzan in an urban environment.

My clean shaven cock that has been carefully prepared by the 2 girls would be the obvious cock of choice.
I heard a loud wham and I saw Suwen jumping 1.5 floors onto the padded floor, landing expertly with a roll like a hollywoood stunt woman. I could tell this is not the first time she did such a jump.
The guys went after her immediately and she was heading towards Tricia and me. I could see the throbbing erection those men were nursing. Suwen’s nubile and fair pussy is too good to pass over.
Tricia : ernghh..e rgnhh… e3rnghh…. Nice ??? enghh??/ my pussy feels nice to you ?? erng!!
Tricia was trying to ride me as Suwen scrambled up the maze.
This is it.
She’s going to fight with Tricia for my cock.
My cock is going to save her from getting fucked by the other 2 guys.
1 stranger’s cock is better than 2.

Just when I thought Suwen is going to yank Tricia off, she straddled my head.
I felt her yank my hair upwards and pushed her sweaty vagina into my face.
James : ernghuouoooooo…
I cupped my mouth onto Suwen’s vagina and tasted her in the most vulgar manner I could ever imagine tasting a girl’s privates.
There was no foreplay, no warning, no hesitation.

Suwen just straddled me and pushed her soft slit onto my mouth as she cradled my head in her hand.
Suwen : don’t cum James… this is almost over… this is just the warm up… don’t you fucking cum you hear me ??
James : ernngh… ernghhh !!.. ernghh!!! Rummpp… rusoogmmm….
Suwen kept her eyes forward as she eyes the approaching men.
They were looking at the countdown ticker on their chest, probably praying that I would cum.
If I did, they would be able to get to Tricia and Suwen, but it’s unlikely.
There’s less than a minute on the clock.
This is an easy win.
Too easy in fact.
I licked Suwen’s wet slit and tasted her sweetness. She moaned as she gripped onto my hair as if she was not expecting me to pleasure her love hole.
Suwen : ernghh…. !
The timer ended and the horn blasted again, signalling the end of the warm up.
Tricia and Suwen is all business like as they got up and away from me. There was hardly any emotions on their faces as they ran down the ramp to a side table that has been set up.

Fresh perspiration rolled down their body as I panted and joined them on the ground.
They drank up their water and looked up eagerly towards the instruction board.
I was given a bottle of water as I turned and looked around. I’ve never felt so lost and disoriented before.
I don’t exactly know what was going on.
Looking up towards the rim of the warehouse, I noticed first time that there were an array of cameras pointing at us.

The clicking sound started again and we looked up towards the next set of instructions.
Suwen : fuck !..
Tricia : fuck this….
Whatever the next challenge is, it’s obviously the girls did not like it.
Pervert acts. 
What the fuck do they mean by pervert acts ?
Suwen : Well.. this is the end of the road…. He’s not going to win that fucking pervert….
Tricia : I hate to admit it… but I agree with you…
James : The instructions.. where are the instructions…. What do I have to do ??
Suwen and Tricia did not reply me, they kept looking at the screen.
Their names came up and each was assigned a colour.
One red, one green.
The colours blinked randomly before it stopped.
James : Where are the instructions…. How to play this ? ?? hey !

Suwen cursed as she got the red.
Tricia laughed as she looked at me.
It appears as if the green meant that Tricia is assigned to me for that particular challenge.
The 1st door opened again and this time round a man in his late fifties came out.
He is all smiles as he approached us casually.
Chairs were brought in and placed facing each other.
The man looked like your average hawker in the food centre.He’s quite fat with a belly and unshaved beard.
His hair is peppered with white and he had this arrogant cocky look on his face.
The manner in which he looked at me gave me the vibes that he looked down on me.
Who the fuck does the think he is ?

I’m pretty sure if this works out to a head to head fucking match, I would surely outlast him.
Vincent : hellow brother… my name is vincent…. Hahaha… fuck man…  you all keep getting younger and younger…. How to win like that… hahaha..haha… you so young… got no experience
I kept quiet as I continued observing.
A table was brought out and placed beside the girls with a variety of everyday household products.
Suwen had an irritated look on her face as if she could not believe her bad luck to be standing on Vincent’s side.
It appears as if we are about to face off each other with a variety of perverted acts.
Vincent : young man….hahaha… I’ve been playing for a long time…. let me show you how to play with a women’s body ok ? hahaha.. hahaha….

As he laughed a camera crew dressed in black surrounded us completed with TV screens.
A double digit digital numeral display took the centre of the makeshift setup.
I get it.
We’re to do sick stuff.
As perverted as possible and someone somewhere will rate us.

Vincent : hahaha… let me show you ok… hahah… let me show you….
Suwen : ernghhh!!.. fuck…
I watched as Suwen was dragged down onto the chair.
Vincent took a glance at the table and grinned. The table consists of stationaries and stuff we use everyday.
There isn’t any sex toys or anything and it’s truly up to your imagination how sick you can get with them and the girl’s body.
Suwen gritted her teeth and looked away as Vincent took a pencil and inserted it into her vagina. He laughed as he twirled the pencil around Suwen’s pussy as if he was sharpening his pencil.
He laughed like a pig , amused at the sick act he is doing.
He pulled out the pencil and showed it to me before sucking it off, tasting Suwen’s pussy.
I shook my head.
This is ridiculous.
Ridiculously boring.
You want to play something like this ?
You think just because you are older than me, more experienced, that means you can get perform more perverted acts ?
The digital numbers jumped to 15 for Vincent.
I turned to look at Tricia who took a seat on the chair as she waited for me to make my move.
15 and Vincent is grinning as if he just performed some miraculous act.
I went to my table grabbed an envelope and told Vincent I’m sending him a letter.
James : Here’s a letter for you….
I grabbed a stamp and to Tricia’s surprised, I pushed it into her pussy.
Tricia : ernghh!!…

I spread her legs with mine and I pushed the stamp into the folds of her vagina, then I rubbed it up and down her wet cunt which I fucked earlier.
Tricia :ernghh… ernghhh.. erngh!!!
I rubbed until the whole stamp is drowning in Tricia’s juices before I brought it out and showed the camera crew.
One of them had his mouth half open. Then I stuck that stamp onto the envelope and I threw it at Vincent who had his eyes wide opened.
James : here… take it…
I threw the envelope with the wet stamp coated with Tricia’s juices at Vincent. The enveloped flew for a bit before it dropped like a falling leave without balance, swaying left and right until it hit the floor.
The digital scale shot up to 60 for me and I could se Vincent is shocked.
You want to play something like this ?
You want to do sick stuff ? I can do it as well.

Vincent : alright….. alright….. this is going to be interesting…. You want to play right… you want to play right ??
Vincent picked up bunch of cotton balls and started to stuff them into Suwen’s vagina.
Suwen :ernnnh… ernghhh!!! Ernghh!!!
With each ball he stuffed, he looked at me as if he was challenging me to do the same.
I grabbed a handful of cotton balls as well.

James : dude…. You don’t need to stuff every fuck thing into their vaginas just because it’s a perverted act…
Vincent : what do you know !!?? …. I have been doing this for a long time !!.. you don’t know anything !!…. I know what turns the audience on!!! I’ll show you… I’ll show you !!! I’ll fucking show you !!

By the time Vincent was done stuffing about 8 cotton balls into Suwen’s vagina, he reached in and dug them out.
The balls, wet and drenched with Suwen’s cunt juices sat soaked and heavy on the palm of his hand.
He grinned and gave me a smug look I cannot stand.
What era did this guy come from ?
The digital scale went to 28 for Vincent.

Vincent took a few balls and put it into his mouth sucking and savouring Suwen’s vagina’s natural lubricant.
Vincent : ehehehehhe.. hahahaha….
I felt a bit disgusted by him.
His actions are crude and vulgar.
I turned to Tricia who was waiting for me to make my move.
I did and one of the film crew that was trying to take a sip of his water choked and sprayed his water onto the floor behind him.


I got Tricia to lie down flat on the ground as I lined up the cotton balls on the surface of her wet vagina. I could see the moisture of her juices soaking into the balls slowly from the bottom as I lined up 4 near the mound of her fleshy clitoris.
All eyes were on me as I stepped to the side of Tricia so I was facing Suwen and Vincent.
I could see one of the crew taking a sip of his water when I bent down and using my rock hard cock, swung right at the cluster of wet cotton balls and sent them flying towards Suwen.
The crew that choked on his drink was coughing and one of his friends started patting him on his back.
I’m not done.
My swing is off.
I only hit 2 balls.
The other 2 balls were pushed and side swiped deeper into Tricia’s wet slit.
I could have used my hand to pick it up and reposition but I don’t want to do that.
Why use your hand when I can use my cock.
I bent and in an awkward position, swung my cock again, hitting one of the wet balls barely a metre away onto the floor.
I watched as the camera filming me tracked the trajectory of the cunt juice soaked ball onto the floor.
Tricia was panting and trying to control her gasps and expressions as she stared wide eyed at me.
I bet I must be the first person to ever do that to her.
Or rather, I’m the first person to use her vagina to do something like this.
I’m still not done.
There’s still 1 more wet cotton ball that is now nested deeper into the folds of her vagina.
I swung my cock against it and I missed, hitting the fleshy lump of the clitoris.
Tricia : ernghhh !!!!!! fuck !…
I swung again and I missed again.
Tricia : ernghhh !!!
I swung several times more and even though I hit the wet cotton ball, it was not flying off.
It was being dragged and smeared around the pubic region of Tricia’s body.
James : arghhh… aeghh.. areghhh..
I smack my cock about Tricia’s pussy and I could see she was on the verge of getting pissed off.
Her moans were coupled with curses and when she tried to push herself off the ground, I saw a one of the crew who was wearing a cap directed his men to hold Tricia down.
“ hold her down “
Tricia : fuck !!.. get off me… get off me !!! ernghhh !!!
They pinned her down on the floor as I continued to swipe and hit her vagina with my throbbing cock.
James : arnghhh !! arnghh!!!
The ball was now swiped to the side near her thigh but instead of swiping it off her leg and finishing my move, I decided to do something more.
Something to get back at Tricia for playing with my balls like it was her toy.
I used my cock like the baton you hit a drum with.
I could see Tricia’s eyes widened in horror as she realised what I was about to do.
I hit my cock onto the fleshy mound of her vagina as she let loose a scream followed by a moan peppered with vulgarities.
James : arGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Piak !!! Piak !! piak !! piak !!
It was painful for me too.
Like someone hollowing out the base of my cock or something.
The reverberation in my cock sent a chill deep into my spine as I hit Tricia’s vagina no less than 20 times.
The erotic thing was that as I did it, as Tricia moaned and struggled against the holds of the camera crew, she was getting wetter and wetter.
Splatters of her cunt juices sprayed up and outwards.
Like the aterial spray of a burst blood vessel, it went out and coat the clothes and arms of the crew involved.
Tricia :erngnh… ernghhh !!! fuck !! fuck !!.. ernghhh !!!!

I panted and got up, catching my breath as I looked at the score board.
The numbers started to climb before stopping at 72.

Whoever is watching this is loving it.
I looked beyond the crew who was shooting the 4 of us and I could see a flurry of activities going on in the background.
Vincent was fucking mad as he grunted and went to the table with the household items.
He grabbed a spray bottle.
You know those plastic spray bottle you use to water your plants ?
Yes, Vincent got one of those and he made Suwen spread her legs.
Vincent : spread the pussy lips… spread them !!
Suwen spread her vagina lips with her fingers and Vincent grunted as he sprayed her love hole with water.
He laughed and looked at the camera as he did.
Vincent : Pussies are like flowers… they need tneder loving care to grow… hahaha… see..this is how you wet them… this is how you nurture a sweet pussy…. You understand ?? hahah..haha…

Squich…. Squish…. Squichs !!!!
Vincent let loose a few more squirts as the digital scale climbed up to 32.

I turned to look at a terrified Tricia who was trying to get off the floor.
The crew that were holding her down reacted instinctively as if something inside them told them that whatever I was going to do, it would require Tricia to be held down.

They pinned her down again and this time round, another 2 more guys came over.
The camera turned to focus on me and I could see another camera man running into the scene with a 2nd and 3rd camera. A smaller more compact one and one that is similar to a gopro camera on a stick.
Additional lights were being deployed as well to light up the area I was working at.
I decided to go for the same item as Vincent.
To win, I need to beat him at his own game.
I used the squeeze bottle but instead of using the water , I opened the bottle.
Tricia : what are you doing… what are you doing !!!…. stop !! stop !!NO!!! ernghhh stop !!!

I tipped the bottle head first into Tricia’s vagina, letting the cold water flood and drench her already well lubricated love hole.
I quickly emptied the water and placed the mouth of the bottle at the base of her vagina where the entrance to her pussy is.
Tricia : ernghhhh!!! Erngh!!!! Stop !!!
I collected the sacred water that is flowing down together with generous thick dollop of Tricia’s vagina’s juices.
The amount is little but I used my thumb and index finger to milk her.
I milked her swollen clitoris like I would the tit of a lactating mother.
I squeezed and Tricia moaned sensually as her vagina muscles contracted and squeezed out more of her own lubrication.
I milked and milked her, squeezing and pressing her clitoris as her moans turned to screams.
The crew holding her down were transfixed onto what I was doing.
When I collected enough of the wet liquid, I placed the spray head back on.

I turned to the camera men and the waiting crew.
They were all men.
I know what they were thinking inside their head.
Tricia is pretty, she is hot. Her body is desirable. Even a gay man would want to fuck her.
I directed the spray bottle at the camera and paused.
Even before I squeeze the 1st time, the score on the board shot up to 85.
Then I squeezed the bottle , drawing up from the well a good amount of Tricia’s love juices. I vapourised the liquid, sending the erotic scent of her vagina onto the gathering of men around me.
Not once, not twice.
Dozens of times I sprayed.
I sprayed and sprayed until I covered all the crew around me.
Some had their mouth open, some had their eyes closed.
I know for sure everyone is savouring the scent, the taste and the lingering moans of Tricia.
Vincent’s face flushed red from his anger and frustration.
He swiped the items from the table onto the floor in anger as he grabbed his cock and positioned it in front of Suwen.
He’s going to fuck her.
Vincent : I’ll show you… I’ll show you how to fuck a girl properly.
He’s out of moves.
He pushes his cock into Suwen who winced in pain and I could see how disgusted she was with the fact that she was getting fucked by Vincent.
The audience watching did not even wait long to give Vincent his score.
A pathetic 19.
One of the camera turned to Tricia and me and I could hear Tricia begging me.
Tricia : ok… ok  enough… enough… stop James… stop !…
I grabbed the smallest camera from the camera crew and he let me have it.
I looked at the director with a cap and asked if he do a split screen of the 2 camera.
His jaws dropped and he immediately caught on to what I wanted to do.
He radioed to his crew while I used the smaller phone size camera and pushed the lens part into the folds of Tricia’s vagina.
Tricia :ernngh… ernghhhhh !!! ergNH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did not push it in all the way of course.
I let it linger near the entrance , smearing and coating the lens with Tricia’s love juices.
Then I let it slide up and down the folds of the vagina.
While I was doing that, I milked and squeezed Tricia’s clitoris again.
Tricia :erNGHH!!! ERNGHH!!! ENRGHH!!!!
Her head turned left and right as her body tried to struggle against the hold of the crew.
Vincent was grunting and panting as he fucked himself into Suwen.

He was flushing red like he was going to get a heart attack.
Tricia : eRNGHH!! Ergnhh !!! ERNGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia let loose a blood curling scream as she squirted a long stream of wet hot female nectar out of her love hole.
I tugged and milked her clit as she screamed and begged for me to stop as I directed a shorter stream of juices at the wet camera lens.
The score board went up to 99 immediately and from what I could see, the whole operation was being brought to a close.
People were running in from the sidelines of the large space.
I was relieved of the camera and Tricia was helped off the ground, screaming and moaning.
She screamed at that she will kill me.
Vincent was upset that he needed to stop fucking Suwen. He was being helped off her and he was protesting that he is not done yet.
Suwen panted on the floor and I saw her cover her face with her palms, wiping her sweat off her brow.
I went over with the intention to talk to her but she beat me to it.

Suwen : where the fuck did Faye find you ??


Suwen remained on her back as she took her time to catch her breathe.
James : I’m…. I was an intern.. then…then I became a perm staff.
Suwen : An intern… what the fuck…
James : Not anymore… I’m now a full time staff….

The scene that unfolded next is as bizarre as it can get.
I bent down and got onto my knees to talk to a fully naked Suwen.
She was stretching her muscles and I could see her wiping her palm against her naked pussy to wipe off the excess juices that has spread to her thighs.
James : Suwen… I have… I have questions to ask… about this whole thing…
Suwen : I don’t have answers to them….
Suwen sat up and got onto her feet. She started walking and I followed behind her.
James : so now what ? …. The game is over ? or how ?
Suwen went towards one of the tables where some equipment has been set up and help herself to a bottle of water. I got one too and I rehydrated myself while waiting for an opportunity to talk to Suwen.
James : I’m fucking lost and confused…. So what is the end game here ?? what the hell do I do now ?? I mean we won right ?
Suwen : hahah.. what do you mean by we won ? … you meant you won with Tricia ? it’s got nothing to do with me… I lost this game thanks to you by the way….fuck…
James : how does this work ?? can you at least give me an overview….
Suwen : James… there is only 1 underlying rule in everything you do…. Money…. Money and entertainment for those who can afford it.
James : then ??
Suwen : There is no then…. There is nothing
James : I’m supposed to be here for 3 days….make as much as I can so back at office i…
Suwen : Yes yes James… I know…. I know… I can tell you are a great asset to the office…
James : What is that suppose to mean ??

Suwen : A sick fuck like you… doing the things you did to Tricia….i think you have a bright future….
Suwen started walking again and I followed her.
Suwen : Stop following me around…..
James : Faye asked me to…
Suwen : James ….
Suwen paused and turned to look at me.
Seeing her naked and fair body brought about a reaction I cannot control.
I could feel blood rushing to my groin as I look at Suwen.
Her breast is not big but they looked cute and squeezable. It’s just the right palm size you want to massage in your hands.
If I could have my way with her in terms of positions, I could want to do her from behind.
Bury my cock inside her while I play with her small breast from behind.
Reaching my hands forward and cupping her breasts, jiggling them as I fuck her. Sick and degrading terms started to flow into my head. I could feel myself changing.
I was not like this before I joined the company.
I could picture myself fucking Suwen and toying with her love pillows while teasing the size of it.
I want to call them dumplings, small dumplings as I jiggle them left and right to feel the weight of the fats inside them.
As I do that in my hand, I would feel the tease of her nipples grazing against the surface of my palm.
My cock started to get rock hand and I could see Suwen looking at me before her stare turns to a glare.
I was suddenly embarrassed by the reaction but before I can explain, Suwen turned and started walking away.
James : Suwen.. Suwen wait … wait..
Suwen : Don’t waste your effort James… I’m in too much debt…. You can’t get me out…
James : I’m also on a lot of debt…. A high 6 figure..
Suwen laughed and told me she owes slightly less than 1.4 million but it’s not just about the money.
Suwen : It’s about who I owe it to…
James : who ? …. 1.4 doesn’t sound like a lot… to Faye I meant…
Suwen : No it’s not… if it’s about money…. It can easily be settled but it’s who I owe the money to…
James : who ?
Suwen : You wouldn’t understand…. There are powerful people behind the scenes pulling the strings ….
James : but Faye says she will get you out…. I’m sure she has a plan…. i… I should be getting out of here in 2 day’s time…. I can help you pass along a message… what do you want me to tell her ??
Suwen : hahaha… what makes you so sure you are getting out in 2 days ??
James : I’m in a way…. Outsourced ?? is that the correct term to use ?? … as in for 3 days right…
Suwen : you see James…. 3 days… and if you can take what they throw at you… you can go back…. The problem with this place is…
Suwen gestured to the large warehouse like structure.
James : What is the problem ??
Suwen : For someone like you….like Vincent… like any of the other sick people that gets a taste of what they can do here….many of them don’t want to go back…
James : No way… bullshit… I wouldn’t want to stay here…
Suwen : let me tell you upfront what this place will do to you…
Suwen told me that if I’m not already an absolutely bastard, that place is guaranteed to turn me into one.
The director with the cap called out to me and I could see a few crew heading towards us.
Suwen : See… I think they have new plans for you…. You’ve made a lot of money for them today…. Many clients will want to meet you…
James : What do you mean?? Meet me ?? why ?
Before I could get an answer from Suwen , I was escorted a little forcibly by the crew away from the warehouse interior.
James : wait… wait…wait…. At least tell me what’s going on… hey… hey fuck… get your hands off me… fuck.. hey….
I was half dragged and shoved into a corridor about 20m long.
The floors were carpeted and the walls lined with wall paper, making the place resemble the entrance to a spa.
One of the room door opened and I could see a spa bed.
It really is a spa.
There is a lady inside and the door was shut.
The lady introduced herself as Giselle  I was a little puzzled with the set up.
James : what is going on ?
Giselle gesture to the bed and told me to just relax.
James : relax as in…. this is really a …. A treatment ?? a spa treatment ??
Giselle smiled.
She looked like she’s in her early 30s. She presentable and sweet, I would probably accept a happy ending from her if she offered.
She told me it’s a normal treatment, just a massage.
Giselle : You have a long night ahead…
James : What do you mean ?
Giselle : You’re going to meet the clients are you not ??

James : the clients ?…. who are they… do you know ?? have you met them before ??
Giselle threw a towel over my back and when her fingers pressed down on my pressure points, I could feel a release of pent up energy from my muscles.
I groaned as she rubbed down a knot on the top of my shoulder.
Giselle : Clients….?? I’ve met my share of them…. long time ago….
James : ernghhhhhh…. Argh….
Giselle : Just relax….
James : who are they ?? the clients ??

Giselle : hahah…. Youll find out soon won’t you…. ?
James : is it…. Is it going to be….be… like a challenge….?  A game ?? ..or… or… some… some sick punishment ??
Giselle laughed as she used her elbow and I groaned again under her expert massaging skill.
Giselle : It’s a party….a party….
James : what kind of party ??
Giselle : One that you would never want to walk away from….


James : arghhhhh~~~ernghh!!
I could really feel the muscles split apart under my skin under the expert touch of Giselle.
Her strength is just nice, delivered with precision to the spots that my pressure points were. I would have wanted to continue my conversation with her but I was tired.
Her touch is both warm and reassuring.There is a sensual feel to it when her hands glide along the bare skin of my back.
I drifted off for a moment and ended up in a series of dreams that felt like a bad loop of some old videos.
It’s a quite power nap but one that will end up making you more tired.
I felt Giselle tap me to turn my body over and I did so.Some of my joints snapped as I readjusted my body in the dimly lit room.
The scent of lemon grass is strong and I exhale when I felt Giselle touch my manhood.
James : aerhhh….
Her hands, now oily with moisturiser gave my cock a good rub down.

Both her thumb dug into the bottom of my testicles before sliding upwards , tracking the imaginary vein that delivered my semen upwards.
James : aefhhhh!!!
I gasped as I felt her knuckles dig sideways into my erected shaft, like a vice like clamp determined to squeeze the life out of my dick. With her well lubricated hand, she slide downwards, causing me to groan in a mix of pleasure and pain.
The tension built up at the base of my cock.
Giselle is slow and meticulous in her method.
A tight ring was formed around the base of my cock with her index finger and thumb, serving as an anchor of sort as her other free hand leashed the top of my dick head like a collar.
The motion of her hands moving apart from each other felt like she was going to extend and tear my cock apart initially but once the painful strain of a stretched muscle fades off, I was basking in a paradise of pain induced cock euphoria.
James : erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Like a mother pinching the chubby cheeks of a baby, Giselle’s fingers pinched the sides of my dickhead gently, massaging the sensitive spots as I moaned like a baby under her spell.
James :ernghhh.. erghhh!!! God… oh my god… ernghh… what is that ??
I could hear Giselle chuckling as she worked on my cock.

I felt like my cock has been wound tight like the strings of a guitar.
Each tease of my private is like her plucking the chords.
James :arnghhh.. aenrhhh.. arnghh!!!
A sudden series of hard firm strokes was followed by a sudden grab of my testicles.
Before the tightness turns to pain, her hand relaxes, bathing my balls in the warmth of her moisturised hand.
She flicked my hard shaft with her fingers, sending a sharp pinch of pain into me before pressing onto the tip of my pee hole with her fingers wrapped around my cock like a terrorist detonating an explosive.
I was toyed like a joystick in one moment and forcibly stretched as if she was controlling a manual gear stick.
James :eraghhh… aerghhh… aeghhhh!!!
Giselle : hahah… haven you done a massage like this before ??
James : ernghh… no… no.. ernghh!!
I groaned and went into a short spasm on the massage bed when I felt Giselle’s thumb pushing against the foreskin of my dickhead, her thumb went up and down, like she was deciding if she wanted to use a push type USB stick.
That rubbing massage took me right to the edge of shooting my spunk out but as I craved the hard strokes required for me to orgase, Giselle stopped, causing me to plunge back down a dark ravine when I felt her fingers leashed my cock again, jerking it slowly and sensually.

James :erngh… I’m… I’m almost there… I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum already…. Ernghh
Giselle laughed and to my surprise and horror, she stopped.
She stopped touching my cock and went back to a normal massage.
She started to work on my calves, leaving my throbbing cock hanging in mid air.
James : erg… so… so… are… are you going to finish it for me ??
Giselle : hahah… of course not… how are you going to make money for the company if I finish for you ? hahah.. haha

She asked me to close my eyes and just relax.
 I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
I tried to make sense of what is going to happen next.
Giselle mentioned a party. A party in which I will be able to make money for the company.
I’m given a spa treatment, a cock massage.
It’s almost like fattening up the livestock before the slaughter.

I doubt it’s going to be a vulgar game of pure fucking like animals. If that were the case, there is no need to treat me to something like this.
After the massage, I was let to a shower. I took my time to wash up and when I stepped out of the bath, the products that I used made me feel like a million bucks.
I smelled amazing.
Giselle was waiting for me with a towel and she helped me dry myself before handing me a robe.
James : now what ?
Giselle : have a cup of tea… ahha..,come…
I could smell the strong fragrance of the flowery tea as it was poured into a cup for me.
I hesitated for a few seconds before taking a sip. It’s sweet with a dry aftertaste.
It tasted weird but I was feeling a little thirsty. I drank it all.
I was brought to another room which is empty except for a large sofa bed.
Giselle looked at the time from the phone she pulled out of her white robe and asked me to take a rest.
Giselle : going to be a long night for you…

There must be something in that tea. It was both relaxing and satisfying. I fell asleep immediately when I hit the sofa bed.
I was woken up by Tricia who had a tuff of my hair in her hands.
James : arnghh!!! arGHH!!! arGHH!! Nfuck !.. arghhh!!!
She was jerking my hair roughly as she hit me several times with her fist.
James : arghhh!!fuck… what’s your problem man… arhghhh..

Tricia : you fucking bitch…!!! arGHHHHH!!!!
The door opened and Suwen came in, she joined in and tried to stop Tricia.
Suwen : ok… ok fuck… stop it… he’s going in soon.
Tricia : This is not over James !… I’m going to make you regret for doing that to me earlier…
James : but we won right ?? didn’t we win ??
Tricia : aRGHHHH!!!
Suwen : alright.. alright.. stop it… stop.. fuck… come on…. Trish… we have a shot at this… with him….
Tricia took a deep breath and calmed down a little.
The room went quiet for a while before Suwen came over and sat down beside me.
Dressed in a body hugging white dress and flip flops, I could still see the wetness in her hair after a shower.
Suwen looked at Tricia before turning to look at me.

Suwen : This is what is going to happen next James…
James : what?
Suwen : You are going into a room…  a party…..
James : That’s what everyone keeps telling me
Suwen : There will be 8 girls inside… they are all clients……here to… ermm.. experience… something new.
James : and what ? I need to fuck them? or do I let them fuck me ?
Suwen explained that it’s not as simple as that.

Each of the clients have a number from 1 to 8.
Suwen : the numbers are assigned after the game starts…game starts when you walk into the room…..everyone will place a bet. … we can change the bet, change the amount we bet as the game progresses.  

James : How does this work ?

Suwen : at the end of the day, you will choose to spend the night with someone….
James : and then ?
Suwen : If it’s the one we bet on…. We win…
I thought about it for a moment before shaking my head.
Too simple.
James: It can’t be that simple..

Suwen : you’re right…. The base bet is on who you will choose…. We are not allowed to change our bets after the 1st 2 elimination…
James : There will be elimination ??
Suwen nodded.
Suwen : As you work your way through the 8 of them, slowly but surely… some of them will… in a way…. Fall out of the game…
James : Oh…
Suwen : anyway, that’s none of your concern…. Let us worry about the bets.
James : I know… I know… I can give you a signal ?? …as to who I would choose ??
Suwen : you can’t… it’s not that easy…
James : What’s not so easy ? … I just choose the hottest and prettiest ….
Tricia rolled her eyes and Suwen looked up to the ceiling.

Suwen : Dude… just…..just play the game… let us worry about the rest….
Suwen went on to give me more details about the game.
There are many others placing their bets. Everything we do in that room will be broadcast live.
All the clients will be wearing masks.

All the clients are married.
James : what else  ?

And my jaws dropped an inch when Tricia finished off the last sentence.

Tricia : All their husbands will be watching….


James : what the fuck…
Tricia : thrilling…. Isn’t it ? hahaha…
Suwen : Imagine the excitement…. The thrill…. The anticipation…. Of the men who have a fetish of seeing their wife being fucked…..or rather…. The uncertainty of whether their wife will be the one being fucked through the night…
James : This is some sick shit…. And all the wives agree to this ??
Suwen : well…. To a certain degree…. They are obedient….is that the word to use Trish ?
Tricia : hmm… I’m not sure obedient is the right word…. Anyway… hahah… just have your way with them…. Knowing that the husbands are agreeable to this and they are betting on it…
Suwen : The games the rich play…. You won’t understand… hahah…
Tricia : there is a lot of money at stake…. Money, sex, excitement…. Where else can you find such a setup ?? haha..
James : this is some sick shit… what if… what if the wife says no… halfway through ?? … I get charge with rape or something ??
Tricia : Whatever happens within these walls…. Stays within these walls….
James : This is fucking sick…..what else do I need to know ?  
Suwen shook her head.
Suwen : That’s all I can tell you for now.
Suwen looked at me in my eye and I could feel she is about to say something serious.
Suwen : This…..James…. do this right…. And this is my ticket out of here….
James : How so ?
Suwen : The man I owe money to will be in the game… or rather… his wife… will be in the game…
James : oh ok…. Which one… how will I know….? …. So i… I’ll just do my best to leave her alone ?? What number did you bet on ??…. wait… wait wait…. how the fuck will I know what I’m doing is right ?? I can’t possibly walk around squeezing their breast or touching them can I ?
Suwen : I don’t know…. I don’t know who she is… I only know she’s hot… sweet… and very accommodative…. And yes… you can walk around and touch them as much as you like…
James : this is bullshit…. Hot , sweet and accommodative…. How will I be able to tell ?? as in she gives me a smile when I squeeze her breast or something ??
Suwen : I have something that might help… a clue
James : what clue ? …
Suwen : the man I owe is a fucking wife beater….
James : fuck me… you serious ??
Suwen : He’s a fucking asshole…. And he hits his wife….so… try your best to look for clues….signs… bruises…. I don’t know … anything… just try… he’s pretty discreet…. So maybe the bruises are not that visible.
James : I’ll just strip all of them…
Suwen  : no… you can touch… but no striping and fucking… … not until you select who you want to spend the night with….
I looked up to the ceiling and exhaled.
This feels taxing on the mind even before the party starts.
James : ok… ok… wait wait wait…. So…. Am I suppose to avoid choosing the wife of that asshole ? The moment I see a bruise or a pimple… I’ll leave her alone…
Tricia : Of course not….. that asshole wants his wife to get fuck…. In the dirtiest way possible…. And he gets a kick out of watching it….
James : fuck me… you got to be kidding.
Tricia : No we’re not….

Suwen : go in…. be yourself….and no matter what happens… you go through with it you hear me…. No matter what happens…. You do as you are told….
James : ok… ok.. but..
Tricia : Look at us in the eye and answer us… do as you are told… and try to find the girl…
I looked at both girls in their eyes and nodded.

James : Whatever man… whatever…
Suwen : good.
James : how much money is involved by the way ? ….
Suwen : Not including the bets on your end that is tracking your heartrate…. The live stream for our end alone averages 4-5 Mil in bets on 1 night.
James : wow…
Tricia : just so you know…. You were not suppose to be the lead in this….
James : oh… what happened then ??
Tricia : Well.. it was supposed to be Vincent…. But you outperformed him….
James : oh… ok…
Suwen : You’ll be fine… try to look for clues…. Find her….
James : ok… ok… I’ll try…
Tricia : we will be looking the game from above….
James : Above how ?

They did not reply me and I could see them getting ready to walk me in.
The girls stood up and brought me out of the door. We entered a couple of other doors before coming to a lobby of sort.
Tricia pointed to a door that was covered with felt and fur.
Suwen : good luck.
Tricia motioned for my robe and I removed it before walking naked towards the door.  
When I opened it, I was immediately blown away by the decor of the room.I stepped into a replica of a bar.
A lush and sensual bar with rows of alcohol. Dark panelled oak lined the walls and the deep red of the carpet under the dim lights set the mood for a journey of erotica. Soft instrumental jazz were playing in the background.
Stepping naked into a bar, that is definitely a first for me.
The centre of attention in the room however is not me nor is the opulence of the bar’s interior.
It’s the 8 women hanging about inside.
Two at the bar, one against the wall, two on the sofa, three by the long table.
I felt the rush of blood into my cock when I look at all of them.
They were dressed the same in a long dark dress made of sheer lace. The lace itself is like an artwork of embroidery. The pattens and varying shades of black adorned their shapely body.
 They wear no undergarments and I could clearly see the teasing bits of their privates through the fabric. The fullness of their breast and the protrusion of their nipples were staring right at me as I walked in.
All of them had masks on, covering their eyes , noses and the better part of their cheeks. Their eyes, big, round and piercing were checking me out. Their lips are all lushly coloured in the same shade of red.
I felt like a piece of meat being appraised as the women looked at me from top to toe. They are all older than me.
All are married women.
The way they carried themselves, their poise and postures. They have to be at least in their late twenties to early thirties.
The masks that hide their faces are beautifully designed, intricate with gold trimmings, jewels and the occasional feather.
All of them looked to be about the same height and body shape. Their breasts are full and supple. They did not interact with each other, choosing to sip their choice of drink while looking at me.
My dick got rock hard as I looked at the shimmery black heels each of the girls are wearing. It was not just your average pair of heels. There is a sexy wave like pattern around the rim where the heels meet the white flesh of their sexy feet.
Their legs are all toned and shapely.
All the women present in the room are definitely trophy wives of the rich and successful.
Looking up I could see a series of cameras from overhead. There is a metal catwalk that runs around the rim of the bar. I could see camera crews dressed in black overhead.
No one said a word.
No one made any moves.
I went over to the bar and helped myself to a glass and poured myself a glass of whisky. This is fucking weird and awkward. The blinking red lights of the camera told me that all these are being filmed.
Every move I make will be transmitted to the husbands of the girls who is probably watching in a nice comfortable room somewhere.
As I sipped my drink, I noticed a few girls looking at me while a few avoided my eyes.
This has to be one of the weirdest shit I’ve gone through.
Not all of the ladies are here willingly I’m sure.
Some must be here because their husband wants them to be here.
To fulfil a fantasy of his.
To do her duty as a faithful wife even if that includes fucking another man.
I can’t possibly imagine what is going through their head right now.
Ok James , think. Use your head and think.
I looked at the women in the room.
Out of the 8, 5 refused eye contact with me, choosing to concentrate on their drinks.
If Suwen’s source is correct, there is a high chance that the accommodative girl will be easy to approach.
The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. The sick part was me getting excited at the thought of the wives that are not willing participants.
No matter how unwilling they are, they still have to do what their husband wants them to do.
I walked with my drink to the lady standing the furthest away from me. I could see she was nervous. Her body language told it all. She was doing her best to avoid me.
As I got closer, I could see her trying to turn away, but there is no place to go.

James : Hi…
She shook her head.She pushed past me and walked away, her hand covering her mouth as she did.
The outright rejection came as a surprise to me.
I don’t exactly have experience doing things like this. I did not know what to do as the girl chose the spot right at the opposite end to park herself.
Then I heard a shout from above from the director who wore a cap.
Director : James … you like her.. you take her… you touch her…. Whatever you want to do to her except intercourse and stripping off her clothes…… with… or without their consent…you do it… you fucking do it….. you understand what I’m saying here James ??
My eyes lingered for a few seconds at the director before looking back at the girl who was shaking her head at the end of the sofa.I could see tears starting to swell up in her eyes. She looked up at the crew before looking at the cameras.
Well, I’m supposed to do what I’m told right ?
As I walked towards the sobbing girl, I could see the rest of the ladies walking away, putting some distance between them and me.
I don’t know her name. I don’t even know how she look like in real life but her figure is good.
Her skin is fair.
Her legs are toned.
Her unwillingness was not of my concern.
I reached out for her hand and before I could touch her, she broke down.
“ please no…. no sozbzzz…sobzz… no enghhhh!!.. let me out… let me out !! “

She pleaded and suddenly the door opened. Crew came in and grabbed the girl. She was crying and screaming as she was led out.
I don’t know what the fuck is going on.
Looking back at the director, I watched as he delivered a gentle reminder.
Director : ladies…. May I remind you that you are not allowed to interact…. Or speak… unless you want your husband to lose a lot of money…. Haha…. And your friend there… just lost a high 5 figure for her husband… I think he is not going to be please with her tonight….James… don’t talk to them… they are not your friend… they are pieces of meat you understand…? Meat that clients are dangling out…. You take your pick…. Choose one…she will spend the night with you…
The director took a look at a tablet that his assistant showed him before resuming his conversation with me.
Director : try to imagine you are a fish in a pond… these are all baits…. Taste all of them… the choose which one you want to bite…. Understand ??
I nodded and moved on in search of my next target.
So they can’t speak to me either.
I turned my attention to the remaining 7. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Suwen and Tricia arriving at the top of the catwalk.

I walked towards the remaining girls and I could see one of them shaking. Or rather, she was trying to control her shiver.
Her fear.
I could smell her fear.Her unwillingness.
I went over and reached out my hand for her. I could see her eyes. They started to turn red. Tears started to build in her eyes and I could see she was struggling to control herself. She was trying to look nonchalant, to look brave.
I pulled her towards me without warning and hugged her, feeling the soft press of her breast and nipple against my naked body. I could see her lips pressed tightly against each other trying to stop herself from screaming.
My hands cupped her breast and played with them through the sheer black lace dress. The dark coloured lace and it’s intricate design distorted my views of the women’s body. Her breast felt soft and I like the feel of her erected nipples.
She was literally shaking in fear as she looked up at the crew and the array of cameras. Somewhere out there her husband is watching.
Watching her being touched by a man she has never met.
I lowered my head in an attempt to suck her nipples through the dress but she broke down before I could do it.

“no!! no!.. no… sobzz.. please no….sobzz “
The crew came in again to escort her out.
That’s fast.
Only 6 left.

My cock is still throbbing and erected. I felt powerful, like I’m a god as I paced around the perimeter of the bar.
I could see the director biting his nails as he looked on before referring to the tablet he has on hand.
I reached for another girl who is leaning against the bar. Her posture was relaxed but the moment I grabbed her, she tensed up.She was shocked.
I tried to force a kiss on her but she turned away. She wanted to scream but manage to stop herself in time.
I could see it in her eyes.
She does not want this as well.
She shook her head, pressing her lips together.
James : shhhhh… shhhhhhhh.. its ok…. it’s ok….
She kept shaking her head and the first sign of tears appeared in her eyes.
James : drink with me…. Just drink with me… ok ?? can ?

I gave her a few seconds to calm down.
She nodded her head. As she turned to reach for her glass, I grabbed both my hands onto the cheeks of her buttocks and pulled her towards me.
The sick action of pressing her body against mine caused her to spill her drink all over me.
She pushed me away but I held onto her.
She shook her head vigorously and I was surprised at how aroused I was.
I grabbed the bottle of whisky and poured it all over her body.
She tried to fight me and has one of her hand clamped hard against her own mouth.
Before she can scream, I jabbed the pouring tip of that whisky bottle into her mouth, forcing her to taking in a mouthful of that rich liquor.
She gagged, choked and I don’t know what got into me.
I pressed my mouth against hers, slurping and drinking up the alcohol that is mixed with her saliva.
James : alurppz… sourpzzz…
Her breast are also soaked with alcohol, I pushed her onto the sofa and was about to suck on her whisky marinated tits when she screamed as well.
“ no !!!NO!!! erGNHH!! NO!!! sobzz.. sobzz… arhg!!!! No”
She broke down completely and sank to her knees, crying and sobbing in the bar.
The crew came in once more and removed her.
Only 5 left now.
I looked up towards the catwalk.
Everyone was looking at the table the director is holding.
I tried to read Suwen’s expression but I can’t get anything. She seemed calm. The girl in question is most likely still in the game.
One of this 5 women will be spending the night with me.
I just need to choose the right one.
Starting from the left, I touched her breast, letting my hand linger a little longer before tracing the curves of her body. She smiled and let me do what I wanted.
I went to the next one, cupped my hands on her breast and sucked on her nipples through that black lace dress. She breathed sensually and smiled.
The next arched her body towards me when I teased her pussy through the dress.
Number 4 from the left touched my cock before I could touch her breast.
The last one smiled as I prod her vagina with my middle finger, coating the surface of her black lace dress with her own juices.

I stepped back and looked at the remaining 5.
They are all equally charming in their own way and I would not mind sleeping with anyone of them.

I was thinking of what to do next when something unexpected happened.
One of the ladies walked over to me and she put both hands around my neck.
She hugged me tight, letting my erected cock touch her body. Only that thin fabric separated my cock from the entrance to her vagina.
I felt the sweetness of her tongue enter my mouth as we kissed.
It was a passionate kiss but my eyes are open.
Hers are closed.
Her closed eyes however, could not hide the first drop of tears rolling down the side and soaking into the mask.
It happened really fast.
Seeing this development, the rest of the ladies charged in as well, eager for a piece of me or rather, eager to be chosen.
James :wait… wait… arghh.. aghh.. wait…
It was like a silent movie.
The 5 women scrambling to hug, kiss and even lick my naked body.
James : wait.. wait.. stop… fuck.. hey !…
They were openly grabbing at my cock and ass, each of them pointing to their chest as if asking me to pick them.

Someone was holding my hand, another tugging my arm. One got on her knees and took my cock. She was ready to give me a blowjob.
During the confusion, I tried to look for clues. Signs of bruises perhaps base on what Suwen said.
I can’t see any. The lighting in the bar is shit and the girls are all dressed.
I was feeling frustrated with fending off the advances of the 5 girls when I snapped.
James : stop … sTOP!!
When I raised my voice in that instance, my right hand went up into the air in a manner that looked like I was ready to hit someone.
Immediately I got my answer.
4 of the girls continued teasing my body making gesture of trying to get me to calm down. They gestured to themselves, making signs with their hand that is trying to say they will make me happy, don’t be angry or some shit.
Yet the only one I had my eyes on was the one who had a shock when I raised my hand.
The one that shivered, lost her balance when she took a step back and fell onto the floor.
The one that is looking at me which one hand on the floor and one at her chest.
That look in her eyes.
The same pair that shed a drop of tear earlier when she kissed me.
It’s her.
I looked up at the Director and I could see Suwen turning to hug Tricia for a brief moment before walking way.
She knew. She knew that I found the right one.
I pointed to the lady on the floor and told the director.
James : I want her….

The other 4 ladies started talking right away, making snide comments that I should have chosen them instead.
They left the room one after another until only 2 of us were left.
Me and the girl I chose.
I walked over and knelt down in front of her.
James : I’m… sorry…. If I scared you…. It was not intentional….

She did not reply me. She just looked away.
Director : James … move on to the next room with her…. Have fun…. And…..Audrey…..
The girl in front of me looked up at the director.
Her name is Audrey.
Director : Your husband has a message for you…
He threw an envelope down onto the ground and it landed beside me.
I took it and handed it over to Audrey.
She opened it and I could see a hand written message that chilled me to the bone.
“ I want you to enjoy yourself… I want to see you cry tears of joy when you get fucked by him… I know you are ovulating…..take him raw….”
A door at the end of the bar opened and I could see the crew member waiting.
Waiting to take Audrey and I to the room.

James : are… are you ok Audrey ??
She folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. I watch her sniffed and fought back tears as she nodded and stood up.
As we walked through the door towards the room where we will be spending the night, I was hit with this weird feeling of regret.
Of remorse.
I was suddenly conscious of myself.My behaviour.
Audrey turned and gave me a smile, reaching for my hand.
I felt weird. Like there is this ache in my heart as I look into her eyes.
I felt pain. Her pain.
Yet she is still trying to smile.


I walked along a corridor with Audrey who led the way. There were several doors but she seemed to know exactly where to go.
She has definitely done this before.One of the door we passed by opened and a camera crew followed us, I could see the red light blinking. They were recording us live.
I entered another room, one of the many in this maze like building.
It was weird. Fucking weird.
Unlike a hotel room with the usual bed and bath or carpeted floor, this looked like someone’s bedroom.
I passed by a closet full of clothes. I saw accessories and trinkets that a careen woman would wear to work. There’s even a dressing table complete with makeup.I passed by a nice bathroom, homely and pleasant smelling.
Peering in I could see tumblrs and toothbrushes and half used toothpaste. There are even face towels and what seemed like worn pyjamas on the hanging bars.
As I turned round the corner, that was when the real shock came.
The bed.
Behind the bed hung a portrait of Audrey and her husband.
This is fucking insane.
The whole setup.
It’s like I’ve walked into their bedroom at home.
I looked at Audrey husband. He’s good looking, probably in his late thirties. His eyes is like that of a hawk.
There is an air of confidence with the way he look in that shot. The vibe I was getting is like me watching some old school commercial back when I was a young kid.
Commercial showing successful and good looking men on a yatch or driving down the tress lined road with the top down in their sports car. Commercials brainwashing you that you need a credit card to be deemed successful.
Audrey turned around and looked at me. She could see that I was looking at her photo.
Her wedding portrait.
How sick could this get ?
Her hands were clasped in front of her.
The room is brightly lit.
The camera crew walked in and positioned themselves as if we were not there.
Tripods and lights were set up by the side of the bed, ready to capture the action we will be having.
Audrey looked away as the cameras were set up. There were no live in her eyes.
Even someone with no common sense could tell she did not want to do this.
She is not a willing player yet she is forcing herself to do it.
To cater to her husband’s whims.
James : Audrey…. Are… are you ok ??
Audrey : yes… yes…. I am…
She tried to force a smile but she could not even bring herself to look at me properly.
James : I’m…. I’m sorry I picked you… i
Audrey : no… no.. it’s ok…. I’m… I’m glad you picked me… my husband must be really happy…
James : really ? … ermm… it doesn’t really feel that way to me…. I mean…. You don’t look comfortable…
Audrey smiled but she said nothing.
I felt stupid saying what I did.
Of course she is not comfortable.
Will you be comfortable fucking someone you don’t know just like this if you are a girl ?
James : is… ermm… am I … not appealing…. To you ??
Audrey smiled and shook her head.
Audrey : don’t say that… you’re… you’re much better than the 50 year old uncle from previous games… haha…
The director came into the room and he indicated that we can start.
Director : ok.. ok… start… start…. Quick …
There was 2 second of awkward silence before I walked over and took Audrey’s hand.
It feels really weird.
Not only do I have to content with the shooting crew by my side, I looked up and I could see the picture of her husband staring down on us. It’s hard to believe it is what the husband wanted.
Audrey reached behind and showed me where the zip to the dress is and I helped her get undressed.
My cock got hard immediately as I feast my eyes on her body.
I removed the tight figure hugging dress and just when I was drooling at the shape of her breast, I saw something that immediately shrank my cock back by 20%
A bruise.
The first sign of a bruise by her waist.It looked like she had been kick on her sides pretty hard.
I continued pulling down the dress until I saw her thighs.
Those cream coloured thigh were discoloured with bruises that were inflicted with hard pinches.
I removed the dress and Audrey’s naked body had no less than 5 bruises in various spots. They all looked like there were recovering. Probably from beatings inflicted about a week ago or so.
James : ermhh…. The bruises…
Audrey : It’s ok… don’t mind them… come…. Come here…
Behind Audrey’s smile was a veil of sadness.
She looked into my eyes, my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I felt her sadness and pain but I could not resist it. My cock is craving the warmth of a wet and tight pussy and Audrey’s one is right in front of me.
I pushed my cock against her vagina. She is dry.
I was literally rubbing against her dry slit even though she tried to accommodate my entry.
James :you’re… you’re still dry….
Audrey : gimme a while… sorry… . i.. I just need to get ready…. Sorry…
She bit her lips and closed her eyes.
I cupped my hands around her breast and fondled her love pillows.  I bent down to suck on her tits as she tried to finger herself a little to make her pussy wet.
My erection got soft whenever I looked up.
Fucking a wife in her matrimonial bed sounds like the ultimate kink but doing it in that instance is just plain weird. I felt uncomfortable.
Audrey is trying really hard to wet herself. I could see her rubbing herself vigorously with her eyes tightly pressed shut. I was trying to support myself above her body. I played with her breast, I kissed and suck on her nipples.
I could hear her breathing heavily as she tried to finger and rub her cunt to lubricate herself.
She panted and stopped rubbing after a while.
Audrey : ok… ok…. try again…
I pushed my erected cock at her pussy.
It’s still pretty dry.
The tip of my cock felt a bit of dampness but she is still too dry for full penetration.
I tried to push in nevertheless but Audrey moaned in pain.
Audrey : ouch…e rghhhh…
James : sorry… sorry….

Audrey said it’s ok and she took a deep breath once more before reaching down to try and rub her own clitoris.
Her vigorous rubbing did not help at all.
Another 3 minutes later, she asked me to try again
I did not manage to do it.
She is till not wet enough.
By then, the atmosphere is already pretty awkward. My erection is coming and going like the tide. 
I could see Audrey was really trying.
The more she tried, the more stress she became.
She apologised and asked for more time. I could also sense the impatience of the camera crew.
15 minutes in and after me licking and kissing almost her entire body, I heard the door opened with a slam.
It caused almost everyone to jump.
The voice that rang out struck fear deep into Audrey’s heart.
I could see her entire body shake when she heard that voice.
She literally shrank 10% when she realised her husband is now in the room with us.
I saw him.
I saw the man.
He looked even better in real life.
Nick : What the fuck Audrey ?? … what is taking you so long ?> fuck !!… just fuck him already !!! fuck !!
The director was up and he immediately gestured to a few assiantant to get the husband out of the room.
Director : Nick…Nick you are not allowed in here.. you know that !!…. get him out… get him out…
Nick : fuck him Audrey !!!.. I want to see you fuck him you hear me !!!.. you hear me ??>>!!! Fuck him like you enjoyed it…
Director : someone get him out of here now!!!!!
After a brief struggle, Nick was removed from the room.
Audrey was shaking like a vibrator by then. I could see she was scared.
Petrified in fact by her husband’s presence.
There’s no way she can have sex in that state.
I got up from her and I could feel all the eyes tracking my every move.
Director : What are you doing ?

James : What’s wrong… I have the entire night right ?>?? is there a rule that says I must fuck her immediately ??
All eyes were on me but on one said a word.
James : Just look at her…. She’s obviously freaked out…. Let her rest for a while for god sake….
The director looked like he wanted to say something but I beat him to it.
James : Just leave the camera and get out…. Give her some space or you are not even going to get a show ….
The director took a look at the situation before gesturing to his team.

They set the cameras and the lights up around the bed and they left the room.
The director was the last to leave.
Director : You have the whole night James… you better give us a show….
I did not reply him as he walked out of the room.
I put a bathrobe on myself and I walked over to Audrey.
Her eyes are red and she was curled up on the bed.
I pulled the blanket  out from under her and I covered her with it.
She looked at me and I shook my head, telling her that its ok. She don’t need to say anything.
Audrey’s got to be at least a few years older than me but she looked so vulnerable.
Like a broken doll.
James : It’s ok….just close your eyes and rest…. Let’s not worry about anything right now… just rest…
Audrey looked at me as I tucked the blanker underneath her body, forming a protective cocoon of pure cotton.
James : I promise…. I won’t do anything… close your eyes and rest.
I propped up my pillow beside her and patted the side of her body under the blanket.
Audrey looked at me. She did not say a word.
I hit the switch of the TV and kept the volume low.
Before long, she fell asleep.
I could hear her soft snore.
On the TV screen, I could see a pop out window with a message.
“ pull off her blanket and fuck her, I will pay you 10000 “
That must be a message from Nick.
What an asshole.
I switched off the TV.
Turning to look at a sleeping Audrey, I let my eyes enjoy that peaceful look on her face as I look at the sensor on my wrist.
My heart rate is calm and stable.  
I don’t know how it happened but I fell asleep as well.
I woke up to see Audrey looking at me. She was still wrapped within the blanket cocoon of hers.
James : you ok ?
Audrey nodded.
I looked around the empty room and asked her to sleep some more.
Her eyes closed and within seconds, I could hear her snore softly again.
I looked at the time.
It was about 1am in the morning.
I sneezed.
James : ahchoo!!
The sneeze work Audrey up. She suddenly realised she was the one hogging the blanket.
She immediately adjusted herself and offered to share the blanket with me but I told her it’s fine.
James :It’s ok… it’s ok… ahchoo!!
I sneezed again.
Audrey lifted up the blanket, gesturing for me to get in.
I obliged and went under the blanket.
Audrey’s body felt cold as well. She was naked after all.
James : You’re freezing under the blanket as well. Take the bathrobe….
I got up and undid my bathrobe.I wanted Audrey to have it.
Before I could remove it, Audrey tugged me downwards and with the front of my bathrobe opened, Audrey straddled me.
We shared our body warmth  and I could feel the softness of her body pushing down one mine.
Her face is right up to mine.
My cock got hard.
I could feel it pushing against Audrey.
James : It’s ok… we can don’t….
Before I could finish my sentence, I felt Audrey’s hand reaching down.
She took my cock.
She took my cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy lips.
I felt the wetness of her love hole.She is wet.
Really wet.
James : ernghhhh!!!
I gasped as felt the tight squeeze of my cock as Audrey lowered her body onto my cock.
I slid in slowly and seeing Audrey’s expression as her vagina accommodated the size of my cock gave me a mental orgasm.
I was expecting the camera crew to come in but no one came.
Audrey : ernghh ..
Audrey gave a soft gasp.
I rubbed her shoulders and her cold arms, trying to warm her up.
Pulling the blanket right up to the back of her neck, I pulled her closer to me until her body is resting against my.

I could feel her hot breath on my lips as she looked at me with her half asleep eyes.
She kissed me.
Our tongues met.
And I began to rock my bottom, sending my cock into the depths of her wet pussy.


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I could not believe what I had just done.I leaned forward to switch off the screen but I was stopped by the director.
Director : No… it stays on… we’ll still rolling remember….
He pointed to the blinking red light.
The camera is still pointed at me, capturing my reactions, my emotions.
I was trying hard not to shiver in my seat and I looked away from the screen. I cannot see what is happening.
No way.Not when I had a part to play in it.
These people are animals.
After making me spend time doing what I did with Audrey, they literally fed her to the wolves in front of me.
I kept repeating to myself that I have no choice.
This is the right thing to do.
I think if I repeat it enough to myself, I would be able to convince myself I did the right thing.
I coughed a couple of times and immediately a plastic bag was thrust in front of my face.
Before I knew it, I vomited into the bag.
I could not help it. This is too much.
I had formed a connection to Audrey. They wanted me to feel this way. They wanted to see the miserable state I was now in. I literally glared at the camera who was still rolling.
I caught a glimpse of Audrey who by then had given up fighting.
She just laid there as if her soul had vacated her body, allowing the men to do whatever they wanted with her. Nick stood barely a metre away, wanking at his cock as he looked on.
I shut my eyes and tried my best to block everything out.
40 minutes later, I was back in the office.
Deposited at the lobby of the tower where I started my internship, I stared blankly at the lift lobby.
Suwen and Tricia led the way as we entered the lift and headed up.
Tricia got off at the 4th floor without a word while Suwen and I continued our way up.
When the lift door opened , I was greeted with familiar faces.
Familiar faces that seemed so foreign .

Lovelle, Olivia, Valarie, Elaine.
Faye was leaning against the reception table.
Crystal too was standing at a corner, her arms folded as she gave me a smirk.
Olivia : well done James…. Well done…
I stared blankly at the group of girls in front of me.
Suwen went forward and I watch her hug Faye before saying something to her. She turned and gave me a nod before walking further into the office as if she knew the place like the back of her hand.
Olivia : You must be tired James…. You need to rest… go have a good break… we’ll talk tomorrow…. There’s a new game coming up…
Faye gestured me towards her and she congratulated me.

Faye : Well done… Suwen paid off your debt for you….
James : she did ? … I thought she said it would be wiped if I made the right choice…
Faye : You did didn’t you ? ….. you chose to help her… she made a shitload of money…and she buys you out…..
James : What do you mean ?
Faye : Nothing…. Hahaha.. relax….you’re a free man now….
I looked at Faye and said nothing.
The words coming out of her mouth can hardly be trusted.
Faye : go have a good rest James…. We have big plans for you tomorrow….
James : I need a break…. I don’t want any more games…
Faye : Oh ?

Faye raised an eyebrow as if I said something silly.
With her arms folded, she walked slowly towards me and asked me softly by my ears.
Faye : You don’t want to save Audrey ? … hahaha
I turned and looked at Faye immediately
James : What did you say ?
Faye : Audrey is still there right now…. She will remain there until the next morning….which by then I’m pretty sure…. She is a broken doll…. Beyond fixing. …. Which is why her husband had every intention of leaving her there, or rather, bringing her there…. Every week….
James : What… the fuck….
Faye : Nick owes a rather large construction company…. It’s more of worker’s benefits if you see it in a different perspective.
Faye chuckled.
Faye : You are very amusing James…. One moment you are mesmerised by Olivia… another moment you are lusting after someone’s wife… hahaha…. Young man like you… hahaha.
Faye cleared her throat.
Faye : Ok… alright… back to business… about tomorrow….
James : what about tomorrow.
Faye : we’re going to get Audrey… back here…to the office…..
Faye told me that I would get a private suite that is meant for Audrey only.
Faye : She will get medical care, top notch… we’ll fix her…
James : Then what…
Faye : hahah.. then what ? then you can do whatever you want with her duh ? … hahaha…. Isn’t that what you wanted ?
James : What’s the catch ?
Faye : see…. We take a girl from there….. we need to replace a girl…
James : What are you saying ?
Faye smiled and told me that I’ll get to choose who will replace Audrey.
James : What !
She asked me to follow her into her office.
When I get there, I saw Suwen in the room as well.Faye : I’ll go straight to the point….. it will be a game within a game…
James : What the fuck are you talking about..
Faye : we don’t want so many game makers around……
James : what ? ….are you saying …. Do you mean….
Faye : yes…. That’s exactly what I mean….
Faye wanted me to choose from our latest group of game makers to replace Audrey.LOVE.
It’s going to be 1 of those 4.
James : This cannot be… why ? …
Faye : no reason why…. Less competition….a lesson for those who do not know their place in the pecking order….

Suwen : James… the next game you will be playing….. is my brainchild…. A reverse cart race…
James : What is the reverse cart race…. ?

Faye : You’ve seen the 1st cart race right….how the cart moves and stops ?
James : Yes…
Faye : Good… just know that the roles are now reversed…
James : what !
Faye : The girls are doing the fucking…and you are on the receiving end…
James : No…no way….
Faye : Audrey James…. She’s leaving Nick for sure after this…after what he made her go through…. She’s going to be weak, lonely…. She needs someone there for her…it’s the perfect role for you….
Suwen : think of it this way James… the girls piloting the cart will no know the real game we are plotting. …. Think of the pain they are going to inflict on you….i’m sure you won’t hesitate to choose one of them to replace Audrey right ? …hahah
James : This… this…
Faye : come on James…. After what you’ve been through…. The girls are going to make you go through this the next day….. they don’t deserve any pity from you….
James : You… you mean they already decided ?

Faye : of course… why else did Olivia ask you to go take a good rest…. It’s set for tomorrow my dear… haha..haha…
Suwen : It’s going to be painful James….and since they are all out for the money… I think their choice of ermmm….. tools…. Will be those with the highest multiplier effect…. If you get what I mean….
Faye : Alright… don’t stress yourself out….all I need for you to do…. Is to endure the pain…. And lose a race…. HhaahaJames : Who will I be racing with ?

Faye : why…. All the game makers of course… hahahaha… it’s a game maker race…hahaha.. hahaha


Faye helped me call for a cab and sent me along with a few print outs of the race details.
It appears that while I was away making money for Olivia and company, Faye and the rest of the game makers were plotting to get rid of the girls.
It’s as if the office is operating with a very ancient caste system in place. If you are not born royal, it’s going to be hard to work your way up to the top.
Olivia and company got to where they are today with my help, it seems Faye is determined to wreck them with me playing a part as well. It was not lost upon me the amount of attention Faye was giving Suwen the moment she got back
The way she talked to her, the manner in which she is looking at her. It’s like Faye is in love with Suwen or something.
Ok, love might be too strong a word, it’s seems to me that Faye is grooming Suwen t be the next big thing in the office. Having Olivia and her team around is a threat.
It’s tiring to even think about it.
All the plotting, the schemes, everything started immediately the moment I get back into office. There is hardly any time for my mental health to recuperate.I’m starting to get sick and tired of these.
The reverse cart race is not as simple as it seems.
The normal cart race features a couple. 1 Male and 1 female.
The reverse cart race is a little more complicated and challenging.
It features 1 male and 2 female.
The interesting part for this race is because it’s made for the game makers.
A competition among the elite. There is a million and 1 ways this can play out and infinite number of combinations they can employ to make money.
They can bet on themselves or against themselves. The can collaborate with one another, or they can go all out to kill their competition.
The game maker that wins the most money win, the one that loses money or wins the least amount loses. The punishment is not only monetary, it also includes a punishment that has to be jointly agreed by the other game makers.
Faye must have plotted with the other game makers for this.
Make the girls lose, then choose one of them to replace Audrey. As my thought process got to this point, it suddenly strike me why Suwen was away from Faye for so long.
Did Faye lose a gamemaker race previously and in turn lose Suwen ?
If that is the case, she must be going all out this time round in order to get those responsible ? I don’t know.
I’m too tired to figure this out.
There is a great amount of flexibility to this game in the sense that I am going to participate as a free player.
I am not in debt. I am not obligated to play or participate. Olivia and her team would be going all out to convince me tomorrow when we meet.
I don’t know what they are going to offer me , honestly I don’t know what would make me take up their offer. I can’t think of anything that the LOVE girls have that I would want that badly.
I can choose to sit this one out and not get involved but Faye on the other hand knew what I wanted.She knew I would take the bait if she offer Audrey to me.
What about Olivia and her girls ? They have been observing the progress of my task as well. If Faye could see that I have a thing for Audrey, would it not be that obvious to Olivia and girls as well ?
I could feel a migraine setting in as I massaged my forehead.
I sat in the car and my mind cycled through all the people I’ve met.
All the girls. All of them. It’s like everyone of them had their own agenda. All of them wanted something from me.
From the very first day I laid eyes on Olivia to the games with Faye, to the manipulation by Crystal.
Everyone of them are involved with the company to a certain degree. Everyone of them is guilty. They chose to be in this office.
They had a chance to leave, an opportunity to be free but no.
Time and again, they choose to embrace the sick culture of the company. Audrey is different.
She is an innocent party . She’s just a obedient wife to a sick husband. A wife that was betrayed.Audrey is just an obedient wife from start to end.The only mistake she made was trusting the wrong man and marrying him.
If I could save her, if I could just get her out of this mess once and for all, she would surely be grateful to me no ?
How can she continue to love her husband after what he made her go through ?
No amount of love could justify what he did.
Fucking men she hardly knew is one thing, letting her get raped against her will for his own sexual gratification, that is mental.
I looked at the game details and tried to think how everything will be set up.
Olivia and her girls will no doubt want me to be in their team. In fact, I think I’m the only male employee they are close enough to join them in their venture. Barely a few weeks ago they are just like me.
I would be racing with Faye, Crystal and 3 other game makers.
I don’t know which guy the veterans will be employing but Faye wanted me to lose on purpose. It meant that she knew I will play for Olivia.
The setup of the race cart is something like a sandwich.
1st girl will be lying face up. She will be strapped down with her legs spread, exposing her vagina. Sensor pads that will drive the cart will be connected to the region around her vagina.
When her vagina is stimulated, the electrical signals will send a command to the cart to move. In simple English, keep stimulating her vagina.  The more aroused and stimulated the woman is, the faster the cart will move.
The man will be position in the middle with his face near the 1st women’s love hole. Yes, using only his mouth and tongue, he will be stimulating the vagina which in turns drives the cart.The game maker, also the person steering the cart will be behind the man. She will be wearing a strap on. The strap on comes in various sizes.
The thicker and longer it is, the higher the multiplier value.
Each thrust she makes into the man’s rectum is worth 100 bucks. Multiply that figure base on the girth and length of the strap on, you are looking at anywhere between 400 to 1000 per thrust.
Whoever that is going to take that position will not only have to fuck the man from behind, she would also have to steer the cart around the 250m track.
This is where it gets tricky.
The amount the game maker makes comes from 2 portion. 1 from the number of times she fucks the man, and another portion from her bet.
She can bet any amount, but the total amount of the bet that will be counted must be equal to the amount she gain from the thrusting.
For example Faye bets 100 thousand on her cart to win, she needs to fuck the man a 100 times at 1000 per fuck in order for her full 100k bet to be valid.
If she only fucks him 85 times, only 85 thousand of her bet will be valid.There is no doubt the man would want the game to end fast so his ass won’t be sore from the fucking. His licking and oral stimulation of the girl’s vagina will be violent and fast.
The game maker will also want to get as many thrust into the guy before the cart reaches the finish line.
Depending on how each individual bets, this could turn out in do many different ways.
If the guy bets on another team to win, all he needs to do is to bite the bullet and take the fucking until the team he bets on win.Or perhaps if he strikes a deal with the game maker to lose on purpose while they bet on another team, it would all be easy for him. Then again, the amount the game maker win will be very little if the number of thrust don’t add up to a large amount.
Common logic dictates that the game maker fucks the guy as many times as they can no matter what. This ensures a larger bet on whoever they bet on.
I felt a tinge of pain in my ass just thinking about this.
As for me, I am free to place my bet anyway I like. I’m not too concerned about that for now.My head is only filled with images of Audrey.
Maybe I can get her away from Nick, we can have a fresh start.
Will I mind she has been fucked and violated by so many men ?
Of course not.Will I mind she is a few years older than me ?
Of course not as well.She’s so sweet, there is an air of innocence about her that appeals to me.Her smile, that twinkle in her eyes.
Her obedience. If she is that obliging to her current asshole of a husband, she would surely be obedient to me. Not that I need her to.Someone that nice and easy going would definitely make a good partner. Not to mention she is fantastic in bed.
I shut my eyes for a few seconds as the cab pulled up to my place. My home seemed so foreign after I’ve been away for a few days.
I went back home and collapsed onto my bed.
I looked at the time on the clock. I wondered how long more before Audrey gets free.
I wanted to scream as I kicked about in frustration in bed.
These people are fucking with my head. Now all I can do is think about Audrey.
How many of those foreign workers has she fucked by then ?
How many of them has satisfied their lust for women using her body ?
I could feel an erection just thinking about it, but before the erection gets hard and long enough, I felt the pangs of guilt setting in.
If only I had chosen to save her.
My thoughts switched again as fast as it settled. So what if I had saved her ?What else can I do then ?
I’ll still be deep in debt, Suwen and Tricia will still be stuck there, I would have offended so many people. End of the day, Audrey will still be going back to her husband.
Nick, unable to get the satisfaction of see Audrey get raped by the foreign workers, will try to set something like this up again.No. I made the right choice.
It must be.
I took a deep breath and pictured myself in the race. If it were up to me, I would want to lick Olivia’s vagina. I want to hear her moan. Valarie seemed the weakest in the group I feel. Even if she is using a strap on, it would not hurt that much I think.
250m is not a long distance, I can start licking and tongue fucking the vagina and get the cart moving. Then all I needed to do was to endure the pain.Lick slow enough such that the cart is moving, then pray the rest of the game makers win the race fast.
Before I knew it, I fell asleep.
I was jolted awake with my head drenched in perspiration. My phone was buzzing angrily and I could see a dozen miss calls. It was already 9.30am
The miss calls came from a few different people.
The messages however, came from 3.
Faye, Crystal and Olivia.
All of them arrived in similar format.
Olivia sms : James….call me….i have someone you might be interested in.
Faye sms : Call me….. we have who you want…
Crystal sms : James…. If you want to get her out…. Call me.
Everyone is offering me what they think I want.
I took a deep breath and I could feel my mind clear itself after a good rest.
After a good rest, thinking with a clear head, I might have just ended up with a new conclusion.
Everyone thinks they know what I want.

I have a feeling they are all wrong.


I stepped into the shower with a raging hardon.My erection was throbbing hard and it’s as if I was ready to give someone a good pounding, not that I have any one to do it to.
As the water hit my face, the thoughts in my head is not about the game, it’s not about the girls, it’s not even about Audrey.
I realised that I have been playing catching up all this while. Reacting to situation after it happens.
If I continue down this route, I would always be a slave for the company no matter what I do.
So what if Faye offers me Audrey when I do what she wants ?She is in a position of power. She can afford to make offers and demands, whereas I’m just a peasant. A farmer in the ecosystem. I can only take what is offered.
This race for game makers is a rare opportunity for me.
It’s probably going to be the only chance I get to outwit and out play the rest of them .
My trump card is everyone thinks they know what I want.
Yes I want Audrey but I don’t want her to be given to me like I’m an animal craving for a treat.
I want to get Audrey from a position of power.Unfortunately for the company, having money doesn’t mean you have power. Not that i have a single cent to my name.
The race is set in the evening at 10.30pm
There’s a 8 hours fasting period as well before the race starts for the men.
I guess they did not want anyone with loose bowels to spoil the mood.
I did not return the calls of any of the group and I went straight into office.
Talking on phone is different from talking in person. I want to be able to look a the person in their eyes and judge on my own.
The moment the lift open, I could see Valarie waiting at the reception table.
She immediately came over and link arms with me.
Valarie : You’re late James … come… we’ve been taking turns standing at the reception waiting for you !!… hurry…
I reminded myself not to let known the fact that I know about the race.
I was dragged into the room that was once my makeshift office.
Olivia and the rest of the girls were inside waiting for me.
Olivia : James … how are you feeling ?? you had a good rest ??
James : Yes… yes I did… what is happening ?
Olivia gave the rest of the girls a look before looking down on the floor for a moment as she searched for the right words.
Olivia : James …. I’m sorry to have you join us so soon after your previous task… but there’s a race tonight… it’s really important…
James : Oh… what race is it ??
Valarie : It’s a race for game makers…. It’s our first race…. And we have to perform well…
James : Oh… ok…. I’m sure you girls can do it well…. You did make some money right ?? … from the 1st game… ?
Lovelle : yes we did pretty well for that game… thanks to you…
Olivia : yes James… thanks to you…. We made a bit for capital… but this next race… we need you to help us again….
James : ermmm… I was told I’m debt free….
I could see the girls giving each other a shared look. They must have discussed this before hand.
James : That means I can sit this one out right ?
Olivia retrieved a slip of paper from her pocket and showed it to me.
Olivia : James … yes you are debt free…. And not only that…. We’ve actually helped you make some money.
I looked at a print out of my employee account details. There is a positive balance of 28k.
Olivia : James…. This race tonight is voluntarily….we cannot force you to play… but if you don’t help us…. We will lose.. and thereby giving up our chance to make it as one of the game makers.

Elaine : yes…it’s a really simple game… just a simple cart race…. You just need to…
Lovelle : tsk !…
Lovelle shot Elaine a look and she stopped talking although she looked a little irritated.
Lovelle and Valarie nudged Olivia to go on. It’s obvious they decided to make her the mouthpiece for their group.
Olivia : Help us win this James…. You can easily triple your money….. not only that….we all could feel you have an attachment to Audrey right ? ….. win the race and you can get her out….
James : How ?
I pretended to sound interested and waited for her reply.
Lovelle : with money… anything Is possible…just trust us…. …
The 4 girls looked at me and waited for my reaction. I pretended to ask about the game details.
Olivia walked me through the basics including the part that I will need to get fucked by a dildo.
Olivia : we’ll be gentle….Lovelle will be doing the steering…..and… and…
James : Whose vagina will I be licking then ??
Elaine : mine…All eyes turned to Elaine who has always been the quietest in the group.
Olivia : Yes… Elaine….she has one of the most sensitive clit among us…. During the sensor tests….. her reaction triggered the sensors the most….
James : this… erm… i… I don’t know….
Elaine : just fucking say yes la… what is do hard about this…. You get to lick a pussy and make money at the same time…. what’s the big problem…
Valarie dragged Elaine away from me. It was pretty obvious that Elaine was an unwilling party to this. She did not want her pussy licked in front of the whole world and broadcasted to the whole office.
Lovelle : James …. Last time…. do this for us and we will be forever grateful…
Olivia : Yes James…. Elaine is very sensitive…We will play it safe…. We will be choosing the strap on with the lowest multiplier…. Just a value of 1… it’s the smallest and slimmest….
James : How much are you girls betting >?
Olivia : Let us worry about that….
Lovelle sat down beside me and grabbed my arms while she looked straight at me.
Lovelle : James look… I know as a man… this wrecks your ego… but it’s only for a short while…. A few minutes…and it’s over…. I’ll be gentle… there’s a lot of lubrication…
James : i… i….
Olivia : James ….
Olivia sat down beside me and put her arm around my shoulder.
Olivia : do we have a deal ?
Lovelle had her arms folded as she stood in front of me. I could see her biting her lips. She’s probably feeling nervous.
If I say no. this would all be over for them .
Lovelle looked like she was already geared up for the game. She wore a short pair of black FBT shorts and running shoes with no socks. A light apricot coloured singlet covered her top and I could see the straps of the singlet overlapping the white bra straps beneath.
I nodded my head.
James : Ok… 1 last time….
Lovelle punched a fist into the air and almost did a little skip.

Olivia took a deep breath and exhaled, releasing the tension she was holding on within.
Olivia : James … I have a feeling Faye and Crystal will approach you as well…. I hope you won’t play us out by playing for them….
James : of course not…. I play for your team….
Olivia gave me a short hug and I could feel the press of her soft breast on my body and the fragrance of her shampooed hair.

I left the room and made my way to the pantry to make myself a drink.
I better go grab a bite before the hour starts for my fasting.
The thought of being fucked in the ass by Lovelle somehow is wrecking havoc on my appetite. I’m hungry yet I don’t have the urge to eat.
I went down to the mall below the office and I queued for a sandwich.
When I was about to pay for it, Suwen appeared.
Suwen : Let me get it….
James : no it’s ok…
Suwen : I insist… can I join you ?
James : Suit yourself….
Suwen was dressed in similar workout attire. A short pair of shorts revealing her creamy white legs and a white singlet. Her tight figure attracted the looks of passerbys as she sat cross-legged opposite me.
Suwen  : I’ll get straight to the point……100k…. and Audrey….all you have to do is to…. Take your time for the licking….
Suwen smiled as if she was asking a co-worker to help her print some documents.
James : No..
Her expression changed as she almost spilled the coffee she was holding.
Suwen : What ? ….
James : I want something else…
Suwen  : More money…  it’s always money…
James : … no…. I want more than that…. I want to be a game maker…
Suwen stared wide eyed at me as if I said something ridiculous.

James : I can’t do it on my own…. So I would still need the girls…. If I make them lose 1 member…. I want to be able to replace them….as the leader….
Suwen burst out laughing as she looked at me and considered if I was being serious.
Suwen  : Are you sure this is what you want ? hahaha….
James : yes…it is…
She stared at me for a few more seconds before making a call to Faye. She stepped aside for a minute before coming back to me.
Suwen : Lose the race……. The girls will be broken up… and you will get to keep 1 of them as your assistant…..
James : What about the rest.. ?
Suwen  : None of your concern….deal ?
James : Deal….
Suwen gave me a wink and walked off, attracting stares to the tight bottom as her toned legs sashayed down the mall.

I finished up my sandwich and en route back to the office, I saw Crystal looking at me from a corner of the lift lobby. She approached me with a smile.
Crystal : it seems I’m the last one to get to speak with you James…..i assumed the others have already made you a deal…. Am I right ?
I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing.
Crystal : well well…. Learning how to play the game finally have you… hahaha… good…. Come… lets have a word….
Crystal walked me to her car and we got in.
She started the engine but remained in the carpark.
Crystal : Everyone wants something …. I want something.. you want something…. I don’t know what deal you struck with them… but I’ll go ahead and make my offer….
James : Let’s hear it…
Crystal : wow… ahhaha… is that confidence I detected James ? hahah….
Crystal opened her tablet and called up a window.
I felt my heart skip a beat as I watch Audrey suck on the dick of a Indian worker.
She looked terrible. The colours were lost form her cheeks and she looked really pale.
Crystal  : poor thing right…. Don’t worry…. She did not get raped by an army of men…. Only 5….
I looked at Crystal and waited for her to go on.
Crystal : I made the decision for you in advance…. I got my guys to get her……we were lucky… only 5 managed to cum inside her….
James : Where is she ?
Crystal : somewhere…. She still needs to work her mouth…..for let me see…
Crystal checked her watch and did a dramatic show of trying to do some mental calculation.
Crystal : I don’t know… a few more hours of sucking I guess… poor girl….her husband wanked himself off and let her there….. this is truly a case of marrying the wrong man.. hahaa…
James : What do you want from me ? … to lose the game…is it ?? … so you can win …. Then you give me Audrey …. Is that what you want ?? !!
Crystal  : aiyoh… what happened to you… why are you so antsy…. ? hahaha… relax… haha…. Calm down….
Crystal kept her tablet and told me she wanted me to win.
Crystal  : I want you to win.


James : What ?
Crystal nodded her head with a smile.
Crystal : yes… I want you to win…. But lose at the same time
James : What ?
Crystal : Is that so hard to understand ? hahah
James : The fuck are you talking about ??
Crystal used 3 fingers to illustrate what she was trying to tell me.
She lifts up her index finger.
Crystal : this is me…..
This was followed by her middle finger.
Crystal : This is you
The last finger came up and she made a show of wriggling it in front of my face.
Crystal : Faye…. And Suwen….
She kept quiet for a while to let it all sink in.
Crystal : I know you need to think about it…. And you know… rationalise it and shit but let me put it in perspective for you.
Crystal told me that from the time I entered the office, I have been manipulated, tricked, and forced to do things against my will.
Crystal : all the things Faye put you though…. Including that disgusting suit of hers….my god.. that is awful…. Am I wrong to say the most awful things you had to go through were at the hands of Faye ?? hmmmm ? am I wrong ?
I slowly shook my head and she went on.
Crystal : Everyone has their own agenda but unlike Faye…. I don’t bent you against your will doing something you don’t like….. unlike you classify the virtual reality game where you get to fuck Olivia….. as something you don’t like… hahaha…
Crystal went on to talk about Olivia and her girls. That they are biting off more than they could chew.
Crystal : They should know their place in the pecking order but between them and Faye….. I would rather have the latter…… because they are easier to control….
She also revealed that Suwen is a formidable partner to reckon with.
Crystal : Faye and Suwen reign over the entire office when they were together….. they can accomplish great things …. Because they are willing to play the devil and the angel…..haha…
James : Is Tricia related to you ??
Crystal shook her head.
Crystal  : no… she belonged to another game maker…. By the name of Mario…. Their focus is in the Malaysian office…. She is just…. Displaced…for a long time….
James : so… you want me to win Faye and Suwen…. And still lose the game to you…
Crystal : yes… can you do that ?? …
James : I….
Crystal immediately spelt out what I had in mind.
Crystal : money…. I have… i don’t know how much the other offered you…. But I’m putting my price at 180k….. oh…. I’m assuming the other 2 groups promised you Audrey too ?
James : ermmm..
Olivia and girls did vaguely mentioned they will help me figure something out while Suwen outright promised me Audrey.
Crystal : They’re lying….. has it not occur to you by now that only me….. yours truly….. can give you Audrey ?? They don’t even have her… haha… they know I have her by the way…. And I’m not going to lie to you…. Suwen made me an offer to take her off me but I rejected it… hahha…..
James : There’s something else…. Suwen… Faye… they… they promised I can be a game maker…. Replace the girls as one of the partner in the team….
Crystal burst out laughing, slapping her thigh as she did.

Crystal  :My dear James…. Know your place…..you don’t belong in the same league….hahah… they are lying to you… they will never… never… let you be a game maker… they’re just using you…. Hahahah…
James : then this does not change a thing for me !!! I’m still going to be a low employee living off the grace of people like you and Faye. !!
Crystal  : hahah … my oh my… what’s gotten into you lately James ? hhaha
Crystal cleared her throat and calmed her self down from her laughter. She patted her chest a couple of times and told me she is laying her cards out on the table.
Crystal : You are an employee James…. And you should know your place… think of it like the civil service…. You know… without the right ermm… how should I put this in a nice way….. without the right career track…. Yes.. yes… career track… you are destined to be an employee…
Crystal added that as someone that is delegated to being a farmer or a working class employee from the start, all I needed to prosper is to be obedient.
That’s all there is to it really.
Nothing more.
Crystal : Play the game…win Faye…. And let me worry about the rest… haha.. ok ?? hahaha

James : but… but why …. i… I thought you all ganged up,…. And you wanted … you wanted…
Crystal : hahah… wanted to get rid of Olivia and her girls… as game makers ? just that ?? …. Too simple James… that’s too simple….. listen to me.. …. I’ll give you Audrey….because nobody else can….
James : …I …
Crystal : Alright… I got to go…. Think about it…
Crystal gestured to the door and I stepped out of the car.
If I win the race for Crystal, I offend Faye.I lose it all, fuck the race from the start, allowing Faye to win, I’ll offend Crystal and lose the girls.
I fuck Crystal and Faye, do everything I can and win the race for the girls, I’ll effectively set myself up for dead with 2 powerful women in the company.
No matter how I see it. I’m fucked. I’m bound to fuck someone up no matter what I choose.

Then again this is not about offending people anymore.
It’s about how much I would gain from doing what I do.

Everyone is gathered at the convention centre. Private security guards were deployed at multiple spots to ensure only company employees are allowed into the closed door event.
Cameras and lights filled the hall and the 250 metre track is clearly marked out.
The carts were lined up along the starting line.

The atmosphere is tense, and I could feel the excitement in the air.
My heart rate got faster and faster as I watch Lovelle do her stretching. She was already wearing her strap on outside her shorts. A 4.5 inch long dildo with a 2cm girth.My legs trembled as walked towards the cart. That’s the one with the lowest multiplier value.
Elaine was dressed in her bikini swimsuit and the girls are helping strap her onto the cart.
My cock got hard as I watch her legs get spread and clamped down to the straps at the side of her cart.
A crew came in and started attaching sensor pads to her private areas which in turn connects to the cart.
And announcement was made for final positions and all racers to get ready.
Crystal and Faye will go all out to win. The girls would expect me to go all out as well.I placed all the money into the system for my own bet.
I bet against myself. My team.

Yes. I am going to lose.
It was the only rationale choice.
Not only am I going to lose, I’m going to fuck the race from the start.
This way, Faye and Crystal can go pitch against themselves all they want. It would leave me out of the picture once and for all.
The girls would be ruin. Olivia would hate me but this is a choice for her. She chose to play the game.
I got on and was shackled into place. My face was right in front of Elaine’s love hole. Her bikini bottom had been removed, revealing a hairless pussy that looked like a freshly shucked oyster.
She was trembling as well.
James : arghhh !!
I felt a large dollop of lubricant being pushed onto my anus by Lovelle and I was starting to regret doing this.
It’s too late to regret. My hands were shackled to Elaine’s thighs by customised cuffs. It allows me to hug onto her thigh while I lick and stimulate her pussy.
My backside is reared up and my ankles were also strapped down. My nose is so close to Elaine’s vagina I could smell her. I could smell the scented scent of her bikini bottom.

Sensor pads dotted my behind to calculate the number of thrusts Lovelle would be giving me.
Right when the race is about to being, I heard screaming and shouting.
People started clapping. Some of the employees were whistling.
Everyone looked over to a particular entrance and I saw Crystal make her entrance.
People laughed and cheered as they looked at her.
As Crystal came into view, I realised she was holding something.

She was holding a leash. Connected to the leash, was a totally naked Audrey. She was crawling on all fours and she was crying. She looked terrified and scared. The leash went round a collar that covered Audrey’s neck. Her hands and feet were covered with black leather pads as if she just walked out of a mistress’s dungeon.
I could see a bushy tail behind Audrey.
It was a buttplug.
She had a buttplug with a bushy tail in white coming out of her behind and her mouth is gagged with a ball gag.
She looked so disoriented and terrified.
James : what the fuck !! …
Crystal walked Audrey right up to the starting line and I saw the look on Audrey’s face when she saw the position I’m in. She tried to shout but was jerked away on the leash by Crystal.
Crystal did it on purpose. She wanted Audrey to see the pathetic state I was in, and she wanted me to see Audrey before the race. I struggled to get loose, but it was too late. There was nothing I can do. The race is going to start.
Crystal got into the steering position for her cart the same time Faye got onto hers.

I don’t recognise the man that are in the game with me but Suwen is having her pussy licked by the man in Faye’s cart. Faye looked gleefully happy as she shook the large 7 inch dildo she will be using.
An announcement was made for all racers to get into position.
Audrey looked lost and disorientated. Some employees used their shoes to tease her nipples. Some squeezed her breast.
Some used their fingers to touch her vagina before tasting it. It’s like they were patting a dog. A pet.
“ get set “

I looked at Elaine’s vagina in front of me. It was already wet and glistening.
“ go “
I clenched my teeth as I watched Elaine brace herself for the touch of my tongue on her vagina.
Before I could prepare myself mentally, I felt the push of the dildo into my ass.
James : ernghhhhhhh!!!!  Ahhhhh slurppsssszzz…. Ahhh,… ahahaa……ahhh..
My eyes widened as I screamed in excruciating pain.
James : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! aGHH!!!!!
Lovelle : ernghh!!! James … lick Elaine… lick her … LICK her god damm it… !!! arGHH.. aGHHH!!!
Lovelle fucked herself deep inside my rectum as I groaned in agony.
It was the worst feeling I’ve ever encountered in my life.
That pain is like someone hollowing out my intestine.
I could see all the carts moving except ours. From the corner of my eye, I could see Olivia shouting and screaming for us to move but I did not do anything.
James : aeNGH!!!!!!

I finally could not bear the pain any longer and I face plunge myself into Elaine’s pussy, coating my nose and mouth with her cunt juice. The movements triggered the sensors and we started to move a little.
I looked up and observed the other teams.
None of the game makers even fucked their man. They just allowed him to do the licking. All carts zoomed forward except ours.
Lovelle panicked and she started to fuck me harder.
The pain made it impossible for me to do anything except scream in pain.
James : aenghhh..a nghhh !! arghhh !!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!
I watched in horror as all the other carts reached right up to the finish line before it stopped short of passing it.
Only at that point did Faye and the rest of the game makers start to fuck the man they were steering.
I was on the verge of fainting and we barely moved 1 metre.
Elaine : lick me you stupid idoit …. Lick me !!!!quick !!! aRHGHHHH!!!
Our strategy was wrong from the start.

All the other carts by the experienced game makers were already right up to the finish line. They are all taking their time to fuck their man slave to gain the highest bet before crossing the line.
James : ernghhh.. ernghh.. arnghhhhhhhh!!!!
I felt like I was going to pass out as I recalled hearing Lovelle shouting and cursing at me as she hammered the dildo into my behind.
Elaine : lick my pussy… LICK MY PUSSY you cunt !!! aRHHH!!!!
I grunted and I felt the drop of tear leave my eyes as I heard the pop of the champagne to indicate that there is a winner in the race.
I looked up and realised it was Crystal.
The tally of the scores with the prize money immediately appeared on the electronic board.
Crystal may have some in first but in terms of the bet amount and overall winnings, Suwen and Faye won by a small margin.
They are indeed a formidable team.
I panted for air as I looked towards the seating area. I could see Olivia and Valarie collapsing on the floor in a daze.
Lovelle : what were you doing … what were you doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAMES !!!!

Lovelle got off her steering stand and started hitting me. Elaine got up after Lovelle released the clamps and together they hit the shit out of me.
I just kept quiet and took the blows. There is nothing more that can be said.
Within seconds, the security personnel came over and separated us.
Lovelle : what did you do James …what did you do !!!!!!
Elaine : aRHGHH!!! ARHGH!!!!!!
The 2 of them shouted and curse at me as they were dragged away back stage.
I was released from the cart and helped to a corner of the race track.
There were laughter and cheers all over the place but I could not understand any of it.
Everyone seemed to be happy. I ought to be happy. I tripled my bet when I bet against myself.
Crystal was the first to come over to me.
Crystal : you did not do as you were told James…. I’m very disappointed ….
Faye popped out of nowhere and joined the conversation.
Faye : Aiyoh… give him a break… hahaha…poor James… hahaha….
James : You already won… what more do you want ….
Crystal : it’s not enough…
Before I could say anything more, Crystal jerked the leash that was holding onto Audrey and led her away.

Faye : Don’t worry James… leave it to me….I’ll get her for you…hahah…. Trust me… I’ll get her for you… hahah..hahha…
Suwen walked over and gave me a hug.
Suwen : see… it’s not that hard right….haha.. hahah…
I asked her what will happen to Lovelle and Elaine.
Suwen : well…. Haha… they will be sent to a …. Facility… where they can be put to good use…. Until someone gets them back that is… haha… hahaha….
I heard someone call my name, it was Olivia.
I turned and I immediately felt a slap land on my cheek.
Olivia : you are despicable. !!!
Faye : Aiyoh…. You can’t blame him Olivia… hahah… hahah… he had to make a choice… anyone would have chosen the winner… hahaha.. hahah….
Her eerie laughter sent a chill into my spine as Olivia was held back by other security personnel.
Faye gave a wave and sent Olivia and Valarie away as well.
James : Faye… what about them…. What will happen….to them ??
Faye raised an eyebrow and told me nothing.
Nothing will happen to Olivia and Valarie.
Faye : Life goes on James… hahaha.. hahaha…. Until the next game that is….

I was left alone with the medical team who accessed my well being before releasing me  to go home.
This is it. It’s all over.
I feel like a zombie.
I collapsed onto bed and reported to work on time the next day.

Faye gestured for me to her office and when I got there, I had the surprise of my life.
Suwen was there as well and she is holding onto the leash.
The leash for Audrey.
Faye : See… I told you we’ll get her for you… hahaha..
I immediately went over to Audrey and asked if she’s ok.
Audrey grunted and scream through the ball gag, drooling saliva as she scrambled to get away from me.
James : What’s wrong with her, is she ok ? … Audrey… Audrey.. are you ok ??
I could see she was very agitated. She was shouting and trying to spit at me through the ball gag.
Suwen : I tried to get her out as soon as the race is over… Crystal has no use for her anyway…. I knew she will be getting rid of her soon. But before she did…. She showed her something….
James : What did she show her…
Suwen : The footage of you making the decision to choose us over her…
Audrey scream and shouted, splattering the floor with more of her drool .

I could not believe what I just heard.I felt faint.
I wish there was a hole for me to crawl into.
Suwen patted my shoulder and handed me the leash.
Suwen : Have fun with your pet ok…. And ermm.. clean her up or something….you’re going to get busy soon.
I stared blankly into space as I held onto the leash that was holding Audrey with her collapsed onto the floor crying into the carpeted floor.
I tried to get Audrey to stand up but she wont’. She don’t even want to look at me or listen to anything I said.
I attracted stares and sniggers as I half dragged and pulled her into the rest room.
The place where it all started.
There is no crawling out of this place.

It just sucks you in deeper and deeper.
The door to the rest room opened and I heard a familiar laughter.
It’s that laughing guy.
He entered the room and I saw he too was holding a leash.
Chained up in the same manner like a pet was Lovelle and Elaine.
They crawled into the room, the life gone form their eyes.
The laughing guy shut the door and I watch him came over to Audrey and inspected her privates.
James : WHAt are you doing !…
Laughing guy : hahahah..hahah… you noob la… you still don’t know how the game is play do you… hahahaha..hahahaha….
He started to unbuckle his belt and he dropped his pants.

Without warning he took out his cock and he went behind Elaine.
Lifting up her bushy tail of a butt plug, he entered Elaine’s pussy in the doggy position, fucking her on the floor in front of me.
Elaine moaned as she was taken like a dog by the laughing guy.
Laughing guy : hahahah.. hahahahah…..waiting for what… what are pets for ? hahaha… hahahaha…. For you to play understand ?? hahaha… understand ?? haha…
I felt the rise in my cock as I looked at a angry Audrey bent over on the floor.
This is wrong. This is sick on so many level but looking at the laughing guy, I felt tempted to join him.
Laughing guy : you still don’t get it do you.. hahaha you still don’t get it… hahaha.. haha.. you noob…hahah..hahaha…
He gestured to Audrey and asked me to fuck her.
Audrey shook her head, screaming and pleading with tears in her eyes.
I dropped my pants. I took out my erected and throbbing cock.
Doing the same thing the laughing guy did, I grunted and push my cock into Audrey’s dry pussy as she moaned in pain.
At that moment of me pushing it in, I felt something.
Something different.
I groaned as I pulled out my cock and fuck myself into Audrey again, forcing her vagina to lubricate herself.
Laughing guy : hahahaha.. hahahahaha… harder.. harder…. Do it…. Do it.. do IT!!!!!
James :a eNGHH!! ..a eGHH!!!..a rGHHHHHHHHH!!!!
I could feel myself going mad as I vented my frustration into Audrey’s vagina. 
The man stopped laughing all of a sudden.
He wiped his mouth and got up with a smirk.
I was still fucking Audrey and he handed the leash for Lovelle and Elaine to me.
I held onto the leash of all 3 girls and I took turns fucking them. A few strokes in Audrey, a few strokes in Lovelle . I exchanged their cunt juices with each other as I grunted and shout like a mad man in the room.  
The laughing man smiled again to himself before walking towards the exit.
Laughing man : Clean up the room after you’re done…. And clear out…. We have a new intern coming in soon…. Hahha….haha…
I stopped what I was doing, the room was filled with the moans of the 3 unwilling girls.
James : Who are you ? ….
Laughing man : hahaha… I am the owner of the company…hahahh… hahaha….

He left the room and it took me a moment to react.
James :wait… wait !!
I pull on my pants and got up, trying to get after him.
I went out of the rest room into the main work area.
Suddenly , a fellow staff grabbed me and asked me to sit down on a desk. He gestured towards the end of the corridor.
The door opened and I could see Crystal walking in with a young chap behind her.
Crystal : This is our open concept office….
Young chap : wow… nice…..
Following right behind the young chap was Olivia.
Crystal : We might have to set you up somewhere temporarily first…. It’s a bit packed in the main hall for now…..
Crystal and Olivia barely even looked at me as they walked pass but I saw the young chap.
That guy who is probably same age as me. Maybe younger.
He looked at me.
His eyes met mine.
It finally dawned on me. How we came a full circle right from the beginning.
I shook my head.

I shook my head at the young man who gave me a puzzled look.
He raised an eyebrow but did not stop.
He turned a corner with Crystal and he’s gone.

I stoned at the seat for a good 30 minutes before Suwen came over to get me.
Suwen : Go get ready James …
James : Get ready for what ….
Suwen : there’s going to be a game for the pets…. Hhahaha…hahaha..hahah…
James : what game ?
Suwen : Mating game… you want a good seed to breed your pets no ? haha..


The end

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