This is a work of fiction

When James’s sister in law gets chased out of her house for gaming addiction, he had to take her in. As his life gets affected with the presence of Paige in the house, a monster starts to grow inside him.

One that eventually needs to get satisfied, one way or the other

I like to play games when I was younger.

I grew up in the era of Red alert 2, Diablo, Worldcraft 3 and of course, starcraft.

I spent countless hours during school days on these and on hindsight, I should have tone it down by a notch. As big as a fan of these classic games as I was, eventually I grew up.

I still enjoy the occasional game now and then to destress but not to the point of addiction.

Growing older meant more responsibility, maturity, putting different priorities first.

There’s your career, finances, your relationships, your parents and your new family, in laws. Factor all these additional variables into your life and you realised you are left with very little time to yourself, not to mention play games.

I knew my wife’s younger sister was a hardcore gamer the first time I entered their house when we were dating.

While Peggy’s room is fill with nice girlish stuff and soft toys, Paige’s room had a large poster of a marine facing off a zerg.

When Peggy introduced her sister to me back then, Paige had her headphone on, her fingers clicking vigorously on the mouse and keyboard and she gave me a nod.

Paige : hi…

A nod.

Can you believe that ?

We did the occasional movie and supper where Paige would tag along and even then, she was playing games on her handphone.

The addiction got pretty serious when Paige dropped out of polytechnic on her final year.

All she wanted to do was play games.

Now, Paige is really pretty, with a good figure to boot.

In short, she’s hot.

She don’t really care about her dressing when at home.

Casual, loose and sometimes translucent tops and pants appeared on her body so often that eventually I got used to it.

Free show for me, why not ?

By the time Paige turned 25, she had no job, no qualifications except her ‘O’ levels and no work experience.

My in laws thought it was a phase she was going through, they were hoping as Paige grew up, she would wise up, perhaps mature a little and snap out of this shit but no.

They were wrong.

Paige never stopped gaming. She could go without sleep and food just to game.

I don’t mean just skipping meals or forgoing sleep.

It’s about her sitting in front of the computer for almost 40 hours straight in that same set of clothes, bra and panty with used dishes and food wrappers piling up beside her keyboard.

After the high from the gaming, Paige would then knock out, passed out cold in bed for almost 20 hours straight before repeating the process again.

This is how bad it became.

It got so bad that the screams and shouts started.

My in laws had the last straw and decided to put their foot down.

Eventually they chased Paige out of the house.

My wife could not bear to see her sister out in the street and she convinced me to take her in.

Peggy : Dear…. Let my sister stay in the guest room can… ? we can help her fix her addiction…. No games…. No computer… no phone…. We’ll make her go cold turkey and shit….

James : it’s not that easy dear…. She needs professional help man… maybe send her to some boot camp ….. hell, maybe send her to girls home or something….

Peggy : Paige is 25 you dick !… she’s too old for girls home….

James : Well… it’s better than ‘our home ‘ …

My wife slammed my on my arm and gave me an irritated look.

James : Ow…. What… ?

Peggy  : I don’t care…. I’m not letting my sister sleep on the street…. !

James : If she stays here… what about us… ?

Peggy : We have 3 rooms dear !!…

James : But…. How will we have sex…. I like making a lot of noise… walk around naked….

Peggy : arGHHHH!!!!!

James : It’s not convenient …. I’m not wrong…

By then, my wife had her arms folded and she was giving me the, ‘ do not fucking touch me ‘ look unless I say yes kind of expression.

James : aRGHHH… whatever la…. up to you…

Peggy : Give her 1 month James…. I promise you… I know my sister… she’ll be out of here within a month….

James : I hope so….

My sister in law moved into our place and my wife meant it when she say she wanted Paige to go cold turkey.

No laptops, no computers but Paige still has her phone.

Her phone and the WIFI connection.

1 month became 2.

2 month became 3.

By the 4th month, it was clear that beside leeching off us, my sister in law is nowhere near getting rid of her addiction.

She eats our food, our snacks, drinks our wine and beer and there haven been a couple of occasions I realised she was meddling with my laptop.

Thankfully they were all password protected.

I did not show my hostility to Paige of course, I have to keep up the ‘ stuck in the middle of family quarrel ‘ act.

The sexual frequency between my wife and I dropped to once or twice a month, and even then, it was a hush hush affair.

Cannot be too loud.

Cannot do this.

Cannot do that.

Cannot wear black stockings and high heels.

Cannot wear short skirts and slutty lingerie.

I was unsatisfied sexually and mentally and this slowly began to affect me.

I started to look at my sister in law in a different light.

Paige is hot.

I do wank off to her sometimes but I stopped at that.

Now as the monster inside me slowly gets hungrier, I started to do more.

I would steal peeps at Paige when she is not looking.

I would try to peep at her downblouse or upskirts in the house.

Whenever I caught a glimpse, I would get so hard and aroused that I needed to go masturbate in the toilet.

I find myself starting to steal my sister in law’s worn clothes.

Her worn lingerie.

She would let her clothes pile up until it overflows onto the floor before doing her laundry. Even then, it was a slip shot affair of throwing everything into the washer.  

Her laundry basket and the short periods when she’s out of the house to meet her friends or buy stuff, that’s the golden timing for me.

I would go to her room and lie on her bed.

Paige’s room was a treasure chest for me.

Turning and rolling on her bedsheets that has not been washed for almost a month, I could smell her fragrance no matter where I put my nose to.

Some of her worn pyjamas were strewn all over the bed and I could easily find one within reach.

Pulling my sister in law’s worn shorts over my head sounds like a silly and stupid act but when the sexual frustration has built up to the point of an eruption, you would do anything to satisfy your lust.

I need to satisfy myself.

The next day, I bought a new Nintendo switch.

Something that I knew Paige was eyeing for a long time. She has been dropping hints about it to her sister over meal times.

My wife refused to get it for her, it would only make her addiction worse.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and heightened senses.

Suddenly I felt like a hunter.

One that was about to trap a prey.

I just needed the right time to do it.

And my chance came when my wife needed to head over to Thailand for work for a week.

She made me promise not to give Paige access to our desktops and laptops.

Peggy : Don’t you dare let her play game on them you hear me… ?!!

James : I won’t la…. I’m busy enough as it is… I have a submission coming out…

After dropping my wife off at the airport, I came home to see Paige gaming at the dining table while eating cereal.

It didn’t matter that there was cereal all over the table and she had left the carton of milk out after pouring.

I brought out several wrapped packages into the living room.

Some are old presents I have yet to open from my birthday, while a few are new, including the Nintendo switch.

I tore the wrapper noisily in the living room as I unwrapped stuff some of my colleagues got for me.

I could see Paige throwing me a glance or two.

There is something about opening presents that excites people and rouse their curiosity.

I tore the package with the Nintendo switch loudly and I deliberately chuckled as I unveiled the console.

Paige stopped playing with her phone almost immediately as she kept looking over at my direction. It’s like putting a fresh chunk of cheese in front of a hungry mouse.

I could tell she was looking at me from the corner of my eye.

I chucked the console aside and started to clear the wrappers from the coffee table.

Paige : Hey James… !

James : Yeah… ?

Paige : Your presents ?

James : Yah… they’ve been siting in my study for a while…. Better open up and see…. I don’t need most of them… probably sell them off online….

Paige : what.. ? why… ? it’s your presents… isn’t it… ?

James : headsets, ebook readers, portable chargers… game consoles… I don’t really use them …. Might as well sell and use the money for something else… ahha…

I could see Paige’s eyes literally popping out and she was trying to stop herself from drooling looking at the console.

I threw away the wrappers and when I came back to the living room, Paige was hugging onto the Nintendo switch console in her arms.

Paige : Sell me this James !… I’ll buy from you….

James : hahah… no way…. Your sister would kill me… besides… I know you got no money… haha..

Paige : says who… I have….ermm.. just that I can’t access them now…

James : Then it’s as good as you don’t hahaha….besides… it’s not about the money…. You need to do something about your addiction….

Paige : Please James…. please…. Please….i beg you… I will do anything…. !! I’ll wash the dishes… clean the house… anything !!!

James : No… no… no… you don’t get me into trouble…. Your sis will be back in a week and if she sees you with that… she will divorce me….

Paige’s eyes literally lit up upon hearing Peggy will be gone for a week.

I never expected Paige to jump onto me from behind, clinging onto me like a koala bear.

Paige : James !!! please.. please… you are the best… best… bestest brother in law in the world…please !!!! I really need this… !!

James : Get off me… you’re mad… !

Paige : James I promise… I swear… the moment sis is back… I will stop… I will keep it….

She waved her pinky desperately in front of my face and gave me that doeful eye look as she pleaded with her hands clasped together.

Time froze in that instance as I looked at Paige in her off shoulder long sleeve cropped top.

The fabric felt so soft and it’s almost translucent. She’s not even wearing a bra and I could see the tease of her nipple.

And the pair of grey cotton shorts she was wearing is riding high up her legs.

I felt the reaction in my pants and as my sister in law pouted her lips and tried to give the cutest expression she could manage, I relented.

My cock hardened and my heart melted.

James : if you….. ever…. tell anyone about this….

Paige jumped into the air with a sharp scream and she hugged herself onto me, pressing her body against mine.

Paige : you are the best JAMES !!! ahhhh!!! Ahhahaha….

What happened next took me by surprise as my sister in law planted a peck on my cheek.

The contact of her lips against my face sent more blood to my cock as I watched her tore up the console package.

The die has been cast.

My plan has been set in motion.

Paige starting playing.

And playing.

And playing.

She did not sleep that day.

When I woke up the next morning to make my coffee, the dining table has 3 tubs of empty instant noodles, empty drink cans and wrappers from nuts and snacks.

James : you stayed up all night Paige ?

Paige : hmmmm…. Mmmhhhh….

She was too absorbed in her game.

I snapped of shot of Paige, still dressed in the same set of clothing from the day before.

My heart was thumping really fast.

If she suddenly turn back, she would see me taking photos of her but she didn’t.

It emboldened me further as I took a 2nd shot.

My erection was raging hard by then as I lowered myself and ask Paige if she wanted me to grab lunch for her.

James : You want lunch later… ? I’m heading out….

Paige : hmmm… ok… get me whatever you are having….

James : ok….

I left the house and came back at 2pm.

Paige was still playing but I could see the fatigue on her face.

She’s tired.

She’s hungry.

And she’s going pass out into her deep sleep later.

I looked at the packet of food that I had spiked in the car earlier.

My erection grew harder as I called for Paige to have her lunch.

James : Paige…. Eat your lunch…. And you better get some rest….

Paige : mmmmmhhh….

I went closer and I could see her eyelids are heavy and she’s not really concentrating on her game.



Time for her to get a good rest.


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