James : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhh ….
I groaned into my full face helmet as I watch the helpers lift Olivia off me. As she disengaged her freshly fucked cunt from  my cock, I could see my semen ooze out from her vagina, dripping down the side of her thighs and onto the carpeted floor.

I looked at her as if I’m a voyeur. She don’t know it’s me.She will never know it’s me behind the mask.
To her, it would just be someone anonymous, someone she don’t know and she would never know.
Looking around the room, I realised it is quite a mammoth task to create the game experience. In order to keep it real, there is at least a dozen staff working to keep things in synced with what I was seeing.
Crystal came into the room looking all serious and excited.

I watch her gesture to the rest of her crew to clear the lounge before hitting some controls on her tablet which unlocked the helmet I was wearing.
I pull out the helmet and breathed in a gasp of cold air as I looked at Crystal in disbelief.
Crystal : so… how do you feel….
James : That is the sickest thing I;ve ever done in my life…
Crystal : you think so ? haha
James : why ?…. why did Olivia agree to this …. Does she know there’s a chance she needs to be fucked by the players ?
Crystal threw a towel over to me to cover my exposed cock and poured me a glass of water before she started explaining.

Crystal : The game…. Like others…. Including the one Faye is doing has multiple bets going on at once…. This is a key signature of our company…. There is always more than one way to win…
James : I don’t understand…
Crystal : For Faye’s game… you can bet on the cart that wins… meaning the girl that gets to the finish line first….. or…. You can bet on the guy that last the longest….
James : oh…
Crystal : For the players themselves… they too are in the bet…. They bet with their bodies….hoping to win…
Crystal went on to explain that her game is similar in essence.

Everyone is free to bet on how long the player will last in the simulation.
Crystal : Most players don’t make it pass the 40% mark ….. you got to 63%… I think that’s’s quite good…..

James : but… but …. Olivia…
Crystal put up a hand to ask me to relax and let her go on.

Crystal : yes.. yes.. I know you like Olivia ….. just slow down…
Crystal explained that as I could see, there are 2 sets of girls involved.
Crystal : the 1st set of girls which provided the tease and simulation are professionals….. whores and prostitutes whose main role is to seduce and tease with their bodies….. almost 95% don’t make it pass them…..
I looked at Crystal as she explained calmly.

Crystal : As for the real Lovelle, Olivia, Valarie and Elaine…. Yes.. they are all employees of the office and they volunteered for this game…. Why ? … why volunteer ?
James: yes why ?
Crystal : because of the odds….. everytime they enter this room in anticipation…. They too are taking a risk and placing a bet….. they bet that the men will not last beyond the teasing of the whores….. and each time… regardless of the outcome…. They get paid…. …

James : Oh….
Crystal : let’s look at the odds and probability again from this angle….. Even if the client makes it pass the whores to start fucking them…. there is only a 1 in 4 chance they will get picked…… and a even slimmer chance that the client can pick another after choosing the 1st….so you can see…. How good the odds of this game is compared to Faye’s….
I nodded my head but I could not speak.
What happened has left me speechless.

James : Olivia…… is doing this for money ?….
Crystal put down her tablet and sighed.

Crystal : She was out of this for a while….and there was a new Olivia assigned to her role but…. Because of the money she owed Faye… she beg me to let her back in….this game that I created….. is one of the safest and fastest for her to earn back the money she owe…

James : oh my god….
Crystal : Did you notice the flashing of screen, the white screen, the sudden flash and all
James : yes… I saw it in the game…
Crystal added that it was not meant to be that way.
Crystal : We had to rerun a old program with the old Olivia, the one you know…. This resulted in quite a bit of cut scenes and over writing…. That was why the experience is not as good…. if not… it will be seamless….
James : I see….so for this game…. You can bet on the progress of the player and which girl will get chosen….. and for the girls, they bet with their bodies hoping they don’t get picked….
Crystal : correct…

James : 95% of the chance 3 girls will win… 1 will lose…. That’s good odds….
Crystal : Not good enough for Olivia today I guess…. Because the player is you….

James : I…. i….
Crystal : No need to feel guilty….everyone made their choices….
James : I’ll be sure to do better the next time…. I think I can last longer… I’ll pick someone else…..
Crystal laughed.
Crystal : Sorry James….your game went live the moment you put on that helmet…. I could not tell you that…..
James : what !
Crystal : you’ve done well…. Better than if you had used your body for Faye’s game….

Crystal asked me to get dress and she pointed to my clothes at the corner of the room.
Crystal : That’s all I have for you today….. I did promise you I’ll give you a lot more that just Olivia right…. Haha… don’t you think this is better from just the crude fuck game Faye did ?? hahah
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and said nothing.

James : so… now…..

Crystal : the 63% you got told me 1 thing….. I can be sure you will do better in the games to come…. And I will do everything to make sure Faye don’t get to use you as her champion….
She turned and walked away, tapping onto her tablet. A sign that my stay there is over.

I left the lounge and exited Crystal’s room.
It was already lunch time.
I went to the foodcourt and ate my lunch alone, still reeling from the shock I just went through.
I fucked Olivia.

Even if it’s for less than 5 minutes, I fucked her.
I was able to stare at her in her eyes, taking in that look of disbelief as I shot my cum inside her pussy.
My cock got hard again as I thought about Olivia’s body shaking in denial but being forcibly held in place.
It was such an erotic sight.

I wonder how she felt at the time when it happened. She must be lamenting her lousy luck, worst of all, allowing a stranger to cum inside her and suffer the humiliation of being fucked and never knowing who the person was.

I forced myself to calm down as I realised my cock got so hard it was pushing against my pants.
As I scooped another mouthful of rice into my mouth, I saw a familiar figure walk pass a few tables away.
It was Olivia.
She was not alone.
She was with her other friends.
Lovelle, Valarie and Elaine.
It’s truly a sight to behold.

They drew attentions of the nearby tables of men who stole glances at their tight blouse and skirts.
Other women shot them stares, envy of their toned legs and how they look so good in their seductive heels.A table of hot fuckable OLs sitting down for their lunch.

Even the way each of them cross their legs is enough to cause the surrounding tables of men to stop eating for a few seconds.
I  felt precum seep thought my cock again as I looked at the 4 of them.

All of them are hot. I saw Lovelle put a hand on Olivia’s shoulder. Valaire offered napkins.
Elaine said nothing. She looked the least affected and her appearance was the most brief.She only appeared towards the end of the whole tease.
I don’t know why but seeing how nonchalant she looked when Olivia is so sad angers me.
I had my orgasm barely an hour ago but looking at how nonchalant Elaine is, it triggered something in me.

My cock started to get harder.

She has that resting bitch face that makes you want to fuck her.
Yes she’s pretty and hot. Given a chance , anyone would fuck her but her face. That cold, non smiling and non-chalant attitude.
If I do get to fuck her, I will not be just fucking her body.

I will be fucking her attitude while I’m doing it.

My line of thoughts was suddenly cut off when the chair in front of me was dragged out and someone took a seat.
Faye : can we share this table ?…. it’s so hard to get a seat during lunch time….


James : not you again… what do you want !
Faye : ohh… why the hostility…. We are quite well acquainted don’t you think ?? hahah
I started to gobble up my food and let Faye talk, after all, I know she is not just going to leave me alone. I could see it in her eyes.
She’s unhappy that I got wrest away under her nose by Crystal.
She would surely do something to get back .
Faye : What’s wrong? …. Are you pretending to be a saint now ?? …. Haha…. Touch your heart and tell me you are not enjoying this at all ?? ….
James : It’s sick….. what… what you put the girls through…
Faye : And who is to be the judge of that ? …. You ?? did they not volunteer for taking that risk ?? …. No ?
I scooped up the last of my lunch and got ready to finish it up the moment I was done swallowing the rice I have in my mouth.
Faye ; 825 thousand…. Within an hour… that is impressive….
I raised an eyebrow and looked at Faye .

James ; What are you talking about ??
Faye : Oh.. you don’t know…. Hahaha
James : About what ?
Faye : Crystal ….. you just help her make 825k with the little game you played….
James : what !….
Faye : well.. that’s gross profit actually…. Nett of the amount she needs to pay her crew and those who took up the bets…. I would put the figure at around…. 600 ish… give and take… and how much is your cut  James ? ….. hahaha

I was speechless as I looked at Faye.
Faye : Oops… did I say something I should not have ?? … oh dear…. I remembered… Interns are not allowed in on the cut….. hahaha…
I sighed and finished up the last scoop of my lunch.
I looked over at Olivia and her friends.
They were talking softly, sipping their hot soup with rice for lunch.
I could feel the reaction in my pants the moment I look at them. I directed my eyes to the rest of the lunch crowd.
Men of different ages, some with wedding rings on their fingers. Most of them were stealing glances at that table as they eat.
This is hormones at play isn’t it ?
We are nothing but the male species looking at the opposite sex of breeding age.
Our eyes appraised their looks, their beauty. The healthy glow on their skin. The sexy and well kept body, perfect for child bearing.
I blinked and looked back at Faye who was eager to continue our conversation.
Faye : Well… I know my game isn’t exactly …. You know…. High tech…. but it’s the brutality of it that appeals don’t you think ??
James : I’m … I’m not playing in that game…. If that is what you to talk to me about….
Faye snapped her fingers and gave a whoop, startling the surrounding tables.
Her outburst drew the attention of Olivia’s table as well and she looked over.
I saw her frown and I felt the twitch in my cock.
Her obvious displeasure was written all over her face. She is not happy that I’m hanging out with Faye but what can I do ?
Faye just came to me. I can’t possibly run away with my lunch or something in the middle of the foodcourt.
Faye ; You know James… that… is exactly what I want to hear from you…
James ; huh ?? what ??
Faye ; yes…. Your choice of words….
I shook my head and got up to return my food tray.

Faye chuckled and left her lunch at the table and she linked arms with me in front of the whole word.
I panicked and instinctively I looked towards Olivia and her friends who was looking over as well.
From the look on Olivia’s face, I would surely get a good verbal fuck from her later on in the office.
I need to explain this situation to her once and for all later.
Faye ; You see James…. You said… you will not play in ‘ that ‘ game….. which to me…. Meant that you are open to playing in other games….
James : What ! ? …. Where is the logic in that ?!!
Faye : It’s the subconscious things you say that gets noticed…. Hahah…. You’re excited… you’re curious…. You want to go down the rabbit hole and see where this all leads don’t you…. ?? … I take it as you are not opposed to playing in my other creations then… hahah…

James : No… no I don’t … and… and please don’t… don’t link arms with me here… a lot of people are looking at us….
Faye ; you’re shy now ?? haha… were you shy when we were at the hotel and you know you are going to fuck me ??
I tried to release myself from her hold as Faye laughed.
James : let me go… people are looking…
Faye : alright… I’ll let go and get working on it then… hahaha…
I quickly entered the lift and went back up into the sanctuary of my work station. She’s clearly mad.
Then I did something I should have done the very first day. I turned the knob and locked the door.
I got back to my seat and started working on the assignment Olivia gave me that morning.
The phone on the desk rang and I pick it up, disengaged it and left it there. Fuck the phone calls.
I don’t care.
I heard someone knocking on the door 30 minutes later.
Faye ; James… it’s me… open up….
James : I’m busy….
Faye ; Oh…. Are you ? …. Hahahaha….. well… I’ll see you later then… hahaha…
I did no even let the cleaning lady in to empty the trash can and for once, I enjoyed the peace in the room when I did my work.
There is water from the fridge. There’s a coffee machine.
Hell at 3.30pm, I finally decided to fuck it all and take a shower.
Fuck it feels good to have a hot shower in the middle of a work day and I came out feeling refreshed.

Olivia’s task for me was almost done too .
I’ll take the opportunity to explain my situation with Faye, but I would have to leave out certain details though.
Olivia must not know how much I knew about the games the company is organising.
Olivia knocked on the door asking why did I shut myself inside the room.
Olivia: Are you ok James ??
James : Y… yes… I’m ok…  Olivia.. i… I need to talk to you….
I did not even give her a chance to reply me.
I started blabbering what I had rehearsed earlier.

I told her about Faye’s pestering. I came clean about her making me go to a hotel.
James : She… she… she made me…made me.. have sex with her… i…. I don’t know how things got into such a mess so fast…. But… but believe me… i… I really don’t want anything to do with her….
I told Olivia that it was Faye that is the one pestering me.
James : I… I had to lock myself in the room to get her away from me….

Olivia put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and it melted the fatigue of the day away instantly.
That feeling of her delicate fingers. It was amazing.
That reassuring squeeze she gave me sent my cock into a frenzy again despite the best of intention.
Olivia : I know…. James… I know… I….. heard from Crystal….about the hotel…. I’m sorry you lost your virginity like this…
My eyes widened and I looked at her in horror.
James ; What…. How… how did you know that ??
Olivia raised an eyebrow and looked at me as if I said something stupid.
Olivia : You mean the hotel…. Or your first time… ?
James : That… that…. How could you possibly know it was my first time….
Olivia waved me off and picked up the folder I was working on to take a look at my work.

Olivia : James… the whole office knows Faye took your first time….
I could not believe what I was hearing.
It took a while for that to sink into me head. It was such a humiliating thing to be shared with the entire office.
Faye that bitch. If I ever get to wager in a bet with her, I will make sure I win, no matter the cost.
People like this needs a taste of her own medicine.
Only then she will learn.
Olivia broke my chain of thoughts with some comments.

Olivia : Looks good…. But there’s some mistakes here…. You need to account for these as well… these are one off gains through the disposal of assets…. Here… and here….
James ; Oh… ok… sorry… I’ll.. I’ll edit it right away…
Olivia looked at the time and told me to leave it.

Olivia : don’t worry about it…. It’s about time to leave anyway….. go back and rest…. Deal with it tomorrow….
James ; Oh… ok…
Olivia : by the way….I’m flying for work tomorrow with Crystal…. We’ll be back in a day….do what you can to stay away from her….. we’ll deal with her on our end…
James : Ok…ok…
I watched Olivia sighed and reached for her forehead with her palm as if she was trying to recall something.
She looked tired, exhausted.
I could not help looking at her body, wondering how she is feeling beneath her tight work blouse and waist high skirt.
James : Are…. Are you ok ??

Olivia : …hmm? … yeah.. yeah… I’m fine… why do you ask ??
James : Oh… nothing…i…ermm… I thought you looked tired….
Olivia gave me a warm smile and said she’s fine.
She looked like she was about to speak. Her mouth opened a little then she stopped.
Then her mouth opened again.
I saw a twitch on her expression and she swallowed a gulp of saliva.
James : errr… Olivia ?
She put up a hand and said she’s fine.
She turned and started walking briskly away from me.

I definitely caught a jump, almost like a shock as Olivia made her way towards the door. It was strong enough to make her steady herself on her heels by holding onto the wall.
Olivia quickly opened the door and left the room.

I scratched my head and shook my head.
Weird company.

I replaced the phone just before I shut down my computer and as soon as I did. It rang.
I wanted to ignore it but was afraid it might be Olivia who wanted me to do some stuff for her since she will be on work trip so I pick it up.
James : Hello ?
Faye : Hi James…. Hahaha… how’s your day ??
James : Oh god…. I said no …. Please….. leave me out of your game….
Faye laughed.
Faye : it’s too late James…. I included you…
James ; I don’t care… I’m not going to take part….

Faye : Well…. You don’t understand James…. The game…. Has already began….
James ; What ??
Faye : well…. I take it as you consented earlier at lunch…..Check your mail….
I refreshed my mail and I saw a mail from Faye.
Faye : I paired you up with Olivia you know…. Your favourite right….hahaha…. happy reading…
Faye hung up on me and the hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end as I read through the instructions.
This is not happening.
There was a link. I clicked it and I could see Olivia.
She was at her desk.
I could see her squirming and clenching hard on the table’s edge. One of her hand went to her tummy.

James : FUCK…. Faye you bitch !! Fuck !
I screamed into the empty room and stood up. With a clenched fist, I slammed it onto the table as I tried to stop myself from shaking.
I must save Olivia. She’s in this shit partly because of my tangle with Faye.
The door to my room opened and I saw Faye’s 2 goons heading towards me.
They handed me a box with a full face balaclava including a pair of Oakley googles together with a full body black suit to indicate I’m in the game much like a overall.
They left the items there and went out without a word.
Dear James
Inside Olivia’s vagina lies a device.Form a C shape with your middle & index finger together with your thumb.It’s shaped in that manner with the thumb resting on Olivia’s clitoris and the rest inside her vagina pressing against her G-spot.
This clamp not only vibrates, it closes.  It closes tighter, squeeze harder as time ticks by. The intensity of it’s vibration will get stronger and stronger making it hard for the girls to even walk.The only way to release it is by removing the leather bracing that locks and holds it in place outside the subject’s panty.The key to unlock the bracing of your partner, lies on the bracings of other girls.
Identify your partner via colours. Couples are paired with colours combination.
For eg.Pink Panty with Pink goggles
There are a total of 10 couples in the game.
No one knows their partners at the start of the game.(PS : I gave you an edge James….i gave you Olivia… Hahaha… don’t say I never help you  )
The devices don’t start clamping unless 1 of the 10 has been removed.It stops clamping the moment the 2nd one is removed.

Odd number of clamps remaining starts the constriction and vibration.Even number remaining stops it.
In 4 hours, those with the clamps still on will wish they were dead.
There is $400000 at stake.Those with clamps removed shares the price, those with it still on, carries twice the debt.
If all 10 couples failed to remove the clamps. They will take on the $800000 debt equally split among all 20 individuals.
Unlock the bracings of anyone other than your partner does not change anything, you merely helped them to win.

Hint for all employees.
By 6.30pm, the office will be cleared of all non-essential staff.It should not be that hard to find your partner by then.

Happy hunting.


I looked at the screen and saw Olivia clutching onto her tummy and kneeling down inside her cubicle.
I got a message on my mobile phone.
“ Tick is ticking James….. my money is on you… Happy hunting.. ! “Signed offFaye.

I clutched the mask in my hand and said a silent prayer.
May god forgive me for what I’m about to do.


As I changed out of my work clothes into the ones provided, my head was already thinking about what I should do. There is hardly anytime for me to think.
Time is ticking.
I recalled the contents of the mail and picked out the items one by one in order to rationalise it.
With the key to unlock Olivia’s bracing lying in other girls’ bracing, it meant one thing to me.Regardless of what they are wearing, I would need to strip them in order to access the key.
I gasped and adjusted my pants as my cock pushed against my underwear when the mere thought of trying to strip a girl cross my head.
Judging from the way the company operates, I don’t think the key is a physical one. It could be a code, a number, a chip I don’t know.
I know from this that the girls would do whatever they can to protect their own codes form being stolen. No one will be flashing you their upskirt.
Think of this from their perspective, if they fail to guard the code embedded in their bracing, it would allow others to get free. This increases the burden of the debt on their shoulder should they fail to find their partner and get out of the game in time.
Since everyone don’t know who their partner is, it meant that as long as the guy sees a girl, he will attack her with everything to strip her.
What about the colour combination you say ?
Well, the easy way would be if everyone wears their googles and walks around during the hunt.
The girls, knowing their own colour of their panty could easily identify their partner. This however comes with it’s own cons.
From my perspective, I would have just revealed my card to the other players.
My goggle is light blue, which meant Olivia’s panty is light blue in colour.
Fuck that Faye.That bitch.
The so call advantage she gave me was of no use.
If I wore my mask and my goggle to hide my identity, the rest of the players would know what colours I am hunting for.
I could keep the goggles and just wear the mask, revealing only my eyes, but then if Olivia sees me, she will not know for sure that I’m her partner.
Worst case scenario, she recognises me from my eyes and knows I’m her intern before freaking out.
It would be a gone fuck from then onwards. I don’t know how to tackle this

I started to perspire as I paced around the room.
Should I wear the goggle or not ?
How should I approach this ?
Do I go all out and start attacking other colleagues the moment I see them or should I play my cards slowly and check out the situation in the field.
Fuck. I cursed again , verbally and loudly this time round.
I never knew doing an internship can be so challenging and taxing on my mind and body.
I decided to keep my goggle in the pocket provided and I zipped it.
The mask alone should be enough for now. Looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t think anyone will recognise me from wearing that balaclava. It’s ample protection.
I looked at my shaking hands.
Fuck. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do this. Imagine seeing a colleague and you start charging towards her trying to strip her of her skirt, or blouse, or what if she’s wearing a one piece dress, or a romper ?
My cock got hard and I adjusted my erection.
A chime rang out from the speakers in the office.
An automated message told me that all non-essential employees have left the premises.
Then it went silent.
3 floors of office.

The 1st clamp has been removed even before I got changed. That was why the clamp got activated and Olivia started to feel the effects of it.
That’s fast.
Now there’s only 18 of us left.
800k divided by 18, I did the sums in my head and I felt a shudder in my balls.
Fuck my life that’s more than 44k each.There’s no way I can pay that.
I need to get myself and Olivia out of this game quick.
I opened my room door and peered out into the corridor. It was eerily quiet.
I know the way to Olivia’s cubicle.Should I go there and tell her I’m her partner ?
I heard the nervous clicks of a pair of heels a distance away.
She turned around the corner, one hand clutching onto her tummy and the other supporting on the wall.
It was a colleague of mine. I don’t know her name but I remembered passing by her before.
She saw me and she turned immediately to get away.
Blood rushed to my cock and gave me the biggest erection I’ve had in a while.
I ran towards her and as I got closer, I heard her scream.
I don’t even know her name.
I know she’s seated near the window. She looked like she’s in her early 30s, probably a newly married woman.
Colleague :  No… nO!!! please no !!! ernghhhh!!!
I caught up to her and I grabbed onto her from behind.
I lifted her off the floor causing one of her high heels to fall from her feet.
I rotated her around and wrestled her to the floor, causing her other heel to fly off under a desk. I felt like a bastard, a monster for doing what I did but I could not help it.
I don’t want to take on a 40k debt.
Colleague ; NO!!! please… please…. No!! NO!!….
James ; I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I need to do this…
Her tight bandage skirt was no match for my forceful arm.
I hate to do this, it made me feel sick and aroused at the same time.

I yanked up her skirt, pulling the hem up above her knees.
She tried to resist, and she hit me on my head and face with her hand.
I lifted her legs upwards, dragging her by her ankles for a good 2 metres as she screams on the carpeted floor.
I pushed back her skirt and I saw her panty, the force and jerking motion in which I pulled her skirt up caused it to rip a little, putting me into the shoes of a rapist who targets helpless office ladies in back alleys
The panty is grey.
She kept strugging. I could see the reddish glow beeping on the clamp beneath.
I could hear the vibration.
Her grey panty is wet around her pussy region. The clamp must be both arousing and comfortable at the same time. Enough to wet her cunt.
Colleague : ernngh… no please… no!!…er ghhhh !!!….
I grabbed the leather bracing and I saw it.
There’s a series of number. 3905 printed in orange. It must be for the orange panty.It was on stencilled on a card like device that had 10 digits on it about half the size of your credit card. All these tucked neatly by the waist band of the bracing.
James : I’m sorry… I’m… sorry….
I let her go as she collapsed onto the floor, sobbing and crying as she tried to pull her skirt down to cover her modesty. I committed the number to memory and got up to run off. I don’t want to stay around long enough for her to know who I am in real life.
It would be fucking awkward to walk pass each other at work after doing this to her.
I feel like shit for doing that but the arousal I was getting is out of this world.
I could not come to terms with what this internship is doing to me.
 Just as I was getting out, the screams and commotion caught the attention of other hunters like me.
I stood up and I saw 3 of them appearing at the same time along the corridor.
I backed away and started to run.

When I turned back to look at that female colleague, she was screaming for help as the 3 hunters descended on her like zombies feasting on a meal.
Colleague : ernghhh.. no !!.. no !! ernghhhhhhhhh!!!!
I turned back and realised they were not only getting the code, they were stripping her of her top. They were laughing and taking the opportunity to molest her.
They tore off her bra. They even yanked off her skirt, leaving her stark naked with exception of her bracing and the sole panty she was wearing. One took her bra cup and started sniffing and licking, laughing at the same time.
The other spread her legs and took the chance to kiss her private region. I saw him yank the bracing to the side to bite on her panty and suck on the cunt juice that was leaking out from her stimulated vagina.
It was a terrible sight to behold.
I took one last look as one of them started to suck on her tits as she hit him on his head.
The other 2 just ran away after getting the code.
I felt a chill in my spine as it finally dawned on me what is going through the heads of these people.
Everyone volunteered.
No one is breaking any laws.
Chances are you’ve seen each other around in office but with the mask on, perhaps they don’t know who you are.
If you don’t do things like these now, you would never get a chance to do it.
I could feel a patch of wetness around my groin.
I don’t know if I can bring myself to do this to my colleagues. Would you be able to do this ?
Or rather, would you be able to resist doing this to your hottest colleague, or the one wearing the tightest dress or skirt knowing there will be no consequence at all ?
The screams seared itself into my eardrums as the girl on the floor pleaded with the guy to stop.
I forced myself to keep moving as I head towards Olivia’s office.
Pushing my way into her cubicle, I found it empty.
She’s not there.
I ran back out into the office corridor and I saw another girl appeared at the staircase.
This girl.
This I remember.
She looked up, our eyes met.
Before she could scream. I saw a pair of hands grabbed her from behind, pulling her into the staircase.
I was about to go for her when I saw Olivia appeared from a few cubicles away.
Olivia : Valarie !!!
One of her hand was clutching her tummy, the other reaching out halfway into the air for her friend.
Before she could continue, she realised my presence.
I saw the look of fear in her eyes as our eyes met.
My mouth opened, I wanted to tell her I’m with her. I’m on her side.
I want to tell Olivia I will protect her.
Before I could do that, the guy sucking on the 1st girls tits appeared from round the corner, panting and laughing.
Olivia gasped and turned to register his presence.
Olivia : oh my god… erngh….erngh…. ergnhhh!!
She tried to fight the arousal and squeeze of the clamp to get away from both of us but there’s no way she can make it at that speed.
The sound of Valarie screaming in the staircase flooded the office.
Valarie :erNHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ernnhh!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia : Valarie !!!!
The tit sucking guy ran over and dove for Olivia.
Fuck this.
It’s now or never.

I ran towards Olivia as well, plotting a collision course with him.
He leap the same time I did.
James : arenghhh!!! arGHHHHHHHHH!
Our bodies connected and I drove him into a cubicle, knocking over a pedestal and yanking a monitor off the work desk. The impact caused a domino effect on a row of documents.

I struggled with the guy and we tussled and rolled on the floor.
He yanked a portion of my mask off, revealing half my face. I turned away from him in time to get off but Olivia saw me.
She saw half my face and knew it was her intern.
Olivia ; GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivia’s eyes widened as she staggered a couple of steps backwards before hitting the desk of a work desk. I pulled the mask back on and put a finger to my lips at Olivia.
The guy got back up and I managed to push him away with a combination of a shoulder ram and head butt.

Guy ; Olivia… hahahah… hahah… Olivia… you are fucking… hot… I’m going to fucking strip you !!.. ahahha.. hahaa….
He laughed and chuckled as he tried to recover from the floor.
I ran over to Olivia and grabbed her hands, pulling her with me as we ran away from the laughing man on the ground.
Olivia ; JAMES !!what are you doing here !!!
I did not have time to answer her.

I drag her half moaning and panting towards my work room.
Before I could get there, I saw another hunter about 20 metres away in front of me.
My mind did a mental calculation of the distance between us and the door to my work room. The room with a lock. If I can get Olivia in there, I can protect her while I hunt.
Olivia : We….ernghh…. we…erngng… gasp… oh god.. erngghernng…. Ernghh!!! God.. erng… I’m going…I’m going to cum… ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! …. We won’t make it… 
We’re all about 10 metres away.

I could feel Olivia shaking and trembling behind me. Perspiration beads dotted her forehead and face as she panted for air, clutching onto her tummy.

Olivia : ernghhhhhhhh!!!  Ernghh!!!!!!!!!!!!  We…. We won’t make it…
She moaned.
The clamp must be doing it’s job, clamping down and massaging her pussy at the same time.

The hunter in front of us looked like he too was doing the math in his head.
James ; yes… yes…  we can…..get in and lock the door….
Olivia : rennnhh… erngh.h. what !.. ernghh..
James : I said…. Get in the room…. And lock the door….
Olivia ; ernghh…James… JAMES !!
I let go of Olivia’s hand.

The approaching hunter charged towards us, I heard the eerie laughter of the one we knocked onto the floor from behind catching up, his laughter permeated the entire floor.
I ran forward will all my strength and collided with the hunter head on, smashing our bodies onto each other, bruising muscles and flesh as we rolled on the carpeted floor.
I turned and saw Olivia moaning and clutching her tummy as she struggled to get into the room.
She fell, losing a heel in the process with the laughing guy hot in pursuit.
Guy : hahahahahahaha… hahahha Olivia…. Olivia… hahahaha

Olivia screamed, as she charged into the room and slammed the door shut, turning the bolt the very second the laughing guy tried to open the door.
In a mix of orgasmic screams of pleasure from her forced orgasm and from fear, Olivia shuddered and cried, knocking her convulsing body against the door as the guy laughed.

The screams of other girls travelled along the corridor and everyone immediately picked up on their cries.
Olivia will be safe here for now.
I needed to find the key anyway.
I got up and just as I was about to head towards other targets, I watched the laughing guy picked up Olivia’s dropped heel and put it to his nose.

He took a really deep whiff, sniffing as he massaged his crotch, licking Olivia’s heels as he spoke.
Guy : You…. Smell……………….. Amazing….. hahahah …. Hahaha….. haha… slurpzzz.. slupzz….
He took Olivia’s heels and laughed again before running off in the other direction.
I picked myself up from the floor and looked towards both ends of the office.
From the screams, I know there are girls on both sides.

Then I recalled seeing Valarie being pulled into the staircase.
I turned towards that direction and I started to run.


Before I could get to the staircase where I last saw Valarie, I caught up with the laughing hunter.
He looked like he is having a lot of fun and I saw him trying to push open a door to a storage area for ink cartridges and paper. He is totally into this game as if he could not be bothered if he won or lost.
He’s just fucking having fun at the expense of the girls.
Laughing guy : hahaha… open up… open up.. hahaha.. hahaha
The girl was screaming and trying to shut the door but it was too late. The guy already had his shoe by the door. She kept slamming the door against his leather shoe but it was no use.
The door is not getting shut.
The laughing guy kept shoving and he saw me.
Laughing guy : hey fucker… her you…. Yes.. selfish fucker… hahaha… fuck…come and help me quick.. ahhaha.. you noob….fuck… you don’t know how to play this game do you… hahaha… help to get the girl !… haha… you don’t know how to play la…hahah.. you have no idea what is going on !!.. hahahaah

I could not care less about helping him but I knew under the dress of that screaming girl lies another code.That is another possibility that I can unlock Olivia’s bracing I cannot just give it up.
Laughing guy : hurry up… hahaha… I’ll pay your share…..i’ll pay your share… just play first… hahaha….you hear me ?? hey… I’m talking to you… you noob.. hahaha
I ran over and helped the guy push open the door.
I don’t know what the fuck is he blabbering about and I don’t care.
I want to get the key.
The girl saw me coming and her screams intensified, her hands desperately trying to close off the door, knocking and scratching the shoes of the laughing guy. Her off shoulder tight dress showed off her sexy and smooth arms
I held onto the door and I heaved at the panel, pushing backwards and sending the girl back onto her buttocks as she landed on reams of paper and carboard boxes with toner inside them.

Girl : ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! …
The laughing guy was quicker than me.
He immediately pounced on the girl as he tried to pull down her dress. The girl screamed and held onto her dress for her dear life. The yanking and pulling motion exposed her strapless bra within seconds.
While she was trying to cover her modesty of her breast, the laughing guy switched focus immediately and lifted up the bottom of her short dress which was barely touching her knees in the first place.
Girl : eRNgHH!!! No!! …
Laughing guy : hahahaha… fuck… haha.. not my colour… hahaha….. but nice wet pussy…hahaha
True to his perverted ways, he did not just stop once he got the key from the bracing.

He held onto the bottom of the girl’s dress with 2 hands and he laughed and started to yank.
He pulled downwards so hard that it dragged the poor girl across the carpet with each pull. The girl, sobbing and kicking was trying to hold onto her already torn dress.

One hard tug and it was all over for her. The fabric left her body, exposing her bra and her apple green panty.
I immediately reached for the bracing and checked the key.
It’s 4430 stencilled in pink.
It’s not for Olivia.
Oh my God. How many more times do I have to do this ?

I got what I wanted and I immediately got up to leave.
The laughing guy used the dress he pulled off the girl and I watch him try to tie her hands up.
Laughing guy  : help me man.. fuck… hahaha.. help me tie her up and we can have some fun… hahaha….
I ignored him and I stepped out of the storage area.
I turned to look at the girl sobbing as he hands were tied up above her head and anchored to the leg of a metal rack in the storage.

The laughing guy forcibly spread her legs, laughing as he pushed his face into her groin, smelling and slurping up her juices that were seeping from her shivering vagina who has already experienced god knows how many orgasm.
I hurried towards the staircase.
It was already empty by the time I get there. I’m not surprised.
There’s no way Valarie will be there waiting for me.

Seeing her get grabbed probably meant she already had her bracing read by other hunters.
I could still hear the buzzing vibrating sound from the clamp from the girl in the storage unit when I was checking the key.
It tells me that so far no one has found the code to unlock their partner’s clamps yet. If not, with a even number of clamps remaining, the constriction and vibration will stop.
I went down a floor and came to a office I’ve never ventured into before.
The layout is more or less similar and I could hear people running a distance away.
I looked around, it was just me. I kept my ears open, hoping to catch some buzzing sound that might give me an indication of where the girls are.
I walked passed a cubicle and I saw a pair of heels that looked really familiar. A cream pair of heels that I remembered seeing Valarie wearing earlier that afternoon when I was having my lunch.

Yes. Those were her heels.
She has taken them off.  Smart move.
The carpeted areas of the office would have been fine with the heels but there are stretches where they flooring is tiles. The echoes alone will give away their position.
I went over to the heels and looked at the cubicle.
Valarie’s photo was at the desk.
That is her table. Some contents of the cupboard were spilled onto the floor and I saw a gym towel and a lone pair of socks.
I stood up and looked around the empty office.
Valarie has changed into her workout shoes.

I walked on further, checking each and every cubicle and I saw a blouse and skirt at one cubicle. If I remember correctly, those were the clothes I saw Valarie in too.
I picked it up, the blouse was torn , so was the skirt.
Ok. She’s totally out of her work clothes, most probably in her gym and workout attire.
I picked up the pace to clear the section of the empty office. I was almost reaching the reception of that floor when I heard screams again.
Valarie : let me go !!!! erNGHHH!!..er gnhh!!!
That is Valarie’s voice.
I immediately ran towards the reception counter and I was a hunter trying to pin Valarie down on the counter.
The hunter saw me and waved for me to go over.
“ Come help me !! “
Valaire screamed as she tried to fend of the guy.
Her attire is not easy to remove now.

Instead of the typical blouse and skirt, Valarie changed into her sports bra with a loose fitting off shoulder top.
Not only is she not wearing a skirt, she had on a pair of tight leggings she probably saved for her Yoga or Pilates class. To top it off, she also had a pair of under armour running shorts with neon yellow trimmings on.
I saw her sneakers on her feet and was glad that my deduction is correct.
Valarie had pulled them on in a hurry and the shoelaces were not even done properly.
Valarie : get away from me !!! eRNGHHH.. ernnhhh!! Fuck… oh god… enrrrhggg!!!! Ernghhhh!!!
Guy : quick… she’s having her orgasm… haha.. she can’t fight us like this…

I grabbed the waste paper basket from beside me and I ran over.
To everybody’s surprised, I dumped it over the head of the guy before pushing him over the counter. He hit the low part of the reception before losing his balance, cursing and swearing as he toppled onto the floor.
Valarie : ernghhhhhhhh!!….gasp….!.. oh my god ..e rngggg….
I grabbed Valarie’s wrist. She shook me off and tried to swing a hole puncher towards me but thankfully for me she missed.
Valarie ; fuck off..e rnhh… fuck.. ernghh…. Ernhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I whispered harshly at Valarie and I grabbed her wrist again.
James : Olivia sent me…. Come with me…
I saw Valarie’s expression changed as she registered what I had just told her.
She nodded weakly as she clutched her tummy.
Valarie : ernghh…….ernghhhhhhhhhh!!!… ernghh! Fuck…fuck.. ernghh I’m going to cum again… ernghhhhhhhh!!!
Valarie collapsed onto the ground as she moaned, her body engulfed by the orgasm that was forced upon her.
I reached under her arms and lifted her up, my hand touching her soft breast.

I half yank and half dragged her across the office towards the staircase.
We barely started up 3 steps when I heard someone shouting at us from 2 flights of stairs below us.
I looked down and it was another hunter, he too was trying to drag along another girl behind him.
James : Valarie… we have to hurry…. Move….
Valarie : ernghhhhhh!!!.. I’m trying… ernghh!!! Ernghh!!!
I don’t know how we manage to get back up to the floor I started with Valarie moaning and gasping by my side.
I was drenched in perspiration by then when I stepped into the office corridor.
James : come on… we are almost there…at the staff rest room….Olivia is in there…

Valarie :ernghh.. ok… ok.. ernghhh.. god… ernghhh I’m cumming again….gaspp!!! ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck !!..
Valarie squeezed her eyes shut as a drop of tear streaked across her cheek.
Half sobbing and half moaning, we hopped and wobbled towards the room Olivia was locked in.
We passed by the storage room and it was already empty.
No one was there. Things happen fast around here.
I could see the door of the room about 20 metres away.
It was all clear.
We just need to get there and we are safe.

Suddenly i felt a force pull Valarie back.
Valarie : ernhhhg !!!
I turned and I saw a fellow hunter yanking Valarie down onto the carpeted floor.
Valarie : aerhhhh!!! aHHHHHHHHH!!!!
He was fast, with a grip of his nimble fingers, he held onto the top of Valarie’s shorts and somehow managed to get her tights as well.
He grunted and yank it downwards, revealing Valarie’s panty.
I felt all the hair on the back of my neck stand on it’s end.
Valarie’s panty is orange in colour.
That’s the 1st key I got. I can unlock her bracing.
Valarie : ernghhh.. aHHH!!.. enghh!!
I went in and the hunter managed to kick me away.
His shoe landed squarely in the middle of my chest causing me to fly backwards.
From out of nowhere another 2 hunters appeared and the joined in the fray trying to strip Valarie.
One tugged on her top and pulled up a side of her sports bra, revealing her bouncy B cup breast and her erected nipple.

He laughed and he pinched it, squeezing Valarie’s nipple with his thumb and his index finger, pulling and tugging it while rolling it in between his fingers at the same time.
He pulled up the other side of the sports bra and pressed his face downwards on Valarie, commenting that her sweat smells really good, it’s like he was smelling her after her gym class.
The other hunter was helping the 1st to pull down enough of Valarie’s tights to check out her bracing.
Then when he saw the colour of Valarie’s panty, he shouted and pushed the breast sucking hunter away. He immediately tried to stop the 1st just from reading her bracing.

Valarie screamed, pushing herself on the floor backwards as she tried to pull up her tights and shorts.
I know. That guy that had a change of mind immediately after seeing Valarie’s panty colour. He must be her partner.
I massaged my chest and got up on my feet.
Now Valarie’s partner was trying to tussle with the other 2 hunters.
Valarie wiped her tears with the back of her hand as she backed away from the 3 hunters and further away from me while clutching onto her tummy.
Looking at how she was breathing and heaving, her eyes widened as she looked at me in horror. She must be on the verge of another orgasm soon.

Valarie : erhnn… ernghh… god… fuck… ernghhl.. .. ernghhh.. harrrr… har…
She leaned her body to one side, supporting herself on the wall. One of the hunters broke free and went for her again. He hugged himself onto her, plastering his body against Valarie and pushing her onto the floor.
I went over and put a choke hold on the guy pressing Valarie down and dragged him backwards away from her.
James : Get to the staff rest area…. Go !
Valarie moaned as she tried to run, collapsing face first onto the floor before she went into convulsion.
Valarie : ernghhhhhhhhhhh!!!…e gnhh!!! Ernghh!!!
Her fist clenched as she tried to make her own body listen to her.
I shove the guy I held head first into a cubicle, causing another avalanche of documents onto the floor.
I grabbed Valarie and pulled her up towards me.

I barely made it 3 steps when Valarie was stopped again.
Her partner was wrestled onto the floor and with one free hand, he managed to grab her ankle.
Valarie partner : I’m your partner !!!! Where are you going !!!!

I hugged onto Valarie from behind, feeling her slim waist and smelling her hot and perspiring body before lifting her off the ground in an attempt to shake her partner.
Valaire: erhggghh!!!
James :arnghhh!!!

We got away after 2 tugs and the only casualty we suffered was Valarie’s left shoe.
I grabbed her wrist and we ran as fast as we can towards the room.
The moment we got there, I hammered on the door.
James : OLIVIA !!! open up…. I’ve got Valarie !!!
The bolt turned and the handle barely moved.

I opened the door, squeezing Valarie thought first before I got in.
Both girls collapsed onto the floor, groaning and moaning as I shut the door and threw the bolt behind me.
I was totally drenched in perspiration as I sank onto my bottom and tried to catch my breath with the 2 girls moaning in different stage of their orgasm in front of me.

My throat was totally parched.

I went to the fridge and got myself a bottle of water. I removed my mask and sucked in a gulp of fresh cold air.
I hydrated myself, not knowing how long more this will be going on.
As if reading my mind, there was another chime.
“ Ding! “
“90 minutes remaining. 9 clamps remain “
And the announcement ended.

I almost forgot, I can release Valarie.
With that, it would stop the vibration and constriction.
I ran over to the girls and I told them what I knew
James: I know the key for the orange pair… I can unlock Valarie’s bracing.
Valarie’s eyes widened as if she has just heard the best news that day.
Valarie : ernghh… do it… do it !!.. ernghhh…

My cock throbbed as Valarie laid on the floor of my so call office.
She arched her body upwards, pulling her shorts and leggings down at the same time.
She moaned and got them down to her mid thigh level before asking me to quickly stop the clamp.
I grabbed her bracing and I keyed in the number I got from stripping my first prey.
I entered 3905 into the keypad .

The buzzing did not stop. It was still going on. Then after about 10 seconds, it stopped.There’s a delay, probably it takes a while for the signal to be sent to the device since it’s lodge in the vagina.
Olivia :ernghhhhh!!!.. ernghhh
I watch Olivia curl up and rolled onto her side, turning away from me but still clutching her lower tummy.
The moment the key was entered, a latch detached itself from the insides of the keypad and the bracing can be removed.

Valarie moaned and broke down, sobbing on the floor, her orange panty was totally soak with a combination of her sweat and her sweet vagina discharge.
I took the bracing up and looked at Valarie’s key then I froze.
I blinked twice.
It’s light blue.
It’s for light blue.
I turned to Olivia and I tapped her on her arm.
James : Olivia…. Olivia !!!… light blue…. Valarie’s key is for light blue….
Olivia turned and she looked at me in disbelief.
James : Your’s… your’s is light blue right ….?
Olivia grabbed my shirt and tried to pull herself up. She nodded her head eagerly and i leaked pre cum as I watched Olivia reached for her skirt and undid the buckle before sliding the zip downwards.

Olivia : Yes… yes… how do you know ? ….
James : Faye… Faye told me…. She told me she paired us up… I got light blue goggles…

Olivia nodded rapidly. Nothing could describe the look of relieve on her face as she pulle down her skirt, voluntarily revealing her panty to me .

I took her bracing and I keyed in the code I got from Valarie’s bracing. 2287 into Olivia’s keypad.
It came loose immediately.
Olivia quickly removed the bracing and threw it across the room.
Valarie had recovered by then and the 2 girls hugged onto each other, crying and sobbing.
I sat back down on the floor, relieved that I don’t have to bear any of the ridiculous debt.

I watched the 2 girls support each other as they walked to the bathroom probably to remove the clamp from their vagina.
Valarie : quick…Quick Olivia… before it’s too late…
I did not know what she meant by that and I went on to get another drink.

Olivia : ernghh.. ernghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH..ENGH!!!!!!!!!!
Valarie : ergnhhh… ernghh.. AHHHHHHHHH.. eRNGHHH!!!!!

I thought nothing of their screams as it’s probably the feeling of sliding the clamp out from their cunts.
Imagine it being constricted so tightly around their privates. It would be hell to try and pull it out.
However when 5 minutes later, I heard the girls moan and groan in the bathroom, I went over and knocked on the door.
James : ae you all ok ?? … what’s happening…. ??
Valarie opened the door, her forehead drenched with sweat.

Valarie : the clamps… its wound too tight…. We… we can’t pull it out….it’s too late
I looked behind her to see Olivia face down, supporting her body on the counter top.
James : what do you mean it’s too late ?? … I already removed the bracings… we unlocked it already right… we stopped it…  

I looked at the girls and something eerie happened at the same time.
Both of them looked up at me, as if they knew something I don’t.
Olivia spoke first.
Olivia : it’s not over yet…
James : but… but it’s over already right… we already removed the lock…. We keyed in the code….

Valarie : no…, the instructions is to remove the clamps…. Not the bracings…
Olivia : the bracings is just a mean to keep us from removing the clamps….
James : I… I don’t understand….

Valarie told me that if they had unlocked the bracings early in the game, the level of constriction and tightness of the clamps will not be that intense. They might have been able to remove it on their own with force.
Valarie : but we are too far into the game for that…it’s too tight…we can’t get it out on our own…
James : does that mean I’m not free from incurring the debt yet ?? … then how… how do we remove the clamps ??

There was a moment of awkward silence as Olivia and Valarie shared a look with each other in the bathroom.
When they start to describe the method to unlock it, my cock started getting harder and harder.
My cock pushed harder and harder against my underwear.
I looked at them in disbelief.

James : who…. Who the fuck….. thinks of such a device…. ?
Olivia : perhaps… one day you will meet him… he…

Without warning, both girls collapsed onto the floor, clutching onto their privates.
The buzzing started again.
Olivia :ernghhhhh!!!! Erngh !!!
Valarie :ernghhh!!!.. ernghhh!!! aHHH!!!
James :what… what is going on ??

The constriction started again.
I did the math again in my head.
No, it doesn’t add up.

Removing Valarie’s bracing earlier stopped the buzzing. Removing Olivia’s one meant there’s 7 left, although it should start up again, but I already disabled hers.
Why is it vibrating again ?
The chime happened
“ Ding”
“ 70 Minutes remaining. 7 clamps remaining. “

Clamps. The announcement said clamps. Fuck, unless it just so happens that when I disabled Valarie’s clamp, someone removed one and stopped the devices.
I went to my terminal and read the mail once more.
James : fuck….

Clamps. Not bracings.
This explains the delay in the device stopping when I unlocked the bracing for Valarie. It was sheer dumb luck the vibration stopped when I removed it for Valarie.
The devil really is in the details.
Someone must have removed another one, causing all the clamps to start up again.The girls moans filled up the room as they writhed on the floor.

Olivia : ernghhhh!!.. enghh!!! JAMES!!!…ernghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valarie : erNGHHH!!! JAMES!!!! Hurry !!!!! AENGHHHH!!..hurry !!!

As if the pressure to remove the clamps were not enough, the hammering started at the door.
Laughing hunter : hahahahahahahaha… Open up… Open up.. Open up……. Olivia… ahhahahaha… Olivia !!!! hahahaha….
His crazed laughter made me remember something he said.

He said I don’t know how to play this game. He said I don’t know what is going on.
All the pieces fell into place.
It’s not just about pairing up with your partner or ripping skirts and dress off.
The real fun…… is removing the clamps.
And the icing on the cake….. is seeing the girl begging you to do it.


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