The clock on the display ticked towards 6pm and I remained in my seat.
Images of what happened between Faye and I kept replaying in my head.
I felt a little hurt, disturbed in fact. The nonchalant attitude she displayed after spending such in intimate moment with me. It’s like she is cold blooded.

One moment she was hot and passionate, yet after getting what she wanted, she turned cold.
Perhaps I am overthinking, or perhaps it was my first time. That’s why I kept thinking about it.
I touched my cock and I could feel my erection building up again.
Faye’s wet swim suit. Her soft and firm breast.The way she made me wear her swimsuit for her.
Everything just kept replaying itself like a broken record in my head.
The knock on the door caused me to jump and I stood up immediately.
It was Crystal.

She shut the door and walked over to me.
Crystal remained standing and I could see that gaze in her eyes. She looked like she could pretty much guess what happened.
Maybe she could read it from my expression.
That I was fucked and used like a toy by Faye but she was not interested in that.
Crystal : What did Faye ask you to do. ?

James : huh… what do you mean ?
Crystal : Faye…. You spent the afternoon with her…. What did she want you to do.?
James : She….she… i….
I mustered up enough courage and said something that Crystal could probably guess.
James : I had sex with her..

Crystal remain expressionless and she asked me the same question again.
Crystal : I don’t care that you have sex with her…. Faye has sex with everyone she can get hold of with a cock….. I want to know what she wants you to do ..
James :huh ? … nothing…. She … she didn’t ask me to do anything…
Crystal : Liar.. !….
James : What ? ..!
I could see Crystal was on the verge of losing her patience.
I had already fucked up my relationship with Olivia on the first day, now this.
I think my internship is officially over.
Crystal : You spend an entire afternoon with Faye…. A scheming bitch like her… you expect me to believe she did not ask you to do anything ? !!
James : Crystal … it’s the truth…. She did not ask me to do anything… after…. After we fucked…. She.. she just asked me to go…. To come back here…
Crystal shook her head at me.
I could see the obvious disappointment in her eyes.
I’ve never felt so wronged in my life.
Crystal ; James ….. Olivia hired you….. I would have thought you know where your loyalty should lie…..
I was on the verge of tears as I tried to explain myself to Crystal .
This is absurd.
Faye really did not ask me to do anything.
James : It’s the truth Crystal …!… other that the spy cam on Olivia, she did not ask anything else of me….. I already told you about the camera…. i… i…
Crystal took a deep breath and held up her hand at me.
Crystal : alright James… enough…fine…. Ok.. fine…
James : Crystal I !!…
Crystal  : I don’t blame you….. Faye has the money and the influence…. I just hope you choose the right side….
Before I could say anything else, Crystal walked out of the room, leaving me shell shocked.
Things are getting out of hand.
It was then I realised what had just happened. I’m isolated.
I’m alone.
There is no one I can turn to.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I got.
I shut down my terminal and decide to leave for the day.
If I get a chance to fuck Faye again, I would rape her like a slut and make her scream.
This is all her fault.
I went to the lift lobby and waited for the lift to arrive.
I have yet to even wash up properly after the session with Faye. My underwear is probably stained with my own precum and her cunt juices.
I entered the lift alone and the lift car stopped after 2 floors.
I stepped aside and waited for other passengers to enter the lift car.
There was no one so I hit the close button.
Before the lift car could close, the door opened again.
I held the lift and waited, there was no one coming in.
Curious, I stepped out into the lobby and take a look.
The same place Faye took my file some time ago. The reception is empty but the door leading into the office is ajar.
I don’t know why but curiosity got the better of me.
I walked towards the opened door and I peek in.
There was no one in there either.
Another door at the end of that lounge like area is open as well.
I walked towards that door and I could hear some people talking.
I peeked in and my heart immediately flew into my mouth as I saw the 2 guys that wrestled the man from my room earlier that morning inside. They were standing beside their trolley with their backs facing me.
My heart beat really fast as I quickly hid behind the door.
There was someone on the trolley dressed like a patient. I could not make out the face or if it’s a guy or a girl.
The person was wearing a surgical cap and mask as if they were about to go head into a surgery.
One thing I could see clearly though that person was restrained to the trolley.
Both wrists and ankles were secured by black leather cuffs to the trolley handle.
I heard someone call out from deeper inside the room and immediately the footsteps of them moving away rang out. I could hear the pair of footsteps moving away.
I waited for a few more seconds before I stole another peep.
The corridor is empty, only the trolley and the person on it remained.
I looked behind my back and I stepped into the room. Walking briskly towards the person on the trolley, I was determined to talk to the person.
I have so many questions.
As I got closer, I realise that the person on the trolley is a woman. A female.
There was a hint of familiarity as I got within mere steps of the trolley.
I reached for the face mask and pulled it down.
James : Gasp !!!!
I stepped back and I looked around my vicinity.
What is going on ?
Sitting on the trolley is Olivia.
She looked like she is unconscious. She’s striped down to her bare body with only the flimsy hospital gown covering her body.
James : Olivia…. Hey.. hey… Olivia… can you hear me ??
I tapped Olivia a couple of times but she was not responding.
I heard someone laugh further down the corridor and I started to panic.
They must be coming back. Looking around the immediate area, I saw a door a few steps down but I will be running towards the direction of the guys that are coming back.
Even then I have no way of knowing if the door is unlocked.
I looked at Olivia who was totally out cold.
Something is definitely wrong with the office.
There is too much weird stuff going on here.
I can’t leave her like this.
I replaced the mask on her face and I ran towards the door I saw.
I turned the knob and it was not locked.
I can only pray there is no one inside the room.
I entered a storage area with a few other similar trolleys and a large basket of laundry sheets. I barely closed the door when I heard the footsteps of the people walking by.
Pressing my head to the door, I could hear the 2 man talking.
“ So… you think who will win today ? “
“ hard to say haha…. Got new contestant.. “
“aiyah…. 75 metres only…. It’s a warmup race “
“ Eh… but then… Olivia first time…. You… “

The voices trailed off and I had to cover my mouth as I tried to make sense of what I just heard.
I heard the snap of the lock for the trolley wheels disengage.
Then the noisy squeak of the trolley wheeled passed me.
I waited and held my breathe.
My heart was beating so fast that I was worried someone would hear me.
When I could no longer hear the sound of the trolley, I opened the door and ran towards the direction where the guys wheeled Olivia.
I turned a corner and a larger holding area of sort separated by a double leaf door with a viewing panel.
It was a office with the usual open concept cubicles.
The only difference was that only half of the space was filled with cubicle, the other half was left totally empty and clear.
It was too wide a space for people to walk, at least 4m of clear space.
It looked like it went all the way along the office before it turns around the corner.
I saw a door opened and a large group of people filed into the space. They looked like the average working staff I saw in the office. They were talking and chatting and they just hung around the edge of the open space as if waiting for something to begin.
There were at least 50 people by my estimate and some of them don’t look like they are a lot older than me either.
Perhaps I can sneak in and blend in.
I took a deep breathe and entered the office.
No one paid any attention to me.
I found a corner and stood there.
Then I heard the squeaky sound of the trolleys again.
Slowly coming into view were 5 weird looking go-karts of sort. My jaws dropped and I found it hard to breathe as I come to terms with what I’m seeing.
They are about twice the size of your usual delivery trolley. It was fashioned in such a way that it looked like a chariot of sort.
On each trolley, is a girl. She’s stripped totally naked and bare.
Her hands were tied to a bar much like the lever you see the cartoons pressed to detonate the dynamite. In there case though, it looked like it was not meant to be pressed, but it looked like a lever of sort.
Something you pull and push.
The ankles of the girls were restraint to the sides of the chariot, spreading their behind apart.
Then I saw the chariot riders appear in view. They were all men, naked to the bare skin. I found it hard to breathe when I realised they were all young men. Probably around my age.
Their cocks were erected and their bodies looked like they were oiled like galdiators.
Out of the 5 girls, 3 were screaming and struggling against the restraints.
It was obvious they did not want to be there.

I heard a loud scream and I saw the desperate struggle.
One of the riders turned to wave to his colleagues and I caught a glimpse.
A glimpse of the girl that hired me as a intern.
A glimpse of Olivia.

I watched the men take their position.
My heart was beating really fast.
The cheers got louder.
Then the whistle sounded, I gasped a gulp of cold air and I staggered backwards, hitting onto a chair and falling to the floor.
As the sound of screams and cheers filled the air, it finally dawned on me why Faye made me do the things I did.


The sound, I will never forget that sound.
It’s sick to the core.
The men behind started fucking the girls doggy style really hard.They grunted and shout while the girl screamed and moaned.
I could hear Olivia moaning and screaming as her pussy gets violated by the cock of the guy riding her chariot.
There was no gentleness in their motion. It was animal like love making.
The men grabbed onto the waist, the buttocks, even the hair of the girl in front of them and they fucked their cocks as hard as they could into their pussy.
Initially I thought that was the way the chariots or carts were powered but I was wrong. It did not seem like it was powered that way.
The girls, screaming and moaning were grabbing onto the bar in front of them.

I struggled to get up onto my feet and I walked closer to the watching crowd.
I need to know what is going on here.
I heard a guy trying to explain the game to a female colleague and I took the chance to eavesdrop on them.
The hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end and my cock rose to its full erection as I took in every word.
Now, upon starting, all 5 carts are moving at a constant speed of 5km/h . It’s fixed.There is an electric motor that powers each chariot like cart.
The bar which the girls were tired to were pressure sensitive brakes.
The harder they squeeze the bars, the more the brakes was applied to the cart, thereby slowing it down.
Why would they do that if this is a race you ask ?
It appears as if there are 2 races going on at the same time.

For the girls, their ordeal ends the moment the car reaches the finish line.
So , there was no reason for them to apply the brakes at all.
This is where the guys race comes in.
The guys are racing to see who finishes last.
In short, girls want it to end fast, while the guys are challenging to see whose cart is the slowest.
By fucking the girls really hard in their cunt, they caused a natural body reaction.
What do you do when you are in pain ?
You contract your muscles, onto whatever you are holding. The same as you biting down on a cloth or a knife if someone is trying to remove a bullet from your leg in a Hollywood movie.
For the guys, the harder they fuck, the more pain they caused the girl, the stronger the pressure applied on the brakes, causing the carts to go slower.
Nothing I ever heard in my life could describe the medley or moans and cries I was hearing.
I could hear Olivia screaming as her vagina was fucked relentless by the guy behind her.
I felt a chill in my spine as I recalled Faye asking me to fuck her hard.
The harder I fucked her, the happier and more satisfied she was.

It’s like she was going to use me for something, or perhaps, train me up for something.
I tried to pick up more from the guy explaining the rules and I shifted closer to the group.
For the women, if they come in first, their ordeal will end.
If not, they will have to keep doing this for a minimum of 5 races.
I gasped at the number.
5 races.
Does this mean Olivia is going to get raped like this for at least 5 more times.
How does she even keep it together ?
Why is she here in the first place ?
Did she do something wrong ? Offend someone she should not have ?

The cheering went up a notch and I saw employees walking along the track, clapping and cheering.
One guy was fucking the girl so hard she was literally screaming and moaning at the start line.
I could see her face flush red as her pussy was ravaged by the guys’s cock and hard fucking.
The guy though, was on the  verge of cumming.
If he cums, it’s over.
There’s no way he can fuck hard and long enough compared to the others who have yet to cum.
“come on… come on !! “
The claps and cheers drowned out the cries and moans of the poor girls on the cart.
I could see her knuckles turn white from how hard she was squeezing the bar in front of her.
The loud exclaimation by that rider was immediately followed by loud jeering from the crowd.
He came.
I don’t believe this.
I saw the girl screaming and shaking her head as the guy came raw into her pussy, giving her a creampie in front of the whole company.
I moved away from the crowd and went further up front.
That was where I saw Olivia.
Tears streak down her cheeks as she gritted her teeth .
She was sobbing as the guy fucked her in doggy style.
My cock was throbbing to the rhythm in which she was being fucked.
My testicles trembled with each time Olivia;s breast were being fondled and bounced about.
It was such an erotic and sick sight.

The sweet beautiful girl that hired me is now being fucked like a whore in front of me. I feel sorry for her but I could not explain the level of arousal I was feeling.
It was out of this world.
Her unwillingness, the whole act being non-consensual, it stir up feelings and emotions I cannot describe.
Olivia’s cart was in 2nd place.
I could see her trying to control herself from squeezing the bars but it was easier said than done.
The guy’s fucking motion was hard, I could see her toned body shaking with each strong thrust. The scrunch in her face, the frown and her opened mouth dripping saliva. I don’t remember seeing such an arousing sight from the years of porn I have seen.
That was the time I think I really fall for Olivia.
Another guy on the 3rd place just came.
He grunted and shout as he pulled out his cock, shooting his spunk all over the back and hair of the girl he was riding.
“I’m sorry…… ahhhh… I’m sorry …”
The guy moaned and apologied to the girl but he was promptly dragged away, leaving the crying and sobbing girl behind in the race.
I was curious about that and I went back to my source of information via eavesdropping on the conversation.
“they are a couple…. Since he failed…. The next rider will be someone else…”
“gosh..really ? “
“yes… he would need to do the race while watching the girlfriend being fucked by another man “
“what’s in it for the guys that win ? “
“ Ohh.. a lot… money for one, and the choice to choose any of the girls to fuck for the next round “
“oh… I see.. that means if that couple who lost, now need the guy to fuck another girl and win….. so he can chose his girlfriend for the next round and then let her win ?”
“exactly… it gives you the chance to save someone if you want … haha.. but you still get to fuck her… haha “
“ this is a sick game… only a sick person could come up with a game like this haha.. “

My heart had all but stop beating by then.
What the fuck is this investment company really doing under the surface ?
I walked back towards the front, eager to see what was happening to Olivia.
She was still in 2nd place.
The guy fucking her had slowed down considerably. Her cart was moving at a pretty constant pace.
I could read the guy’s body language, he was about to cum and he was trying to control himself.
He was looking at Olivia, he was squeezing her breast and fondling her nipples.
I watched him yank and pull Olivia’s nipples as he kept his cock inside her.
He tried to cheat, he squeeze Olivia’s nipples hard, hoping it would make her slow down a little but it was no use.
He fucked a few more strokes and I could see the veins on his neck and body bulging.
He’s at the end.
James: No…no… don’t…. don’t do it…
I spoke to myself softly as I watch him squeeze and dug his fingers into Olivia’s firm and toned bottom.

I was watching with my heart in my mouth when I froze.
My entire body went cold.
I looked up and I locked eyes with someone I was all too familiar with.

I saw Faye sitting across the track with a wine glass in hand.
She was looking at me.
She was smiling as she raised her glass at me and winked.She knows I was not supposed to be there.
I back tracked a step.
And another.

I turned and run just as I heard Oliva scream when the guy fucking her grunted, releasing his cum deep into her vagina, filling her up with his sperm.
I went back out the door with the vision panel and ran down the corridor.
Slipping my way back out the lounge and into the reception, I hit the button of the lift so many times that I thought it would break.

I only started breathing when the lift started to make it’s way down to level 1.
When the lift door opened at level 1, I remained where I was, unable to move.
Standing in front of me are the 2 guys.
The same 2 guys I saw doing all the weird and dirty work.
They looked at me and said something that I dreaded to hear.
“Hi James…. Faye would like a word with you. “

I did not reply.
They entered the lift and stood behind me.
I tried to remain calm.
Everything will be ok.
I heard the lift chime and suddenly a black cloth was pulled over my head and everything went black.


James : What are you doing !!! let me go !!
I was half dragged and manhandled out of the lift.
James : Let me go !! fuck !! .. I can walk on my own !!!
The cloth over my head is thick and suffocating. I can hardly make out where I was headed.I could catch glimpse of the office from the small holes but nothing in detail.

I head the mechanical beeping of some keypad before I was pulled along some corridor.
It must be a separate space because I could feel the difference in temperature. There is no airconditioning in that corridor. Almost like a service space.
There were a few turns before the sound of the keypad sounded again.
6 beeps, a 6 digit code.
The moment the door opened, I could feel the cool air again.
The pushed me inside and the black cloth bag was yanked off my head.

I came face to face with Faye who was filling up a glass with ice cubes.
She nodded at the 2 guys and they left us alone.
I looked around the large room and it was surrounded by half height glass panels.
The bottom of which is all cabinets, while the top were all glass with black frames.The glass though, were all opaque.Aside from the door which I entered ,there is one other door that too had it’s own opaque glass.
Faye : you want a drink James ?

James: No… look Faye… I’m sorry…. I know I’m not suppose to be inside there …. i…. I just wandered about and… and….
Faye laughed and poured herself a drink.
Faye : Relax…. I never said I was angry with you did I ? …..
She gestured to a couch and took a seat herself.
I hesitated before sitting down.

James: Why…..ermm… why am I here… ?
Faye : You are a smart boy James…. I’m sure you know why I want you here …
I kept quiet.
Faye : Look… I’ll go straight to the point…  don’t like to beat around the bush….

Faye told me what I just saw was nothing but a small office competition.
Faye : Inter – department…. So to speak…
She said that it was nothing but a warm up to the main event that is going to happen in a couple of months down the road.
Faye : There is a regional competition coming up…. Offices around the region will be sending their staff down here… for the competition….
I put up my hand and stopped Faye.
Utterly confused, I blinked a few times before I looked at Faye and asked her what the hell is going on.
James: I’m just an intern…. I just want to complete my internship….
Faye sighed and finished her drink.
Faye : I’ll summarise this for you James…I know what you want to ask….
She told me that they are a legitimate investment company witl a good portfolio of clients.What they do, the services that all investment company provides, anyone can do the same.

Anyone, anywhere.
The question is why would their client choose them and most importantly , stay with them ?
Faye : We need to make them money of course… but making them money is not enough…. These people have money…. More that they could ever spend but anyone can make these people money with the right knowledge and expertise……
She went on to say that the unique selling point of this company though, is the excitement that it provides.
Faye : excitement that you cannot buy with money…. Hahha…
As she spoke, her words swirled around my head.
Money can buy you anything. The prettiest models, hot babes, men too if you are into them, drugs, luxury, literally anything but excitement like the ones the company is offering, you cannot buy them through mainstream channels.
Faye : The games we offer…. The challenges…. The risks…. The gamble….. all these…. The thrills…. These are things their money cannot buy…. Only with us are they able to experience truly, the meaning of being rich and powerful….
I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I struggled to say Olivia’s name.

James : O…. Olivia… she…. I saw her earlier… she… she… how did she get in the race…
Faye shook a finger at me as if I was trying to accuse her of something.

Faye: Now now…. Do know this James…. We are not savages…. We don’t force our employees to do things like this….. it’s all voluntarily….
James: She…. She don’t look like she volunteered for that…
Faye laughed.
She told me that it might sound hard to belief but to be in that cart. Employees volunteered, in a way.
James: What do you mean by that ? In a way ??
Faye : Well… this company is about taking risk…. Sometimes you win… sometimes you lose…. You get what I’m trying to say ? hahah
James : No I don’t….
Faye got up and said the moment she came back from the hotel, Olivia came looking for her.
Faye : She told me that you…. Belong to Crystal and her…. And that she hoped I can…. You know…. Leave you alone…. Hahaha… but well…. We already spent some intimate time together right…. Hahaha… how can I just leave you alone ?

Faye said that in the end, Olivia agreed to play with Faye for me.
James: What do you mean ?
Faye : We played a game of course…. Hahah…
James : What ? !!
Faye : I let her choose the game…. She chose it… the odds were with her but I still won…
James : What game did you play ?

Faye : That’s none of your business…. Anyway… I want to talk to you about something….
James : about what ?
Faye told me that interns are not allowed to be at the games nor are they allowed to participate. However, if I were to become a full time staff, I will be able to participate in the game.
Faye : ohhh…. They way you fucked me hard…. That intensity…. I know I winner when I feel one…. Haha… I think you can win….
James : You want me to play that ??!!! NO… no way !
Faye laughed at me.
Faye : Don’t be such a prude….James… hahah…. I’ve been observing you…. You like Olivia…. I can tell….
James : No… no I don’t…
Faye : Don’t lie… haha
Faye reached for a remote and hit a button. One of the opaque glass panels turned clear and I was immediately looking into a room with white tiles. There was nothing in the room, no furniture, nothing.
Then a door within the room opened and I could see Olivia walking through the door.

She was back in her office clothes, she looked a little pale and terribly shaken. She was holding her high heels in her hand. I watched her place her free hand on her chest as she tried to breathe and calm herself down.
She breath a couple of times before she retched and vomited onto the floor in front of her.
Faye : poor thing…. She lost the race….now she got to play it again….
James : Why is she doing this… why are you doing this !!
Faye: to be striped naked….. violated in such a manner…. I’m sure she will have difficulty sleeping tonight… sigh… poor girl….hahah…
I watched Olivia brushed her fringe behind her ears as she tried to compose herself.
Faye : to win… just like you need a good horse to win a race…. I need a good…. hmmm

She looked at me as she tried to think of a suitable term to use.
Faye : Champion…. Yes… hahaha…. Champion…
Olivia stood up and she looked around the room. The door she came through opened again and the guy she was partnered with entered.
He was still naked from top to toe. His cock dangling and swayed as he walked in.

Olivia glared at him and I could see her mouth moving. They were talking but I could not hear a thing.
Faye could see I was interested and she hit another button, letting me in on their conversation.
Olivia : will not win…. Not with me !!
Guy : I can win …….. I just need more practise…. It’s the first time for us… that’s why I came early….
Olivia : You are sick !!!
The guy approached Olivia and he tried to touch her.
Olivia : Get away from me !!
Guy : I’ve always liked you Olivia…..i think I was too excited…. That’s why I cum so fast.
Olivia : Shut up… shut up!!!!! Get away from me !!!
Guy : I need to practise Olivia… you need to understand … it’s for the good of the company….i need to win for the team…
Olivia : Fuck you… get away from me… aHHHHHH…. AHHHHHH!!!
I don’t believe what I was seeing.
The guy was forcing himself on Olivia.
James : Hey… hey !! stop this… stop this !!
Faye : hahah.. why ? … you want to play the white knight is it ? …. Don’t tell me you don’t lust for Olivia too ? hahah… huh ?

James : Just stop this… open the door… open the door !!
I grabbed the control from Faye and started hitting all the button but it was no use.
It was fingerprint protected.
Faye : hahaha….. become a perm staff…and play for the team James…. I’ll let you have Olivia… imagine having her body to yourself….
I hit the glass panel as I watched the guy tear off Olivia’s blouse.

Her button ripped off and her bra was pulled as she tried to fight him off but he’s too strong.
He peeled back her bra cups and was licking and squeezing Olivia’s breast and nipples.
Olivia tried hitting him with her heels but he grabbed them and threw them across the room.
Oliva :ernghh… no!!! ernghhhhh stop… stop!! Ernghh…!!!
I watched helplessly as he pinned Olivia down, spread her legs while her skirt was pushed and bunched around her waist.
He pushed aside the panty and I could see him pull out the panty liner as he tried to push his cock into Olivia’s vagina.
Olivia : ernghhhh stop !!.. stop!!!

James: Faye stop this… stop… ok… ok… anything… I’ll do it… I’ll play for the team….
Faye : really ? hahah… good… !
Faye tapped a message into her phone and the same 2 guys appeared inside the room Olivia was in and they pulled the guy away from her.
He was kicking and screaming as he was being forcibly pulled away and out of the room.
Olivia screamed and sobbed on the floor and she buried her head in her hand.
Faye : ok… now…. I’ll leave it to you to tell Olivia then….hahah
James: Tell her what ?!!
Faye : Tell her that the next race… you will be playing it with her….
Before I could get over the shock of what was just said, the door to the room opened and I saw Crystal walk into the room.
She looked pissed and mad.
She saw Olivia in that glass room and she turned her attention to Faye.

Crystal : Is there a need for this ?
Faye : for the company’s interest…. I think its necessary….
The 2 woman stared at each other and I could feel the tension within the room.
Their obvious beef with each other must go way back.
Faye : I already have my champion right here…. Haha
Crystal : don’t speak so fast Faye…..
Faye : oh… why is that ??
Crystal : Because you don’t know which side is your Champion going to play for yet…
Faye’s eyes narrowed as she resumed her staring match with Crystal .

Crystal : Don’t forget…. I can give him Olivia too… and so much more….
Faye slammed her glass on the table, that was the first time I saw her losing her composure.

I swallowed a gulp of saliva when I saw Faye’s 2 henchmen entered the room upon hearing the clam of the glass.
Barely 30 seconds later, I saw another 2 guys entered, taking Crystal’s side.

Whatever games this 2 women are playing, one thing is obvious.
They are evenly matched.

And Crystal, is about to make her first move.


Crystal was the first to break away from the stare and she gestured to her 2 helpers how proceeded to escort me out of the room.
Faye : This is not over Crystal…. That’s my champion….
Crystal : I would be disappointed if this is the end of it…..and just for the record….
Crystal turned and looked at Faye before going on.
I could see her give Faye the finger as she said that if she knew I was to be made into her champion, she would have never allowed her to fuck me in the first place.
Heading back out the door into the non-airconditioned portion of the office, I realised I was passing a corridor with backdoor access to a variety of rooms.
There were no labels on the doors and each came with it’s own keypad.
The whole corridor is white , even the doors are white.

It looked like it was constructed in a circular loop, there was no indication of where we are. No exit signs, nothing.
If it was just me running around in here, I would probably be lost and just going around in circles.
Crystal and her guys seemed to know exactly where to go and they stopped at a door.
Crystal told her guys to leave us alone as she unlocked the keypad and we walked into a storage area of sort.
After the door behind us closed, there was a soft hiss as another door slide open in front of us, bringing us back to the lounge area beside the reception.
I followed Crystal through and turned around in amazement.The door closed and it blended back with the row of filing cabinets. There’s no way anyone would have known there is a door there just by looking at it.
Crystal turned around and she folded her arms before speaking.
I could tell from her body language that it would probably be wide not to speak right then and just listen.
Crystal : I don’t want to hear anything from you…. I don’t want you to say anything…. Not to anyone, not to Olivia…. She must not know… you understand ??
I nodded.
There was nothing else for me to say.
Crystal : Go home… sleep it off…. And I see you in office tomorrow…. We’ll talk tomorrow.

She released her arms and I took that as a sign the conversation is over.
I hurried to the lift and hopped on the first train that arrived to get home.
I must have spent at least 20 minutes in the shower.
My cock is swollen and throbbing, begging for a release.
I wanted to wank myself of so bad. The feeling of losing my virginity, the tightness and warm of being able to slide my cock into Faye.
The sensation of pushing and fucking her so hard that her whole body was shaking kept coming back to me. How could I forget about Olivia.
Her tight package of a body shaking as she gets raped on a cart in full view of her colleagues.
Everytime I pictured her breast bounce, my cock would throb.
I could hear her moan, that hardness in which it came out. It sounded so genuine , unlike any of those fake moans I hear in the porn videos I saw.
Those were a far cry from what I heard that day.
That sharp, breathe taking ‘ Ergnnnnnh! ‘
There was so much more depth and feel to that moan from the ones I;ve heard throughout the years of surfing porn.
Her frown, her opened mouth, that gasping of air while her saliva falls from her lush lips.
It was the most sexy sight I have ever saw.
I wanted to cum, to shoot out my semen while I picture I was doing Olivia but I stopped short of doing so.
My image of Olivia was of her facing me, looking at me, kissing me as she asked me to fuck her. I realised with such an arousing image, my cock was not hard enough. In fact , it was getting soft.
Why ?
Why am I getting soft when such an image is being projected ?
Then I changed my perspective in my head.
I pictured myself behind Olivia,I pictured her begging me not to do it.
I imagined her shaking her head, pleading and begging.
My cock got rock hard as I filled my ears with her moans and pleas while I flood my head with images with her tugging and resisting against her leather cuffs.
The more I thought about it, the harder my cock gets.
Until the point I pictured myself sliding into her unwilling cunt, I squirted precum and I stroked myself to a grand orgasm, mixing my shower runoff with my semen.
I grunted and shook as I stroke my cock, trying to imagine I just emptied myself into a screaming and begging Olivia.
That sensation was so powerful that I was instantly addicted to it.
By the time I was done with the shower, I was so exhausted that I collapsed onto bed without having dinner.

I got to work the next day as usual and went straight into the rest room.
I saw a cleaning lady just done spraying the room with air freshener. She smiled at me before leaving and I switched on the computer.
It felt like a dream as I waited for the terminal to boot up.
The door opened and I immediately stood up. It was Olivia.
She looked amazing that morning in her usual tight and figure hugging office wear.
I looked at her and was full of respect and admiration when I saw her cool and unfazed expression despite what happened to her.
I cannot imagine she only went through the 1st race and there are 4 more to go.
Imagine knowing the fact that you would need to get fucked by 4 other men. Men that are your colleagues in other department, perhaps someone you would have interacted or worked with.
Olivia : James… I need you to go through these, and give me a analysis of the company….. can you do that ?
James ; Er… can… can…
Olivia : It’s just a warmup…. I need to see how much you know before I can assign more things to you….
Olivia wanted me to go through the balance sheets of the company for the past 3 years.
Olivia : Tell me by the end of the day, are they undervalued ? ….. overvalued ? … are they efficient with managing their capital. And will they drop their dividend next year…
James ; Ok… ok.. can…. I will do that….
Olivia ; Any questions just give me a call or drop me an email….
James ; Ok… Olivia… i…
She put up a hand and shook her head.
Olivia : enough… that was yesterday…. We start afresh…. Don’t bring that up again…
I nodded as Olivia walked out of the room.
The thought of holding Olivia’s panty liner, the smell that hit my nose. My cock was pushing against my pants again as I sat down.
I went to my email and brought up the link Faye sent me that allowed me to spy on Olivia.
I clicked it to find it invalid.
Makes sense, there’s no point in letting me see that if she’s not sure I’m on her side, anyway, Crystal knows about it.
I sat down and opened up the files and folders.
Before I could start going through them, Crystal came in.
Crystal  ; James…. Follow me…
It was not a question, it was an order.
I immediately got up and caught up with her.
We went to her office and she shut her door.
Crystal : I’m sure you have a lot of questions…. But I don’t have the time to answer everyone of them…. I have to go straight to the point …
Crystal did not mince her words.
She told me that the race I saw yesterday was Faye’s brainchild.
Crystal : It was well received because of how sick it was…. Do you know the rules ?
James : Yes… .. the… the girl have to reach the finish line as fast as they can… while the… the guy has to delay it in order to win….
Crystal : Correct….
James ; The girls will always lose then…. They.. they need to get… get…
Crystal  :Fuck…
James ; yes.. fuck…. Even if they win the first time…. they would also have been violated….
Crystal smirked as if I said something stupid.
She took her tablet and brought up a window.
There is a list of girls names and among them, I saw Olivia.

Crystal : employees in this company…. Have many ways to make money… on top of getting their pay…
They can choose to play a game. Games that involves money of course. You can carry a debt up to 20 times your annual salary.
Crystal : If you cannot pay…. Then your body belongs to the person you owe money to…
James : Olivia owes Faye money ? ….
Crystal : Yes… she tried to play with her…. Lost 50k within a few minutes.
James : oh my god… i… I …
Crystal : She could have paid the 50k but one thing she underestimated, was how good Faye was with her taunt… She doubled down and won…. Faye paid her in cash.
James ; Then why did she own Faye money ? … she won  ?
Crystal : For the 1st time….. and the 2nd…..

Olivia was up 100k in cash including getting Faye off my back and was about to walk away when Faye offered to triple the amount.
Crystal : 300k in cash…..
James : Olivia took the bet ?
Crystal : I don’t think it was for the money…. It was more of to wipe the smirk off Faye’s face…. But she lost…
James ; Oh my god…
Crystal told me Olivia ends up 150k in debt and base on cash bets policies, it has to be repaid immediately.
Crystal : There’s no way she can pay that…. She could have come to me but Faye is a bitch…. She did not give her a chance to even get out of the office….
I felt a rise in my cock when Crystal told me Faye’s guys grabbed her and the next thing Olivia found out when she woke up was when she was on the cart.
I felt the hair on my skin rise as I found myself aroused by what Crystal had just told me.

Crystal  :The carting game… is a cheap and sadistic game… there is no class whatoever to it…. People are starting to get bored of it… they want something new… something fresh…. Something that can keep up with the technology… which is why… I created a game of my own…
James ; You have … you have your own game ??
Crystal nodded.

Crystal : You make a game…. You must have your own champion…
James : Champion as in ?
Crystal : Something who you think can win for you… then you train him…. Push him… make sure he’s the best in your game….
James : Faye …. Faye wants me to be in her game….
Crystal : correct… but… I want you in my game too…  
I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I looked at Crystal, unsure of what I just heard.

James ; Your… your game ? …
Crystal : Yes…
Before I can ask her what is it, she told me the of all the games created, they follow a general rule of thumb.
Crystal : delayed gratification….. it’s all about control…. You know you can have something… you know you want something…. But you do all you can make sure you delay it , you bask in the joy and pleasures of delaying it….. knowing that anytime it can slip away if you lose focus…. And when you go for the win…. That feeling… … will give you a mind fuck….ahaha…
James : i… I don’t understand…. The clients.. they….
Crystal  : the clients can play too of course …. If they want….. at the right price… this is all entertainment…. And…. Risk taking…
James ; You mean gambling…. Why else would you need to have a champion to win…
Crystal smiled.

Crystal : clever boy…. Now… back to my game…..i’ve tested it with many participants….no one lasted more than 5 minutes…..seeing how Faye is interested in you… I think you might do a little better….
James ; What… what game is it ??
Crystal : It’s a game about love…hhaha..
James ; Huh ? …
Crystal : I’ll see you in a hour… in my office… we have to get ready for the test…


I went back to my room and quickly got back to work.
I tried not to think about what Crystal said to me. I need to finish up Olivia’s task to me.
I cannot let her down.
The hour flew by in a blink.

I finished up my last observation and stick on some sticky notes to the folders for later.
I went to Crystal’s office and my heart was beating really fast.

Faye’s game is already sick to the core. I wonder what game Crystal has come up with.
Crystal was on her tablet when I knocked and entered her office.
Crystal : Good… you’re on time… come… change into this…
I was given a full body suit in black. Something like you wear as a stage hand or something to blend into the background. The material though, is tight and feels silky smooth. Like putting on a pair of tights or panty hose.
James : Change here ? !!

Crystal  :Why ? …. Is there something I’m not allowed to see ?
She said it so casually that it made me feel as if I asked something stupid.
I turned away and stripped.
Slipping into the black full body suit, I could feel my cock getting hard.It’s as if I’m cross dressing into a girls’s panty hose. That feeling of the soft fabric rubbing against my leg hair, the cold air on my cock, it was erotica on a different level.
The thin Velcro that locks up the suit is behind me and I could feel Crystal locking me in as I tried to adjust my body to the feeling of the cold and tight suit.

I was up to my neck in that suit and my lean body was literally bared for all to see with the suit sticking to me like a 2nd skin. Needless to say, the most obvious thing at that moment was the large throbbing cock that was pushing against the suit at my groin.

Crystal saw that I was erected but it did no bother her at all.
I was given a balaclava made of the same material. Afte I put it on, I feel like a bank robber with only my eyes visible.

Crystal then led me to one of her cabinet which magically reveals another hidden door.

I entered and walked into a lounge like area.

It was cosy and well decorated. It feels so comfortable just to be inside the room.
Crystal : sit down… put this on…
I was given a virtual reality goggle and I put it on. It was a full-face customized goggle. Much like the full face helmet a biker wears.
Crystal fastened it on me and I heard a clip.  
It was total darkness. I can’t see anything but I can hear Crystal speaking through a embedded speaker.
Crystal  : testing… nod if you can hear me…
I nodded.

Crystal  : No one will be able to hear you except me… just speak into the mask…. Don’t panic… just relax…. And enjoy the game…
James ; What is the game about ?
Crystal : About love of course….
James : You.. you’re going to teach me about love ? … using virtual reality ?
Crystal laughed but said nothing.
Suddenly I felt someone strap me onto the couch. It was like a safety belt of sort i guess.

I can’t move. I can’t stand up.
Suddenly the screen came on and I was blown away.
What I was seeing in the virtual world was a perfect recreation of the lounge I was in.

James ; wow…
Everything looked the same.
James : Are you going to make me experience and fall in love or something ?
Crystal : haha…. Don’t be stupid… we don’t have the luxury of time….

James : then….
Before I could finish my question, I saw the screen change.
I felt my breathe being sucked out from my lungs as I shivered in my seat.

Blood rushed to my groin as I focused on what was in front of me. My senses came alive.
I could feel the sea breeze. I could smell the saltiness of the sea.
I could see 4 girls freeze in time in front of me as a bar loads up.

4 girls.

One of them is Olivia.

Crystal spoke and everything fell into place.

Crystal : Lovelle, Olivia, Valarie , Elaine…… that’s the love I’m talking about….

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