James caught up with a friend who friendzoned him many years back. Now that he is successful and has gotten ahead in life, she wants another shot. James however, has other ideas.

I was walking along the row of restaurants at Holland Village when i heard someone call my name.

Lydia : James!

Turning my head, i saw a familiar face that brought back many memories. Lydia waved to me eagerly and literally bounced across the street over to where i was.

Lydia : Hey how are you man?

James : Yo Lydia. Long time no see.

I met Lydia when we were in University and i actively pursued her back then. We were close, we did everything couples do. We go for meals, watch movies, on occasions, Lydia will link arms with me for a few seconds but we are not an item. She considers me a friend, a close friend.

James : does this mean we are…

I will ask the same thing everytime Lydia link arms with me like some sad, desperate man. Her answer will always be the same.

Lydia : I only see you as my good friend James, my best friend, my BFF. I hope we can always stay this way!

Yes, i’ve been friendzoned simply because i was too nice. I’m always so accommodating, listening to her complaints about other men going after her and giving her sound advice. I was always there when she called, my friends gave me the nickname of ‘a spare tire’.

You know what sucks?

When i see Lydia getting into a relationship with another guy, and then she had the cheek to come and tell me everything about them. What they did, where they went, basically bitch about everything she is not happy about while commenting that i know her best.

How do you think i felt as i listen to her talk about her relationship when i have feelings for her?

I was young then, unfamiliar with the ways of adulthood but eventually i learnt. I eventually wised up to the idea that Lydia will never be mine. I will never be good enough for her and it’s time to move on. I took the opportunity to cut off contact when i accepted an overseas posting for a year. It’s not a long period, but long enough for me to cut her out.

Lydia tried to get in touch with me but i refused to return her emails and i do not have any social media accounts. Eventually she stopped.

I moved on and i thought i will never see her again but i never expect to see her along the street.

It’s been more than 10 years and i’m no longer the 24 year old kid fresh out of University. I’m 35 and you could say i’m about to hit the prime of my life.

Lydia : Where did you go man? you just like disappeared, you never even attend any of the class gatherings.

James : i was overseas for a while and took me a while to adjust. Really busy period for me back then. How are you?

Lydia : Still the same … passing days haha…

I walked towards the carpark and Lydia just fell in step beside me, trying to catch up the lost years between us.

Lydia : so you happily married now?

She asked while sneaking a quick look at my ring finger only to see it empty.

James : No not yet…but i’m dating.

Lydia : Oh ? girlfriend? i bet she must be hot haha…

James : Not exactly girlfriend, am seeing a few girls to see which one works.

Lydia : Wow…steady la James. haha.

Arriving at the carpark, I asked Lydia if she is still staying at Clementi.

Lydia : Yeah…same place…no progress…haha

James : I’ll give you a lift …

Lydia : Really? i won’t turn you down since we are BFF back then ya haha…

Lydia’s eyes lit up when she saw me open the door to the white Tesla. She commented that she has never been in one and was in awe that the airconditioning is already switched on.

Lydia : Wow James…you are really doing pretty well ah. COE is so expensive now …

James: ok la. just passing days.

I asked if Lydia mind that i make a quick detour to my place to drop off some food for my helper.

Lydia : Wow. you are so nice to even buy food for her.

James : Nah, just a simple takeaway. so she no need to cook.

When Lydia watched me turn into the landed property at old Holland road, she just stared at me with her mouth open.

Lydia : What the hell James? such a big place and you are living in it alone?

James : 3 storey with attic, yeah it’s a bit big but the smallest i could find around her. I like the location, it’s near to Bouna vista where i work.

Lydia : wow…

James : Next time maybe can come over my place for a gathering. Are you still in contact with the rest of the classmates.

The door opened and my helper Sui, came out to pick up her food.

Lydia : That one is your helper? oh my god. Are you kidding me?

Sui is from Myanmar and she actually has a university degree but was forced to take up the role of a domestic helper due to family circumstances. Sui is really fair and at once glance, many mistook her as my sister or even my girlfriend. She falsely declared her age but the agent still got her into Singapore. It was a bait and switch trick by the maid agency, showing me the picture of one while giving me another.

At 1.6m all, Sui has shoulder length hair and a good perky bum. Her full B cup tits pushed against the singlets i bought for her because i ordered them a size smaller.

Sui was practically a scared young adult who started working for me when she was only 19, but i got through to her. I showed her care and concern, i gave her stuff that other employers will not. And you do not need to be a genius to guess that Sui does more than household work in my place.

Lydia : Bullshit James…i don’t believe you…

I wind down the window and Sui came over to pick up her food.

Sui : Sir…the dry cleaning came back, but got missing clothes.

James : I’ll call them.

Sui : Sir, this Sunday my sister off day, can i have off day too?

James : yeah sure go ahead. Sui there’s a bag of gym clothes at the back.

Sui opened the back door of my model Y and took out the gym bag along with my boxing gloves and shin guard, adding that she will air them in the yard.

She even said hi to Lydia, asking if she is coming into the house, if so, she will make a pot of tea.

James : No not today Sui, i’m just dropping her off.

Sui smiled, gave a slight bow as i backed the car out of my driveway.

From the corner of my eye, i could see Lydia eyeing me. We were BFF once, i know how she thinks. I know everything about her. I could practically see how her mind works.

We exchanged numbers and i made the gentlemanly gesture of walking her up to her place, something i’ve done countless times before when we were in our early twenties.

Lydia walked on ahead and called her mother out.

Lydia : Ma. still recognise him? It’s James!

James : Hi Auntie…

I greeted the woman who once received me warmly and commented that i’m so much better than the others Lydia was dating.

After a bit of casual chat, i turned to leave and i heard Lydia calling out to me.

At 33, in a rut in her career, with no relationship and chancing upon a good catch, i could see where this is going when Lydia called me back.

Lydia : Hey James…if you are free, we can grab dinner sometimes…i work in Jurong, quite near your workplace. We can you know…sort of reconnect and catch up on the lost years. Maybe do some stuff together.

I smiled.

James : sure…

I walked away, leaving Lydia with a smile on her face. Oh i want to reconnect, but not in a way Lydia expects.

There is so much i want to do to her. i loved her, and i hated her. Do you know how it feels to love someone and watch her go out with another? Do you know how it feels to see pictures of her going for staycation with other guys when i have a deep crush for her?

I want to do stuff to her, i want to do a lot of things to her.

Things that are too obscene to be put into words.

Coming soon