To help his friend get through a forced matchmaking session, James loaned his wife Linda to his friend Tom for the weekend. It was suppose to be a show, but when alcohol comes into the picture, things get a little complicate, or rather, exciting.

I am a civil servant in one of the big stat board. It’s my first job after graduation and after the initial tough grind, i’m now comfortably in middle management. Workload is manageable and i have a team of subordinates to do all the heavy lifting. The boss i report to is already in semi-retirement mood, so i really thankful for the cushy career. I’m also happily married to my beautiful wife, Linda.

She is very cute and beautiful, standing at 1.6m tall with nice long legs that seem to go on forever. Despite not being a fitness enthusiast, she has an impressive hourglass figure that some women would kill for; well proportioned B cup breasts which are supple to the touch. Her fair complexion is blemish free and her soft features give her a girl-next-door vibe, the kind of woman everyone wants to bring home to show their parents.

Linda has a great sense of fashion too and always looks immaculate in whatever she wears. Whether it’s sexy lingerie or casual wear, there isn’t anything she can’t pull off successfully. She loves makeup as well, often going for subtle yet elegant looks that suit her style. She is also very intelligent and educated; graduating first class from National University of Singapore.

In addition to looking good, Linda has an outgoing personality which makes her easy to get along.

I was truly the envy of all my friends when Linda and i got together.

We had courted each other for a few months before finally deciding to take the relationship to the next level.


It was our first time and we were both trembling with anticipation as we got closer to the inevitable moment of truth. The electricity between us could be felt throughout the room while butterflies fluttered around my stomach as Linda and I slowly stripped off our clothing.

The passion was evident in her eyes as she ran her hands over my body, exploring every inch of me with curiosity. We caressed and kissed each other, exploring and learning about one another’s bodies with passionate intensity. She moaned softly in pleasure as I touched her delicately, teasing her sensitive areas until I entered her fully. She gasped at the sudden sensation, gripping me tight as we moved together towards blissful heights of pleasure that neither of us had ever experienced before.

As we lay there afterwards panting heavily from exhaustion, it dawned on me that this wasn’t just amazing sex; it was a whole lot more as well. I knew then that I was going to spend my life with this woman, loving her until the day I breathed my last.

After we got married, I watched the sweet girl-next- door transform into a well groomed and amazing woman under the nourishment of my love. Walking around town, she was approached by talent scouts and even owners of social escort agencies.

Linda is not even active on social media but anything she poses gets a ton of likes and attention. She ended up doing a couple of commercials at friends’ behest, it did so well that she was flooded with offers of opportunity.

While most girls will jump at those opportunities, Linda was a bit freaked out. She has a full time job as an accountant and taking those commercials was merely her trying to help a friend out.

I was a little taken aback by the amount of attention my wife receives, jealousy often hits me but Linda always put me at ease with her eyes constantly on me. Eyes don’t lie, and from the way she look at me, the way she always link arms when we walk, Linda was never interested in the attention other guys have on her.

She loves me and that’s the end of the story.

Then something interesting happened which changed the dynamics of our relationship forever.

It was a Friday evening and our regular date night. I was waiting at the overhead walkway in Jurong somewhere in the middle of the hospital. Leaning against a pillar while munching onto a curry puff snack, i waited for Linda to arrive.

We usually will meet up, grab dinner, maybe some deserts before heading home to our cosy love nest, a 5 room resale flat just a short walk away. However, that date night is a bit different because my best friend, Tom, said he needed help.

In fact, he is desperate, and he literally pleaded to meet Linda and I for we are the only ones that can save him. He offered to pay for dinner, drinks and he was so desperate, he even offered to give me a Lord of the Rings Lego collector set i was eyeing on his shelf for the past 10 years.

I saw my wife appear amongst the throng of crowd using the overhead walkway, heading towards me from the direction of the train station. I must say, having that overhead walkway is one of the most successful town planning the authorities did for the neighborhood.

As Linda walked towards me, her presence commands attention and turns heads effortlessly. The body-hugging light beige dress she wears accentuates her graceful curves, exuding an understated yet undeniable elegance. The matching heels add a touch of sophistication, elongating her legs and adding to the overall allure.

I saw a couple of teens nudge each other as they look at her buttocks that is wrapped so tightly byt the fabric that they wonder if she is wearing underwear.

The same butt is appraised by a old man with a walking stick modified from an umbrella. He literally looked like he wants to give the butt a few good smack to test the firmness of her skin.

Then her confident stride caught the eyes of a group of foreign workers, who no doubt were thinking of bringing her back in the back of the lorry to their dormitory.

Her beauty is captivating, catching the eye of onlookers from kids to other women. And words could not describe the scowl on the faces of wives when they see their husband steal a glance at Linda.

The dress she wore complements her figure, showcasing her poise and confidence.

Her warm smile is the pièce de résistance, radiating genuine warmth that has the power to melt hearts. It adds an approachable and inviting quality to her already striking presence. The combination of beauty, class, and a friendly demeanor creates an aura that draws people in, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to witness her stroll.

Linda : dear dear!

She literally jumped onto me with a hug and we kissed, drawing the envy of everyone around us.

James : How’s your day?

I slid my arms around her waist as she leaned against me while we walked. We chatted and made our way towards IMM where Tom is already waiting in a seafood restaurant.

Both of us were guessing why Tom wanted to meet us so urgently.

Linda : It’s definitely not about money. He’s loaded.

James : Loaded? That’s an understatement. He’s oily.

Linda : Tsk…

My wife gave me a nudge on my side as i made the lame pun. Tom’s family is a big player in the oil and gas industry, providing spare parts, lubricants and bunkering services. They may not be the biggest, but they have a substantial piece of the overall pie.

James : maybe he wants you to introduce some girls to him

Linda : Oh please. He stays in his own good class bungalow. Has what? 3 cars in his porch, he’s practically furniture in all the top clubs with his own VIP table…girls will flock to him.

James : I’m sorry. I feel i’m such an underachiever compared to him.

Linda : don’t be crazy…

My wife gave me a kiss on my cheek and held onto me tighter as we walked into the restaurant.

Linda : i don’t care about any of those. I’m just happy with you.

We entered the VIP room and saw Tom pacing about. The table has a spread of piping hot food which Tom ordered when i told him we are walking over.

Tom : Thank god you all are here.

He poured us tea and before we had a chance to take a sip. Tom dropped the bomb.

Tom :Bro…

James : Yeah?

Tom : Can you loan me your wife for the weekend?

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