‘Home’ will drop on 1/12/23

It has 20 chapters.

Chapter 1-5 will drop on 1/12/23. (part 1)

Chapter 6-10 will drop on 15/12/23. (part 2)

There will be no new releases on the Friday where ‘Home’ is updated.

1st 10 chapter concludes the introduction, you get reacquainted with the characters you have come to know over the years. Hibiki, Uncle Ben, Jackson, Warrant Soh, Colonel James, you will meet all of them. The country has been attacked, and preparation for war is going on.

Chapter 1 to 10 takes you right up to the eve of the invasion where Chan’s ground troops will make landfall on the island.

It’s not going to be a pleasant read, especially not for chapters 11-20. You will see some characters for the last time. Story is told from multiple perspective along a moving timeline leading up to the war, and everyone has their fight set out for them. Fight itself is going to be brutal, it’s war. People die. Chapter 1 to 10 will warm you up, get you in the mood.

Chapter 11-20 is going to get a bit darker , it brings you closer to the different characters as they make their last stand.

Chapter 11-15 will drop on 12/1/24 (part 3)

Chapter 16-20 will drop on 26/1/24 (part 4)

If you don’t want to be kept in suspense, read it all in one go at end of January.

The 5 chapters drops are for subscribers only.

‘Home’ will be a free to read title, however only 1 chapter will be uploaded every Friday for non-subscribers concurrent with updates on SBF forum.

Each chapter is between 5000-7500 words.

If you don’t know what this is about, do check out the few titles below

Sleeping lion also known as ‘The beast within’

Violence in south asian street also known as ‘Big trouble in little india’

Girl living in expensive property also known as ‘ The house in Bukit Timah’

Read them in the order for best experience.

A cleaned up version with no erotica for the above titles are available on http://www.lucasandk.com

‘Home’ will be the concluding title for the series.

You may know me for my erotica, but do check out my non-erotic titles too. I enjoy writing erotica yes, but i don’t want to be defined by just having a single genre of works as a writer. If you like the twisted plots of the short stories on the site, maybe you will also enjoy the action, the thrill, the heartache and loss in my other stories.

James S


Gentle reminder to all subscribers.

On 1/12/23, there will be no standalone title release.

The 1st 5 chapters of ‘Home’ will drop on the site.

I strongly suggest you read the 1st 3 installment of the saga above before you read ‘Home’. It’ll make the experience more enjoyable.

For the rest who have been waiting for the conclusion of this series for the past couple of years, thank you for your patience with me.

I hope the scenes depicted in this fiction title will never happen in real life.

James S