This is a continuation of an earlier title, Turning my wife into a sex slave for another man (LL)

After James successfully turned his wife into a sex slave for Thomas and Ghim, he soon craves something darker. It’s not enough that his wife is being blackmailed into sex with other men, he wants to see her crave it, he wants to see her dependent on it. A sex slave must be a willing party, one that enjoys the process thoroughly.

Pushing my wife to Thomas and Ghim to be used as a sex slave satisfied my wife-sharing fetishes for a while.

The only rest day Hailey had was when she is having her menses. Women usually hated their period but after the sexual slavery began, my wife began to enjoy having her period every month, because it meant she could finally rest.

She could take a break from spreading her legs and allowing men to find their pleasure in between.

Despite what she is going through, she never rejected my advances. Hailey gets fucked by Thomas at least once a week, often in his car. He keeps tearing her work panty hose and even if Thomas did not tell me in advance that he is going to fuck my wife that day, i will know.

Hailey will come home from work with her beautiful fair legs naked and exposed. If i ask her what happened, she will say there’s a run on the hose and it tore. I’ll pretend to be nonchalant when i’m in fact nursing a hardon because i know where those pantyhose are.

They are in Thomas’ car. They were torn from her body, often with the aid of teeth and very eager hands. I’ve seen pictures of them covered with bodily fluids too obscene to be put into words.

Hailey is being forced and blackmailed by Thomas and Ghim, but i wanted more. A good sex slave is suppose to be a willing partner. She must enjoy the process of being used, she must love the idea of her body is just a piece of meat.

My wife must accept the fact that when she spreads her legs, she did so willingly because she craves for the experience that will follow. The hard thrusts, the verbal insults, the cheap treatment and the look of pleasure on the men’s faces when her body finally satisfied their lust.

Now, how do you make someone crave for something? You get them dependent on it, and then take it away.

Hailey may accept all my advances even though she is not interested in sex but that’s because i did my job as a husband. I was always fair, i made sure she has a good orgasm, i gave her the long, strong thrusts deep into her vagina that she liked. I satisfy her before i satisfied myself.

Now i’m going to take it all away. I’m going to stop performing my role, and instead, start another performance.

I’m going to pretend to be weak, i’m going to try and present myself as an impotent man.

One that is incapable of sustaining an erection.

I want to turn into a weak and useless man that cannot even get myself hard enough to penetrate her. Hailey will soon realise that her husband cannot satisfy her bodily needs anymore and i will push her towards other alternatives.

Alternatives that will make her readily submit herself to other men. Men with bigger, longer tools that stay hard, thrust deep and spread her tight walls wide.

And i want to be there to watch it happen.

I could almost see it in my mind.

Me standing there with my weak, flaccid tool in my hand as i try to stroke myself to hardness while Hailey willingly submits herself as a sex slave to satisfy her own needs.

She will not only be moaning in pleasure, she will also be dissing me with insults.

‘why you cannot get hard? hmmm? ernghhh’

‘Your cock is so small, ernghh…look at the one i am fucking…ernghhhh’

‘he longer and thicker than you…finally i can feel something…ernghhhh!’

I came in my shorts as i wrote down my ideas and plans, it’s too arousing. Too much for my mind to handle.

I kept replaying the scenario in my head and i could feel it consuming me.

I’m sick, and the only cure, is to make my darkest desires happen.

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