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James is a delivery man. He sends food, parcels and whatever it is that needs sending in his trusty van. One day, while delivering food and having a bit of fun with other people’s laundry, he chance upon a situation. One which he capitalized on. He thought he could get away with it, but there are consequences. Follow James’ adventure as he goes down the rabbit hole, from sending yogurts food and masturbating with lingeries, to grabbing girls off the streets for a trafficking organisation.

I never believed in a free lunch, until one was served to me. 6 months after i lost my job, i took up food & parcel delivery.

The money sucks but it’s good enough for me to pay the basic bills. To pay for the little extras in life, i have to get creative.

Enough with the fancy words, i steal. I will steal anything that i can sell online. People leave packages outside their doors these days, they can go unattended for a long time. My delivery job gives me the perfect cover. My favourite delivery location will be private condominiums.

It’s a literal gold mind. Sometimes i don’t even have to steal, people discard things that still have value at the bulk bin or bin center. I will just load them onto my van and sell them off.

Another thing i like about delivering food and parcels is going to people’s houses.

The voyeur in me enjoys taking a peek into other people’s private lives. I find it thrilling to enter strange homes and observe how they keep their homes, the kind of furniture they have, the art on the walls, the types of books they read. It’s like a little game for me.

On occasion, I get lucky and was asked to bring the things i deliver into the house. Then i will get a chance to look at the pictures on the wall. While usually it’s the helpers that will attend to me, sometimes, i get to meet the occupants of the house. Young wives, hot teenagers, or just a single woman staying on her own, meeting them and delivering stuff to them puts certain ideas in my head.

I also pay close attention to when people are away from home, or what kind of security systems they have in place, if any at all. This is how I find out which homes are vulnerable and can be a potential target.

You must wonder how i know when it’s safe to take parcels and stuff from during my job. Well, i have a radio frequency detector, something i stole from my former employer, a large security consultant that provides services for large scale events in the country. I always carry that device with me and when i see something i have an interest in, i will make sure to discreetly give the device i hide in my delivery bag a quick peek.

I have taken Louboutin heels, stole expensive potted plants, delivery of fresh meat, milk powder, and my personal favourite, which is also my fetish, lingeries. Yes i know, i cannot sell worn lingeries that i stole, but the satisfaction they bring is not tangible in monetary terms.

Yes, i get especially excited when i see laundry being hung outside the unit i am delivering to. From the kind of clothes and undergarments, i can form a rough picture of the house occupants. I can look at the kind of shoes by the entrance, the kind of heels in the shoe cabinet. I will write down the units i am interested in a small notebook, along with details of the things i am interested in.

My area of activity is around Holland – Bukit Timah area. Plenty of rich people and interesting sights. I have delivered a single cup of bubble tea to a tertiary student, to a whole Peking fuck feast for a family.

Free lunch or dinners do happen, it’s usually due to long waiting time at the restaurant and the customer decides to cancel their order. From fast food to bubble tea, i’ve eaten them all for free, but this is not the free meal i want to talk about.

Most days are pretty boring, but once in a while, when i deliver to a repeat unit or customer, that is when i get that butterfly in my stomach feeling, especially when i know the women there are hot.

Something out of this world happened for me one day. A day i will never forget. Usually i’ll be happy if i can steal something, even a worn sock or something off the laundry pole. I’ll be over the moon if it’s lingerie, but that day is different.

It was the day i had a free lunch.

One where someone did all the work, broke all the laws, and one where i reaped all the benefits with none of the consequences.

This is a 2 part series

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