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This fantasy erotic title contains non-consensual acts which involves drugging the partner and performing acts on her without her consent. Please give this a miss if it makes you uncomfortable.

James is a sick pervert. He harbors a strong wife sharing fantasy but his wife Hailey does not feel the same way. Tired of the boring sex, he turns to the internet and connect with other deviant souls lurking in the dark while attempting to recreate his wife sharing fantasy without Hailey’s knowledge. It began with a free show online for Thomas, but James wanted more. From deliberately drugging Hailey and positioning her for food delivery riders, to exposing her to private hire drivers, James slowly ventured down the dark path.

He went as far to drug her and leave Hailey alone in the middle of the park while he hide in a tent to see what passer-bys will do to his unconscious and irresistible wife.

He loves his wife, and he loves to see her with another man. Join James as he slowly plans, maneuver, and trick his sweet, decent wife, into becoming the sex slave of another man.

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I have always had a ‘hotwife’ fetish. In case you didn’t know, a ‘hotwife’ is a married woman who is willing and is actively encouraged by her husband to behave like a slut and sleep with other men in order to make her husband aroused. There was just something about a consensual ‘adulterous’ wife that turned me on.

I have been married to Hailey for about a year. At 28 years old, Hailey was a beautiful woman, blessed with an amazing figure. Standing at 1.65 metres tall and weighing 49 kilograms, Hailey had all the ‘meat’ at the right places. She worked in a jewellery chain, one that required her to be dressed in uniform and black stockings every day.

Although coming from a humble background in Malaysia, Hailey actually held a degree in engineering. However, she could not take the stress of the role and ended up quitting within months of starting work. Her family was rather well to do, and honestly, there was no need for her to work if she didn’t want to. However, she was determined to stand on her own two feet, and that was why she chose to take up that retail role in a mall near our home.

Hailey’s desires came true in a way. Her job now required her to be on her two feet most of the time. Every morning, I watched as she dressed up in her standard uniform: a white cotton blouse and black skirt – the same one every day. She then donned a black silken pair of pantyhose, making sure to get just the right fit at the knee area. A pair of black flat pumps that matched the black blazer completed the outfit. I couldn’t help but be aroused by how she looked in her workwear. Her slender calves were accentuated by the material of her stockings as it hugged her slim waist and hips.

I had seen men ogling at her body and she had even encountered a couple of old retired businessmen who had attempted to chat her up and make her their mistress. Some people might get upset and offended when they heard something like this happening to their wives, but not for me. I felt proud, happy, and aroused in the knowing that my wife was so appealing to these men. It reaffirmed the fact that I had made the right choice in marrying her.

A lot of times when I was at home, I would imagine what it would be like if we could get intimate with her still dressed in her work clothes. The idea of it turned me on like crazy, but Hailey always said no. She said that putting those clothes on made her feel like she was still at work and that it put her out of the mood.

She had never been really into sex and all the bedroom stuff, whereas I was the more adventurous one. I wanted to try a lot of things, but Hailey always said no. I tried coaxing her in many ways, but she always felt uncomfortable whenever I made her do anything out of the norm. Not that she was very adventurous when she was in the mood anyway. You see, the more she resisted doing something I liked, the more I wanted to see her doing it.

Yes, I was a sick man and I was fully aware of it. I knew that I married a wonderful and beautiful woman – a decent woman that would go through thick and thin with me, but I still wanted more. I wanted a wife who was hot in between the sheets. I wanted to see Hailey letting herself go, I wanted to see her moaning like a cheap whore while she was pleasured by multiple men. Alas, I also knew that this was just a fantasy – one that would probably never come true. Hailey was too prim and proper to entertain such deviant behaviour. She would not even consider using a vibrator or nipple clamps during sex. What more for her to consider the introduction of another man?

So, I abandoned reality and desperately sought refuge in the world of the internet. I connected with people who shared my deepest desires – a craving to witness their wives enjoying the pleasures of another man. The allure of her moans of pleasure, the way her eyes would roll back in ecstasy as she felt another man’s cock fulfilling her – that image was too powerful for me to resist. With a surge of wild energy coursing through my veins, I ventured into the dark depths where nothing else mattered but my ultimate satisfaction.

The more I read, the more I explored and opened myself to the sick minds of others like me, the more tempted I was to try and do something about my sex life. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life having intercourse in the missionary position. I wanted more. I craved more. I needed more.

One day, while chatting with someone online who also had this sick wife-sharing hobby, The man, Thomas, said that he had two kinds of ‘medicine’, both imported from Malaysia, and that he had used them on his wife. The results of which were great, granting him a few precious hours of fun that he desperately needed. According to Thomas, after ingesting the first drug, the person would be knocked out for more than three hours, and they would not wake up no matter what you did. The other drug was a strong aphrodisiac, which would really put one in the mood for sex.

I immediately asked him where I could buy this ‘medicine’, this cure for my frustrations. However, he told me that the drug was very precious and quite difficult to buy, but if I wanted some, he could sell some of what he had on hand to me cheaply. With only one condition – he wanted to watch the whole process on video.

That was when it really hit me hard. Thomas was asking me to drug my wife, document the resulting acts I would involve her in on video, and then show it to him. Nothing could be more sacrilegious to a marriage than what he suggested. And yet, I could feel a rousing excitement that began rising up from within me. I told him that I needed to think about it first. However, when I closed the chat window, I knew that I had already made up my mind. I wanted to drug my wife and share her with another man online.

When I finally gathered up enough courage and contacted Thomas. He replied almost immediately and informed me that he could have the drugs delivered in less than a week. My heart raced as I made the arrangements for payment. And soon enough, it was time to set my plan into motion.

Choosing the right date mattered; I had to avoid Hailey’s menstrual cycle. Then I wrote down a list of things that I wanted to do to my wife when she was passed out. I bought sex toys – vibrators, nipple clamps, and stuff that I always wanted to use on her, if not for the fact that she would never allow it. I felt ashamed and yet aroused at the same time. If Hailey were conscious, she would never agree to the things I wanted to do, so I just had to make do with the alternative. Do all the things that I wanted to do to her when she was unconscious.

Part 1 – 10300 words

Part 2 – 12100 words

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