I’ve been wanting to roll this out but don’t have the time to get down to it.

Couple of updates to share.

I’m been racking my brains how to roll this out, on one hand, i don’t want to overload the site with too many plugins and features, but on the other, i feel that some long term subscribers deserves additional tiers of benefits.

Many has been asking me to reinstate the download function for subscribers instead of reading the content online. However, i am also mindful of the need to be fair to some subscribers who has stayed on with the platform from the start. It’s just not right for someone who just subbed to gain access to content others have been paying for the past few years.

This is something new i’m still testing out, so i’m taking it slow in case i messed up the whole site.

I’m rolling out Weekly access under this new function first.

A ‘weekly access’ sub gives you access to titles published every Friday for the duration you are subscribed. I’ve dropped the price temporarily, and it’s a really good deal for access to a month of Friday updates.

The new plugin gives me more control over the subscription. I can upgrade/downgrade your subscription and access in the future. It also has auto upgrade functions, Eg, if you stay subscribed for 3 months, you unlock more features and access to the site etc.

You can also manage your subscription via the dashboard after login, Eg, check past billing, renewal dates, change card details etc.

I’m trying to work out the kinks & benefits for other tiers of subscriptions. For Eg, guys who have stayed subscribed since the beginning deserves access to more content and materials.

I’m therefore streamlining the membership into different tiers.

subscribed >3 years – you will gain access to direct downloads of titles for entire FY. Eg, download a zip containing all titles published in 2022 or 2020 and so on.

subscribed >2 years – access to download current/previous year’s titles.

subscribed >1 year – access to download current year’s sub.

There will also be more access to galleries, videos, member’s lounge and much more.

This is the direction i’m working towards. Having access to offline content will make flying less boring if you can grab a few titles on the long flight, or if you are heading somewhere without stable internet connection. However, my recommendation would still be to keep entertainment content online or on the cloud. Just grab them accordingly when needed.

Anyway, i seek all your patience as i roll out these features. There will definitely be kinks and bugs to work through, but it will resolved.

Nothing changes for current subscribers, you can still continue to access the titles as per usual. I’ll be working on the new rollouts separately which may eventually require a bit of administrative work on your end but for the additional features and convenience, i think it’s definitely worth it.

In the meantime, for new site visitors who are on the fence about subscribing, do consider giving Weekly access a go. Stay on for a month or two, see if it’s your cup of tea. When other tiers of membership are rolled out, you can chose to upgrade to it too.

If you need help, get me via the webchat, or email me at James@sensualsingapore.com

James S