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Diary IV

Diary entry 21/1/2023

CNY is really early in 2023. Everything feels like it’s in a rush. From Christmas to the New year, and now to the Lunar New year. Barely did any new year shopping for goodies and for the first time since I started work, I did not buy any Bak kua. Haha

The variety of new year goodies also dwindled sharply, I’m not sure why either. I do eat everything, the usual egg rolls to pineapple tarts and all. I usually shop and make sure there is one of very type because I liked the luxury of choice when I plonk myself down in front of the TV with the family.

This year, I have pineapple tarts, a bottle of chilli tapioca chips and some peanut candy. That’s all I bought after going through the aisle in the supermarket. My wife got 3 different brands of pineapple tarts from different places. Ferrero Rocher chocolates appeared one day out of nowhere, and so did a tin of crispy cuttlefish. My kids told me my in laws brought them, perhaps they think our choices for new year goodies are a bit lacking.

The thing is we’re not expecting any guest this year, we’ll be out visiting most of the time. I felt it’s not necessary to stock up so much at home because chances are they will either go to waste or waist.

Just last night, my wife was complaining that she cannot fit into her cheongsum while munching on pineapple tarts.

Wife : can see my tummy right!

I looked at the slight bulge and then at the bottle of tarts in her hand before telling her to keep that piece for our bedroom fun instead. Moments later, I have pineapple crumbs sprinkled in my hair and greasy fingers wiped on my cheek.

Then I had two pineapple tarts forced into my mouth.

Wife : EAT!…EAT!!!!Married life is about growing fat together! EAT!

It’s a mad rush for work because a few clients are rushing to firm up some stuff before CNY, leaving me with very little time to write. I hope to catch up on some of my writing this long weekend.

The payout for freelance delivery is really good these few days, so I made it a point to grab a few jobs close to home no matter how tired I was. Payouts from these go straight into a separate account for savings/investments immediately. A die die cannot anyhow touch account because that is my fall back when I transit eventually.

Interest rate is also a constant worry because the plan I locked into is due to expire early 2024, which meant I have to start shopping around for an alternative end 2023. God knows what the rates are by then, hopefully it comes down a little.

Since late last year, I’ve started to change the way I work in my day job. I moved away from some time consuming matters which I don’t enjoy, told my partner I’m fine with taking lesser pay but I want to free up more of my time. We reorganized the way we split our workload and I’m doing more of design & 3D now and less of site works and coordination.

This will free up more time for my writing and editing.

I’m striking a balance now between day job and writing, which partly explains why some of the recent titles are getting a little longer in length with richer character development. In short, I have more time to day dream and think of erotic ideas. Haha.

Taken as a whole, I think I’m in a comfortable zone at the moment with a careful balance being struck. Sounds like I’m juggling a lot on my plate, but this is life isn’t it?

Being an adult is like a clown, we smile even when we don’t want to, we try to please people around us be it at work or play. We juggle work, family, life, friends and a whole load of other crap that comes out way.

Everyone wants to HUAT big for the new year, but the biggest wealth is our health isn’t it? I hope everyone will stay healthy, and that everything your heart desires will come true.

2023 will be a good year for all of us, I can feel it.

And to my beloved Singapore, I wish her


James S

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