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Diary III

Diary entry 2/8/2022

It’s a matter of not if, but when.

I’m talking about the two red lines, or to put it simply, getting infected with Covid.

There’s no hiding from it, especially not when you need to go out for work, to do grocery shopping, basically go about your daily life. Try as i might to be safe, today is the day i got infected.

Being rather in tune with my own body, i knew something was off when i woke up at 1am on Monday morning with a sore throat.

I did an ART test the moment i’m up just to be sure but i was still negative then. Still there is this foreboding feeling in my gut that tells me something is not right.

Immediately, i distanced myself from the wife and kids. By Monday afternoon, i could feel the chills coming, a sign of impending fever. Still, i tested negative. I harbored a sliver of hope that it might just be a normal cold. Popping a couple of paracetamol, and lefttose for the throat, i thought i will get better with a good sleep.

What came next was a dance with the devil through the night. One moment i’m bundled up and shivering under the sheets, another i’m perspiring like i just ran a marathon. The fever came and go, it made rest impossible and i woke up in the morning more tired than before.

The fever is gone by the time i made my morning coffee and i did another ART test. When i’m washing my coffee cup, my daughter exclaimed out loud that i’m covid positive because she sees two lines. Then she stared crying.

I was stunned for a second at the kitchen as i digested the news. Two years into the pandemic, getting C+ should not come as a surprise but it’s still a lot to take in for a child who is so attached to me. Next comes the dramatic arm reaching yet unable to touch me kind of scenario as i tried to calm her down.

My kids looked really sad as they looked at me from a distance away, they see me as the superman of the family. The one that can do everything. The one that is not afraid of the dark, not afraid of cockroaches. Nothing fazes papa. Now, they need to deal with me being unable to hug them for the next week or so.

My wife commented immediately that the kids are as dramatic as i am. She thinks they are overreacting.

Anyway, i went to the doctor, got tested again. grab the medicine and came back home.

I thought it will be a good time to catch up on some writing but with the fever coming and going, it’s near impossible to concentrate. Most of the time, i just laid on the bed and stare at the ceiling like i’m high on drugs. There are different phases to go through, my throat is better now and i can feel the cough setting in.

Fever still comes and go, i expect to get knocked out again right after dinner.

Feels like a normal cold so far, hope it stays that way.

Stay safe all

James S

Diary entry 4/8/2022

Today is the 3rd day of being tested positive. A typical cold or flu would have subsided by now but not this shit. I have a rather high tolerance of pain and i find the sore throat unbearable. Perhaps it’s been a while since i last fell sick.

Ever since Covid started, aside from a slight fever and chill after getting vaccinated and booster, i’m fortunate enough not to fall sick. I’m still a little surprised that this hit so hard.

I’m vaccinated with 1 booster, i wonder what happens to those without any of these.

I don’t remember the last time a fever took more than 2 days to clear, my temperature has been hovering at 38 after hitting a high of 39.5 on the first day. As much as i want to sleep it off and rest, the scratchy throat, the chills, the frequent water drinking and toilet breaks, it prevented me from getting the deep sleep i need to recharge.

Nose is block, i sound nasal, and my throat felt like someone holding a blowtorch against it.

Ever since i became a father, whenever i fell sick, i will think of weird stuff like what will happen if i’m not around. Who is going to take care or my wife and kids? Yes, this is me being drama mama again but being unwell sort of reinforced into my head how important it is to take care of your body and health.

The fever tells me my body is fighting the virus, i should do what i can to support the fight.

I’m literally surviving on hummus and yogurt because it’s what i can bear to swallow.

Hopefully this shit will be over soon.

And please don’t do stupid things like thinking you should just get infected and have it over and done with.

Don’t. It sucks.

I should be getting better starting tomorrow, as long as the fever goes off, the brain fog in my head should clear.

In the meantime, i’m counting down the days when i can hug my wife and kids again.

James S

Diary entry 5/8/2022

4 days in and i’m finally starting to feel a bit more normal.

Fever is gone, headache has cleared up and the only symptoms i have now is a sore, scratchy throat. I could feel the spirits returning, had one of the best night’s sleep since i tested positive.

Still positive when i tested this morning, but i can feel my body returning back to normal.

Just some stats on the amount of pills & lozenges i chugged down this few days at point of this post

24 Paracetamol

12 leftose

14 lozenges

8 Vicks vapodrops

8 Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang

Having taking paracetamol for a few days with no improvement, i was ready to start drinking talisman water or voodoo coconut, thankfully someone recommended me to try the last item on the list.

Chinese medicine pills. I’ve seen it on pharmacy shelves but never bothered to read about it until now. I felt so much better after taking that and have stopped Paracetamol. The contents are a mix of different Chinese herbs.

Will continue on those and finish the dosage. Hopefully i’ll be ok by then.

It’s been an awful week, one of the worse week for me this year.

I’m just glad it will all past soon.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Keep washing those hands.

Oh one more thing.

Ever since i have been tested positive, i haven had a single erection.

No morning glory, nothing.

I know sending blood to reproductive organ when your body is fighting an infection is low on the priority list but it got me pretty worried. There have been articles about whether Covid affects erection and testicular health, no one really knows the long term effects of this virus up till now.

Anyway, i will monitor when the next erection comes and update accordingly.

Will probably try and measure my dick to see if it shrunk too.

Fingers crossed.

James S

Diary entry 10/8/2022

9 days after i was tested positive, i’m finally negative.

No more faint lines although my throat still feels a little scratchy.

I feel ok now, totally back to normal.

Regarding the erection, it finally came normally on Monday evening. It just happened out of the blue.

I told my wife about my observations and that i need her help soon to find out if everything works normally. She just gave me the ‘meh’ expression. She wants me to ‘flush out’ the contaminated load on my own before she agrees to do anything with me.

Anyway, we made a date this weekend evening for some private couple time.

I’ll update and see if covid affects couple bonding time.

James S

Diary entry 12/9/2022

It’s been slightly more than a month since i was covid positive. The persistent cough lasted another week even after i was negative and i get this dry scratchy throat feeling for another. Thankfully, i’m feeling perfectly ok by end of August.

My erection is fine, i can still get it up. Managed to convince my wife to ‘make up for lost time’ during the period when i’m down. There is this unofficial quota of ‘bonding’ that we have every month. No matter how busy we are, we think it’s important to set aside time for both of us.

Life fucks us all in many ways, we just have to learn how to shut everything out every now and then. Just go into the little bubble and enjoy ourselves even if it’s for a couple of hours.

‘Bonding’ between us is not just sex, but also dinner dates, walk in the parks, but to me it means sex and activities we do together. It usually ends with sex.

On the writing front, all is well. Ideas are flowing and i have some interesting works lined up for released from now till end of the year.

With everyone going back to office, the food delivery gigs that i have been doing is drying up. It’s almost non-existence now. Weekend deliveries to eateries for my friend has also ceased. He’s doing it himself to keep cost down, partly also because several establishments he supplies to either shut down or switched suppliers.

Subscriber numbers and ebook sales are holding steady. It stopped dipping after a sharp drop in June.

Inflation is biting everyone and i expect the leisure and entertainment budget to shrink for all.

I fucked up on a renovation project last month, lost a few thousand dollars because i ordered and installed the wrong stuff. Margin for that shop is already razor thin, so with the boo boo, there’s really no profit. Anyway, shit happens, i just can’t wait to wrap it up and hand over.

The longer length series seems to be quite well received, especially for ‘My wife became the sheik’s mistress’

We’re in the last quarter of 2022. Time really flies.

It’ll be xmas again in a couple of months.

More and more countries are opening up, hopefully we can put the pandemic behind us by 2023.

James S

Diary entry 13/10/2022

A lesson in parenting.

An incident happened a few months ago. I found my daughter crying in a corner of the bedroom for no apparent reason at all. All was fine when I brought her back from school, she didn’t fall, nor did she hurt herself.

I asked her what happened, but she just shook her head.

Gesturing for her to come over for a hug, I was surprised she did not take my offer. Usually, she would readily come to me when I offered my arms.

I sat down beside her and asked what is wrong.

D : I hate my birthmark..

At that instance, I felt as if someone just dropped a stone down my throat. My eyes immediately went to the birthmark that is on a section of her leg. It’s not big, I can’t say it’s small either. I would say it’s about the size of a small thumb drive?

I have never thought of it as a problem. Aside from the occasional flu and what not, overall she is a healthy and cheerful girl. She is aware of the birthmark, she knows what it is too and it has never bothered her.

To put things in perspective, depending on her choice of clothes, the birthmark can be easily covered up as well.

J : What happened? Why did you suddenly say something like this?

After a bit of prodding, I found out that her classmate made some remarks about it and it bothered her. The remark festered inside her head and finally she broke down a couple of days after that incident.

When she finally held onto me and stared bawling, I could feel the rage building up inside me. I was about to go full beast mode.

Ok I may have exaggerated a little, my daughter is barely 6, but I was still angry and upset about it.

As a father, how can I stand to have someone make a nasty remark against my daughter?

After comforting her and putting her to bed, I could literally see the fire around my shoulders when I look in the mirror. The rage is building up inside me. If I could make a meme of the image in the mirror, it would be one screaming for blood.

I made a list of demands in my head, wondering who I should talk to first. Do I go for the principal, the teacher, the kid that made the remark, his parents, his grandparents, or even the member of parliament (MP) that is in charge of the district.

Yes I know it has nothing to do with my MP, but this is Singapore. Everything is the government’s fault, so I have to include my MP as one of the targets to vent my anger.

Huffing and puffing, I asked my wife if I should call our lawyer and send a letter to the school or should I demand to talk to the kid’s parent.

She looked at me from above her laptop and asked if I’m mad

J : Of course I am fucking mad. That kid made a comment about our daughter!

Picking up Styrofoam pieces from my wife’s latest shopee haul, I started breaking them before smashing the largest one against my head.

J : I’m going to sue them, I’m going to call my lawyer.

Wife : If you want to call your ex-girlfriend, just say so. We only used her once for the house purchase.

J : Well she is the only lawyer I know.

By then, the look on my wife’s face told me I should probably switch track as to where the conversation is heading.

I looked at my wife and asked her how she can be so calm about this.

J : Someone bullied our daughter. I’m going to write a nasty letter, a horrible email. I’m going to post it on the internet! I’m going to hold a card at Hong Lim park! Bullying in school at such a young age! I’m not having any of this SHIT!

By then, it was becoming obvious my wife is not interested in my theatrics as she continued typing away on her laptop.

This is a problem I need to solve on my own.

I picked up my phone and I started composing long text to my daughter’s teacher.

Wife : You should just calm down, find out what exactly happened before you do anything else. You know your daughter has a tenancy to exaggerate like you.

J : NO! I never exaggerate ! this is an appropriate response!

My wife gave me a ‘meh’ look before adjusting her glasses and going back to her work.

Wife : Why don’t you go for a run, come back and then text the teacher.

J : I don’t need a run!

Wife : Then what do you need ?

Looking at my wife in her lacy night gown, she rejected me even before I could say anything.

Wife : We did it last week. I satisfied the quota for the month.

J : What! Has our sacred matrimonial union come to this!

Wife : Yes. Unfortunately, this is the only way to deal with drama mama people like you.

She said without looking up from the email she is trying to draft.

J : Ouch!

I clutched my heart and sank onto the bed. Me rolling around in agony while screaming life is unfair provoked absolutely no reaction from my wife.

Jokes aside, I’m rather upset about the situation and I decided to take my wife’s advice and head out for a run to calm myself down.

5km later as I take the small dirt path I usually take to shortcut back home, I feel much better already. Yes, the classmate should not have said anything mean about anyone, but he’s a kid. They’re all kids.

I took a shower and dropped the teacher a message about my concerns. I phrased my message nicely and instead of trying to assign blame or to seek an apology, I decided to find out what actually happened instead.

I was surprised to see a reply from the teacher at 11.30pm at night. She was not aware that something like this happened in her class but she promised she will get to the bottom of it.

The next day, she sat both kids down and talked to them. She wanted to know exactly what was said.

The boy did make a comment about my daughter’s birth mark, he admitted it. However it was once off and it was not meant to insult or offend. He merely said ‘ oh, you have a birthmark, only boys have birthmark’. That was it.

When questioned about the comment, he said it was because he has never seen a birthmark on a girl before, that’s the reason for saying the thing he said.

My daughter’s teacher was really nice, she took time to explain to both the boy and my daughter about the comment. While it’s just a simple remark, it may actually hurt someone.

Words do hurt people, and sometimes, it cuts deep enough to leave a scar.

The teacher spoke with me privately and reassured me that the matter is resolved. It’s just a small misunderstanding. The matter was closed. My daughter forgot about it and within days, she is happily playing with the boy at the playground.

They’re kids after all.

At our age, if someone comes at tell me ‘Hey James, you got mole on your armpit ah…hahaha…’ , my reply would either me a smile or a ‘fuck off’. It doesn’t bother me because as you age, you realise that a lot of things simply don’t matter.

Why should I be bothered by someone who thinks I’m fat, or ugly, or I have a mole, or a pimple?

Some of my clothes have holes in them and I still wear them out because I’ve got to the point where I simply don’t give a fuck about some things. I shit you not, you if see me squatting by the wet market in some of the clothes I wear, you might just decide to throw me a dollar, or maybe offer to buy me a meal.

As my anger subside, I realised how silly it was to get angry in the first place.

On the other side of the planet, people are dying in a war. Many don’t have shelter or food. And here I am, worrying about a passing remark?

Still, these days when I see my daughter look at the birthmark on her leg, I do feel a little guilty. I mean, she’s a girl after all, and perhaps as she grow older, she might be reminded of the flaw she has on her skin. I do have a birthmark on my body that is barely the size of a 20 cent coin and it can be easily covered up, perhaps it was some flawed genes I passed on to her.

She tells me she’s ok with her birthmark now, she’s not sad, or bothered by it but as a father, I can tell when my kids are lying to me. She’s saying it because she don’t want me to keep asking her about it.

A simple remark can sometimes trigger off an unexpected chain reaction. I take extra care now when I choose my words when interacting with people. The stress that kids are facing in school these days are different from our era.

It’s like their mental resilience are not as strong as they should be.

Everyone gets bullied one way or another growing up. I got bullied too growing up. Looking back, it’s really nothing but I know it affected my mood terribly back then. I dealt with it the only way I know how to. I learnt, and I became the bully. I’m not proud, but it’s a vicious cycle.

I wrote a hand written apology to those I picked on after O levels though. It was my attempt at redemption. Out of the many I sent out, I received only 1 reply.

Those are all in the past now, I still keep in contact with many old classmates and everyone has moved on in life.

Bullying in the work place happens too, passive aggressive emails, snide remarks, they just graduate into a different level.

It sucks to be on the receiving end but this is life isn’t it?

Expecting everything to go our way, it’s not possible, unless you are writing a novel.

Taking 80 years to be the average life expectancy, I’ll say we all have about 30000 days to walk on this earth and to enjoy what this life brings.

30000 days, it’s really not a lot.

Best not to spend too many of it thinking about shit others say.

I’m passed the halfway mark in life I think, and if there is one thing I wish to have for the other half, it’s to be healthy and happy.

The less we give a fuck about trivial matters, the better it will be.

James S

Diary entry 27/10/2022

I’m sure you would have noticed the marked increase in the number of coming soon titles that i have pushed out.

I may have mentioned it before in other diary post, but thought this will be a good time to refresh everyone’s memory. I would say about half of the coming soon titles are completed & edited by my editor.

This means even on dry days when I could not write, or when I’m facing a writer’s block, there will not be an interruption to weekly releases. There will still be new titles released every Friday.

As for the others that are not edited, it’s either I’m not happy with the ending, or I still want to refine it a little more. I would say those are between 80% to 90% completed & pending editing.

There is a reason why I’m working extra hard on having a long list of ready to publish titles. Maybe you could guess it already, I’m getting ready to start working on book 4 properly. And while I still can write other titles during a through edit of book 4, I want to dedicated most of my time to the story itself.

That is why I’m working towards having spare titles set up and ready to go in the coming soon section. At last count, I have 8 weeks of releases stacked up, edited and ready to go. This also means that even if I get a mental block for two months, there will still be updates coming up for the site.

And I also have 4 others sitting in my work folder while I decided whether or not to send it out for editing because I’m still deliberating the ending and certain portions. That’s a comfortable 3 months worth of updates safe in the work folders with a few nearing completion.

There are still a few titles I’m working on, I plan to get to 6 months worth of releases stacked within the next few weeks. That will give me a safe buffer of titles to concentrate on book 4 of TBW saga and I can work on short works every now and then for a break.

I know book 4 is going to take up most, if not all, of my time when I really get down to it instead of writing on and off, so you can say this is essentially the prep phase.

The market is bad, there’s a bloodbath literally in the stock markets and situation seems to be rather unstable for the economy. Hopefully things turn for the better.

I’ve signed for two months of advertising on a popular adult forum, it’s quite expensive. I’m allowed to have a dedicated thread to mention my work and to direct traffic. There’s increased traffic for sure, one month in, and I have yet to break even on the spending for that month. Haha. It’s ok, still not too bad, I think I’m about less than $50 short to cover the cost of advertising that month.

Hopefully it does better next month. I’m also actively looking for other sites for collaboration. Mainly sites or small businesses which I think will complement the fiction titles on offer.

Recently, I sort of got started at looking at plants. You know, palms are all the rage now. I was given a couple of cuttings by a friend and it’s doing rather well despite just being in an old glass jar. Having some green in the house does wonder for the mood too.

I find myself wandering into plant nurseries twice this month just to walk around to look at plants.

Ending this update with a picture of my plant cutting

My swiss cheese palm

Will update my diary soon.

James S

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