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Diary III

Diary entry 2/8/2022

It’s a matter of not if, but when.

I’m talking about the two red lines, or to put it simply, getting infected with Covid.

There’s no hiding from it, especially not when you need to go out for work, to do grocery shopping, basically go about your daily life. Try as i might to be safe, today is the day i got infected.

Being rather in tune with my own body, i knew something was off when i woke up at 1am on Monday morning with a sore throat.

I did an ART test the moment i’m up just to be sure but i was still negative then. Still there is this foreboding feeling in my gut that tells me something is not right.

Immediately, i distanced myself from the wife and kids. By Monday afternoon, i could feel the chills coming, a sign of impending fever. Still, i tested negative. I harbored a sliver of hope that it might just be a normal cold. Popping a couple of paracetamol, and lefttose for the throat, i thought i will get better with a good sleep.

What came next was a dance with the devil through the night. One moment i’m bundled up and shivering under the sheets, another i’m perspiring like i just ran a marathon. The fever came and go, it made rest impossible and i woke up in the morning more tired than before.

The fever is gone by the time i made my morning coffee and i did another ART test. When i’m washing my coffee cup, my daughter exclaimed out loud that i’m covid positive because she sees two lines. Then she stared crying.

I was stunned for a second at the kitchen as i digested the news. Two years into the pandemic, getting C+ should not come as a surprise but it’s still a lot to take in for a child who is so attached to me. Next comes the dramatic arm reaching yet unable to touch me kind of scenario as i tried to calm her down.

My kids looked really sad as they looked at me from a distance away, they see me as the superman of the family. The one that can do everything. The one that is not afraid of the dark, not afraid of cockroaches. Nothing fazes papa. Now, they need to deal with me being unable to hug them for the next week or so.

My wife commented immediately that the kids are as dramatic as i am. She thinks they are overreacting.

Anyway, i went to the doctor, got tested again. grab the medicine and came back home.

I thought it will be a good time to catch up on some writing but with the fever coming and going, it’s near impossible to concentrate. Most of the time, i just laid on the bed and stare at the ceiling like i’m high on drugs. There are different phases to go through, my throat is better now and i can feel the cough setting in.

Fever still comes and go, i expect to get knocked out again right after dinner.

Feels like a normal cold so far, hope it stays that way.

Stay safe all

James S

Diary entry 4/8/2022

Today is the 3rd day of being tested positive. A typical cold or flu would have subsided by now but not this shit. I have a rather high tolerance of pain and i find the sore throat unbearable. Perhaps it’s been a while since i last fell sick.

Ever since Covid started, aside from a slight fever and chill after getting vaccinated and booster, i’m fortunate enough not to fall sick. I’m still a little surprised that this hit so hard.

I’m vaccinated with 1 booster, i wonder what happens to those without any of these.

I don’t remember the last time a fever took more than 2 days to clear, my temperature has been hovering at 38 after hitting a high of 39.5 on the first day. As much as i want to sleep it off and rest, the scratchy throat, the chills, the frequent water drinking and toilet breaks, it prevented me from getting the deep sleep i need to recharge.

Nose is block, i sound nasal, and my throat felt like someone holding a blowtorch against it.

Ever since i became a father, whenever i fell sick, i will think of weird stuff like what will happen if i’m not around. Who is going to take care or my wife and kids? Yes, this is me being drama mama again but being unwell sort of reinforced into my head how important it is to take care of your body and health.

The fever tells me my body is fighting the virus, i should do what i can to support the fight.

I’m literally surviving on hummus and yogurt because it’s what i can bear to swallow.

Hopefully this shit will be over soon.

And please don’t do stupid things like thinking you should just get infected and have it over and done with.

Don’t. It sucks.

I should be getting better starting tomorrow, as long as the fever goes off, the brain fog in my head should clear.

In the meantime, i’m counting down the days when i can hug my wife and kids again.

James S

Diary entry 5/8/2022

4 days in and i’m finally starting to feel a bit more normal.

Fever is gone, headache has cleared up and the only symptoms i have now is a sore, scratchy throat. I could feel the spirits returning, had one of the best night’s sleep since i tested positive.

Still positive when i tested this morning, but i can feel my body returning back to normal.

Just some stats on the amount of pills & lozenges i chugged down this few days at point of this post

24 Paracetamol

12 leftose

14 lozenges

8 Vicks vapodrops

8 Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang

Having taking paracetamol for a few days with no improvement, i was ready to start drinking talisman water or voodoo coconut, thankfully someone recommended me to try the last item on the list.

Chinese medicine pills. I’ve seen it on pharmacy shelves but never bothered to read about it until now. I felt so much better after taking that and have stopped Paracetamol. The contents are a mix of different Chinese herbs.

Will continue on those and finish the dosage. Hopefully i’ll be ok by then.

It’s been an awful week, one of the worse week for me this year.

I’m just glad it will all past soon.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Keep washing those hands.

Oh one more thing.

Ever since i have been tested positive, i haven had a single erection.

No morning glory, nothing.

I know sending blood to reproductive organ when your body is fighting an infection is low on the priority list but it got me pretty worried. There have been articles about whether Covid affects erection and testicular health, no one really knows the long term effects of this virus up till now.

Anyway, i will monitor when the next erection comes and update accordingly.

Will probably try and measure my dick to see if it shrunk too.

Fingers crossed.

James S

Diary entry 10/8/2022

9 days after i was tested positive, i’m finally negative.

No more faint lines although my throat still feels a little scratchy.

I feel ok now, totally back to normal.

Regarding the erection, it finally came normally on Monday evening. It just happened out of the blue.

I told my wife about my observations and that i need her help soon to find out if everything works normally. She just gave me the ‘meh’ expression. She wants me to ‘flush out’ the contaminated load on my own before she agrees to do anything with me.

Anyway, we made a date this weekend evening for some private couple time.

I’ll update and see if covid affects couple bonding time.

James S

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