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Diary II

A continuation of my diary

Diary entry 25/10/2021

Some time ago in 2019 i remember saying i want to write full time in 3 years.

In a few months it will be 2022 and i’m nowhere close to where i wanted to be.

I’m closer now though, compared to where i was in 2019, at least i’m progressing.

Had a really rough week and i didn’t have much time to write. Somehow i find myself dealing with a horde of horrible clients all at the same time. I don’t mind dealing with horrible people, their antics provide inspiration for my characters and i’ve seen my fair share of crazies throughout my working life. However, last week really takes the cake when i’m swarmed with a few of these ‘powerful’ characters. Different work, different scope, same level of crazy. haha.

Anyway, it’s ok, i’m glad it’s over.

No matter how horrible the day, or the week is, it will pass. Just like all storms will pass and the skies will be clear once more.

2020 and 2021 makes me feel as if time has been stolen right under my nose. A snap of a finger and it’s gone. We’re 2 months away from xmas can you believe that?

The pandemic has made a lot of people reassess their life and career. If anything, it has helped me focus even more on what i really want to do.

I’m no longer crawling towards my end goal, I’m on my feet, one step at a time, i will get there.

I have the teaser for book 4 of TBW, and also the ending written. I don’t usually write the ending so fast for a title but there are not many characters left at the end of book 4, so it kind of makes writing the ending quite easy. Will keep editing and improving it.

Also working on ‘District’, it’s going to a fun read. There’s a reason for the zones and segregations, i won’t spoil the surprise for now.

Stay safe all.

James S

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